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QuarkChain Bi-weekly Project Progress Report No.16 Click li...

QuarkChain Bi-weekly Project Progress Report No.16 Click link for details about Development Progress; Recent Posts… https://t.co/nT8l2Ppo5r

an hour ago

QuarkChain and ArcBlock hold the first Seattle Meetup last w...

QuarkChain and ArcBlock hold the first Seattle Meetup last week. Watch videos to get details about what the blockc… https://t.co/Vm9vBorw8A

a day ago

QuarkChain joined DACC community for 【Ask Me Anything】yester...

QuarkChain joined DACC community for 【Ask Me Anything】yesterday. Thank you for inviting us. We will post more deta… https://t.co/TkR4oJgIcq

2 days ago

On My Way CMO Anthurine, Head of Korea Jonathan, CBO Du Ti...

On My Way CMO Anthurine, Head of Korea Jonathan, CBO Du Ting hold first HongKong Meetup. "For QuarkChain 1.0, on… https://t.co/Is1RD6k2Ba

3 days ago

Zilliqa Digital Asset Report And Evaluation (DARE) by Crypto Briefing

Our Zilliqa Digital Asset Report and Evaluation takes a close look at the sharding protocol in light of its increasingly competitive operational space, and its significant delays in deployment. The scaling project may have lost some of its first-mover advantage, but there is still considerable hope that it may be one of the business models that succeeds with panache in the cryptocurrency arena. Introduction To Zilliqa Zilliqa is a high-throughput blockchain protocol that has pioneered the use of sharding technology to boost network transaction speed. The system architecture to host a network that is powerful, stable, and fast enough to process thousands of transactions per second. As a frontrunner in the scalability race, Zilliqa has garnered a significant amount of attention in the space and made solid headway toward delivering a viable product. Market Opportunity The high transaction rate targeted by Zilliqa offers a potential gateway for diversifying the use case of DLT, most of which at present remain outside the performance capability of networks like Bitcoin and Ethereum. To leverage blockchain technology in industries like gaming, digital advertising, financial markets and electronic payments, throughput is one of the most critical roadblocks currently standing in the way. With a potential breakthrough to this roadblock, Zilliqa has managed to establish partnerships with Mindshare and Infoteria to begin exploring application scenarios in the digital advertising and fintech sectors. These sectors are projected to have a combined market value of $272 billion by 2020 in the Asia-Pacific region alone. While Zilliqa was one of the first serious projects in the scalability race, the project has been joined by many others. When it comes to comparable sharding-based protocols, QuarkChain (QKC) has since entered the game, with other projects like MultiVAC (MTV) aiming to enter the market in the near future. Then there is the elephant in the room - sharding on Ethereum. Aside from sharding, a number of other methods to reach equal or higher transaction speeds exist that are employed by other blockchain projects. With this in mind, Zilliqa has taken aim at niche application scenarios through their partnerships to gain a hold on the market. While these partnerships are tantalizing for the future of the project, research on the application of blockchain technology in both the digital advertising and fintech sectors is also quickly gaining momentum. User Ecosystem Structure There are two main participants in the Zilliqa network: users and miners. A user is simply an external entity who accesses the network infrastructure to transfer funds or execute a smart contract. Each user has a public/private key pair which functions as a digital signature. Miners comprise the nodes in the network, who run a PBFT consensus protocol in return for a reward. Each miner has an associated IP address and public key that functions as an identifier for the network. Through sharding, the mining network is divided into smaller networks. To divide the nodes into shards, a group of miners called directory service nodes (DS Nodes) are selected through a PoW puzzle and placed on the Directory Service Committee (DC Committee). Members of the DC Committee change over an unspecified period of blocks, referred to as an epoch. To spur growth among dApp developers within the blockchain space, Zilliqa has launched the BuildOnZil “ecosystem fund”. However, the outcome so far has largely served to further build out a range of technical components, rather than entice other projects to build on the protocol. Whether or not future rounds of the program succeed in onboarding actual dApp projects will provide an important barometer for measuring developer sentiment toward Zilliqa. The Zilliqa Token Economy The Zilliqa economic model is based on a single native network token- ZIL. The token gives users access to the platform, where it is used to pay for transactions and run smart contracts. ZIL is in turn used to reward network nodes. On the network, blocks are validated by multiple miners simultaneously, so that miner income remains more stable in comparison to other chains. The network has a finite supply of 21 billion tokens, with each block generating new tokens to reward miners. In the whitepaper, it is stated that the team aims for all tokens to enter into circulation over a ten year period; approximately 80% in the first four years and the remaining 20% in the following six. Zilliqa Core Team Xinshu Dong (Founder and CEO) began his commercial foray into the blockchain world after establishing Anquan, providing proprietary blockchain and trusted computing solutions for financial markets. Xinshu holds a PhD in Computer Science from the National University of Singapore (NUS) Yaoqi Jia (Co-founder and CTO) has 5 years of experience at NUS as a Research Fellow where he gained his PhD in Computer Science. His introduction to blockc

5 days ago

Partnership: QuarkChain x Portal Network We are happy to an...

Partnership: QuarkChain x Portal Network We are happy to announce the partnership with Portal Network. They will… https://t.co/1v3ncqoCYQ

8 days ago

SF BlockChain Week || QuarkChain 1o1 Zhaoguang Wang - Head ...

SF BlockChain Week || QuarkChain 1o1 Zhaoguang Wang - Head of Engineering just explained QuarkChain's infrastructu… https://t.co/s3K6uUBPG2

11 days ago

QuarkChain TPS Competition is ongoing! And here is GOOD NEWS...

QuarkChain TPS Competition is ongoing! And here is GOOD NEWS! As we announced before, TPS Competition is for EVERY… https://t.co/6xClRMtdIb

12 days ago

QuarkChain Code Review: High Capacity P2P Blockchain

I’ve previously written about Quarkchain. What I saw back then was good. I still have my reservations on cross-shard transactions and the implication on finality, and I still dislike the horizontal scalability claim. But in the QuarkChain code review I definitely see some things that I like, too. Testnet is up and running, hitting 10,000+ The post QuarkChain Code Review: High Capacity P2P Blockchain appeared first on Crypto Briefing....

16 days ago

QuarkChain Competition Highlights the Potential of Sharding

Scalability has been an ongoing problem in the world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Most public blockchains suffer from serious issues in this regard. QuarkChain has come up with a TPS competition which will let anyone in the world get a hands-on experience with sharding. This is one of the many possible scaling solutions for cryptocurrencies, The post QuarkChain Competition Highlights the Potential of Sharding appeared first on NullTX....

20 days ago

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