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@LucidShores Hi Jake. It's a big update to Komodo and is man...

@LucidShores Hi Jake. It's a big update to Komodo and is mandatory. That's why the exchanges have probably put wall… https://t.co/v3OdtOw2w3

3 days ago

Komodo (KMD) Gains 17% Before Hard Fork

As most of the crypto market is in red today, Komodo (KMD), which has a market cap of $83 million is up by 17%. The multi-function blockchain project is scheduled to undergo a hard fork on December 15, 2018. Its biggest change is the addition of the Sapling technology that was recently implemented on Zcash. It will also allow for equal CPU/GPU hashing algorithms, and interchain smart contracts. Komodo (KMD) is priced at $0.748457, gaining 5.87% in the last 24 hours. (VS)

6 days ago

Pirate (ARRR) | Based on Zcash & Secured Using Bitcoin (BTC) Blockchain Network

Pirate (ARRR) is a new privacy-oriented coin that focuses on helping users maintain their financial privacy. ARRR, the platform’s native coin, is a “100% private send cryptocurrency.” Notably, the Pirate platform uses a privacy protocol that “cannot be compromised by other users’ activity on [its] network.” While most privacy coins offer “optional privacy” or privacy by default, the developers of Pirate claim that this may potentially create vulnerabilities on their network. Pirate uses ZK-snarks technology to “shield 100%” of the peer-to-peer (P2P) transactions on its blockchain, thus ensuring “highly anonymous” and private transactions. “Most Secure”, “Most Private” Coin The developers of the new privacy coin state that their privacy coin is arguably the “most private” and the “most secure” digital currency that has so far been created. Pirate’s decentralized crypto network is based on the Zcash platform, which is a product of the efforts of those involved in the Zerocoin project. As most crypto enthusiasts would know, the Zerocoin project was initially launched in order to enhance the privacy of bitcoin (BTC) transactions. Since then, however, there have been a number of a different privacy-oriented cryptocurrencies that have entered the crypto market. According to Zcash’s developers, the “best use of the protocol is a chain that requires private sends only.” Moreover, Komodo’s delayed Proof of Work (dPoW) helps to protect Pirate’s blockchain from being susceptible to double spends (when a user attempts to spend the same funds twice) and 51% attacks. This is achieved by “attaching a backup of the ARRR chain to the Bitcoin Blockchain.” As explained on the platform’s official website: “In order to 51% attack Pirate, you would have to first 51% attack Bitcoin. This makes security against double spends and hostile takeovers nearly impossible if not impossibe altogether.” Below are some key features of this new privacy coin: - “Independent assetchain launched on Komodo secured by dPoW”, - “Private send transactions only. No Public sends make it the largest shielded funds pool of any project using ZK-snarks”, - “TOR network supported”, - “Fundamentals complete. Main net launch was August 30, 2018,” - “Sapling upgrade planned for Q1 2019 to provide lite wallets, mobile wallets and Point of Sale functionality” In another post here on CryptoCoreMedia, we will cover the planned Sapling upgrade for Pirate. Demand For Privacy Coins Will Likely Increase The need for privacy-oriented cryptocurrencies may only increase in the foreseeable future. As CryptoCoreMedia reported, the US Department of Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) took action against two Iranian citizens for allegedly facilitating illicit bitcoin (BTC) transactions. The OFAC has identified two crypto addresses that are linked to them, as they were used for thousands of BTC transactions, worth “millions of US dollars.” While it’s always best to stay on the right side of the law, it should be obvious that there is a legitimate use case for privacy coins. However, let’s use our personal assets responsibly. The post Pirate (ARRR) | Based on Zcash & Secured Using Bitcoin (BTC) Blockchain Network appeared first on Crypto Core Media.

10 days ago

What Is Dash? Introduction to DASH Cryptocurrency And DashPay

What Is Dash? Dash is an open-source cryptocurrency and decentralized autonomous organization that forked from Litecoin. It aims to overcome Bitcoin’s shortfalls in governance, consensus, and speed. As a payment system, Dash is expanding its presence in Latin America, hoping to resolve payment and remittance issues from Mexico to Brazil. Dash touts itself as self-governing, self-funding, and the fastest growing platform. It’s not necessarily wrong on any of these counts. Although not fully unique, Dash is a solid project that forged a lot of solid partnerships. Introduction To Dash Nodes must own 1000 DASH, have a static IP, and meet minimum system requirements of CPU, RAM, available disk space, and network bandwidth to become masternodes, which govern the network. It underwent several rebrandings before landing on DashPay, which launched in January 2014 in Phoenix, AZ by Evan Duffield. Actually, we should say Xcoin was created in January 2014 by Duffield, before several rebrandings of this altcoin occurred (including Darkcoin) to make it the DashPay we know today. Dash is (and is also a portmanteau of) digital cash, and it’s a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), meaning it’s governed and maintained by its users with no central authority. Dash’s DAO funded over $33 million worth of Dash to projects ranging from Arizona State University’s (where I went to college, by the way) Blockchain Research Laboratory, cannabis payment platform Alt Thirty Six, and the country of Venezuela. It’s not just name-dropping investors and partners either - already, the Dash DAO approved a 30 Dash payment to sequence a cannabis genome and publish it on the blockchain to bypass the traditional scientific publishing market. Dash DAO is also gearing up to launch a venture fund in the next year. And on a performance level, it’s already confirmed 591,166 transactions in a 24-hour period, over 100,000 more than Bitcoin’s December 2017 high. Dash has aggressive expansion plans that include gaming, Mexico, and credit cards. If it can achieve even half of what it’s setting out to do, it’ll remain a dominant cryptocurrency into the foreseeable future. Before explaining why, let’s review DashPay’s DASH coin performance on the crypto market. Breakdown of DASH Token There’s currently a circulating supply of 8,440,664 DASH (out of a total supply of 18,900,000) as of November 12, 2018. The peak price of DASH was $1,541.99, which occurred on December 20,2017. Dash is mined using an X11 algorithm, which is a modified Proof-of-Stake system that uses Conjoin mixing to encrypt, anonymize, and privatize transactions. This makes it a competitor for privacy coins like Komodo, ZCash, Monero, and Verge. In PoS mining, DASH is rewarded to those holding it, and both mining and masternode pools are available. In addition, DASH is paid as a fee to Masternodes to process smart-contract transactions on the Dash blockchain. Block rewards are split between Masternodes (45 percent), Miners (45 percent), and Treasury (10 percent). The Treasury uses these funds for future development projects and to help fund the DAO’s investments as necessary. The full 18 million cap won’t be reached until the year 2300. DASH is tradeable on most major markets, including ZB.com, YoBit, HitBTC, Huobi, Binanc, Exrates, and many more. Its trading pairs include BTC, USDT, ETH, BCH, and other crypto and fiat currencies on some exchanges. Over $200 million in DASH is traded every day. Dash is open-source, with its own blockchain and support for desktop, mobile, hardware, and paper wallets. In addition, like Bitcoin and Litecoin, DASH is actually a spendable currency (a rarity in crypto), with more retailers accepting it as payment every day. Unclogging Bitcoin’s Blockchain The key to Dash’s success lies in Masternodes. Bitcoin was left open-ended, which led to ASIC mining company Bitmain owning 40 percent of the network’s mining stake. The 4,719 Masternodes processing Dash’s full blockchain retain verification and validation power. This greatly reduces the number of nodes needed to process network transactions. It also maintains a power circle of trust among Masternodes, which must maintain at least 1000 DASH to participate. Transaction fees are much lower than Bitcoin or Ethereum’s, and, unlike privacy coins like Komodo, founder Duffield, CEO Ryan Taylor, CTO Andy Freer, and other members of the team don’t mind revealing themselves to the public. As pointed out by Leigh Cuena at Coindesk, even if Dash fails, its focus on emerging economies in Africa, South America, and around the world will leave a lasting impact. Venezuela became the second biggest market for Dash among volatile pricing of its own currency. The country saw a 1,000,000 percent rise in inflation in 2018, leaving many short of being able to even afford groceries. Merchant acceptance in the country is on the rise too. Activists, academics, entrepreneurs - these are the people Dash is helping, and it’s a mod

22 days ago

Agama #iOS app beta test now open to public. All testers sho...

