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@merkle_tree @ziggydakid @MakerDAO POA is in production sinc...

@merkle_tree @ziggydakid @MakerDAO POA is in production since December 2017, POA bridge since May 2018. xDai Chain… https://t.co/TG9h41qbBT

a day ago

OmiseGO Close To Completing Plasma Integration

OmiseGO, one of the most popular projects on the Ethereum network, recently announced important advances in Plasma development and integration. In the monthly Community Update, the OmiseGO team explained that during the last month they made a series of significant advances in the development of applications based on Plasma technology. The project, which the OmiseGO team calls “Tesuji Plasma” would be the first plasma iteration and is of particular relevance since it provides the basis for the building of future iterations. They mention in the post that they have already achieved the successful development of all the elements necessary to meet the objectives set out in their roadmap: Proof of Authority run on OmiseGO servers Exit to Ethereum for final safety CLI (command line interface) to monitor the child chain Multiple currencies (initially this means ETH and ERC-20) Atomic swap support Despite the optimism, the team hinted that the developments are not yet mature enough to be officially implemented, even though every single milestone already has an impressive degree of completion: The first four (PoA, exits, CLI, multiple currencies) are done and on internal testnet. Atomic swaps are a feature, not infrastructure, so although they are among the list of goals they are not a necessity for launch. When the time comes, we’ll go ahead to regardless of whether atomic swaps are ready to go. The OmiseGO development team mentions that to facilitate the work, they divided efforts into two stages: Minimum Viable Plasma (MVP) which is a kind of basic implementation and More Viable Plasma (MoreVP) which is more user-friendly and entails a higher level of elaboration. Another significant development was the successful implementation of a series of libraries that allow the creation of smart contracts on OmiseGO’s Minimum Viable Plasma (MVP) platform. It is expected that all testing will enable the implementation of a more refined library in MoreVP soon. Other announcements were the release of an eWallet, a Plasma Workshop, and several events in which they presented the platform more than anything else in the Asian continent. The post OmiseGO Close To Completing Plasma Integration appeared first on Ethereum World News.

a day ago

We are excited to announce that POA Network has partnered up...

We are excited to announce that POA Network has partnered up with @MakerDAO to launch xDai Chain! This new chain w… https://t.co/QwOqAwPsdF

a day ago

Excited to have @ethstatus support and allow access for both...

Excited to have @ethstatus support and allow access for both POA Network and xDai Chain for the Status Hackathon… https://t.co/BabqEjclp6

3 days ago

POA Network's @andrew_cravenho presented #BlockScout at the ...

POA Network's @andrew_cravenho presented #BlockScout at the Nashville blockchain Developers Meetup on 9th October!… https://t.co/0aLoeB1QA0

6 days ago

We are proud to launch our open source Ethereum explorer wit...

We are proud to launch our open source Ethereum explorer with 6 networks including POA Core, #Ethereum mainnet, and… https://t.co/ICT7wf5PgY

10 days ago

Ethereum Based POA Network Launches Open-Source Block Explorer for ETH, ETC and POA

The team at the POA Network have unveiled the first full featured open-source block explorer tool for the Ethereum ecosystem. This new block explorer is called BlockScout. It is an easy-to-use and secure tool that allows users to search and explore transactions, addresses, and balances on the three blockchains of Ethereum (ETH), Ethereum Classic (ETC) ...

10 days ago

Trade Recommendation: Bitcoin Cash/Ethereum | Hacked: Hacking Finance

The POA Network/Bitcoin pair (POA/BTC) came off lows of 0.00000818 on September 12, 2018. At that price, the market was down by over 95% from the 2018 peak of 0.000176. This makes POA/BTC one of the worst performing crypto pairs this year. With no known support at that low price point, the market appeared to...

12 days ago

#ETHSF Day 2! @vbaranov and @sminert out representing POA Ne...

