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NEM / USD Technical Analysis: Pushing Forwards

XEM / USD Technical Analysis - NEM is bullish in the short term, but it has to contend with a descending channel on the daily time frame.

4 days ago

Crypto Market Wrap: Bitcoin Dominance Falls to 2019 Low, Has Altcoin Season Begun?

Crypto markets being driven by altcoins; Cardano, NEM and CRO Cranking, Bitcoin dominance diminishing. Market Wrap Crypto markets are still consolidating as we round off another week. Volume has crept up a little and a slow uptrend has formed over the past couple of days as major crypto assets hit resistance levels. Total market capitalization...

5 days ago

Video: NEM Is Down, But Is It Out Of The Race?

Today's Video Briefing covers NEM, an early name in the token economy movement. NEM is having a bad year, but can it still pull off an upset?

5 days ago

Blockfolio Integrates with Slack to Allow the Teams Behind Major Cryptos to Connect with Users

The popular cryptocurrency focused mobile app Blockfolio has announced a new Slack integration for Blockfolio Signal which allows the teams behind the top cryptocurrencies to connect with their communities. There are currently over 350 team leaders actively broadcast on Signal with representation from most of the top 200 projects including Monero, Dash, NEO, NEM, Ethereum Classic, 0x, and Ontology. With this integration, project teams, traders, and enthusiasts can remain informed and the most recent developments through the convenience of a Slack channel. (JF)

7 days ago

What Big Announcement Has Boosted Stellar?

Crypto markets inching slowly higher; Stellar is moving up, Cardano and NEM not far behind. Crypto markets are slowly inching higher over the weekend indicating a big move could be bubbling up. Most of the major coins have not done much but larger swings by one or two has lifted total market cap slightly. It

9 days ago

Crypto Market Wrap: What Big Announcement Has Boosted Stellar?

Crypto markets inching slowly higher; Stellar is moving up, Cardano and NEM not far behind. Market Wrap Crypto markets are slowly inching higher over the weekend indicating a big move could be bubbling up. Most of the major coins have not done much but larger swings by one or two has lifted total market cap slightly. It is currently approaching $135 billion and there is more green than red on the boards this Sunday morning. Bitcoin made it to an intraday high of $3,985 which is the highest it has been for two weeks. BTC has since pulled back to $3,950 but it has remained over $3,900 for the past 24 hours and added one percent on the day. The next move is a break above $4,000 which could come in the next few hours. Ethereum has made a little back to reach $137 again but gains are marginal and ETH has done very little for the past few days. XRP is in the same situation and the gap between the two remains the same as the Ripple tokens trades sideways at $0.312. The top ten is mostly in the green during today’s Asian trading session. One altcoin surging above the rest at the time of writing is Stellar which has made 7% on the day. XLM has reached $0.094 almost equaling its monthly high. Stellar has been one of the weaker altcoins over the past few months getting surpassed by its brethren in terms of market cap. The community is expecting a big announcement at the upcoming Money 20/20 fintech event which could be driving momentum. Bitcoin Cash is the only other altcoin with a decent gain as it makes almost 3%, the rest are a fraction of a percent off yesterday’s prices. There are a couple of movers in the top twenty at the time of writing, namely Cardano and NEM. ADA has added 5% on the day allowing it to flip Bitcoin SV and take eleventh spot and NEM has made 7.5%. The rest are pretty immobile with Maker and Ontology slipping back slightly. FOMO: Cosmo Coin Climbing Today’s big pump is Cosmo Coin which was recently added to the supported cryptos on Samsung’s new Galaxy S10. The Korean cosmetics based token has surged 46% on the day as it enters the top one hundred. The Cosmee service has been enabled on the Galaxy wallet which has generated the pump for COSM; Greetings from Cosmochain, We are notifying that Cosmee service is currently available through the Galaxy Wallet. For more details about the announcement, please visit our Facebook page! — Cosmochain(COSM) (@Cosmochain) March 9, 2019 THETA is also getting a boost today as it gets lifted 28% as the run up to mainnet launch gathers momentum. The only double figure dump is yesterday’s pump, Project PAI dropping 14% on the day. Total market cap 24 hours. Total crypto market capitalization has crept up about a billion bucks to $134 billion where it has remained for the best part of the past 24 hours. Daily volume is still high at $34 billion indicating a further move to the upside could be imminent. Since the same time last weekend crypto markets have recovered 3% while Bitcoin dominance has fallen to 51.6%. Market Wrap is a section that takes a daily look at the top cryptocurrencies during the current trading session and analyses the best-performing ones, looking for trends and possible fundamentals. The post Crypto Market Wrap: What Big Announcement Has Boosted Stellar? appeared first on NewsBTC.

10 days ago

NEM Foundation Reveals Its Project Roadmap After Receiving $8 Million in Funding

The NEM Foundation, a non-profit entity focused on the ongoing development of the NEM (XEM) cryptocurrency platform, had reportedly acquired $8 million in funding in February to help cover its business operations. However, the NEM Foundation is also close to filing bankruptcy due to the prolonged crypto bear market which has seen the prices of most major digital assets drop by over 80%. Last...

10 days ago

In the Daily: Bitcoin Begging, NEM Foundation Fights to Survive, Huobi Prime

In the first weekend edition of The Daily, we examine the biting effects of crypto winter, which might have frozen out ETH scambots, but hasn’t prevented the penurious from panhandling for crypto by more direct means. We also look at the latest restructuring of the NEM Foundation, which has faced the full force of the crypto cooldown. Finally, we preview Huobi’s new Binance Launchpad competitor - Prime. Also read: Onecoin Leaders Indicted in the U.S. for Operating ‘Fraudulent Pyramid Scheme’ NEM Foundation Rolls Out Plan B to Stay Afloat The NEM Foundation, which oversees development and community initiatives involving the NEM (XEM) cryptocurrency, has released a new financial plan. The organization, which recently laid off the majority of its staff, is seeking to source developers from the community to contribute to the NEM mobile wallet app. On Feb 20, 210 million NEM tokens were unlocked by the foundation, with 25 million of these earmarked “to set up processes and structures for a new product-focused, revenue-driven approach for NEM Foundation.” Excessive spending, coupled with mismanagement of funds and of human resources, left the foundation teetering on the brink when the crypto market went south. The NEM cryptocurrency, which was periodically disbursed to fund the organization’s efforts, is down 98 percent from its all-time high and would have to multiply 49x to reach its previous pinnacle. Even before the organization ran into difficulties, few within the cryptocurrency community grasped the blockchain project’s purpose, and what its foundation was doing to foster an ecosystem that would attract developers and users. Bitcoin Beggars Bother Bigshots Among the many perils of being a successful crypto trader is the constant begging requests from strangers seeking a little BTC to ease their worries. The severity of the problem was illustrated on March 8 when well-known trader Crypto Cobain shared some of the DMs he receives on a regular basis, including some individuals who spam him incessantly with fund requests. “Well, I won’t post all of them because it would take a week,” he tweeted. “But here’s an idea. Now imagine this from 10 people per day. Closing my DMs again, ain’t about this life.” Cobain then added playfully: “Hey Cob. I wrote to you but you still ain’t calling. I left my BTC, ETH and XRP address at the bottom,” prompting crypto Twitter to break into an impromptu version of “Stan.” Huobi Prime vs Binance Launchpad Cryptocurrency exchange Huobi is believed to be preparing a token launchpad that will directly compete with Binance’s offering. “We’ve got something amazing on the way called Huobi Prime. Stay tuned for more details,” wrote Houbi head of marketing, Ross Zhang. It is anticipated that Prime will enable new projects to sell their tokens directly to Huobi users, before they are listed on the exchange a few days later. Binance Launchpad has proven extremely successful in this regard, with token sales several times oversubscribed, followed by significant market demand for the newly listed assets. What are your thoughts on the stories in today’s news roundup? Let us know in the comments section below. Images courtesy of Shutterstock. Need to calculate your bitcoin holdings? Check our tools section. The post In the Daily: Bitcoin Begging, NEM Foundation Fights to Survive, Huobi Prime appeared first on Bitcoin News.

10 days ago

Veja como funciona um smart contract

Muitos advogados têm se familiarizado com uma novidade tecnológica chamada Contratos Inteligentes, do inglês Smart Contracts. Até porque os smart contracts trazem em si a lógica do contrato que o aplicativo executa dentro da blockchain. Neste artigo vamos explorar o que está por trás do contrato inteligente. O objetivo é servir de ponto de partida para aqueles que querem trabalhar nessa área particular da tecnologia blockchain. Smart Contract Os Contratos Inteligentes, ou smart contracts são rotinas lógicas criadas com as linguagens de programação mais acessíveis e simples, e projetados para executar, verificar e validar digitalmente um acordo. O mais interessante é que o smart contract vai executar uma transação entre pessoas que não se conhecem, e sem a necessidade de nenhum intermediário. “Os contratos inteligentes não precisam de nenhuma autoridade verificadora, pois executam de forma autônoma as estipulações determinadas.” Na verdade, um contrato inteligente é um pequeno programa de computador, um protocolo feito de linhas de códigos. Esse programa gera um conjunto de registros imutáveis, mas acessíveis a todo m undo, mostrando cada estágio do contrato em execução. O ganho de eficiência do smart contract para o mundo dos negócios está no fato de ser auto-executável: um “contrato” que não precisa ser controlado por um terceiro, nem disciplinado por um juiz. Mas para ter uma boa visão de como funciona um contrato inteligente, vejamos como acontece uma compra e venda num aplicativo blockchain. Início do contrato Uma vez que a compradora, no caso Márcia expressa interesse no relógio, Alex o vendedor compromete duas vezes o valor do item à venda transferindo BTC $ 2 para o contrato. Ao fazer isso, a transação fica pendente e nenhum outro comprador poderá fazer uma oferta maior. A menos que um novo interessado ofereça mais de três vezes o preço inicial, o vendedor não tem incentivo para sair do contrato. Caso o vendedor queira desistir, o cancelamento resultaria na perda do valor comprometido. Lembre-se, este é um cenário de compra, não um leilão. Confirmando a Compra Para confirmar a compra, Márcia também compromete 2 vezes o valor do item em questão. Tendo o dobro do valor do produto em risco, o comprador tem um incentivo para confirmar a entrega que acontecerá mais tarde. Por quê? Porque, após a confirmação de recebimento, o comprador recebe de volta o saldo restante. Tendo o comprador o valor exato do negócio, não haveria perda no caso de receber o item e reivindicar não ter recebido. Portanto, o saldo remanescente funciona como incentivo para o comprador enviar a confirmação assim que receber o produto. E o saldo bloqueado funciona como uma pré-aprovação do cartão de crédito. Realizando o negócio Depois que ambas as partes estiverem comprometidas no negócio, o vendedor agora tem um incentivo para entregar o item. Isso porque sabe que irá receber o valor da venda assim que a entrega for efetivada. Por outro lado, perderá o dobro do valor do item se não cumprir a sua parte. A falha na entrega do item resulta numa penalidade para o vendedor e uma recompensa para o comprador. Uma vez confirmada a entrega, o vendedor recebe o preço e o montante comprometido. O comprador também recebe de volta o saldo restante. Cada passo deste contrato inteligente acontece através de notificações no celular ou email, tudo com prazo certo para o cumprimento. E cada ação de ambas as partes fica registrado numa sequência de registros chamada blockchain. Saindo Na Frente O mais interessante de tudo isto é que advogados e contadores são considerados os profissionais mais aptos para criar a lógica dos smart contracts. A experiência e a familiaridade com assuntos relacionados ao direito contratual e à contabilidade acabam sendo uma vantagem inicial nesse novo nicho de mercado dentro da indústria da blockchain. Isso mesmo, “vantagem inicial” pois todo dia milhares de programadores vêm trabalhando para entender detalhes do direito e das finanças para criar novos aplicativos blockchain. Portanto, pra quem tiver interesse vale a pena explorar o assunto. Mais do que nunca, uma das previsões do inventor e gênio Bill Gates está correta: “Se o seu negócio não está na internet, então o seu negócio não estará no mercado.” Bill Gates Por Pascual Ariel Arrechea Para saber mais sobre blockchain, criptomoedas e tecnologia, me acompanhe no Quora ou visite Saiba mais em Veja como funciona um smart contract

10 days ago

NEM [XEM] Token on Peak After NEM Foundation Shared Three Major Updates

Announced on March 08, 2019, NEM Foundation is all set to restructure its financial as well as the organizational structure. The release is a result of obtaining $8 million received by NEM foundation in an earlier month from its reserve wherein in a similar time frame, it was looking to lay off its staff. Setting New Structure NEM on its official website shared three major aspects; first being funding received, second on the company’s launch of the new blockchain engine and third, being transforming the task force. The announcement reads that; We have three updates for you including: Funding News on the NEM Foundation Catapult efforts Set up of the transformation team To remind, NEM reportedly planned to fire its staff to stay afloat a market and avoid bankruptcy - however it was further added that the firm obtained $8 million on Feb 20 which had eventually a result of releasing 210 million of is XEM tokens from the reserves. The decision of releasing tokens from the reserve was made after the approval from NEM Community’s key member. Subsequent to the recent report, NEM Foundation is on way to utilize the first set of 25 million XEM tokens to restructure the firm, focused on the new product, a revenue-driven approach for NEM foundation. Speaking about the matter, Alexandra Tinsman, president at NEM foundation says “I think this is a vote of confidence that the industry is moving forward and that we’re ready to pivot to a very new way of working...It’s in the best interest of companies to be fiscally responsible with their platform, their products, and their teams. We need to be product-focused and that’s what we’ve done. This is a sign of good things to come.” Consequent to the release, the foundation is obtaining the amount in installment -and its very first installment of 25 million XEM token was initiated on March 07. NEM is on way to launch its Catapult blockchain engine which is reportedly intended to power up both private and public networks. Beyond Catapult blockchain engine, NEM foundation is also setting up its transformation task force that is tasked to focus on new rules or NEM’s key priorities. NEM Surging Looking closer to the coinmarketcap, NEM’s XEM token is quickly picking up the new move, turning with a green graph of 2.86 percent during the past 24 hours. Accordingly, the coin was running in the red market zone since past few days, following up recent the announcement, XEM token (A native token of NEM) stands on the 19th position with an average market cap of $389,167,800. So readers, what’s your stake on XEM token reaching the peak? Share your opinion. The post NEM [XEM] Token on Peak After NEM Foundation Shared Three Major Updates appeared first on Coingape.

