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@sarmadk06 Thanks for using our Mixin Messenger, UUU is ERC-...

@sarmadk06 Thanks for using our Mixin Messenger, UUU is ERC-20 token, for withdrawal this kind of tokens, the gas f…

8 hours ago

Mixin Messenger has been updated to 0.9.1: 1. New wallet int...

Mixin Messenger has been updated to 0.9.1: 1. New wallet interface 2. Backup feature For Android version, backup…

8 hours ago

$UUU by @UNetworkHQ has been added to Mixin Messenger Powere...

$UUU by @UNetworkHQ has been added to Mixin Messenger Powered by @Mixin_Network #Mixin_Network #MixinMessenger…

3 days ago

Chinese Crypto Firm Bottos Seeks to Break the Monopoly of Tech Giants

Chinese crypto firm Bottos is seeking to end the monopoly that big-name firms such as Facebook, Amazon, and Google have with regards to consumer data. Bottos is planning to launch a platform that is based on AI and blockchain technology. The platform will help in creating data marketplaces and models for developing programs. It will also be used in connecting users and for the storage of users' data and computational power. Tech giants have primary sources of high-quality information which has inhibited competitors to join the space. Xin Song, Bottos Founder, believes their platform will be addressing this problem because it will ensure the transparency and traceability of data. (KE)

6 days ago

Blockchain-based Platform Aims to Democratize Data Management with AI and Crypto Incentives

A Chinese-based blockchain-based platform is hoping that its business model will end the control that major companies have over data management. In our age of digital evolution, data has become a precious commodity. However, it appears that major companies like Facebook have unprecedented access to it. CNBC reports that a platform based in China wants to change this and drastically loosen the iron grip that these corporations have on data. Leveling the Data Management Playing Field While China’s relationship with the crypto industry can be described as tenuous at best, it hasn’t stopped innovators in from embracing disruptive technology. One such person is Xin Song, the CEO of Bottos. The blockchain-based platform is using AI technology to allow it to create a digital marketplace for data trading. People or entities sharing their data will be rewarded in cryptocurrency. Xin states that Bottos is “... trying to break the data monopoly situation currently”. He explained: Currently, almost all the big data are controlled by the industry giants, and for the small-to-medium companies it’s very difficult for them to get the data. However, Xin believes that by incentivizing people to share their data in a transparent and secure way, it could open the door for these smaller businesses. He added: But with blockchain technology... people can provide those data, and with the traceability and the transparency of the data usage in the future, people in the world and people in the blockchain community (will be) willing to contribute their individual data. Freedom to Choose While many people are concerned over Bitcoin’s drastic price drop, Xin believes that cryptocurrency adoption is still on the cards: I think with more and more people adopting bitcoin and other crypto tokens, then more and more [its] usage will be adopted by people. It does appear as if Bitcoin’s downward trajectory hasn’t deterred companies and businesses from accepting it and other virtual currencies as payment methods. From jewelry stores to car dealerships, it seems to be gaining traction. Some universities are even allowing their students to pay tuition in digital currencies. This freedom of choice could extend to data management through Bottos’ business model. Xin concluded that he thinks that “more and more people would accept this way to be rewarded”. Blockchain-based data management appears to be quite popular. Live Bitcoin News has previously reported on how it is being used in the healthcare sector as well as in the beauty industry. Do you think that platforms like Bottos are what’s needed to democratize data management? Let us know in the comments below! Images courtesy of Pixabay The post Blockchain-based Platform Aims to Democratize Data Management with AI and Crypto Incentives appeared first on Live Bitcoin News.

7 days ago

$OCT by @Oracle_Chain has been added to Mixin Messenger Powe...

$OCT by @Oracle_Chain has been added to Mixin Messenger Powered by @Mixin_Network #Mixin_Network #MixinMessenger…

10 days ago

$MEETONE by @MeetDotOne has been added to Mixin Messenger Po...

$MEETONE by @MeetDotOne has been added to Mixin Messenger Powered by @Mixin_Network #Mixin_Network #MixinMessenger…

12 days ago

$DATP by @DATP_OFFICIAL has been added to Mixin Messenger Po...