Agama #iOS app beta test now open to public. All testers should join #agama-ios-beta-test in Komodo discord. The ch… https://t.co/EQcHsNmwgw

23 days ago

Komodo is pleased to welcome our two new Strategic #Advisors...

Komodo is pleased to welcome our two new Strategic #Advisors: Dr Sajib Datta a Senior Lecturer @utarlington and… https://t.co/3w8j12VOoT

a month ago

An exclusive sneak peek at the Komodo team meet-up in Wales ...

An exclusive sneak peek at the Komodo team meet-up in Wales where @techloverhd took some amazing footage with his d… https://t.co/NgpSGMh7hm

a month ago

Stellar Lumens [XLM] fails to perform in the market post Blockchain announcement

Stellar Lumens [XLM], the sixth biggest cryptocurrency in the market, enjoyed the bull run which took place earlier this week. The coin made an uproar in the cryptoverse with Blockchain’s announcement on their official portal which stated that they would airdrop $125 million XLM. This announcement set the market ablaze as it turns out to be the biggest giveaway to be taking place in the cryptocurrency space. The giveaway is a celebration for adding XLM on Blockchain wallet, which was initially a Bitcoin concentric wallet. Blockchain has promised to giveaway over $25 worth of XLM to all the users with verified accounts. The platform stated that the Stellar network is “built for scalability”. The coin allows for quick, low-cost and worldwide transactions, which is one of the main reason for listing the coin on their wallet. The wallet supports a total of four cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin [BTC], Bitcoin Cash [BCH], Ethereum [ETH] and the recently added, Stellar Lumens [XLM]. Peter Smith, the CEO and co-founder of Blockchain said on Twitter: “Excited to add #XLM to the @blockchain wallet today and announce a $125M airdrop - the biggest digital giveaway ever. We’ll be giving millions of people their first $20 of crypto over the next few months” He further said: “We’re excited to help the @StellarOrg build an ecosystem, alongside their other partners inclu @stripe and @IBM, by bringing millions of users onto the Stellar network.” The announcement resulted in the coin gaining a momentum in the market, however, it failed to have a massive impact on its price. According to CoinMarketCap, XLM was trading at $0.25 with a market cap of more than $4 billion. The trade volume of the coin was over $74 million and had seen a downfall of around 3% in the past 24 hours. Stellar Lumens [XLM] Price Chart | Source: CoinMarketCapAdditionally, according to reports by CoinGekco, Stellar Lumens turned out to the second biggest platform for ICOs with over 6% market share, after Ethereum. Stellar was followed by NEO, NEM, Achain, Waves, EOS, Zilliqa, Komodo, and Hyperledger. Drive Markets stated on Twitter: “Over 85% of ICOs are issued on Ethereum according to @coingecko and Stellar is in second place with 6% market share” Stellar Lumens ICO market share | Source: CoinGecko DU09, a Redditor said: “Not surprised, XLM is second after ETH, unlikely this will change as ETH loses market share. The other competitors are not like XLM, rather an improved version of ETH or BTC, so they won’t scale as easy. Only challenge for XLM is to expand it’s ecosystem and adoption from large investors that so far go for ETH as that already dominates the market and existing infrastructure.” The post Stellar Lumens [XLM] fails to perform in the market post Blockchain announcement appeared first on AMBCrypto.

a month ago

Komodo (KMD) Wallet Adds Support for Ethereum and ERC-20 Tokens

The Komodo (KMD) platform recently posted the following tweet announcing some new additions to its Agama wallet: “Komodo Adds $ETH & #ERC20 Tokens To Agama Wallet. In addition to #ETH, here are all the ERC20 tokens that will be available in v44 of Agama Wallet.” This update shows the Komodo project's effort and dedication to facilitating interoperability between blockchains and add more connectivity to the cryptocurrency space. KMD is currently trading at $1.25. (JF)

a month ago

Komodo Adds $ETH & #ERC20 Tokens To Agama Wallet. In add...

Komodo Adds $ETH & #ERC20 Tokens To Agama Wallet. In addition to #ETH, here are all the ERC20 tokens that will be a… https://t.co/uIGXpSDS8h

a month ago

Komodo enhances dPoW security mechanism for verifying transactions

CryptoNinjas Komodo, an independent, scalable, and fully interoperable blockchain ecosystem that provides end-to-end blockchain infrastructure announced today its development team has added a new feature to its Proof of... Komodo enhances dPoW security mechanism for verifying transactions

a month ago

Komodo adds a new feature to verify delayed #ProofofWork not...

Komodo adds a new feature to verify delayed #ProofofWork notarizations. This new feature makes it easy to know when… https://t.co/4lOp4S92wh

a month ago

Crypto Markets Move Again With a 6 Billion Dollar Dump

FOMO Moments The bears have awoken; Altcoins are dumping, only Maker, Nxt and Waltonchain survive. We have been waiting for some movement on crypto markets and it has finally arrived. Unfortunately in the wrong direction, however, and another dump has seen $6 billion shaved off cryptocurrencies as they plummet back towards $200 billion total capitalization. Bitcoin finally broke down and could not hold its support level resulting in a $150, or 2.4%, dive down to $6,340. The longer term consolidating channel is still intact providing BTC stays above $6,000 which seems likely at the moment. Ethereum followed suit and has lost 3.8% on the day dropping to $197. Altcoins, like the digital lemmings that they are, all jumped off the cliff in hot pursuit and the boards are red this morning in Asia. Taking the biggest hit has been Litecoin shedding 6% to fall below $50 for the first time since September 2017. Bitcoin Cash, EOS and Cardano have all lost between 4-5 percent at the moment and the rest are not far behind. The further down the chart we look, the greater the losses. In the top twenty Tron, Iota, Neo, Ethereum Classic, and Zcash have all dropped over 5% on the day. There is only one altcoin in the top fifty surviving the rout at the moment and that is Maker, posting a gain of 2.3% to trade at $628. There are no major pumps occurring but a couple of altcoins are surviving in the top one hundred at the moment. Nxt, Waltonchain and DigixDAO are all up 3-4 percent at the moment as their brethren suffers. The biggest losers over the past 24 hours are Revain, Komodo, Dentacoin, and Stratis dumping 9-11 percent overnight. Total crypto market capitalization has lost almost 3%, or $6 billion, since yesterday and is currently at $203 billion. Those that wanted the volatility back have got it, the bears are roaring again in crypto land. Altcoins have taken most of the brunt of the purge and Bitcoin dominance has crept back over 54%. The three month chart still looks flatter than a squished pumpkin. FOMO Moments is a section that takes a daily look at the top 20 altcoins during the current trading session and analyses the best performing ones, looking for trends and possible fundamentals. The post Crypto Markets Move Again With a 6 Billion Dollar Dump appeared first on NewsBTC.

a month ago

Please download the new version of Agama if you're using Kom...

Please download the new version of Agama if you're using Komodo lite mode to claim rewards. It includes a critical… https://t.co/20Koscxik3

a month ago

Cryptocurrency Trading Update: Sapling Keeps Zcash Green in Red Crypto Market

FOMO Moments Crypto land is still stagnant; Zcash, Ravencoin and MobileGo on the up, Decred and Bitcoin Diamond dumping. There has been another slight pullback today on crypto markets but nothing noteworthy. The sideways channel is still intact and total market capitalization is still at the same level it has been for the past ten days. There has been no movement in the Bitcoin camp overnight and it is still trading at $6,490 where it has been for over a week. While no movement is bad for day traders, it is good for overall stability and lowering that volatility that the institutions keep complaining about. Ethereum is still falling with another percent lost today taking ETH down to $202. Red is the dominant color on the altcoin charts at the moment. In the top ten Stellar has taken the biggest hit with a 3% slide to $0.236. The rest are down just over a percent at the moment while Tether still tries to claw back its peg. USDT is currently valued at $0.989 on Coinmarketcap. There is only one climber in the top twenty, and that is Zcash making 5% on the day to reach $127. The upcoming activation of the Sapling update on October 28 is currently driving momentum for ZEC. Activation block 419200 will be mined October 28, 2018 18:21 UTC-05:00 assuming 150 seconds/block. Learn more: https://t.co/MuhVtIFA6m #Zcash #Sapling pic.twitter.com/dXr2WbEOEe — Zcash Company (@zcashco) October 24, 2018 Over the past seven days Zcash has made 8% but on the month it is flat, trading at the same price again. South Korean traders are all over ZEC this morning with Bithumb taking over 50% of the volume in KRW. The rest of the top twenty are falling between one and three percent right now. There are a couple of fomo pumps going on as usual way down the top one hundred charts. Ravencoin, MobileGo, Veritaseum, Komodo and Metaverse ETP are all making 13-17 percent on the day, however tomorrow they will likely dump. Speaking of dumps, yesterday’s winners, Bitcoin Diamond and Decred, are losers today, dumping around 12%. The cycle continues with different altcoins but none can hold on to their gains at the moment. Total crypto market capitalization has dropped a little today, falling back a percent again to $208 billion. Aside from the pump and dumps from low cap altcoins nothing else is happening right now. Both the bulls and the bears are sleeping and it is all calm in crypto land. FOMO Moments is a section that takes a daily look at the top 20 altcoins during the current trading session and analyses the best performing ones, looking for trends and possible fundamentals. The post Cryptocurrency Trading Update: Sapling Keeps Zcash Green in Red Crypto Market appeared first on NewsBTC.

