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Bitcoin holding Strong while XRP, NEM, & BAT Surging Amidst Global Stock Market Plunge & Tech Giants Slump

Bitcoin is holding steady while a number of altcoins like XRP, Monero (XMR), IOTA (MIOTA), NEM (XEM), Zcash (ZEC), and Basic Attention Token (BAT) are making decent gains. Meanwhile, the global stock market is in rout as tech giants (FANG) dropped. The strong dollar driven by Fed raising rates, weak economy of China, and Brexit along with a weak euro is also leading the slump. Bitcoin Steady, Crypto Market Enjoying the Greens Bitcoin is steadfast at around $6,400 while oscillating between $6,250 and $6.920 for the past two months. At the time of writing, Bitcoin has been trading at $6,364 while registering the 24-hours loss of 0.60 percent. The volatility in the world’s leading cryptocurrency continues to fall. Source: Meanwhile, a number of altcoins are seeing the greens. Out of the top cryptocurrencies, XRP is leading with 2.72 percent gains at $0.517. While Ethereum (ETH) is in the red by 1.28% at $208. Stellar is in the red by about 4 percent at $0.265 but is currently ranked at the 5th spot having replaced EOS. Monero (XMR), and IOTA (MIOTA) are also in the green by 0.46%, and about 2% respectively. NEM (XEM) is today’s biggest gainer with over 24% gains. Zcash (ZEC) is another under 20 top cryptocurrency by market cap that is surging at $132.88 with about 7.27 percent gains. Basic Attention Token (BAT) is rising by 3.73% at $0.255. Meanwhile, Global Market & Tech Stocks Tumbling A broad sell-off in the big names viz. Apple, Amazon, Goldman Sachs, and General Electric pulled US stock lower. The cut down of shipment orders has the shares of Apple drop 5 percent. This, in turn, knocked off 600 points off the Dow Jones Industrial Average. Lindsey Bell, investment strategist at CFRA says, ‘‘With the news out of the Apple supplier this morning, you have the market overall questioning the growth trajectory as we look out to 2019.” After having a two-week winning streak, the markets are yet again falling. The S&P 500 Index dropped close to 55 points and Nasdaq composite slid 206.03 points. Japan’s Nikkei stock index eased 0.12 percent while Australian shares were down 0.08 percent. France’s CAC 40 fell 0.9 percent, Britain’s FTSE 100 lost 0.7 percent, and Germany’s DAX shed 1.8 percent. Randy Frederick, vice president of trading derivatives at Charles Schwab shares, ‘‘The bull market is not over, the economic expansion is not over, but things are starting to wind down. We’re clearly getting into the late innings of the ball game.’’ In currency markets, the dollar index was up by 97.004 while euro, yen and British pound are in the red. Gold, Silver, and copper all lost about 0.3 to 0.9 percent. Industry and energy sectors are also down around 1 percent. The strong US dollar is an integral factor to all these losses which is driven by Fed raising rates, weak economy of China and Italy, and Brexit along with a weak euro. So, crypto and global stock market seems to be going in different directions which is strengthening the case for the crypto portfolio as shared by Mati Greenspan, senior analyst at eToro, “The fact that the current stock market rout has not had any effect whatsoever (positive or negative) on the crypto assets is an extremely positive sign. This is a prime example of how cryptos are uncorrelated and it only serves to increase their use case as a powerful tool for asset management.” The post Bitcoin holding Strong while XRP, NEM, & BAT Surging Amidst Global Stock Market Plunge & Tech Giants Slump appeared first on Coingape.

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Bosch Plugs IOTA With XDK Tools

There aren’t a lot of cryptocurrencies backed by multi-billion-dollar tech giants. Sure, Stellar has IBM, and Ripple has its banking partners, but there aren’t many non-block companies betting on crypto in the way Bosch is supporting IOTA. Despite the hurdles and pitfalls,the Internet of Things cryptocurrency continues to receive regular shoutouts from one of the biggest names in technology. Bosch Connectivity, the IoT arm of the multi-billion dollar tech giant, namechecked IOTA again in its latest blog post and introduced what is hoped to become the latest IoT device. Using a variety of open-source software protocols, the company says that the Bosch XDK (Cross Domain Development Kit) will allow smart devices to collect and share encrypted data in exchange for the IOTA tokens. In order to put the device in the reach of the average programmer, the company has also announced XDK2MAM: an open-source set of software tools that (might) make the XDK as versatile as a Raspberry Pi. “The IOTA Marketplace is a decentralized data marketplace that aims to make data available to any compensating party,” the company says to the post. “Currently, data is mostly limited to the control of a few entities and not available for the broad masses. Therefore, not everyone can develop new use cases or business areas.” Those limitations cause high barriers on the data economy. Unlike other cryptocurrencies, IOTA is designed for machine rather than human use, relying on micro-devices like the XDK. For possible use-cases of the XDK in action, Bosch has a few ideas: A company decides to rent out their machines and measures the exact amount of time a customer used the machine and bills them accordingly with IOTA The XDK confirms that a machine is operating under proper conditions and sets up these data transactions on the Tangle, for both the operator and supplier to see. The XDK is used for an audit trail in a similar concept. If data must be transported under specific conditions, the XDK can monitor this and the IOTA Tangle creates a paperless record for all parties to follow. IoT data trading has already seen some prototype applications—like the early demo of a car whose insurance conditions change as it is driven, or the partnership with VW for an on-Tangle Volkswagen. But even Bosch might not be able to rescue IOTA from its troubles. It’s a notoriously difficult cryptocurrency to use; each new trade requires a fresh address, and the developers have made some design choices that have raised more than a few eyebrows. The decision to base IOTA’s encryption on a home-brewed hashing algorithm—and the negative fallout from the ensuing media storm—brought IOTA from a $14bn dollar valuation last December to its present price, at somewhat over $1bn. While Bosch’s commitment to the economy of things remains undiminished, it remains to be seen if the rest of the market will share the enthusiasm. The author is not invested in IOTA, but owns other digital assets. The post Bosch Plugs IOTA With XDK Tools appeared first on Crypto Briefing.

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IOTA in Partners with NTNU and Nordic Semiconductors

Sometimes it is hard to believe that cryptocurrencies are sometimes based on companies that made them. Often times these cryptos are changing prices based on the activities of said companies. IOTA is no different as it lost the 9th place in the marketplace when TRON introduced new projects like Mainnet. All IOTA had left was […]

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Bosch Unveils IoT Product To Connect With IOTA's Marketplace

Electronics giant Bosch has announced the launch of Cross Domain Development Kit (XDK), a programmable sensor device that collects IoT data and connects with IOTA. IOTA's marketplace collects IoT data and makes it available to buyers looking for it. XDK comes with a range of sensors and connectivity standards. Bosch has also launched XDK2MAM, a new platform that connects the XDK with IOTA's marketplace using existing protocols like HTTP, Bluetooth or USB. IOTA (MIOTA) is priced at $0.49317, losing 0.61% in the last 24 hours. (VS)

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Cryptocurrency Trading Update: NEM Back Over $1 Billion Market Cap

FOMO Moments Markets are still generally flat; Nem, Zcash, XRP, and Iota climbing, Stellar and MOAC sliding. Red is still dominating most cryptocurrencies this morning as the slow selloff continues. Downward pressure has eased somewhat though and total market capitalization has not fallen that much overnight, it remains above $210 billion for now. Over the...

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Daily Cryptocurrency News - 12th November 2018

Here are the most important headlines of 12th November 2018 in the cryptocurrency space: IOTA Invited To The Frankfurt European Banking Congress, Bosch & IOTA Explained It seems like IOTA will have a productive November. Among the top speakers from the financial sector - there’s also a representative of IOTA. Dominik Schiener, the Co-founder of IOTA token will talk at the Economic Congress Germany. The topic of the discussion will be about the chances of DLT for companies - more exactly: The Blockchain Revolution - a Business Opportunity?. The news were officially reported by - a well known news website from Germany. These could be great news for IOTA - as Dominik is among the few speakers not working in the Financial sector only. Besides, this could be a great opportunity for IOTA to establish partnerships with multiple German businesses and grow IOTA to its full potential. Moreover, Bosch recently launched an article explaining everything that a person need to know about IOTA, XDK2MAM and Bosch XDK. In that article, Bosch explains how an ecosystem development bridges IOTA and the XDK. More details can be found in the Bosch’s article about IOTA and Bosch XDK. Decentralized Exchanges - The Latest SEC Victim As you may know, SEC doesn’t really like ICOs. But now, they move forward to another cryptocurrency related service - the decentralized exchanges. According to the U.S. Securities and Enforcement Commission, there was a chage of $400,000 against Zachary Coburn - the founder of EtherDelta. The reason for this was the fact that a decentralized exchange mainly ‘sells the same kind of tokens as the ICOs - the ERC20 tokens’ and SEC considers those as being ‘unregistered securities’. Coburn didn’t complained about this, and decided to pay the settlement fee. But this is the first time something like this happen on a decentralized exchange - and as SEC hinted: there are many others to follow. The Coburn’s cooperation lead to no other greater penalty - but left the cryptocurrency world asking - is this the end for decentralized exchanges? what strikes me most about the @SEC_News action against @EtherDelta is:- small disgorgement of $300k- only $75k penalty for operating unregistered exchange w >3M trades- co-operation listed as reason for not penalizing further overall, seems very ... positive? — Meltem Demirors (@Melt_Dem) November 8, 2018 Probably not. But the future isn’t so bright for the decentralized exchanges - as most of them now need to implement a KYC procedure and delist any token with a security-like property. ShaepShift and IDEX became the first ones that adapt with this news, introducing KYC rules to their peer-to-peer exchanges. Even if the decentralized exchanges will still be active in the future, the fact that the anonymity part will disappear is not bringing any joy to the crypto communities. Japan’s GMO - Massive Q3 Performance on Crypto-Related Businesses The Japanese GMO launched its Q3 report today, 12th November 2018. Even though the market seems to be on a lower level than last year’s bull run - the cryptocurrency part of GMO is growing steady. To summarize it: The mining equipment production and the crypto exchange brought 2.6 Billion yet in revenue ( $22.8 Million) - only in the Q3 part of this year, at only 1 year since they launched it. GMO coin - an exchange platform launched by GMO - now have 208,000 users trading about 89 Billion yen ( $781 million) only in October The profit is up 34.4% , speaking from a quarter on quarter basis The October mining hashrate was 674 petahash per second (PH/s) - but they’re planning to reach 800 PH/s until the end of 2018 Company changed their ticket from GJY to GYEN GMO also reported the creation of the cryptographic stablecoin in early October - available for international trading in 2019. This stablecoin will be tied to the JPY pair - being the first one in its existence. More details about GMO can be found in the ‘GMO Q3 Report‘ The Coinbase Bull Effect - Zcash, Stellar & Cardano Slowly Increase In Value After the successful listing of 0x and BAT - Coinbase is now preparing to list ZEC, XLM and ADA.This lead to an increase in trading volume as well as a small increase in price for these cryptocurrencies, as investors are preparing for the Coinbase listing effect - a small bull run followed by a slow decrease. Since 0x was listed on Coinbase, Cardano (ADA) saw an increase in price from $0.069 to an high of $0.08 and is now trading at $0.076 - with a 1% increase for today. The trade volume for Cardano (ADA) for today is a $24.7 Million - a massive increase from the $13-$18 million prior to 0x being listed to Coinbase. Stellar Lumens decreased to $0.20 on the date when 0x was listed to Coinbase, but increase by 20% in only a matter of days. Stellar Lumens reached today a peak for October and November, reaching a value of $0.284 - a 30%+ increase since 0x was listed on Coinbase. The trading volume

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IOTA Foundation Chairman Named Among the Featured Speakers at the Frankfurt European Banking Congress

IOTA, an internet-of-things startup behind the Tangle technology, will participate in the upcoming Frankfurt European Banking Congress, which is defined as “one of Europe’s most prestigious congresses in the field of banking and finance.” The event is scheduled for Nov. 16. Dominik Schiener, who is chairman of the board at the IOTA Foundation in Berlin, is named among the featured speakers. He will be taking the stage along with representatives from the likes of the European Central Bank, the International Monetary Fund and BNP Paribas, for instance. Topics of discussion include tech in finance and disruption. (GT)

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Melhores canais e grupos no Telegram para criptomoedas

Por: Livecoins Quando vamos conhecendo melhor o cenário das criptomoedas uma das formas de aprender e ficar antenado mais do que a nossa capacidade de procurar por mais informações consegue, é nos unir a comunidades e participar de debates e crescer mais os conhecimentos no menor tempo possível, confira abaixo os melhores canais e grupos no Telegram para criptomoedas. O Telegram é um aplicativo mobile, que possui versões para Android e também para IOS, mas que de forma semelhante ao Whatsapp também possui uma interface web para acesso por computadores pessoais. Outro detalhe é que pode ser baixado um programa para seu desktop. As vantagens do Telegram sobre o Whatsapp são várias, o limite da capacidade dos grupos são de 100 mil pessoas, sendo o zap de apenas 256 pessoas. Um fato é que ao entrar nos grupos e canais, os novos usuários possuem acesso ao histórico de conversas que aconteceu antes dos mesmos entrarem, isso já não é possível pelo whatsapp. Outro detalhe é a privacidade, pois pelo Telegram pode ser criado um usuário que passa a ser a informação que é compartilhada publicamente em grupos. O mesmo normalmente possui o formato “@nomequevocêquiser” e faz com quem em grupos as pessoas veja apenas seu usuário e o seu nome que também é criado. O telefone dos usuários então, não são compartilhados de forma pública neste aplicativo. Outro detalhe é que além dos grupos podem ser criados canais de comunicação, dos quais os usuários inscritos recebem notificações das atividades do criador do canal, muito útil para quem deseja receber as novidades sem se interagir com as mesmas. Para finalizar as vantagens, dentre as várias possibilidades o Telegram permite que os usuários criem robôs de informações (BOTS), para que dessa forma automatizem processos diversos. Existem nas comunidades de criptomoedas bots diversos que conseguem desde responder dados básicos até a verificar cotações em exchanges. Se você já baixou o aplicativo e está sem comunidades para entrar, confira abaixo a lista dos canais e grupos e entre para encontrar mais informações: Canal Livecoins - Notícias em primeira mão Grupo Livecoins - Comunidade para interação de quem acompanha nosso portal Grupo Binance Portuguese - Exchange Grupo Huobi Brasil - Exchange Grupo OriginalMy Brazil - projeto brasileiro Grupo Paratiivideo - projeto brasileiro Grupo CryptoGiant - troca de informações Grupo Bitcoin Investimento Trader - troca de informações Grupo Criptologia - youtuber e troca de informações Grupo 59 segundos - youtuber e troca de informações Grupo Investimentos Digitais - youtuber e troca de informações Canal Criptomaniacos - youtuber Grupo Nano Brasil - criptomoeda Canal IOTA Brasil - criptomoeda Grupo Decred Br - criptomoeda Canal Waves Brasil - criptomoeda Grupo Crypterium Brasil - criptomoeda Grupo Falando sobre Investimentos - Troca de informações, não somente criptos A partir destas dicas o seu caminho tende a aumentar de opções uma vez dentro do Telegram, só deixamos claro que ao entrar em comunidades muito cuidado com fraudes, com pessoas que lhe chamarem propondo milagres e retornos incomuns de investimentos, não existe dinheiro fácil e nem dinheiro de graça. Se você ainda possui dúvidas sobre o Telegram ser uma super ferramenta, e muito mais do que isso, ser amigável ao ambiente das criptomoedas, saiba que a ferramenta realizou um financiamento privado para melhorar a plataforma que irá contar com um token criptográfico para que usuários paguem contas e façam transações dentro desse ambiente. O artigo Melhores canais e grupos no Telegram para criptomoedas apareceu primeiro em Livecoins.