$DATP by @DATP_OFFICIAL has been added to Mixin Messenger Powered by @Mixin_Network #Mixin_Network #MixinMessenger…

14 days ago

$BLACK by @EOSBLACK_IO has been added to Mixin Messenger Pow...

$BLACK by @EOSBLACK_IO has been added to Mixin Messenger Powered by @Mixin_Network #Mixin_Network #MixinMessenger…

15 days ago

$KARMA by @karmaapp_io has been added to Mixin Messenger Pow...

$KARMA by @karmaapp_io has been added to Mixin Messenger Powered by @Mixin_Network #Mixin_Network #MixinMessenger…

16 days ago

The first version of Mixin Messenger (first Dapp based on @M...

The first version of Mixin Messenger (first Dapp based on @Mixin_Network ) help center (…

18 days ago

All rewords were sending through Mixin Messenger, instantly ...

All rewords were sending through Mixin Messenger, instantly and freely.

18 days ago

Mixin Network launches blockchain developer competition with $150,000 in rewards

CryptoNinjas Mixin Network, a peer-to-peer transactional network for cryptocurrencies and blockchain assets has announced its first global developer competition for all developers to show their talent. 1,000 XIN, which equals to $150,000 according to current market... Mixin Network launches blockchain developer competition with $150,000 in rewards

23 days ago

Mixin Messenger version 0.8.0. is released. New feature voic...

Mixin Messenger version 0.8.0. is released. New feature voice call is added! And yes, the voice call is encrypted t…

25 days ago

Open-Source Crypto Wallet Mixin Messenger Adds Support for Pundi X (NPXS)

Mixin Messenger, which is the first decentralized app on the Mixin Network, has added support for Pundi X (NPXS). Mixin Messenger is an open-source cryptocurrency wallet that supports most popular coins. Last month, Mixin Messenger added Horizen (ZEN), which is the No. 82 cryptocurrency based on market cap. Mixin Messenger also recently added a “pending” feature that lets users check on the status of a transaction when making a deposit. (GT)

a month ago

XRP, Stellar (XLM), EOS, and Cardano (ADA) are the Best Buy Bet, Declares Weiss Crypto Ratings

Weiss Crypto Ratings has announced its highest-rated cryptos viz. XRP, Stellar (XLM), EOS, and Cardano (ADA) that makes them the best cryptos to invest in. It further shares the methodology behind its grading system along with why Bitcoin is still a C+. Best Investment Options Not long ago, Weiss Crypto Ratings announced four cryptocurrencies viz. Aurora Chain (AOA), Bitcoin Diamond (BCD), Credits (CS), and Mixin (XIN) that investors should stay away from. Now, it has provided with four cryptos that have got the best grading, giving them the buy preference. In its latest blog, Weiss crypto ratings’ Martin D. Weiss, Ph.D. and Juan M. Villaverde talk about these four cryptos that are “beginning to put it all together,” with advanced tech and adoption in the real world. However, it does mention that they aren’t “all the way there yet,” but are surely making good progress. XRP, Stellar (XLM), EOS, and Cardano (ADA) are the best cryptos to invest as they get the best rating of B- by Weiss crypto ratings that shares, “XRP and Stellar are appealing to businesses and other organizations, mainly for speedy financial transfers. In contrast, EOS and Cardano are designed more as virtual communities, with each participant empowered to influence the future direction of the project, spanning a broad range of applications.” Apparently, these four have technology that’s “built for excellence” and is further capable of achieving their goals. Moreover, during the past 10 months, they are enjoying “rapidly improving adoption metrics.” They conclude their findings with: “They’ve made remarkable progress during a period of massive investor losses, broad reputational damage to the industry, and worse. So imagine what their market performance could be like once the crypto markets firm up and investor interest returns in a big way!” In the same article, it also shares the methodology followed by them to grade cryptos. Its technology model focuses on the blockchain technology, adoption model measures performance in the real world, investment risk model evaluates volatility and downside price risk, and investment reward model deals with the upside potential. As for why not rate all cryptos, it specifies “they’re strictly utility tokens, typically issued by a startup company or project for very limited purposes.” It further provides the explanation on why Bitcoin only gets a C+, “poor risk/reward metrics. outdated technology, including slow transaction speeds, difficulty in scaling, weak governance, and more. Much of this could improve as the Lightning Network rolls out, but that could take a lot more time.” The post XRP, Stellar (XLM), EOS, and Cardano (ADA) are the Best Buy Bet, Declares Weiss Crypto Ratings appeared first on Coingape.

