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Decentralized Index fund, Lowering volatilty by following the the total crypto market, Mixing digital assets in 1 token, Build your own asset mix simple purchase, low entry barrier, lower risk because of diversification, Dividend yield by buying back their own tokens at current market price and burning those tokens the total supply gets less which makes the price go up.

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What is Iconomi?

Iconomi is an asset management platform designed to help users create or invest in digital asset arrays (DAA). It is aimed at disrupting the fund management niche that has for many years been highly inflexible.

Call it the “uberization” of fund management to make sure that everybody is involved.

For beginners, Iconomi is a great way to take first steps into the cryptocurrency economy. However, experienced investors consider it a great way to diversify their digital portfolio.

DAA comprises of a combination of different digital assets that target the interests of investors. For example, one might be interested in high-interest assets or emerging ones. Then, these asset combinations are put under a manager for support and progressive management.

If you want to optimize returns, the manager will be out following every opportunity and making the right move at the right time. The digital asset arrays (DAA) are used to help users diversify and optimize value stability or fine-tune them to optimize gains.

What is the problem that Iconomi solves?

When you decide to invest in cryptocurrencies, the process can be herculean. You will need to carry a lot of research about respective assets, work with multiple accounts on different exchanges, and follow multiple wallets for storing the digital assets. This is not all, you will need to ensure that your investments are properly secured and follow every cryptocurrency under consideration to ensure you take the right moves at the right time.

The founders of Iconomi understood this situation and wanted to help users work with a more straightforward platform.

That is why Iconomi was created. Iconomi is built on the Ethereum blockchain with experts running the digital asset arrays (DAA) targeting various considerations.

Iconomi development team further aims at bridging the asset investment gaps between the old and new economic orders where average individual can benefit from investment options and practices that were otherwise considered for the elite. No matter the amount you want to put forward for investment, Iconomi will have a place for you.

How does Iconomi solve the problem

Iconomi largely focuses on providing investors with low, moderate, and high-risk investment vehicles with high liquidity. These investments are provided through DAAs available for users to purchase at the platform. Note that unlike other platforms, DAAs promise users immediate withdrawals with no threat of lockouts.

a) The Iconomi DAAs

For a user to invest in one digital asset arrays (DAA), the first step is setting an investment account on the Iconomi site. Then, you will be required to deposit digital assets for buying the preferred DAA.

The Iconomi utilizes Ethereum-powered smart contracts while all funds are stored in a multi-signature cold storage. This helps to keep users as safe as possible from attacks.

The primary goal of Iconomi is simplifying the task so that users can point and click the task to get started. Then, Iconomi will do the rest.

Iconomi uses fund managers who use advanced toolkits to profitably run the investment portfolios. Today, the digital asset arrays (DAA) list at Iconomi is created by industry leaders in the capital investment space such as Columbus Capital Ltd.

For you to join and use the Iconomi, a fee that ranges between 1-5% will be needed. Here are some examples of the DAAs in the platform;

  • Blockchain index (BLX): This was the Iconomi’s flagship DAA which was considered Dow Jones equivalent. The DAA included some of the top and highly vetted cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Monero, Dash, Icon, and Qtum.
  • Crush Crypto Core (CCC): This DAA focuses on high value yet undervalued assets. The portfolio is targeted at those with a long-term focus in cryptocurrencies. The main focus of the DAA was to outperform low-risk portfolios.
  • Solid Prime (SO): This DAA advertises itself as the most balanced investment portfolio that traders can trust to make great returns. Some of the assets that the DAA focuses on include OmiseGo, Steem, Ethereum, and Golem.

b) The Iconomi DAA managers

When you decide to invest in Iconomi DAA, you have to trust that its managers will make the right decisions in your interest. Here, the target is ensuring that the managers have the requisite experience in running such portfolios for more returns. To promote openness, users are allowed to keep track of the respective managers’ history in similar tasks. However, this is not ample to earn users trust.

Iconomi safeguards the DAA manager’s credibility using a very strict screening process. Therefore, you can relax knowing that only the best are at the helm of every listed DAA. The top DAA at Iconomi is managed by Columbus Capital, a highly revered London investment management firm. Two of the Digital Asset Arrays under the Columbus Capital include Pinta and Blockchain Index.

c) The Iconomi Token (ICN)

To make transactions at Iconomi direct, easy, and reliable, the platform has its own native token referred as ICN. The token represents the shares that users hold on the platform.

Though the Iconomi team anticipated using the token for dividends, the model was later changed because of the complexity that would be involved transferring from one country to another. Iconomi has been buying back the tokens using its profits.

What makes Iconomi better than it’s competitors?

Since 2009 when Satoshi Nakamoto released the first blockchain, new cryptocurrencies have been entering the market at a very fast rate. But the high number of the digital assets has also made it extra difficult for users to invest especially when targeting several investment portfolios.

With Iconomi offering a new way of managing investment portfolios, here are the main advantages to expect from it.

