Komodo project purpose and description

Komodo clarity of purpose

Komodo purpose and aspects

There is really no limit of how many blockchains could use Komodo to get bitcoin level protection.

Komodo additional differentiation against competition

We also have PAX2 and InstantDEX - PAX2 will basically create a decentralized forex market, where you can short PAX currencies and receive interest by balancing the market. - InstantDEX has the same backend as EasyDEX, but it is made for traders. It is a fully featured trading environment. No GUI team has been assigned to this task yet.

Short description

The Komodo Platform focuses on providing complete end-to-end blockchain solutions for developers of any level and any industry. It is simple yet powerful, offering customized blockchain solutions that are easy to deploy, and configurable to meet your needs. Our vision is to build a robust ecosystem of partners and developers, where together we create an environment that accelerates anyone’s journey into blockchain technology.


The Komodo project focuses on empowering users with Freedom through blockchain technology. There are many forms of Freedom that Komodo can provide, and we are currently focusing on empowering two types of users: the blockchain entrepreneur, and the average cryptocurrency investor. Together, our community of entrepreneurs, investors, and other users form an economic ecosystem. The foundational pillar of the Komodo ecosystem is security. Komodo provides a unique and innovative form of security that is as strong as the Bitcoin network, yet does not require the incredible cost. Every member of the Komodo ecosystem receives the benefits of this security. The investor relies on it for everyday use. The entrepreneur relies on it to protect their blockchain innovation at a cost that is affordable even to small businesses and startups.

Link to Roadmap: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1605144.0
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