a month ago

Weiss Cryptocurrencies Ratings Says Do Not Invest in these 4 Cryptos

“Here’s why you shouldn’t touch ’em with a ten-foot pole,” writes Juan M. Villaverde of Weiss Ratings while talking about the four cryptocurrencies that better not be invested into. 4 Cryptocurrencies you better stay away from Cryptocurrency technology is advancing at a fast pace, no doubt. Greater speed, better governance, and smart contracts among much more innovations are part of this growing space. But with thousands of cryptocurrencies available in the market, as put by Villaverde, “a slew of supposedly “new and innovative” cryptocurrencies that are little more than copycat regurgitations of prior projects,” enters the market. Weiss Crypto Ratings recently began rating these four cryptos and have given them a grade of “D” (weak) or lower. Aurora Chain (AOA): D- Attributing this cryptocurrency to more misinformation and hype than any “real substance,” Villaverde points out a series of red flags. He states the consensus algorithm Aurora “trumpets” about is not a unique combination and that its smart contracts in its white paper seem to have been “lifted straight away from Wikipedia.” It further adds that there no programmers and developers identified by name, rather the website has only a list of “community managers on social media.” Moreover, no codes are available and the adoption metrics live on Ethereum network has no functionality. Not to forget the fact that it is listed on only one exchange. Bitcoin diamond (BCD): D Hyping the coin as “the next big thing” in crypto and “enticing investors to jump in,” BCD just increased its maximum supply and “came up with an algorithm that supposedly prevents big mining companies from developing specialized mining hardware that drives small-time miners out of business.” Meanwhile, it inherits all the technological weakness of the Bitcoin. With a tiny community of users, few transactions on the network and developer support being virtually non-existent, Weiss Ratings give it a weak grade. Credits (CS): D The team has used the MD5 hashing algorithm in their platform design which is “famously vulnerable to security breaches,” even America’s Department of Homeland Security warned of this algorithm. By pointing out its false claims of “groundbreaking new consensus algorithm” and being hyped, Weiss Ratings says, “This is shady at best.” Mixin (XIN): E- Suspicion of developers’ LinkedIn profiles being “faked”, about barely a dozen subscribers on Reddit, dApp that’s supposed to connect with the Mixin network doesn’t work, no technical details on how it will be built, and GitHub containaining no reference “we know of to any of the code that the Mixin whitepaper describes,” are the points against this cryptocurrency. The post Weiss Cryptocurrencies Ratings Says Do Not Invest in these 4 Cryptos appeared first on Coingape.

a month ago

Independent Rating Agency Weiss Ratings Points Out 4 Coins Not to Buy

Weiss Ratings has once again released their evaluation of cryptocurrencies for investors. This time, the American Agency has named four coins they believe investors should not buy. In the new publication, the agency warns investors against buying Bitcoin Diamond (BCD), Aurora Chain (AOA), Mixin (XIN) and Credits (CS), naming the coins as low-grade cryptocurrencies. As per Weiss Ratings, the mentioned coins have a rating below D+. (VK)

a month ago

Upcoming Monero (XMR) Hard Fork Aims for Faster, Cheaper, and More Private Transactions

"Approximately" scheduled for October 18th, Monero's (XMR) upcoming hard fork aims to "tweak" its current proof-of-work (PoW) protocol. This will be done to "further preserve ASIC resistance." The hard fork will also increase ring signature size to 11 (mixin 10) to make transactions more private and BulletProofs, instead of Borromean range proofs, will be used - which will reduce transaction......