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XRP Experiences Sudden Surge as NEM Climbs to Nine-Week High

XRP surged more than four percent in a matter of hours, taking its price once again above the $0.52. Presently, there are no clear indications for the surge, but the positive developments concerning both Ripple and XRP continue to saturate the news. Meanwhile, Bitcoin, as well as the other top-ten altcoins continue to post positive numbers in the day’s trading. XRP up by Over Four Percent Within a space of fewer than two hours on Monday, XRP surged from $0.49 to $0.52. The hourly chart for the third-ranked cryptocurrency currently shows the presence of a robust buying momentum. This trend is likely because of an influx of traders looking to purchase the coin in the hopes of an even more sustained bull run. However, the strong buying momentum developing for XRP might cause a trend reversal as sudden as the surge in the first place. XRP will need to surpass and hold the $0.55 resistance level to form a new higher high. The last time the price of the token reached the $0.55 threshold, it lost 11 percent over the course of a few days. NEM Surges 25 Percent to Reach Nine-Week High 17th-ranked NEM is one of the biggest gainers on Monday, surging 25 percent to reach a nine-week high. Unlike XRP, the NEM surge is perhaps easier to explain given the recent news of Coincheck reinstating trading of the cryptocurrency. It is, however, important to note that the price surged began almost an hour before Coincheck posted its official announcement. At the height of the rally, NEM crossed $1 billion in market capitalization, its highest level since the start of September. As at press time, a minor pullback has seen the token’s market cap fall back below the billion-dollar mark. At the start of the year, hackers stole half a billion dollars in NEM tokens from Coincheck in one of the biggest cryptocurrency heists in the history of the industry. DASH and IOTA Fail to 50-EMA Apart from XRP, Bitcoin, as well as the other top-ten altcoins also posted marginal gains. Bitcoin, the top-ranked cryptocurrency is hovering above the $6,400 mark, up by almost 0.5 percent over the last 24 hours. XLM recently upstaged EOS to occupy the 5th position based on market capitalization. Its token price is up by almost 0.3 percent within the last 24-hour trading period. Outside of the top ten, both DASH and IOTA have experienced similar price gains while both failing to break their respective 50-EMA. Image courtesy of Shutterstock and Coinmarketcap. The post XRP Experiences Sudden Surge as NEM Climbs to Nine-Week High appeared first on Ethereum World News.

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IOTA Outperforms But Meets 50 EMA Resistance Area

There have been mixed performances in the cryptocurrency market today. The market leader Bitcoin has been trading flat while some altcoins appreciate and others record losses. IOTA, the thirteenth ranked cryptocurrency by market cap, has been one of the cryptocurrencies showing gains today. The cryptocurrency has appreciated from around $0.485 to about $0.502 today but seems to be meeting some key resistance at the 50 EMA. The cryptocurrency has been trading under the 50 EMA since early June, and it is questionable whether it can overcome the 50 EMA at this point. It has tested the moving average numerous times. It likely depends on the movements of the overall market from this point to determine whether IOTA can overcome the 50 EMA. With market leader Bitcoin currently trading flat today, there is no strong indication that it will overcome the resistance point today. IOTA Daily Chart - Source: The hourly chart for IOTA shows in closer detail the performance recorded today. A golden cross has just formed with the 50 EMA crossing the 200 EMA to the upside, but this is likely to have little impact given the daily 50 EMA resistance. The rises today have been on significant volume. Price has since started to retrace, but with the drops being on far less volume, the price could be setting up for another run to test the daily 50 EMA. The MACD continues to diverge to the upside showing that the shorter-term momentum is with the buyers. IOTA Hourly Chart - Source: Key Takeaways: IOTA one of the altcoin outperformers today but has met some resistance at the 50 EMA. Price has traded under the 50 EMA since early June. Golden cross has formed on the hourly but likely to have little impact. The volume on today’s rise is much larger than it had been for recent drops. Price could be setting up for a test of the daily 50 EMA. If an influx of buyers does not bring price above the 50 EMA, it likely depends on the movements of the overall market to determine whether price can overcome this key resistance point. IOTA Outperforms But Meets 50 EMA Resistance Area was originally found on [blokt] - Blockchain, Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News.

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Former Microsoft Employee Pierre Hoffmann Joins IOTA

A former employee of TOTAL and Microsoft, business developer Pierre Hoffmann has joined the IOTA Foundation. His hiring was announced recently by the blockchain project on its blog. The hiring will help IOTA in expanding its footprint across the corporate world and assist in several business development activities. Who Is Pierre Hoffmann? Hoffmann has formerly worked with Microsoft and TOTAL. He is a business developer who was initially interested in the prospects of Artificial Intelligence. However, he later switched to the Internet of Things and blockchain technology. He has been working in this sector for over a year now. According to the IOTA Foundation, Hoffmann’s understanding of the European ecosystem will help in strengthening the local footprint of the project. He will be helping IOTA in business development activities across industries. The IOTA Foundation is focused extensively on Asia and Europe. While Asia presents the allure of emerging markets, Europe boasts being a progressive and innovation-friendly region. IOTA itself is based in Germany, the EU stalwart. It is also partnering with the EU for its smart city and community project. Called the +CityxChange, the project aims at Positive Energy Block and top-down community engagement. Vision on Joining IOTA Hoffmann called joining IOTA an opportunity of a lifetime, saying that the system will evolve from what we know it as today. He said: “Working with companies and other various public agencies on highly disruptive business models that are shaping an entire new landscape of opportunities across numerous industries, is one of the most exciting tasks on the agenda.” He talked about IOTA, calling it a missing piece of a puzzle that will bring a smart revolution to the world. He said that it would be: “Driven both by permissionless co-creation and the appetite for radically new approaches. Therefore, it is of major importance to listen and understand the industry’s needs, to shape broad and seamless ecosystems in order to build a better and more sustainable future.” Former Microsoft Employee Pierre Hoffmann Joins IOTA was originally found on [blokt] - Blockchain, Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News.

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carVertical Unveils CarVertical.CITY, Its New Automatic Parking App That Uses IOTA

carVertical is increasingly establishing itself as a serious contender in the market of connected vehicles. In fact, through building an immutable car registry and enabling buyers, owners and insurance companies to have access to authentic information about a given vehicle, the young Lithuanian startup has already shown scalability promises for the near future. The latest product put forth by the company is an automatic parking payment app that will be available to download soon. One of the most interesting aspects about carVertical is that the IoT devices advertised that track various car data, are easily installed in both used and new cars. By using an OBD-II interface to connect the tracker, the device has the potential to be installed in over a billion cars worldwide. In fact, after striking a partnership with a provider of GPS tracking solution called GPSWOX weeks before its ICO that took place in January 2018, car vertical promised to design OBD tracker devices that fit into almost any car. Those devices would check desired parameters like GPS coordinates, battery level, or engine status, and send that data over to GPRWOX internal servers which will reportedly act as a virtual odometer. carVertical.CITY App According to a blog post made by carVertical on November 7, the newest product developed by the company throughout the past months, called carVertical.CITY, is a platform that brings a unified solution for automatic car parking. Audrius Kučinskas, the CTO of carVertical was quoted saying: “We’ve created a cute combination of OBD (on-board diagnostics) features, GPS tracking and IOTA Tangle possibilities. Everything is packed and served in a single user-friendly carVertical.CITY app which accepts payments in cV tokens.” How Does It Work? The app reportedly starts counting parked status time, as soon as a driver parks his car in a paid zone. Furthermore, the timer would stop automatically when the driver gets into his car and drives away, which results in savings that could be substantial in cases of forgetting to turn off the timer manually. All a driver has to do is to install the OBD tracker in his car, download the carVertical.CITY app (will purportedly be available soon in both Apple’s App Store and Google Play). The device automatically tracks down car coordinates, battery level, and engine status, then processes the real-time data to the Tangle where changes are stored as IOTA transactions. carVertical.CITY also records parking start time and price automatically when the vehicle stops in a paid parking zone. Service cost and payments are made once the driver moves his car away out of the parking lot without manual intervention. Parking history access and switching parking status on and off is allegedly possible to carry out remotely by the app users as well. Moreover, app users will be able to map their cars in real time, which can be an interesting security feature that comes with the app. Any status changes result in notifications being sent to the driver. cV Token As a Means of Payment carVertical revealed that cV token is the primary payment method for the parking service in the app, making it the first tangible use case of the ERC20 utility token sold by the company during its successful ICO earlier this year. In a blog post Kučinskas declared: “The primary payment method in carVerticak.CITY app is cV token. But we’ve also added support for MIOTA cryptocurrency as IOTA is a backbone of our IoT infrastructure.” Future Applications The blog post hinted that carVertical IoT team is currently targeting EV charging service payments as the next app feature. The company explained its choice by the possible “future chaos” that could occur in charging stations, once electric car adoption picks up the pace. The blog post reads: “Different providers demand different accounts, which sometimes can take several days to get verified. [..] A unified paying for EV charging could be one of the carVertical.CITY features. So users should finally be able to pay via single app everywhere they drive.” carVertical Unveils CarVertical.CITY, Its New Automatic Parking App That Uses IOTA was originally found on [blokt] - Blockchain, Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News.

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Tron (TRX) gets listed on Amsterdam’s Social Cryptocurrency Exchange Blockport

Great news for Europeans as its social cryptocurrency exchange lists Tron on its platform. Tron’s Justin Sun has expressed his gratitude as he thanked the exchange for its support via Twitter. This is coming right after Blockport listed IOTA and NEO a few days back, giving the token a good monument from European traders. Tron has now become the 10th exchange to surface on Blockport as it continues to attain its development roadmap. “By means of this listing, Blockport users will be able to buy and sell TRX, one of the world’s leading cryptocurrencies, through our euro gateway” _ Blockport. Tron’s goal of worldwide decentralization is fast becoming a reality. Back in October, the token joined Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin to land a listing on Coinsuper, a Hong Kong-based exchange giant and has since continued to soar in leaps and bounds. Tron has undoubtedly been one of the most active cryptocurrencies in market volume and in social engagements, not only has the token’s price tripled since 2018, Tron has been on a ride with multiple listings on different exchanges, giving users more access to trade. Meanwhile, Tron has also overpowered Ethereum’s daily transaction which was a total of 1,349,890 as of January 4th, while Tron was at 1,367,488 as of November 9th. Tron’s trading price has maintained an upsurge amidst other successes, with the ongoing TRONbet, to a 12 million smart contract milestone achieved, Tron’s trading volume is certain to go robust in the coming months. At the moment of writing, Tron is currently the world’s 11th largest cryptocurrency and is trading at a price of $0.022526. Although the token has declined by 1.48%, Yesterday Tron hit a daily all-time high of $0.023044 and is still managing to cut down on market volatility. The post Tron (TRX) gets listed on Amsterdam’s Social Cryptocurrency Exchange Blockport appeared first on ZyCrypto.

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Bitcoin Price Unbudgeable at $6,400, What Does the Market has to Say?

Stuck at $6,500, Bitcoin is in green but with little to no movement while a few altcoins are registering decent greens. It is expected of Bitcoin to break lower and end its consolidation phase. Meanwhile, crypto market participants are bullish on its future. Bitcoin in Green at $6,400 At the time of writing, Bitcoin has been trading at $6,406.26 while registering 24-hours gains of 0.12 percent. The world’s leading cryptocurrency is managing the daily trading volume of $4.17 billion with a market cap of $111 billion. Chart Source: Though it has moved up from today’s low at $6,360, for the past 3-months, BTC price is stuck at $6,500, oscillating between the $6k and $7k range. This has taken the volatility severely low, even lower than many national currencies like Turkish lira along with stock markets. This extending lack of volatility is pointing toward higher chances of breaking lower. It will mean the consolidation phase will finally come to an end. Going upwards, BTC will find resistance at $6,480 and support at $6,242 when going downwards. If we take a look at the earlier trends, the chances of going lower in the next few weeks for BTC are higher. What does the Market Say? Meanwhile, a few of the altcoins are enjoying the gains such as Stellar (XLM), Monero (XMR), and IOTA (MIOTA) that are up by close to 2 percent while NEM is up by about 14 percent. Shapeshift CEO, Erik Voorhees shared his bullish views on crypto with, “When the next global financial crisis occurs, and the world realizes organizations with $20 trillion in debt can’t possibly ever pay it back, and thus must print it instead, and thus fiat is doomed... watch what happens to crypto.” Amidst the experts and analysts calling out for a bottom for BItcoin, the CEO of the top crypto exchange Binance, Changpeng Zhao recently in an interview with CNBC’s Ran Neu Ner shared that, “Even if I don’t know what will catalyze a bitcoin bull run, I am certain it will happen... Sooner or later, something will trigger it.” CZ further mentioned, “Compared to January [of 2018], we are probably down 90 percent. So we only have one-tenth of the trading volume compared to what we had in January. But, compared to like a year or two years ago, we’re still trading at huge volumes. Business is still okay, we are still profitable, and we are still a very healthy business.” He also shared that they are constantly adding more users this year which was essential a bear market, except for the January highs. Moreover, the entry of institutions “may be a really strong trigger.” Recently, Gabor Gurbacs, the director of Digital Asset Strategy at the New York-based investment management firm VanEck talked about Bitcoin ETFs, ”What sets our ETF apart is that it’s a physical bitcoin ETF. So, it stays true to the bitcoin you own in underlying. It’s fully insured so if there is any theft, hacks or losses, then the insurance covers it.” Gurbacs further shared the potential of these ETFs, ”Our gold ETFs are already in a few billion dollars range. There are gold ETFs in the $10 billion range as well. I wouldn’t be surprised if a bitcoin ETF gets in a few billion dollars range.” The post Bitcoin Price Unbudgeable at $6,400, What Does the Market has to Say? appeared first on Coingape.

