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Metaverse ETP project purpose and description

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Metaverse ETP purpose and aspects

Digital assets are a new type of asset with ever growing importance. With only a few clicks you can own your assets onchain, records will last for forever. Digital identity is yours and yours to eternity, ntermediary services(Oracles) are built upon a decentralised reputation system and act as a link between Metaverse and the real world, allows to exchange value freely and easily, Conditional Trustless transactions, Replace traditonal contracts between parties, Trustless transactions between parties, Freedom of payments, Counterfeiting impossible, Fraud resistant, No single point of failure, No % based transfer costs, token issuance

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Short description

Metaverse is a leading public blockchain based in China. Designed to facilitate low-cost, convenient transfer of digitized personal data and assets with unprecedented security and privacy, Metaverse aims to revolutionize the way financial services and transactions are processed, and to improve outdated and inefficient identity verification services with a network of Digital Assets,​ Digital Identities, and Oracle​ Intermediaries.


Metaverse is a decentralized open platform based on public blockchain technology that encompasses Digital Assets and Digital Identities. By building a general technology platform that can be utilized by enterprises and individuals, Metaverse digitizes assets (conceptually similar to asset securitization) such as rare goods (artwork/antiques), intellectual property, and rights to returns from financial instruments in order to improve market efficiency. Through the provision of smart contracts and digital identities, Metaverse connects standalone stores of value to form an internet of value. MVS hopes to develop iteratively by working closely with businesses. Hence, each version of MVS will support a different degree of functionality, with successive updates responsive to market feedback. The initial version of MVS will be released with a minimal set of operations. This will subsequently be expanded using Bitcoin as the foundation to provide additional functions such as Digital Identity and Digital Assets. The software of Metaverse is distributed under the terms of the AGPL3.0 licensing agreement and is developed and maintained by Viewfin’s development team. Metaverse will be releasing its source code for open source development at:

Link to Roadmap:
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