10 days ago

XEM, the token of @NEMOfficial, is the latest token to join ...

XEM, the token of @NEMOfficial, is the latest token to join the growing list of #digitalassets on the regulated and…

11 days ago

NEM Foundation Unveils Restructuring Plan

The NEM Foundation has released its plan for financial and organizational restructuring following the recent revelation that the organization was running low on XEM tokens that it uses to fund its operations. The foundation released 210 XEM tokens ($8.7 million) from reserves on February 20th, of which the first 25 million ($1.04 million) of which will be used “to set up processes and structures for a new product-focused, revenue-driven approach for NEM Foundation.” The remaining tokens will be used to fund the Foundation through Feb. 2020. (JF)

11 days ago

NEM Foundation Charts Path Forward After $8 Million Rescue, Major Cutbacks

The NEM Foundation is mapping out its survival plans in real time after a funding injection of roughly $8 million last month.

11 days ago

França estuda proibir três criptomoedas em todo seu território

Vários países buscaram criar regulações para as criptomoedas em 2018. Alguns ainda estudam como será que o mercado criptográfico funcionará com uma lei própria, como é o caso da França, por exemplo. O Comitê de Finanças do país decidiu banir três criptomoedas antes que qualquer regulação seja aprovada. Sendo assim, alguns ativos digitais poderão encontrar sérios problemas para adentrar ao mercado francês de criptoativos. Uma regulação a nível mundial também deverá mapear como o mercado de criptomoedas se desenvolverá após uma legislação aprovada. Nesse caso, uma iniciativa poderia acontecer através do G-20, por exemplo. O grupo já apresentou discussões e um desejo por aprovar uma regulação para as criptomoedas a nível global. Porém, essa aprovação ainda não aconteceu e países buscam criar sua própria lei envolvendo o comércio de criptomoedas. Monero, Dash e ZCash podem ser proibidos na França No caso da França, o país declarou em recente relatório publicado que possui intenção de vetar alguns ativos digitais. Essa iniciativa deverá servir como base para a criação de uma lei futura no país para o mercado de ativos digitais. Prezando a transparência das transações envolvendo ativos digitais, a França acredita que criptomoedas com transações anônimas devem ser proibidas no país. Sendo assim, essa alegação recai diretamente sobre o ZCash (ZEC), o Dash (DASH) e o Monero (MRX). País alega que algumas criptomoedas oferecem riscos Essas três criptomoedas envolvem transações anônimas e essa modalidade parece não agradar ao Comitê de Finanças da Assembleia Nacional da França. No relatório publicado pela organização política, o ZCash, o Dash e o Monero podem contribuir com práticas criminosas. Nem todas criptomoedas possuem transparência em relação aos seus dados referentes as transações. Nesses casos, o anonimato dos usuários é mantido e não pode ser revelado. Para alguns, esse poderia ser um facilitador de crimes envolvendo a evasão de divisas fiscais e corrupção. Por outro lado, a tecnologia blockchain recebe o merecido destaque no relatório francês. Em relação as três criptomoedas que devem ser proibidas na França, o comitê não fez distinção de plataformas que operam parcialmente ou em completo anonimato. Para o presidente do comitê, seria apropriado que essas criptomoedas fossem proibidas no país. Saiba mais em França estuda proibir três criptomoedas em todo seu território

11 days ago

UN Panel: North Korea Hacked $571M From Asian Crypto Exchanges

The U.N. Security Council has heard that North Korea uses cyberattacks and blockchain technology to evade economic sanctions and obtain foreign currency. Through hacking, the reclusive Republic has raked in around $670 million in foreign exchange and cryptocurrency, a panel of experts told the Security Council’s North Korea sanctions committee, ahead of the council’s annual report. Also read: Social investment Platform Etoro Launches in 30 US States Crypto Exchanges and Financial Institutions Hacked Pyongyang is reeling from a slew of economic sanctions imposed by the U.N. at the request of the United States over its nuclear and missile programs. The embargo has crippled North Korea’s coal exports, a major foreign exchange earner. According to the Nikkei Asian Review, which claims to have obtained the panel’s report, the North cyberattacked overseas financial companies from 2015 to 2018, and used blockchain technology to cover its tracks. Between January 2017 and September 2018, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea successfully hacked cryptocurrency exchanges in Asia at least five times, with losses totaling $571 million, the panel estimated. The attacks are understood to have been carried out by a specialized military unit and are now a crucial part of North Korean government policy, the article detailed. The panel did not name the affected trading platforms but Japanese exchange Coincheck reported in January 2018 the theft of $530 million worth of the NEM cryptocurrency during an attack. Another cyberattack in September last year on Zaif, a crypto exchange operating out of Japan, left a financial hole of $60 million. In South Korea, more than 10 million users of e-commerce platform Interpark had their personal information stolen in cyberattacks. Hackers demanded a ransom of $2.7 million in exchange for returning the stolen data. The South Korean government believes the attacks were carried out by the North and the U.N. expert panel is convinced they were meant to obtain foreign currency. Evading Economic Sanctions In its report, which is due to be submitted formally within days, the U.N. panel explained: [Cryptocurrencies] provide the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea with more ways to evade sanctions, given that they are harder to trace, can be laundered many times and are independent from government regulation. The experts pointed out that the North Korean government created a pool of illicit funds from hacking since 2016. It recommended that state parties “enhance their ability to facilitate robust information exchange on the cyberattacks by North Korea with other governments and with their own financial institutions,” to detect and prevent the North from circumventing the sanctions. North Korea also stands accused of using the anonymity of virtual currencies to get around economic sanctions, the Nikkei Asian Review reported. For example, Marine Chain, a Hong Kong-based company, which buys and sells ships using blockchain, is believed to have supplied North Korea with cryptocurrency until it was eventually shut down in September 2018. What are your thoughts on North Korean cyberattacks on cryptocurrency exchanges? Let us know in the comments section below. Images courtesy of Shutterstock and Nikkei Asian Review. Express yourself freely at’s user forums. We don’t censor on political grounds. Check The post UN Panel: North Korea Hacked $571M From Asian Crypto Exchanges appeared first on Bitcoin News.

11 days ago

Análise do TradingView: Bitcoin, Litecoin e RVN

Confira como os analistas do TradingView estão tratando os úlimos movimentos das criptomoedas! Ravencoin / Bitcoin RVN é uma criptomoeda movida no momento por uma manada ensandecida. Cuidado! RSI bateu quase 93 pontos há poucos dias atrás e testa topo anterior do ativo em outubro do ano passado. Preço poderá voltar à casa dos 405 satoshis, assim como aconteceu há meses atrás com a Verge (XVG). Bitcoin / Dólar Americano Podemos considerar um canal de leve alta verde no gráfico bitcoin de quatro horas desde Dezembro. Devido a alta de ontem, tivemos um novo teste do eixo do canal (pontilhado verde) e a formação de sombras superiores nessa região, vem demonstrando sua importância. Caso o mercado confirme a rejeição, próximos suportes em: - 3700 referente a retração de 0,618 e pico de perfil de volume - 3500 importante por ser o fundo do canal verde, última retração de fibo (0,786) e grande pico de perfil de volume Rompendo o eixo do canal temos como próximas resistências: - 4000 como forte resistência psicológica, - 4150 mas aparentemente não muito importante - 4300 como alvo final referente ao topo do canal verde e fundo do canal vermelho de 2018. Enquanto nos mantermos dentro do canal de alta, podemos manter sua operação em trades rápidos, mas a tendência lateral no gráfico diário e a tendência de baixa no semanal pode dificultar bastante as operações, portanto muito cuidado! O grafico Bitcoin 1d mostra o forte suporte criado na MA 100, dando um apoio essencial aos Touros para a reversão de queda no curto prazo, além disso, a MA 5 efetuou um cruzamento de alta sobre a MA 10 e uma possível nova tentativa de alta, acima de US$4.190 (máxima de 01/2019) pode estar no jogo e esse viés otimista só perderá força, caso o BTC venha a retestar e encontrar aceitação abaixo de US$3.640 (mínima de 27/02/2019). Litecoin / Dólar Americano Hoje analise do Litecoin moedinha que vem fazendo um ótimo movimento altista, com volatilidade pelo ATR e dando bons lucros a quem pegou os swings nos tempos mais baixos. Chegamos na resistência, o ponto mais importante no momento onde espero retração. O preço indica breve queda e por isso tracei uma pequena LTA , boa nos 240m, para nortear a retração de curto prazo. No caso de rompimento dela, teremos um movimento maior de correção buscando no máximo os 41,32 no suporte. No caso de uma nova pressão compradora levando a romper a atual resistência, penso que o preço não deve avançar muito além da proxima resistência dos topos em 63,27. Sigo assistindo buscando oportunidade de compra no suporte da LTA nos meados de 49 e no suporte do canal em 41. Possível triângulo ascendente no BTCUSD pode levar a $5,500 pelo menos. Segurou duas vezes no meio do canal de baixa e pode estar mostrando força dos comprados. Disclaimer: Análises aqui são apenas estudos. Não são recomendações de investimento, nem de compra nem de venda. Tampouco refletem a opinião do veículo de mídia no qual estão sendo vinculadas. São estudos direcionados a pessoas com conhecimento e experiência no mercado. Se você não tem experiência, não opere. E se tiver experiência, não opere também. Nossos Autores: Escola do Bitcoin - Focado no educacional, analisa o mercado de Criptomoedas, Site. Confira suas análises no TradingView. Thales Inada - É o Bonsai Trades, analista focado em Criptomoedas. Acompanhe suas análises no TradingView. Coinder Trade - É DayTrader de criptomoedas. Acompanhe suas análises no TradingView. Gabriel Fauth - Especulador de mercados internacionais, Chefe de Operações na X Invest. Litecoin / USD Alexandre Rocha - Analista focado em Criptomoedas. Acompanhe suas análises no TradingView. Saiba mais em Análise do TradingView: Bitcoin, Litecoin e RVN

11 days ago

Cofundador da Apple disse que Bitcoin será uma reserva de valor mundial

O cofundador da Apple, Steve Wozniak, participou no último dia 26 de fevereiro de um evento da Bloomberg, do qual entra vários temas reforçou sua crença no Bitcoin. Na última semana Wozniak pôde falar com Yousef Gamal El-Din da Bloomberg sobre tecnologia em geral (vídeo abaixo), desde assuntos relacionados a Inteligência Artificial até o Bitcoin. Em determinado momento, Wozniak foi questionado se ainda acreditava no Bitcoin após a incrível destruição de valor que a moeda havia tido. Porém, o cofundador da Apple disse ao apresentador Yousef que não acreditava que o Bitcoin havia perdido valor, mas na verdade havia criado muito valor. O período bear também foi explicado por Wozniak, com o principal causador do episódio sendo a psicologia do mercado cripto, em que os traders ficaram com medo das contínuas quedas de valorização e foram saindo de suas posições compradas, um movimento que abalou os preços nas exchanges. Steve Wozniak não possui mais Bitcoins Wozniak deixou claro que atualmente não possui mais nenhum Bitcoin, muito devido ao aumento elevado nos preços em 2017 em que ele não gostou de acompanhar o cenário. “assim que os preços subiram eu pensei, eu não quero ser uma dessas pessoas, eu nunca usei nem o aplicativo de ações da apple” O cofundador da Apple disse ainda que ele nunca comprou o Bitcoin para ficar olhando gráficos ou se preocupar em ver uma incrível valorização, mas que ele comprou a criptomoeda pensando em gastá-la pelo mundo, em um restaurante, em uma viagem, algo do tipo. Apesar disso, ele ainda acredita que o Bitcoin será a reserva de valor mundial como dinheiro. Steve disse ainda que os especuladores da moeda tinham muita esperança em ver os preços subindo cada vez mais, mas ele não tratava a tecnologia dessa forma. A empresa fundada por Wozniak é uma das maiores do mundo atualmente. A Apple é inclusive uma empresa que está para lançar um produto em blockchain. Apesar de ter vendido seus Bitcoin, Steve Wozniak afirmou que ainda faz experimentos com a moeda. Saiba mais em Cofundador da Apple disse que Bitcoin será uma reserva de valor mundial

12 days ago

NEM Ventures Chooses 'Vimba' Crypto Savings Platform as Its First Investment

NEM Ventures, the venture capital and investment arm of the NEM blockchain ecosystem, has chosen the New Zealand based crypto savings platform Vimba as its first portfolio investment. The new capital will help Vimba to expand to several new regions including Australia, Ireland, The Netherlands, and Germany. Vimba focuses on retail investors and seeks to provide them with the ability to engage with crypto assets at regular intervals similar to some products that exist within the traditional financial market. The investment also provides an additional onramp to fiat for the NEM community. (JF)

12 days ago

NEM's Venture Capital Arm Invests $500,000 in Cryptocurrency Savings Platform

First introduced in March 2015, NEM (XEM), a leading blockchain-based platform, has experienced its share of challenges in recent months. In late January 2019, the NEM Foundation, one of the primary organizations supporting the ongoing development of NEM, revealed it was getting close to filing for bankruptcy. Mainly due to the prolonged crypto bear market, NEM and other digital asset platforms have had to cut costs by laying off staff members and downsizing their operations. After publicly announcing a couple months back that it was seeking funding from its community members in order to cover operational costs, NEM Foundation’s VC division, NEM Ventures, has invested $500,000 in Vimba, a New Zealand-based commercial platform previously known as MyCryptoSaver.