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Daily Cryptocurrency News - 11th November 2018

Here are the most important headlines of 11th November 2018 in the cryptocurrency space: Ethereum’s Constantinople Upgrade - Possible to Happen In January Ethereum enthusiasts have something to be happy about. In the last meeting, there were two dates proposed for the future Constantinople upgrade - January 12th and January 16th. The dates were set to be at that time so that the holiday season would pass. If this is a viable option (can’t completely judge the overall effort needed to get this in place + communicate this), I would like to make the following adopted timeline suggestion: December 10th (Monday), 2018: Start of a new PoW testnet, deprecate Ropsten January 16th (Wednesday), 2019: Fork on the new testnet February 12th (Tuesday), 2019: Fork on mainnet This Ethereum upgrade will introduce five Ethereum Improvement Proposals (EIP) that could surely improve the network. The Ethereum Improvement Proposals (EIP) are the following: EIP 145: Introduces Native bitwise shifting instructions which are more efficient for processing transactions on the network EIP 1218: Allows blocks to be directly aware of block hashes much older than the current hash EIP 1014: to implement scaling based upon state channels and off-chain transactions EIP 1052: optimizes large-scale code execution on the network EIP 1283: proposes the reduction of excessive gas costs where it does not match how most implementation works Circle Invest Adds Basic Attention Token To Its Platform Circle recently decided to list Basic Attention Token (BAT) on its platform. Great news for BAT as this comes at only a few days since it was listed on Coinbase. Not a surprise for everyone though. Circle and Coinbase are partners in the Centre Venture. Centre was created to increase the adoption of the ‘stablecoins’. Circle’s own stablecoin, USDC, was listed last month on Coinbase. In order for a cryptocurrency to be listed on Circle, it should meet the ‘Circle Asset Framework’, as BAT token did before listing. Circle, which also owns Poloniex exchange, was mention by The Office of the Attorney General of New York for having transparent listing standard. Circle’s head of legal & business affairs Claire Wells declared for Cryptoglobe that the company traders over $2 Billion OTC. Moreover, even if the price had a decline, Brendan Eich pointed out that BAT is in discussions with a large publishers which will work exclusively with Brave. Alex Gedevani believes that the website that Brave will have a partnership with its Imgur - and he wrote a detailed article about it on his Medium blog. Bitcoin ATM’s Available in 4,000 Locations Globally Even though if the Bitcoin price is on a continuous decrease since the beginning of 2018 - the adoption is slowly increasing. At the end of November, there’s a number of 4,000 ATMs expected to be live all around the world. According to CoinAtmRadar, there are 3989 Crypto ATMs available right now - with over 75 Countries that have at least 1 ATM, 40 Producers and 515 Operators. The number of Crypto ATMs increased by almost 1,000 since May 2018 and by over 3,000 since January 2017. The continent with the most crypto ATMs is North America - with over 71.3% of the market, followed by Europe. Another interesting fact is that 6 in 10 machines support different altcoins. Most popular altcoins among ATMs are: Litecoin, Ethereum and Bitcoincash. Also, 4 in 10 ATMs allow users to both buy and sell cryptocurrencies. The downside of ATMs - the fees. The average fee of buying cryptocurrency is a huge 8.85%. Selling it have a fee of 7.9% - a little lower, but still too much. For more details, you can check Bitcoinist’s article. Private Blockchains - Compatible with European’s GDPR According to a research published on 6th November - Private blockchains could be compatible with the latest European privacy rules. The study was conducted by Queen Mary University of London and Cambridge University, UK. GDPR ( General Data Protection Regulation ) act is a legislation that regulates the storage of personal data for all the EU individuals. According to the act, the ‘controllers’ ( such as banks or even a website where you’ve submitted your email) are obliged to keep you data private - otherwise, they could receive a fee of 20 million Euro or 4% of global turnover(whichever is higher) . The study claims that private blockchains could fall under these rules and be treated as ”controlelrs” as they handle sensitive data about persons from Europe. “There is a risk that this legal uncertainty will have a chilling effect on innovation, at least in the EU and potentially more broadly. For example, if all nodes and miners of a platform were to be deemed joint controllers, they would have joint and several liability, with potential penalties under the GDPR.” But, there’s a solution though. The blockchain operators could act like “processors” instead and let the users control their data. As an example, the perfect case would be a blockchain-as-a-s

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IOTA Hires Ex-Microsoft Employee As Business Developer

IOTA has hired Pierre Hoffman, a well-known Microsoft employee as its Business Developer. Hoffman will now manage IOTA’s development and operations in Europe. Before his career in distributed ledger systems, he worked in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its development. IOTA hopes to monitor and understand the European ecosystem, along with building various business relationships. IOTA foundation recently hired Dr. Klaus Schaaf and Johann Jungwirth CDO (Chief Digital Officer), both from Volkswagen. IOTA (MIOTA) is priced at $0.48183, gaining 0.17% in the last 24 hours. (VS)

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IOTA Price Jumps to $0.5 Courtesy of Foundation and Tangle Mixer News

It remains a bit unclear if and when all of the top cryptocurrency markets will effectively recover. Some positive momentum has been brewing around noon, but it appears those gains are being eroded once again. For IOTA, things are still looking good, as the altcoin notes the biggest uptrend of the top 15 today. IOTA Price Momentum Isn’t Over As is usually the case when the weekend comes around, it is difficult to make sense of the current cryptocurrency price momentum. Most of the top coins are either barely in the green or still in the red. No major gains or losses are recorded within the top 10, albeit interesting things happen outside of it. IOTA, for example, shows some healthy growth and the potential to retake $0.5 in a few hours. The IOTA price has noted a small 3% gain in USD value and a 2.3% gain on Bitcoin over the past 24 hours. That in itself is relatively promising, primarily because there isn’t much else to be excited about today. As such, traders who want some quick profits will undoubtedly keep an eye on IOTA moving forward, as the price should surpass $0.5 fairly quickly. Looking across social media, two key developments have taken place for IOTA this week. First of all, Pierre Hoffmann has decided to join the IOTA Foundation. His experience as an employee of TOTAL and Microsoft will certainly be of great use for this cryptocurrency project, although it remains a bit unclear how this will affect the project exactly. Welcome Pierre Hoffmann to the IOTA Foundation — IOTA (@iotatoken) November 10, 2018 Secondly, a new project on GitHub indicates a mixing service for IOTA is currently being developed. Although there isn’t necessarily a demand for such a service, hardly anyone will complain it exists. Users still make up their own mind as to whether or not they desire to use a mixing service for whatever purpose they see fit. Giving users more choice is never a bad thing. GitHub - tanglemixer/tanglemixer: An IOTA mixing service #IOTA #IOT #Tech #m2m — /r/IOTA (@Reddit_IOTA) November 10, 2018 Those who speculate on IOTA seem confident a future change is merely a matter of time. For DacoMax, the future looks grim, as he expects IOTA to hit $0.01 based on the current course of action by the IOTA Foundation. A bit of an odd statement given how things are progressing, albeit everyone is entitled to their own opinion. #IOTA will reach $0.01 soon if the chimpos in IF don't figure out what to do with it. And what Cryptography in general can do for internet, industries, economies, societies. I doubt they can, it's a mixed bunch of grown up children home alone and failed or frustrated engineers. — DacoMax (@DacoMax) November 10, 2018 With this current uptrend in place, one would expect things to continually improve for IOTA. Its trading volume is pretty weak at this time, though, which can easily cause this price trend to falter in quick succession. Retaking $0.5 will be the first order of business, yet turning it into a stable support level may prove to be a bridge too far under the current circumstances. Disclaimer: This is not trading or investment advice. The above article is for entertainment and education purposes only. Please do your own research before purchasing or investing into any cryptocurrency. The post IOTA Price Jumps to $0.5 Courtesy of Foundation and Tangle Mixer News appeared first on NullTX.

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IOT/USD Price Analysis: More than 600 Corporations Interested in IOTA

Like the rest of the market, IOT/USD aggressive traders can begin loading at spot thanks to Nov 4 close above the minor resistance trend line. But, the real impetus is the effort by the IOTA Foundation to create avenues where corporations can easily integrate and make use of Tangle. Latest IOTA News That IOTA has a lot of user cases is true. No doubt, the demand for IOTA’s tangle is high. As a matter of fact, in the last 12 months, more than 600 organizations have shown their interest according to David Sønstebø, the founder of IOTA. And it is not even 2019, the year many say will see widespread adoption and actual use of blockchain platforms. Audi Think Tank & IOTA Foundation explore Tangle-based mobility use cases #Mobility — IOTA (@iotatoken) July 25, 2018 It is for this reason that players at IOTA are keen on expanding the ecosystem by bringing in more people working towards simplification. By that the IOTA Foundation plan to release more technical documentations, guides as they work towards creating a marketplace that redefine ownership, trust and value. You may also like: IOTA among Gainers as Markets Revisit its Car Insurance Plans David views the lack of third-party integrator as a major obstacle towards global adoption but once avenues open up and everything fall in place then IOTA shall take off. People, David asserts, need to take the initiative and learn basic programming as there is a gap to be filled. While IOTA is keen on global adoption, supporters can now buy and instead of keeping their coins at exchanges they can transfer them to their Ledger Nano S via Romeo or Trinity wallets. IOT/USD Price Analysis Weekly Chart As the market recover, it’s clear that IOTA is also finding strong support at the 40 cents-50 cents area. This zone could help propel IOT/USD prices back towards parity now that prices are down 95 percent from 2017 highs. This is likely but first, since prices are trending inside week ending Aug 12 high low, we need to see strong gains above 90 cents. When that prints, then bulls would officially be in charge and trading within a three-bar bullish reversal, morning star pattern off the psychological 50 cents mark. If not, then conservative, long term bag hodlers are better off staying on the sidelines as IOT/USD consolidate within a 40 cents range. Daily Chart Back to the daily chart and bulls seem to be in charge. In line with our previous IOT/USD trade plan, we recommend buying at spot now that prices are trading above the minor resistance trend line at the back of high trading volumes of Nov 4. Even though prices have been correcting in the last few days, we suggest buying at spot with stops at Oct 11 lows at 47 cents. While it is ideal for IOT/USD prices to break and close above 90 cents, conservative traders can begin buying once prices edge above 60 cents. This level marks Oct highs and the complete reversal of Oct 11 losses. All Charts Courtesy of Trading View Disclaimer: Views and opinions expressed are those of the author and aren’t investment advice. Trading of any form involves risk and so do your due diligence before making a trading decision. IOT/USD Price Analysis: More than 600 Corporations Interested in IOTA was last modified: November 8th, 2018 by Dalmas NgetichThe post IOT/USD Price Analysis: More than 600 Corporations Interested in IOTA appeared first on NewsBTC.

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Anne Smith Joins IOTA as Senior Project Manager in Mobility & Automotive Space

As Q4 is maturing, IOTA is speeding up the hiring process. Days after offering official positions to two longstanding community members, the IOTA Foundation announced Anne Smith as the fifth hire of the month. Smith will be the “Senior Project and Partner Relationship Manager in the Mobility & Automotive space.” Smith is a veteran project manager who boasts of cross-functional industry experience in over seven countries. Smith’s Previous Work Anne Smith has worked extensively on project management and has a robust professional background in hardware and software quality management. She has worked internationally, managing technical teams and projects in the US, UK, Germany, Finland, Netherlands, China, and India. Smith holds a Bachelor’s in Mathematics from the University of California Santa Cruz. Post her graduation, she started a flourishing career in Silicon Valley, working as a TCP/IP stack QA engineer at Two Guys and a VAX (TGV). She has worked in a variety of startup companies and top organizations like Apple, Cisco, and Nokia with her primary expertise in the field of IP Security and Networking/Communications. Most recently, she was working at Snom Technology/VTech as a Director of Quality Management, where she assisted with quality audits on the factory floor. Her experience here highlighted the problems of waste, trust, and efficiency that could be solved with the help of distributed ledgers, such as smart-factory DLT implementation based on IOTA’s Tangle. Joining IOTA to Explore DLT Smith said that she is thrilled to join IOTA where she will be working as a Senior Project and Partner Relationship Manager in the Mobility & Automotive space. Her work would include engaging with current and future partners of the Foundation and the broader IOTA community, aiding the development of projects that highlight the capabilities of IOTA. She said: “Given the intrinsic limitations of traditional blockchain technology, I’ve been skeptical about implementing the technology in real-world IoT scenarios. As soon as I learned about IOTA and how it is feeless, highly scalable, and requires minimal resources to process, it became instantly clear to me that this was the right solution for enabling the technologies that will bring us into the future. I knew I wanted to be a part of it.” Anne Smith Joins IOTA as Senior Project Manager in Mobility & Automotive Space was originally found on [blokt] - Blockchain, Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News.

