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TRIVE, ICON, and PwC Partner to Launch Blockchain Accelerator in Singapore

TRIVE Ventures, a Venture Capital (VC) firm based in Singapore that focuses on Southeast Asia, recently announced the launch Tribe Accelerator, a blockchain accelerator focused on product development. TRIVE partnered with PwC Singapore’s Venture Hub and South Korea’s ICON Foundation on the project, which is backed by Enterprise Singapore, the lead government agency tasked with developing the startup ecosystem and making Singapore a global hub for startups. The Tribe Accelerator will focus on helping startups to achieve real-world applicability and adoption. (JF)

6 days ago

Blockchain Will Redefine How We Bet on Sports

Sports are a passion adored universally. Whether your interests lie in watching or playing, almost everyone finds a sport they’ve taken a liking to. Whether you prefer to partake in soccer or Rocket League, sports represents a prime source of entertainment that unites us as people and engages groups from all over in friendly competition. And like other pastimes, many similarly find enjoyment in placing wagers while they root for their favorite teams and players. A good bet can heighten the excitement associated with a match and give participants even more incentive to jump up and shout in support of their players. But let’s face it: sports betting isn’t want it should be, and it isn’t what it could be. Betting online is often associated with jumping through a series of hoops, and can sometimes end up with money deposited to a site that doesn’t have the means or desire to honor its payouts. Even if you end up on an otherwise legitimate site, you are boxed into just a specific set of bets to participate in, and you’re always at a loss versus the rake the site keeps on every betting pair. Of course, you can go about it the old fashioned way and bet casually with your friends. That can cause issues too- if you like to root for the hometown, chances are none of your pals are willing to take the other half of your bet. Similarly to shady sites, you could end up winning against a friend that seems to “forget” to pay you every time you see them. Enter Blockchain Fortunately, smart contracts powered by blockchain technology can completely redesign the manner through which sports betting takes place. Rather than relying on a middleman, bettors can interact directly with one another trustlessly through the help of these contracts. This system for betting remains entirely transparent and there is no possibility of cheating or other fraudulent behavior. ZenSports is applying these contracts to their mobile betting applications. Built upon the ICON blockchain, this project will offer a massively scalable ecosystem where users can place and take any kind of bet, on any sport imaginable, anywhere in the world. Activity on the platform will be done via its own SPORT token. Rather than betting fees being collected by a middleman, these fees will be redistributed directly to SPORT holders. The public token sale begins on December 1st, and will run until January 5th of next year. The sale is divided into four lots of SPORT with increasing prices. Initially, SPORT will be sold in the public sale at a rate of US$0.0024 worth of ICX. By the end of the sale, that number will have increased significantly to $0.006. Smart contract functionalities for the project are slated for release in Quarter 1 of next year. As such, ZenSports represents a pioneer in the application of smart contracts to sports betting. To stay up to date on the development and token sale, check out the project’s Telegram and follow them on Twitter! This is a sponsored press release and does not necessarily reflect the opinions or views held by any employees of NullTX. This is not investment, trading, or gambling advice. Always conduct your own independent research. The post Blockchain Will Redefine How We Bet on Sports appeared first on NullTX.

9 days ago

Singapore Government Agency, PwC and Others Back New Blockchain Accelerator

CoinSpeaker Singapore Government Agency, PwC and Others Back New Blockchain AcceleratorAlthough some counties, including China, are so desperate to get rid of ICOs, cryptos and all that comes with them, Asia is still rife with blockchain-enthusiasts. For example, the two most prominent representatives of Asian Dragons, Singapore and Taiwan put much efforts to embrace the disruptive blockchain technology and ICOs. Previously, Coinspeaker stressed the remarkable willingness of Singapore’s authorities to elaborate effective ICO frameworks that will not only comply with the financial law but also foster the blockchain adoption. Considering the fact that ICOs have repeatedly come under fire for smoothing malicious activities like money laundering and terror funding, Singapore’s financial watchdog did a great job filtrating well-behaved ICOs from the villainous one. Government-backed Blockchain AcceleratorHowever, it does not plan to stop at that point, as Singapore’s friendliness towards the blockchain technology goes even further. The leading government agency responsible for startups development announced its support for a new blockchain accelerator program dubbed Tribe Accelerator.Enterprise Singapore together with South Korea’s ICON Foundation and PwC Singapore’s Venture Hub partnered a Singapore-based VC firm, TRIVE Ventures for this incentive. The program is scheduled to officially launch in early 2019. Tribe Accelerator will accumulate a batch of eight large-scale blockchain projects providing them with first-class business mentors, technical support, technical talent, global exposure through a series of web contents and a global demo tour across Singapore, South Korea and Japan and more to follow. The tour will allow startups to rigorously test their solutions in real-world market conditions. They will also be able to exchange best practices and ideas with blockchain startups in other markets.Speaking on the current stance of the global blockchain community Yi Ming Ng, Partner at TRIVE said:“Blockchain technology is fundamentally changing the way things work globally, with companies from numerous industries having already adopted blockchain technology and many more expected to be in the coming years.”The accelerator features a six-month programme that primarily focuses on helping these blockchain startups accelerate product development and increase adoption of blockchain solutions in the mass market.As it’s been stated by Tribe’s official representatives, by the means of its accelerator, Tribe aims to generate greater public awareness of the benefits and relevance in the everyday use of distributed ledger technology through the usage of decentralized applications (dApps) or backend digital solutions.On the behalf of Enterprise Singapore, Jonathan Lim, a Head of Startup and Global Innovation Alliance said the recent partnership with Tribe Accelerator is going to create more innovative and disruptive blockchain startups to capture growth opportunities locally and overseas. Notably that the first eight lucky startups participating in Tribe Accelerator won’t be charged with any tuition fee. Therefore vast swaths blockchain firms are likely to form a queue at the advent of Tribe’s launch.Singapore Government Agency, PwC and Others Back New Blockchain Accelerator

