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Kenya’s Electoral Body to Incorporate Blockchain Technology in Future Elections

The Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC), Kenya’s electoral body recently updated its reform agenda and revealed plans to integrate blockchain technology in future elections. By incorporating blockchain in elections, presidential candidates would be able to access real-time results thus increasing transparency. Using blockchain would also prevent corrupt politicians from manipulating the IEBC in their favor. Since vote counting is the most significant part of elections, blockchain technology would facilitate the counting of votes from a central agency outside of the commission and share the results with several political parties, legal bodies, and civil society firms. (KE)

10 hours ago

Apex (CPX) Gets Added to the Delta Direct Portfolio Tracking App

The APEX (CPX) Network, a blockchain infrastructure project that aims to provide consumer internet and business-to-customer (B2C) interactions with privacy and ownership of data, interactive consumer experiences, and a connectivity of value, has announced that it was recently added to Delta Direct, part of the latest version of the Delta portfolio tracking application. Being listed on the application will help to link coin and token projects with existing and future investors, and enable users to receive instant notifications about new blog posts or direct messages from the project team. (JF)

15 hours ago

Crypto Lending Startup Nexo Partners with Circle's CENTRE, Adds Stablecoin-Backed Loans

Nexo, which is a cryptocurrency-backed loan startup, has chosen sides in the stablecoin wars. The company announced a new partnership with CENTRE, which is the stablecoin platform launched by Circle. As part of the deal, Nexo will now provide loans in USD//Coin (USDC), which is a stablecoin that was unveiled alongside the CENTRE platform. Meanwhile, Nexo is distancing itself from rival stablecoin Tether (USDT), saying in a tweet that it “never held significant amounts of Tether on its balance sheet.” (GT)

20 hours ago

BitMEX Finds SegWit Is More Popular Than Bitcoin Cash

One year ago, a part of the Bitcoin community split to create Bitcoin Cash, while the remaining activated SegWit. According to research published by cryptocurrency exchange BitMEX, Segwit is now more popular than Bitcoin Cash. SegWit transactions on Bitcoin recently crossed 50%, and that number is more than the total number of transactions on Bitcoin Cash. Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is priced at $462.22, losing 0.11% in the last 24 hours. (VS)

a day ago

IOTA Suggests Reusable Cryptocurrency Addresses

IOTA recently announced an upcoming proposal to reuse crypto addresses, which would allow its users to keep a single address without privacy and security threats. IOTA’s Hans Moog explained that the reusable addresses would be similar to bank accounts. However, reusing a crypto address would pose privacy threats considering the fact that blockchain ledgers are public. Using an address more than once could give leeway for someone to track transactions thus revealing the identities of the transacting parties. Additionally, IOTA transactions reveal part of a user’s private key. Reusing an address would mean exposing more and more of a user’s private key which makes them susceptible to hacking. (KE)

a day ago

Bull Market Propels Bitcoin and Ethereum Closer to Mainstream Adoption

This week, the bull market is back, with Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) leading the charge, to the delight of HODLers and enthusiasts. Yesterday, on 15th October, Bitcoin broke the $7,000 mark after a long lull in the $5900 - $6,500 region. The upsurge has generated lots of discussions regarding mainstream adoption, with researchers publishing papers that herald the maturity of Bitcoin. A Polish paper, for instance, talked about the fact that BTC is heading closer to being part of the mainstream market. At 7:00 AM UTC, Bitcoin was trading at $6,658, while Ethereum was at $210.86, with both having dropped by less than a percent in the past 24 hours. (KE)

a day ago

Ethereum Foundation Grants Startups Nearly $3 Million

The Ethereum Foundation has granted about $3 million in funding to several startups in the blockchain space, as part of its fourth wave of support to upcoming development teams in the community. The Ethereum Foundation Grants Team picked 20 different groups and individuals and gave them access to a $2.86 million grants pot. Prysmatic Labs and Status snagged the most substantial grants, each receiving $500,000 that will go towards building Ethereum 2.0 clients. Kyokan, Spankchain and Connext jointly received $420,000 to help develop an SDK that would support a non-custodial suite of payment channels. (KE)