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New Futuristic City Running on Blockchain Technology to be Established in Nevada

CoinSpeaker New Futuristic City Running on Blockchain Technology to be Established in Nevada Blockchain millionaire, a consumer protection lawyer and a CEO of a firm called Blockchains LLC, Jeffrey Berns signed a deal which has cost him around $170 million. Berns calls this structure a distributed collaborative entity as it is supposed to operate on a blockchain where everyone’s ownership rights and voting powers will be tracked and recorded in a digital wallet. The blockchain city won’t have the government ‘per se’ but the power would be placed in the hands of the people and cryptocurrency will be used as the coin of the city. As the description on the website of Tom Wiscombe Architecture, one of the designers of the community says: “The city aims to showcase how business development, residential living and commerce can flourish alongside world-changing technologies. Multiple innovative technologies will change the way its residents interact on a daily basis and blockchain technology will be at the center of it all — keeping systems honest, fair and democratic.” The whole area surrounds an industrial park where Tesla’s Gigafactory is located, as well as buildings of major tech giants like Google and Apple. Berns has spent about $300 million on the land, offices, planning and a staff of 70 people. According to the New York Times, Berns is able to fund the entire project with money he earned from an investment in the cryptocurrency Ethereum in 2015. He said: “Something inside me tells me this is the answer. That if we can get enough people to trust the blockchain, we can begin to change all the systems we operate by,” Berns explained that he chose Nevada mostly because of the tax benefits, including the lack of income taxes. The whole city is envisioned to be split into two parts: a residential area and campus for researching emerging technologies. The business part will feature “a highly secured, high-tech Blockchains Campus that joins blockchain technology with artificial intelligence (AI), 3D printing and nanotechnology,” as well as a university. The commercial side is focused on encouraging technologically forward ideas and development. The tech campus will feature an e sports arena as well. The residential area will feature a smart city with homes and schools, with self-driving cars, as well as a drone delivering system. The city should run on renewable energy and be community-oriented. Berns said the company won’t begin construction on the broader property until late 2019, at the earliest, after putting together the master plan and getting it approved by the county. Berns said: “Everything that we do will have its infrastructure rooted in blockchain. Now, we also wanted to show how the blockchain could change the way we live, so we are creating a residential community as well. This residential community will have houses, apartments, condos, banks, markets, stores, schools, and we will use blockchain, the public blockchain, wherever possible. We will incubate projects with those entities as we build out that residential community.” The company will also recruit a number of partners to work on projects and the first of these is energy firm, NV Energy, which services 1.4 million customers throughout Nevada Crypto Cities around the World Growing Like a Mushrooms After Rain It’s not just US that is crypto positive. Slovenia, that has even recently been titled ‘the Silicon Valley of Europe’, has its own crypto mall - Bitcoin City offers such an opportunity. Bitcoin City represents itself the very first entertainment ecosystem based on the newest technologies. It is a result of fruitful collaboration between BTC City, one of the biggest Central European shopping, business and logistic centers, and Eligma, a startup specializing in smart commerce solutions. Bitcoin City leverages blockchain technology to provide the highest level of security. The visitors of the entertainment area can enjoy a wide range of payment options available here, including digital money. The Eligma team has developed its very own payment system Elipay, which allows for paying in cryptocurrencies via an easy-to-use mobile app. On the other side of the world, with a view to become a smart city, comes Taipei that partnered with IOTA to provide its residents with a wide range of new technological advantages. The first project to be implemented will be introduction of digital citizen cards with built-in TangleID. The concept of these cards was designed with an aim to exclude risks of identity theft and voter fraud. Simultaneously, the digital cards will represent a simple tool for tracking health history and other data for public services. New Futuristic City Running on Blockchain Technology to be Established in Nevada

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Where to Put Your Money in a Bear Crypto Market?

With Bitcoin down 68% and a number of top cryptocurrencies having lost over 90% of their value from their all-time high (ATH), where exactly one should invest their money in a bearish crypto market. Crypto Winter: Bear market of 2018 Cryptocurrencies have lost more than 50 percent of their value since they reached their peaks in early January. Bitcoin (BTC) is currently down over 68 percent from its all-time high (ATH) in mid-December at approximately $19,500. Ethereum (ETH) and XRP, the top cryptos are more than 85 percent down from their high in mid-January at about $1,400 and $3.85 respectively. Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Cardano (ADA), IOTA (MIOTA), Dash, Tron (TRX), Lisk (LSK), NEO, Verge (XVG), and QTUM have lost more than 90 percent of their peak values. Tether (USDT), the stable coin which is pegged by a dollar is also below $1 at $0.998, down over 17% from January peak at $1.21. The volatility has dropped to the lowest this year which is not at all encouraging for the investors to sink their feet into crypto waters. Moreover, the daily trading volume in the market has also taken a hit and registering low numbers. Investing in a Bear Market Nonetheless, New Wave Capital, a fully registered investment adviser co-founded by Albert Cheng and Stewart Hauser that was launched in July says the customers are still very much interested as many customers have invested more money into crypto. CEO Eric Campbell shares, “The kind of customers who would sign up during a downturn have more of a long-term approach to investing.” According to the firm, crypto investment is not for only accredited investors, but for regular people as well i.e. with an annual income range of $200,000 to $1 million net worth. With a minimum investment of $100, New Wave invests its customers’ funds across 15 cryptocurrencies viz. Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH), XRP, Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Stellar Lumens (XLM), Litecoin LTC), Ethereum Classic (ETC), Zcash (ZEC), OmiseGo (OMG), Golem (GNT), TenX (PAY), Numeraire (NMR), Civic (CVC), Basic Attention Token BAT), and 0x (ZRX). The options are rebalanced quarterly with the weighting based on an algorithm and a risk survey. As usually happens, in a bear market, bitcoin becomes the most favored cryptocurrency. However, Campbell is most bullish on the cryptocurrencies with a smaller market cap. “The smaller-cap altcoins have the largest potential, we think. In a bear market, everyone moves away from altcoins and they go back to what has been traditionally more resilient, which is bitcoin. They think it’s a safer asset. But when we come back to another bull market in the future, we think people will go back to altcoins.” The post Where to Put Your Money in a Bear Crypto Market? appeared first on Coingape.

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New Report Shows An Increase In Active Bitcoin Addresses

A new report by the massive crypto exchange, Huobi shows EOS having a good week as well as a number of active Bitcoin addresses continuing to increase as well as the IOTA project having a decent volume of updates to their code on Github. In the report, called Huobi Blockchain Big Data, statistics were crowding every corner of the page on the 7th November that breaks down the activities of the last crypto weeks (October 24th - October 31st). The report looks to social media and market trends data, transaction fees, distribution of wealth on selected blockchain protocols, the movement of digital assets, trending crypto keywords and activity on dApps. In the markets, the prices of crypto assets went down even though the trading increased massively with EOS surging by over 100 percent. The number of Bitcoin addresses has been increasing over the past month and a half. The number of addresses has almost reached 3.7 million which shows a 1.8 percent jump from the prior week. This is the biggest number of active Bitcoin addresses recorded over the past two months. 1.35 million Bitcoin addresses were created this week alone. The number of Ethereum addresses saw an increase of 2.6 percent from 1.166 million from the week before to this’s weeks number of 1.196 million. As stated by blokt: “The transaction volume for the Bitcoin network decreased by 5.82 percent from 5.949 million to 5.602 million. The number of transactions increased by 3 percent from the previous week to reach 1.768 million. The average amount of BTC traded per transaction declined by 8.6 percent from the previous week and now equals 3.17 BTC.” The transaction fees on the Bitcoin network increased from 114.6 BTC to 120.4 BTC. The transaction amount of Bitcoin rising by three percent and reached the highest amount from the recent six months. The average amount of Ethereum that was traded per transaction went down by nine percent, similar to Bitcoin, the number of transaction fees on the Ethereum network increased from around 10,000 ETH to 10,400 ETH. The total number of transactions on the EOS platform went up by just over ten percent to reach just under 22 million. What are your thoughts? Let us know what you think down below in the comments! googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display('div-gpt-ad-1538128067916-0'); }); The post New Report Shows An Increase In Active Bitcoin Addresses appeared first on Crypto Daily™.

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IOTA Releases Monthly Update: Integrates With Ledger, Board Member Departs in Good Standing

Mark Schmidt released a monthly update on Nov. 6th of what the IOTA Foundation was up to in the previous month. IOTA collaborated with Ledger, one of the most well-known companies in blockchain security. This is a major step considering that the crypto industry is prone to hacks, heists, and cyber-attacks. The Foundation also lost one of its board members who is relocating from Germany to the U.S but leaves in good standing. IOTA Foundation Partnerships IOTA Foundation takes the security of MIOTA token holders seriously and recently signed a partnership with the Ledger. The new deal integrates: “IOTA tokens with Ledger’s secure hardware wallets for cryptocurrency.” Eric Larchevêque, the CEO at Ledger said: “The collaboration between the teams created an immediate synergy concentrated on developing a compatibility feature allowing users to access, store and manage IOTA tokens on Ledger devices. We are thrilled to welcome IOTA onto the Ledger platform.” On Oct. 15th, Cara Harbor, the head of Comms for IOTA Foundation posted a blog post indicating that IOTA’s Tangle, the next evolution in the blockchain, is powering: “IAMPASS biometric palm vein authentication for digital Identity.” IAMPASS technology scans the veins of a person and creates an immutable record of the person’s identity. Dominik Schiener, co-founder and co-chair of the IOTA Foundation said that IOTA’s permissionless distributed leger technology gives “users access and ownership over their own data.” Nino Ulrich, the co-founder of IAMPASS spoke highly of IOTA, mentioning that the: “Tangle’s unique features such as the lack of miners or transaction fees, and its intrinsic scalability, make it a natural choice for us.” On Oct. 31st, the IOTA Foundation announced the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding with High Mobility. The deal will see the “integration of IOTA content, blueprints, and tutorials into HIGH MOBILITY´s developer platform.” On Oct. 26th, Serguei Popov published a blog post stating that IOTA is trying to build an ecosystem without transaction fees and in order to do so, the platform has to eliminate miners. The elimination of miners requires a collaborative system, and IOTA is still working on this. IOTA also released a video showing how TWO IOT is “utilizing IOTA to make waste management in Taiwan a smooth, efficient ride.” A Board Member Leaves the IOTA Foundation Johann Jungwirth, EVP Mobility Services Volkswagen Group of America and a board member of the IOTA Foundation is relinquishing his post at the Foundation because of his relocation to the U.S. from Germany. Jungwirth was instrumental in facilitating a deal between the IOTA Foundation and Volkswagen. His departure will not affect the deal as he is still in good standing with the Foundation. With a market cap of $1.387 billion, IOTA’s token is ranked 13th and is currently trading at $0.49999, a 1.6 percent drop in the last 24 hours. IOTA Releases Monthly Update: Integrates With Ledger, Board Member Departs in Good Standing was originally found on [blokt] - Blockchain, Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News.

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Report by Huobi Shows an Increase in Active Bitcoin Addresses and Transaction Fees

Huobi Group published a statistics-filled report called ‘Huobi Blockchain Big Data’ on Nov. 7th that breaks down the activities of the previous crypto week from Oct. 24th to Oct. 31st. The report focuses on social media and market trends data, transaction fees, distribution of wealth on selected blockchain protocols, the movement of digital assets, Dapp activity, and trending crypto keywords. In the markets, the prices of digital assets decreased, and the “trading volume increased dramatically.” EOS’ trading volume increased by 103 percent. Week in Numbers The number of active Bitcoin addresses has been on the rise for six consecutive weeks. The number reached 3.69 million, showing a 1.8 percent increase from the previous week. This is the largest number of active Bitcoin addresses recorded in the past two months. 1.35 million Bitcoin addresses were created this week in comparison to 1.37 from the previous week. The number of active Ethereum addresses rose by 2.6 percent from 1.166 million from the previous week to this week’s figure of 1.196 million. The transaction volume for the Bitcoin network decreased by 5.82 percent from 5.949 million to 5.602 million. The number of transactions increased by 3 percent from the previous week to reach 1.768 million. The average amount of BTC traded per transaction declined by 8.6 percent from the previous week and now equals 3.17 BTC. Transaction fees on the Bitcoin network increased from 114.6 BTC to 120.4 BTC. The transaction amount of Bitcoin rose by 3 percent and reached the “largest amount for [the] recent 6 months.” The average amount of ETH traded per transaction decreased by 9 percent. Just like Bitcoin, the total amount of transaction fees on the Ethereum network increased from 10,100 ETH to 10,400 ETH. The total number of transactions on the EOS platform increased by 10.4 percent to reach 21.84 million. This trend has been going on for the last six weeks. The top 5 Dapps on the EOS platform are “BetDice, Endless Dice, EOSPoker, EOSBet, and EOS Knights respectively.” There are currently 123 Dapps on the EOS blockchain protocol. The top 5 Dapps on the Ethereum network “with regard to the transaction volume of accounts this week are IDEX, Dice2win, CryptoKitties, ForkDelta, and Ethroll respectively.” There are currently 1,137 active Dapps on the Ethereum network. Social Media and Keywords Analysis “Huobi,” “Binance,” and “ZB” were the most searched words of the week in the exchanges category. Other trending words of the week include “SEC,” “Node,” “NANO,” “China” and “Ox.” With regards to GitHub code activity: “IOTA, TRX, and ADA were the projects with the most code rows; It’s worth noting that IOTA has had a lot of code updates this week, with 1,718 rows of code updated on 53 submissions.” The top 3 active Telegram groups are Ontology Group, Vechain English Group, and EOS China (Chinese group). Report by Huobi Shows an Increase in Active Bitcoin Addresses and Transaction Fees was originally found on [blokt] - Blockchain, Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News.

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carVertical.CITY App Leveraging IOTA Tangle & MIOTA for Automatic Car Parking Solution

OTA Tangle used by carVertical to bring IoT benefits to everyday life MIOTA cryptocurrency will also be supported for payment method along with CV tokens Bringing IoT to Daily Life with IOTA carVertical.CITY is a platform that is going to use the technology of the 13th largest cryptocurrency IOTA to take IoT mainstream. In order to bring the benefits of IoT to real life, it is starting with a solution for automatic car parking. According to its CTO, Audrius Kučinskas, “We’ve created a cute combination of OBD (on-board diagnostics) features, GPS tracking, and IOTA Tangle possibilities. Everything is packed and served in a single user-friendly carVertical.CITY app which accepts payments in cV tokens.” The carVertical ICO that was completed in January is coming up with an app, carVertical.City that automatically starts counting the time a car is parked in a paid zone. No overpayments as the timer is automatically stopped when a car is driven away. Utilizing the Tangle, IOTA distributed ledger along with GPSWOX the data is maintained. As for how it works, an on-board diagnostics (OBD) device tracks the car, constantly checked by GPS, and processes data to the IOTA tangle. “Coordinates, engine status and battery level is stored as an IOTA transaction,” while the goal is to have a device that control and send transactions to IOTA directly eliminating centralized steps on the way. As for the payment mode, A. Kučinskas says, “The primary payment method in carVertical.CITY app is CV token. But we’ve also added support for MIOTA cryptocurrency as IOTA is a backbone of our IoT infrastructure.” The official announcement states that the “app communicates directly with IOTA.” As for the reason behind going with IOTA, it shares, “Because IOTA was made for the devices like our OBDs. IOTA Tangle lets check any car’s parking status anytime. Moreover, it’s very easy to join for the new market players: only their IOTA address is needed.” Suitable for both public and private parking lots, carVertical.CITY is already available to use in municipal parking zones of Vilnius, the Capital of Lithuania. The app that will be “soon available on AppStore and Google Play” will allow the use of “same app and same cV tokens or MIOTA to pay parking tickets from the streets of New York to Tokyo suburbs,” in future. “A solution potentially could work all over the world,” Nerijus Misius, carVertical IoT engineer says, “Every parking provider is welcome to our service. It’s easy to join, because you don’t need to build your own infrastructure. It’s enough to provide us the map of your parking lots and IOTA address.” The post carVertical.CITY App Leveraging IOTA Tangle & MIOTA for Automatic Car Parking Solution appeared first on Coingape.

