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QASH Review: Introduction to QASH

Quoine Liquid, the platform developed by Mike Kayamori and Mario Gomez in 2014, became widely known in 2017 when it became the first cryptocurrency company to be officially licensed by the FSA, Japan’s Financial Services Agency. In this review, we will be focusing on QASH (pronounced “cash”), the native currency of the platform above. QASH The post QASH Review: Introduction to QASH appeared first on Coindoo.

11 days ago

Here’s Why QASH (QASH) Is Up Over 24% Right Now

QASH (QASH), the cryptocurrency associated with Liquid, a trading platform that bridges fiat and crypto, has been one of the best-performing cryptocurrencies over the last 24 hours. According to data from the AltDex 100 Index, QASH has surged more than 24.6% on the back of a major announcement from Liquid. AltDex top-10 gainers (AltDex) You

a month ago

Daily Berminal Brief: Crypto Market Experiences Pullback Following Recent Gains

The overall crypto market has seen a pullback following recent gains, as the total market cap has declined by roughly $3.5 billion over the past day as it is likely that many traders have been taking profits. Bitcoin is currently trading at $3,951, a decrease of 0.85% on the 24-hour chart, while Ethereum is down 1.35% and trading at $146.11. Out of the top 100 coins, the best performing coin over the past 24-hours has been QASH (QASH), currently up 34.8% and trading at $0.101739. (JF)

a month ago

Cryptocurrency Market Update: Bitcoin Cash Doubles in Three Days

FOMO Moments A rare green Friday for crypto markets; Bitcoin Cash and SV are on a charge, Tron and Iota following. It makes a change to see markets in the green on a Friday. The crypto rally that started on Monday has continued throughout the week and it has ended on a high. Total capitalization is over $130 billion, its highest level for almost three weeks. Bitcoin has made over 25% since its low point of the year last weekend. Today it is up another 4% to just over $4,000. BTC made two bounces off resistance at $4,200 a few hours ago and has pulled back a little. The trend is currently bullish in what many are describing as a ‘Santa rally’. Ethereum is having a rare good day with gains over 8% taking it close to $115. It is still $3 billion behind XRP in terms of market cap however, despite the Ripple token not having made much movement today. The top ten is all green at the time of writing and shooting to the moon for the third day is Bitcoin Cash which has made over 40% in the past 24 hours. In this epic revival BCH has over doubled in value in just three days. On Tuesday it was still below $100 and today it has broken $200. Even Bitcoin SV is having a rare revival with a 35% gain on the day to take it to $125. Tron is still making solid progress with 13% more added today. In the top twenty Dash is leading the pack with a rise of 18% to $90. Cardano and Iota are also performing well during the Asian trading session with gains of 14%. The only altcoin getting a beating in the top forty is Waves dumping 10%. Aside from the two Bitcoin Cash variants, Bitcoin Diamond and Bitcoin Gold are also getting a dose of fomo today with pumps of 25 and 20 percent respectively. Entering the top one hundred with a surge of over 33% is Chain, CRO. Getting bashed is DEX dumping over 30%, Qash, Waves and Stratis are also in pain losing double digits at the time of writing. Total crypto market capitalization is up over 7% on the day as it reaches $133 billion. Daily trade volume has also surged to $28 billion, its highest level for almost 8 months. Since the same time last Friday crypto markets have recovered by 25% however they are still down slightly on the month. FOMO Moments is a section that takes a daily look at the top 20 altcoins during the current trading session and analyses the best-performing ones, looking for trends and possible fundamentals. The post Cryptocurrency Market Update: Bitcoin Cash Doubles in Three Days appeared first on NewsBTC.

4 months ago

With 86.08% Price Hike within 24 hours; Monacoin is the best performer among top 100 coins

The cryptocurrency market is experiencing a bullish trend presently with 93% of the top 100 cryptocurrencies in terms of market capitalization green excluding USDT, True USD, GUSD, Qash, PAY, EURS and DAI in red as at the time of writing from the information in cryptocurrency monitoring site Coinmarketcap. Irrespective of this, Monacoin(Mona) is the best […]

