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Li Jun, Founder of Ontology, is being interviewed by 8BTC (...

Li Jun, Founder of Ontology, is being interviewed by 8BTC (https://t.co/ugZAwiO51D) at the Shanghai office. $ONT… https://t.co/u8Jd0vkeM4

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RT @OntologyNetwork: Keep up to date with Ontology on Delta ...

RT @OntologyNetwork: Keep up to date with Ontology on Delta Direct: https://t.co/bxcIgNFquK. $ONT $ONG https://t.co/aeZzxkr1SQ

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Keep up to date with Ontology on Delta Direct: ...

Keep up to date with Ontology on Delta Direct: https://t.co/bxcIgNFquK. $ONT $ONG https://t.co/aeZzxkr1SQ

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Ontology is sponsoring TechCrunch’s hackathon in Shenzhen No...

Ontology is sponsoring TechCrunch’s hackathon in Shenzhen Nov 17-18th (https://t.co/dUq1zt1XtN), where hundreds of… https://t.co/D4y4PMHZBD

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Report by Huobi Shows an Increase in Active Bitcoin Addresses and Transaction Fees

Huobi Group published a statistics-filled report called ‘Huobi Blockchain Big Data’ on Nov. 7th that breaks down the activities of the previous crypto week from Oct. 24th to Oct. 31st. The report focuses on social media and market trends data, transaction fees, distribution of wealth on selected blockchain protocols, the movement of digital assets, Dapp activity, and trending crypto keywords. In the markets, the prices of digital assets decreased, and the “trading volume increased dramatically.” EOS’ trading volume increased by 103 percent. Week in Numbers The number of active Bitcoin addresses has been on the rise for six consecutive weeks. The number reached 3.69 million, showing a 1.8 percent increase from the previous week. This is the largest number of active Bitcoin addresses recorded in the past two months. 1.35 million Bitcoin addresses were created this week in comparison to 1.37 from the previous week. The number of active Ethereum addresses rose by 2.6 percent from 1.166 million from the previous week to this week’s figure of 1.196 million. The transaction volume for the Bitcoin network decreased by 5.82 percent from 5.949 million to 5.602 million. The number of transactions increased by 3 percent from the previous week to reach 1.768 million. The average amount of BTC traded per transaction declined by 8.6 percent from the previous week and now equals 3.17 BTC. Transaction fees on the Bitcoin network increased from 114.6 BTC to 120.4 BTC. The transaction amount of Bitcoin rose by 3 percent and reached the “largest amount for [the] recent 6 months.” The average amount of ETH traded per transaction decreased by 9 percent. Just like Bitcoin, the total amount of transaction fees on the Ethereum network increased from 10,100 ETH to 10,400 ETH. The total number of transactions on the EOS platform increased by 10.4 percent to reach 21.84 million. This trend has been going on for the last six weeks. The top 5 Dapps on the EOS platform are “BetDice, Endless Dice, EOSPoker, EOSBet, and EOS Knights respectively.” There are currently 123 Dapps on the EOS blockchain protocol. The top 5 Dapps on the Ethereum network “with regard to the transaction volume of accounts this week are IDEX, Dice2win, CryptoKitties, ForkDelta, and Ethroll respectively.” There are currently 1,137 active Dapps on the Ethereum network. Social Media and Keywords Analysis “Huobi,” “Binance,” and “ZB” were the most searched words of the week in the exchanges category. Other trending words of the week include “SEC,” “Node,” “NANO,” “China” and “Ox.” With regards to GitHub code activity: “IOTA, TRX, and ADA were the projects with the most code rows; It’s worth noting that IOTA has had a lot of code updates this week, with 1,718 rows of code updated on 53 submissions.” The top 3 active Telegram groups are Ontology Group, Vechain English Group, and EOS China (Chinese group). Report by Huobi Shows an Increase in Active Bitcoin Addresses and Transaction Fees was originally found on [blokt] - Blockchain, Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News.

6 days ago

Ontology Announces Partnership with DVP to Develop a Vulnerability Sharing System

According to a report, Ontology has announced that it is partnering with Decentralized Vulnerability Platform (DVP), a blockchain based bug bounty group, to create a vulnerability sharing system. The new move will enable tracking down and foxing of security issues on a fully open and decentralized platform. As per the report, Ontology will provide DVP with underlying blockchain tech support and cooperation. (VK)

6 days ago

Keep up to date with Ontology on @blockfolio with Blockfolio...