9 days ago

ICON Foundation Announces Its New Accelerator Initiative in Singapore

The ICON Foundation recently announced a new accelerator initiative with TRIVE Ventures and PwC Singapore’s Venture Hub. The Tribe Accelerator (TRIBE) will also be the first blockchain accelerator backed by Enterprise Singapore, the leading government agency dedicated to startups. Helping Later-stage Blockchain Companies The TRIBE accelerator will be primarily supporting later-stage blockchain companies in Asia, helping to drive mass adoption of blockchain technology through real use cases. The program will open twice in a year, each for six months. The startups enrolled with the program will be provided “comprehensive support from business consultancy to technology advisory.” In addition to this: “TRIBE will function as a platform where enterprise partners and government agencies can collaborate and create synergies for blockchain projects coming onboard.” ICON’s Singapore Launchpad ICON will operate the Singapore Launchpad through TRIBE. It will follow in the footsteps of ICX Station launchpads in San Francisco, Tokyo, and Seoul. ICON wrote: “We truly believe TRIBE will play an important role as a gateway for new startups to utilize ICON’s technology to pursue the disruptive potential of blockchain technology.” ICON and TRIVE Ventures collaborated previously in May when ICON helped in co-developing blockchain courses for TRIVE’s programming schools - Coder School Vietnam and Upcode Academy Singapore. This time, ICON will be the technical partner in the new venture, helping startups transform blockchain-based ideas into real-world products. TRIBE’s aim is to help generate more public awareness of the relevance and advantages of blockchain technology which could be realized through backend digital solutions and decentralized applications. The first batch of the program is expected to start with eight startups. The venture will officially kick off in the first quarter of 2019, followed by a global demo tour of Japan, South Korea, and Singapore for the incubated startups. This tour will help startups with testing their solutions in real markets and learning best practices. ICON Foundation Announces Its New Accelerator Initiative in Singapore was originally found on [blokt] - Blockchain, Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News.

9 days ago

Singapore-Based VC Firm Launches Blockchain Accelerator

Early-stage venture capital firm Trive has announced an accelerator program for blockchain start-ups in Singapore. Trive (previously known as “TRi5 Ventures”), an early stage Venture Capital firm based in Singapore, has unveiled a blockchain accelerator. The program, which is backed by a government agency, aims to provide support to later-stage start-ups. The six-month program will focus on firms that are developing decentralized applications or solutions that leverage blockchains with the goal of encouraging mass adoption of the technology. Program Kick-Off The program is expected to start from the first quarter of 2019, and the firm will pick up eight start-ups for the first phase. Government body Enterprise Singapore, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), Singapore’s Venture Hub, and South Korean blockchain network Icon Foundation have partnered with Trive for this initiative. Trive usually invests in technology start-ups from the seed to series A rounds of funding. The firm is supporting 40+ start-ups in various domains including Deep Technologies, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Marketplaces, and FinTech. The VC firm had earlier worked with the Singapore government as an accredited mentor to early-stage start-up firms. Previously in May, Trive had announced a partnership with Korean blockchain platform ICON to empower the regional start-up and blockchain community. Jonathan Lim, director of the start-up and global innovation alliance at Enterprise Singapore, said: By working with Tribe Accelerator, we hope to create more innovative and disruptive blockchain start-ups to capture growth opportunities locally and overseas. The Growing Blockchain Ecosystem in Singapore The southeast Asian city-state is fast emerging as a blockchain hub in the region. The city is now home to many prominent blockchain projects and cryptocurrency exchanges. The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) has released updated regulation for ICOs. The laws cover utility as well as security token sales. Live Bitcoin News had last month reported about government-owned Temasek and the Singapore Stock Exchange backing ICHX Tech, a blockchain infrastructure company. ICHX intends to use the funds to launch iSTOX, a capital markets platform that aims to become the first regulated platform in Asia to offer issuance and trading of security tokens. With the new incubation program specifically for blockchain start-ups, the industry’s ecosystem in Singapore will get a definite boost. The launch will be a boon for the blockchain start-up ecosystem in the city. What are your thoughts on this development? Let us know in the comments below. Images courtesy of Shutterstock. The post Singapore-Based VC Firm Launches Blockchain Accelerator appeared first on Live Bitcoin News.

9 days ago

Singapore Government Agency Backs Upcoming Blockchain Accelerator

Enterprise Singapore, an agency set up by the government of Singapore to promote the startup ecosystem has announced support for Tribe Accelerator, a new accelerator focused on blockchain. The accelerator was launched by Singapore-based VC firm TRIVE Ventures, in partnership with South Korea’s ICON Foundation as a technical partner, and PwC Singapore’s Venture Hub. It aims to provide a platform for traditional enterprises and government agencies to work with upcoming blockchain projects. The accelerator is targeting blockchain startups past their Series A and is scheduled to launch in early 2019. (VS)

9 days ago

Singapore-based Trive Ventures Rolls Out a Blockchain Accelerator

Earlier today, Trive Ventures, a Singapore-based VC firm that focuses on Southeast Asia announced the launch of a blockchain accelerator dubbed Tribe Accelerator. Per the announcement, Enterprise Singapore, the most significant government entity that develops the city-state’s startup ecosystem is supporting the initiative. Tribe accelerator would focus on later-stage firms globally to offer a six-month acceleration program in Singapore. The program’s core purpose would be enhancing product development and endorsing the mass adoption of the blockchain in cities and societies. The accelerator has also partnered with PricewaterhouseCoopers’ Singapore, Digital Hub, and South Korean-based Icon Foundation. It will launch officially in Q1 2019. (KE)