a day ago

Monero (XMR) Trend Stays in the Green Ahead Scheduled Hard Forks Upgrade

Monero team has announced recently that a protocol update will be scheduled for October 18 and 19. The new changes brought to users with this update, among others, including a new form of range proofs called Bulletproofs to replace the old Borromean range proofs and a PoW tweak to curb any potential threat of ASICs. Two hard forks are reportedly scheduled on October 18 and 19 to ensure that transactions that run on the old Borromean range proof are given a chance to be part of the block. Monero(XMR) is currently trading at $110.42 after correcting higher by 8.16%, and is currently ranked as the 10th largest crypto. (RL)

a day ago

Ethereum Foundation Directs $500,000 Grant to Status Nimbus, an ETH2.0 Sharding Client, which is a browser and messenger tool for decentralized apps, has been awarded a $500,000 grant by the Ethereum Foundation. The funds, which were granted as part of the foundation’s scalability subsidy program, will go toward research and development for Nimbus, which is a sharding research project on Ethereum 2.0 that’s designed to work on mobile devices. The Status Nimbus team stated in the announcement: "Ultimately our goal is in line with that of the foundation -- the mass adoption of Ethereum." (GT)

2 days ago

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Devcon Makes Bitcoin Innovation in San Francisco Efficient

Bitcoin Cash developers convened in San Francisco for the first of many BCH Devcons hosted by Permissionless Ventures, Bitmain’s blockchain development fund. Fifteen teams took part in the three-day hackathon in which two winners won 15 BCH worth of prizes. The teams competed to build new programs using the BCH protocol. They had the help of experts from firms associated with BCH such as Bitbox, Coinbase, Money Button, and Bitcoin ABC. representatives in the event noted that it was a success with programmers coming up with interesting concepts. (KE)

3 days ago

Coinbase’s Adam White to Serve as COO of Bakkt Crypto Trading Platform

Adam White, the fifth employee to ever join Coinbase and a critical part of its development of the institutional-based businesses, will soon join the cryptocurrency trading platform of Bakkt. According to sources, Bakkt is established by ICE, or the Inter-Continental Exchange, the parent company of the New York Stock Exchange. However, the trading platform reportedly is not scheduled for launch until November. Adam White has been with Coinbase since 2013 and has helped Coinbase to reach into the New York economy. (RL)

6 days ago

Senator Elizabeth Warren Discusses the Negative Side of Cryptocurrency

The U.S. Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs met with several crypto industry experts and discussed the cryptocurrency industry at large. Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren is part of the committee, and she expressed some decidedly negative views towards the cryptocurrency space, saying that cryptocurrency is easy to steal and that the entire space is rife with fraudulent products designed to take peoples money. For Warren, when it comes to cryptocurrencies, “The challenge is how to nurture productive aspects of crypto with protecting consumers.” (JF)

6 days ago

Twitter Promoted a Fake Elon Musk Crypto Giveaway Scam

Today a verified Twitter user was able to impersonate Elon Musk as part of a fake crypto giveaway scam. The now-deleted tweet was originally posted by @TylerFlorence and an embedded link directed browsers to a giveaway site which prompted users to “send from 0.2 to 5 BTC to the address below and get 1 to 100 BTC back!” Twitter’s failure to catch and delete the account produced an outcry from many users who expect Twitter to be more vigilant. The fact that the tweet was connected to a verified account and posted as a promoted tweet is all the more disconcerting. Promoted tweets are paid for and typically used by advertisers so the expectation of stronger vetting is not unreasonable. Many Twitter users impersonate Elon Musk and other notable figures and Musk recently asked Dogecoin creator Jackson Palmer to help him prevent impersonators from committing fraud while using his name. (RS).

