Local Coin Swap LCS

Market Cap $ 1.996 MM (#586)
24h Volume $ 147.247 K
Chg. 24h: 5.95%
Algo. score 2.8/5  (#800)
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Local Coin Swap Price Chart, Market Cap and Volume

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Created with Highstock 5.0.14PriceMkt. CapTotal Crypto Market% of total MarketVolumeCirc.SupplyCirc. SupplyPriceMkt. CapTotal Crypto Market% of Total MarketVolumeCirc. Supply12. Nov14. Nov16. Nov18. Nov20. Nov22. Nov24. Nov26. Nov28. Nov30. Nov2. Dec4. Dec6. Dec8. Dec10. Dec$ 0.0300$ 0.0500$ 0.0800$ 0.1000$ 0$ 2 MM$ 4 MM$ 6 MM$ 80 Bn$ 160 Bn$ 240 Bn$ 320 Bn0.0012%0.0016%0.002%0.0024%$ 0.00$ 200.00 K$ 400.00 K32 M64 M

Between Sun, Nov 11th 2018 - Mon, Dec 10th 2018, the price of Local Coin Swap ranged between $0.0907 and $0.0382, with a min/max of $0.0332 and $0.0958.
Its market cap ranged between $ 3.65 MM and $ 2.00 MM, with a min/max of $ 1.74 MM and $ 4.27 MM, a median of $ 2.65 MM and a 7 day moving average of $ 2.02 MM.
The trading volume ranged between $ 91.28 K and $ 338.48 K, with a median of $ 151.69 K and a 7 day moving average of $ 148.73 K.

Local Coin Swap price historical Open - High - Low - Close - Volume data

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