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Crypto Rally Hopes Quashed as Markets Dump Again

FOMO Moments The bears are back in play; Dash surviving the dump, Bitcoin Cash, Cardano, VeChain sliding. Rally anticipations have been quashed once again as markets are dumping. Just when a glimmer of hope started to shine in crypto land, the bears come back out and defecate all over it. Total crypto market cap has shed $4 billion in the past four hours, dropping back to around $215 billion. Bitcoin is currently holding its place with only a minor dip back below $6,500. It is currently trading at $6,480 but further losses may be imminent if the bearish pressure is sustained. As quick as it climbed over the past few days, Ethereum has fallen. ETH is currently down 2% back to $214 as it failed twice to break resistance at $220. Altcoins are suffering today, all red and wiping out gains made since the weekend. In the top ten Bitcoin Cash is falling fastest with a 5% slide to $586. Not far behind BCH are Litecoin and Cardano both losing 4% on the day. The rest in this group are down 2-4 percent since the same time yesterday. Only Dash is staying buoyant in the top twenty with a 3% climb to $173 while around it is a sea of red. Iota and VeChain are losing the most at around 4%, Tron and Nem not far behind. Getting a good dose of fomo in the top one hundred today is WAX and Polymath, both climbing around 7% on the day. BAT is also still trading strongly, up 6% following its addition to the Coinbase Pro exchange at the weekend. The big dumps are not that devastating at the moment with only two altcoins losing more than five percent; Electroneum and Bitcoin Cash. The entire table is predominantly red at the moment as markets suffer another attack of the bears. Total crypto market capitalization has fallen 1.8% on the day resulting in a $4 billion loss to $216 billion. This could be a natural correction from a bullish four days as traders take short term profits. Markets are still up 4% on the week and the trend is still rising providing there are no further losses. They have returned to the same level total market cap was at this time last month, the consolidation continues. FOMO Moments is a section that takes a daily look at the top 20 altcoins during the current trading session and analyses the best performing ones, looking for trends and possible fundamentals. The post Crypto Rally Hopes Quashed as Markets Dump Again appeared first on NewsBTC.

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Stellar Giveaway: SDF Wants To Decentralize XLM

There’s no such thing as a free lunch, but it seems the crypto world didn’t get the memo. Every week we hear about someone getting burned by a fake Twitter giveaway, and Initiative Q keeps claiming new converts. Now it looks like Jed McCaleb has been hacked too, and the Stellar Development Foundation is holding its own token giveaway. Luckily, this time it’s not a Twitter lookalike, and you don’t even have to send any XLM first. As the Foundation, paired with Blockchain, announced in a blog post: We’re thrilled to announce SDF’s largest lumen distribution to date: an up-to-500 million XLM distribution to users of leading digital asset wallet provider, Blockchain. This airdrop will put the Stellar name and technology in front of Blockchain’s 30 million account holders, and will bring many new users into our ecosystem. Each (KYC-verified) Blockchain wallet holder will receive 100 lumens (worth around $25), and the wallet creator will continue using airdrops like these to drive adoption. In addition to attracting new crypto users, the airdrop is expected to increase network effects and ultimately improve the utility of Stellar and other blockchain currencies. “Blockchain Airdrops are a great way for crypto creators to drive decentralization and adoption for new networks,” Blockchain said in a blog post. “We think they’re great for crypto users too. They let you test, trade, and transact with the next generation of crypto assets without having to buy them or mine them.” It’s also expected to build the Stellar brand, and that goal is already being realized: the airdrop has already been reported by (among others) The Independent, Fortune, and Yahoo Finance, among others, as the most valuable give-away ever. What’s the Catch? Still, it’s worth giving taking a moment to look the gift crypto in the mouth, especially after the critical shake we gave to Initiative Q. This giveaway isn’t just coming from the goodness of Jed McCaleb’s lumenous heart, however generous he may be. As we’ve previously reported, one of the biggest quandaries for cryptocurrencies is finding a way to put them in people’s wallets. For older cryptocurrencies, this is achieved by competitive mining, which prevents any one party from dominating the supply. For fixed-supply coins like XRP or Iota, having a coin monopoly comes with as many liabilities as benefits. Skeptics like Dr. Doom frequently cite the inequality of crypto wallets as an argument against adoption, and they have a point. It’s hard to make the case for a gold standard when one tycoon owns all the mines. Although Ripple and Tron are criticized for their enormous premines, Stellar is one of the biggest culprits: 95% of the lumens supply is held in the top hundred wallets, according to a helpful website by Jackson Palmer. That uneven coin supply could also endanger Stellar’s chances at a Coinbase listing, as Crypto Briefing has previously suggested. Spreading the wealth might also help smooth things with the SEC, whose standards for what counts as a “decentralized” currency have not yet been clarified. Then there’s the fact that, unlike a regular Blockchain wallet, you need to complete KYC in order to receive your free Stellar. Although Blockchain says that this requirement prevents people from double-dipping—and there’s no shortage of people willing to do so—the giveaway could inadvertently expose the emails and identities of 30 million crypto users. So it may be worth giving this airdrop a second look, and perhaps even passing on the free lunch. We’ll definitely be giving this one a few second thoughts - right after we sign up for a new Blockchain wallet.... The author has investments in Stellar and XRP, which are mentioned in this article. The post Stellar Giveaway: SDF Wants To Decentralize XLM appeared first on Crypto Briefing.

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KuCoin Cryptocurrency Exchange Lists Fantom (FTM) Token Today

KuCoin has been developed and founded by young, aspiring tech experts that have recognized the excellent advantage of blockchain to the world that heads to the creation of an exceptional cryptocurrency trading platform. Their challenging journey has earned them into becoming specialists in the blockchain technology. The secure network, state-of-the-art system, and the advanced customer service support make their platform as the few leading crypto markets currently. And today, Fantom’s listing of FTM token is another proof of how reliable and secure their platform to both partner and users. FTM is now available for deposits with trading pairs including FTM/BTC and FTM/ETH. Buying order commences at 17:30 (UTC+8), while Selling order at 18:00 October 30, 2018 (UTC+8), and Withdrawal at 20:00 (UTC+8). About Fantom (FTM) Fantom strives to be the world’s first Directed Acrylic Graph (DAG) based smart contract platform that resolves the concern of scalability and confirmation time of the current blockchain technology. The aim is to produce safe and fast transactions (300,000 transactions per second) by an open-source and permissionless platform. The plan aims to develop on newer blockchain platforms that are also DAG-based such as IOTA, Nano, Byteball, and Hedero Hashgraph. These platforms update on current blockchain scalability as nodes are created to process transactions asynchronously. Because each transaction is connected to another and there are no miners in the system, as more nodes engage in the network, the number of transactions treated per second increases. Fantom distinguishes itself by incorporating smart contract dApp infrastructure into a DAG-based platform so that it extends instant payment, near zero cost (transaction fees will be under $0.01 from one wallet to another), and endless processing scalability. Key features of the platform: The OPERA Chain: Rather than blocks, the OPERA Chain processes events asynchronously without being accepted by miners. Apps developed on top of the OPERA Chain benefit from instant transactions and minimal transaction costs. The Lachesis Protocol: A new protocol that maintains consensus within the network. Story Data: Historical information is independently managed through Story Data. Every transaction and smart contract function can store data for tracking and supply chain management. For more information about Fantom please visit Images courtesy of KuCoin The post KuCoin Cryptocurrency Exchange Lists Fantom (FTM) Token Today appeared first on Live Bitcoin News.

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IOTA Adds Another Longtime Contributor to Its Team Officially

The beginning of November has brought good news for two active community contributors to the IOTA ecosystem. After adding Lukas Tassanyi aka MicroHash, Qubic Lite contributor to the organization as a software engineer, the IOTA Foundation announced that it is also giving Luca Moser an official position. Who Is Luca Moser? A self-taught full-stack software engineer, the Zurich, Switzerland based Moser began his journey in the world of technology at a young age when he started building his own computers. He then went on to write extensions for his favorite games as a teenager. He is interested in backend systems and web technologies. Moser has been working at an IT company since he was 15. There, he was responsible for modernizing the internal processes of the company by programming different applications, ranging from ERP to CRM systems. He also co-administered the IT infrastructure of the company. Currently, he is pursuing Swiss Advanced Federal Diploma of Higher Education in Software Engineering, which is due to be completed in 2019. In the summer of 2017, Moser gained interest in digital currencies and became an active member of the IOTA community in December. He was first spotted by the Trinity team. Soon after, he started working on the development of the desktop wallet. Now, he is formally inducted into the engineering team of the Foundation. Moser’s Thoughts on His New Role in IOTA Moser wrote in a blog post that IOTA comes with an inherent potential for scalability which makes it highly likely to foster the new age of information and value transfer. He said that when he read about cryptocurrencies, he wanted to know if the coins designed for transferring value could be used by an average Joe. He believes strongly in the potential of IOTA to fulfill this objective. He also wrote: “Being able to work for The IOTA Foundation is a privilege. I hope to use all my available energy to achieve our mission of becoming the standard for the machine-to-machine economy. I am looking forward to being part of this new digital transformation and working together with my friends and colleagues at The IOTA Foundation.” IOTA Adds Another Longtime Contributor to Its Team Officially was originally found on [blokt] - Blockchain, Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News.

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XRP, Bitcoin Cash [BCH] and Basic Attention Token [BAT] top the market over the week with double digit hike

The cryptocurrency market has seen a smooth and upward moving chart over the week with several major coins showing an impeccable performance in terms of price. The total market capitalization of the market has also increased significantly in the past week from $203 billion to $216 billion, at press time. The cryptocurrency community has witnessed an outstanding altcoin rally, wherein coins such as Cardano [ADA], Stellar [XLM], Tron [TRX], IOTA [MIOTA], and Bitcoin Gold [BTG] have surged by over 10% in the past week. However, this bull run has merely affected Bitcoin [BTC]. The market king has been constantly hovering around its $6,400 range throughout the week with not much variation in the price. The three coins which grabbed the attention of the cryptosphere include XRP, Bitcoin Cash [BCH] and Basic Attention Token [BAT] with 20.58%, 43.96% and 25.19% gain respectively, in the past 7 days. Bitcoin Cash [BCH] The upcoming hardfork of Bitcoin Cash has given a strong push to the market value of BCH over the past week. The cryptocurrency has topped the market list with a growth rate of 43.96% in 1 week. At the time of writing, BCH is trading at $600.73 with a market cap of $10 billion. The cryptocurrency continues to stay at the 4th position by market cap with a rally from $422 to $600 in 7 days. BCH price chart | Source: TradingView The daily candlesticks of BCH are depicting a strong bullish trend with MACD signals moving towards the green zone. Basic Attention Token [BAT] Next in line is Basic Attention Token [BAT], with 25.19% in the past week. At press time, BAT is trading at $0.30 with a market cap of $309 million. The cryptocurrency has made to the news quite a number of times in the past weeks when BAT was launched on one of the most prominent exchange platforms, Coinbase Pro. The firm also launched its native browser Brave which is compatible with all the Chrome extensions. When these announcements were made, the coin shot up to 57%. The coin has taken an upward surge from $0.23 to $0.30 over the week with the highest trading volume of 62.56% emerging from Binance on BAT/BTC trading pairs. BAT price chart | Source: TradingView The chart depicts the 1-day candlesticks of BAT. The coin has shown an insignificant growth of 0.71% in the past 24 hours, according to CoinMarketCap. XRP At the time of writing, XRP is trading at $0.52 with a market cap of $21 million. XRP’s tremendous rise has led the community to a joyous week. Earlier today, XRP has surpassed Ethereum [ETH] by market cap to take the 2nd position on the cryptocurrency list. The market cap of XRP had reached $22.5 billion at that time, whereas ETH’s market cap was $22.07 billion. The highest volume of XRP is seen to be on the Japanese exchange platform Bitbank with XRP/JPY trading pairs. The cryptocurrency has shown a steady growth over the week with its value growing from $0.44 to $0.52. The adoption of Ripple’s xRapid by the Japanese financial institution SBI Group and the cross-border remittance service, SendFriend seems to be the reason behind the upward momentum of the cryptocurrency. Also, Malta blockchain conference’s top exchange platform OKEx also announced the launch of BTC/XRP pairs for margin trading on its platform today. XRP price chart | Source: TradingView The 4-hour candlesticks of XRP show a slightly bearish trend, however, the MACD signals continue to stay strong implying a bull ride in the future. The post XRP, Bitcoin Cash [BCH] and Basic Attention Token [BAT] top the market over the week with double digit hike appeared first on AMBCrypto.