9 days ago

State of Asia Cryptocurrency and Blockchain: Asia (ex-China) Part 1

As you may have read last week, we are rolling out a new post series for our Premium readers. It will feature recurring updates on the state of Asia Cryptocurrency and Blockchain. We have come up with 4 high-level topics, and every week we will be writing about one of these topics, and rotating through them in the following order. China (with a commentary on recent regulatory trends, media sentiment, and touching on exchanges and company developments) Asia Countries ex-China (with a commentary on regulations, media sentiments, crypto projects, exchanges and company developments) Exchanges And Mining (Binance, Huobi, Upbit, Bitmain, Canaan, etc) Crypto Projects and Funding Trends Check out our previous piece on China. This week, we will be discussing the latest developments in the rest of the Asian countries- Japan, Korea, Singapore, Thailand and India. Given the length of the post, we are splitting the post into several parts. This post will be on Korea and Singapore. Check out the latest post on Japan’s here. We just also released A Quick Guide to Asia Market Entry - China, Korea, Japan, Singapore and a spreadsheet detailing the data here. Check it out and let us know if it’s helpful for you. Thank you for reading. State of Asia Cryptocurrency and Blockchain: Asia Countries (ex-China) Part 2: Korea, Singapore, Thailand Read part 1 on Japan here A. Korea What’s been happening: Blockchain adoption in the government has been accelerating and increasingly promoted in Korea in the last month. Trading and exchange are now further validated by recent regulations. South Korea’s Ministry of Science and ICT, and the National Election Commission said they will develop a blockchain-based online voting system by December. The South Korean government has agreed to invest $35 million, triple that of 2018, in next year’s budget to develop blockchain technology and industry related to distributed ledger technology. The government is also looking to use blockchain technology for tracing beef and providing consumers with information from the food supply chain. Cryptocurrency project ICON showcases 3 joint blockchain apps at an event supported by Seoul Government- Blockchain ID card, voting, and S-coin. Korea’s Financial Services Commission has cleared banks to work with cryptocurrency exchanges by providing virtual bank accounts, and every bank account holder is provided with a virtual bank account by the account issuer. South Korea court has also said banks cannot unfairly treat crypto exchanges. Upbit, South Korea’s largest crypto exchangeby volume according to CoinMarketCap, has been approved by the Korea Internet and Security Agency for having a strong infrastructure in place. Korean crypto giant Bithumb makes into U.S. foray with a partner to create a security token exchange. Newcomer Korean exchange Pure Bit reportedly scammed with at least 13,000 of investor Ethereum. On the project side, South Korea’s messaging giant Kakao and Stablecoin Terra partner for blockchain payment system. Kakao Corp, a major South Korean Internet conglomerate, has established a subsidiary of the company in Singapore to attract foreign investments with cryptocurrencies. South Korean branch of the Tezos Foundation has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Yonsei University to collaboratively work on the development of blockchain talents. What this means: Korea’s national election commission ran an online voting system, dubbed K-voting, back in 2013, which has since been used by 5.64 million people but trust in the voting system remains low due to hacking and fraud concerns. Subsequently, the regulators are looking to deploy a blockchain voting system and is starting with a trial next month. Korea regulators have always been very vocal about the use case of blockchain and it is clear that they have high hopes for it and is not afraid of test it out. The government are also willing to dedicating resources and funds.Given the small Crypto community in Korea, most of the activities are happening in Seoul. On top of the government blockchain budget, Seoul recently announced that they would create a blockchain complex to house around 200 companies as well as create a 100 billion won ($88 million) fund to foster talents in the sector. Regulators also recognize their own technical limitations and have been working closely with the largest funds and projects in Korea. ICON is one of the largest projects in Korea, and it certainly demonstrates an extension of what Korea government wants to do with blockchain- Blockchain ID card, voting, etc. Recently, the ICON Team received the Korean ‘Minister of Science and ICT (MSIT) Award’ in recognition of its contributions to the development and popularization of the blockchain industry in Korea Despite the success with the governors, ICON’s lack of organization and communication with its community proves concerning, and highlight some of the flaws of Korea projects, which is that they are perhaps som

10 days ago

How to Build an EV Charging App on the High Mobility Platform Using IOTA

IOTA foundation shared on November 30 a blog entry and published a tutorial video detailing how to build an EV charging app using IOTA’s newly launched workplace on the High Mobility platform. The partnership announced earlier in November will allow developers to build, test and publish apps using a standardized connected car API, based on IOTA’s distributed ledger technology while providing developers with subsequent software development kits and sample codes for programming. The first stage of the partnership brought an established IOTA workplace, featuring a first blueprint, or a sample code for an app that allows users to pay for their electric vehicle charging service using MIOTA Tokens. IOTA just announced through a medium post that the smart charging blueprint would be the first of many to follow in the near future. Building an Electric Vehicle Charging App Using IOTA’s Workplace on High Mobility A video tutorial shared by IOTA Foundation’s Official Youtube Channel on November 30, details the steps to follow for anyone with a basic software development background in order to run the code for an application that simulates the charging and payment process between an electric vehicle and a charging terminal. IOTA made the sample code available for everyone to copy and build on top in the GitHub repository. After registering on the High Mobility Platform, developers should first create a new Cloud App under “Apps/Develop.” Then, they should copy the Node JS code from the client certificate into a copy of the open source sample code from GitHub. This step will connect the source code to the application just created. The second step is to switch to the IOTA workplace by clicking on the shortcut icon on the top left part of the screen, then select “Create New Emulator,” click on “IOTA Charger” and giving it a name. A virtual emulator screen with the Charger will pop up, on which a user should link the IOTA App created in the first step by clicking on linked App, selecting IOTA, then copying the access token code that allows the app to connect to the emulator, and pasting it in the sample code. The next step is similar to the second one, but this time under “Create New Emulator” developers should click on “IOTA vehicle,” name it, then link it to the IOTA app by copying the access token code into the sample code. Now developers are almost ready to launch the emulators. Vehicle Seed, Charger Seed, and Test Tokens Developers should follow these instructions on how to generate seeds for both the vehicle and the charger, and paste the seed addresses generated into the sample code, under the proper section. Test Tokens could be obtained from the following website where developers should request the Faucet to send over a certain amount of tokens to the seed addresses generated for both the vehicle and the charger emulators. The confirmation of the transaction should not take more than a couple of minutes. Now that the code is complete, developers should go back to the High Mobility Platform, and run a simulation of the charging process. The simulator will initialize the vehicle and the charger, load the addresses, prepare for the payment, send the transaction, and check for payment confirmation before starting the charging process. How to Build an EV Charging App on the High Mobility Platform Using IOTA was originally found on [blokt] - Blockchain, Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News.