12 days ago

NEM (XEM) Venture Capital Arm Makes First Portfolio Investment

Vimba, a New Zealand-based platform that allows users to buy, sell or save bitcoin (BTC) and ether (ETH) right from their bank accounts, has become the first ever portfolio investment of NEM Ventures, the venture capital and investment arm of the NEM distributed ledger technology (DLT) project, according to an official blog post on MarchRead MoreRead More. The post by Ogwu Osaemezu Emmanuel appeared first on BTCManager, Bitcoin, Blockchain & Cryptocurrency News

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Ontology (ONT) Jumps In Top 20, Could Dethrone NEM (XEM) Next

Ontology price gained traction recently and broke the $0.9000 and $0.9500 resistances against the US Dollar. There was a break above a key bearish trend line with resistance at $0.8900 on the 4-hours chart of the ONT/USD pair (data feed from Binance). ONT price spiked above the $1.0000 resistance before correcting a few points There could be a minor downside correction before the price rallies further above $1.0000. Ontology (ONT) surpassed Zcash to move to the 10th spot in the market cap. Its price could continue higher and there are even chances of ONT surpassing the market cap of NEM (XEM). Ontology (ONT) Price Analysis In the past two days, there were decent gains in bitcoin, Ethereum, ripple, litecoin and EOS against the US Dollar. Similarly, a few small cap altcoins gained traction, including ONT. After declining as low as $0.7882, there was a solid upward move. The price moved above the $0.8500 resistance level to started a decent recovery. Buyers pushed the price above the 23.6% Fib retracement level of the last decline from the $1.2230 high to $0.7882 low. There was even a close above the $0.9000 resistance and the 55 simple moving average (4-hours). Moreover, there was a break above a key bearish trend line with resistance at $0.8900 on the 4-hours chart of the ONT/USD pair. The pair extended gains above $0.9500 and spiked above the $1.0000 resistance area. However, further gains were contained by the $1.0055 level. The 50% Fib retracement level of the last decline from the $1.2230 high to $0.7882 low also acted as a resistance. The price is currently correcting lower, but there are many supports near the $0.9200 and $0.9000 levels. The main support is near the $0.9000 level and the 55 simple moving average (4-hours). Below $0.9000, the price could find bids near the $0.8500 level. There is also a connecting bullish trendline in place with support at $0.8300 on the same chart. On the upside, a close above the $1.0000 level could push the price further higher. The next stop could be near the $1.1200 level. Looking at the chart, ONT price is clearly gaining pace above the $0.9200 level. Once buyers gain momentum above $1.0000, there could be further gains. On the other hand, a downside correction may find support near the $0.9000 and $0.8500 levels. The overall price action suggests more gains above the $1.1000 level in the near term. Technical indicators 4 hours MACD - The MACD for ONT/USD moved nicely into the bullish zone, with a positive bias. 4 hours RSI (Relative Strength Index) - The RSI tested the 70 level and it is currently correcting lower. Major Support Levels - $0.9000 and $0.8500. Major Resistance Levels - $1.0000 and $1.1200. The post Ontology (ONT) Jumps In Top 20, Could Dethrone NEM (XEM) Next appeared first on Live Bitcoin News.

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NEM Ventures Unveils New Investment In Vimba

NEM Ventures, the venture capital branch of the NEM cryptocurrency project, has announced its first portfolio investment in New Zealand based “crypto banking” startup Vimba. NEM Ventures plans to inject $500,000 USD into the Vimba project to help expand its current operations. The Vimba project intends to disrupt the current banking model by providing a streamlined, trustworthy digital finance ecosystem. With the help of this new investment, among the services Vimba customers can expect to see are: Interest on savings Collateralized debt Loans Stable coins Regular monthly savings to allow customers to automatically save fiat from a bank account and have the proceeds delivered in crypto to their wallet. Instant Buy & Instant Sell to enable customers to purchase crypto via bank transfer of FIAT into crypto. The entire project’s focus is on creating as many secure on/off ramps into the cryptocurrency space as possible, or in Vimba CEO Sam Blackmore’s words “providing a safe and trusted gateway to the new economy”. NEM’s own token XEM will also benefit from this investment in terms of liquidity, as 10% of NEM Venture’s $500K investment will remain in XEM token, further expanding the NEM ecosystem. The press release on NEM’s website forecasts the ultimate goal of this partnership, the digitization of the traditional banking system. The statement reads: “These two services are the beginning of a larger vision to build a crypto-first banking model which is able to offer all the services you expect from a FIAT bank, in the crypto world.” A personal finance model based on cryptocurrency is becoming increasingly viable in the shifting economy, and investment partnerships like the NEM Vimba collaboration are bringing such a reality to fruition. The author is invested in digital assets, but none mentioned in this article. Join the conversation on Telegram and Twitter! The post NEM Ventures Unveils New Investment In Vimba appeared first on Crypto Briefing.

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NEM (XEM) Announces Its First Venture Capital Investment

NEM (XEM), a cryptocurrency project building a network designed for better-performing smart assets, has announced that its first venture investment will be in Vimba, a New Zealand-based platform formerly known as MyCryptoSaver that allows users to automatically take money from their bank account and have it converted into crypto for regular monthly savings. NEM Ventures unveils

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Daily Cryptocurrency Analysis and Forecast: NEM, WAVES, and QTUM

Summary After going through a bearish rally yesterday, the various markets have been slowly making attempts at price reversal. Support points have been bettered on one hand while various resistance zones were tested and breached severally. In the markets, investor sentiments shrugged off the downtrend rally yesterday and the RSIs are looking up. If the Bulls can up their momentum, a Bullish trend seems set. Most short term EMAs are headed up while the long term EMAs are headed down in a contracting triangular pattern. This indicates a Bullish trend in the next few days. NEM/USD The NEM/USD pair is up by 3.27% in the last 24 hours. This is after is started off selling at $0.426 against the $0.4313. It beat off a strong bearish rally that had engulfed the markets yesterday to register a bullish outlook. Support has gone up with the increase in the pair’s price which has had a positive effect on investor sentiments. This is as seen in the RSI (A) which has come from the ‘oversold’ area. Forecast The 30 day EMA (B) is headed south while the 9 day EMA is steady. The two seem set to cross over each other in a few days if the Bulls can up their momentum. WAVES/USD The WAVES/USD pair has posted a bullish outlook over the last 24 hours. It has however lost by 0.5% in price. This is after it came from $2.69 to the current rate of $2.66 as at March 5, 0249h. Despite the negligible drop in price, investor sentiments have greatly improved. As seen in the RSI (A), investors are increasingly becoming upbeat about the pair’s performance in the coming days. Forecast The 9 day Moving Average (B) is moving upward towards the 30 day EMA (C) in a contracting triangular pattern. This indicates a Bullish outlook. QTUM/USD The QTUM/USD pair has posted a Bullish outlook despite taking a sharp dip yesterday. The coin began the day selling at $2.031 and has undergone an upward rally to trade at $2.09. This represents a 5.10% increase which is considerable. The markets have picked from the upward momentum with the RSI (A) headed up. This means investors are increasingly opting to hold onto their coins in anticipation for better prices. Forecast Both the 9 day EMA (B) and the 30 day EMA (C) which marks a bearish outlook in the short term. If the Bulls can up their momentum however, we may experience better prices. The post Daily Cryptocurrency Analysis and Forecast: NEM, WAVES, and QTUM appeared first on ZyCrypto.

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Blockchain Life 2019

CoinSpeaker Blockchain Life 2019 On April 23-24 in Singapore, the global forum Blockchain Life 2019 welcomes 5000+ attendees and top companies at its 3d edition. The global forum 2019 highlights four significant topics: Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, StartUps and Mining. More than 5000 people including industry top speakers, funds and investors, blockchain startups and world companies, crypto traders, developers and miners - all are going to join Blockchain Life 2019 to discuss the latest trends and ways of earning money in the crypto market. Find out more information and get tickets: Among the participating companies: Listing.Help, CoinMarketCap, KuCoin, Cointelegraph, BitForex, Neo, Nem, BitBlock Capital, IvoryBay Capital, Gravitas Holding, InfiniVision, Jets Capital and other famous enterprises from all over the world. The list of speakers is constantly growing, check it here on the site. The previous Blockchain Life forum in November 2018 attracted over 4500 guests and became one of the largest world events in the industry. In 2019 the famous hotel Marina Bay Sands welcomes 5000 participants from 70 countries around the globe in Singapore. Join world blockchain and cryptocommunity now. The global forum is organized by the world listing agency - Listing.Help. The general partner of Blockchain Life 2019 is ELVN - a new, convenient and safe cryptomessenger, that pays its users for activity. Blockchain Life 2019

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BBOD Review: The ‘Next-Generation’ High-Speed Cryptocurrency Futures Trading Platform

Blockchain Board of Derivatives (BBOD) is a hybrid and semi-decentralized trading platform for cryptocurrency futures. Announced on Dec. 8, 2018, the exchange allows stablecoin deposits and does not control or store clients’ crypto holdings. After several months of hard work, the BBOD trading platform testnet is now live with the mainnet expected to go live soon. BBOD Key Features BBOD is a cryptocurrency futures trading platform that has stablecoin deposits, non-custodial accounts, margin available, and more. We take at some of these key benefits in more detail below. Bitcoin and Altcoin Trading With up to 50x Leverage The trading platform allows users to buy and sell futures contracts on 16 digital assets. That includes Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, EOS, Binance, Litecoin, Stellar, Cardano, IOTA, Monero, NEM, ICON, Elastos, Decred, Digibyte, and TUSD. All trading contracts are denoted against the stablecoin TrueUSD (TUSD). Many traders will find this advantageous over the other crypto futures trading platforms that all currently use Bitcoin as the settlement currency. In total, BBOD gives traders access to more than 100 different cryptocurrency contracts and the opportunity to profit from both rising and declining prices. Screenshot of the BBOD crypto futures trading platform Stablecoin Deposits The stablecoin TUSD is used to denominate all the profits, losses, and account balances. This stabilizes profits and removes the substantial exchange rate risk that arises from using highly volatile cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. Non-custodial Accounts This is a very important feature because it focuses on security and traders’ peace of mind. BBOD will not store users crypto holdings on the platform, but will instead create users their own personal smart contract wallet stored on the Ethereum blockchain network. This means that users store and manage their own private keys. The safety of cryptocurrency exchanges has been in the spotlight recently due to exchange scandals involving private keys and user funds. The industry is moving into an era where users need to have more control of their own crypto holdings instead of surrendering it to exchanges that are constantly targeted by hackers with nefarious intentions. Source: No KYC The platform supports anonymous trading as there is no Know-Your-Customer (KYC) procedure required. Users just need to sign on the platform using their email addresses and immediately start trading. High-performance Matching Engine The exchange has a high-performance engine that can perform up to 1.25 million messages per second. The engine is known for its low latency and high capacity. Trades are executed immediately on an off-chain ledger so users do not have to wait for the blockchain to confirm transactions. Blockchain Settlement The exchange supports on-chain settlements. The smart contract account balances of the users are updated once a day on the blockchain. The conditions for the update are programmed into the smart contract. The on-chain settlements have some of the traditional advantages of a blockchain: Transparency - messages are publicly broadcasted so that everyone can see them Unchangeable - the data cannot be altered once it has been entered Fully autonomous Secure - the update process uses mathematical properties of settlement vectors to keep hackers out Transactions on the blockchain are known for being slow and second-layer solutions are being developed to minimize the waiting time. Trading on BBOD is confirmed on the exchange’s servers and sent to the blockchain for settlement only once a day. As a result, there is no need to wait for the blockchain to confirm the trades on the platform. BBD Token The native token on the BBOD ecosystem is the BBD token. It is an ERC20 token issued on Ethereum, a pioneer in blockchain smart contracts. BBD is a utility token with several core utility functions including: All trading fees on the BBOD exchange can be paid in BBD Discounts for trading fees Participate in BBD giveaways under the BBOD lottery system Take part in trading competitions Pay for trading strategy courses Buy or rent algorithmic trading bots The total supply for BBD tokens is 117,382,569 and the maximum supply is 275,803,582. The BBOD team says that the total token supply is less than the maximum supply because of a token migration carried out in 2018. According to BBOD: “BBD token-holders migrated the tokens from the old contract address to the current contact address. As a result, BBD token-holders received additional BBD tokens. The split ratio was 100-for-1.” The exchange plans to organize BBOD Lottery events on weekly basis. This exposes the platform users to attractive rewards. The distribution of the BBOD token is very concentrated with the top 5 holders accounting for 70.34 percent of the token supply. Registering and Trading on BBOD Exchange The registration is smooth as it does not involve KYC procedures. Users only need to have