Keep up to date with Ontology on @blockfolio with Blockfolio Signal: https://t.co/ji2qZb5YXH. $ONT $ONG https://t.co/Q6Tz8OOi3s

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Crypto Clearance: Twitter Deletes Suspected Crypto-Related Accounts

TL;DR According to our recent findings, the popular social network, Twitter, seems to have deleted quite a large number of fake cryptocurrency-related accounts. During the past week, Binance has lost more than 3000 followers. ICOs such as WePower, NEO and Stratisplatform lost an even higher percentage of their followers. It’s not clear if the deletion process is done or just begun. Twitter recently deletes fake accounts Twitter is one of the largest and most popular social networks today. It features millions upon millions of accounts and is quite popular among celebrities. However, Twitter is also a host to a major part of the crypto influencers’ community, which uses this platform for spreading information, analysis, events, and more. According to recent research we’ve done, it appears that Twitter has deleted quite a lot of accounts. All of these accounts are considered to be fake ones, created for various purposes. However, what most of them have in common is the fact that they were following crypto exchanges and ICOs. As an example, the data claims that Binance had lost over 3000 followers on Oct.30 and Nov. 1st. Binance is quite a popular exchange, and its Twitter account gains anywhere from 300 to 500 new followers on a daily basis. Binance’s Twitter Followers over the past week. Source: SocialBlade The main reason behind the clearance While Binance is the account that lost a large number of followers, it is not the only one to experience such a drop. Similar incidents were noted in statistics of other crypto businesses, such as NEO, Ontology, WePower, Stratisplatform, and many others. The main question is why did this happen? While this has yet to be confirmed, many believe that the reason behind the deletion is the fact that all of these accounts were created for participation in crypto airdrops and bounty campaigns. Participating can lead to getting to a portion of the project tokens in exchange for marketing actions such as likes and retweets on Twitter. By having multiple accounts, especially with many followers (most of the projects don’t have the ability and will to check if the followers are real); those users can receive a more significant portion of the planned airdrop. Twitter seemingly recognized the issue and decided to act. Most crypto-related businesses that lost followers experienced this throughout three days — between October 30th and November 1st. As mentioned, Binance has lost over 3,000 followers between October 29th and November 1st (out of their total 880K followers). Stratisplatform lost over 850 accounts in three days (Oct. 29. - Oct 31.) out of 138K. Ontology lost only 240 accounts on October 30 and 31 and was left with 65K followers, while WePower lost the highest percentage: more than 800 fake accounts during the same period, and it currently has a total of 36K followers (2.2%). It is possible that the move was not made as a response to a complaint, but is instead an attempt to clear the platform and prevent scams and other unethical activities. It will be interesting to see the coming up days; it might be that the clearance has just begun. There are still many crypto fake accounts left. The post Crypto Clearance: Twitter Deletes Suspected Crypto-Related Accounts appeared first on CryptoPotato.

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Ontology is sponsoring @TechCrunch’s hackathon in Shenzhen N...

Ontology is sponsoring @TechCrunch’s hackathon in Shenzhen Nov 17-18th, where hundreds of participants will be able… https://t.co/tSh7AXpWNU

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What if AI were Owned or Controlled by Any One Company or Government?