4 months ago

Cryptocurrency Trading Update: $10 Billion Injection Pumps Crypto Markets

FOMO Moments Big pump day for crypto markets; EOS flying, XRP, Stellar and Cardano recovering well. It has been a long time coming. A market bounce that results in a sea of green with the majority of cryptocurrencies gaining double figures on the day. From almost falling into double digits total market capitalization has gained a solid 14% from its yearly low over the weekend. Bitcoin sparked off the rally when it climbed over 10% from $3,260 to $3,600 before pulling back a little. Fears of BTC falling to or below $3,000 have been very real recently however it managed to find support at $3,200 and recover from there. Whether this is the start of a longer term trend remains to be seen but a Bitcoin bounce is good news for the rest. Ethereum has also made around 10% taking it back to $95 but being below $100 is still very dangerous territory for it. Ripple’s XRP has done better with an 18% gain at the time of writing. This has enabled it to expand that market cap gap over ETH again. EOS is the top performer in the top ten by a factor of two as it surged nearly 30% on the day propelling it into fourth spot on the charts. There seems to be no specific factors for the extra momentum but the community is rejoicing anyway. Stellar has also had a good day with a 14% climb and the rest of the top ten are in double figures aside from one. Bitcoin SV did not enjoy the big pump as it only made a couple of percent. The top twenty’s top gainers at the time of writing are Cardano, Iota, Neo and Dogecoin with around 13-15 percent on the day. Tron, Monero, Dash and Ethereum Classic had made around 11% but the rest were single figure gains. Since all altcoins were pumping on Tuesday the fomo had been spread out. Bigger pumps had taken place with Arbitrage, MobileGo, Revain, and Ontology but the likelihood of them dumping soon is high. Only three altcoins were in the red in the top one hundred at the time of writing; Linkey, Qash and TenX plus a couple of the stablecoins. Total crypto market capitalization is at $114 billion which is a gain of 10.7% from the same time yesterday. Trade volume has jumped from around $10 billion to $17 billion. Almost $11 billion has be poured back into cryptocurrencies resulting in a rare day of double digit green gains for many of them. FOMO Moments is a section that takes a daily look at the top 20 altcoins during the current trading session and analyses the best performing ones, looking for trends and possible fundamentals. The post Cryptocurrency Trading Update: $10 Billion Injection Pumps Crypto Markets appeared first on NewsBTC.

4 months ago

6 Decently Valued Airdrops to Check Out - 2018 Week 47 Edition

As all cryptocurrencies continue to lose value at a rather quick pace, it becomes all the more important to look for ways to score a quick profit. Airdrops, while often overlooked, play a critical role in this regard. There is some good money to be made with Airdrops, especially when considering how very little effort is involved in the process. Liquid The Liquid project aims to build a unified trading platform to bridge the gap between cryptocurrency and fiat currency. To celebrate this major development, the team is airdropping $18 worth of QASH tokens to everyone who signs up on their website and completes a KYC procedure. Completing a few tasks on social media and referring users will yield additional tokens, which is also an option worth checking out. BitValve The BitValve project focuses on building an advanced peer-to-peer crypto exchange platform. As part of its airdrop, the team is giving away 20,00 BTV tokens. Users need to complete the airdrop form and complete some tasks on Telegram and Bitcointalk. The estimated value of these tokens is a bit unclear, although they will be sold at a price of $0.2 each during the initial coin offering. VeganNation The VeganNation team looks to build a global community for vegans by using blockchain technology in many different ways. An airdrop to promote this project is taking place. Users will receive 60 VCN tokens for completing the airdrop form, performing tasks on social media, and referring users. It is expected these 60 tokens have a value of $30, which makes it one of the more lucrative airdrops right now. Dsion When it comes to decentralizing funding for startups, Dsion believes they can do a better job than any other project available right now. Their airdrop will reward users with up to 100 DNS tokens for filling in the airdrop form and completing a few small tasks It is expected these tokes are valued at just $4, although that value may continue to shift around a bit over the coming weeks. ThorSwap Decentralized crypto asset trading platforms are very hot right now, and ThorSwap wants to jump on this bandwagon over the coming months. The team is offering a major airdrop which rewards users with 500 THT tokens for filling in the airdrop form and confirming their email address. These tokens have no official value at this time, thus it remains a bit unclear whether or not this airdrop is worthwhile to everyone. Sparkle Mobile applications are slowly becoming a lot more popular in the world of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. Sparkle wants to help users locate professional local automotive dealers using blockchain technology. The team is airdropping 29 SPRKL tokens to everyone participating in this event. Users need to fill in the airdrop form and complete a few small tasks. In exchange, they will receive roughly $10 worth of tokens, which is still good money for no real effort involved. The post 6 Decently Valued Airdrops to Check Out - 2018 Week 47 Edition appeared first on NullTX.