6 days ago

CEO of United Capital, with $20 Billion in AUM, Predicts Aggressive Blockchain Adoption over Coming Decade

Joe Duran, who is at the helm of United Capital, an asset management firm boasting more than $20 billion in assets under management, has a bullish prediction for blockchain adoption. He told CNBC that in the coming decade, blockchain technology will make its way into 100% of global financial transactions. Duran, who compared the blockchain to a library cataloging system, stated: “Blockchain itself is going to be part of every transaction that occurs in the world. It's going to take a decade before it's there.” Meanwhile, a recent PwC poll revealed that more than three-quarters of executives said their businesses are directing resources into the blockchain. (GT)

7 days ago

BMW-Backed Blockchain Competition Offers Cryptocurrency for Best Auto Tech Innovations

BMW is supporting the Mobility Open Blockchain Initiative (MOBI) as they launch a development tournament to research how future vehicles will interact with smart cities and their residents. The MOBI Grand Challenge launches on October 12 and the 4-month competition will award winners with blockchain tokens. Ocean Protocol has pledged $1 million in tokens and Beyond Protocol has committed to provide $250,000 in blockchain tokens. MOBI CEO and co-founder Chris Ballinger explained that the competition is primarily focused on imagining how the Internet of Technologies (IoT) will impact the future automobiles and the competition is actually part of a three-year project to assemble and test the technologies that will form next-generation mobility networks. (RS)

7 days ago

Rain Crypto Exchange to Expand Across the GCC in 2019

Rain, a crypto exchange based in Bahrain, is planning to expand to the Gulf Cooperation Council in 2019. Currently, it is focussing on obtaining an operational permit across this region. Jimmy Song, a bitcoin developer, backs the crypto exchange. In a statement, Rain has said their digital asset will be regulated, secure, and will be well priced to meet international standards. Last year November, Rain launched its operations as part of the fintech sandbox trial of Bahrain's Central Bank. (KE)

7 days ago

Tiberius Group AG Delays the Sale of its Metals-Backed Tiberius Coin

The Switzerland-based commodities assets manager Tiberius Group AG, who recently made headlines announcing that it was launching a metals-backed cryptocurrency called the Tiberius coin, has announced the delay of the planned token sale due to “unacceptable” fees from credit card processing companies. Due to the ‘restrictions’ placed by credit card processors, Tiberius will not be able to handle orders worth over $15 million, and all investors who took part in the sale will have their money refunded within 30 days. (JF)

8 days ago

California's Glen Oaks Escrow to Accept BTC via BitPay amid Rising Real Estate Demand

Cryptocurrency real estate deals are gaining momentum, as evidenced by a leading escrow play in California now accepting cryptocurrencies. Los Angeles-based Glen Oaks Escrow, which is one of Southern California’s biggest independent escrow businesses, will now accept Bitcoin payments via BitPay amid rising demand. Glen Oaks Escrow’s COO Joe Curtis explained: "Increasingly, blockchain and cryptocurrencies have the potential to become a bigger part of real estate transactions, and this is one step to be ahead of the curve and enable transactions to happen through this vehicle." Realtors are excited about the escrow company’s expansion, saying in a press release that "it’s good news for buyers and sellers in the blockchain space." (GT)

8 days ago

Crypto Hedge Fund Pantera Capital is Down 73% on their Investments

An unauthorized screenshot shows that Pantera Capital is currently down 73 percent on their 2018 cryptocurrency portfolio. The screenshot was widely distributed on Twitter and as of now, there has been no confirmation or acknowledgment that the figures are true or false. Members of the cryptocurrency community believe that the figures were part of a memo to investors as hedge funds provide quarterly statements to investors. Pantera Capital has not responded to inquiries from various press offices. As of August 2018, Pantera’s compound annual growth rate (CAGR) is -50.3% and the year-to-date (YTD) return is -72.7%. (RS)

8 days ago

Children’s Horror Fiction Book Series Goosebumps Features Bitcoin in Halloween Title