CoinSpeaker What if AI were Owned or Controlled by Any One Company or Government? Currently, a handful of big tech companies dominate AI development and are investing more money into AI every day. The field’s high barriers to entry — scarcity of talent and the expense of computing power — could keep upstarts from ever becoming true competitors. A future where AI is dominated by a small tech oligopoly just might lead us into the robot-controlled dystopian future of which Hollywood continues to warn us. That’s why Mind AI, a Seoul-based startup on the cutting edge of where blockchain technology and AI intersect, is developing a new approach to AI that wipes out those high barriers to entry into the field. By leveraging large groups of people, Mind AI believes it can ensure that AI technology does not lead us into that Hollywood-scripted robot dystopia. “We are creating an ecosystem in which anyone around the world can participate in educating an artificial intelligence,” says Isaac Bang, project lead for Mind AI. The plan? To democratize access to AI through a crowdsourced database. “Mind AI’s operation depends on two critical components: the core AI engine and the ontology database,” says Mind AI’s Chief Scientist, John Doe. “The ontologies, or the accumulated knowledge, are the fuel to the AI engine - without them, the AI engine cannot perform any reasoning.” These two components, however, are kept separate. “The core AI engine is centralized, while the ontology database will be distributed and co-owned by everyone who contributes and submits ontologies,” explained Mr. Doe. In the future, Mind AI plans to decentralize the core AI engine. This means that Mind AI cannot operate as a centralized entity and use the power of AI for self-interest or malicious purposes, since the community of ontologists (co-owners of the ontologies) can vote to activate a kill switch to disable access to the ontology database. The same safeguard can be applied to any agent who tries to use Mind AI and the ontology database for applications the community deems to be unethical. “Our engine is capable of reasoning, but it needs to be given knowledge - that is, the ontologies,” says Mr. Bang. “An ontology would be the fact that ‘objects that have mass are subject to the earth’s gravitational pull.’ These canonicals are like shortcuts.” Mr. Bang adds: “The crowd can help AI outcompete earlier AI technologies like IBM Watson, modern self-driving cars and more, which are considered second-wave AI technology. The crowd can bring us into the third wave of AI.” The crowd, too, through Mind AI’s tokenized incentive model, can now be owners of modern AI technology. “We crowdsource ontologies from people all around the world, and each person that contributes by contributing an ontology is then co-owner of the database of ontologies that artificial intelligence uses to perform its reasoning,” says Mr. Bang. “And, in that sense, as long as you participate in educating this AI, you can influence how it’s used.” This means the crowd could, for example, block a military department from using Mind AI to create autonomous weapons. How It Works Contributors input their own knowledge based on their own experiences and expertise, following an easy-to-use template. The Mind AI system takes that knowledge and data, labels it and sorts it, to use for future cognitive tasks. AI machines currently perform only some of the intellectual tasks that a human being can. “We use inductive reasoning when we identify patterns in our observations and expect those patterns to continue,” explains Mr. Bang. “Through abductive reasoning, we find the best explanation for our observations. AI today uses something like induction to recognize patterns, but not in a truly intelligent way. Soon, Mind AI will read and interpret texts at the 7th grade level text, holding unscripted conversations about the material, also. What’s more, thanks to the help of the decentralized contributors, Mind AI won’t depend on massive data centers. The engine is efficient enough to run on a computer as small as a smartphone. The reasoning engine, soon available as an API, allows developers to create projects that rely on the Mind reasoning engine. “To build a reasoning engine that executes human-style thinking, we need the input of many individuals,” says Mr. Bang. “That’s why an open-source development ecosystem using blockchain technology is so important in our model.” Mr. Bang goes on: “Crowd-sourced ontologies from all over the world will help Mind AI form an unbiased and worldly view. The bright people who contribute earn tokenized royalties whenever a developer uses one of their ontologies.” Immutable and decentralized, Mind AI could become a new way forward for advancements in AI, moving the industry away from its elitist realities and limited access. Move over, Watson. What if AI were Owned or Controlled by Any One Company or Government?

8 days ago

99.32% of Ontology (ONT) Tokens Have Been Successfully Swapped for MainNet ONT

The team at Ontology (ONT) recently announced that 99.32% of NEP-5 ONT tokens have been successfully swapped for MainNet ONT tokens. The Ontology MainNet token swap closed at 12:00 am (UTC -12) on October 1st, 2018 with most of the 1 billion ONT NEP-5 tokens accounted for. For the remaining tokens that have yet to be swapped, users have until 12:00 am (UTC -12) on Monday, December 31st to utilize the fallback plan that the Ontology team has put in place. After that date, there will be no further opportunities to swap out the tokens. (JF)

10 days ago

Ontology and Ubitus Partner to Bring Blockchain-based AI to the Gaming World

Ontology has collaborated with Ubitus, the Northeast Asia's leading gaming-as-a-service provider, to develop a blockchain-based AI system. With the partnership, Ubitus will use the smart contracts and data of Ontology to decentralize its AI system. Following the collaboration, the two companies will save on development costs by sharing information, cross-promoting new products, and sharing a technology ecosystem. Ubisoft and Terra Virtua are also promoting blockchain technology in the gaming world. (KE)

11 days ago

Got your golden pumpkin and ONG? One of the Candy Box requir...

Got your golden pumpkin and ONG? One of the Candy Box requirements is holding ONT for three days - deposit today to… https://t.co/Ll1ftuKIyC

13 days ago

Ontology Foundation ONG rewards for those who submitted an O...