10 days ago

State of Asia Cryptocurrency and Blockchain: Asia (ex-China)

As you may have read last week, we are rolling out a new post series for our Premium readers. It will feature recurring updates on the state of Asia Cryptocurrency and Blockchain. We have come up with 4 high-level topics, and every week we will be writing about one of these topics, and rotating through them in the following order. China (with a commentary on recent regulatory trends, media sentiment, and touching on exchanges and company developments) Asia Countries ex-China (with a commentary on regulations, media sentiments, crypto projects, exchanges and company developments) Exchanges And Mining (Binance, Huobi, Upbit, Bitmain, Canaan, etc) Crypto Projects and Funding Trends Check out our previous piece on China. This week, we will be discussing the latest developments in the rest of the Asian countries- Japan, Korea, Singapore, Thailand and India. Given the length of the post, we are splitting the post into several parts. This post will be on Korea and Singapore. Check out the latest post on Japan’s here. We just also released A Quick Guide to Asia Market Entry - China, Korea, Japan, Singapore and a spreadsheet detailing the data here. Check it out and let us know if it’s helpful for you. Thank you for reading. State of Asia Cryptocurrency and Blockchain: Asia Countries (ex-China) Part 2: Korea, Singapore Read part 1 on Japan here A. Korea What’s been happening: Blockchain adoption in the government has been accelerating and increasingly promoted in Korea in the last month. Trading and exchange are now further validated by recent regulations. South Korea’s Ministry of Science and ICT, and the National Election Commission said they will develop a blockchain-based online voting system by December. The South Korean government has agreed to invest $35 million, triple that of 2018, in next year’s budget to develop blockchain technology and industry related to distributed ledger technology. The government is also looking to use blockchain technology for tracing beef and providing consumers with information from the food supply chain. Cryptocurrency project ICON showcases 3 joint blockchain apps at an event supported by Seoul Government- Blockchain ID card, voting, and S-coin. Korea’s Financial Services Commission has cleared banks to work with cryptocurrency exchanges by providing virtual bank accounts, and every bank account holder is provided with a virtual bank account by the account issuer. South Korea court has also said banks cannot unfairly treat crypto exchanges. Upbit, South Korea’s largest crypto exchangeby volume according to CoinMarketCap, has been approved by the Korea Internet and Security Agency for having a strong infrastructure in place. Korean crypto giant Bithumb makes into U.S. foray with a partner to create a security token exchange. Newcomer Korean exchange Pure Bit reportedly scammed with at least 13,000 of investor Ethereum. On the project side, South Korea’s messaging giant Kakao and Stablecoin Terra partner for blockchain payment system. Kakao Corp, a major South Korean Internet conglomerate, has established a subsidiary of the company in Singapore to attract foreign investments with cryptocurrencies. South Korean branch of the Tezos Foundation has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Yonsei University to collaboratively work on the development of blockchain talents. What this means: Korea’s national election commission ran an online voting system, dubbed K-voting, back in 2013, which has since been used by 5.64 million people but trust in the voting system remains low due to hacking and fraud concerns. Subsequently, the regulators are looking to deploy a blockchain voting system and is starting with a trial next month. Korea regulators have always been very vocal about the use case of blockchain and it is clear that they have high hopes for it and is not afraid of test it out. The government are also willing to dedicating resources and funds.Given the small Crypto community in Korea, most of the activities are happening in Seoul. On top of the government blockchain budget, Seoul recently announced that they would create a blockchain complex to house around 200 companies as well as create a 100 billion won ($88 million) fund to foster talents in the sector. Regulators also recognize their own technical limitations and have been working closely with the largest funds and projects in Korea. ICON is one of the largest projects in Korea, and it certainly demonstrates an extension of what Korea government wants to do with blockchain- Blockchain ID card, voting, etc. Recently, the ICON Team received the Korean ‘Minister of Science and ICT (MSIT) Award’ in recognition of its contributions to the development and popularization of the blockchain industry in Korea Despite the success with the governors, ICON’s lack of organization and communication with its community proves concerning, and highlight some of the flaws of Korea projects, which is that they are perhaps somewhat too

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Top Asia Crypto News Roundup from Nov 29- Dec 1

What Crypto insiders are reading on Asia. Happy December! Thank you for your feedback on our new subscription service. As an appreciation, and for demonstrating that we are listening, we are offering our readers to try us out for just $5 a month. Use the code “december5” to get the offering or simply sign up through this link Separately, I will be moderating and spending several days at the World Digital Asset Summit in San Francisco from December 9th through 11th.Come talk to me about crypto and Asia, and meet all the other amazing speakers including Balaji Srinivasan and Lily Liu from Earn.com, Kyle Samani from Multicoin, Dawn Song from Oasis Labs, Avichal Garg from Electric Capital, and more. For a limited time, enjoy a 60% off to the conference with the code “wdas60” Share with Friends Top News in Asia from Wednesday to Saturday China’s regulator updates its crypto ranking for the 7th time — BTC upgraded from the 19th place in the previous month to the 13th place, EOS continues to occupy the top position of the overall ranking, followed by Ethereum: http://bit.ly/2zzszx1 Binance Info Gold Label Project aims to protect the blockchain community by encouraging projects themselves to update and maintain project-related information, alleviating the risk from information asymmetry. http://bit.ly/2KK5zQh Dan Larimer from EOS is reportedly working on a “token that would be immutable, nonprogrammable, and limited to a currency role.” http://bit.ly/2KOhAE0 Coinshares, a crypto research firm, estimates that 77.6% of bitcoin mining uses renewable energy and part of the answer lies in Sichuan, China. https://on.mktw.net/2KMasZ1 Bitcoin mining firm Canaan Creative temporarily cut prices across all of its crypto mining devices to $200 each in amidst bitcoin prices rebounding. http://bit.ly/2KSstVL SV Insight Research’s and Dapp dot com latest report on the “State of the Dapps” show that Chinese developers are leading the decentralized app charts with their gambling dApps. Coin and Token News Consensys works with Philippines to have its Manila residents paid in Ethereum for cleaning up Philippines’ polluted beaches: http://bit.ly/2DUrGSz ICON Team received the Korean ‘Minister of Science and ICT (MSIT) Award’ in recognition of its contributions to the development and popularization of the blockchain industry in Korea. http://bit.ly/2BL8GVa Steemit, Inc. is close to going belly-up and laid off 70% of their staff. http://bit.ly/2BK365f Deals and Funds Former Huobi CTO James Ju is launching a cryptocurrency exchange by the end the yearin Singapore. The exchange, which will be called BHEX, raised $15 million in equity from OKEx and Huobi, DHVC, Dfund, BlockVC and Genesis Capital: http://bit.ly/2U2Zy5l TRON announced its plans to launch a blockchain gaming fund dubbed TRON Arcade,$100 million over the next three years: http://bit.ly/2E7NzhZ Pundi X is partnering Singapore-based Quantum Energy Asset Management to launch a $100-million blockchain fund in January 2019. http://bit.ly/2KK3i7q Exchange News KuCoin, Singapore-based cryptocurrency exchange collaborated with Simplex to enable its user to purchase cryptocurrencies using their credit and debit cards. http://bit.ly/2KNFaB0 OKEx’s new Piggybank product enable hodlers to lend their fund as margin loans to margin traders. http://bit.ly/2KKkkCn Huobi US launched the first exchange billboard campaign in San Francisco. As part of the campaign, HBUS will eliminate all trading fees throughout the end of the year.http://bit.ly/2KMbsfR Regulation News India and Russia are to cooperate in blockchain amongst other tech areas, and both countries are increasingly looking towards utilizing blockchain’s potential within fintech and other sectors. http://bit.ly/2zDmUWB South Korea’s Ministry of Science and ICT will develop a blockchain voting system that will go on trial in the private sector in December. https://zd.net/2BK9qcZ Malaysian Finance Minister has revealed that a new set of comprehensive regulations guiding the activities of crypto exchanges and ICOs will come into effect in Q1 2019.http://bit.ly/2rh3h1U Business News Bitmain has launched a new cryptocurrency index as a benchmark for investors with a real-time spot price that is updated every second, and a daily reference price that is published once a day: http://bit.ly/2DUCBvs A Chinese cryptocurrency company plans to introduce a so-called “digital peso” inPhillipines next year to serve not only overseas Filipino workers but also Chinese nationals working here in the Philippines. http://bit.ly/2KMfbKm Taiwan-based tech giant Asus is now letting gamers use their GPUs to earn passive income when not being used for other PC tasks. Earnings will be paid out via PayPal or WeChat:http://bit.ly/2SmyKeF The Japanese arm of computer giant Microsoft has partnered with nascent blockchain startup LayerX to “accelerate” uptake of the technology: http://bit.ly/2U64Nky Japanese video platform c0ban.tv pays users its own cryptocu