Just in time for Halloween, the children’s horror fiction book series Goosebumps is now featuring Bitcoin. According to Reddit members, the book title is “Haunted Halloween: Movie Novel,” which is part of the Goosebumps series. Bitcoin is referenced as a store of value, as evidenced by the following excerpt from the book: "Dude, I bet this thing is stuffed with gold and diamonds and Bitcoins." Another character goes on to explain the mechanics of Bitcoin: "Bitcoins are a cryptocurrency. They are not actual coins. They are virtual coins. See, it starts with a process known as mining," they said before being labeled nerd. (GT)

8 days ago

Binance Announces that It Is Delisting Bytecoin, CHAT, Iconomi, and TRIG

Today, Binance has announced that it has decided to halt trading on all trading pairs of Bytecoin (BCN), ChatCoin (CHAT), Iconomi (ICN), and Triggers (TRIG). The exchange will delist the coins mentioned above on October 12, and their withdrawals will go on until November 12. The delisting is part of Binance’s periodic review of digital currencies that delists cryptocurrencies that do not meet set standards. The exchange firm has also changed its listing fee policy making all listing fees transparent. It has pledged to donate all proceeds from listing fees to charity. (KE)

8 days ago

Vitalik Buterin Cheers the Zcash Community

During the Ethereum San Francisco event, the co-founder of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin spoke about significant features of other crypto communities that the Ethereum Foundation should consider integrating. Buterin unveiled that he likes how the Zcash circle differentiates between Zcash Foundation and Zcash Co. He stated that Zooko Wilcox-O’Hearn, founder of Zcash was also part of Zcash Co., and that community members have limited control over the network. He added that Ethereum and other crypto startups should embrace Zcash’s idea as it is the only feasible way of having a decentralized trademark. (KE)

9 days ago

European Securities and Markets Authority is Examining ICO's to Determine Regulatory Framework

The European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) recently announced that it is looking at ICOs to determine how they should be regulated, and is currently judging each one on a case-by-case basis. The investigation was prompted by reports that many ICOs have had a difficult time showing their viability, and the part of the investigation will look at the effect of ICOs on the wider fundraising sector. The regulator also says that it seeks to increase consumer protection as current efforts have not been effective at conveying the risks of investing in these products. (JF)

9 days ago

Aphelion (APH) Decentralized Exchange Set For NEO MainNet Launch on October 10th

Aphelion (APH), a decentralized exchange built on the NEO platform, has announced that its NEO MainNet launch will take place at 10:00 PST (UTC -7) on October 10th, 2018. Users will be able to access the exchange through the Aphelion desktop wallet software at the launch, with support for the Android, iOS, and web-based NEO wallets to come at a later date. Users who hold APH tokens and wish to take part in the redistribution of trading fees will be able to commit their APH to the exchange’s smart contract. The first NEP-5 tokens available for trading are APH, DBC, NKN, PHX, SOUL, and TKY. (JF)

9 days ago

Hedge Fund Manager John Burbank More Confident in Bitcoin than He Is in Facebook

John Burbank, who is at the helm of crypto hedge fund Passport Capital, reportedly said at SF Blockchain Week that he's "more confident in Bitcoin" than he is in Facebook. CNBC crypto host Ran NeuNer tweeted about the development as part of a tweetstorm about Bitcoin. NeuNer also said that the Bitcoin price is "about to explode," adding that he invested in BTC on behalf of his parents. NeuNer went on to say that he’s more bullish on Bitcoin than he is stablecoin Tether (USDT) despite the popularity of stablecoins in this year’s crypto market downturn. NeuNer pointed to the SEC’s “looming decision deadlines” on Bitcoin ETFs as a reason to be bullish on Bitcoin. (GT)