Ontology Foundation ONG rewards for those who submitted an OWallet stake authorization before block height 534299 a… https://t.co/VRwnOp5ufy

13 days ago

Li Jun, Founder of Ontology, will be speaking at Inside Fint...

Li Jun, Founder of Ontology, will be speaking at Inside Fintech Conference in Seoul on November 30th:… https://t.co/JnipQl4IUo

14 days ago

Infinito Wallet Launches Multi-Blockchain API for Developers, Powering Easy and Efficient DApp Development

Infinito Wallet, the leading universal wallet for major smart contract blockchains such as Ethereum (ETH), NEO, EOS, and Cardano, has released its Infinito Multi-Blockchain API as the first-step solution for service developers utilizing dApps and blockchain technology. To develop services using dApps and blockchains, it is essential to build nodes that support blockchain network as well as many software required to access and analyze blockchain data. Service development is also complex as development and setting for each blockchain infrastructure built on different design philosophies must be separate. Infinito Multi-Blockchain API will grant developers seamless access to various blockchains and provide great scalability along with robust security, establishing for them a multi-blockchain service development environment. This API is powering the leading universal wallet app that is rapidly growing worldwide, Infinito Wallet. Infinito Wallet - The Ultimate Mobile Cryptocurrency Wallet that Connects Worldwide Coins, Token Holders, and Token Issuers. Ever since its debut to the global market, Infinito Wallet has grown to become a top-tier universal wallet that leads the global expansion of cryptocurrencies and user communities. The wallet app is currently available on both iOS and Android with over 300,000 downloads. Infinito Wallet supports top coins and tokens including BTC, BCH, and Dash, along with smart contract platforms that support the evolution and expansion of blockchain technology utilization. It is the only mobile wallet service with such wide support for coins and tokens. In addition, the wallet has numerous alliances and implementation of smart contract blockchain platforms. Firstly at the end of 2017, Infinito Wallet was officially launched with support for Ethereum and its ERC20 tokens. Then, in the beginning of 2018, the wallet added China’s NEO cryptocurrency, market ranking number 15(*1), along with its token type NEP-5. The Universal Wallet was also the world’s first to support the supporting currency of NEO blockchain infrastructure, GAS. Recently, Infinito Wallet began supporting the first official edition of EOS (MainNet version), ranking fifth (*1) in terms of market capitalization. Later, the Universal Wallet enabled support for all EOS tokens in another industry first for a mobile solution for both EOS blockchain and its assets. This milestone garnered the Universal Wallet much attention from the industry. On 25 September 2018, Infinito Wallet became the first mobile wallet to integrate support for ADA currency of Cardano blockchain, market capitalization ranking number 9 (*1). This was made possible through official development collaboration with the development team behind Cardano blockchain, IOHK, and enabled safe and convenient management as well as access to ADA currency along with services built on Cardano blockchain. Additionally, Infinito Wallet is expanding its partnership with the blockchain community. The Universal Wallet has announced partnership with the blockchain project and cryptocurrency ONTology, ranking number 25th (*1). These efforts to spread crypto adoption of Infinito Wallet has been widely covered and appraised by industry experts as well as crypto information sites (Finder, Coinlist, AbitGreedy, Blockonomi, Coinpedia, etc.). The wallet is also widely lauded as the most versatile and safe cryptocurrency wallet in the world. With the aim to become the ultimate infrastructure to promote social implementation and utilization of blockchain worldwide, Infinito Wallet has plans to include support for more smart contract blockchains including ONTOLOGY, NEM, STELLAR, and other blockchains for popular cryptocurrencies on the market. Currently, Infinito Wallet supports, in alphabetical order, ADA, BCH, BTC, DASH, DOGECOIN, EOS, EOS Mainet Tokens, ERC 20 Tokens, ETC, ETH, GAS, LITECOIN, NEO, and NEP - 5 Tokens. (*1) See: Coinmarketcap at https://coinmarketcap.com/ as of 10 October 2018. Infinito Wallet Unveils New Technology Solutions for dApp Developers - Reducing Development Efforts and Costs While Promoting Service Expansion Infinito Wallet has greatly expanded its technical capabilities as well as partner network, solidifying its position in the industry as the most versatile and secure universal wallet for crypto communities. In the process of collaborating with global development communities, various hurdles and problems in blockchain service development has been brought to light. For instance, each blockchain platform employs various different technologies, which must be worked on separately for implementation into services. This vastly increases time and manpower required for service development, which, coupled with the complexity in service development and provision itself acts as a massive hurdle for the dissemination and adoption of blockchain-based technology and services. With this in mind, Infinito began to solve the

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@CryptoKnight049 Naturally THEKEY is a partner of Ontology ...