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IOTA Now Compatible with the Ledger Hardware Wallets, MIOTA Can be Stored on Nano S

CoinSpeaker IOTA Now Compatible with the Ledger Hardware Wallets, MIOTA Can be Stored on Nano S The Ledger hardware wallets integrate with the IOTA Trinity (which they introduced in May), and Romeo Wallets and isolate user’s seeds (the key for their account) from their computer or smartphone, providing another layer of security from hackers. Users will be able to validate transactions on their Ledger hardware wallet as part of the security protocol. The Ledger Nano S hardware wallet will enable users to protect the private keys giving access to their IOTA tokens in a state-of-the-art secure chip. Ledger CEO Eric Larchevêque explained that: “Providing the highest level of security and quality is a major focus at both Ledger and IOTA. The collaboration between the teams created an immediate synergy focused on developing a compatibility feature that allows users to access, store and manage IOTA tokens on Ledger devices.” He also assured that they are committed to offering the most secure and usable standalone virtual wallet, and that Trinity will fulfill such commitment. Larchevêque welcomed IOTA to the Ledger platform and emphasized that both Ledger and IOTA are focused on offering their users the highest level of quality and security possible. IOTA is said to aim for scalability and free transactions, as well as Internet of Things (IoT) application. Just for the reminder, there are some 31 billion devices that rely on the Internet of Things (IoT) in the world and that number is growing exponentially, with millions of more new sensors added every week, as the planet becomes ever-more connected. MIOTA was among a top twenty cryptocurrency in terms of market cap, via In June they launched on Bitfinex Exchange and hit the record breaking $1.8 billion market cap. It was memorable because the first two hours of IOTA trading was more than double the USD volume and ten times greater than the BTC volume of the last token we released, Ripple, over the course of its full trading day. Co-founder of the IOTA Foundation David Sønstebø confirmed that hardware wallets are regarded as the safest way to store cryptocurrencies. “At IOTA, we made a commitment to delivering the safest and most usable standalone cryptocurrency wallet. The Trinity wallet is well on its way to fulfilling that commitment, and today we are proud to announce the next step on the journey,” he said. “Ledger has earned a strong reputation for security and reliability, and this made it a natural choice for integration with Trinity. We are proud of how our community, the IOTA developers and the Ledger team have worked together to make this possible.” Last month, the company announced its expansion to Hong Kong and the appointment of Benjamin Soong as the Head of Asia Pacific (APAC). Eric Larchevêque, CEO at Ledger then said: “Providing the highest level of security and quality is a major focus at both Ledger and IOTA. The collaboration between the teams created an immediate synergy concentrated on developing a compatibility feature allowing users to access, store and manage IOTA tokens on Ledger devices. We are thrilled to welcome IOTA onto the Ledger platform.” Ledger was founded in 2014 and has earned a reputation of being a security leader in the crypto industry. The IOTA Foundation is a not-for-profit corporation registered in Germany and is known for supporting the development of the IOTA Tangle, an innovative type DLT designed to cater to the Internet of Things (IoT) industry. IOTA, currently ranked #12 by market cap, is up 1.5% over the past 24 hours. IOT has a market cap of $1.34B with a 24 hour volume of $6.14M. Partnering with Three Major Industry Giants In September, three big multinationals: Bosch, Volkswagen, and Fujitsu said to collaborate with IOTA to use its Tangle Technology to automate their products and services. To interact with the IOTA Tangle technology, Bosch unveiled its new sensor XDK or Cross Domain Development Kit at the end of 2017. These sensors would instantly update Bosch products with new changes thereby taking automation to a new level. While describing its vision for the Internet of Things, Bosch said: “The magic quality of the IoT is the connected world it makes possible: a world that’s getting bigger as the technologies linking devices become smaller, cheaper and faster.” IOTA then also announced the upcoming release of real-world integration with vehicle manufacturer Volkswagen. The Digital CarPass, set to be released in 2019, will see performance data tracked via IOTA blockchain technology to ensure vehicle data collection is reliable and secure. With Japanese Fujitsu they announced developing a new blockchain based audit trail system. The premise of this partnership is to use the IOTA ecosystem as a mode of storage that can enable this nuwave audit trail, in the process, it will be designed to improve transparency for customers, will develop a real trust in data (something that is very important) a

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Daily Cryptocurrency News - 2nd November 2018

Here are the latest most important cryptocurrency news on November 2, 2018: Ukraine New Policy Aims Towards Legalizing Cryptocurrencies Source: Influencive At the same time some governments are banning cryptocurrencies or thinking about what to do with them, the Ukraine government has made a decision. The Economic Development and Trade Ministry has enacted a new state policy. This new policy will aim towards cryptocurrencies becoming legal in the region. Moreover, after announcing this policy, officials presented an outline of their goals for this policy. They mentioned that they want to create understandable conditions for conducting activities in the field of assets and virtual currencies. Also, they said that they aim at increasing cryptocurrency adoption levels in Ukraine. There will be two stages to the implementation of this new state policy. The government expects to have this policy in full effect by 2021. The first stage will focus on 2018 - 2019. In this stage, the government will provide a legal definition on the status of cryptocurrencies; the recognition of cryptocurrency exchanges that facilitate the trading of virtual currencies to fiat currencies (or vice versa); and analysis and monitoring of trends and problems in the crypto market. Furthermore, this will be used to develop proposals for the development of the regulation. Finally, the second stage, which will run from 2020 - 2021 will see the recognition of cryptocurrency exchanges. It will also see the “development of special legislative acts on the regulation” of crypto assets and smart contracts. Ethereum’s “Serenity” Upgrade Will Trigger a 1000x Increase in Scalability, said Buterin Serenity, the planned Ethereum upgrade known as 2.0 has a new expectation. It will trigger an increase of 1000x in scalability, said Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin at Devcon4 in Prague. Also, this article published by Breakermag on October 31, 2018, adds that the scheduled upgrade will additionally make the Ethereum network more secure, faster, and less energy intensive. Furthermore, the release of Serenity will be divided into four-phases and will commence with “phase zero” The initial version with proof-of-stake beacon chain A simplified version of Serenity with limited features (no smart contracts or money transfers from one shard to another) An amplified version of Serenity with cross-shard communication. Users will be able to send funds and messages across different shards The final version with various tweaks and optimized features You can now store IOTA on your Ledger Hardware Wallet Image Source: Ledger Nano S Wallet The IOTA Foundation, a non-profit foundation focused on distributed ledger technology and permissionless ecosystem development, has made an announcement. From now on, IOTA will be collaborating with Ledger, a cryptocurrency and blockchain security leader. The purpose of this collaboration is to integrate IOTA tokens with Ledger’s secure hardware wallets for cryptocurrency. The Ledger Nano S hardware wallet will allow users to protect their private keys which store their IOTA tokens in a secure chip. In addition, the Ledger hardware wallets integrate with the IOTA Trinity and Romeo Wallets and isolate user’s seeds (the key for their account) from their computer or smartphone. Therefore, there will be an extra layer of security from hackers. Furthermore, users will be able to validate transactions on their Ledger hardware wallet as part of the security protocol. Also, for Eric Larchevêque, CEO at Ledger, it is essential to provide the highest level of security and quality. “The collaboration between the teams created an immediate synergy concentrated on developing a compatibility feature allowing users to access, store and manage IOTA tokens on Ledger devices. We are thrilled to welcome IOTA onto the Ledger platform.” About Ledger Founded in 2014, Ledger is a leader in security and infrastructure solutions in the blockchain. Headquartered in Paris and San Francisco, Ledger has a team of 200 professionals developing a variety of products and services to protect cryptocurrency assets for individuals and companies. Additionally, this includes the Ledger hardware wallets line already sold in 165 countries. Are you interested in the Ledger Nano S hardware wallet? You can buy one here in this link. Ron Paul, an Ex-Bitcoin Skeptic, Says Cryptocurrency Could Prevent Recession Image Source: Washington Examiner Retired US Congressman Ron Paul, a one-time bitcoin skeptic, called for a tax exemption on all cryptocurrencies, saying the move could prevent an economic recession. Moreover, Paul criticized the central bank, saying government-created currency could lead to what he calls a “Fed-created recession.” He made the suggestion in a recent blog post entitled “Trump Is Right, the Fed Is Crazy.” Moreover, In the post, he blasted the Federal Reserve for manipulating interest rates. Paul said central banks constantly increase and decrease the

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Bitcoin Green while Bitcoin Cash, Dash, BAT, IOTA & Making Solid Gains

Bitcoin is currently trading in green at $6,445 while the altcoins like BAT and Dash are making solid gains. Other cryptos like IOTA and Bitcoin Cash are also seeing a positive price movement. Meanwhile, let’s see what does the predictions say for Bitcoin’s price by this year-end. Bitcoin Making Slow Upward Movement Bitcoin is making its upward trek after dropping down to below $6,250. At the time of writing, the leading cryptocurrency has been trading at $6,445 with 24-hours gains of 1.07 percent. With a market cap of about $111 billion, Bitcoin has been managing the daily trading volume of $4.28 billion. Meanwhile, the BTC dominance is recording 52.8 percent. In recent times, Bitcoin has maintained stability as the volatility dropped severely. This came while the rising US interest rates strengthened the US dollar against a number of currencies. According to the Forbes, bitcoin price prediction of this year is bullish at about $12,629 as per Hayes’ model that focuses on the supply side of the Bitcoin model. CEO of Gath3r Web Miner, Raghav Reggie Jerath shares bullish sentiments with, “Historically, Bitcoin has always had positive price movements during the months of November and early December, so it is possible to see price settle around 7500 - 8500 range for the remainder for the year,” While Wheatley model that focuses on the demand side of the Bitcoin market predicts a bearish scenario at around $816. Clement Thibault, Senior Analyst at global financial platform says, “For now, it seems like the selling pressure keeps on pushing the price down. As for a bottom, Bitcoin has maintained a hard floor at $6K for most of the year, which I would be surprised to see broken.” However, the market model which is a combination of the above-mentioned two models predicts $8,573 approximately. $6k is a ”hard floor” for Bitcoin trader Abraham Merkin who says, “The volatility we saw last year through the first quarter of 2018 is a thing of the past. Bitcoin will not hit $8,000 in 2018; and it might not reach $7,300 before Christmas given the current calm.” However, altcoins are seeing a lot of green right now. Out of the top crypto, Ethereum (ETH) is yet again above $200 with about 4 percent gain while XRP is trading at $0.4631, up by 1.64 percent. Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is registering a lot of greens at $553 with 3.79 percent gains. Monero (XMR) is rising by 4.21 percent at $110 and Dash is up by 6.76 percent at $166. With about 4 percent gains IOTA (MIOTA) is at $0.4967. Basic Attention Token (BAT) first took a jump with Coinbase listing and is now extending its gains with 7.22 percent gains at $0.312. Meanwhile, today’s highest losses are borne by Eternal Token (XET) with over 16 percent red. The post Bitcoin Green while Bitcoin Cash, Dash, BAT, IOTA & Making Solid Gains appeared first on Coingape.

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IOTA Collaborates With Ledger, a Leader in Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Security

The IOTA Foundation is collaborating with Ledger, a leader in blockchain and cryptocurrency security, according to a blog post published on Nov. 2nd. The collaboration allows IOTA token holders to isolate their tokens from devices such as computers or smartphones. The new partnership sees the integration of IOTA tokens with Ledger hardware wallets, which are among the most secure in the industry. A Welcome Security Collaboration Using the secure hardware wallet, the token holders will be able to “protect the private keys giving access to their IOTA tokens in a state-of-the-art secure chip.” The Ledger wallet integrates with the IOTA Trinity and Romeo wallets, isolating user’s private keys from their devices. This adds a layer of security, preventing hackers from gaining access to users’ tokens. The Ledger wallet will allow users to validate transactions “as part of the transaction protocol.” Eric Larchevêque, CEO at Ledger spoke highly of the two companies, stating that they are both interested in security. He was quoted saying, “providing the highest level of security and quality is a major focus at both Ledger and IOTA,” and added that: “The collaboration between the teams created an immediate synergy concentrated on developing a compatibility feature allowing users to access, store and manage IOTA tokens on Ledger devices. We are thrilled to welcome IOTA onto the Ledger platform.” David Sønstebø, the co-founder and co-chair of IOTA Foundation reiterated that hardware wallets are regarded as the safest in the industry. He further said that IOTA is committed to “delivering the safest and most usable standalone cryptocurrency wallet.” Ledger was founded in 2014 and has earned a reputation of being a security leader in the crypto industry. The IOTA Foundation is a not-for-profit corporation registered in Germany and is known for supporting the development of the IOTA Tangle, an innovative type DLT designed to cater to the Internet of Things (IoT) industry. IOTA Collaborates With Ledger, a Leader in Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Security was originally found on [blokt] - Blockchain, Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News.

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IOTA Is Seeking Community Help to Make a ‘Great Documentation Portal’

IOTA Foundation announced November 1, 2018, that it is building a new documentation portal to make all relevant information about the IOTA ecosystem — from basic overviews to highly specific technical details — in a unified and easily accessible platform. Per the announcement, a dedicated IOTA Foundation team has already started working on the new portal, which will be designed and developed from scratch. The Foundation urged the global IOTA community to chip in and make the planned documentation portal functional at the earliest possible. Why a New Portal? IOTA already has a documentation site that serves as a knowledge hub for anybody interested in the technology and its derivatives. However, with increasing popularity, the IOTA ecosystem is also growing rapidly, rendering the current site incapable of catering to the growing demands from the community, said Jakub Cech, product owner at IOTA Foundation. With the limitation of the current website in mind, Cech added, the Foundation has decided to build a new site from scratch that will be more up to date and comprehensive in nature. As a starting point, the Foundation is re-assessing the tools it requires to meet users’ expectations for “great documentation.” Cech continued: “In addition to making all the relevant information findable, we also want to make learning about IOTA and building on top of our ecosystem a great experience.” What to Expect From the New Documentation Portal The end goal is to build a comprehensive portal that serves as a go-to destination for anyone seeking to learn about IOTA — whether it be basics such as “What IOTA is all about,” or advanced technical details that an experienced IRI node operator or someone interested in IOTA client libraries could use. According to Cech, the new portal will better serve the community on all fronts. It will list content in such a way that they become more easily searchable. For developers, it will enable improve learning while allowing them to conveniently run code examples. Users will also be guided through important scenarios based on their requirements and to make things even more efficient; the new portal will allow “versioning for different parts of the ecosystem.” A touch of familiarity will remain as the overall look and feel of the new documentation portal will remain the same as the rest of the IOTA ecosystem. IOTA Foundation is seeking help from the community in two ways — volunteers can chip in by providing new ideas and feedback, and/or by writing content as and when needed. “If you have feedback for the current documentation, have specific ideas on mind, or know of content that is missing, please open a new suggestion on our Nolt or vote for existing suggestions.” Meanwhile, those interested in writing content for the new documentation portal can refer to the contribution guidelines and be on the lookout for the “help wanted” label on IOTA’s GitHub issues. IOTA Is Seeking Community Help to Make a ‘Great Documentation Portal’ was originally found on [blokt] - Blockchain, Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News.