  • Because DAAs are run by experts, it is relatively easy to pick the high profile cryptocurrencies that guarantee huge returns. Note that this happens under the close watch of expert managers who also help to ensure that ROI is optimized.
  • Unlike in the conventional asset management portfolios where only the elite could be involved, Iconomi has created a new model where every person can now join the preferred Digital Asset Array. No matter the amount you want to invest, Iconomi has a place for you.
  • Because the Digital Asset Arrays are run by experts, investors at Iconomi are assured of optimal returns. For example, you do not have to keep wondering about the possible price shifts in a selected cryptocurrency of interest. Let the experts work for you. They will check the cryptocurrencies, factor the expected risks, and other factors to raise the chances of making more for all users.
  • The Iconomi system has made the process of investing in multiple assets easy and direct. This implies that you do not only have to focus on one cryptocurrency or two. You can target multiple high potential cryptocurrencies and optimize returns.
  • The process of investing in assets is very easy at Iconomi. In other asset management portfolios, users have to follow lengthy procedures before they can become part of the schemes. However, Iconomi makes investing in DAA very simple. You only need to open an account and select the preferred DAA. Then, put the assets of choice and wait for returns.
  • Unlike most asset management portfolios where users’ assets are at great risk because they do not have control over the management, things are different at Iconomi. Iconomi screens all the managers are subjected to strict screening to ensure that they are committed to users’ assets management and growth.
  • The Iconomi platform, unlike other asset management systems, allows users to create their DAAs. This means that you do not have to simply follow the DAAs being presented there. You can create your own.

How can Iconomi be categorized?

Iconomi can be categorized as a revolutionary asset management platform that seeks to provide equal chances for all investors.

By decentralizing the portfolio, everybody can be involved in asset management. But this is not all. This is a great way of helping to take blockchain technology to the next level.

  • The Iconomi development team engages the most profitable digital assets in the market. This means that investors have the opportunity to look at the positive side of the blockchain technology and be part of it.
  • Most of the managers of different DAAs are experts who understand cryptocurrencies and their growth processes. They will, therefore, help to mitigate the risks that can make people incur losses and lose interest in cryptocurrencies.
  • Iconomi developers have demonstrated their commitment to growing the platform for faster adoption of blockchain technology. By adding new DAAs and managers, more people targeting short and long-term investment can now enjoy operating at the platform.

What’s Iconomi ’s vision on Security?

The main vision for Iconomi is becoming the most secure asset management platform in the market. This vision is achieved through a number of ways.

  • Iconomi is based on the highly secure Ethereum platform. Ethereum is one of the most established and secure platforms in the cryptocurrency market today. With Iconomi smart contracts and native tokens running on the Ethereum platform, it serves as an additional layer of security for Iconomi users.
  • To protect users’ assets, Iconomi employs multi-signature cold storage where all the users’ assets are moved after users deposit their cryptocurrencies. This implies that in the event of an attack, your assets would not be at risk.
  • By working with top-notch managers, investors in Iconomi DAA are assured that any risk will be easily identified. Whether it is a threat of loss through a shift in demand or attack, the managers are experts will easily see them and install mitigation measures.
  • The Iconomi system has some of the top tech developers always on the lookout and targeting to identify gaps and malware that can attack your system. Therefore, they always work on new updates that help to close gaps and keep the malware from the system.

For those who want to use ICN for additional investment to grow their portfolio or paying fees at the platform, it is important to take every precaution against attacks. Here are some useful tips to keep your tokens safe.

  • If you want to send value with ICN, it is important to always triple check the public address. This will help you avoid sending value to the wrong user because such a transaction will be irreversible.
  • Make sure to keep your private keys and the seed phrase safe to reduce the threat of loss. If you lose the private keys for your ICN wallet, the assets will be lost permanently unless seed phrase was stored safely.
  • Make sure to follow best practice when operating online. This involves backing up everything when operating online.
  • For those who opt to trade ICN directly on the exchanges, it is advisable to only use a secure exchange. This should be a system that is secured with features such as 2-factor authentication and use of cold wallet.

Examples of Iconomi use cases / applications

If you have been looking forward to investing in digital assets, the best option is looking for an asset management platform that can guarantee good returns such as Iconomi.

  • Because Iconomi is a decentralized system, you can opt to run a DAA hooked on it. This is one of the methods used to help diversify the offers available for users.
  • Most people coming to Iconomi focus on investing in the emerging and high return assets. For example, you can target the less valued yet high potential investments, especially when focusing on the long-term investment.
  • Iconomi is a great saving portfolio. If you have some funds and want to put them in a secure place, one of the top options is Iconomi. It is considered better because your funds will be put to different investments over time to generate interest.
  • If your target is sending value, one of the top assets to use is ICN. As an ERC based token, it implies that you can send value anonymously across the globe.
  • As an asset under the Iconomi platform, ICN can also be used for trading directly on the exchanges. Well, this option is for those who do not want to directly engage the Iconomi system. If you want to increase the trading portfolio, the better option is selecting the preferred DAA in the Iconomi system.







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