@CryptoKnight049 Naturally THEKEY is a partner of Ontology network. Ontology focuses on cross chains solution but… https://t.co/tAAHMNzWiO

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HyperDragons Is Leaving Ethereum for the Ontology Network

Ontology (ONT), a next-generation public chain infrastructure project and a distributed trust collaboration platform, announced today that it has partnered with MIXMARVEL, a game platform and content community, to bring blockchain games to the Ontology network. HyperDragons, a game by MIXMARVEL, to Operate on Ontology 🐉 https://t.co/niFsnzwoHq @MixHyperDragons $ONT $ONG — Ontology (@OntologyNetwork) October 26, 2018 According to

16 days ago

HyperDragons Leaves Ethereum to Join the Ontology Network

Earlier today, Ontology (ONT) announced that it had collaborated with MIXMARVEL, a game platform, and content community to introduce blockchain games to the Ontology network. This move will see HyperDragons, a leading gaming dApp on the Ethereum blockchain, shift onto the Ontology platform to address scalability issues. Andy Ji, Ontology’s chief strategy officer, said the partnership would give HyperDragons a more exciting experience and introduce more fun to the Ontology network. The collaboration will also allow MIXMARVEL to develop dApps on the Ontology platform. (KE)

18 days ago

‘HyperDragons’ Is Leaving Ethereum for the Ontology Network

Ontology (ONT), a next-generation public chain infrastructure project and a distributed trust collaboration platform, announced today that it has partnered with MIXMARVEL, a game platform and content community, to bring blockchain games to the Ontology network. HyperDragons, a game by MIXMARVEL, to Operate on Ontology 🐉 https://t.co/niFsnzwoHq @MixHyperDragons $ONT $ONG — Ontology (@OntologyNetwork) October 26, 2018 According to

18 days ago

We already have five new node candidates (...

We already have five new node candidates (https://t.co/NZBhcTqhVK)! Want to be an Ontology node? Read more and appl… https://t.co/CTR9OdPrYL

19 days ago

iOS Enterprise Version User Notice: If you're still using th...

iOS Enterprise Version User Notice: If you're still using the ONTO enterprise version, please backup your ONT ID an… https://t.co/D23P2QMYR2

20 days ago

Daniel Wen, Ontology Business Development Director, at Korea...

Daniel Wen, Ontology Business Development Director, at Korea Blockchain Expo (https://t.co/tKgodoWgvr) today: “Main… https://t.co/9D0mYmolRL

21 days ago

Blockchain Identity Experts Ontology, Evernym, and the Sovri...

Blockchain Identity Experts Ontology, Evernym, and the Sovrin Foundation Reach an Agreement on Digital Identity Con… https://t.co/PCnLGC3U9d

22 days ago

@feelxkg Claiming is just receiving ONG from your ONT, staki...

@feelxkg Claiming is just receiving ONG from your ONT, staking is depositting your ONT with a node to share their O… https://t.co/DDNcZNgmfb

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We're happy to announce that Ontology is live on Delta Direc...

We're happy to announce that Ontology is live on Delta Direct! All the latest @OntologyNetwork updates will now be… https://t.co/J4JqgTxDZQ