4 months ago

Multiple Stablecoins find listing on Liquid trading platform along with Electroneum (ETN)

Stablecoins are in demand everywhere and seems like everyone wants a piece of them. Considering this demand from the customers, a lot of exchanges are adding them in a frenzy. Same seems to be the case with Liquid- a trading platform that bridges fiat and crypto. Gemini Dollar (GUSD), Circle’s USDC and Electroneum (ETN) find listing on Liquid According to the recent announcement, Liquid, a trading platform that bridges fiat and crypto, has announced the listing of Electroneum (ETN), a cryptocurrency focused on mobile usage, in addition to multiple stablecoins including Gemini Dollar (GUSD) and Circle’s USDC Liquid is a product of QUOINE, a blockchain fintech company and creator of the QASH cryptocurrency. QUOINE previously raised $100 million via an ICO in 2017 and has conducted more than $50 billion in transactions over the past year, as of July. The press release that announced that Liquid will be listing GUSD quoted Liquid CEO Mike Kayamori saying that “The Gemini dollar is an obvious choice for Liquid. Both Liquid and Gemini put transparency, regulation and compliance at the forefront of our operations. We are proud and honored to be able to offer Liquid customers the opportunity to use a stablecoin that can stand up to regulatory scrutiny. We will now explore the opportunity to develop a JPY-pegged stablecoin” The reason behind Liquid listing these stablecoins seems to be the popularity stablecoins have gained recently and have become an important part of the cryptocurrency ecosystem. These fiats backed coins give traders flexibility to hedge against volatile markets and the ability to easily and safely move funds between platforms. Tether stood as the bellwether for sablecoins but as controversy started building around it with respect to its USD backing, a lot of people and exchanges lost trust in it. With Tether unable to standout clean, Gemini USD started gaining popularity despite recent launch. The reason for this popularity is because this stablecoin is well regulated and audited. The U.S. dollars that back GUSD are held at the State Street Global Bank in the United States and eligible for federal deposit insurance coverage. The balance held by State Street is examined monthly by an independent, registered public account firm, with reports available to the public, while the smart contracts underlying the GUSD token have been audited and formally verified by an independent security firm, whose report is also publicly available. In addition, the multi-layered GUSD protocol brings a high level of security. With the addition of GUSD, a regulated and audited stablecoin with value pegged 1:1 to the U.S. dollar, Liquid is now more than ever at the forefront of cryptocurrency innovation and compliance. Apart from these stable coins, Liquid also listed Electroneum (ETN) with an EUR fiat trading pair. Electroneum, as a project, aims to build itself into a recognized platform for payment, similar to PayPal or Venmo. To accomplish this, the Electroneum has introduced a new system of KYC that “involves each user providing proof of identification based on the amount of ETN (our digital currency) they hold or send from their wallets.” With some good listings, Liquid will not be able to generate volumes for itself but also will be able to provide liquidity to these stablecoins. Let’s see how to do these listing play out on the liquid platform Will Stablecoins help in making liquid a prominent crypto cum fiat platform? Do let us know your views on the same The post Multiple Stablecoins find listing on Liquid trading platform along with Electroneum (ETN) appeared first on Coingape.