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NEM blockchain venture arm invests in crypto savings platform Vimba

CryptoNinjas NEM, the private smart asset blockchain ecosystem, announced today that its venture capital and investment arm, NEM Ventures, has made its first portfolio investment in Vimba, a New Zealand hatched crypto savings platform. Following a successful launch... NEM blockchain venture arm invests in crypto savings platform Vimba

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Crypto Market Wrap: Binance Coin Surges 10% to Seven Month High

Crypto markets have found a new level; Binance Coin pumping hard, EOS and Maker still sliding. Market Wrap Monday’s crypto market dump has found a new level and the selloff has abated over the past 24 hours. This has prevented another huge rout though further losses cannot be ruled out. Total market capitalization has stabilized above $125 billion for the time being. After dumping $100 yesterday Bitcoin has found a new channel around $3,760 where it has traded for the past day. Daily volume is back up to nearly $9 billion for BTC but it appears to be all bearish at the moment. As predicted Bitcoin fell after failing to break strong resistance at $3,900, all indicators suggest that further losses are imminent. Ethereum has leveled out at around $127, dropping a further percent or so on the day. All of February’s gains are getting wiped out as ETH continues to weaken and follow in the shadow of Bitcoin. XRP has not fallen in the same magnitude which has reduced the gap between second and third places to just $800 million. The Ripple token is currently trading at $0.305. Binance Coin price 24 hours. Only one altcoin is surging in the top ten during today’s Asian trading session and it is developing a pattern of its own. Binance Coin appears to be behaving like a stablecoin; it pumps when markets dump. BNB is currently up 10.5% as it hits an 8 month high of $12.50. Binance boss CZ appears to have taken over from Justin Sun for volume of twitter posts in any given day; Progress, slowly but surely. — CZ Binance (@cz_binance) March 4, 2019 Either way his exchange backed token is flying at the moment as it surges past Stellar and Tron to take eighth spot by market cap which is currently $1.7 billion. Changpeng Zhao’s current AMA and recent DEX announcements are driving momentum for BNB. Tron is the only other altcoin in the green in the top ten as it made almost 3% over the past 24 hours. Looking further down at the top twenty Bitcoin SV is having a rare bounce as it adds 4% on the day taking its price to $66.50. The rest are still in the red with Maker shedding the most at 5%. Monero, NEM and Zcash are all still weak with further losses of 3% today. FOMO: MOAC on The Move Today’s fomo induced pump is MOAC which is up 14% at the time of writing. There does not seem to be much driving momentum for this multi-level blockchain scaling platform so it could well be tomorrow’s dump. Also getting a boost at the moment is Loom Network with a 12% pump. Following a couple of days of fomo, Ravencoin is cooling off today as it becomes the top one hundreds biggest loser dumping 13% on the day. Revain and Bitcoin Gold are not far behind as they both shed 12% making up the only three to drop double digits at the moment. Total crypto market capitalization has found a temporary floor at $126 billion following the $4 billion dump yesterday. Daily volume has crept back up to $28 billion but signals are bearish and the selloff is likely to continue. Crypto markets are at exactly the same place they were three months ago as the consolidation continues. Market Wrap is a section that takes a daily look at the top cryptocurrencies during the current trading session and analyses the best-performing ones, looking for trends and possible fundamentals. The post Crypto Market Wrap: Binance Coin Surges 10% to Seven Month High appeared first on NewsBTC.

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Interview with Alex Gladstein from the Human Rights Foundation, and Leo Weese, President of the Bitcoin Association of Hong Kong

In this podcast interview, we get Alex and Leo’s take on China and Hong Kong’s approach to Bitcoin from a political, cultural and humanitarian perspective. We also talk in-depth about China’s technology and data control policies and mining. The podcast went over time, but there were so many great discussions that we made sure to include the entire 1 hour 15minute conversation in transcript below. Alex Gladstein is Chief Strategy Officer at the Human Rights Foundation. He has also served as Vice President of Strategy for the Oslo Freedom Forum since its inception in 2009. Leonhard (Leo) Weese, is the President of the Bitcoin Association Hong Kong. Alex Gladstein Hey, I’m Alex Gladstein. I’m the chief strategy officer of the Human Rights Foundation. We’re a non-profit that focuses on helping people who live under authoritarian governments. So we focus on closed societies and tactics and tools and strategies and sort of campaigns that might help people who live in places that don’t really have a Free Press or might have difficulty connecting to the financial system or let’s say the internet or who don’t enjoy the same sort of rights and freedoms that others do when it comes to things like being able to start a business or a local non-profit and things like that. So we’ve been looking at how technology can help people in tough political environments for a long time. Obviously things like encryption, VPNs. You know, avoiding censorship and surveillance has been a key theme. I think digital hygiene has become more and more important in the last few years especially.... And a couple years ago through you know engagement with a company called BitFury which started as a Bitcoin mining operation, we started to look at you know Bitcoin as one of these tools. So through my engagement with them and then a series of other companies in the wider cryptocurrency space and Blockchain space, I just started to get connected to people who are building and investing and thinking about the new world that Bitcoin and its brethren would bring about. And in particular, I started to get very interested in Bitcoin specifically as a liberation tool. I think it has some remarkable sort of aspects and attributes that make it really well-suited to help people who live in dictatorships and to help people who don’t have the luxury of being part of the modern financial system. So in particular, this ability to send money in a peer-to-peer way without having to go through the financial system you know if you have a basic phone and access to the Internet at either end, the ability for these two entities to transact with each other without having to ask permission, without needing a passport, without having to prove their identity or prove themselves to some sort of state approved entity is a pretty radical innovation. Truly radical innovation. I think on the same level that back in the 90s, the ability to start encrypting credit card information and stuff really helped give birth to the modern ecommerce society. I think Bitcoin is really starting to change the way that money can be moved abroad. And not just for individuals, but also for like regional agencies. So when we talk about whether it’s like sort of subdivisions of the UN or ACN you know thinking about helping people who don’t have access to money or services or who are victims of disaster or political attacks, things like that, I think this ability for good intentioned government entities to be able to send funds or resources directly to people without having to go through local governments is going to be really interesting, I mean your listeners should consider governments like the Burmese dictatorship for example who often try to bully international aid partners by saying like “no. We’ll only let you come in here and help people if you do X Y & Z.” I mean with Bitcoin, we can basically say screw you. Like we’re just going to give the money right away. So it’s kind of amazing to start to think about the impact it will have in the region you know especially given the backdrop of what’s happening in China obviously the region’s most powerful country most populous country where the government is using advanced technology to implement a pretty terrifying and comprehensive police state. Bitcoin remains something that and we can get more into this that they don’t seem to be cracking down on as much as they should or we think they would be and it remains a really interesting area for us to consider moving forward. Joyce Yang Yeah. I love to get in more detail to discuss both of you regarding this topic. Leo, why don’t you quickly introduce yourself to our audience as well. Leo Hi I’m Leo. I’m currently acting as president of the Bitcoin Association of Hong Kong. We are a not-for-profit that aims to bring the community together to get people to learn about Bitcoin, learn from each other, learn from guests, we hold meet ups and talks, panel discussion, seminars, an annual con

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What is Ethereum? The ULTIMATE Research-Backed ETH Guide

Ethereum is the leading blockchain app platform that was proposed in 2013 by Vitalik Buterin and went live on July 30, 2015. So what exactly is Ethereum? There are many different strands to this project and getting your head around it all can be quite the challenge. That’s why we have put together this comprehensive guide for those of you wondering “What is Ethereum?” and “How does Ethereum Work?” As the harbinger of the second generation of blockchains and home to the second largest digital currency in the world, Ether (ETH), the Ethereum project has started a new era of blockchain development that enables a global community of developers to unleash their creativity in the space. The ability to craft smart contracts gave developers a chance to think about new use cases for blockchain technology that previously remained largely connected to cryptocurrencies. Ethereum, the blockchain app platform - Source: Ethereum also gave enterprises, organizations, and startups the ability to issue their own tokens, and build their own unique blockchain ecosystem using the Ethereum framework. Till date, Ethereum-based ERC20 tokens have been the most popular means for launching Initial Coin Offerings. Of course, Ethereum is still in development and has faced some hurdles. It has faced problems related to scalability, which was highlighted when the popular game dedicated to internet-bred cats called CryptoKitties managed to clog its network in December 2017. However, with a unique concept, upcoming developments, a strong developer community and the first-mover advantage (second only to the mighty Bitcoin), Ethereum is one blockchain project that continues to remain at the forefront of DLT and crypto development. So... What is Ethereum? In a nutshell, Ethereum is an open source Smart contract and Decentralized Application Platform. The Ethereum whitepaper describes the project as the next generation distributed computing platform, that provides a decentralized virtual machine known as the Ethereum Virtual machine EVM. The latter is able to execute Peer-to-Peer contracts by means of Ether (ETH), its proprietary crypto fuel. Blockchain technology is used as a tool of shared consensus, while Ether is the digital asset that is used to pay for transaction fees and computational services. What’s the Difference Between Bitcoin and Ethereum? Ethereum vs Bitcoin graphic - Source: Since the advent of the Ethereum project in late 2014 and its explosion of popularity within the confines of the nascent crypto space and beyond, Ethereum has always been compared to Bitcoin. All being similar to the use of Blockchain as the underpinning technology, both projects are fundamentally different. The main difference between them is the purpose of each one. In fact, Bitcoin was built as an alternative to regular money. Bitcoin can be used as a medium of value exchange, a means of payment and a store of value with no central authority to issue or control it and no intrinsic value or physical existence. On the other hand, Ethereum is rather a platform for developers to build and run Peer-to-Peer executable contracts and decentralized applications. Block time generation (seconds in the case of Ethereum and minutes in the case of Bitcoin), the rate at which new coins are mined (constant in Ethereum and halves every 4 year in the case of Bitcoin), the proof of work hashing algorithm (Ethhash in Ethereum, and Sha 256 in Bitcoin), and the total supply (capped to 21 millions in the case of Bitcoin and uncapped in that of Ethereum) are the other differences that set both projects apart. Ethereum Bitcoin Release Date July 30, 2015 January 9, 2008 Release Method Presale Genesis Block Mined Founder Vitalik Buterin Satoshi Nakamoto Blockchain Proof of Work (Will transition to Proof of Stake) Proof of Work Purpose Blockchain app platform, smart contracts & digital currencies Digital Money & store of value Native Cryptocurrency Ether (ETH) Bitcoin (BTC) Algorithm Ethash SHA-256 Block Time 12 - 14 seconds 10 minutes The Ethereum Virtual Machine The Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), is a 256-bit quasi-turning-complete virtual state machine that forms the runtime environment for smart contracts and specifies the execution model for such contracts. Note: “quasi” in here comes from the fact that computation is intrinsically bounded by a parameter, which is gas. The latter limits the amount of computation done The machine is stack based, altogether separate from the main Ethereum Network, and has its own independent storage model. In fact, all the nodes on the Ethereum Network run the EVM in addition to validating transactions. The EVM could be seen as a testing ground for Smart contracts because once these contracts are deployed to the mainnet, such a step can’t be reversed. Any developer that wants to build on Ethereum, could deploy his/her untested code on this network of computers and see how it muddles along

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Com pouco usuários de Bitcoin, concorrente do Gmail, FastMail deixa de aceitar a moeda digital

Por: Livecoins Um dos concorrentes do Gmail, chamado FastMail, anunciou aos seus usuários que não irá mais aceitar Bitcoin no serviço. O motivo que levou o FastMail a parar de aceitar as criptomoedas seria que a base de usuários que realizam pagamentos através dessa modalidade é muito pequena. Com uma base pequena de usuários, os custos, de acordo com a empresa, ficam insustentáveis e serão interrompidos em março de 2019. Esse caso veio a tona assim que um usuário do Reddit que recebeu o informe publicou para a comunidade cripto ainda no dia 21 de fevereiro. Fonte: Reddit r/btc A nota da empresa dizia que “Bitcoin é usado apenas por um pequeno número de clientes, o que infelizmente torna insustentável o custo de integração de manter o suporte Bitcoin. Você ainda pode pagar com o Bitcoin até 31 de março de 2019. Adicione fundos à sua conta agora para serem usados em futuras renovações”. Ao parar de trabalhar com criptomoedas em seu serviço, o FastMail irá aceitar as opções tradicionais como Visa, MasterCard, PayPal e American Express, ou seja, vai andar na contramão do desenvolvimento. A empresa não aceita dinheiro em espécie, transferência bancária, cheques e nem cartão de crédito pré-pago. Há alguns outros provedores de e-mail que continuarão aceitando criptomoedas, mas para quem é acostumado com uma plataforma e confia nela, uma notícia dessa é lamentável. A empresa aceita criptomoedas desde 2016, mas especula-se que o serviço seja intermediado pela BitPay. Nesse caso, “a culpa” está recaindo nessa última, pois, ao agir como intermediário reduz um pouco as margens de lucro, justificando o que a FastMail chamou de custos insustentáveis. Adoção de criptomoedas pelo mundo Mesmo com a empresa parando de aceitar Bitcoin, muitas outras irão facilitar cada vez mais a adoção das criptomoedas, afinal de acordo com especialistas essa moeda é a evolução natural do dinheiro. A comunidade cripto terá outras opções de e-mail que aceitam criptomoedas, como ProtonMail, AFAIK, tutanota, entre outros. Sempre verifique nas comunidades se os serviços são de confiança antes de utilizar. Na dúvida, faça como falou Jimmy Song em 2018, não gaste seus Bitcoins, gaste com cartão de crédito. O artigo Com pouco usuários de Bitcoin, concorrente do Gmail, FastMail deixa de aceitar a moeda digital foi publicado originalmente em Livecoins.