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What Is Bitcoin? Crypto Featured as Category on Jeopardy

During last night’s airing of the popular TV game show Jeopardy, cryptocurrency was featured among the categories contestants could choose from. I’ll Take Cryptocurrency for $1,000, Alex On Thursday night’s episode of the iconic TV game show hosted by Alex Trebek, Jeopardy, cryptocurrency was one of the six categories contestants could select from. In Jeopardy, chosen categories reveal an answer to a query and the contestants must phrase their response in the form of a question. The first answer in the category was “an altcoin is any unit of cryptocurrency other than this one,” with the correct response being “What is Bitcoin?” Next up, was the Daily Double, which had an answer “in 2018, this South American country launched the Petro currency backed by oil reserves,” referencing Venezuela’s native cryptocurrency token. The third answer touched on a “3-letter chat app” that had a similar sounding name as its cryptocurrency token - a nod to Kik and the Kin token that will power the app’s cryptocurrency ecosystem. Up fourth was an answer describing how blockchain worked. And last but not least, the answer “a lawsuit from this rapper killed off the Coinye currency,” pointed to the court case years prior between hip hop icon Kanye West and the Coinye cryptocurrency. West had no affiliation with the project but his likeness was used regardless without his permission, and a legal battle ensued that led to the founders of the project abandoning it. While cryptocurrency being featured on a popular TV show like Jeopardy really has little to no impact on prices, adoption, or other key factors, one cannot discount the value of cryptocurrencies being exposed in an educational manner to the mainstream public on one of the most watched television shows in history. Jeopardy has over nine million viewers per week tune in, and is a household name easily recognizable by its iconic jingle. Even better for crypto, the way cryptocurrencies were presented in a positive, educational manner and not the demonizing tone mainstream media usually portrays cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. More Ways to Play with Crypto Playing Jeopardy alongside the live contestants and responding correctly in a crypto-focused Jeopardy category would be fun for just about any cryptocurrency enthusiast. But the fun doesn’t need to stop there. Earlier this year, Bitcoin was officially added as a recognized word in the popular Hasbro board game Scrabble. Merriam-Webster, who maintains the official Scrabble dictionary made the addition in September alongside 300 other words including “emoji” and “twerk.” Placing tiles on the Scrabble board spelling out Bitcoin earns the player 11 points. Scrabble points aside, investors betting on the cryptocurrency could potentially earn a lot of money, however, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have been stuck in a grueling downtrend over the last 11-months. Featured image from Shutterstock. The post What Is Bitcoin? Crypto Featured as Category on Jeopardy appeared first on NewsBTC.

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Bitmain Launches Crypto Index for Investors, Provides Data on 17 Digital Assets