2 months ago

Chinese Man Faces Prison For Stealing Railway Electricity to Mine Bitcoin

A Chinese resident from Shanxi province named Xin Xinghua has been sentenced to 3.5 years in prison for stealing electricity from a train station to mine Bitcoins. Additionally, he has also been fined a sum of 100,000 Yuan (approx. $14,500) for his crimes. His crime was discovered in November 2017, when Xin stole electricity to power 50 Bitcoin miners and 3 fans from one of the factories at Kouquan Railway Station. He was only able to mine 3.2 BTC, and the Chinese authorities have seized the mining equipment. (VS)

2 months ago

Preliminary information thread regarding the scheduled protocol upgrade of October 18

Note that this is a preliminary thread to inform community members about the upcoming scheduled protocol upgrade. This thread will be replaced once the binaries are released. **First and foremost, you should upgrade to v0.13.0.0 once the binaries are released or the tag has been created** The binaries, once they are released, can be found here: // Forthcoming Alternatively, you can use the Github link: **CLI:** // Forthcoming **GUI:** // Forthcoming -------------- **Note that this is a scheduled and consensual network upgrade. Thus, unlike the BCH / BTC split, a new coin *won't* be created.** ------------- # General information about the scheduled network upgrade Approximately the 18th of October there will be a scheduled network upgrade on the Monero network. To be sufficiently prepared, a user, service, merchant, pool operator, or exchange should run CLI v0.13.0.0 or GUI v0.13.0.0. The scheduled network upgrade introduces four major changes. First and foremost, a new form of range proofs called Bulletproofs, which will replace the old Borromean range proofs and thereby significantly (i.e. by approximately 80%) reduce the transaction size (and thus fees). Second, a PoW tweak to curb any potential threat of ASICs and further preserve ASIC resistance. As a result, miners will have to update their miners (i.e. mining software) as well. Third, the minimum ring size is bumped to 11 (mixin 10) *and* will be static / fixed. Therefore, pool operators need to ensure that payouts use a ring size of 11 (mixin 10), otherwise they will get rejected by the network. A blog about Monero compatible Bulletproofs can be found here: More information about the second PoW tweak can be found here: The blog that set out a formal stance on ASIC resistance and the intention to maintain ASIC resistance can be found here: In addition, more information about the ring size bump and the decision to make it a static parameter can be found [here]( Lastly, all changes have been discussed extensively in the last few dev meetings, which can be read here: Due to variance the scheduled network upgrade will take place on or around the 18th of October. There is, however, no specific date as the hard fork will be triggered by a specific blockheight. The specific blockheight for the hard fork can be found [here]( That is: > // version 8 starts from block 1685555, which is on or around the 18th of October, 2018. Fork time finalised on 2018-09-02. Note that there technically will be two hard forks (i.e. one on approximately the 18th of October and one on the approximately the 19th of October). This provides a grace period on the network where transactions in the transaction pool that still use the old Borromean range proof are allowed to be included in a block by miners. Fortunately, running v0.13.0.0 ensures that one is sufficiently prepared for both hard forks. # How do I upgrade? First and foremost, we encourage users to check the integrity of the binaries and verify that they were signed by Fluffypony's GPG key. A guide that walks you through this process can be found [here]( for Windows and [here]( for Linux and Mac OS X. **CLI:** // Forthcoming If you are using the CLI you ought to perform the following steps: 1. Download the new binaries (the `.zip` file (Windows) or the `tar.bz2` file (Mac OS X and Linux)) from [the official website]( or [Github]( 2. Extract the new binaries to a new directory of your liking. 3. Copy over the wallet files from the old directory (the one that contains the v0.12.0.0, v0.12.1.0, v0.12.2.0, or v0.12.3.0 binaries). Note that a blockchain resync is **not** needed. Thus, if you open `monerod-v.`, it will simply pick up where it left off. Note, however, that the daemon (monerod) will have to upgrade the database version to accommodate the changes required for the initial pruning implementation. **GUI:** // Forthcoming If you are using the GUI you ought to perform the following steps: 1. Download the new binaries (the `.zip` file (Windows) or the `tar.bz2...

2 months ago

Xin Chào! Catch our aelf team in Action. Team aelf is in Han...

Xin Chào! Catch our aelf team in Action. Team aelf is in Hanoi hosting the first ever meetup in Vietnam. Overwhelmi...

