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MX Token MX

Market Cap $ 21.758 MM (#320)
24h Volume $ 2.437 MM
Chg. 24h: -0.74%
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MX Token project purpose and description

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MX Token purpose and aspects

MX is the native token of the MXC trading platform.

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MX is the proof of rights and interests of MXC trading platform itself. Its total circulation is 1 billion constantly and never be added. MX holders can enjoy a series of rights and interests including asset appreciation, rebates on platform revenue, supervision, voting, etc. The way to obtain MX token is to purchase on MXC platform or other platforms that list MX token.


MXC exchange, jointly launched by senior quantitative trading teams form Wall St., Europe & Japan and elites in blokchain field in the form of decentralized selforganization, is a platform for the circulation and exchange of blockchain-based assets. Committed to building the world's leading trading platform for blockchain assets, MXC provides assets circulation services to users in a more secure, more convenient and smarter way, by gathering worldwide high-quality blockchain assets and integrating cutting-edge security technology. At present, trading models including token-to-token, OTC, contract and PoS Pool, as well as wealth management product are provided. MXC now uses 100% profit from trading fees to buy back and burn MX, the exchange-based token, until the remaining amount reaches 100m. The total supply of MX is 1 billion, and over 30m has been bought back and burnt, with a total circulation of 270m now. Besides, MX is also the proof of rights of MXC community. That is, MX holders have the rights for community event voting and team election…etc. As the participant of empowerment, MXC is dedicated to maximizing the ecological profits of the self-governed community.

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