Chinese cryptocurrency mining hardware manufacturer Bitmain has just released its own cryptocurrency index. Going forward, the firm will provide market data for 17 of the largest digital assets by market capitalisation. Bitmain Crypto Index Will Track 17 of the Most Popular Digital Assets One of the planet’s largest producers of digital currency mining hardware has just published an index of cryptocurrency prices. Bitmain announced the move via its website, BTC.com, earlier today. According to the post, Bitmain’s new price index has been tailored to institutional and individual investors alike. It stated: “The index tracks the performance of the largest and most liquid digital currency in the market and is denominated in US dollars.” The index draws its price data from the largest cryptocurrency exchanges on the planet. To help decide which trading venues are eligible to inform the service, Bitmain analyse each based on its: reputation, regulatory compliance, price transparency, stability, and trading volume. The exchanges making the grade thus far are: Bitfinex, Binance, Bitstamp, Bittrex, GDAX, Gemini, Huobi, Itbit, Kraken, OKEX, and Poloniex. Bitmain will provide visitors to the index with real-time price updates by the second, along with a daily reference price. This latter feature will be updated at 10 a.m. (GMT +8) each day. The coins chosen by Bitmain are: Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), EOS, Ethereum Classic (ETC), Litecoin (LTC), XRP, Dash, IOTA, NEO, Monero (XMR), Cardano (ADA), Tron (TRX), Icon (ICX), Lumens (XLM), Zcash (ZEC), and OmiseGo (OMG). In addition to the 17 single digital currency indices, Bitmain has also created a combined index of the leading 10 cryptos. This will be known as the Bitmain Large Cap 10 Index (BLC10). In the words of the Chinese firm itself, the BLC10 will be: “A comprehensive index of market capitalisation weights, totalling more than 90% of the market’s digital currency market value, covering currency classes, decentralised platform classes and anonymous digital asset classes.” Related Reading: How Much of the 20% Surge of Bitcoin Cash is Affected by Bitmain IPO? Bitmain Still in Choppy Waters In other recent Bitmain news, the Chinese mining hardware manufacturer has just had a class action lawsuit brought against it by one of its U.S. customers. The case claims that Bitmain had redesigned their ASIC cryptocurrency mining chips to earn mining rewards and transaction fees for the company rather than the users themselves. Filing the complaint is an LA resident called Gor Gevorkyan. However, the action is on behalf of all Bitmain’s U.S. customers. Gevorkyan believes this is around 100,000 individuals. He is hoping to sue the mining giant for over $5 million. However, the lawsuit is just the tip of the iceberg with regards Bitmain’s current troubles. Its plan to go public on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange has exposed some dubious figures relating to the company’s inventory. This has prompted a full restructuring of its board of directors. All the while, the once undisputed leader of the hardware manufacturing industry is slipping behind technologically to other companies also building ASIC chips. Featured image from Shutterstock. The post Bitmain Launches Crypto Index for Investors, Provides Data on 17 Digital Assets appeared first on NewsBTC.

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ICONLOOP (ICX) Selected as Adviser to Blockchain-Based ISP Project in Seoul

The team at Icon (ICX) recently took to their Twitter feed to make the following announcement: “We are proud to announce that ICONLOOP has been exclusively selected for '#Seoul blockchain-based ISP Project'. We will strive to realize the value of blockchain through real use-cases, allowing various projects to interoperate with ICON's public network.” The Infomation Strategy Planning Project seeks to use automation to increase the convenience of the online qualification process used to select recipients for public service and welfare. It also seeks to imporve conditions for part-time workers. (JF)

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Bitcoin (BTC) Price Live: $400 Gain Sees BTC Rise Above $4,000

Bitcoin is presently experiencing a mini-rally that has seen its price climb above the $4,000 price mark. This surge is indicative of what is currently a day of positive price movements from many coins in the market. Up by $400 and Counting The top-ranked cryptocurrency began the day trading at $3,800 but has since added $400 within a few short hours to go back above $4,000. As at press time, BTC appears set for an assault on the $4,500. However, the sheer volume of short positions opening at the moment could cause a rejection above $4,500. Today’s rally sees BTC increase by more than 12 percent over the last 24-hour trading period. A fortnight ago, Bitcoin and the rest of the market began experiencing massive price declines. Since then BTC fell below both $6,000, $5,000, and $4,000 in quick succession. After falling below $4,000 on the previous Saturday, the top-ranked cryptocurrency twice tested the $3,500 psychological level. BTC was able to back on both occasions, setting consecutive highs. This present mini rally appears to be an extension of the second attempt to test $3,500. Apart from BTC, the altcoin market is also enjoying significant price gains with all top-ten coins in the green as at press time. Stellar (XLM) and Monero (XMR) are the top gainers among the high-ranking coins. Both cryptocurrencies are up by more than 16 percent in the last 24 hours. After nearly falling below the $100 mark on Sunday (November 25, 2018), third-ranked Ethereum has gained 12 percent taking its price closer to $120. Verge (XVG), TRON (TRX), and ICON (ICX) are the top gainers among the top-100 coins. The trio are up 43 percent, 25 percent, and 22 percent respectively. No Bitcoin ETF Approval, Says SEC Wednesday’s price push comes even as SEC chairman; Jay Clayton, appeared to dampen enthusiasm concerning BTC ETFs. According to the SEC chief, the Commission will approve any cryptocurrency ETF unless the market undergoes significant improvements concerning investor protection and price manipulation. The bear market appears not to have severely affected the enthusiasm of BTC enthusiasts as well as institutional players. Stakeholders like Anthony Pompliano of Morgan Creek and Spencer Bogart of Blockchain Capital maintain that the current bear market isn’t anathema to BTC’s long-term success. Furthermore, institutional players like Nasdaq and Bakkt say they are still going ahead with their plans to offer Bitcoin futures contracts. Image courtesy of Shutterstock and Coinmarketcap. The post Bitcoin (BTC) Price Live: $400 Gain Sees BTC Rise Above $4,000 appeared first on Ethereum World News.

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South Korea to Develop Blockchain Voting System, ICON Winning More Awards

One thing common to many countries in Southeast Asia is a corrupt voting system and often flawed democracies as a result. South Korea, being one of the leaders in the technology, is looking towards a blockchain based online voting platform that will alleviate such concerns. Korea’s Ministry of Science and ICT, and the National Election Commission (NEC), stated that they will develop the system before the end of the year. According to reports the NEC trialed a previous platform back in 2013 but few trusted it due to fraud and hacking concerns. The new system will increase transparency and security by including a user authentication mechanism as part of the voting platform. The government stated that all voters will be able to monitor their vote and general progress once submitted via smartphone or PC. The Seoul National University’s Blockchain Society and Korea Internet & Security Agency will also use the blockchain based system for surveys as a pilot before it can be implemented for voting. Similarly, Thailand has recently used a blockchain voting platform for recent candidate party elections. According to a Nasdaq report the Kingdom’s Democrat party used the Zcoin blockchain to register and store votes earlier this month. The party elected a leader from 120,000 voters that used the system to register their transparent votes using a Raspberry Pi or mobile app with photo ID. Thailand has been in the grips of a military dictatorship for over four years primarily due to electoral corruption and rampant vote buying. ICON Winning More Awards Back in South Korea, the country’s leading blockchain and crypto company, ICON has been gaining more favor with the government. According to a medium post ICONLOOP received the ‘Minister of Science and ICT Award’ as Blockchaitionn Industry Leader in Korea. It is the first blockchain company to win this award which was granted at the ‘2018 Blockchain Grand Week’ held at the Korea Science and Technology Center in Seoul. The ICON Team is pleased to announce that ICONLOOP received the Korean ‘Minister of Science and ICT (#MSIT) Award’ in recognition of its contributions to the development and popularization of the blockchain industry in Korea. https://t.co/BNDcxmroxb — ICON (@helloiconworld) November 28, 2018 The ICON (ICX) cryptocurrency is part of the ICONLOOP umbrella and the organization has very close ties with the South Korean government. Last month ICON showcased three blockchain projects it was working on with local authorities. One of which was a blockchain based voting system used in combination with a blockchain citizen ID card. It is likely that any further developments on a voting system in South Korea will be made in conjunction with ICONLOOP though the report has yet to confirm it. Image from Shutterstock The post South Korea to Develop Blockchain Voting System, ICON Winning More Awards appeared first on NewsBTC.