a month ago

Cryptocurrency Market Update: A New Brave Browser Boosts BAT

FOMO Moments Another flat Saturday as markets are stagnant; Only BAT and DGTX heading higher. The weekend has brought no joy to crypto markets which have remained immobile for the past few days. The slow downward slide seems to have halted just below $210 billion market capitalization where things remain for another day. Bitcoin is at the exact same place it was on Friday, $6,480 and there is no sign of a breakout just yet. A similar story is being played out in the Ethereum camp during Asian trading this morning. ETH is immobile again today at around $204. Alcoins are nearly all in the green but gains are so small they are hardly worth mentioning. The biggest movement in the top ten is Stellar which has inched up 2.2% to $0.244 this morning. The rest are static with small upwards movement of around one percent on the day. The top twenty is a little more mixed with more red creeping in. Zcash is also up 2.2% trading at $120 right now but the rest have moved less than a percentage point in either direction. Interest in altcoins is at rock bottom this month. Today’s big pump is BAT which has jumped 16% to $0.240 on the day. A new Brave browser release with BAT integrated for tipping websites was launched a couple of days ago which is driving momentum now. Trade volume has quadrupled from $6 to $24 million, over 60% of which is on Binance. New Brave desktop browser available for download at https://t.co/4wVWi8TElt. This latest milestone on our way to 1.0 is Chromium-based, has 22% faster load time than our previous Muon-based version, & unveils Brave Rewards beta (previously Brave Payments). https://t.co/Zppx5mUZzN pic.twitter.com/RZ5tLm9QDr — Brave Software (@brave) October 18, 2018 Basic Attention Token has made 33% since this time last Saturday and is also up over 50% on the month. Digitex Futures is also in pump mode, adding 15% to its price levels over the past 24 hours and Aeternity is looking strong with a 10% gain. Getting the red end of the digital stick is Polymath, as yesterday’s pump predictably dumps today. POLY has dropped 11% of its previous gains in this tired pattern of ups and downs. Komodo is also shedding some today with a 7% decline. Total crypto market capitalization has not moved since Friday morning and is still at $208 billion. The daily lows are getting shallower though so it could get back over $210 billion during Euro and US trading today. Since last weekend markets have climbed 3.5% but they are still very flat. FOMO Moments is a section that takes a daily look at the top 20 altcoins during the current trading session and analyses the best performing ones, looking for trends and possible fundamentals. The post Cryptocurrency Market Update: A New Brave Browser Boosts BAT appeared first on NewsBTC.

2 months ago

The Verus Factor

Verus is a unique currency of privacy and confidentiality and can be quoted directly from the abstract part of its whitepaper: “The Verus project aims to establish a secure cryptocurrency that focuses on privacy and distributes it fairly, but outside of this objective, Verus wants to be much more than a privacy protection coin, with two fully decentralized proof of work and proof of stake test algorithms” Privacy look Verus uses zk-SNARKS, a type of cryptography used in the Zcash blockchain. zk-SNARK stands for Zero Knowledge, Succinct Non-Interactive Argument of Knowledge. By using zk-SNARKS, the transaction information is completely encrypted using the Zcash blockchain unique design test (zk-SNARK) algorithm. This provides a lot more of anonymity. Many people may say that blockchains like Bitcoin is private, but it’s not really private. Transaction records are stored in a fixed ledger that can be queried. With zk-SNARKS, we get protected transactions that enable transaction validation while preserving all entries private. Verus uses Komodo’s Delegated Proof of Work and Proof of Stake algorithm, which keeps it safe and nearly impossible for 51% of attacks. Defense against the centralization of ASICS Verus uses its own hash algorithm called VerusHash. It’s a new optimized algorithm for processors. According to the developers, they claim ASICs is currently not available and do not expect to be until the coin economy strengthens its development. However, if the ASICs are specifically designed for VerusHash, the goal is to create an open source hardware design available to the community. This avoids centralization by making ASICs easy and affordable for everyone, not just one or two large companies and wealthy clients. Verus developers report that they do not currently know of a truly ASIC-resistant algorithm, but their approach gives a fresh start to zk-SNARK’s privacy and is the most sensible way to manage the centralized nature of ASICs. So, What is an ASIC? If you ask, some manufacturers have developed special hardware circuits to extract certain types of digital coin. ASIC stands for Application Specific Integrated Circuit and these circuits can be found in abundance within our daily lives. Your washing machine probably has an ASIC, a small integrated circuit specially designed to control your machine. Thus, if a cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin is available, hardware manufacturers create ASICs optimized to function as a data-mining platform and outperform the performance of a general or even high-performance system, such as a laptop or desktop. ASIC-resistant means simply that there is no advantage over a standard CPU system in creating a particular circuitry for extracting the cryptocurrency, as this would require the use of a large amount of memory in the ASIC. Conversely, that would require a too much physical area in ASIC and would be viable as an effective mining device. This makes the Verus coin perfect for mining with a standard processor. Facts and Characteristics of Verus The Verus coin was launched in mid-May 2018 and is a hybrid fork for proof of work and a proof of stake of Komodo crypto coin. The team considered and developed a timed lock mechanism. This means that all the coins that were extracted before and those that managed to enter early and use the highest reward and the lower limit of a new blockchain were unable to dump. The coins are blocked and cannot be used either for a random period between 3 and 24 months. These are completely random time intervals per block per person. Verus Specialties Instead of the usual model, “Pay us and we promise to meet in a few years,” they decided to launch their coin fairly. A time previously announced when the mining would begin. That’s right, no advance mining, there are no funds from the founders, no ICO. The rewards of a linear ramp from the minimum coins to a maximum of 384 coins rewarded per block. After the first ramp, the reward is reduced by half months until it gets to 24 pieces per block. All rewards stake-able are those under 96, which means that having coins will bring many rewards. The piece itself consists of 50% proof of work and 50% proof of stake. Therefore, the rewards aren’t something to play with. What Other devs are saying about Veruscoin: JL777 is Lead Developer for Komodo Platform Coin Statistics: Name: Verus - VRSC Maximum supply: 83,540,184. Algorithm: PoW / PoS VerusHash - 50/50 + DPoW Block time: 1 minute. The Required Configuration: 64-bit CPU / OS, CPU with AES-NI and AVX instructions Windows, Linux (tested by Ubuntu) Mac High Sierra. 4 GB of memory In summary, Verus plans to create a platform on which to build voting or even electoral systems that support their vision of a better society through blockchain. The post The Verus Factor appeared first on Crypto Core Media.

2 months ago

Good to hear you talk about Komodo @IvanOnTech. We'd like to...

Good to hear you talk about Komodo @IvanOnTech. We'd like to give you a look under the hood of our #crypto conditio... https://t.co/ifGOyR3D9s...