#ETHSF Day 2! @vbaranov and @sminert out representing POA Network! If any hackers have any questions about deployin… https://t.co/MZIxLDhz6X

13 days ago

[SALT Daily Discussion: Proof-of-Access] 1/6/18

**::SALT Membership::** SALT is dedicated to increasing the benefits we provide to our members, which means constantly striving to innovate our business as well as our platform. SALT relies heavily on feedback from our community to identify these opportunities for improvement. One such opportunity is the structure of membership, which has thus far combined origination fees, borrowing limits, products, features, and benefits into one of three tiers based on the redemption of SALT on our platform. The simplicity of this structure has been useful, but its lack of customizability and incremental borrowing limits has resulted in difficult tier choices for SALT’s members. To address these issues, SALT’s membership structure will be significantly improved in the coming months. Members’ borrowing limits will be fully customizable and determined by the redemption of SALT. Each member’s tier level, benefits of their membership, and the terms of their loans will be determined and improved through a new paradigm called Proof-of-Access. The exact details of Proof-of-Access will be released soon, but we wanted to start off the new year with an overview of how it will impact our member’s experience with SALT. **::SALT Membership + Proof-of-Access::** **Membership & Borrowing Limits** Individuals can purchase an annual Membership by redeeming one SALT, which includes access to basic member benefits, including $10,000 in borrowing. Members can increase their borrowing limit at any time and by any amount (up to $25m) by redeeming additional SALT. **Proof-of-Access** Members can choose to improve virtually every aspect of their Membership by increasing their Proof-of-Access (PoA) which is determined by the amount of SALT held on the platform or in a synchronized wallet. Whether a member is small or large holder of SALT they can improve their experience: incremental increases to a member’s PoA results in incremental increases to their benefits and value, such that holding even a small amount of additional SALT has a positive impact on a member’s experience: *-Improved loan terms* * Lowered fees for increasing borrowing limits * Lowered interest rates * Optimized loan-to-value ratios *-Lowered costs on products* *-Increased referral rewards* **Membership Tier Upgrades** In addition to improving their benefits and costs, increasing a member’s PoA also upgrades their Membership Tier from Base to Premier, Enterprise, or Platinum. Each tier upgrade gives members added access and rewards, like enhanced customer support, personalized products, special offers, and invitations to private events. **Increasing Proof-of-Access** We’ve created PoA as a mechanism to incentivize and reward members for contributing to SALT’s success. Purchasing, redeeming, and holding SALT is not, however, the only way that a member can contribute to SALT. Because of this, we’re providing a number of additional ways for members to increase their PoA. * Promoting SALT on social media * Referring friends to become members * Being actively involved in SALT’s community * Repaying loans in a timely manner * Identifying and reporting bugs/malfunctions Thank you for being a member of our community, The SALT Team **::Proof-of-Access FAQs::** *How will members be able to use SALT after Proof-of-Access is implemented?* * SALT can be redeemed for annual membership, higher borrowing limits, and any of the products or services provided by SALT. * SALT can be used to make monthly payments of principal and interest on active loans, valued at the current retail price.* * SALT can be held as Proof-of-Access (either on the SALT platform or in a synchronized wallet) to gain access to improved loan terms and product costs; exclusive features and products; and enhanced service and benefits. * *Terms and conditions are subject to change and limitations. Final terms determined at the origination of each loan.* *How do I participate in SALT’s Proof-of-Access?* * In order to participate, members will simply need to hold SALT in their account on our Platform, or in a synchronized wallet (details of available synchronized wallets will be coming soon). *Will I have to purchase SALT directly from the platform in order to participate in Proof-of-Access?* * No. A member’s Proof-of-Access can be attained by holding SALT on the platform or synchronized wallet, regardless of where they were purchased. *When can a member get their SALT back if they are used for Proof-of-Access?* * The amount of SALT that a member chooses to use for PoA is locked until the completion of all active loans. As soon as a Member repays their outstanding balance(s), they can access their SALT and withdraw, redeem, or leave in their Proof-of-Access. *What will happen if I’ve already redeemed SALT to upgrade my membership Premier or Enterprise? * Any member that has already redeemed SALT for their membership will have the option to keep their membership tier and borrowing limit as it stan...

9 months ago

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