9 days ago

Heritage Inaugurates the Future of Blockchain in Donations

Heritage is a decentralised framework developed by the Airbus Foundation to help get and manage donations for itself and other charitable companies. Heritage operates on the Ethereum blockchain, and it aims to enhance Airbus’ disaster, relief, and emergency response work globally. Airbus will incorporate it in its internal fundraising platform as part of its 10th anniversary. In so doing, Heritage will increase transparency and make the foundation’s activities automated by ridding of intermediaries. Heritage records donations as ERC-721 tokens instead of inputting them as entries on a blockchain record. (KE)

9 days ago

UK's HM Land Registry Is Looking To Use Blockchain For 25 Million Land Titles

HM Land Registry, which has over £4 trillion worth land records on its books is looking to use Blockchain for future business. Established in 1842, it covers 85% of the entire landmass of England and Wales. It has partnered with software company Methods as a part of its 'Digital Street' project to digitize its services. The company will use R3’s Corda blockchain. HM Land Registry hopes to become the world’s leading land registry for speed, ease of use, and an open approach. (VS)

10 days ago

qiibee Appoints Chris Cracchiolo as their Lead Advisor

In an official blog post, qiibee has announced that Chris Cracchiolo, the VP Membership Rewards at American Express, will join their company as a lead advisor. qiibee helps brands in running their loyalty programs on the blockchain. Cracchiolo has about 20 years of experience in different areas after holding various roles at American Express. Therefore, the new role as a lead advisor at qiibee will be a significant milestone for qiibee. Cracchiolo believes qiibee bridges the gap between the loyalty sector and the blockchain and is pleased to be part of the growth of this company. (KE)

10 days ago

Bittrex Exchange Announces the Removal of Bitshares, Bitcoin Private, and Bitcoin Gold Wallets from its Platform

In an official blog post, Bittrex exchange has announced that it will be removing Bitshares, Bitcoin Private, and Bitcoin Gold wallets from its platform on November 5, 2018. The exchange cited the lack of markets for the wallet removal. Further, it stated that this is part of the exchange's management to ensure operational and performance efficiency. The users with balances in those wallets have been urged to withdraw their digital assets before the 5th November 2018; after this date, these assets will be unrecoverable. The customers who will face difficulties are advised to seek assistance from the exchange. (KE)

11 days ago

U.S. Federal Enforcement Activity on the Rise Including Crypto Scams

CFTC Chairman Christopher Giancarlo stated in a recent speech that the number of enforcement actions issued by the agency is on the rise. In fiscal 2018, the CFTC filed more than 80 enforcement actions across $900 million in fines, which is up 25% versus a previous three-year stretch, Cointelegraph reports. Cryptocurrencies were part of the problem. "We have not been shy to take these cases to trial, winning significant trial victories in this area over the past year—including a precedent-setting victory in a trial involving bitcoin fraud." In recent days, Giancarlo stated he believes “cryptocurrencies are here to stay.” (GT)

12 days ago

A FundStrat Study Found that Institutional Investors are Bullish on Cryptocurrencies and Coinbase Loses its Institutional Platform Head

The State of the Market — October 5, 2018 BTC: $6,590.95 (+0.26%) ETH:$224.20 (+0.21%) XRP: $0.5206 (-2.25%) The Cryptocurrency market posted small gains today, but Bitcoin and Ethereum remain tightly locked in a narrowing range. Bitcoin continues to struggle to cross above $6,600, but the 24-hour trade volume has been stable at $3.7 billion. Ethereum also remains pinned below $225 and trades slightly below the bullish ascending trend line. In other news, a FundStrat Survey shows that 54 percent of institutional investors think that Bitcoin has already reached a bottom. Also, Coinbase Institutional Platform Head Adam White is leaving the company for undisclosed reasons and will be replaced by Jonathan Kellner. White was the fifth employee at the exchange and Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong credited White with helping “build our exchange business into the largest U.S.-based crypto-trading venue.” 1) According to a Fundstrat Survey, institutional investors are more bullish than individual cryptocurrency enthusiasts on Twitter. According to Tom Lee, a managing partner at the research firm, Wall Street investors think that the worst part of the market correction is over. The report shows that 54 percent of institutional investors expressed positive feelings about cryptocurrency prices. Furthermore, about 57 percent of the survey respondents think that Bitcoin might rise to $15,000 before the end of 2018. 2) The GraniteShares Bitcoin ETF may get a second chance at regulatory approval. The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has filed an amendment surrounding the CBOE’s pursuit of a rule change to list the GraniteShares Bitcoin ETF, which was declined over the summer. Today the securities regulator set a deadline of October 26 for comments in support or opposition of the proposed rule change. The rejection stands in the interim as the Wall Street regulator reviews comments, but a decision is expected Oct. 26. 3) As a sign of the growing acceptance and adoption of cryptocurrencies, an auto dealer in New Hampshire has begun accepting Dash payments and recently made its first sale that was paid for entirely in Dash. AutoFair in Merrimack is the dealership in question, and it is currently running a promotion through the Anypay system which provides “dash-back” on future car purchases, giving an extra 5% of the purchase price to the merchant and 5% to the customer towards future purchases made with Dash. Developments like this show the incremental steps being taken on the path towards wider adoption. (RS)

