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Market Cap $ 2.604 MM (#656)
24h Volume $ 31.379
Chg. 24h: 8.41%
Algo. score 2.3/5  (#1168)
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Digital Pandacoin - 6 reasons why you should get started and download PandaBank to start earning 2.5% annual interest -Easy to Use: cryptocurrency is ment to be simple. -Easy to Obtain: there is a solutions for everyoane to mine or buy Pandacoins -Easy to Understand: the cryptocurrencies easy to undestand for those that are new to the space with Crypto Crash -Earn 2.5% Annual Interest: you can eran 2.5% annual interest on your Pandacoins by storing them in your PandaBank -Low Inflation: Governments worldwide strive to maintain an inflation rate of around 2 to 3% to sustain a healthy economy. Pandacoin is designed to simulate this with an annual inflation rate of 2.5%. Bitcoin suffers from 10% inflation rate for the year 2015. -Global Mass Appeal: Pandacoin is positioned to reach mainstream users from multiple market segments and cultures (in particular China and South East Asia) by removing high barriers of entry to the fast paced and complex world of cryptocurrencies.

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