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Market Cap $ 26.269 MM (#289)
24h Volume $ 100.108 K
Chg. 24h: 1.44%
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Metacoin project purpose and description

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METACOIN is a project that focuses on expanding the Ecosystem by solving and improving problems that traditional cryptocurrency cannot overcome. METACOIN is the first cryptocurrency based on hyperledger.


We build an independent platform powered by Hyperledger. Also, we issue Metacoin, which creates an ecosystem that facilitates brisk trading of cryptocurrency in the Hyperledger platform. We have already completed the development of Metacoin Mainnet and Protocol Layer. Soon, a variety of Dapps(Decentralized Applications) will be available in the Metacoin ecosystem. The Metacoin Ecosystem is a reality, not an empty blueprint. Multiple Metacoin-based projects are already underway over the Metacoin network. Trading channels including a cryptocurrency exchange have already been established in our ecosystem. IT firms with diverse backgrounds are continuously joining the system. Projects run in our ecosystem produce tangible outcomes in the market. Business viability of the Metacoin ecosystem has already been evidenced by Bitpet, a Hyperledger-based gaming project created by the Metacoin members. Bitpet has clearly shown that cryptocurrency can be a means of transaction in the global gaming market. It is noteworthy that Bitpet is used by numerous players in Japan, one of the leading gaming markets. Metacoin will shape an ecosystem that fosters promising project. We will provide resources for Blockchain groups with brilliant technologies and ideas. We will create a Blockchain service environment that will help high-potential IT planners and developers to produce fair value. We will also discover IT companies which, with all excellent ideas and technologies, are struggling with lack of talent and financial resources, and collaborate with them to expand our ecosystem.

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