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How to Monetize Your Talents in Crypto

Although, many people have heard about how profitable the blockchain and crypto industry can be. One of such news spread like wildfire when bitcoin hit the peak price of $20,000 in 2017. However, only few people actually have more than a general knowledge about cryptos and how to make money through them. A lot of people don’t know that blockchain and crypto spheres go beyond just what they see and hear every day. This is the exact reason why you should start your earning through cryptocurrencies and blockchain. As usual, we have done the “digging” for you. So, here are 12 ways through which you can monetize your talents in Crypto and Blockchain spheres. Crypto-Trading Like exchanging currencies like or even precious stones and gold, cryptocurrencies can also be exchanged. However, exchanging cryptocurrency requires consistency because, although profitable, it can be very dangerous regardless of the stage you use to exchange. If you don’t want to trade by yourself, you can put your resources into exchanging firms which speculate on digital currency and are similar to stock-broking firms. An example of such firm is USI-Tech. They can help you make profitable exchange transactions. Although, you have to be very careful because there are many fake exchanging organizations, and you have to be careful not to buy into any of them. Affiliate Marketing and Cryptocurrencies Some companies will compensate you with cryptocurrencies for advancing their products and services. For example, Miners entryway can pay up to 0.75% to referrers and HashCoins pay 10% upwards of income gotten from clients you invite. Exchange your services for cryptocurrencies If you’re a writer, developer, designer, etc. you can start earning cryptocurrencies by exchanging your services for cryptocurrencies. Platforms such as XBTFreelancer, Coinality, bitWAGE, Coinworker can pay you Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero or Litecoin in exchange for your skills or talents. Some cryptocurrency communities will even give you bounties if you help them out as a contributor. Arbitrage Buy low and sell high. Different exchange companies have different prices. You can take advantage by buying cryptocurrency from an exchange company at a low price and sell it at a higher price to another exchange company. Trading with bots There are free and paid bots, but undeniably, you can do automated trading with these bots. However, you should check if the trading bot will be profitable to you and if its real before you invest your money on it. Staking You can earn crypto dividends for connecting to a blockchain network as a reward for securing and making the network more decentralized. It is basically a price appreciation reward for holding cryptocoins such as Neblio and NAV coin in a live wallet such as Neo, Pivx or OKCash. Blogging Many people out there are making money writing and blogging on sites such as Y’alls and Steemit. On these sites, you get paid based on the value of your content, that is, if your content is liked by readers or if you monetize your written content by restricting full access for readers. If you are talented in the IT sphere, and you want to help others know more about Bitcoins, blockchain and crypto, this is your best shot. Buy and Hold Cryptos You can buy cryptocurrencies and hold them for some time till they appreciate and obtain a fair market share against currencies like Dollars and Pounds. You can also buy and hold cryptocurrencies such as Neo, KuCoin and CEFS that pay you dividends even without staking. Microtasks You can do microtasks in exchange for cryptocurrency on sites like Bituro and Coinbucks. Most times, the tasks aren’t complicated and if you have some time, you can download new applications for testing, watch videos and do online surveys in exchange for cryptocurrencies. Mining Cryptos Mining is the process used to create coins by solving mathematical calculations on high-end computers or devices. It is actually the traditional method of earning cryptocurrency. This is another good way to monetize your talents in Crypto, however, you have to make some initial investment of buying mining equipment (ASIC or GPU-Mining equipment) and you need access to cheap electricity to run mining equipment and the technical knowledge for the hardware and software involved in mining. You may not want to go into mining yourself but you can sell your technical knowledge of mining and the management and maintenance of its hardware and equipment. You can also try disk-space mining. This type of mining is done using empty spaces of hard drives. Work at a cryptocurrency-related company If you have the right skills, many companies, organizations and even individuals will pay you for working on cryptocurrency-related projects. They can reward you with cryptocurrencies or regular fiat currency or bounties. Start your own cryptocurrency-related project A word of warning first, although, you can make money doing this, you should not jus

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I'll give away 5 PIVX for free

Allright. I'm happy to announce that my portfolio now contains 50% PIVX. I made a promise to give 5 PIVs to the one person that got me convinced into buying this much. I did alot of research myself before getting this deep though and I've learned a ton of stuff just the last couple of days about things like zk-proofs, masternodes, etc, but I cannot pick any single person to win this bounty.. Therefore this is what I will do; I will give away 5 PIV to a random address I see under this topic, once it reach 50 up-votes, if that ever happens :) Disclaimer: I reserve my right to disqualify any replies from users that does not have some sort of posting-history on reddit. Edit1: Of course you'll get some freshly minted zPIV ;) Edit2: Make sure you create a new address when sharing it publicly like this. There are more benefits to staying private than most people realises. Edit3: It's getting close... I keep seeing the votes going up and down in the med 40's but as soon as I see 50+ I'll generate a random number between 1 and numberOfComments Edit4: The winner is number 34, laustcozz. Here is proof that I actually sent something; TX ID: fcc576b14641c9d7206df72f2d0d664666fe6fd68dc8b91d5c1290a7fa07b29f Hopefully you trust me that it's not anyone I know ;) Thanks everybody for participating and thanks for all the welcoming words. This was a fun way of starting my adventure with PIVX. I still have a lot to learn, but my investment strategy is somewhat different from others. I buy into it so heavily that it would just be foolish not to learn everything that I could possible learn about the coin. A little bit like I would play poker. Aggressive but with full focus on where the game is heading. Sometimes it ends up like with NAV that I throw my hand away before even seeing a flop. Hopefully PIVX is good enough to play until showdown, if you catch my poker terms. Don't get me wrong. I still think NAV is pretty solid but they are to soft and passive. They don't have the drive or vision to take it up to even 1/10 of where PIVX could go. Hopefully I'm right :)...

9 months ago

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