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IOTA Released Qubic Status Update, Details Work Done in October

The IOTA Foundation worked extensively on Abra support libraries in October. In its latest update on Qubic, the Foundation announced that it had made a few important changes to the AbraLib support library to make the Abra language easier to use for the community members. The library was also cleaned up during the month, and some best practices/patterns were also established. Several Important Changes Made to Qubic The Foundation expanded the interpreter further. It can now handle state variables correctly. A Qubic Dispatcher was also designed to help dispatch event data between internal Qubic entities and outside data sources more smoothly. With the Dispatcher in place, the team is now getting ready to create a plug-in system that allows the connection to any type of data source. The interpreter has another expansion in place, which will act as the debut version of the Verilog source code generator, to be used for FPGAs. Though the code generator isn’t as robust as it should be, the Foundation now has a starting point. It is expecting to make quick progress in the area after it tests against actual FPGAs. Abralib Goes Through Changes As Well Explaining its work with the AbraLib, the IOTA Foundation stated: “First we added the missing integer division function. Then a set of preliminary fixed point and floating point arithmetic functions.” The floating point function is very important for Abra as it showcases the versatility of the language. The Foundation suggests: “The code is very general, yet you can tailor the size of the floating point types exactly to your needs in a way that is unmatched by any other language. The size of both the mantissa and the exponent can be specified separately, independent from each other.” The Foundation also posted a challenge to the community to help them build the LLVM JIT-compilation into the interpreter. Ben75, an important member of the IOTA community updated the IntelliJ syntax highlighter throughout the month. Another contributor, MicroHash, known for Qubic Lite and IOTA Spam Fund work, joined the organization as a software engineer, to further his work in Qubic. IOTA Released Qubic Status Update, Details Work Done in October was originally found on [blokt] - Blockchain, Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News.

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Lukas Tassanyi Aka MicroHash Joins the IOTA Foundation

The IOTA Foundation recently announced that it is adding a longstanding stalwart of its ecosystem to its organization formally. German student Lukas Tassanyi, who is more commonly known as MicroHash in the IOTA community is joining the organization as a software engineer. Lukas’ Work on IOTA The German is currently studying Bachelor of Computer Science at the Technical University Dresden. He has worked extensively on the IOTA Spam Fund. The fund was created to incentivize spamming on the network which could help in speeding up the IOTA blockchain transactions. The fund provides a small amount of IOTA tokens donated by the community to spammers to cover their proof-of-work costs. However, his most important contribution to the ecosystem was through his Medium articles on Qubic. He has used the Qubic protocol for Qubic Lite, a project much appreciated within the IOTA community. Qubic Lite works as a second layer on top of the IOTA Users appreciated his foray into the company, with several community members congratulating him on his new position on Reddit. What Does Lukas Feel About His New Role? Lukas talked extensively about his new role in the organization, saying: “Ever since I found out about IOTA, I was in complete awe of its lightweight design. Quite soon I started to play around with the libraries which got me involved as a community developer rather quickly. Once Qubic was announced, the concept of writing smart contracts on top of the Tangle motivated me to develop Qubic Lite as a simplified proof-of-concept to showcase that the Qubic theory is indeed feasible.” Lukas will now be able to contribute directly to Qubic. He commented that he is very excited to be contributing to the official version and feels honored to work with several talented people at the IOTA Foundation. He further stated that he would be using this new work opportunity to hone his software engineering skills. Lukas Tassanyi Aka MicroHash Joins the IOTA Foundation was originally found on [blokt] - Blockchain, Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News.

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IOTA’s Go and Java Library Beta Versions Go Public

The IOTA ecosystem is getting ready to be enriched as the Foundation launched the public beta versions of its Go and Java client libraries. The first version of the IOTA JS beta was launched in August, which has since come out in four new versions thanks to a Typescript rewrite. The client libraries are essential for the community as it is used in building applications. The IOTA Foundation has added Go and Java to the client libraries they are actively developing at the moment. IOTA Go Coding One of the most popular open source codes around, the Golang is backed by Google, and it’s easy to write and maintain. It offers better concurrency and efficiency as well. Luca Moser is leading the development of IOTA Go library and according to the Foundation, he “has made great progress at putting the library back in shape.” IOTA will now release the Go 1.0.0-beta version with some improvements under the hood. It would now support all functions on the IOTA JS, handle errors better and support missing functionality from IOTA JS too. Additionally, it will come with a composable API and functionality will be available in different packages. IOTA Java Gets the Attention IOTA noted that its Java library did not get “as much attention as it deserved in the first half of the year.” However, now Brord van Wierst has been working on the libraries to correct the mistake. A frequent contributor to IRI, van Wierst’s main focus will be Java which is releasing in 1.0.0-beta. All API functions of the libraries, including promoteTransactions and checkConsistency are available. Moreover, a reference param can be added to getTransactionToApprove and tips can be referenced in getBalance. The IOTA Foundation also informed its users about its plans. It suggested that it is looking for contribution from the developers in the client libraries. If any developer is missing something, they can open an issue and then make a PR for the same. It added further: “One of the big things when it comes to working with libraries is persistence. The ability to store the state and manage addresses is the next big goal. This will take away quite a lot of the overhead the developer has to go through now.” Post unified API implementation, version 1.0.0 will come out of beta with improved documentation and persistence. Then, version 1.1.0 will add streaming API for reactive libraries. IOTA’s Go and Java Library Beta Versions Go Public was originally found on [blokt] - Blockchain, Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News.

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Cryptocurrency Market Update: Monero and Dash Driving Monday Recovery

FOMO Moments Markets recovering this Monday; Monero, Dash and BAT climbing, Eternal Token getting trounced. As we start another week crypto markets have made some upward progress. Total market capitalization has passed $210 billion for the first time in seven days and green is the predominant colour at the moment. Bitcoin is up marginally and has made it to $6,440 after a low just under $6,300 a few hours ago. Bullish momentum appears to have returned, in the short term at least. Ethereum is faring a little better and is posting a 4% gain since this time yesterday taking it to $208 at the moment. Altcoins are all green right now and one or two are recovering well. In the top ten Bitcoin Cash has taken the lead with a 4.5% gain to $562. Monero is also trading strongly, knocking Tether down a spot and taking ninth place with a 4.8% rise on the day to $112. XMR market cap has reached $1.85 billion whereas USDT is at $1.77 billion, dropping it back to tenth place. The rest of the altcoins in this section are up a percent or two aside from Stellar which hasn’t really moved over the past 24 hours. Dash is posting the best gain in the top twenty at the moment, up almost 6% to $167. Iota, Zcash and VeChain are all up between 2-3 percent on the day and the rest are trading around a percent higher than weekend levels. BAT is still enjoying gains following its Coinbase listing and tops the top one hundred with a 9% rise to $0.321. Wax is also trading positively this Monday morning with an over 8% gain. Getting bashed up at the bottom of things in the top one hundred altcoins is Eternal Token dumping over 17% at the time of writing. Ravencoin is also in the red with a 6% loss on the day and Bitcoin Diamond is not far behind with a drop of 5% since yesterday. Total crypto market capitalization has gained almost 1.5% on the day to reach $211 billion, its highest level for almost two weeks. Things seem to have settled in this channel over the past few hours and, at least for the short term, the trend is bullish. Bitcoin dominance has taken a hit as the altcoins start to show signs of recovery. It has dropped back below 53% as Ethereum has slowly crept back over 10% and Bitcoin Cash has made solid gains. Since last Monday’s market dump things have recovered by 4% over the past seven days. FOMO Moments is a section that takes a daily look at the top 20 altcoins during the current trading session and analyses the best performing ones, looking for trends and possible fundamentals. The post Cryptocurrency Market Update: Monero and Dash Driving Monday Recovery appeared first on NewsBTC.

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Ethereum Classic (ETC) Technicals Indicate A Big Move Before Full IOT Compatibility This Month

Ethereum Classic (ETC) is expected to become fully IOT (Internet of Things) compatible by November 30, 2018. This is no doubt going to be a big development for the sleeping giant. However, previously we have seen events like Coinbase listing and ETC Summit makes no impact on the price of Ethereum Classic (ETC) at all. For all we know, this time may be no different and the price may not appreciate short term. However, all of these developments combined are definitely going to have a strong impact long term. Most cryptocurrency projects do not think beyond cryptocurrencies or the blockchain technology. There is a reason for that. Blockchain is a hot topic and they want to capitalize on that, but what happens when blockchain is not so hot anymore? This is what differentiates Ethereum Classic (ETC) from most other projects. While most projects out there are in the race to create new chains and wallets, Ethereum Classic (ETC) is working on using those chains and wallets for IOT (Internet of Things). Of course most other projects are not focusing on IOT because they are not made for IOT. For instance, Ethereum (ETH) is a great blockchain but its centralized governance and mutable nature makes it a nightmare for IOT. The same goes for EOS (EOS). As for IOTA (MIOTA), it has a strong chance at becoming a serious contender in the IOT space but it has technological limitations as IOTA (MIOTA) is not built on a blockchain. A few critics from MIT recently pointed out some flaws in IOTA’s tangle. Ethereum Classic (ETC) on the other hand is tried and tested and is better positioned to become the leader in IOT. We are still weeks away from Ethereum Classic (ETC) becoming fully IOT compatible but the technicals are already showing signs of a major breakout. The first chart for ETCUSDLongs shows a strong bull flag being formed. This shows that the bulls are ready to push the price higher, but that is not all. The weekly chart for ETCUSDShorts shows that the bearish resolve is seriously hurt now that the number of shorts has broken below the historical trend line. One big drop in the number of shorts could result in a major spike in the price of ETC/USD. Both the ETCUSDLongs and ETCUSDShorts point to one conclusion and that is a bullish breakout in the weeks ahead. To put it all in perspective, let us examine what ETC/USD has been through. The price declined from its all time high of $44.34 to a low of $8.86. During the correction, Ethereum Classic (ETC) saw a lot of favorable developments but none of them made any impact on its price. The price has now completed a bullish gartley pattern spanning over a period of two years. The price has completed a correction in the same manner it completed a rally between 2017 and 2018. Ethereum Classic (ETC) is one of the few coins that have seen gaming changing developments during the correction. It is likely that all of these developments will eventually reflect in its price as the market recovers. googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display('div-gpt-ad-1538128067916-0'); }); The post Ethereum Classic (ETC) Technicals Indicate A Big Move Before Full IOT Compatibility This Month appeared first on Crypto Daily™.

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Altcoins Price Analysis: ADA/USD and IOT/USD Bull Breakout Pattern

As EOS bull momentum slow down, ADA/USD and IOT/USD are trading within a bull break out pattern and it is likely that prices will race towards immediate targets at 9.5 cents and 90 cents. Should there be higher highs today in these two pairs as EOS/USD and XLM/USD consolidate then it points to an existing undervaluation. In that case traders should buy EOS, Litecoin and Stellar Lumens with expectations of higher highs. Let’s have a look at these charts: EOS/USD Price Analysis We are thrilled to announce that our Cross-Blockchain Decentralized Liquidity Network, #BancorX, has officially been pushed live — enabling automated token conversions between 110+ ERC20 and EOS-based tokens. — Bancor (@Bancor) November 5, 2018 Finally, the partnership between EOS and Bancor is now complete. Going forward, it will be possible to swap tokens between EOS and Ethereum blockchain networks via Bancor’s own BancorX. The dApp allow cross-chain token swaps without the need of transacting via exchanges thanks to Bancor’s BNT. Overly, this should be positive and a step towards creating this huge web of possibilities where there is seamless exchange of tokens empowering users. Back to price action and EOS/USD is pretty stable in the last day. Prices are up 0.3 percent but still trading inside Nov 4 high low. Considering our previous EOS/USD trade plan, we suggest traders to practice patience only buying EOS once prices edge past Oct 15 highs or $6 triggering short term buys aiming for $7. On the reverse side, losses that fade Nov 4 gains dropping below $5 or Oct 15 lows and area of minor support could mean the resumption of bears as set by Oct 11 losses. LTC/USD Price Analysis By printing and closing above $50, LTC/USD is technically bullish. In fact, yesterday’s correction and failure to close above Nov 4 highs is but a confirmation of bulls since volumes are thin while trade range is tight. If anything, aggressive bulls should load up at spot prices with stops at $50. On the other hand, risk-on, conservative type of traders should wait for breaches above $60 or $70 before igniting bulls aiming for $90 and later $110. XLM/USD Price Analysis Two things are clear, Oct 11 bears still has an effect of price because prices are yet to recoup losses. Secondly, we retain a bearish outlook as long as prices are trending below the minor resistance line and buy trigger at 30 cents. Notice that even in the midst of these higher highs ignited by bullish events of BCH lifting the crypto market with it, XLM/USD is actually consolidating inside a 15 cents range with resistance at 30 cents. It is for this reason that we insist that bulls would be in charge once there are convincing breaks and close above 30 cents. Before then risk-off traders can begin buying at spot with stops at Oct 31 bull pin bar with first targets at 30 cents. If bull momentum is strong and there is a rally, then first ambitious target will be at 50 cents. ADA/USD Price Analysis At the back of solid volumes signaling bullish resumption, the follow through has been weak. But, considering the volumes behind Nov 4 bull bar, the break and close above the minor resistance trend line we recommend buying at spot prices with first targets at 9.5 cents. However, on a more cautious approach, buyers should wait for a move above Sep highs at 95 cents. Thereafter, traders should buy on dips with first targets at 12 cents—an important resistance and buy trigger line, and later 20 cents. IOT/USD Price Analysis Luca Moser and Andrew Brough are the newest members of the IOTA Foundation. Great & exciting news! The Ledger Nano S now supports @iotatoken. The #IOTA application has been developed by the IOTA community and is now available to download on Ledger Live. Read more about it here: — Ledger (@LedgerHQ) November 2, 2018 Their membership coincides with Ledger Nano S offering support for IOTA. Moving on, investors can easily link their Ledger Nano S with IOTA Trinity and Romeo wallet. Price wise and IOTA is bullish. Not only do we have a bullish breakout pattern after Nov 4 rally, but Nov 4 bull bar did complete a three-bar bullish reversal pattern gradually reversing losses of Oct 11. Like in our previous IOT/USD trade plan, conservative traders need to wait for solid moves above 60 cents triggering bulls. Thereafter first targets would be at 90 cents—an important resistance line. However, traders can still take advantage of recent break above resistance and trade with stops at 44 cents. First targets would be 60 cents and later 90 cents. Disclaimer: Views and opinions expressed are those of the author and aren’t investment advice. Trading of any form involves risk and so do your due diligence before making a trading decision. The post Altcoins Price Analysis: ADA/USD and IOT/USD Bull Breakout Pattern appeared first on NewsBTC.