2 months ago

Ripple (XRP) Forecasting Engine to be Added to Alphacat (ACAT) Store

Alphacat, the NEO based robo-advisor marketplace for traders, recently announced that it will be adding the Ripple (XRP) real-time forecasting engine to the ACAT store on October 15th. The forecasting engine allows traders to predict the trends of cryptocurrency prices in 15, 30, and 45 minute intervals, which Alphacat claims can help users to decide when they should buy and sell cryptocurrencies to maximize profits and analyze potential risks. XRP is now the sixth crypto being offered in the ACAT store including NEO, BTC, ETH, EOS and ADA. (JF)

2 months ago

Komodo Price Surge has no Volume to Sustain the Pump

Even though some altcoins are generating a bit of an uptrend, there is still a good chance the momentum will turn around. In the case of Komodo, the altcoin is making some interesting gains right now. The platform is positioning itself as a facilitator of atomic swaps, but there are other things going behind the scenes as well. Komodo Price Gains Pile Up Looking at the bigger picture, this weekend has not been overly impressive for the top cryptocurrencies. Komodo shows there is plenty of room for upward momentum in the end, although it remains to be seen how long this trend will remain in place. A steep uptrend like this shows money is still flowing into cryptocurrencies at this stage, which is a good sign. Over the past 24 hours, the Komodo price has been on the rise in a spectacular fashion. The recent 9% gain pushes the value of KMD above the $1 level again, and there is also a strong uptrend in the KMD/BTC department. All of this is happening with under $1m worth of trading volume, though, which is something to be concerned about. One particular development taking place behind the scenes of Komodo is how the platform is looking to add support for VerusHash algorithm. This gives users an interesting option to mine KMD accordingly. At the same time, this might mean a second blockchain will need to be introduced, albeit specific details are vague on that front. It will be possible to mine $KMD with #VerusHash algorithm as an option within few months in @KomodoPlatform. This is what #JL777, the leader of #Komodo said @marmarachain Discord platform. @VerusCoin $VRSC https://t.co/tX9Eqk1OVr — MarmaraChain (@marmarachain) October 13, 2018 More and more people are starting to realize the full potential of Komodo and its underpinning technology. Unlike virtually any other blockchain out there, the platform provides extensive scaling and not sacrifice security in the slightest. There are numerous ways of building a blockchain infrastructure, and Komodo is certainly doing a lot of things right. How does the @KomodoPlatform allow for such extensive scaling whilst retaining security? We've written about this here as our final part of the Focus Fire series on #Komodo https://t.co/Yx0zFJU8fr by @_DKleine - #altcoins #cryptotwitter #blockchain — CryptoMurmur (@cryptomurmur) October 14, 2018 Most traders are seemingly not too convinced the Komodo uptrend will remain in place all that long. CRYPTO FREAK is a bit bearish at this time, although it seems this chart was drawn well ahead of this current price uptrend. At the same time, a steep push without real volume does not instill too much confidence, thus it will be interesting to see what the future holds for this altcoin. #komodo - $KMD Set up has a bearish bias, as range currently became resistance -indicating that if it fails to get back in and confirm support within blue box - a leg down will occur On this set up I would lightly enter once support is confirmed on bottom of blue box and ABOVE pic.twitter.com/jy2g6byUJJ — CRYPTO FREAK (@teddycleps) October 14, 2018 Because of these current gains, things look rather promising for KMD holders. At the same time, it will mainly hinge on how Bitcoin’s price evolves over the coming hours and days. Until the world’s leadling cryptocurrency starts to hide an upward stride in full force again, it seems very unlikely there will be any stability for altcoins. The post Komodo Price Surge has no Volume to Sustain the Pump appeared first on NullTX.

2 months ago

Most Anonymous Coin Ever Created in the Crypto ... Did you miss it ?

If you’re trying to find the most protection and privacy coin now, then search no more. PIRATE COIN just beat them all. Pirate Coin sails on the komodo ship and is a Shielded-transactions blockchain, meaning just personal trades could be processed. PIRATE is mined to a pocket then moved to a protected address. Additionally, it comes with an asset chain of Komodo that provides this coin a little recognition in a large way. Komodo blockchain concentrates on privacy and security. The Pirates job is ensuring total anonymity by blending the most essential items about Zcash along with Monero while also adding postponed evidence of work too. Delayed evidence of jobs (DPOW) is the only guaranteed means of shielding against 51% strikes and Pirate was intelligent enough to be certain its portion of the machine. To understand the real anonymity and security of Pirate we will need to understand a bit more about Zcash and Monero. Zcash employs zk-snark - or evidence of structure. This permits the system to keep a safe ledger of accounts without revealing amounts or parties involved in trades. This occurs with zero knowledge - or essentially where the individual making the trade could devote the ZEC and the values equilibrium and they have not been spent. In Bitcoin, every complete node retains a balance of what’s held by every speech in the UXTO or unspent trades output with every transaction being confirmed to unlock this output. Monero is an anonymous coin, meaning it may make trades anonymously, in comparison with the public ledger and background found in Bitcoin. Monero utilizes ring tags, ring confidential trades, and also stealth addresses to conceal the roots, numbers, and destinations of trades. Monero also supplies all of the advantages of a decentralized cryptocurrency with no of those normal privacy concessions. Delayed Proof of Work, dPoW enables one blockchain to make the most of the safety and hashing energy of another blockchain making a little series enormously powerful against any strikes it could incur. Now that we’ve heard a bit about all of the things Pirate has executed in its own job, we are now able to see the reason it’s the very best and most anonymous and secure coin anybody might have expected. The post Most Anonymous Coin Ever Created in the Crypto ... Did you miss it ? appeared first on Crypto Core Media.

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UK Cloud Mining Service Argo Offers Bitcoin Mining at the Touch of a Button

London-based cloud mining firm Argo has announced that it will allow its users to mine Bitcoin using its rapidly growing platform. The number one digital currency by market capitalisation will be included next to a host of other popular cryptos from early next month. Argo to Include Bitcoin as Part of Its “Mining as a Software” Platform A cryptocurrency cloud mining company has announced that it will add Bitcoin to its roster of altcoins from November 1, 2018. The planet’s most popular digital asset will join the likes of ether, Bitcoin Gold, ETC, Zcash, Komodo, and Horizen as part of Argo’s services aimed at aspiring crypto miners who are less tech-savvy. With Bitcoin’s inclusion, the total number of digital currencies supported will be seven. According to a report in BusinessCloud, the decision to offer Bitcoin on the Argo platform was made in response to public demand. Mike Edwards, the company’s co-founder and president, had the following to say about Bitcoin’s inclusion: “We have seen strong demand for Bitcoin and our growth strategy is customer-led. We look forward to offering even more choice as demand grows and we invest in our platform.” Argo is a technology startup operating out of London, England. The firm offers digital asset cloud mining services for a monthly subscription. Their goal is to become the most trusted and transparent provider of mining services aimed at those who lack the technical know how or expensive hardware needed to provide computing power to a range of public blockchains. The company, which was floated on the London Stock Exchange this August, has already seen a ten-fold increase in the number of subscriptions sold in its short existence. During its initial public offering (IPO), the startup was able to raise $32 million. It trades under the ticker ARB and currently claims to serve 4,200 cloud miners from around the world. Argo operates extensive “state-of-the art data centres” out of Quebec, Canada. Excluding the necessary hardware itself, perhaps the largest overhead for cryptocurrency miners is electricity. Thanks to its abundant cheap energy, many mining operations have relocated to Canada in recent months. The cold climate also allows those running huge numbers of specialised computer chips in a confined data centre environment to save on heat extraction costs. In a promotional video from the Argo website, the firm claims to be able to make anyone a Bitcoin miner “in under 5 minutes.” They state that their team comprises of experienced technology veterans dedicated to making cryptocurrency mining possible for as wide an audience as possible. This, they claim, is vital to the “widespread success of cryptocurrency.” Featured image from Shutterstock. The post UK Cloud Mining Service Argo Offers Bitcoin Mining at the Touch of a Button appeared first on NewsBTC.