5 months ago

Joe Crypto: The Market Calls The Shots

We can try and make sense of yesterday’s absolutely brutal market correction, where the bottom fell out of crypto and dragged most of the market with it for a few heart-wrenching hours. The New York Stock Exchange had its worst day for eight months, rising interest rates in the US drew the ire of the President and there are other factors that simply combined to produce a perfect storm. This was the market’s occasional reminder that, even with the best preparation, we are along for the ride. We do not call the shots. The total market cap fell from $217.81 billion at 3:30Pm yesterday to $200.14 billion at its lowest point today, although it had fought back to $201.78 billion by 3:30PM today. Double digit losses across the board were par for the course, it was an ocean of red and there were just a few coins that managed to defy the odds and fight against the tide. 0x Coinbase Pro Listing Pays Off 0x’s 5.40% boost in the last 24 hours to 3PM EST is nothing short of heroic considering the market. On another day, the news of its Coinbase Pro listing might have brought the casuals in and sent the coin price rocketing. Today was perhaps the wrong day for this kind of news, but it still helped 0x (ZRX) beat the gravitational pull of a falling market and hit a new market cap of $430.84 million.The token has steadily increased over the past month as well, ignoring the radical peaks and troughs, so it is one to watch when the market turns. QASH Makes Progress and Profit QASH was a surprise entry in the win column today and it recorded a 3.57% increase in the last 24 hours. QASH launched its Liquid exchange recently and it is making serious inroads in Japan in particular. The Liquid exchange links up existing exchanges and allows them to share their liquidity and provide a reserve for each other. The parent company QUOINE has merged with the Quionex crypto exchange it founded in 2014 in the last month and these managerial shuffle have boosted its fortunes on the market of late. The end goal of a fintech company, cryptocurrency exchange and a portfolio of financial products and services on the blockchain really hasn’t changed. Others to put in a strong showing include the Dai, a relative minnow, which recorded a 1.20% boost today. That one we can easily explain, it’s a stablecoin and they suddenly look like a good idea when the sky is falling in. New Portal Proves Potent For PIVX PIVX was another coin that beat the odds. The tech behind it is MIT-licensed, open source blockchain that aims for near instant and totally secure transactions. The company has been busy of late and launched a new community portal on October 5th that has helped bolster the price on the crypto markets. PIVX only recorded a 1.13% rise in the last 24 hours, but that’s a victory in itself on a day like this. A new market cap of $67.74 million is scant reward for its efforts, but it is making progress technically and could be worth watching. Bitcoin Weathers Storm Well Pretty much everybody else lost today and the only question that remained was how badly. Out of the big three, Bitcoin weathered the storm much better than Ethereum and XRP, which racked up 10.59% and 12.53% losses respectively. Bitcoin’s recovery to record a 4.76% loss bears out the theory that it is going to be a safe port in the storm for those that don’t want to go into stablecoins or pull money out the market. Apart from that there isn’t too much we can learn from the last 24 hours, apart from a healthy dose of humility. Days like this, they are reminders that we are just along for the ride. The author is not invested in any digital currency. The post Joe Crypto: The Market Calls The Shots appeared first on Crypto Briefing.

6 months ago

Bitcoin Dominance Increases to 53.6%, with Altcoins as Top Performers

Currently, the market cap stands at $215 B with most of the coins showing recoveries. Bitcoin, on the day, has gained by 2.7% to trade at above $6700. Ethereum is just below $280. The top performers are altcoins such as Qash, Wanchain, and Substratum which have gained by over 30%, 21%, and 19% respectively. Yesterday's biggest gainer Bitcoin Diamond has declined by 13% while other top performers like CyberMiles, Cortex and Theta Token have dropped by 8%. Bitcoin dominance is increasing and currently stands at 53.6%. (VK)

7 months ago

Crypto Update: QASH, the Top Gainer - 32.21%

As of 4:41 AM UTC, about 90% of the top hundred coins were in the green. QASH was the biggest gainer after surging by 32.21% to trade at $0.231404. The other best performers were Dentacoin, Aion and Substratum which were up by 25.3%, 22.73% and 20.29% respectively. Emercoin and Bitcoin Diamond which were the best performers yesterday are worst performers having lost by 12.77% and 12.10% respectively, in a 24-hour span. (KE)

7 months ago

BG: Qash (QASH) Climbs 33.5% - $0.24

Over the past 24 hours, Qash (QASH) has been the biggest gainer among the top 100 coins by market capitalization. The cryptocurrency climbed nearly 34% on the day to trade at close to $0.25 per coin. Qash is a cryptocurrency trading platform that seeks to combine all potential liquidity sources into a single highly liquid tradable order book. (EH)

7 months ago

BEGGING for both Mike & Andre AMA. Plz help Vanalli.

Yes crypto is "short sighted", Yes Quoine is "long term". No one is right or wrong. Just the nature of both world. Both side need to adapt to achieve a delicate balance. Amid the all time low sentiment, CEO (or high level mgmt) of traditional companies would come out and communicate with their shareholders. (QASH holders are not investors, but we are "investors", everyone get what I mean). [u/MKAndroidGamer]( Please use your power and let the management know the sentiment here is at AT TIME LOW. It is just sad for such a grand project. Can we, as a community, push for an AMA for both Mike and Andre ? Yes you told us Andre AMA is coming, but I believe everyone here prefer both. QASH has a lot of true believers. There are just too many issues, from WB to utility to regulation. QASH believers please upvote me....