a month ago

IOTA [MIOTA] and Ontology [ONT] prices surge as cryptocurrencies ride the bull

The market opened today, 15th October, with most of the major cryptocurrencies seeing a positive surge recovering from the recent losses. Alongside the major cryptocurrencies, altcoins like IOTA [MIOTA] and Ontology [ONT] joined the race, giving a reason for enthusiasts to rejoice. IOTA Currently ranking at position 12 on CoinMarketCap, during the time of writing, the coin was trading at $0.51. The cryptocurrency was seeing an hourly raise of 0.64%. It was holding a market capitalization of $1.4 million, with a 24-hour market volume of 32,109,955 USD. The majority of IOTA’s trade was held by Bitfinex with a total volume on the exchange amounting to $9,772,153. The cryptocurrency was displaying a sideways movement from 12th of October till today. The price witnessed a sharp spike to reach its weekly high of $0.52 to settle at a value of $0.51. Mycroft, an Iota aficionado stated: “Next bull run #IOTA will be 14$ just saying #IOTAStrong” Ontology: ONT also witnessed a hike of 3.96 in the past 24 hours. At press time, it saw a rise of 2.41% and is trading at $1.88 with a market cap of $0.38 million. The majority of ONT’s trade was held by Huobi Exchange with a 24-hour volume of $9,670,131 on the ONT/USDT pair. As observed in the Ontology chart, the cryptocurrency witnessed a sudden drop from $2.03 on 11th October to settle at a value of $1.80. ONT witnessed a sideways movement from 11th October until today, with minor falls in between. Tomáš Lučka tweeted: “My favorite coin” The post IOTA [MIOTA] and Ontology [ONT] prices surge as cryptocurrencies ride the bull appeared first on AMBCrypto.

a month ago

Ontology (ONT) and Shufti Pro signed MOU to provide Digital Identity Services

A KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti Money Laundering) service provider, Shufti Pro and a distributed trust collaboration platform, Ontology has recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to provide digital identity services that will use trust ecosystem provided by Ontology. The purpose of signing MOU Ontology is a virtual identity firm that has figured a blockchain based distributed identity network. Ontology’s ONT IDs bolster people, organizations, resources, things, and issues to validate and confirm themselves in this computerized era. The distributed personality proof enables its clients to make multifaceted recognizable proof representations that can be demonstrated, affirmed and utilized for ID confirmation on more than one platforms. Moreover, Shufti Pro aims to verify the digital identity of the person utilizing a combination of Artificial and Human Intelligence. It gives constant confirmation results to a substantial number of solutions and administrations provided for digital identity verification. Shufti Pro and Ontology may likewise work collectively to create and process digital identity proof gears that will empower organizations for online fraudulence avoidance and identity robbery security. The MOU determines that the two organizations, Ontology, and Shufti Pro will work to give compliance equipped solutions for KYC and AML exclusively dependent on Ontology blockchain solution. This joint cooperation will likewise center on enhancing the general openness of computerized identity proof administrations in various markets around the world. Andy Ji, Co-Founder of Ontology, clarified the significance of this joint cooperation in the accompanying words: “The emergence of blockchain technology creates opportunities to discover potential and promising solutions. Ontology is pleased to begin this journey with Shufti Pro, combining blockchain technology with identity verification services, providing a blockchain-based end-solution for KYC/AML services”. CEO of Shufti Pro, Victor Fredung talked about the collaboration of both companies. He said, “We are pleased to be starting our partnership with Ontology. We believe that the combined use of new and innovative blockchain technology with cutting-edge ID and identity verification technology is a powerful combination for global business operations.” The MOU adheres to the below principal routes of joint coordinated effort between the two organizations for future: The ontology will give technical aptitude and information on Distributed Ledger Technologies. Both gatherings will work together for KYC and AML solutions improvements on the framework of distributed blockchain network provided by Ontology Both organizations will work together for the marketing promotion and Public Relation advertising of services and products. This joint association between the two tech organizations will introduce another period of mechanical progression in the subject of digital identity verification administrations. With a point of making the online commercial center secure against identity frauds, frequent money-back requests and clients with phony budgetary data, Shufti Pro has made strides for unrivaled customer service and A-1 records protection. The post Ontology (ONT) and Shufti Pro signed MOU to provide Digital Identity Services appeared first on Coingape.

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Get Ontology update push notifications sent straight to your...

Get Ontology update push notifications sent straight to your phone with Blockfolio Signal: https://t.co/ji2qZb5YXH.... https://t.co/MJs97mukqV...

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Ontology (ONT) Signs MOU with Shufti Pro for KYC/AML Integration

Ontology (ONT) recently signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Shufti Pro, a UK based company focused on developing ID verification services, that will see them collaborate on KYC and AML integration for the trust ecosystem being established by Ontology. Ontology has been building out its blockchain based distributed identity network and developing its ONT ID feature. Shufti Pro and Ontology will focus their collaboration on developing and refining digital identification tools that provide businesses with online fraud and identity theft protection. (JF)

a month ago

New Kind of Network (NKN) Partners with Portal Network to Establish the NKN Name Service

New Kind of Network (NKN), the United States-based decentralized data relay network, recently announced its new partnership with Portal Network that will see Portal Network help create a domain name service for the upcoming NKN blockchain. The NKN project is working on creating a decentralized networking protocol that enables the trading of unused bandwidth and the direct exchange of data between applications, all without central servers. Some big partnerships of note include agreements with NEO and Ontology, so this may be a project worth keeping an eye on as it develops. (JF)

a month ago

Ethereum Price Analysis Oct.10: A false breakout?