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Argo Blockchain PLC to Launch Bitcoin on its Mining Platform

In a press release, Argo Blockchain PLC, a provider of crypto mining services, has announced that it is launching Bitcoin on its mining platform as from November 1st 2018. Per the press release, the high demand for Bitcoin by clients led to its addition. The firm's expansion to mining of Bitcoin in its platform follows a ten-fold surge in the sales of its packages. Through its cloud-based Maas, Argo's customers can mine Komodo, Horizen, Zcash, Bitcoin Gold, ETC, and ETH. The company is planning to offer a variety of choices as the platform grows. (KE)

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Announcing 5 Komodo Infographic Finalists For A Final Round Of Voting.

https://i.redd.it/ffbr4ntiifr11.png # Many thanks for the great effort. The [Komodo Infographic Contest](https://www.reddit.com/r/komodoplatform/comments/9d8bbz/komodos_20_infographic_contest_5000_kmd_grand/) has far surpassed all of the Komodo team’s expectations. We were delighted and impressed by each and [every one of the 34 submissions](https://twitter.com/KomodoPlatform/status/1043557354476695552). The highest-ranking posts had over 100 votes on social media and the comments on them provided useful and insightful feedback. However, social media votes were not the only criteria we used to pick the finalists. ## Here's how we chose the finalists. While the Komodo team took comments, sentiment, and the virality of each post on social media into account, there are three additional categories used to score the infographics. Here are all of the categories we used for the evaluation... * Design * Creativity * Messaging and Copy * Community Feedback ## The Finalists Without further ado, here are our 5 finalists that will go forward to the final week of voting. **These posts need your votes to win in the final week of voting.** Please read this post all the way to the bottom for more information on the final week of the infographic contest and how to vote. # Infographic #003 by [/u/VolsenVols](https://www.reddit.com/u/VolsenVols) (also on Twitter [@VolsCrypto](https://twitter.com/VolsCrypto)). https://i.redd.it/ibunzwhtefr11.png # Infographic #005 by [/u/savandra](https://www.reddit.com/user/savandra) (also on Twitter [@savandra11](https://twitter.com/savandra11)). https://i.redd.it/ovb9fzs1gfr11.png # Infographic #012 by [/u/ProofDraw](https://www.reddit.com/user/ProofDraw/) (also on Twitter [@DrawProof](https://twitter.com/DrawProof)). https://i.redd.it/mz23bu8djfr11.png # Infographic #018 by [/u/gravigocrypto](https://www.reddit.com/u/gravigocrypto) (also on Twitter [@bee833](https://twitter.com/bee833)). https://i.redd.it/luega6arjfr11.jpg # Infographic #025 by [/u/Platitude\_X](https://www.reddit.com/u/Platitude_X) (also on Twitter [@Platitude\_X](https://twitter.com/Platitude_X)). https://i.redd.it/qp588gi0lfr11.jpg # Honourable Mentions In addition to these 5 finalists, the Komodo team would like to recognize 3 infographics that just barely missed the cut. It was a remarkably difficult decision to choose the finalists and there were many more than 5 that deserve recognition. Honorable mentions and a small reward of KMD are being given to the following infographics... * [\#009](https://www.reddit.com/r/komodoplatform/comments/9i041w/komodo_in_a_nutshell_infographic_contest/) by [/u/jeanetteLine](https://www.reddit.com/user/jeanetteLine/) (also on Twitter [@CyberiusDigital](https://twitter.com/CyberiusDigital)). * [\#019](https://www.reddit.com/r/komodoplatform/comments/9imxjl/my_second_submission/) by [/u/PacoSenda](https://www.reddit.com/u/PacoSenda) (also on Twitter [@TheSuperSenda](https://twitter.com/TheSuperSenda)). * [\#017](https://www.reddit.com/r/komodoplatform/comments/9ijuq6/the_future_of_blockchain_is_komodo/) by [/u/jsteneros](https://www.reddit.com/user/jsteneros/). (also on Twitter [@jsteneros](https://twitter.com/jsteneros)). The designers who created these 3 graphics may get in touch with Ben O’Hanlon to send their KMD addresses along, as the Komodo team would like to thank these artists for their time and hard work. A few small edits will be requested and once the adjustments have been made, some KMD will be awarded for the wonderful efforts. ## A Final Week of Voting The Komodo team has had so much trouble choosing a winner that we’ve decided to extend the voting period for one more week. We need your help in deciding who will receive the Grand Prize of 5,000 KMD! Here’s how the final week of voting will work: From October 11 to October 18, anyone may cast their ballot by leaving a comment on this post, this Twitter thread, Facebook post and/or this LinkedIn post. You may only vote for the 5 Finalists identified above. Votes for other infographics will not be considered. You may vote up to four times for the same infographic by commenting once on each of the four social media platforms. You may also choose to vote for more than one infographic, if you’d like to. * Reddit. This is the post you're reading. * Twitter. [Click here for the thread](https://twitter.com/KomodoPlatform/status/1050157446809956352). * Facebook. [Click for the post](https://www.facebook.com/KomodoPlatform/posts/741039106242663?__xts__[0]=68.ARA08g6i0sWofoRVF4brKPFKC4sDquDLRffPaggZ3dDBSdKCtDQJ3Jok3GTEIwbokWIyOa_BZ0A_nF2jNMOOFkDDqPa2aqKhaYiSMlxH1dsvTEQk10CRCe4gCDe_BwIM_scftwwL1WLffEvkbuCutDXKjl8PHHimbX76jEwwX4u_7nYW73jY&__tn__=-R). * LinkedIn. [Click for the LinkedIn post.](https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:6455925742999080960) **It’s important to emphasize that likes, shares, and retweets do NOT count as votes. To vote for someone you must leave a comment with the

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Komodo (KMD) Announces Collaboration with the University of Texas at Arlington

The blockchain service ecosystem Komodo (KMD) has announced a new collaboration with the University of Texas at Arlington (UTA) that will see Komodo provide funding for two senior design projects along with one-year scholarships for two undergraduate and two graduate students. This collaboration is a clear example of Komodo Platform’s continued support of educational outreach and integrating blockchain into universities. The senior design teams will develop application on the Komodo blockchain that serve the same purpose as existing, widely-used applications. (JF)

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Blockchain ecosystem Komodo establishes relationship with University of Texas at Arlington

Komodo Platform, the blockchain service ecosystem today announced a new collaboration with the University of Texas at Arlington (UTA). As a leader in the blockchain space, Komodo Platform has always been a strong supporter of educational outreach......

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AMA Monday, 24th September. Komodo's first ecosystem spotlight with Verus Coin.

​ [Mike from Verus is in PDT so the event is 1pm PDT.](https://i.redd.it/es0894ho9ln11.png) # [ADD THIS AMA TO YOUR CALENDAR](https://evt.mx/YESK2SKI) ***Goes live at 1pm PDT.*** *4pm New York EDT. 9pm London BST. 10pm Paris CEST. 11pm Moscow MSK. 1:30am Mumbai IST. 4am Beijing CST. 5am Tokyo JST.* # What is an ecosystem spotlight? Komodo is well known for having a huge amount of innovative technology. It's for this reason that talented devs and projects choose to build using a Komodo chain or friendly fork. This benefits Komodo’s ecosystem because when projects like Verus Coin make big leaps with their work, these advances are shared and looped back into the ecosystem. It is a virtuous circle. That’s why the Komodo team is taking the time to recognize the innovative projects building within the ecosystem. This is what we’re calling an ecosystem spotlight. ​ https://i.redd.it/gldnrz23bln11.png # What Makes Verus Coin Unique? While [Verus Coin](https://komodoplatform.com/komodo-ecosystem-spotlight-verus/) is a fork of KMD and leveraged Komodo’s tech to start the project, they are making several important contributions to the Komodo ecosystem and the blockchain industry at large. First, VerusHash, the innovative hash function the Verus team developed, will soon be available to all future projects building within the Komodo ecosystem. The same is true of Verus Coin’s unique consensus mechanism, which combines both PoW and PoS into one, ultra-secure mechanism. In time, this will also become available to all independent blockchains launched on Komodo Platform. Both of these incredible technologies were developed exclusively by the Verus Coin team. As an open-source project, like Komodo, Verus is sharing these features with any other projects that choose to adopt them. In addition, the Verus team forked the Agama wallet and added several new features, such as a zero-knowledge messaging function which can be used to send messages anonymously while performing z-transactions. These new features can be easily added by other projects that use and build upon Agama wallet. ​ ​ https://i.redd.it/k129y9vcbln11.jpg # Verus Coin is ready for the [Sapling upgrade of ZCash](https://z.cash/upgrade/sapling.html)! Since Verus is a fork of Komodo, which is itself a fork of ZCash, Verus is, by extension, also a fork of ZCash. The upgrade is scheduled for October 28, 2018, and Verus plans to implement the upgrade on the very same day as ZCash itself. Once Verus has completed the Sapling upgrade, it will become much easier for Komodo to implement the upgrade, too. This is huge news and they’re likely to be the first project other than ZCash to implement Sapling. ## [WHAT’S NEW IN SAPLING](https://blog.z.cash/whats-new-in-sapling/)? * **Performance for shielded addresses.** Payments involving the new Sapling Z-addresses can be constructed in as little as a few seconds and with only 40 megabytes of memory. * **Decoupled spend authority.** Allows the hardware that constructs the zero-knowledge proof to be independent of the hardware that signs for the transaction. * **Improved keys.** Full viewing keys allow owners of shielded addresses the ability to view incoming and outgoing transaction details without exposing their private spending key. # Verus Coin Contributions ## A Brand-New Hashing Algorithm Verus Coin developed its very own [cryptographic hashing function](https://komodoplatform.com/cryptographic-hash-function/), which is an extraordinary achievement. [VerusHash](https://veruscoin.io/downloads/papers/VerusPhaseI.pdf), as this new hashing algorithm is called, was designed such that CPU units and GPU units can coexist, both mining at speeds much more competitive to each other than any GPU-optimized hash algorithms before now. This important feature means that GPU mining no longer has a massive advantage, as CPU mining can be equally lucrative with the right setup or when simply using extra CPU from a computer that is already in use. This incentivizes more ordinary individuals to mine Verus Coin with their home computers, thus making the network stronger and more decentralized— levelling the playing field, so to speak. ## A Combination Consensus Mechanism Verus Coin also developed a unique consensus mechanism. It is 50% Proof of Work and 50% Proof of Stake. This combination mechanism provides enormous protection from [51% attacks](https://komodoplatform.com/51-attack-how-komodo-can-help-prevent-one/), as hackers would need both a majority of the network’s hashrate and a major part of the coin supply to stage a successful attack. On top of all that, Verus Coin is being secured to the BTC network through Komodo’s [Delayed Proof of Work Security Service](https://komodoplatform.com/security-delayed-proof-of-work-dpow/). For all of these reasons, Mr. Toutonghi describes Verus Coin as “possibly the most secure chain there is.” ## Inter-Chain Meta Contracts The Verus Coin is also taking advantage of ...