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Icon (ICX) Gets Listed on LINE's Crypto Exchange BITBOX

The cryptocurrency exchange BITBOX, which was recently launched by the Japanese tech giant LINE (LN), has announced that Icon (ICX) has been listed on the platform and users can currently receive a 50% discount on trading fees for the ICX/BTC trading pair. BITBOX recently released an updated mobile application that provides users with a friendlier experience on the platform, and the exchange has plans to continue adding more digital assets through its open-listing committee and review process. (JF)

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Cryptocurrency exchange BITBOX adds support for ICON (ICX)

CryptoNinjas LINE Corporation announced today that ICON (ICX) is now available for trade on its digital asset exchange BITBOX. ICON can now be traded on BITBOX with Bitcoin (BTC). In addition, to celebrate the addition of... Cryptocurrency exchange BITBOX adds support for ICON (ICX)

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ICONLOOP Launches Its ‘ICON Development Network’ on the Amazon Web Services Marketplace

The team at Icon (ICX) recently posted the following announcement on their Twitter feed: “We are pleased to announce ICONLOOP's launch of the 'ICON Development Network' on the AWS Marketplace. This will allow developers to easily run a private instance of the ICON Blockchain Network through AWS.” The ‘ICON Development Network’ platform will “provide an easy-to-use development-ready environment enabling developers to bootstrap their own private ICON Network, adapted to their own convenience and needs, in order to build, test or validate their project running on top of the ICON Protocol.” (JF)

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Binance Provides a Roadmap of Growth Despite Falling Prices

FUD and rumors have played their part in creating panic and infusing fear in the markets leading to unwarranted selling and eroding the confidence of investors and traders from cryptos. But CZ, at Binance, has put out some fantastic update from the exchange which shows that on ground developments in crypto business will win the battle and be successful in the long run. On ground real development are better indicators of growth that prices. Changpeng Zhao, the founder of cryptocurrency Binance, recently tweeted Binance weekly report on updates at Binance, that spoke about the actual on ground development happening at the exchange. Along with the updates, CZ also mentioned that FUD may have won in getting the markets down in short term, but it’s the on-ground development in crypto business like Binance which is creating strong fundamentals for the industry and would definitely take the prices skyward in the long run. FUD wins in the short term, BUIDL wins in the long term. https://t.co/ikQDNQZI0G — CZ Binance (@cz_binance) November 26, 2018 According to the weekly status update, Binance has pointed out some key developments that have happened at Binance over past one week that throws light on how it is strengthening the core of its business and contributing to the fundamental growth of the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry. These are as follows Binance Info has an added VC and ICO section. This week Binance announced its Binance Info Gold Label Project that will ensure users obtain timely updates on crypto projects, as well as trustworthy, accurate, and comprehensive information. The Gold project now has a newly added Team, VC (venture capital), and ICO info sections will present each project in a more holistic light. Binance Research releases a new report on PundiX: As part of its research initiatives, Binance has recently released a detailed report on Pundi X (NPXS), thus expanding its coin research repository Manila, India, China meetups!: As part of its global initiatives, Binance held 3 successful meetups in India, China and the Philippines. These meetups were aimed to enlighten the crowd about various developments and initiatives currently undertaken by the exchange. @TrustWalletApp + $ICX support: Binance acquired intuitive mobile crypto wallet company Trust Wallet, this week, added support to ICON cryptocurrency. Phishing explained @BinanceAcademy: Binance Academy, the blockchain education arm of the exchange released a video explaining Phishing Helen Hai(Binance Africa) invited to speak at CEIBS which Benjamin Rameau (Binance Labs) was invited to contribute at Node Tokyo Conference Trading Analysis model on H5 With each department or vertical of Binance making progress, the exchange is concentrating on “BUIDL” so that when good times return the street the exchange is ready to fire all cylinders of growth. Clearly putting forward the vision on CZ. Will Binance be the best crypto exchange in days to come? DO let us know your views on the same. The post Binance Provides a Roadmap of Growth Despite Falling Prices appeared first on Coingape.

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Crypto Arbitrage Today: Easy Profits to Fill the Hole in Trading Portfolios