Two days ago was a pretty exciting day in the crypto magical world. The mini bull run we saw in Bitcoin and some other altcoins (such as ADA, ONT, TRX, and EOS) turned people bullish too soon. BTC was trying to accomplish the mission of bullishly breaking the triangle formation that has been developed since February, but the bears had other plans and kept BTC inside the triangle territory, as for now. ETH, like Bitcoin, made an attempt to break the formation above, but only managed to spike the upper triangle’s trend-line and then turned immediately back in. The breakout took ETH to the $234.9 price level (Bitfinex price), but the 4-hours candle closed just below 230$ at 229.84$. Notice that the long wick above the breakout candle was formed by a massive amount of limit sell orders placed above the triangle’s trend line. This was what we have warned about in our previous ETH price analysis. It wasn’t a clear “shooting-star” kind of candle (which is a bearish signal when it appears on the top of a possible movement), but it wasn’t for sure the kind of break out we wanted to see. Looking at the 4 hours chart ETH has re-drawn the triangle’s trend lines, and as we can see, ETH met the lower triangle’s trend-line one more time during the last 24 hours. From there, it spiked shortly afterward. At the moment, the triangle formation doesn’t give enough clues to possible targets a breakout might take ETH to. Our targets stay the same - A substantial break out above the upper trend line with an impressive amount of volume (and holds the break until candle close) will be the sign of bulls winning. This will set the first mini target at 250$ and from there to the next resistance area at 270$. - A strong move down past the $214 level will be a bearish sign, which could lead a much more bearish target at $170 - $180. ETH/USD BitFinex 4 Hours chart Cryptocurrency charts by TradingView. Technical analysis tools by Coinigy. The post Ethereum Price Analysis Oct.10: A false breakout? appeared first on CryptoPotato.

a month ago

Magic Cube Decentralized Entertainment platform on NEO’s blockchain Could be a Threat to Tron’s Ecosystem

The NEO decentralized applications platform has been attracting a lot of new startups to the NEO protocol considering the success it recorded with the Ontology initial coin offerings. Recently, the Tron Mainnet announced the use of its platform in as a decentralized entertainment ecosystem. This could have drawn the attention of one of the NEO-based ...

a month ago

Ontology attended World Blockchain Hackathon (...

Ontology attended World Blockchain Hackathon (https://t.co/l8L2XpDoy2) in San Francisco last weekend, where many of... https://t.co/fHLBXEmJWm...

a month ago

@paeir21 You will have to perform it via ONTO, so that means...

@paeir21 You will have to perform it via ONTO, so that means moving your assets there, and then to a MainNet ONT Le... https://t.co/87B4sDMtKC...

a month ago

ONT Token Price: New MOU Sees Two Month High For Ontology Network

A new agreement for the Ontology Network that will hopefully provide an identity-verification solution has been received well by the market. The news has led the ONT token price to break through the $2 barrier; a two month high for its total value. Ontology’s core team said in an official blog post they had signed a The post ONT Token Price: New MOU Sees Two Month High For Ontology Network appeared first on Crypto Briefing....

a month ago

Ontology Price Analysis: ONT Trading In Consolidating Triangle — Will the Bulls Push the Market Back Above $3 Soon?

Ontology has seen a small 4.36% price drop over the past 7 rolling trading days. The Ontology token is... The post Ontology Price Analysis: ONT Trading In Consolidating Triangle — Will the Bulls Push the Market Back Above $3 Soon? appeared first on Invest In Blockchain....