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Vira-casaca: eles mudaram de opinião e hoje são favoráveis às criptomoedas

Por: Livecoins Nunca diga “dessa água não beberei”, alertam os mais sábios. Se em um passado não muito distante o JP Morgan se posicionou como um crítico ferrenho contra as criptomoedas, as últimas notícias revelaram o interesse do maior banco dos EUA em desenvolver seu próprio token. Essa não é uma situação isolada. Confira abaixo alguns dos mais emblemáticos vira-casacas do ecossistema cripto. J.P. Morgan Jamie Dimon(Foto: JP Morgan Chase) Aproveitando a deixa, vamos começar pelo líder mundial em serviços financeiros e terceira maior empresa do mundo, o JP Morgan Chase. Antes do anúncio de criação da JPM Coin, na última sexta-feira (15), ficaram famosos os pronunciamentos depreciativos do CEO, Jamie Dimon, sobre as criptomoedas. Em 2017, Dimon chamou o bitcoin de “fraude” e ameaçou demitir qualquer funcionário que investisse em tai ativos. O curioso é que na mesma época a instituição estava adquirindo títulos de bitcoin XBT. Não passou nem seis meses e o CEO voltou atrás, declarando ter se arrependido do que disse. Por enquanto, o token recém-lançado pelo JP Morgan funcionará como uma stablecoin, com cada unidade equivalendo a US$ 1. Direcionado a uma pequena cartela de clientes, o objetivo da JPM Coin é facilitar a transferência instantânea de pagamentos entre contas institucionais. Don Tapscott Don Tapscott(Foto: site oficial Don Tapscott) O empresário, escritor, palestrante e pesquisador canadense, Don Tapscott, diferente de Dimon, nunca deu declarações públicas criticando as criptomoedas. Mas após uma palestra para alunos do Toronto School, em 2014, Tapscott confessou a pouca fé que depositava no bitcoin. Seu pensamento inicial era de que o bitcoin nunca iria decolar. Mas mudou de perspectiva, acrescentando que a tecnologia blockchain seria elemento essencial para a próxima geração da internet. Christine Lagarde Christine Lagarde(Foto: Wikipedia Commons/ arquivos Bitcoinist) A poderosa Christine Lagarde, atual diretora-gerente do FMI, é considerada uma das maiores entusiastas das criptomoedas. Porém em um discurso para banqueiros, em 2015, Lagarde questionou a longevidade do bitcoin, chegando a ridicularizar aqueles que se preocupavam com o ativo. Sua postura atual é mais otimista, destacando os benefícios das criptomoedas e incentivando sua regulamentação, bem como adoção pelas instituições financeiras. Facebook (Foto: Pixabay) Há exatos 1 ano, o Facebook atualizou suas políticas de serviços financeiros e vetou qualquer anúncio relacionado às criptomoedas em sua rede social. Na época, a empresa comunicou o banimento de produtos “não regulados ou especulativos, como opções binárias, criptomoedas e mercado de divisas”. O movimento foi seguido pelo gigante Google. Em junho do mesmo ano, porém, o diretor de gerenciamento de produtos, Rob Leathern, publicou no site da empresa uma flexibilização da proibição total. Segundo ele: “A partir do dia 26 de junho, nós atualizaremos nossas políticas para permitir que propagandas que promovam criptomoedas e conteúdo relacionado sejam pré-aprovados”. Com essa mudança de perspectiva, em dezembro de 2018 fortaleceram rumores de que o Facebook estaria desenvolvendo uma criptomoeda própria, para ser utilizada em transferências no Whatsapp. Parece que o jogo virou, não é mesmo? O artigo Vira-casaca: eles mudaram de opinião e hoje são favoráveis às criptomoedas foi publicado originalmente em Livecoins.

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State of Japan and Korea - February Edition

Last week, we shared our thoughts on the most recent important happenings in China. This past weekend, we highlighted the most important developments in Japan and Korea. The Quick Take Under increasing regulatory scrutiny, Japanese exchanges try to grow up as they get rolled up by financial and internet service companies. One of the most popular coins in Japan, NEM, plans to lay off 150 people after realizing the foundationt only has 1month of operating runway, and its predicament and poor cash management (see details below) foreshadow what we may see from other projects in the next few quarters. Despite drawbacks, large corporates and conglomerates in Japan still look to establish more solid blockchain technology through their foreign partnerships. For Korea, I share what I talked to Laura Shin about when I was a guest on her podcast Unconfirmed. The educated and financially frustrated young generation in Korea, excited by a glimpse of hope delivered by Ethereum and Rip... Want to see more? Join our subscription for just $150 a year, or less than $13 a month, to get access to all the unique Asia content and resources, latest in-depth analysis breaking down the most important Asia crypto happenings, exclusive conference calls with industry insiders such as Kyle Samani, and access to all our interviews with the most influential people in the Asia crypto industry. Read alongside with the founders and members of Scalar Capital, Sequoia Capital, renown journalists from the New York Times, TechCrunch, The Information, founders and management teams from the top US and Asia technology and blockchain companies including Tencent, Alibaba, Cryptokitties, ConsenSys and Coinbase. Our analysis and insights have been featured in Forbes, South China Morning Post, Hackernoon, TechCrunch, The Information and more. Sign Up Below and Get Immediate Access Annual Subscription for $150 a Year Price: $150 Email:* Invalid Email Password:* Invalid Password Password Confirmation:* Password Confirmation Doesn't Match Password Strength Select Payment Method stripe Pay with your credit card via Stripe Please fix the errors above Here are some awfully nice things that our subscribers are saying: I've been following your newsletter for a while now and I've learned so much about China, Korea, Japan, so the news has been super helpful. - Benny Giang, co-founder of Cryptokitties and Fortune Cat [Global Coin Research] differentiate themselves by reporting on daily news out of Asia and translate some of the media reports directly. - Linda Xie, co-founder of Scalar Capital I've been reading your newsletter for a while and I find it really informative! You do a really good job of summarizing what's going on in Asia news, which I have not been able to find elsewhere. I especially enjoyed the Tencent/JD/Alibaba analysis! - Kartik Talwar, Partner at A. Capital To learn more about our premium plan, go here

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Coinbase a serviço do FBI? Polêmica à vista

Por: Livecoins A Coinbase é uma das maiores exchanges cripto do mundo e regulamentada pelos EUA, o que faz com que qualquer criptomoeda queira estar listada em sua plataforma para passar credibilidade e se mostrar como um projeto promissor. Mas manter a credibilidade e regulamentação, ao mesmo tempo, não é uma tarefa fácil, principalmente para uma empresa que figura na lista Forbes 2019 das maiores fintechs dos EUA. Analisando tudo isso, chegou ao conhecimento da comunidade cripto no último dia 19 que a Coinbase comprou a empresa Neutrino, uma operação ligada a segurança e blockchain. Essa empresa fará com que a Coinbase tenha uma estrutura de segurança em blockchain muito maior, algo que chamou atenção da comunidade cripto. De acordo com o anúncio da Coinbase em seu blog, “Ao analisar dados em blockchains públicos, a Neutrino nos ajudará a evitar o roubo de fundos das contas das pessoas, a investigar ataques de ransomware e a identificar os maus atores. Isso também nos ajudará a trazer mais criptomoedas e recursos para mais pessoas e, ao mesmo tempo, ajudar a garantir a conformidade com as leis e regulamentações locais”. A Neutrino irá trabalhar em negócio autônomo dentro do escritório da Coinbase, baseado em Londres. Nem tudo são flores Um caso antigo conhecido pela comunidade cripto é o fato da Coinbase ter encerrado a conta de doação da Wikileaks em sua plataforma e, além disso, ter dedurado alguns usuários para o imposto de renda do governo dos EUA. De acordo com a equipe do Radar BTC, a Coinbase estaria a serviço do FBI, podendo entregar a este órgão governamental os endereços de criptomoedas considerados “sujos”. Como a empresa possui um cadastro rigoroso para traders, poderia entregar junto com os endereços os seus próprios usuários, no caso os suspeitos de cometer algum crime de acordo com a lei dos EUA. Caso se confirme as informações de que a nova aquisição seja para tomar medidas contra usuários da Coinbase, algo que não seria estranho devido ao histórico de problemas passados, este ambiente pode passar a ser considerado hostil por quem utiliza criptomoedas. Até lá, a comunidade cripto mundial acredita na boa vontade da empresa de estar construindo um ambiente mais seguro, um olho aberto, outro fechado. O artigo Coinbase a serviço do FBI? Polêmica à vista foi publicado originalmente em Livecoins.

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Simbolo do Bitcoin no teclado do Iphone é a nova febre das criptomoedas

Por: Livecoins Se você chegou agora no mercado de criptomoedas há uma coisa que você precisa saber: na cripto esfera, onde todos procuram sinais de que a adoção e aceitação das moedas digitais está aumentando, até mesmo as pequenas coisas podem causar empolgação exagerada. E hoje nós temos um fato - parece que quase todo mundo no mercado de criptomoedas está procurando pelo símbolo do Bitcoin (₿) em seus iPhones. O teclado do Google em iPhones agora tem um sinal do Bitcoin quando você pressiona o símbolo do dólar. Mas ninguém sabe exatamente quando o símbolo foi adicionado e porque não está disponível em telefones com Android. Para achar o símbolo, verifique se você está usando o teclado do Google, e não o padrão da Apple, segure o símbolo do dólar para ver um pop-up de vários dos principais símbolos monetários do mundo. O símbolo do Bitcoin está localizado na extrema esquerda. Embora o símbolo compartilhe algumas semelhanças com a moeda Baht da Tailândia, o Baht tem uma única linha até o final - ao contrário das duas linhas do Bitcoin na parte superior e inferior. Alguns entusiastas entenderam que a adoção está realmente acontecendo - enquanto os mais extremos já enxergam uma explosão no futuro. Embora isso possa não significar nada, um pequeno sinal de aprovação é certamente bom, especialmente com a recente queda das moedas. Wow I just noticed that the ₿ symbol is now the first currency when u long press $ on Google keyboard... Does everyone know this? Bitcoin is becoming pervasive everywhere @APompliano — JP [ ₿⚡️] (@jpthor__) February 18, 2019 Esse recurso ainda não está disponível em telefones Android, e não há nenhuma indicação de que possa estar disponível a qualquer momento em breve. Além disso, nem todos os teclados do Google no iPhone oferecem essa possibilidade, já que usuários da França alegaram no Twitter que não conseguiram encontrar a opção. Além disso, alguns usuários reclamam que quando clicam no símbolo, ele se transforma em $ - mas é possível que isso seja apenas uma falha temporária. Enquanto isso, os usuários de computador podem não saber que podem digitar o símbolo Bitcoin desde junho de 2017, pois ele faz parte do Unicode 10.0, com o código U + 20BF ​​(₿). Como apenas algumas fontes contêm o símbolo do Bitcoin, uma fonte especial foi criada pelo usuário Theymos, principal administrador do fórum BitcoinTalk. A fonte consiste apenas no símbolo do Bitcoin (BTC) usado no glifo para a letra maiúscula B. O texto “BTC” pode ser inserido e estilizado com essa fonte, fazendo com que ela seja substituída inteiramente por apenas o símbolo nos sistemas que suportam esta fonte, enquanto em outros sistemas o texto “BTC” é retido. Da mesma forma, copiar e colar o texto ainda manterá “BTC”. Esse método é usado no BitcoinTalk e no Wiki Bitcoin. O artigo Simbolo do Bitcoin no teclado do Iphone é a nova febre das criptomoedas foi publicado originalmente em Livecoins.