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Komodo (KMD) Launches Dedicated Exchange on CoinSwitch and is Listed on CoinFlip ATMs

The Komodo team has announced two new developments in the Komodo ecosystem that show the strength of this continually developing platform that specializes in cross-chain contracts, atomic swaps, and as a launch pad for blockchain entrepreneurs. KMD coins are now available on the CoinFlip network of cryptocurrency ATMs, allowing for both one-way and two-way transactions, using KMD, in 13 states in the US. Komodo has also partnered with the crypto exchange CoinSwitch to launch a KMD dedicated exchange to help Komodo ecosystem users obtain better trading rates while remaining decentralized. (JF)

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Komodo's 2.0 Infographic Contest: 5,000 KMD Grand Prize!

​ [A total prize pool of 7,000 KMD in our infographic contest](https://i.redd.it/j7sp5ix8jlk11.png) Calling all creatives to take part in our infographic contest and compete for a prize of 7,000 KMD. The winning infographic will explain the architecture of Komodo Platform’s technology. Winners will be those who are able to communicate our architecture and tech visually. *This contest will run primarily on Reddit, with the exception of resources being posted to Medium and a master twitter thread for submissions on Twitter. You'll find links at the bottom of this post.* # Prizes for winning infographics. Are you a creative designer? Here's what you can win... 1. A grand prize of 5,000 KMD 2. Two runner-up prizes of 500 KMD each 3. Two third-place prizes of 250 KMD each # Prizes for sharing and giving feedback! Not a designer? That's OK. You can still participate and win! We'll award five lucky winners 100 KMD each for sharing and promoting the contest. Winners will be picked in a raffle. If you'd like to take part click here [https://gleam.io/MwMtO/komodos-20-infographic-contest-5000-kmd-grand-prize](https://gleam.io/MwMtO/komodos-20-infographic-contest-5000-kmd-grand-prize) and share this post with your friends. # Your Goals * Create a high-quality infographic that illustrates the genesis of our platform, the working tech that has been created and how Komodo has been built differently, and deliberately, from the very beginning to ensure security, scalability and interoperability. *This is why we refer to the architecture, because Komodo was designed to overcome common problems like congestion, governance and attacks that other platforms did not foresee or prevent, from the beginning. This is Komodo DNA.* * Share your submission far and wide and encourage your friends and followers to vote for you. * Encourage feedback, ask questions and make your infographic the best that it can be. # Our Criteria to Judge Please note that upvotes and shares are not the only criteria we'll use to judge winners. While useful, we will value creativity, good questions and discussion on Reddit highly. When sharing your posts you will score more highly if people comment, provide feedback and are engaged. * How well the infographic conveys our working tech, it's core concepts and plans to build on top of it. * How well the infographic illustrates our story, purpose and conveys our tech so that it's easy to understand. * Constructive discussion, questions and feedback on Reddit that lead to improvement. * Sentiment and comments generated across all our social media. This will not include vanity metrics like likes or shares. * Upvotes on Reddit for the author's submission post ONLY. All votes will be counted (i.e. doesn't matter which week they were made). * Retweets of the submission in our master thread ONLY. Include your handle and a cover image in your submission. This means if you promote yourself on Twitter you ought to promote the tweet with your work in it. # How do you win? You may submit up to two infographics. By submitting an infographic, you understand Komodo may post and use your submissions on our digital channels during and after the contest. Each infographic must have it's own post. * Create a post on Komodo's subreddit using the 'infographic contest' flair. * Add the infographic image into the Reddit post. * Include your Twitter handle. * Include a social media friendly cover image for us to use when we tweet your submission out. * Post a link to your submission post here in the comments for all to see. # Contest Timeline Guide (these dates indicative and are subject to change). * **7th September. Announcement.** If you're reading this on Reddit before the big announcement then well done! You have two extra days before this is announced on Friday. * **10th - 21st September. Research and Questions.** We will promote the contest, invite questions and requests for resources, in the comments of this master Reddit post (because this means all information and good questions will be visible to all participants). * **22nd September. Draft Submissions.** Creatives to submit their draft infographics on Reddit. All submissions need to have their own post and then be linked to in the comments of this master post. This is important to remember! * **24th - 30th September. Feedback.** A period of one week will be devoted to promoting the submissions and asking the community and team to give you feedback. * **1st October. Final Submissions.** * **2nd - 8th October. Voting.** A week of promoting your work and at the end we'll count votes, consider feedback and pick our winners. * **15th October. Winners Declared.** The final decision by judges. Votes and community feedback counts towards judging but do not have final say. # Resources If you need help please post in this thread, or email [marketing@komodoplatform.com](mailto:marketing@komodoplatform.com) with ‘Infographic Contest’ in the subject line. 1. [A ...

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With A 20% Jump, Komodo Leads Daily Gains

The crypto market continued to rebound from recent lows led by the Komodo Platform (KMD) which saw its price increase by 20%. Despite the bearish market conditions for the past 6 months, the KMD team has been hard at work improving their platform and adding new features including Crypto-Conditions, a mechanism which allows for building complex smart contracts on bitcoin protocol based blockchains, and a solution for 51 % attacks via the delayed-proof-of-work consensus mechanism making it so that an attacker would need 51% of the hash power for both the Komodo and Bitcoin blockchains to be successful. (JF)

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BitcoinDark’s Value Balloons by More Than 100%, Relative Strength Reflects Overbought Conditions

BitcoinDark (BTCD), which trades on Poloniex exchange, has been rising by triple digits in the last 24 hours. BTCD coin is currently up 108.5% to $59.17 (after rising as much as 400%) on trading volume of nearly $1 million. BitcoinDark has seen price and volume momentum build in recent days but nothing like the gains that the coin is experiencing today. BitcoinDark was previously swapped for Komodo, where the development team currently resides. Technical signals suggest that BTCD is currently overbought, with relative strength reflecting a “sell” at a reading of 88. Social media was buzzing about the astronomical price gain in BitcoinDark, suggesting without a catalyst it was nothing more than “pump and dump." (GT)

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EOS Remains At The Top On China's Official Blockchain Rankings