a month ago

OWallet Enables Users to Stake Their Ontology Tokens

The OWallet recently released their most recent update which now includes the “Stake Authorization” feature. Previously, users who wanted to stake their tokens via the operation of a node required at least 100,000 for node operation. This new feature enables users with a smaller number of tokens (at least 500) to contribute their tokens to an existing node for the node to use in its staking procedure. Once the consensus round is complete, the staked coins will be returned to the user along with their share of the ONT reward received. (JF)

a month ago

Ontology Closes MainNet Token Swap and Releases Fallback Plan

The team at Ontology recently concluded their mainnet token swap, with a token swap participation rate at 99.32%, which by all accounts is a highly successful token migration. Nonetheless, the team has left open a few “swap doors” that will allow users who have yet to participate to exchange their old tokens. Users have an extra three months to complete their token swap via the ONTO app, needing to have it completed before December 31st, 2018 (UTC-12). There may also be a time lag of up to a month between when your old tokens are sent, and when the new ones are received. (JF)

a month ago

Bibox Lists Ontology Gas (ONG) Token

The Hong Kong-based cryptocurrency exchange Bibox has announced that as of September 30th, the Ontology Gas (ONG) token is listed on the exchange and available for trading. The trading pairs currently available are ONG/BTC and ONG/ETH. The ONG token is the ‘fuel’ required to conduct transactions on the Ontology blockchain, similar to NEO’s GAS token. A fee of 0.01 ONG is required to transact native assets ONT or ONG on the Ontology MainNet, register an ONT ID, stake ONT tokens, and claim ONG that has been generated by holding ONT. ONG is currently trading at $1.45 (JF)

a month ago

Ontology MainNet token swap is now closed on October 1st, 20...

Ontology MainNet token swap is now closed on October 1st, 2018 (UTC-12). Are you among the few people that did not... https://t.co/NuApNLWXn7...

a month ago

Binance Labs Invest in Contentos, A Decentralized Content Platform

Contentos, an initiative that is building a public blockchain to create decentralized content has announced that Binance Labs has invested in it. The investment will underpin the startups technical development and global community building. Per the announcement, the investment’s financial details have not yet been released. Binance Labs’ investment comes after NEO Blockchain and Ontology Network partnered with Contentos a while back. (KE)

a month ago

@LeeGustin2 @ihl79 Users will be able to authorize stakes to...

@LeeGustin2 @ihl79 Users will be able to authorize stakes to Ontology nodes to gain rewards. Please read through th... https://t.co/PusNHghbRB...

a month ago

Only less than 2 days left to compete the ONT token swap! De...

Only less than 2 days left to compete the ONT token swap! Deadline: September 30th (UTC-12). If you haven't yet, sw... https://t.co/KPTZaZbInm...

a month ago

Blockchain Project Ontology Partners With 4Stop for Identity Authentication Services

Public blockchain project Ontology is collaborating with 4Stop to perform identity authentication services on its distributed trust collaboration platform. 4Stop’s systems will now be used by the platform for completing Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures on its ecosystem. The trust network will be benefited through these verification and authentication exercises. How Will 4Stop Help Ontology? As stated Blockchain Project Ontology Partners With 4Stop for Identity Authentication Services was originally found on [blokt] - Blockchain, Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News....

2 months ago

Ontology Partners with SenseTime to Boost the Identity Verification of its Users

In an official blog post, Ontology has announced that it will be collaborating with SenseTime to boost the identity verification of the public chain of Ontology . SenseTime will ensure Ontology's users are genuine using artificial intelligence like Deep Learning. Ontology's founder, Li Jun has said the merging of blockchain and AI would bring quick and more efficient verification services. (VK)

2 months ago

Ontology [ONT] takes a flight, shoots up by 6.24% within an hour

On 28th September, the price of the top-20 cryptocurrency, Ontology [ONT] shot up by 6.24% within 1 hour. The price of the token was recorded to be $2.05 at the time, with a total market capitalization of $378.5 million and a 24-hour trading volume of $77.8 million. On studying the ONT price change in the ...

2 months ago

Ontology (ONT) Nears Token Swap End as ONG Gains 496%

The token swap to ONT from NEP-5 tokens is scheduled to end on October 1st, and users have been notified to swap their tokens before then. The ONG which pays rewards from the ecosystem of Ontology has surged by 496% on the day to trade at $3.67. The promotional trading which is currently on Hotbitio trading platform could have resulted to this price surge. (KE)

2 months ago

Malta Getting Ready for Its First Blockchain Summit Come October

Ontology moves away from the NEO network, with ONG becoming the fundamental asset for rewards....

2 months ago

Ontology (ONT) Approaches End of Token Swap, ONG Asset Spikes Nearly Five Times

Ontology moves away from the NEO network, with ONG becoming the fundamental asset for rewards....

2 months ago

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