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Última chance de comprar bitcoin barato

Por: Livecoins Pode até parecer que não, mas está sendo um momento incrível para o bitcoin. Estamos vendo uma adoção massiva, muito suporte e uma quantidade decente de volume no nível atual de preço. Existem muitas coisas acontecendo em plano de fundo que nos fazem ficar otimistas sobre o bitcoin. O bilionário chinês Zhao Dong disse recentemente: “compre bitcoin agora, quando ninguém se importa”. Quando o preço do bitcoin está em níveis altos, a maioria das pessoas começa prestar atenção, agora que isso acabou, há medo, depressão e raiva. Este é o momento de pensar diferente da multidão. Zhao continuou dizendo: “Eu não convenço as pessoas a comprar bitcoin porque parece fácil ganhar dinheiro rápido, mas na verdade, não é”. Ele diz que “agora é o mercado em baixa e esta é a hora que eu começo a convencer as pessoas a comprar bitcoin”. Alguns motivos que estão deixando o mercado otimista: Mesa de OTC da Goldman Sachs: O mercado de balcão (OTC) de bitcoin da Goldman Sach é uma das maiores facilitadoras de negociações de OTC no mundo que parece fornecer evidências de que pessoas físicas de alta renda, fundos de hedge e outras entidades financeiras estão de fato negociando bitcoin. No fundo, eles estão comprando, vendendo, armazenando e fazendo transações de carteira a carteira. Bitcoin é cada vez mais visto como um meio de riqueza, uma reserva de valor para um momento de incerteza global. O fato de que a Goldman Sachs está disponibilizando isso diz muito a todos esses diferentes investidores que estão entrando. Eles viram a Goldman Sachs investindo na Circle - gigante empresa de criptomoedas - e em outras empresas relacionadas à bitcoin e os investidores estão cada vez mais confortáveis ​​com as moedas digitais. A narrativa de que o bitcoin é o ouro digital começou a se instalar na cabeça dos investidores. Isso levou ao aumento dos volumes que estamos vendo em 2018 e ao longo de todo o início de 2019. Se a economia global continuar a se atenuar, é claro que podemos esperar que esses volumes continuem aumentando. Outra fonte na Goldman Sachs disse que os volumes de OTC aumentaram em toda a linha, a incerteza econômica global criou um caminho que leva ao bitcoin. Esta informação é de pessoas de dentro do balcão de OTC que estão lidando com esses indivíduos de alto patrimônio. A fonte continua a dizer que é por isso que estamos vendo um aumento no volume de bitcoins negociados ano a ano. A Goldman Sachs é uma grande empresa, eles têm os maiores privilégios na Circle por causa de sua participação na empresa. Então, eles são mais eficazes do ponto de vista de preços do que outros facilitadores e grandes bancos. Os clientes da Goldman Sachs sabem disso e isso aumenta a confiança na empresa como um lugar seguro para canalizar investimentos em ativos digitais como o bitcoin. Fundos de pensões investe em fundo de criptomoedas Recentemente vimos dois fundos de pensões públicas de Virginia investir em criptomoedas, o sistema de aposentadoria de policiais e o sistema de aposentadoria de funcionários investindo US $ 40 milhões na Morgan Creek. Isso é importante porque, quando os fundos de pensão começam a investir, envia um sinal a outros fundos de pensão para segui-los. Os investidores institucionais já estão no mercado. Michael Novogratz disse que os mercados não chegarão a US $ 20 trilhões imediatamente. Ele disse que o que vai acontecer é que um desses fundos de pensão que é líder de mercado vai dizer: “Temos a custódia, a Goldman Sachs está envolvida, a Bloomberg tem um índice e eu posso acompanhar meu desempenho com eles”. E então os outros vão comprar. Este é o mesmo tipo FOMO (medo de perder oportunidade) que vimos no mercado comum e vai acontecer novamente com os investidores institucionais. Talvez, Mike Novogratz esteja absolutamente certo nisso. Os investidores institucionais vão entrar e, em seguida, será uma onda de tsunami com trilhões de dólares. Barry Silbert disse que ele está convencido de que qualquer dinheiro em ouro não vai ficar em ouro. “Isso foi feito para a geração do milênio, estou altamente confiante de que muito desse dinheiro irá para o bitcoin”. Talvez Barry também esteja certo, pois o bitcoin é ouro para as novas gerações. Bitcoin é a nova tecnologia e o novo veículo de investimento. De acordo com os números que estamos vendo, vemos uma enorme quantidade de interesse vindo dos grupos mais jovens, principalmente por que os grupos etários mais velhos suspeitam de coisas que eles não entendem muito bem. ETF Bitcoin: O comissário da SEC, Robert J. Jackson, fez recentemente uma entrevista com a Congressional Quarterly e expressou opiniões de que um ETF bitcoin aprovado pela SEC é inevitável. Acrescente a isso que agora temos a revisão da SEC a uma mudança de regra de ETF bitcoin proposta pela New York Stock Exchange e pela Bitwise Asset Management. Eles estão revisando uma mudança de regra para um ETF bitcoin. Um ETF bitcoin aprovado pela SEC é apenas uma questão de tempo. Quando o ETF for lançado

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Blockchain - Implementação e possíveis mudanças no nosso cotidiano

Por: Livecoins Quando embarcamos no mundo de criptomoedas uma das palavras que mais encontramos é a famosa blockchain. Por ser um termo novo, muitos de nós não sabemos exatamente do que se trata, mas sabemos que nela existe um grande potencial de mudanças. Qual tipo de mudanças podem acontecer no nosso cotidiano uma vez que a tecnologia blockchain for implementada em outros setores? Para entender as mudanças, primeiro temos que perguntar: Porque precisamos da Blockchain? A blockchain em si não é muito eficaz, ela é mais devagar do que muitos recursos que já existem. Isso devido ao consenso necessário entre todos os integrantes da rede. As pessoas que estão espalhadas pelo mundo e que fazem parte de uma certa rede tem que se juntar e concordar com o estado do que está acontecendo no momento, a todo momento. O consenso em si, é a mágica da blockchain. Caso a rede queira implementar alguma mudança no código da blockchain, por exemplo, os integrantes têm que se juntar. Mais importante concordar com a nova direção da blockchain. Uma vez que todos estiverem de acordo a mudança pode então ser implementada. O resultado desse consenso, é uma network distribuída, imutável, segura. E também sem uma entidade de confiança por trás. A blockchain em si, é uma forma de descentralizar, mas nem tudo deve ser descentralizado. Em muitos setores um simples banco de dados é mais eficaz que a utilização da blockchain. Mas em outros a blockchain realmente pode trazer grandes soluções que poderão mudar nosso cotidiano. Algumas mudanças já estão acontecendo. Uma delas, tokenização, foi possibilitada por plataforma Dapps como a Ethereum e a EOS que estão cada vez mais populares. Outras aplicações para Bitcoin e Litecoin estão sendo desenvolvidas agora, com a invenção das “side chains”. Soluções como a Lightning Network e Color Coins também vão possibilitar a utilização da Bitcoin e Litecoin blockchain de várias formas. Sem congestionar a camada base da blockchain. Dinheiro é a maior mudança de todas desde da invenção da blockchain. As moedas criadas na blockchain não foram emitidas por um governo, ou uma entidade de confiança centralizada e sim pela network. Além disso, a contabilidade da blockchain está aberta para todos. Ao mesmo tempo, a identidade de cada um é protegida. Uma das maiores formas de resgatar privacidade e autonomia no mundo de hoje. Moedas como Bitcoin, Litecoin ou Ethereum também podem sem comercializadas mundialmente. Todas essas vantagens fazem com que o dinheiro digital seja cada vez mais atraente. Proteção de identidade também é um setor que tente a crescer com a invenção da blockchain. Todas as soluções para identificações e sistemas de identidade que são usados hoje são emitidos pelos governos, e órgãos centralizados. No caso a blockchain pode ser implementada para resgatar a privacidade do usuário. Uma sugestão dada por Franklyn Richards, Diretor da Litecoin Foundation, é a criação de um passaporte digital, que minimiza a burocracia de imigração e garante segurança de verificação. E também, que revela menos informação sobre o usuário. No cotidiano, por exemplo, se alguém gostaria de saber se somos maiores de 18 anos, ao invés de ter que revelar a data de nascimento, e outras informações disponíveis o passaporte digital, por exemplo, simplesmente indicaria válido. Um sistema simples de validação sem ter que revelar grandes informações. No setor de finanças as possibilidades da blockchain são infinitas. O nível de transparência proporcionado pela blockchain vai continuar facilitando o funcionamento dos bancos, das corporações e organizações. JPMorgan, por exemplo, anunciou recentemente a criação de sua cripto moeda JPM e outros bancos vão seguir o mesmo trajeto. No cotidiano, transações globais e regionais de alto custo interno para os bancos já estão sendo eliminadas pelo uso da blockchain. Outras funcionalidades também estão sendo desenvolvidas e cripto moedas como Ripple, Stellar e outras foram criadas com finalidade de criar soluções para bancos e corporações. No setor social, uma variedade de aplicativos estão sendo desenvolvidos que vão facilitar o envio de cripto moedas, ou melhor, valores. Pessoas vão poder enviar cripto moedas por mensagem de texto, e outras plataformas sociais e isso pode mudar como as pessoas vão interagir online. Doações, por exemplo, poderão ser feitas diretamente ao necessitado, pagamentos serão diretos e sem fronteiras, mais importante de baixo custo para os usuários. As pessoas que hoje não tem acesso a um pouco poderão finalmente ter acesso a vários recursos e vários serviços online. Concluindo as mudanças que podemos esperar no nosso cotidiano serão muitas. Após apenas 3 décadas desde a invenção da internet não conseguimos imaginar o mundo sem ela. A invenção da blockchain é bem similar, apesar das mudanças serem graduais e quase imperceptíveis. Eventualmente, a tecnologia vai fazendo parte de nossas vidas e quando acordamos já estamos vivendo em uma outra realidade. Por: M

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NEM’s failing foundation and a lesson for everyone else

One of the popular coins in Japan, NEM, saw itself in some pretty serious financial trouble. In January, NEM foundation announced that they were a month away from going bankrupt due to the lack of funds attributed to poor execution and the ongoing crypto winter. The team now is looking to raise more money while also lay off a considerable portion of their workforce to stay afloat. NEM is not a widely known coin, but the failure of its foundation to manage its funds is a lesson that many projects from around the world can learn from. Unfortunately, this is also foreshadowing of many projects with declining funds that will be uncovered later this year, as many projects (many in Asia) raised in Ethereum and kept it as is. With crypto winter going for some time, it should one of the top priorities for projects to manage their treasuries wisely and stay lean. This aspect of running a company was where I imagine many projects would have trouble dealing with will be: “We saw efforts being duplicated, and inconsistent metrics of success. We saw very little accountability for funds and questionable ROI, leading to a burn rate of 9 million XEM per month. In terms of running an effective organization, the existing structure failed.” Projects like NEM who run out of money may attempt to raise money again, but unlike this time, its dealing with a remaining group of smart money investors and Mr. Market won’t be helping them the same way again. Here is the some interesting details from NEM team themselves: On the onset of this New Year, after a financial audit, issues such as the company is currently functioning at low XEM and fiat funds, surfaced. When the new council arrived on January 1, 2019, we opened the books and saw the results of 2018. We saw a lot of talented people who were working hard, but not aligned with the same goals. We saw efforts being duplicated, and inconsistent metrics of success. We saw very little accountability for funds and questionable ROI, leading to a burn rate of 9 million XEM per month. In terms of running an effective organization, the existing structure failed. Maybe that didn’t seem like a big problem when the XEM price was high, but it’s a very big problem as we seek to sustain a viable organization in the ‘Crypto Winter.’ All these issues gave a loss of 9 million XEM per month, which is almost equal to $350K, or over $4mn in a year. The situation was so bad in that the foundation could only run for the next 30 days if the current reserve were to be considered. As a result, there has been ongoing restructuring and budget cuts. The aim is to “heal” the 9 million XEM per month expenditure by at least 60 percent. This will be achieved by currently cutting all the partnerships and projects on hold. Also, there will be a ‘planned layoff’ of 150 staff members. There are some fundraising plans too to mend the funding gaps. The Foundations plans to ask its community to pitch in for the funding. The foundation aims to raise 160 million XEM which is almost equal to 6.2 million U.S.Dollars. The Foundation said that it is aiming to refresh and restart from scratch. There will be a clear shift from ‘regional teams’ to ‘product focused organizations.’ These will have added traditional lines of reporting. The Foundation also aims to become a more traditional organization with a centralized business model which is driven by revenue and product development, as per the reports from Cointelegraph. The foundation wants to move away from the label of ‘driven promotional organization.’ There will be seven product heads namely - chief technology officer, chief of product management, chief financial officer, chief business development officer, chief operations officer, chief marketing officer, and chief revenue officer. The employees of the NEM Foundation and contractors will now report to one of the seven product head. Further, these product heads have to report the ‘metrics and deliver ROI’ directly to the council and the community. Accounting standards will be followed. And the funds that are spent will be under the supervision of the head of finance CFO of the NEM Foundation.