Despite banning ICO and cryptocurrencies, China Center for Information Industry Development (CCID) has been ranking blockchain platforms. In this month's report, EOS remains at the top, while Komodo reached the 3rd positio9n, right below Ethereum. Bitcoin also went up, from 16 to 10. EOS is currently priced at $5.16, losing 4.09% in the last 24 hours. (VS)

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EOS, Ethereum, NEO, and Stellar Lock Down New Crypto Ratings List, Surprise Coin Surges to #3

China recently released the updated cryptocurrency rating index for August, and a new project has made it in the top three. EOS remains in the top spot followed by Ethereum, and now Komodo (KMD) is the third highest ranked blockchain platform according to the rating agency. Nebulas (NAS), NEO and Stellar round out the top six, and Bitcoin moved up in the ranking from 16th to 10th. Nuls and Tezos are new additions to the list this month, bringing the total number of cryptos being tracked to 33. (JF)

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Top 100 Top Performers: 6 Coins up Over 11%

As we are seeing a green day in the market after a red week, there are some projects in the top 100 that are outperforming the others. Empowr Coin (EMPR) is up over 54%, trading at $7.46. Holo (HOT) is up nearly 20% and trading at $0.000657. Komodo (KMD) is up 13% and trading at $1.53, Aelf (ELF) is up 12% at $0.566, Wax (WAX) is currently trading at $0.1127 showing an 11.66% improvement, and Theta Token has rebounded 11.55% and is currently priced at $0.1207. (JF)

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Binance Chief CZ Talks Decentralization, Blockchain and Exchange Competition

Changpeng Zhao, who is at the helm of Binance, the largest cryptocurrency exchange by trading volume, discussed some of the themes of the market with Fortune. On decentralization, Zhao, who goes by CZ, believes that social media and messaging are moving in this direction, particularly over the next couple of years. He is a fan of Komodo and Tendermint and says that smart contract-fueled networks like Ethereum will lag. Lastly, Binance, which is expanding into Malta, is not looking to create a rivalry with leading U.S. crypto exchanges Coinbase and Gemini. CZ says there’s room enough for all to participate. (GT)

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ETC Ranked Third on Binance Today

According to a Reddit post, Ethereum classic is the third performing coin on Binance after Komodo and SingularityNet. Its last price was $16.64, a 24 - hour change of 13.26%. The highest and lowest volume within the past twenty-four hours were 0.002382 and 0.001934 respectively. The current trading volume of ETC is 2541.66700040. (KE)

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Binance CEO: Ethereum and EOS Will Be Too Slow to Succeed in the Long Run

During a new interview with Fortune, ChangPeng Zhao, CEO of world leading cryptocurrency exchange Binance, said that any general smart contract platform (i.e. Ethereum, EOS) will not be fast enough to achieve success in the long run, “they are too slow”. And he believes that they will be overtaken by projects that give developers tools to write blockchains for specific purposes., such as Komodo and Tendermint.Zhao also says the company is getting full steam on Binance chain, the company’s decentralized exchange that he is pushing to launch sometime this year.

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Biggest Gainer: VeChain (VEN) - $2.44 - 23% Increase

The biggest gainer in the last 24 hours was VeChain, which went from $1.97 to $2.44, gaining 23%. The total market cap is at $1.346 Billion and the trade volume in the last 24 hours is at $11 Million. Crypto exchange Binance announced that it had finally completed the token swap yesterday. 53% of the trade is in Binance, against BTC, ETH, USDT, and BNB. Other top gainers were PundiX and Komodo, which gained 7.29% and 6.88% respectively. (VS)

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How KOMODO can prevent 51% attacks for your blockchain.

With all this hype about our Decentralized Exchange, decentralized Ico's and scaling, it can be easy for us to forget one of the most amazing aspects of the Komodo Platform. Security. Any coins which are able to be 51% attacked can easily take advantage of our dPoW (delayed Proof of Work). Komodo notarizes blockchains to the highest hashrate (currently bitcoin, but can change to any other blockchain when necessary) For only 300 KMD a year ($900), any blockchain can notarize to Komodo, who then notarize to the Bitcoin. This solves the problem of all the recent 51% attacks. Notarization "protects" in the sense that you must 51% attack BTC to get around delayed Proof-of-Work, and yes, it's impossible for notaries to be outmined, the code has their pubkeys hardcoded, they get special treatment. *Also*, a 51% attack against KMD must be done within a 10 minute window, if your attack takes 15 minutes, you are screwed because that is how often BTC blocks come out, which have KMD metadata embedded in them (merkle roots) https://komodoplatform.com/blockchain-security-the-role-of-a-notary-node/ https://github.com/SuperNETorg/komodo/wiki/Delayed-Proof-of-Work-(dPoW)-Whitepaper...

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jl777 Q&A about Prices, KMD's purpose in Komodo Ecosystem, Scalability, and dPoW Notarizing Selections

Jl777 Informal Komodo Q&A Telegram 5/26/18 **tl;dr in the comments** full disclosure, I pulled this from Telegram and edited spelling and grammar to make it a bit easier to read, deleted comments that weren't related to this, and combined some comments that were sent as multiple separate messages. All to organize it for reading in this format. The content is the same. Jakub Alex: Why are you here? Why you join crypto world? To waste time for reading? Typing with ppl? Or for money? Admin doesn’t care about ads and anything, he created kmd for his own experience and fun with developing project. Not for money. All cryptos are created to make money, kmd is bot, that’s why Project doesn’t work and it will never work until admin change his attitude. jl777: Considering I started with $2000 of capital and somehow there is about a billion dollars of market cap now, it seems regardless of what you perceive my attitude to be, the ROI has been decent. I work to create an ecosystem that can capture 1% of the future crypto economy. maybe it will do more, maybe less, but that has been my long term goal. There is also a fully staffed marketing team now, I leave the marketing to them. My job is to make the tech that can solve the real world problems. It is up to the rest of the community and team to achieve whatever market cap such a solution should get. jl777: I have nothing against making money, I am just not driven to maximize my personal net worth. However, I do realize that money is quite the motivator for most people and ultimately to capture 1% of an economy, there needs to be the proper tech and people infrastructure in place. jl777: One way to think about it is that KMD offers the intelligent investor the ability to analyze the current landscape and get a very good bargain as compared to the eventual price. This then will allow the intelligent investor to justify spending their time and effort to helping KMD as it is in their best interest. If KMD was fully valued in the marketplace right now, the ROI will be random. jl777: Of course in a bear market, to expect anything other than steady decline of prices is illogical, that is why it is called a bear market. The natural tendency is for the price to go down as the impatient bail out to the longer term hodlers. Then of course when the bottom is reached and the market turns, the same people that bailed out want to come back in and if they time things right they make incremental profits, if they don’t, incremental losses. jl777: My "strategy" is to buy (or create), then improve it while hodling for years. This isn’t the maximum ROI as if I can time the market perfectly I could make 100000% returns. But I know I am not smart/lucky enough to time the market perfectly, so I don’t spend much time on market prices as we are in a decade long period of crypto being introduced to the global markets. Long term the vapor/silly projects (like pets.com) will fade away and the real projects (like Google) will survive and grow. jl777: what was Google's ad budget their first 10 years? Oozn: great vision, jl777. Which is why I believe kmd is among the most promising projects in crypto world. for those who seek short term ROI better go out trade shitcoins out in various DEXs, instead of trying to roast the project here. jl777: Short term the KMD price is just following the general BTC market with random fluctuations thrown in. Much like playing dice games, it can be quite exciting, but to make any short term bets, is not investing. nothing against it and it creates liquidity so we do need that also. I just prefer a gradual long term rise with overall market conditions factored in. in BTC terms we are 350% up after a year and a half, which isn’t that great, but remember about 80% of the "ICO" was actually BTCD conversion and anybody from BTCD days has some really big gains and so maybe some are still in the process of selling off. This has the effect of a lower price in the medium term, but allows many new people to get KMD at reasonably small multiples from the ICO price. Which in turn increases the number of long term hodlers as KMD is just not a coin for most short-term traders. Though if you buy at 30k sats and sell at 50k sats, you can make a nice profit each time. Buğra: The only purpose of kmd is that it's a privacy coin right? It doesn't have any importance while trading with HyperDEX or? Will kmd operate as a profit share token in near future? jl777: Privacy is just one of many purposes, scalability, security via dPoW to BTC, cross chain smart contracts, all these require KMD. KMD is not a profit share token, though it does have 5% rewards for active users. Coin value is proportional to its network effect, not much else matters. BTC has value only from this network effect, KMD aims to get mass usage. Buğra: What happens with profit made in HyperDEX? jl777: DEX profits go to the DEX coin hodlers Buğra Okay ...