3 months ago

Blockchain Life 2018: Major Asian Crypto Funds, Kraken, Okex and Huobi in Attendance

Blockchain life 2018 is set to happen in St Petersburg, Russia on November 7th-8th. The event will see Kraken, Okex, Huobi and Asian crypto funds attend. Several speakers will be in attendance including; Wu Xing (Huobi Exchange), Maximilian Marenbach (Kraken Exchange), Aldrich Victorino (Okex Exchange), and Jason Hu (World Blockchain Organization). Participants will learn firsthand on blockchain tech and crypto trends while the Eastern European ICO projects will be pitched to attract funding in the pitch session, this will save them expensive shows. The international blockchain Life Award applications were opened on 1st Sep to determine the best companies in blockchain and crypto industry. (KE)

3 months ago

Infrastructure Finance Company XinFin (XDCE) Holds Meetup in Zimbabwe

XinFin, a hybrid blockchain company, is holding its meetup in Zimbabwe’s capital Harare. The company seeks to promote the adoption of its XinFin (XDCE) token. The firm has already conducted similar meetups in Europe, the US, and Asia. The company’s TradeFinex platform allows for peer-to-peer funding for infrastructure investments. The company believes the African continent has a huge potential to grow in terms of infrastructure development. At the moment, the sector is valued at over $24 trillion. The TradeFinex platform will allow countries to borrow from each other more easily. (VK)

3 months ago

Blockchain-Based Ride-Hailing App Launched

The founder of Kuaidi Dache, Andy Chen Weixing, has announced the creation of a ride-hailing app. VV Go, a blockchain-based app aims at improving passenger safety in addition to increasing the drivers’ earnings. The ride-hailing company was pushed out of the market in 2015 following negative publicity after two passengers were killed in separate incidents. The firm then merged with its competitor Didi Chuxing. The new app will allow drivers and riders to share information within the network. The blockchain app also allows users to make distress calls. (SK)

3 months ago

Daily Berminal Brief (8/31/18): Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies on the Edge as CBOE Bitcoin Futures Expire Today at 11am EST

1) Yahoo Finance, yesterday, reported its partnership with Tradelt to add a new feature on its platform that allows cryptocurrency trading. The feature added on its iOS mobile app is said to support four assets in its in-app trading. The assets supported were Bitcoin, Ethereum, litecoin, and Dogecoin. This service would also be available on Yahoo Finance desktop version. Additionally, Yahoo finance announced it would soon take the services to be functional in desktop, Android, and mobile web though it has not mentioned the platform where the iOS app will conduct the crypto trading. (Read More.) 2) Vitalik Buterin, the creator of Ethereum showed up at a closed-door Bitcoin Cash meeting in Bangkok and was denied entry. It is not clear why Vitalik tried going to the meeting. According to Jihan Wu, the CEO of Bitmain, he was invited to come and have a brief chat. In that case, it is not clear why he was denied entry. Vitalik is yet to tweet on this incident. Craig Wright, whom both Vitalik and Jihan has spoken again in past, was also present at the meeting. (Read More.) 3) As Bitmain is planning its massive $15 Billion IPO in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, key engineer Yang Zuo Xing is leaving the company. Yang was instrumental in the development of popular ASIC miners, S7 and S9. At least three Bitmain teams have left the company in recent weeks, and one of them is in the market, seeking investment to rival Bitmain. Yang is now the Chairman of Shenzhen Bit Microelectronics Technology, which is currently developing WhatsMiner M10V1 with a whopping hashrate of 33 TH/s. (Read More.)

3 months ago

Key Bitmain Engineer Leaves Before IPO

As Bitmain is planning its massive $15 Billion IPO in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, key engineer Yang Zuo Xing is leaving the company. Yang was instrumental in the development of popular ASIC miners, S7 and S9. At least three Bitmain teams have left the company in recent weeks, and one of them is in the market, seeking investment to rival Bitmain. Yang is now the Chairman of Shenzhen Bit Microelectronics Technology, which is currently developing WhatsMiner M10V1 with a whopping hashrate of 33 TH/s. (VS)

3 months ago

IOST Co-Founder and CEO Jimmy Zhong: Decentralization Only Works for Goods/Services That are as Standard as Possible.