12 days ago

Market Trades Sideways With Possible Upward Trend Forming

Over the past 24-hours, the cryptocurrency market has traded sideways for the most part and now appears to be headed higher. At the time of writing, Bitcoin is trading at a price of $6581, an increase of 1.37% since this time yesterday. Similarly, Ethereum is up 1.45% and trading at a price of $222.84. The biggest gainers from the top 100 are External Token (XET) and Noah Coin (NOAH), both up around 26%. Nexo (NEXO) is in third, up nearly 25%, after recently being added as a loan option button on CoinMarketCap. (JF)

13 days ago

Wall Street Journal Creates WSJCoin as it Seeks Better Understanding of Blockchain Technology

The Wall Street Journal has reportedly created a new digital currency called WSJCoin. The coin was created as part of the ongoing project aimed at getting a better understanding of the operation of cryptocurrencies. According to Steven Russolillo, the man behind the project, WSJCoin will allow users to buy the subscriptions. Steven has disclosed that he had to travel to Japan to meet cryptocurrency experts including miners and developers. The token was developed on Hyperledger-backed Iroha blockchain. About 8.4 billion units were created. (SK)

14 days ago

Airpod's Minimum Viable Product will be Launched Soon

Airpod has announced that their minimum viable product (MVP) will be launched this month or after October. Airpod is a blockchain-based project which focuses on ensuring people enjoy their privacy in a public place. Slovenia will host the MVP to make it accessible to many people. The product is reportedly ready; making the crypto community familiar with the project before its launch. The holders of APOD tokens have been urged to participate in an Airpod sponsorship program. In this program, the holders of APOD tokens will sponsor the Airpod installation in various parts of the world and in exchange they will earn part of the profits made by that equipment. (KE)

14 days ago

Commentary: The Government Should Incorporate Blockchain Technology to Ease Traffic in Congested Interstates

The US government recently completed the construction of the last part of Interstate 95. This landmark accomplishment is significant, considering that it facilitates the generation of 40% of the United States’ GDP. The trucking industry uses the road to deliver the nation's cargo. However, the interstate system uses antique electronic data interchange system (EDI) to store information. When combined with congestion that truckers face on highways, this inefficiency creates unimaginable difficulties in the industry. Implementing blockchain to replace EDI would update the supply chain, and consequently, trucks would operate at their top efficiency. It would also enable truckers to know which routes to use based on the real-time movement of other vehicles. (KE)

15 days ago

Boston Fed VP Talks Crypto at Forbes 30 Under 30 Event

At the recent Forbes 30 under 30 event, Jim Cunha, Senior Vice President of Treasury and Financial Services at the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, discussed his involvement with blockchain and cryptocurrency technology as part of the Fed’s overall investigation into the technology. During his discussion he detailed early experiments with Ethereum and Hyperledger Fabric, which were conducted by him and a team of 200 researchers. He also outlined several scenarios that he sees potentially leading to a state-controlled fiat currency issued on the blockchain someday. (JF)