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Utrum is launching our dICO on Komodo Platform. 10 April 2018

We have chosen Komodo over Ethereum, Neo and other platforms because of the following advantages: * Komodo provides independent blockchain and Utrum is not dependent on Komodo at any time. * Komodo provides bitcoin level security for the Utrum asset chain using delayed Proof of Work (dPOW) mechanism * Komodo integrates $OOT (utrum token) in to their multicurrency wallet (Agama) and decentralized exchange (Barterdex) * Barterdex allows users to trade OOT with other coins, powered by cutting edge Atomic Swap technology. * OOT to OOT transactions will have a minimal 0.00001 percent transaction fee. * Fully scalable and Lightning fast transaction speeds as we have our own blockchain * OOT inherits privacy features of zk-snarks * Komodo provides coin agnostic API for Utrum blockchain * Utrum have our own OOT Explorer and OOT Native Wallet * Komodo dICO is as a Hack-Proof ICO process where the sale happens within the Atomic Dex exchange app like shapeshift using electrum servers. The sale process is completely decentralized without any point of failure. There are no smart contracts to be hacked and Attacker cannot change the receiving address as everything happens on the blockchain using atomic swaps Utrum is a platform that rewards your Crypto Reviews, Analysis and Market Predictions with $OOT tokens. It is powered by Crowd Wisdom and AI. Learn more about utrum https://utrum.io/tokensale/ https://utrum.io/ https://www.reddit.com/r/Utrumdotio/ https://twitter.com/utrumdotio https://t.me/utrumdotio...

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Introducing our new Head of Social Media

I'm pleased to announce that I will be leading the social media team and be reporting to our Marketing Director. First, who am I? My name is Ben O'Hanlon. I am a digital marketer with a background in online communities. I've been working part-time with Komodo for several months and have been helping with Twitter and some of the events we attended. Before I volunteered to help Komodo, I was responsible for the management of a large B2B community for UK-based small-to-medium sized enterprises (owned by a bank). I've led the digital marketing for an international festival for businesses and worked within the insights industry. Komodo has done me the honour of making me a permanent member of the team. My focus will be to put a cohesive social media strategy in place that better communicates our value and technology, and reinvigorates our community. Over the next six weeks, I'll be reviewing the channels that we currently have and making my recommendations to our Marketing Director. In the meantime, I'll put the AMAs on hold. If we continue them in the future, I would like to ensure our answers are more immediate and as close to real-time as possible. The places where I am likely to focus on first will be Twitter, Facebook and Reddit. If you have ideas to add or questions to put to me, I am available over Slack, or you can drop me an email to benohanlon@komodoplatform.com. I am here to serve the community, and that means you....

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Komodo's marketing journey is moving forward: the last and final major building block for a full Komodo whitepaper is finished.

#The Komodo Foundations Paper is Finally Here After several hundred hours of work (and we do mean several), the new marketing team has finally managed to complete one full lap around the Komodo ecosystem. We've looked down hundreds of rabbit holes to map out this ecosystem that the developers built before we arrived. And we have worked with them to provide material that accurately communicates the Komodo vision. ##As a Reminder, We Released Two Whitepapers Earlier: BarterDEX and Jumblr Before getting to the new whitepaper, we want to remind newcomers to the Komodo ecosystem that we released two other Komodo-related whitepapers towards the end of 2017. Those two earlier whitepapers explain major Komodo technologies: [**Jumblr**](https://komodoplatform.com/en/technology/whitepapers/Jumblr-Whitepaper-v0.4.pdf) (~15 pages), and [**BarterDEX**](https://komodoplatform.com/en/technology/whitepapers/BarterDEX-Whitepaper-v0.4.pdf) (~30 pages). #The Komodo Foundations Paper is the Final Major Piece While the two previous papers are useful in explaining Komodo, we can now state (having completed one lap around the course) that the following paper is the most foundational explanation of the Komodo vision. Therefore, we are titling it, "Komodo Foundations." #[Download the Komodo Foundations paper here.](https://www.dropbox.com/s/uw34812hfflkce9/2018-01-12-Komodo-Foundations-Final-v0.1.pdf?dl=0) It is split into two parts, totaling ~45 pages in length. ##Part I: Delayed Proof of Work (dPoW) The first part covers *delayed Proof of Work* (dPoW). This is the consensus mechanism, invented by our lead developer, JL777, that enables blockchain entrepreneurs in the Komodo ecosystem to have the same level of security as Bitcoin, while maintaining a cost that is affordable even to small businesses and startups. In order to understand the need and use cases for dPoW, we also needed to include an in-depth explanation of the PoW consensus mechanism, as dPoW relies on PoW. This explanation should be useful not just as an introduction to Komodo, but also as a primer to cryptocurrency as a whole. ##Part II: The Decentralized Initial Coin Offering (dICO) The second part of the Komodo Foundations paper is a fifteen-page explanation of our decentralized initial coin offering method (dICO). The dICO in our ecosystem is a competitive advantage for entrepreneurs. It allows them to release their product without ever having to rely on a centralized method (be it a centralized exchange, escrow service, voucher, etc.). Komodo's dICO method utilizes BarterDEX for distribution. Furthermore, through our privacy-creation service, Jumblr, participants and crowdsourcers in a dICO are able to purchase within their inherent right to barter in private. #These Three Papers Form a Preliminary Vision Statement for Komodo With all of the above technologies explained, the Komodo vision is now in a written and shareable form. Yes, it is lengthy, and it is still divided into three separate pieces. But these are simple problems to solve. The first step towards bringing everything together into a single paper is to complete a few simple explanations about other aspects of Komodo: * a statement on our outlook for fiat-pegged cryptocurrencies * a statement on Komodo's current capabilities and future outlook for smart-contract technology * a description of each asset built by the Komodo team. We already have all this information gathered, and we just need a little time to put it into a written form. Having the research material already in hand, we can say that this will not require nearly as much time to finish. (It will also be considerably briefer than the whitepapers above.) ##In the Meantime: How to Grasp Komodo, for Newcomers The Komodo Foundations paper should be the first one that new members of the Komodo ecosystem read. Next, new members should read BarterDEX, and then Jumblr. ###We're Working to Simplify These three papers are 90 pages altogether. Yes, we realize that. We're working on getting that number down, and getting everything into one master document. But even then, know that we don't actually expect the average user to read it. Rather, this part of the process is about creating a unified and shareable vision. It can be useful not only internally, but also for serious Komodo inquirers: influential YouTubers, bloggers, journalist, volunteers in our community, etc. ##We are Turning Our Attention to Simpler Explanations Naturally, we are also now turning our attention towards visual explanations, the customer journey, a smoother UX/UI experience, etc. We are very excited to see this strong step forward in Komodo's marketing journey. #Feedback on the Komodo Foundations Paper is Welcome We are releasing the Komodo Foundations paper here for community feedback before adding it to the front page of our website. We invite members of the Komodo community to...

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Komodo Platform's first monthly Reddit AMA (September 2017)

**Welcome to Komodo Platform's first monthly Reddit AMA (September 2017)** Your questions can be submitted in this thread until **Wednesday September 13, 2017 at 3PM UTC**. Additionally you will be able to upvote/downvote other questions up to this time. On Friday September 15, 2017 at 6PM UTC we will start **answering the 50 highest voted questions**. Please keep in mind to: - Submit 1 question per post. In case of multiple questions in 1 post, only the first one will be answered. - Check this thread first before posting your question to make sure it wasn't asked already. This will enable us to keep a better overview and avoid duplicate questions. - Consider the benefit of all when upvoting/downvoting or commenting on someone else's post. From our side we'll make sure that each specific question is delegated to the team member who is in the best position to answer it. **EDIT: /u/siulynot and /u/siddhartha-komodo from the Komodo Platform team will be answering questions.**...

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