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MIR COIN project purpose and description

MIR COIN clarity of purpose

MIR COIN purpose and aspects

MIR COIN is a core element of MIR PLATFORM which is an integrated solution ranging over various use content and affiliated business plan.

Short description

MIR COIN is a core element of MIR PLATFORM which is an integrated solution ranging over various use content and affiliated business plan.


Improbable projects are dominant in the ecosystem of the current worldwide blockchaincommunities. Investment is also focused around short-term speculation. MIR COIN started from the considerations on the alternatives of solving these problems and developing the blockchainecosystem into a more sound and productive environment. We need a system which enables exchange of equivalents between the cryptocurrencyand the im/material values in the real economy for the cryptocurrencyto become more than a means of speculation. When using MIR COIN, people can use all kinds of everyday services including the transportation services of taxis, buses, and chauffeurs; they can buy goods and use services they need with everyday currency MIR PAY and cryptocurrencyMIR COIN. MIR payment system benefits both the affiliates and the users with its cheaper commissions. Especially, the users can get 5% payback for their purchases. As MIR payment system brings more users together, MIR COIN affiliates can benefit not only from the cheaper commissions but also by saving excessive marketing fees. MIR COIN aims to form a win-win economic ecosystem which benefits both its affiliates and users by constructing a MIR LAND ecosystem through MIR Payment. Furthermore, this will lead to the activation of everyday cryptocurrencyusage and arouse awareness on the blockchainmarket, which until now had been limited to speculation, and contribute to the development of a more sound blockchainecosystem. Currently, MIR COIN is constructing the MIR LAND starting with its partnership with about twenty companies. It plans to expand the MIR LAND by developing the Payment system and securing more partners from 2019.

Link to Roadmap: http://www.mircoin.io/#roadmap
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