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Ledger Nano S Partners with IOTA

IOTA Foundation, a non-profit firm that focuses on DLT and permissionless ecosystem development recently collaborated with Ledger. This partnership will see Ledger incorporate IOTA tokens into its secure hardware crypto wallets. Ledger confirmed the partnership on November 2 by saying the IOTA application was available to download on Ledger Live. Per IOTA’s press release, the Ledger Nano S Hardware Wallet would enable users to secure their private keys giving access to their IOTA tokens in a state-of-the-art secure chip. Ledger’s CEO, Eric Larcheveque said the partnership seeks to provide the highest level of security. (KE)

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IOTA Partners with HIGH MOBILITY, a Car API Development Firm

The IOTA Foundation and HIGH MOBILITY have signed a MoU to collaborate on the incorporation of IOTA content, blueprints, and tutorials into HIGH MOBILITY’s development platform. According to the organization’s press release, HIGH MOBILITY seeks to fill the gap between car manufacturers and app developers. Through the partnership, the firms aim to create a platform for big corporates to work and engage with thousands of independent developers and allow these developers to use standardized car APIs for smooth prototyping. (VK)

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IOTA Announces Native Integration With Ledger Hardware Wallet

IOTA foundation has announced the native integration of its tokens to Ledger hardware wallet. The IOTA foundation is a non-profit organization that supports the development of IOTA and focuses on building ecosystems around IOTA. After the integration with Trinity and Romeo wallets for IOTA, users will be able to store their private keys on Ledger securely. The wallet makes use of a secure chip similar to that of credit cards to validate transactions in a safe environment. IOTA (MIOTA) is priced at $0.48144, gaining 2.81% in the last 24 hours. (VS)

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The Broth Thickens: More Details Emerge in Oyster Protocol Exit Scam Scandal

Oyster Protocol issued $90,000,000 worth of PRL (pearl) near the end of last year. The crypto product is designed to enable website owners to earn money by participating in the storage and securing of files within the IOTA Tangle rather than advertising. Users contribute computing resources to the website instead of viewing advertisements. The PRL

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Oyster Protocol Smashed Open and Sucked Dry

The Oyster Protocol has allegedly been compromised by its founder Bruno Block, who generated 3 million Oyster Pearls (PRL) without permission, crashing the PRL market cap from USD 20 million to less than USD 3 million in a day. Oyster Protocol is a hybrid between IOTA and Ethereum, and is used for data storage, but its reputation has been severely impacted by this event and trading volume has fallen to less than BTC 5 per day. Block is actually a pseudonym and his real identity is unknown even to the Oyster Protocol team members. The founder apparently installed a transferDirector function in the Ethereum smart contract which generated the PRL cryptocurrency. Oyster Protocol was audited three times and this function was noticed but Block assured the team it was necessary to adjust PRL’s peg. The transferDirector function ended up being used as a hack in this incident, with Block creating PRL 3 million and quickly transferring them to KuCoin, before selling them for other cryptocurrencies and withdrawing the proceeds. This incident occurred only days before KuCoin, the primary crypto exchange which PRL is listed on, was due to implement know your customer (KYC) procedures, which would have prevented this from occurring. In any case, KuCoin has frozen PRL trading until the code is fixed. In total there are PRL 98.5 million in circulation, so the 3 million tokens created and dumped by Block should not have been the main reason for the market crash. It is believed that PRL’s damaged reputation is what caused most of the 80+% decline in price since now traders and investors know it can be created at will by an anonymous bad actor. The CEO of Oyster Protocol, William Cordes, is planning on revising the smart contract to remove the transferDirector function exploit installed by Block. Cordes says a token swap is likely, asserting that all PRL is safe and will eventually be exchanged 1:1 for a new token called PEARL “or something to that effect”. Beyond this, Cordes is asking for the community’s help to track down Block. Follow on Twitter: @bitcoinnewscom Telegram Alerts from Want to advertise or get published on - View our Media Kit PDF here. Image Courtesy: Pixabay The post Oyster Protocol Smashed Open and Sucked Dry appeared first on

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Cryptocurrency Market Update: Dentacoin (DCN) Gets a Dose of FOMO

FOMO Moments Markets are still flat on the day; Dentacoin is surging, Ravencoin is flailing. Crypto markets seem to move every couple of weeks now instead of on a daily basis indicating that some of that massive volatility could be coming to an end. Needless to say there has been no movement in markets since this time yesterday as they are still holding the same level. Bitcoin’s birthday came and went and it hasn’t moved. Currently sitting at $6,315 BTC has found its new channel for the time being. The fact that it has remained above $6,000 all this time when other altcoins have continued to fall is a good sign for the daddy of crypto. Ethereum is equally static today, remaining below $200 for the fourth day in a row. As was the case yesterday, the altcoins are mixed but gains and losses are minimal at the moment. In the top ten, only XRP and EOS have made back more than one percent. The rest are mostly green but by fractions. The top twenty altcoins by market cap shows a similar pattern. Iota has made almost 3% to $0.463 and Dash has lost almost 3% to $152, the rest are not moving during Asian trading this morning. We have to look a lot further down the chart to find any movement today. The fomo is coming Dentacoin’s way with a surge of 36% on the day. The official release of the Dentacoin Wallet dApp 1.0 appears to be the only thing driving momentum for DCN right now; We are thrilled to announce the official release of the Dentacoin Wallet dApp 1.0. The new version features UX improvements and facilitation of the entire customer journey, making it more convenient than ever to become part of the Dentacoin ecosystem! — Dentacoin (@dentacoin) October 31, 2018 Dentacoin is currently ranked at 72 with a market cap of $86 million. The only two other altcoins making big moves today are Horizen and Chainlink, both climbing over 18%. There are no double digit losers at the red end of the chart but Ravencoin is currently the worst performer in the top one hundred losing 6% on the day. Total crypto market capitalization has done very little since yesterday and remains at $203 billion. A small spike a few hours ago threatened to inject some life into markets but it hasn’t materialized and the lethargy continues. The snow seems to be settling as we start another month in crypto land. FOMO Moments is a section that takes a daily look at the top 20 altcoins during the current trading session and analyses the best performing ones, looking for trends and possible fundamentals. The post Cryptocurrency Market Update: Dentacoin (DCN) Gets a Dose of FOMO appeared first on NewsBTC.

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Overly, most coins are in range mode with the exception of LTC/USD and TRX/USD which are bearish. This is after unexpected losses below $50 and 2.3 cents on Oct 29 igniting sellers. But still, EOS/USD and XLM/USD are holding on with minor losses. All things constant, we shall retain a neutral approach waiting for moves below or above important levels before initiating trades. Let’s have a look at these charts: EOS/USD Price Analysis Countering Oct 29 losses, EOS/USD did print respectable volumes yesterday. However, this is not a call for bulls. This is so since prices are still oscillating within Oct 15 high lows. Additionally, none of our trade conditions are live hinting of a stable market. Technically this is bullish and point to underlying EOS demand which could be the perfect ingredient in an unstable market. Therefore, all things constant, previous EOS/USD trade plans are valid. Once there are rallies above $7, then EOS bulls would be free to buy on pull backs now that prices are down +80 percent from 2017 peaks. LTC/USD Price Analysis As long as LTC/USD pair is trading below $50, then Litecoin is bearish in line with our previous trade plans. It also means shorts of Oct 30 are valid and unless anything, stops at Oct 29 highs remain intact. As such, because of yesterday’s price support, it’s going to be a waiting game. Should our stops be hit then we shall revert back to neutral. That also depends on if there are spikes in trading volumes backing the reversing bar. Thereafter bulls would only be in charge once LTC/USD expands above October highs at around $60. As it is, Litecoin could as well slide, hitting our first bear targets at $30. XLM/USD Price Analysis In a market that is already down +80 percent from 2017 peaks, stability and correction is near inevitable. That’s the case with the XLM/USD pair which despite shedding eight percent in the last week is stable in the last day buoying traders. However, yesterday’s higher highs should not be interpreted as a victory parade for buyers. First, bulls should inch higher and once there are convincing breaks above 25 cents at the back of strong volumes then it’s likely that XLM/USD shall surge beyond 30 cents. Because of the last two events, today we shall turn back to neutral. Therefore, as we trade in line with previous trade plans, dips below 20 cents-15 cents support is negative for this coin. TRX/USD Price Analysis Despite higher highs, our TRX/USD sells triggered by Oct 29 sell off is valid. Then again, the prevailing trend is bearish and yesterday’s pull back was expected following Oct 29 break below reversing Oct 15 gains. Though volumes are thin, we shall interpret every pull back a selling opportunity with valid stops at Oct 29 highs. As such, unless there are surges reversing Oct 29 loses, first targets remain at 2 cents and later August lows at 1.5 cents. On the other hand, bull trend resumption and gains above Sep highs could trigger a wave of bulls aiming at 4 cents. IOT/USD Price Analysis Monster Cleaning: “We are now accepting IOTA payments.” [‘IOTA’s goal was to make a currency that can work with IoT devices & make microtra... — /r/IOTA (@Reddit_IOTA) October 11, 2017 The IOTA adoption wave is on and UK’s Monster Cleaning now accepts IOTA. On the price chart, IOTA is literally struggling against strong sellers. The two month resistance trend line connecting recent higher highs is clearly a liquidation line damping bull momentum. Nevertheless, after deep shavings on 2018, we are still optimistic of respectable IOTA reversals. In line with all our IOT/USD trade plans, buyers would be in charge once prices edge past 55 cents. However, high volumes break outs above the resistance trend line could ignite the first wave of bulls with immediate targets at 90 cents. Disclaimer: Views and opinions expressed are those of the author and aren’t investment advice. Trading of any form involves risk and so do your due diligence before making a trading decision. The post IOT/USD, EOS/USD, XLM/USD, TRX/USD, LTC/USD Register Mild Gains appeared first on NewsBTC.

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Binance Coin [BNB] Will Now Be Available for Fiat Trades on eToro

Global multi-asset trading platform eToro recently announced that it had added Binance Coin (BNB) to its platform. The native token of the largest crypto exchange in the world, Binance, has become the 13th cryptocurrency to be added to the platform. BNB will be available for buying and selling using fiat. The ERC20 token was launched in mid-2017 following an ICO and is currently the 14th largest crypto in the world with an over $1.2 billion in market cap. Sharing the Vision eToro, in a tweet, announced the addition of BNB to their platform. Binance quoted their tweet and wrote:: “@eToro will now offer $BNB to investors and traders to buy or sell using fiat. We are excited to be listed on eToro, whose team shares our belief in creating long-term utility and value.” The Binance Coin can be used for paying trading fees on the Binance crypto exchange or held as an investment. Binance offers attractive discounts to incentivize BNB adoption on their platform. On eToro, BNB will help users in diversifying their crypto portfolio further. It is now the 13th coin listed on the platform, joining the ranks of Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ripple’s XRP, Litecoin, Ethereum Classic, Dash, NEO, Stellar, EOS, IOTA and Cardano. Co-founder and CEO of eToro, Yoni Assia said that the platform believes in the potential of crypto assets despite the “sensational headlines” ringing crypto’s death bell. She said that eToro clients are also seeking to diversify their portfolio because of which BNB has been added to the platform. Isn’t BNB a Utility Token? In the beginning, BNB was primarily used as a utility token which helped in facilitating transactions on the Binance exchange. The token is often referred to as the reason that Binance became the world’s largest crypto exchange before even its second anniversary. Now BNB’s status as a utility token and its use cases are increasing as Binance continues to grow. For eToro, it wouldn’t be a big deal if BNB is a utility token. Assia puts it perfectly, saying: “As a regulated securities broker we have the ability to offer both utility and security tokens on our platform. We support the movement of assets onto the blockchain and the tokenization of securities. In fact, we believe that in the future we will see the greatest transfer of wealth ever, onto the blockchain.” Australian startup TravelbyBit is pushing the currency-side of the coin by integrating BNB payments with all merchants on its network. Binance founder and CEO also commented on the changing landscape of BNB adoption, saying that Binance Coin’s addition on eToro will help it reach millions. He noted: “As a utility token, we believe in creating long-term utility and value. We will continue to do so together with eToro.” Binance Coin [BNB] Will Now Be Available for Fiat Trades on eToro was originally found on [blokt] - Blockchain, Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News.

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Bitcoin, Litecoin, XRP, & Cryptos Still in Red, Are More Losses Coming

While Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), XRP, Stellar (XLM), Cardano (ADA), and Tron (TRX) among many other cryptos are in red, Ethereum and Monero are registering greens. Meanwhile, Ron Paul, an ex-US representative, and former presidential candidate called for tax exemption on crypto and precious metals to fight upcoming financial meltdown. ETH & XMR in Green AT the time of writing, Bitcoin has been trading at $6,326 while at a 24-hours loss of 0.15 percent. With a market cap of $109.9 billion, it is managing the daily trading volume of $3.7 billion. BTC 24-hours price chart, Source: Coinmarketcap Out the of top cryptos, XRP is down by 0.76% at $0.4412, EOS is in red by 0.42% at $5.12. Stellar (XLM) is falling by 0.80% at $0.2234, and Litecoin (LTC) is down by 0.77% at $48.92. With 1.31% loss, Cardano (ADA) is registering highest losses among the top cryptos at $0.0688 while Tron (TRX) is in red by 0.62% at $0.022. IOTA (MIOTA) is in the red by 0.39% at $0.4509. Ethereum (ETH) is barely in the green by 0.16% at $197.47 while with 1.09% greens, Monero (XLM) is trading at $102.71. Dentacoin (DCN) with 14.77% gains is today’s highest gainer at $0.0002 while Revain (R) is losing the most at $0.1966 with 9.67% loss. Meanwhile, tax exemption on crypto and precious metals is the way to fight financial meltdown, according to Ron Paul, an ex-US representative, and former presidential candidate. In an article, he attacked the US Federal Reserve System calling it “crazy” with its interest rate manipulation stating, “The Federal Reserve System is as unworkable and doomed to failure as every other form of central planning.” To fight the imminent collapse he further shared, “[The first step is] passing the Audit the Fed bill, allowing people to use alternative currencies, and exempting all transactions in precious metals and cryptocurrencies from capital gains taxes and other taxes.” Also, UK is considering ban on crypto derivatives as Financial watchdog said, “Given concerns identified around consumer protection and market integrity in these markets, the FCA will consult on a prohibition of the sale to retail consumers of all derivatives referencing exchange tokens such as BTC, including CFDs, futures, options and transferable securities.” The post Bitcoin, Litecoin, XRP, & Cryptos Still in Red, Are More Losses Coming appeared first on Coingape.

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