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Most of 2017’s Leading Cryptocurrencies by Market Cap Have Crashed Out of the Top 15

Many cryptocurrencies rose and fell during the 2017 bull market and subsequent year of bearish retracement. While the top four crypto assets by market cap have remained the same over the last two years, more than half of the leading markets as of Feb. 19, 2017 have since fallen from the top 15. Also Read: Markets Update: Cryptocurrencies Bullish Following Possible Higher Lows 2017’s Top 4 Markets Retain Their Ranking Today Despite the extreme volatility of the cryptocurrency markets over the last two years, the top four ranked by market cap has not changed. BTC has grown from a $16.5 billion market as of Feb. 19, 2017 to $65.29 billion today, with the price rising 252% from nearly $1,050 to $3,700 in 24 months. ETH recently reclaimed its rank as the second largest market by capitalization, with ethereum’s market cap rising from almost $1.14 billion to over $14.36 billion over the last two years. The price of a single ETH has risen 1,030% from $12.76 to roughly $144 on Feb. 18, 2019. XRP comprises the third largest crypto asset, with a market cap that has risen from nearly $218 million during Feb. 2017 to $12.69 billion today. Of the leading markets, ripple has generated the largest price gains, rising approximately 5,150% from $0.0059 to $0.31 in two years. A recent rally has seen LTC reclaim the fourth largest cryptocurrency capitalization, which has grown from roughly $187.6 million two years ago to $2.67 billion today. The price of litecoin has gained 1,100% from $3.76 to $45. Monero, Dash, and Ethereum Classic Fall From Top 10 As of Feb. 18, 2017, XMR comprised the fifth largest cryptocurrency with a market cap of $181.24 million, with a single monero trading for $12.99. Monero now comprises the 13th largest market with a capitalization of $818 million and has seen a two-year price gain of roughly 285%, with XMR currently trading for nearly $50 each. In two years, dash has fallen from sixth with a market cap of $160.34 million to rank 15th with a market cap of $697.44 million today. The price of dash has gained 266% from $22.55 on Feb. 19th, 2017, to $82.50 as of this writing. ETC was the seventh ranked cryptocurrency with a market cap of $108.83 million 24 months ago as ethereum classic traded for $1.22 each. Today, ETC is the 18th largest crypto asset with a capitalization of $220.25 million and is trading for approximately $4.20, up 244% from early 2017. MAID and ICN Produce 24-Month Price Drop While the top seven markets by capitalization of two years ago have since posted triple figure or greater returns, several of 2017’s top-ranked markets are now priced lower than they were 24 months ago. Two years ago, maidsafecoin was trading for $0.19 and ranked eighth by market cap with a capitalization of nearly $86.43 million. Since then, the price MAID has fallen 37% to currently trade for less $0.12 and is ranked 69th with a market cap of $53.46 million. Nem has fallen from being the ninth ranked crypto asset with a market cap of approximately $57.17 million to currently comprise the 19th largest cryptocurrency with a capitalization of $373.63 million. Despite sliding in market cap ranking, the price of XEM has risen from roughly $0.0063 two years ago to more than $0.042 today, a 566% gain in 24 months. The 10th largest cryptocurrency as of Feb. 19th, 2017, augur, now comprises the 35th ranked market by capitalization, despite augur’s market cap growing from $57.09 million to $152.59 million. The price of REP has gained 169% from $5.19 to $13.95 in the past two years. Of 2017’s leading markets, iconomi has produced the greatest decline in market cap, falling from the 11th largest crypto asset with a capitalization of more than $30.21 million to currently comprise the 198th ranked cryptocurrency with a market cap of $12.9 million. The price of ICN has also fallen 74% from nearly $0.35 to $0.09. Tether Is the Sole Cryptocurrency to Ascend Market Cap Rankings Since 2017 Despite sliding from ranking 12th by market cap to 70th, factom has seen a significant gain in price and market cap. In 24 months, factom has grown from $28.67 million to $52.88 million, while the price of FCT has gained 83% from $3.28 to roughly $6. In two years, steem has gone from the 13th largest crypto asset with a capitalization of $27.92 million to 48th with $102.40 million. The price of steem has gained 167% from $0.12 to over $0.32 today. Since February 2017, tether is the only cryptocurrency to have ascended in market cap ranking, moving from 14th with a capitalization of $24.95 million to rank 7th with a market cap of nearly $2.03 billion. As of Feb. 19, 2017, waves was the 15th ranked crypto asset with a capitalization of $24.09 million and was trading for $0.24 each. Two years later, waves is ranked 21st with a market cap of nearly $268 million and is trading for $2.68 after generating a 1,015% price gain in 24 months. How many of the current leading markets do you expect will retain a top ranking by market cap i

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Daily Volume Reaches New 2019 High in Monday Crypto Rally

Following a week of inactivity crypto markets are finally moving again this Monday. A rally which started a few hours ago has seen daily volume increase to $26 billion which marks a new high for 2019. Ethereum is currently driving momentum across markets as it surges 11.5% from $123 this time yesterday to $138 at the time of writing. This has resulted in a market cap increase of almost $1.5 billion as ETH accelerates away from a lack luster XRP. The countdown to Constantinople is largely responsible for the momentum has network tech upgrades are generally bullish for the token. It has been suggested that the extension of the difficulty bomb will reduce supply reduction timeframe but at the moment Ethereum is leading the pack. The only other altcoin outperforming Ethereum in the top fifty is Bitcoin Gold which has jumped 13.5% on the day. Maker is also still going strong adding another 7.7% on the day as it passes $550, its highest price in 2019. Coinmarketcap has adjusted its figures again which has seen MKR jump NEM, Ethereum Classic and NEO to take sixteenth place with a cap of $553 million. The other altcoin making good progress during today’s rally is Bitcoin Cash adding 7% to trade at $130. EOS has not been able to take fourth spot back from Litecoin at the time of writing despite a gain of 3.8%. The gap between the two is tiny though, just $35 million, so it may not be long before these two swap places again. Similar momentum has not been seen with Bitcoin which has only made 2.5% on the day as it broke resistance at $3,650 and headed towards $3,700. Bitcoin has reached its highest price since January 20, almost a month ago and signals are bullish in the short term. There are a few altcoins not benefiting from the rally at all. Tron, IOTA, Dash and NEO, NEM and Tezos have barely moved over the past 24 hours. Ethereum is clearly the dominant cryptocurrency at the moment. Total daily volume for the market has surpassed $26 billion for the first time in 2019. Total market cap is at $126 billion which is its highest level since January 10 when a big dump wiped out $16 billion in a day or so. Things are looking bullish at the moment for most cryptocurrencies but the long term picture shows that we are still in the depths of a lengthening winter. The post Daily Volume Reaches New 2019 High in Monday Crypto Rally appeared first on Ethereum World News.

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Crypto Market Wrap: Consolidation Continues, Is a Breakout Imminent?

Market Wrap Crypto consolidation continues; Litecoin still inching up, NEO making progress, everything else is flat. Crypto markets are looking a little erratic as we enter the weekend but in the grand scheme of things nothing has changed over the past seven days. Total market cap has crept up marginally but most tokens are still consolidating within their slim boundaries. Bitcoin has bounced of intraday resistance levels of $3,640 twice but is still holding above major support at $3,600. Lower highs have been made all week indicating that BTC is likely to turn bearish soon, especially if it falls below the key $3,600 level. Ethereum is stable at $123 still, it has not moved a bit over the past 24 hours and remains where it has been since mid-week. XRP is slowly weakening and the gap between the two has now widened to $450 million. There has been so little action for the majority of the top ten that they are showing tenths of a percent change over the past day. Litecoin is the biggest mover with 2% as it pulls away from EOS and increases the market cap gap between them. Very little else is going on in this section. NEO is today’s top coin in the big twenty as it adds 3% on the day. Tezos is creeping back towards a top twenty place adding 2% but it is still a way off Zcash. Maker and NEM are dumping 4-5 percent following a couple of days of reasonable gains. There are only two altcoins in double digits at the time of writing. Ontology and Aelf have added 16% a piece during the Asian trading session. The Parity Games partnership appears to be driving momentum for ONT. There are no big dumps going on at the messy end of the top one hundred but the day’s worst performers are Aurora and Revain. Total market capitalization has not moved over the past 24 hours and remains a fraction higher at just over $121 billion. Markets are still range bound in a very tight channel where they have been all week. There are no signs of momentum in either direction and the tedium continues in crypto land. Market Wrap is a section that takes a daily look at the top 20 cryptocurrencies during the current trading session and analyses the best-performing ones, looking for trends and possible fundamentals The post Crypto Market Wrap: Consolidation Continues, Is a Breakout Imminent? appeared first on NewsBTC.

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Will Valentine’s Day End in Heartbreak for Bitcoin Bulls?

The cryptocurrency market held above $120 billion heading into Thursday evening, but could Bitcoin be setting up investors for a post-Valentine’s Day heartbreak? Bitcoin and the rest of the top 5 cryptocurrencies had a pretty boring 24-hour period. The notable moves happened at the opposite end of the market cap spectrum, with Steem gaining 3% and NEM, 2%. Of the top 10 non-stablecoins, only Bitcoin Cash saw any positive movement, with a less than 0.2% global gain. As we reported earlier today, Bitcoin SV is now available for withdrawal at Coinbase. In a related note, Waves Platform is making Bitcoin The post Will Valentine’s Day End in Heartbreak for Bitcoin Bulls? appeared first on CCN

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Trade Alert: NEM (XEM) Rises 6% as the Bulls Push Back

NEM (XEM), a blockchain project building a network designed for better-performing smart assets, has had a rough start to the year after the new leadership published a report revealing it was on the verge of bankruptcy following a year of poor budget management. The news was enough to drop the price of the coin from $0.065

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NEM / USD Technical Analysis: Opposing Timeframes

NEM is bullish in the short-term with a strong upside move currently underway The four-hour time frame shows a bullish inverted head and shoulders pattern The medium-term time outlook remains bearish, although bullish momentum is building on the daily time frame XEM / USD Short-term price analysis In the short-term, NEM is bullish with the four-hour time frame showing that a strong technical breakout is underway. Price has broken above the neckline of a bullish inverted head and shoulders pattern, with technical indicators on the four-hour time frame also turning bullish. Overall, NEM has staged a strong recovery after coming under heavy selling pressure at the beginning of February. Traders should watch this pair as a major price floor may have been formed. XEM / USD H4 Chart (Source: TradingView) Pattern Watch Traders should watch for a further advance in the XEM / USD pair towards the January 30th trading high as it has the potential to create a much larger inverted head and shoulders pattern. MACD Indicator The MACD indicator on the four-hour time frame has turned strongly bullish. Relative Strength Index The RSI indicator has moved into overbought territory and is showing signs of possible upside exhaustion. XEM / USD Medium-term price analysis NEM remains bearish in the medium-term, with the daily time frame chart showing price recovering back inside a descending price channel. Traders should note that sellers failed to hold price outside of the price channel and we may well see a recovery in the XEM / USD pair towards the upper end of the price channel. Traders should be cautious on this pair due to the protracted down trend it finds itself in, and also a large head and shoulders pattern remains valid across the daily, weekly and monthly timeframes. XEM / USD Daily Chart (Source: TradingView) Pattern Watch Aside from the descending price channel, a bullish inverted head and shoulders pattern is visible on the daily time frame. MACD + RSI Indicators The MACD indicator is bullish on the daily time frame and shows scope for further upside, while the RSI indicator is generating a strong price buy signal. Conclusion NEM is likely to continue to grind higher in the short-term due to the recent breakout and bullish signals coming from indicators on both the four-hour and daily time frames. The overall medium-term bearish outlook is likely to remain in place until we see a strong breakout from the descending price channel on the daily time frame. [{"date":1518645844000,"value":0.554796,"volume":72417500},{"date":1518732244000,"value":0.54673,"volume":66782300},{"date":1518818645000,"value":0.567079,"volume":88645500},{"date":1518905045000,"value":0.58797,"volume":142504000},{"date":1518991444000,"value":0.538638,"volume":99243900},{"date":1519077845000,"value":0.523732,"volume":90714700},{"date":1519164245000,"value":0.50317,"volume":67303500},{"date":1519251244000,"value":0.462306,"volume":73854400},{"date":1519338244000,"value":0.429655,"volume":27278700},{"date":1519426745000,"value":0.439879,"volume":24871100},{"date":1519513145000,"value":0.405084,"volume":19670800},{"date":1519599544000,"value":0.406121,"volume":18201700},{"date":1519685944000,"value":0.405972,"volume":17926700},{"date":1519772345000,"value":0.40246,"volume":13098400},{"date":1519859344000,"value":0.408493,"volume":27103400},{"date":1519945745000,"value":0.411464,"volume":19695700},{"date":1520032445000,"value":0.398435,"volume":18136200},{"date":1520118844000,"value":0.377143,"volume":33785700},{"date":1520205244000,"value":0.357427,"volume":49308400},{"date":1520294344000,"value":0.353482,"volume":63880400},{"date":1520380744000,"value":0.339163,"volume":26655100},{"date":1520467144000,"value":0.297047,"volume":24605000},{"date":1520553544000,"value":0.341636,"volume":65751000},{"date":1520639944000,"value":0.33807,"volume":57774800},{"date":1520726344000,"value":0.341924,"volume":24086700},{"date":1520812744000,"value":0.350379,"volume":29528800},{"date":1520899144000,"value":0.390672,"volume":90235500},{"date":1520985544000,"value":0.465787,"volume":144069000},{"date":1521071945000,"value":0.399253,"volume":164630000},{"date":1521158345000,"value":0.376528,"volume":96351900},{"date":1521244744000,"value":0.338381,"volume":47704200},{"date":1521331144000,"value":0.281779,"volume":55729900},{"date":1521417544000,"value":0.281759,"volume":72757100},{"date":1521503645000,"value":0.294956,"volume":115495000},{"date":1521590045000,"value":0.307346,"volume":324144000},{"date":1521676444000,"value":0.289841,"volume":104351000},{"date":1521762844000,"value":0.296171,"volume":87576500},{"date":1521849544000,"value":0.278787,"volume":50435000},{"date":1521935944000,"value":0.282152,"volume":42879500},{"date":1522022344000,"value":0.288878,"volume":71368900},{"d

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XEM Rises From Crypto Ashes as NEM Foundation Soldiers On

News that a crypto project has to downsize and restructure is never good. The bear market has battered all but the extremely resilient and most organizations have had to tighten their belts somewhat. NEM Foundation Restructures, Reveals Debts The NEM Foundation has managed to rescue its project from crypto oblivion through a series of funding proposals and restructuring. At the end of last month the Foundation revealed that it had less than one month of funding remaining and that downsizing was inevitable. Following that news the token dumped 34% over the next ten days to a 2019 low of $0.034 (1010 satoshis). This week a further announcement was released with proposals for funding and joint collaboration between the two divisions of the organization, the Foundation and NEM Labs. A massive restructuring has started and the Foundation has called for a ‘proof of importance’ (POI) vote in support of a funding request from the community. The core of the project is now known as Catapult and it will become the new NEM engine for dApps and smart contract deployment. The team has painfully admitted and made public the level of debt and what remains for future funding of staff and development; “Yes, our team will be in debt once February expenses are paid ... Total potential expected debt if everything is fully paid for: ~$15,000- $50,000 USD ... We had 150 employees in 2018 and are projected to have ~54 employees (both fulltime and consultant) in 2019.” With a clear path forward though, the project has a chance of survival and those that remain with it are confident in the future for NEM. These results can already be seen in token performance today. XEM Market Reaction XEM is the top performing altcoin in the top twenty at the time of writing. It had made 8% on the day when it reached an intraday high of $0.044 (1230 satoshis) a couple of hours ago. Daily volume has doubled from $12 to $24 million with Binance being the top exchange for NEM trade. Over the past seven days XEM has made an impressive 22% climbing from $0.036 (1085 satoshis) this time last Friday to where it trades today. The longer term picture is not so pretty for NEM which has largely fallen out of favor along with most of the other crypto tokens that have dropped out of the top ten. Nobody could have envisaged a dump of over 97% from all-time high but the NEM Foundation has taken the right approach under the circumstances. Restructure, keep building, and soldier on though hard times. Image from Shutterstock The post XEM Rises From Crypto Ashes as NEM Foundation Soldiers On appeared first on NewsBTC.