9 months ago

QASH & Marketing

Okay, I know this topic has been up multiple times before with varying degrees of seriousness (rockets and lambo prints, really?) However, being a marketing guy of 5 years myself, I thought I would at least come up with some legit concerns I’ve had myself. I am by no means a marketing guru and have absolutely no marketing experience within the crypto field, yet I do believe many of the base principles apply here as well. Every time these posts have come up, the argument is to wait for Liquid, wait for Worldbook, wait for yada yada. I get that, BUT: * We are falling very quick in top 100 on CMC - meaning even though whole market is bleeding, we’re bleeding significantly more. * Marketing and development are NOT the same teams. There is no cannibalization of resources here. They can easily coexist. We have all seen what proper marketing can do to a project that’s half as decent as QASH. Lots of shitcoins made it big. Yet, the few efforts I have seen have been, to be frank, very sub-par to the otherwise excellent standards of the team. Let me explain. * Consistency of design and brand image Check out this medium blog (which is an excellent channel for marketing): There is literally no consistency in design. If you see those 3 posts independently of each other, you would have absolutely no idea that they were from the same team. There need to be consistency. This is so important in all marketing, everywhere. * Display advertising with no strategy Consider this banner: What message does it convey? Who the hell is this (handsome) looking guy? People who don’t know Mike and who don’t know Quoine, Qash or Liquid will have no clue about what to make of this banner. It simply does not make sense to utilize such a great advertising space this way. * Fan-made and cringeworthy campaigns What bothers me the most of all, is this: Yes, I know it was fan-made, but how many people really read descriptions nowadays? Do we want this project to be recognized as another “get rich quick” project where the only objective is a top5 market cap? Really? The final argument that people seem to blindly present is that we should not market something we do not already have. I.e. we should wait for Worldbook release. Well, to that I simply ask WHY? Why not create hype before launch? You do that with an ICO also, what is the difference here? Wouldn’t it be way easier to gain traction if the snowball is already running once Mike & co. hits the “Launch” button? Now, you can take this or leave this, but I do enjoy a solid debate. The following is my advice to the marketing and design team: * Create a design-guide that is to be used for ALL online efforts. Pick a set of fonts used for headings, paragraphs etc. and stick to it. Same with colors and logos. Stay consistent. * Create trust in the project and the team: Do easy-to-understand video animations of what the worldbook is, how it works and what problem it solves. Keep the design neat and focus on following the design-guide. * Do weekly profile videos of the key members of the team. Showcase their amazing achievements and background in business. After all, this is one of the most competent teams out there. Use it. * Create two blogs: One for the average joe, and one for the hardcore tech guys. This way you can write about all the incredible technology you make for tech guys and large institutions (who get a hard on by these things) while still catering information to retail investors like myself. DO share your issues and how you solved them. DO share organizational issues and how you solved them. This is so insanely effective when big firms are scouting for projects to pick up on. Don’t mix them up - keep them separate, yet LINK them. Some retail investors are insanely clever on these things also, but rarely do VC’s want to read a short teaser-piece for the masses. * Get rid of EVERYTHING that portrays Qash as being “get rich quick” project. Don’t ever officially release. I might update this post if I come up with more suggestions. I don’t want to go into PPC or SEO marketing which is otherwise my job, since I’m pretty sure (from what I’ve read on medium) that the team is actually quite skilled at that. I really do hope I’m not the only one feeling that QASH needs to ramp marketing up, and I hope people will debate this in a proper tone, and I hope the team itself will consider these words. ...

a year ago

Now that the QASH marketing is going to pick up, will this Subreddit start looking a little more professional?

Not trying to knock anyone here and I know we all have our jobs, but this is a pretty bare bones and embarrassing looking sub. I have the REQ sub on the next tab over and that thing is leaps and bounds better looking and its set up is much cleaner. I feel like in today’s crypto world, Reddit is a place where a lot of people will start researching their crypto’s. It’s a great source of information for people looking to learn and it’s an easy way to access all the data they need through useful links. I’m a believer in QASH, I have plenty invested, I just think a nice clean looking sub would be a value add for the community. Just my thoughts....

a year ago

Brief Summary of the AMA with QUOINE Co-Founders Mike Kayamori and Mario Gomez Lozada, Dec 5th