15 days ago

Crypto Exchange Caspian Collaborates with B2C2 to Offer Liquidity to Users

Crypto trading and risk management firm Caspian has announced a new partnership with B2C2, a liquidity provider and cryptocurrency market maker. The partnership will see the users of the Caspian platform trade liquidity trade streamed by B2C2 directly. According to Caspian's CEO, Robert Dykes, the partnership is part of the firm's vision of building a network of partners to enable users to trade efficiently and effectively. Caspian recently announced a partnership with Coinbase. (SK)

15 days ago

Bitmain Acquires Telescope, A BCH Wallet Browser Extension

Today, Telescope has announced its acquisition by Bitmain. Telescope is a Bitcoin Cash (BCH) wallet browser extension. The acquisition is part of Bitmain’s projects which aim to support initiatives that help develop viable payment infrastructure for BCH. The financials of the acquisition have remained undisclosed. Telescope’s lead developer, Aaron Angert said he is proud of Telescope’s achievements thus far, and that he is excited about it future with Bitmain’s support. Developing BCH infrastructure would free the cryptocurrency from criticisms that imply it has copied Bitcoin’s (BTC) early infrastructure development. (KE)

15 days ago

DeepBrainChain Purchases 50 Million DBC Tokens From Exchanges

The AI computing platform DeepBrain Chain has released a blog detailing its purchase of 50,000,000 of its DBC tokens from various cryptocurrency exchanges. According to the blog, they plans to use the tokens to invested in AI companies and sell in OTC trades to facilitate the purchase of AI computing power from DeepBrain Chain. DBC began buying tokens on August 1st, and is part of its deeper initiative to incubate and accelerate the development of AI projects through its “DECO” ecosystem, which is comprised of the DeepBrain Chain Foundation, the DECO AI Ecosystem Fund, and the DeepToken Foundation. (JF)

16 days ago

Genesis Group CEO Says Blockchain is an Important Area for Global Competitions

Feng Chi, the CEO of Genesis Group, has said that blockchain is becoming an essential part of global competitions. These thoughts were shared during a DAIBC conference that was held in Malaysia where he was talking about the blockchain development in the Chinese market. Additionally, he said that this nascent technology is revolutionizing productive relations globally and that the blockchain market is different in every country. (KE)

16 days ago

BitTorrent Will Pay Users In TRX For Seeding

BitTorrent, a popular torrent client which was acquired by Tron this year has announced that it would be rewarding users in TRX for seeding. The move is a part of Project Atlas, where BitTorrent will work very closely with Tron. Till now, there has been very little incentive for seeding content. This is the first time users will be paid for sharing. Additionally, users will also be able to pay TRX and download faster. Tron (TRX) is currently priced at $0.02229, gaining 1.27% in the last 24 hours. (VS)

17 days ago

Pundix (NPXS) POS Terminal Allows Nigerians to Make Purchases in Bitcoin

The Indonesian cryptocurrency and payments company Pundix (NPXS) recently made inroads to Nigeria, installing one of their XPOS point of sale (POS) devices in the office of Joetech Systems Ltc, a Nigerian importer and distributor of agriculture products, allowing the merchant to now accept bitcoin (BTC) and other cryptocurrencies as a form of payment. This is part of NPXSs push for global expansion currently in progress, that looks to have up to 5,000 XPOS devices installed around the world in countries such as Colombia, the UK, Korea, Hong Kong, Switzerland and Brazil. (JF)

18 days ago

CEO of deVere Group Says Ripple (XRP) Will Hit $1.00 Before the End of 2018

On September 27, the CEO of deVere Group, Nigel Green said that Ripple (XRP) would surge to hit the $1 mark before the end of 2018. Before this declaration, Nigel commented on the 100% plus upswing in XRP during a press release by deVere on September 25. According to him, the cryptocurrency market will remain bullish for the remaining part of 2018. However, Green believes that XRP will be the biggest gainer. He cites XRP’s distinctive features and technologies as the reason for his beliefs. (KE)