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Crypto Market Wrap: Could Binance Coin Flip Stellar (XLM) Soon?

Market Wrap Crypto markets continue consolidating; Litecoin back in fourth, BNB, XLM and NEM moving, Maker falls back. Movements have been minimal on crypto markets as we round out another week. The good news is that gains made this time last week have held for now but signs of further upward motion have not materialized. Total market capitalization has remained over $120 billion as the consolidation continues. Bitcoin is range bound in a very tight channel at the moment between $3,600 and $3,650. It has not changed in price since the same time yesterday but has consolidated above support levels so could move higher in the short term. Ethereum is still flat at $123 with zero movement over the past few days. Momentum is expected as Constantinople draws closer next week. XRP is holding $0.30 and also range bound, the gap between the two remains at $300 million. There is not much to report in the top ten during the day’s Asian trading session. Litecoin has re-flipped EOS and taken fourth place back with a 2.5% gain to $43, though the gap between them is negligible. Binance Coin is yet again the top mover here with 4% added and a rare blip by Stellar has sent XLM up 2.5% on the day - the gap between the two is now only $200 million. NEM has made the biggest move in the top twenty with 5% as the organization restructures and moves forward with the project. Very little else is going on and a few such as Monero, Maker, and Zcash are falling back 3% or so.’s MCO token its getting today’s fomo spike with a 26% jump as Singaporean crypto credit cards gather steam. Tezos is also having a good Friday with 8% added on the day. At the red end of the top one hundred is MOAC dumping 10% and yesterday’s pumped Komodo dropping 7%. Total market capitalization dipped back to $119 billion but has recovered to the same level as yesterday, $120 billion. The sideways motion continues and there is very little going on with markets at the moment. Gains made in last Friday’s big pump have held for the week leaving markets at the same place they were this time last month. Market Wrap is a section that takes a daily look at the top 20 cryptocurrencies during the current trading session and analyses the best-performing ones, looking for trends and possible fundamentals The post Crypto Market Wrap: Could Binance Coin Flip Stellar (XLM) Soon? appeared first on NewsBTC.

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Criptomoedas correm riscos em exchanges, entenda

Por: Livecoins Manter criptomoedas armazenadas em exchanges pode não ser uma boa escolha para os investidores. Ataques podem acontecer e investidores poderão ficar sem ver seus fundos para sempre. Para isso existem as carteiras digitais, que podem ser físicas e até off-line. Com a especialização cada vez mais aprofundada de hackers, algumas exchanges podem ser consideradas vulneráveis. Além de perder tudo por conta de um ataque, alguns infortúnios podem acontecer, resultando também na perda total das criptomoedas armazenadas em uma exchange. Sendo assim, a melhor opção é optar por uma carteira compatível com a criptomoeda utilizada pelo investidor. Por outro lado, até mesmo uma carteira pode ser hackeada, por isso, todo cuidado é necessário quando o assunto é armazenamento de criptomoedas. Exchange atacada em 2014 perdeu 744 mil Bitcoins A maioria dos investidores apenas mantêm os seus ativo digitais nas exchanges enquanto estão em negociação. Dessa forma, fundos são transferidos para exchanges em busca de comprar ou vender alguma criptomoeda. Porém, nem todos os investidores agem dessa forma e muitos deixam seus fundos armazenados em exchanges, sem se importar com que pode acontecer. Um dos ataques mais clássicos aconteceu contra a Mt. Gox, que perdeu dezenas de milhões de dólares em criptomoedas durante um ataque em 2014. Somente após quatro anos depois do ataque que a empresa passou a restituir seus investidores, após recuperar parte dos Bitcoins roubados. Na ocasião, cerca de 744 mil Bitcoins foram roubados da exchange. Com isso, milhares de usuários ficaram longos anos sem ver os seus fundos mantidos na empresa pouco antes do ataque. Esses ataques podem resultar na perda de todos os fundos para aqueles que não utilizam carteiras para armazenar suas criptomoedas. Em alguns casos, o ressarcimento pode acontecer, porém, em outros, ninguém sabe o que acontecerá. Mortes podem resultar na perda total de criptomoedas Além de ataques de hackers, algumas coisas completamente imprevisíveis pode acontecer. Recentemente uma exchange perdeu o acesso a todos os seus fundos. A empresa era uma das maiores do Canadá, que viu mais de US$ 190 milhões em criptomoedas serem bloqueados. Isso aconteceu após o dono da exchange QuadrigaCX morrer precocemente aos 30 anos. Com a morte de Gerald Cotten, a exchange perdeu o acesso a carteira em que era armazenado as criptomoedas de milhares de usuários. Cotten era o único que tinha acesso a carteira da exchange, portanto, ninguém mais tinha acesso ao dispositivo a não ser ele. Nem mesmo a viúva de Cotten conseguiu encontrar meios de acessar o computador do falecido marido. Nesse caso inusitado, investidores pagarão com seus fundos por uma tragicidade que aconteceu envolvendo uma enorme exchange. Coisas desse tipo podem acontecer, e por isso, manter criptomoedas armazenadas em exchanges pode trazer sérios riscos. O artigo Criptomoedas correm riscos em exchanges, entenda foi publicado originalmente em Livecoins.

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Blockchain e Inteligência Artificial vão dirigir seu carro

Por: Livecoins O mundo está em choque com as perspectivas de futuro tecnológico, com ferramentas que poderão fazer muito mais que o humano e com menos esforço. Inteligência Artificial quando retratada em filmes parece ser uma tecnologia destrutiva, vide skynet e rainha vermelha, duas AIs que tentaram exterminar os humanos. Porém, este tipo de tecnologia ainda não é uma realidade atualmente. No ponto em que estamos, no início de 2019, os pesquisadores estão atuando com a pesquisa em Inteligência Artificial (IA) do tipo super-fraca, que visa resolver problemas pequenos da vida humana, em uma ilusão ao trabalho de uma formiga. Neste ponto, a blockchain surge como uma iniciativa para unir forças com a IA para resolver outro problema que o ser humano enfrenta, a condução de carros pelas cidades. Já se sabe que os carros autônomos, aqueles que não precisam de motoristas humanos, se encontram em fases de testes por várias empresas pelo mundo e que poderiam ser uma solução para um trânsito mais seguro e totalmente diferente do que conhecemos nos dias de hoje. Vários destes testes de carros autônomos estão utilizando a Inteligência Artificial Fraca para conduzir os carros, processando milhares de informações de câmeras e sensores. Os códigos assumem o pior cenário possível sempre, visando cautela máxima da condução a cada quilômetro percorrido para cuidar da segurança dos passageiros. Este modelo de IA Fraca, porém, não é a forma mais segura para se conduzir os carros de acordo com especialistas, pois, estão suscetíveis a ataques hackers e outros problemas que o passageiro ainda teria que prestar atenção no caminho. Com a Inteligência super-fraca então, os detalhes que serão coletados pelos carros serão simples, como dados de outros carros e de infraestrutura. Mas garantir a segurança destes dados é o ponto crítico, sendo aqui que entraria a blockchain. A blockchain é uma tecnologia que salva a informação de forma descentralizada, com segurança e imutabilidade. Essas características são essenciais para resolver o problema da condução com carros autônomos e IA super-fraca. Com uma rede blockchain segura operando os dados da rede, os carros autônomos podem confiar que os dados recebidos são seguros e seguir seu caminho, sendo que os passageiros agora sim poderão confiar em ler um livro e até “tomar uma gelada” enquanto vão de um ponto a outro. Alguns poderão criticar a solução, visto que os carros não irão percorrer os trajetos com velocidade, mas considerando que a rua é “inteligente”, o trânsito será fluente e esse problema não será tão relevante assim. A rede poderá evitar carros que se comportem de maneira anormal também, mostrando que novamente o consenso da blockchain poderia ter novamente um destaque neste ponto. Se você pensa que isso está longe de acontecer, a Business Insider publicou um relatório no ano de 2016 que estimava que em 2020 já haveriam cerca de 10 milhões de carros autônomos nas ruas. Fonte: É óbvio que ao se falar de infraestrutura para a Inteligência Artificial e Blockchain atuarem juntas, se pensa em reformar tudo, como semáforos, ruas, ou seja, muita coisa tem que acontecer para a novidade embalar. Governantes que afirmarem ser gastos absurdos poderão estar enganados, pois, a economia gerada por um modelo como este é enorme, além de ser sustentável. Estima-se que as pessoas nem precisarão se preocupar com habilitação, muito menos com possuir um carro. A realidade que se aproxima é totalmente diferente do que conhecemos, sendo que a blockchain é uma das tecnologias que compõe o pilar desse desenvolvimento. O artigo Blockchain e Inteligência Artificial vão dirigir seu carro foi publicado originalmente em Livecoins.

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BTT Paired with XRP and More BitTorrent News Updates

There is no denying that all our favorite digital assets are in the red, save for a few such as Maker (MKR) and NEM (XEM). The latter two digital assets are currently exhibiting 4.34% and 3.94% in 24 hour gains at the moment of writing this. Further checking the market performance of BitTorrent (BTT), we find that the token has somewhat survived the ongoing market meltdown. BTT is currently valued at $0.000965 (27 Sats) and has declined in value by 4.34% in the last 24 hours. BTT/XRP Trading Pair It is amazing that the BTT token sale that started and ended on the 28th of January happened less than 3 weeks. In that short time period since the sale, a lot of developments have happened surrounding the token that aims at incentivizing seeding and bandwidth usage on the BitTorrent network. One such development is the addition of the BTT/XRP trading pair on Bitrue. The exchange has continually embraced XRP as a base currency on its exchange. At the moment of writing this, 27 digital assets are paired with the remittance coin. The tweet making the announcement of the new BTT pair can be found below. #BTT trading pairs are live on @BitrueOfficial now!BTT / XRPBTT / BTC Happy trading.@BitTorrent #XRP #xrpthebase — Bitrue (@BitrueOfficial) February 13, 2019 More Listings for BTT Late last week, Justin Sun had promised the Tron and BitTorrent communities of new listings of BTT on prominent exchanges. More major exchanges and first airdrop coming for #BTT & #TRX next week! Glad to see more adoption! #TRON #BitTorrent $TRX $BTT — Justin Sun (@justinsuntron) February 10, 2019 True to his word, the list of exchanges listing BTT has continued to increase with time and after the airdrop this past Monday. BitTorrent Inc. has provided the following official list of exchanges that support active trading of the token. Binance OKEx Bittrex International Huobi Upbit KuCoin Cointiger Bitbns TRX Market Coinspot Sistemkoin Exrates Satowallet Coinexmarket More BTT Stablecoin Pairs on Binance In the case of Binance, the exchange has added the following BitTorrent trading pairs. BTT/PAX BTT/TUSD BTT/USDC BitTorrent Card Powered by GRID Not so long ago, BitTorrent Inc. informed the crypto community of the pending release of a BitTorrent Card that will be powered by GRID. The tweet can be found below. Introducing the BitTorrent $BTT card, powered by #GRID. Receive, store and use $BTT on the go! Stay tuned for more info. @Troncard_io — BitTorrent Inc. (@BitTorrent) February 13, 2019 GRID is a prepaid solution for buying, holding and gifting Tron (TRX). The card acts like a traditional pre-paid card and will soon be supporting BTT. The service by GRID has no fees, is anonymous and secure. Users can also recover their funds if the card is lost. What are your thoughts on the recent progress of the BitTorrent token in the crypto markets as well as additional support for BTT by exchanges? Is this the beginning of greatness for the token? Please let us know in the comment section below. Disclaimer: This article is not meant to give financial advice. Any additional opinion herein is purely the author’s and does not represent the opinion of Ethereum World News or any of its other writers. Please carry out your own research before investing in any of the numerous cryptocurrencies available. Thank you. The post BTT Paired with XRP and More BitTorrent News Updates appeared first on Ethereum World News.

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EOS Flips Litecoin Again as Crypto Markets Beat a Slow Retreat

Market Wrap Crypto markets falling back slowly; EOS retakes 4th losing less than Litecoin, Maker and NEM climbing. Crypto markets have started to head south once again but the slide is a slow one at the moment and the majors are holding their positions. Total market capitalization has remained above $120 billion but only just...

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