**Below is a very brief summary on earlier's FB AMA, with Mike and Mario.** Please be gentle with me as I did it fairly quickly. To those of you who watched it, please reply below if I miss anything else important (please exclude lambo talk by Mike) or made any mistakes so I can amend them. 1. We are well aware regarding performance issues and working on permanent fixes. Team is fully focus on fixing all the issues to get the system perform better. To be safe, another 2-3 weeks to fix and optimise our platforms. Problems related to database. 2. Short term price is out of our control, and we do not intend to control. It is a supply demand. When you think about it, participating in ICO at 20% we are now 3-4x and this is without big partnership and product launches. Yes, a lil volatility but we cannot control. We are confident assured there is a big opportunity and price will reflect when we make big partnerships and launch big products, show revenue and business growth. CMC is just the beginning. 3. It is up to Binance whenever they want to launch, and we respect their decision on date of listing. More exchanges in Korea are also interested. 4. Christmas campaign will be likely announced tomorrow with attractive prizes. 5. Current focus to get platforms high performing. Next focus is to enable QASH for payments for all the different services we have eg. margin trading/trading fees some time in January. We have technology and framework in place but ensuring our platform are of high performance before launching. 6. 99% theft or hack are from hot wallet. Hot wallet is convenient but susceptible to hacks. We were approached by plenty of hot wallets company who offer their services, but when asked would you take responsibility if something would happen and they respond no. It is a dilemma. Hackers would want automatic fast withdraws. There is no right answer. Does not mean we would use cold wallet forever, but in the future we could get a balance. But ultimately, the cold wallet is for your security despite more work. The security of our customers' assets are our highest priority even at the expense of convenience. As a regulated exchange, the security of your funds are our responsibility therefor security is pivotal. There is no right way but we hear you and we will find the best way. 7. Feedback on dashboard is noted and appreciated. Users find current difficult to use due to it being geared more towards professional traders. Soon, a new feature where you are asked questions, and dashboard tailored to your answer. 8. World book beta is to be followed with the roadmap ie Beta in Q1. Full production possibly in Q2. All core technology is there. At the same time, QRYPTOS self service could be aggressively pushed in Jan but we are not releasing it half baked. No longer than Q1. 9. QUOINE with Blockwave? We are almost there with the definitive agreements etc. But all are subjected to banks, regulations and product. Likely not going to happen in Q4 2017 with the holiday season. A great opportunity for Canadian residents to trade on Blockwave essentially powered by QUOINE. 10. We used to have a cold and hot wallet last year. But in Q1, we found a lot of hack attempts and that includes threats towards the hot wallet. 11. Possibly AMA next week by Katherine regarding marketing related talks. 12. Margin trading for highly liquid, more matured products eg BTC. Alts are not available at the moment due to high risk to both customers and company but will be available in the future eg QRYPTOS but subjected to the liquidity and the maturity of the product. 13. Potential customers in the pipeline to use QASH for access to their own financial and non financial product? We need to show that QASH is first implemented on our platforms and show that users can use them to pay on our platform for fees, daily interest, margin, collateral but focusing on the performance issues of our platforms first. 14. Plans for Australian exchanges? VAT, tax and banking issues despite a potential big market. Always looking for partner especially the proximity of Asia. 15. Everything regarding marketing, Katherine will walk us through in the next AMA. 16. Some interesting giveaways in the future? 17. Exchanges in reality can delay listing QASH indefinitely as there are many variables. We will allow them to decide which is best. 18. Bittrex? Not in a hurry but in the works. 19. CME having an event in Singapore. Mike is one of the panels and will be speaking about business development,etc. 20. Possible full Japanese AMA next. 21. No timeline for setting a bank account in Singapore to have more options for fiat transfer but more talks will come. Banks have no reason to say no unless they feel threatened. 22. Bithumb, progress is good. Not just them but other Korea exchanges. 23. BTC all time high possibly due to general acceptance with CME being approved which could attract hedge fund. 24. P...

a year ago

Mike just posted some updates on Telegram!