Jimmy Zhong, CEO and Co-Founder of IOST took to Twitter on Aug. 26, commenting on a Bloomberg report about DiDi Chu Xing's Hitch service, where a second girl has been killed recently and caused a serial removal of high executives in the company. Jimmy believed that "Offline/non-standardized services are likely to be centralized (or P2P with censorship like Uber/Airbnb) because that’s the way to provide better experiences. Decentralization only works for goods/services that are as standard as possible." As of this writing, IOST is trading at $0.015, up 0.88% in the last 24 hours. (RL)

3 months ago

Ziliqa CEO on Bitcoin and Scalability

In an interview with CCN, Ziliqa CEO said that the meteoric rise of the ZIL coin occurred when BTC was in the $8,000 range. The CEO, Mr. Xinshu Dong, said that the coin has been performing well, especially in the bear market. He said that Ziliqa provides scalability that Bitcoin does not have while keeping the fees low. At 0020 hrs UTC, Ziliqa was trading at $0.040307, a rise of $4.46% in the past 24 hours. (KE)

3 months ago

Bitcoin Core V0.17.0 Release Candidates to be Released Soon

On August 21st, Bitcoin Optech in an official blog post announced the release of Bitcoin Core 0.17 that the developers at Bitcoin are working on it. Bitcoin developers are asking individuals to help in testing Release candidates using Bitcoin Core 0.17 to test for bugs which need fixing. The Release candidates are expected to be released soon. (KE)

3 months ago

Chinese Government May Carry Out a Blanket Crack Down on Crypto Public Accounts

Multiple Chinese well-known crypto public accounts were blocked by China's social media giant WeChat last night, on the premise of violation of the service's "Interim Provisions on the Development of Public Information Services for Instant Messaging Tools" terms, including notable Deepchain, Huobi News, Node Capital-backed Jinse, and CoinDaily. According to Caixin, the Chinese government may step up more efforts to regulate these public accounts. And it is reported that these public accounts will be permanently blocked. Those who open other accounts to continue their promotion will be under high scrutiny. (RL)

4 months ago

Blockchain Life 2018 to be Hosted in St. Petersburg on Nov. 7-8

Blockchain Life 2018 will be hosted in St. Petersburg on November 7th and 8th. The international forum which will be held for the second time and will see over 5000 participants coming together from over 70 countries. Eighty speakers have been scheduled to talk about blockchain, mining, and cryptocurrency. The lead speakers will be among others Huobi's Wu Xing, Phillip Nun, and Stefano Virgilli. (VK)

4 months ago

Crypto Market Update: The Most Recent Developments in BTC, XRP, NEO, ETH, TRX, and ICON

Cointree and Gobbill partnership will allow Australians to pay bills using Ethereum, Bitcoin and a variety of cryptocurrencies. After Quihoo discovering a bug in NEP's system, the development team of NEO took 56 mins in fixing the bug. Tian Han, the head of engineering of Tron, compared TRX's new blockchain platform to that of Ethereum and NEO, in an interview with CryptoBeadles. Further, ICON has been chosen to explore a voting and counting system based on the blockchain in South Korea. In their most recent report, The Ripple Drop, Cory Johnson talks about the new development of xRapid and RippleNet and its second-quarter report. (VK)

4 months ago

Swindlers in China Stole $87 Million Worth of Bitcoins and Altcoins, Criminals Identified

According to Xinhua, a Chinese news portal, three suspects were mentioned guilty following a hack that saw the culprits loose $87 million worth of Bitcoins and other altcoins. Zhang raised the alarm by reporting the case to the Xi'an police headquarters in March to report the hacking operation on his computer that saw him lose almost $14.5 million (Cryptocurrencies). After a probe that took a month, three suspects were arrested on August 15th in Beijing capital, Changchun province and Hunan. The investigation was undertaken by the police together with an anonymous website. A suspect who allegedly hacked Zhang's computer by the name of Zhou has since been identified together with his other two accomplices. The investigations are however underway. (VK)