18 days ago

How Blockchain Technology will Transform the Entertainment Industry

Although the entertainment industry was slow in adopting blockchain, it has realized that this nascent technology can transform the industry. Blockchain will help in fighting piracy issues and revolutionize music and movies distribution. Initially, the artists only got a small part of their earnings since a huge chunk was taken by publishing and distribution agencies. The blockchain decentralized system will see artists keeping all their profits. Experts have said that Blockchain application in this industry will be a complete paradigm shift. (KE)

18 days ago

CipherTrace Partners With Modulus To Provide AML For Crypto Exchanges

American trading surveillance service provider Modulus has announced a partnership with CipherTrade. Modulus provides multiple services to crypto exchanges worldwide, and CipherTrace's AML solution will be a part of its offering. CipherTrace can detect multiple crypto sources and alert exchanges like criminal activity, money laundering, dark markets, and terrorist financing. Cryptocurrency exchanges worldwide have been under a lot of stress lately by regulators to step up their KYC and AML practices. (VS)

19 days ago

Huobi Reopens Its Influencer Program

Popular cryptocurrency exchange Huobi revealed that it is set to reopen its Influencer program called Global Elites Program. Influencers will form a key part of its marketing strategy and the referral bonus is as high as 2BTC for each influencer they sign. Influencers can make 40% of the trading fee from the users they refer to the platform. Early this year, the exchange stopped its influencer program. However, the exchange decided to reinstate it after experiencing good returns from its previous program. Huobi saw a volume of $784 Million in the last 24 hours. (VS)

19 days ago

Bitconnect Receives Cease And Desist From North Dakota

The now-defunct cryptocurrency startup and one of the largest crypto ponzi scheme, Bitconnect, has received has received a 'cease and desist' from Karen Tyler, the Securities Commissioner of North Dakota in Fargo. It is a part of the 'Operation Crypto Sweep,' across 40 US states and Canadian regulators. However, by now, Bitconnect is already dead. It has fallen from its peak of $400 in January to just $0.60. Also, Bitconnect (BCC) is no longer listed in any centralized exchange. (VS)

20 days ago

Sydney Couple Suspected of Identity Fraud and Cryptocurrency Laundering Has Been Arrested

Today, a south-west Sydney couple that allegedly engaged in credit card information theft has been arrested. The couple used the funds to create 15 organizations and numerous bank accounts. They laundered more than $300,000 into offshore cryptocurrency accounts. The 32-year-old man and 29-year-old lady were raided and arrested today morning by the NSW Cybercrime Squad and taken to the Campsie police station. The Public Order and Riot Squad also took part in the raid. The arrest is part of an investigation by the Strike Force Breakbank. (KE)

20 days ago

ETH Regains the No. 2 Spot after XRP Muscled It Out of Position

Ethereum has reclaimed the No. 2 spot for market cap among cryptocurrencies after XRP muscled it out of the way earlier today for the second time in a week. Ethereum’s market cap is currently hovering at $22 billion compared to $20 billion for XRP. The ETH price is trading at $216 and a bearish trend appears to be intact with resistance up ahead at the $220 and $234 levels, according to Kraken data cited in News BTC. At its best level today, the broader cryptocurrency market tacked on an additional $12 billion, thanks in large part to gains in Bitcoin Cash (BCH), which remains higher by double-digits, and XRP. (GT)

21 days ago

5 Unique Blockchain Use Cases

Blockchain has evolved beyond just store of value over the past few years, that hundreds of startups have popped around it. Blockchain makes it possible to do some of the projects that was never possible before. One such solution is scalable cloud processing, which can be decentralized across thousands of servers worldwide. Another industry which is set to be revolutionized by blockchain is free trade and exchange of services/goods. Energy savings is another industry, where excess energy can easily be sold from one part of the world to another. (VS)

21 days ago

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