Dear QUOINE Telegram Users Happy Friday!! I will like to take time every friday to update our community on what happened that week (unless I am traveling) First, it has been 10 days since our QASH token listed on QUOINEX and QRYPTOS. We also listed on Bitfinex, Houbi, EXX, and others recently. When I step back and reflect, we did our public token sale early November, and then having it listed within the same month on all these credible exchanges is an amazing achievement. The price of QASH has experienced a high of USD1.6 and is around USD1 as I write this message. As I said multiple times, I can not predict nor will even try to predict the price of QASH token in the short term. The market is always irrational. But the long term perspective of our QASH token is as bright as ever. We have some amazing partnerships regarding our core exchange platform and are expanding our team to work on our LIQUID and QASH blockchain. Second, I will like to answer a few questions brought up by our community Q1) When will be the next exchange such as binance , bithumb ? A1) We are not in a hurry to expand to other exchanges. As with the bitfinex case, we respect our partner exchanges to list when they are ready. All the groundwork is set and it is up to them. Q2) We have been experiencing multiple issue with the QRYPTOS and QUOINEX platform...Such as the order not showing , order book empty, lagging , unable to receive confirmation email and etc.. A2) We are looking into and fixing all issues as we were adding and pushing too many features too fast. This can take anywhere from 1-3 months but the initial performance issue has been under control. We just need to make our core platform much stronger. Q3) QUOINE support use to be one of the best ... however recently there are lagging in getting our ticket reply... A3) We are working diligently to increase support levels in all areas. We are also looking to extend support hours. I can not give you an exact timeline on this but this will be a gradual improvement. (You just can’t hire 20+ customer support and be available immediately) Q4) When is Coin Market Cap updated? A4) We have provided all the information and they are validating. We hope this does not take further time. Q5) Why is there an address with over 800+ QASH and who are the holders of the other 2 huge sums. A5) The largest is our own wallet address. This includes the 650M QASH that is still not in circulation as well as the tokens that our customers hold in our exchange. The other 2 huge sums are our other exchange partners. Q6) LIQUID Beta this month is confirm ? A6) LIQUID Beta will be available Q1 of 2018. We are tailoring all the core technology (matching engine, SOR, currency conversion engine, etc.). Before the LIQUID Beta, we will launch version 1 of our QRYPTOS Self Service ICO Platform. Receiving huge requests for this. also, as I explained in Q2, we are fixing all the performance issues in parallel and strengthening our foundation. Finally, a couple of announcements 1. When you send your funds to the wrong deposit addresses (ex: send ETH to QASH address), it will be lost. So please please reconfirm and double check before you deposit. 2. I am thinking of a live AMA (FB Live) next Tuesday or Wednesday from our Japan office. Looking forward to updating you. Once again, thank you for your support and have a wonderful weekend. Mike Kayamori...

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Watch videos to learn about Quoine and QASH

Want to learn more about QASH, Quoine and the vision for liquidity? These handy videos will help. Updated whenever we have new content. * [Take a tour of QUOINE's Japan office and meet the team]( **AMA with QUOINE Chief Trading Officer Andre Pemmelaar** * [How advanced is the Liquid platform?]( * [Technical details on the QASH future blockchain]( * [Are there any coins similar to QASH?]( * [How did we decide the initial price of QASH?]( * [QASH is a cryptocurrency]( * [How fast do trades happen? How can we do this?]( * [How does regulation play into it?]( * [Who are our liquidity partners?]( * [How do zero trading fees work?]( * [Is QASH finite/mineable?]( **AMA with Senior Vice President of Operations Seth Melamed** * [Why did Seth join the start up world?]( * [Does the relationship with other exchanges affect relationship with JFSA?]( * [What is Seth's role?]( * [Where do we see crypto taking over from classic banking systems?]( * [What’s QUOINE’s Strategy to expand geography and coverage?]( * [Partnerships]( * [Why are we doing the token raise]( * [Why do we need QASH?]( * [What is LIQUID?]( * [QUOINE’s trading volume reached number 1 in the world. How do we feel about competitors?]( * [US citizens can buy but not trade, so what happens if they buy?]( * [Will QASH coins be burned?]( * [What is the value of holding QASH?]( * [QASH and Bitfinex are collaborating]( **AMA with Quoine CEO Mike Kayamori** * [Mike has a vision for QASH]( * [What is the Liquid platform and how does it fit in with other exchanges?]( * [What makes the QASH ICO special?]( * [What is the value of holding QASH?]( * [Why the need to raise US$150 million?]( * [Relationship with JFSA and launch date of Nov 6]( **AMA with Quoine co-founder Mario Lozada** * [Take a tour of the Quoine office!]( * [The utility of QASH and liquidity partnerships]( **Misc** * [Intro to LIQUID]( * [Providing LIQUIDITY to the Non-Liquid Crypto Economy](

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