4 months ago

Chinese Police Captures Suspects after $120m Digital Currency Theft

According to Chinese sate Media Xinhua News, three suspects claimed to have stolen resources worth 600 million yuan (S$120 million) through hacking have been captured by police. The suspects have stolen bitcoins as well as alternative cryptocurrencies, according to the state media. The exchange of the units gave police a virtual trail, driving them to a suspect named Zhou in the focal region of Hunan, and which further prompted more claimed assistants through Zhou's correspondences. The case is now still under scrutiny. (RL)

4 months ago

A Twitter Scammer for ETH Giveaway Scams Explains How it's Done

Scams have recently been seen perpetrated on social media accounts. Vitalik Buterin and other crypto celebrities have seen the scammers take up their account names and use them to lure people into sending them cryptocurrencies. It has become so severe that Vitalik recently called for Jack Dorsey, Twitter CEO asking him to work into fixing the problem. While Guerbuez was talking to the scammer, he (scammer) said these bots are run by a team which seeks help from automated processes. Additionally, he said the $1000 fee charged for accounts do not bother them as scammed individuals would not hesitate to send ETH to any account they make (KE)

4 months ago

Venezuela to Use “Petro" Cryptocurrency as an Official Accounting Unit

The state oil and gas company Petróleos de Venezuela (PDVSA) will reportedly begin using thepetro as a mandatory accounting unit. The moves come as Venezuela's government seeks to combat growing economic turmoil by relaxing its currency controls, according to an August 7 report from CNBC. And the country's salary and pension systems will also be tied to the petro's value. Putro has been highly controversial since its debut, drawing attacks from opposition politicians in Venezuela in the U.S and abroad. (RL)

4 months ago

The First Projects of Zilliqa's Grant Program Announced

Zilliqa has announced that as part of its Ecosystem Grant program the first class of the 12 developers has already been appointed. This program will allow high throughput and enterprise security together with the application of smart consumer contract. The CEO of Zilliqa, Xinshu Dong showed his excitement for successfully choosing their first group of developers that will oversee the successful completion of the Ecosystem grant Program together with building Zilliqa infrastructure. The 12 selected developers were awarded ecosystems' grant first class and will work with the company to make sure new Zilliqa applications development and the company's infrastructure. (VK)

4 months ago

Blockchain Life 2018 to be Hosted in St Petersburg

Blockchain life 2018 will be an international forum which will be hosted in St Petersburg on 7th November through to 8th November. It will see more than 5000 people attend from 70 countries worldwide. The forum brings together the crypto investors around the world and also brings forth professionals in the cryptocurrency industry. The conference mainly will talk about the blockchain technology and how people could earn cash from cryptocurrency. Among the attendees of the forum will be ICO project owners, developers, blockchain experts. Among the people in attendance will be business leaders and innovators among others Wu Xing, Stefano Virgilli, Khachatur Ghukasyan. (KE)

4 months ago

FCoin’s Strategic Upgrade, IOST Listed on FCoin

According to FCoin’s announcement on its website, FOne will officially open exclusive trading zone for following Certified Organizations today: Bixin Capital+LD Capital+ Bitrise Capital Joint Zone, Nirvana Capital, BlockVC, Node Capital, Bixin Capital, Bitrise Capital. FCoin’s positioning is officially upgraded to trading platform technical support + comprehensive community-based governance structure. FCoin will open trading of some tokens today, including IOST. At press time, IOST is trading at $0.020789, up 1.38% within 24 hours.

4 months ago

China: University IT Research Institute Partners to Form Blockchain Research Center

According to several August 1st press releases, The Research Institute of Information Technology (RIIT) of Tsinghua University (THU) has signed an agreement with Sheng Ying Xin Management Consulting Co., Ltd. to research and develop blockchain technologies as well as basic models for building enterprise-level applications for various industries. These applications will address a variety of challenges that Chinese companies currently face, along with adding a new level of transparency and traceability in sectors like supply chains, logistics, and the pharmaceutical field. (JF)

4 months ago

Former Alibaba Team Raises $20 Million From Institutional Investors

Ultrain a blockchain project founded by former head of Alibaba's blockchain team has raised $20 Million from institutional investors such as Draper Dragon, FBG Capital, DanHua VC and Arrington XRP Capital. Other investors include crypto wallet Bixin, crypto exchange OKCoin, and traditional VC funds Morningside Capital and Ceyuan Capital. Ultrain is looking to build a public blockchain platform to build scalable decentralized applications. A test version of the platform was launched early this year, with 1,000 nodes hosted on Amazon cloud servers with a speed of 3,000 transactions per second. (VS)

4 months ago

@AlexMoskov Hi , this is Judy, from Mixin team. We’re contac...

@AlexMoskov Hi , this is Judy, from Mixin team. We’re contacting you to introduce our exciting project - Mixin (...

4 months ago

@smalkin7 Hi , This is Judy, from Mixin team. We’re contact...

@smalkin7 Hi , This is Judy, from Mixin team. We’re contacting you to introduce our exciting project - Mixin (...

4 months ago

@AliQammar57 Hi , this is Judy, from Mixin team. We’re conta...

@AliQammar57 Hi , this is Judy, from Mixin team. We’re contacting you to introduce our exciting project - Mixin (...

4 months ago

Xinfin (XDCE) To Launch New Platform

Xinfin Fintech, an emerging hybrid blockchain technology network based out of Singapore, has announced the release of a new platform called TurantPay. The TurantPay platform uses Xinfin’s XDC protocol, which is an improved version of the SWIFT protocol that banks currently use to process bank transfers. The platform processes payments between financial institutions and payment service providers while lower processing fees and maintaining complete visibility throughout the life cycle of the payment. Current XDCE price is $0.003157. (JF)

4 months ago

Daily Berminal Brief (7/25/18): Augur (REP) Destroys Access to Application ‘Kill Switch’

The Market: Today has been a day of relative calm for the top ten coins by market capitalization. The biggest gainer today hands-down has been IOSToken (IOST), which posted a staggering 27% increase on the day. 1) In an official tweet, the Augur (REP) team recently announced that they have destroyed their access to the fail-safe ‘kill switch.’ The kill switch mechanism was originally implemented within the dApp’s smart contract to aid developers in fixing issues if unanticipated problems arose. 2) The blockchain platform Qtum (QTUM) has launched a decentralized application (dApp) development platform on the incredibly prolific and popular Amazon Web Services (AWS). This new dApp will allow AWS users and developers to design and launch smart contracts using an Amazon Machine Image. 3) Coinbase, the leading U.S. crypto-fiat exchange, has been on a mission to expand its portfolio of cryptocurrency-related products. As part of their initiative to facilitate widespread adoption, Coinbase announced today that customers in Australia and EU will now able to use their cryptocurrency balances on e-gift cards instantly. (EG)

4 months ago

No Escape: Augur (REP) Burns Key to Network ‘Killswitch’

In an official tweet, the Augur (REP) team recently announced that they have destroyed their access to the fail-safe kill switch. The 'kill switch' mechanism was originally implemented in within their smart contracts to aid developers in fixing issues if unanticipated problems arose. In other words, it was employed to disallow any critical bugs from destabilizing the platform. However, by destroying the switch, the Augur team effectively no longer has any privileged access over the network. Furthermore, many in the crypto community believe that a kill switch is antithetical to the spirit of decentralization and destroying it makes 'code king.' (EG)

4 months ago

China: Xinjiang Region To Halt Illicit Crypto Mining by the End of August

A leaked notice by the Economic and Information Technology Commission reveals that a Northwest territory in China, Xinjiang is planning to halt illegal mining of cryptocurrencies. The notice reportedly, wants Xinjiang companies to identify and report the illicit use of electricity before 30th August 2018. The halting of Bitcoin mining is not a surprise since at the beginning of 2018 China banned ICO's and crypto trading. However, no official reports from the government regarding the crypto mining ban are available. (KE)

4 months ago

Chinese Region to Halt Crypto Mining Operations after Government Directive

A small Chinese province has been forced to shut down crypto mining facilities after the government issued a crackdown order. A local news outlet, Jinse, reported that the Xinjiang Uyghur region is rife with illegal mining operations which take advantage of the cool mountain air. The area has excellent electricity rates and good climate, and lots of bitcoin miners who have no licenses. The government has ordered that all illegal mining be halted before August 2018. (KE)

4 months ago

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