During this rather dreadful weekend of cryptocurrency trading, arbitrage trading opportunities offer a welcome sight. Everyone wants to make a profit at some point, yet it remains unclear which currencies or assets will effectively allow one to do so. Until more price stability occurs, arbitrage opportunities are worth checking out. BCHSV (OKEx / Gate) It is the first time a big arbitrage opportunity presents itself for BCHSV. This forked version of Bitcoin Cash is getting a lot of attention lately. Its value ok OKEx is currently 4% lower compared to Gate.io, which makes for a very easy profit in quick succession. These are also two of the few exchanges effectively letting users deposit BCHSV at this time. ICX (Binance / Gate) Not surprisingly, the Gate.io trading platform will play a key role of importance for arbitrage trading once again. Buying ICX on Binance and selling it on Gate allows users to pocket a respectable 1.1% profit for no real effort. Given the troublesome circumstances in the crypto industry, such profits are too good to pass up on. Cardano (Kraken / Gate) When it comes to making a profit by trading Cardano, buying on Kraken will almost always guarantee profits to be made through arbitrage. Kraken often maintains lower prices for all altcoins. In this case, the value on Gate is 3% higher compared to Kraken, which makes this gap a no-brainer to exploit. Qtum (Kraken / Poloniex) A very intriguing arbitrage opportunity comes in the form of QTUM. Once again, users are advised to buy from Kraken due to its lower price and sell the QTUM on either Poloniex or Gate. Profits can be as high as 2.3%, which means this opportunity is rather appealing under the current market circumstances. BCHABC (Kucoin / OKEx) When an arbitrage opportunity for BCHABC - or BCH, depending on the exchange - presents itself, it is well worth taking notice. The value on Kucoin is 0.9% lower compared to OKEx. Given the liquidity for both exchanges, there is some good money to be made in this particular regard. It is expected this gap will close pretty quickly, thus time is of the essence. Ethereum Classic (Koineks / Binance / KuCoin) Those cryptocurrency enthusiasts who can access the Koineks platform may want to pay attention to its Ethereum Classic price. That value is very low compared to Poloniex. Gate. KuCoin. and Binance. As such, traders can pocket a 1.5% profit very easily, as this price gap should remain in place for some time. Disclaimer: This is not trading or investment advice. The above article is for entertainment and education purposes only. Please do your own research before purchasing or investing into any cryptocurrency. The post Crypto Arbitrage Today: Easy Profits to Fill the Hole in Trading Portfolios appeared first on NullTX.

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ICONLOOP Launches Blockchain-based ‘Lifelong Healthy Life’ Service in Beta

Blockchain’ technology is set to play a key role in the new Lifelong Healthy Life service that launched in beta on Friday. The service, based on the ICONLOOP blockchain and developed in support with LifeSemantics Co. and Kyobo Life Insurance Co. The new service predicts diseases by using algorithms based on previously available healthcare data. A New Project in Healthcare The Lifelong Healthy Life service depends on a disease prediction algorithm fed with health care and pre-health check data. It forecasts risk for diseases over a period of three years and provides both a comparative analysis of the situation as well as the insurance coverage for the same. The coverage data is checked against the actual risk data available at insurance providers. It intends to create a bridge between digital healthcare, InsureTech, and blockchain technology to implement an empirical model. It digresses from the existing insurance coverage analysis system by measuring future health risks based on current insurance data to help provide the most reasonable and affordable healthcare to users. The creators of the projects ICONLOOP, Kyobo Life and LifeSemantics formed a consortium in May this year. ICONLOOP is also an entitled business partner for the “FinTech Demonstration Project 2018” by the Korea Internet & Security Agency (KISA) and the Ministry of Science and Information Technology and Communication (MSIT). Healthcare Use Case for Loopchain ICONLOOP’s loopchain will form the basis of this blockchain-based new service. The blockchain engine can be customized by developers, allowing differentiated permission settings across all nodes participating in the blockchain. It also responds to compliance and various tasks. According to Kyobo Life, loopchain has successfully presented its blockchain finance platform. Its service will now scale into the Life Record management system. ICONLOOP CEO J.H. Kim commented on the scaling plans of the project, saying: “We plan to expand our blockchain authentication system so that the InsureTech businesses based on disease prediction data infrastructure could be operated with security and derived services can be released at the same time.” He added that the project aims to “hyperconnect” with heterogenous blockchains using the ICON smart contracts, which will help in broadening the scope to “first-class medical data management.” ICONLOOP Launches Blockchain-based ‘Lifelong Healthy Life’ Service in Beta was originally found on [blokt] - Blockchain, Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News.

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ICON Set to Participate in the Digital Economy Forum Seoul 2018 This Week

The first ever Digital Economy Forum Seoul 2018 will be held this week at Hotel Conrad Seoul. The ICON Foundation announced that its team would be attending the event in Korea. The forum is co-hosted by the Korea Ministry of SMEs and Startups (MSS) and Korea Ministry of Economy and Finance (MOEF). It is being co-organized by the Korea Internet Corporations Association, Startup Alliance and Korea Startup Forum. ICON’s Participation at the Event The ICON team will participate in the forum as representatives of the blockchain industry. ICON Foundation council member J H Kim will also host a session on the 2nd day of the forum at 16:00 titled “Blockchain and Platform Revolution.” According to the Foundation: “J.H. Kim will present the value of blockchain technology as a ‘new platform revolution’ from the perspective of a startup entrepreneur, informing the audience about prospects of various use-cases.” What Is the Digital Economy Forum Seoul 2018? The event will be hosting over 400 attendees from different government institutions, technology giants as well as promising startups in the digital ecosystem. It will also include companies representing the AI, blockchain, mobility and FinTech sectors. On the event’s website, Bongjin Kim, the Chairman of Korea Startup Forum talks about the rapidly evolving global economy and how tech-driven corporates and startups are leading the growth spurt. He noted further that the first edition of the event would seek to analyze the key forces that drive the world’s digital economy, explicitly focused on entrepreneurship and the platform economy. He added: “We expect the Forum to help guide us in the right direction for the innovative growth through in-depth debates and discussions with experts from diverse fields.” The 2-day event will be divided into four sessions, each dedicated to burning topics in the industry. Session 1 will focus on the big trends of the industry and the platform business. Session 2 will focus on innovative technology and innovation growth use cases. Session 3 will focus on building an ecosystem for the digital economy that cultivates entrepreneurship. Session 4 will be dedicated to the real stories of entrepreneurs. ICON Set to Participate in the Digital Economy Forum Seoul 2018 This Week was originally found on [blokt] - Blockchain, Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News.

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Tokens Plummet 15-20% Following SEC’s Crackdown on ICOs, Dark Days Ahead

A broad selling action in the cryptocurrency market today saw ICO coins losing 15 to 20 percent of their value. And the sentiment is likely to extend thanks to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The U.S. regulator at the beginning of this month charged the founder of a decentralized exchange (DEX) EtherDelta on accounts of enabling the trade of unregistered securities. The Exchange until this time was available to investors as a source of liquidity for the ICO tokens. Its “decentralized” status allowed ERC20 projects to list their assets without regulatory approval, but the SEC’s crackdown has closed their doors effectively. For the regulator, the creator of a smart contract-enabled exchange would also need to register its work with the authorities. And whatever asset these exchanges would list on their trading platforms, would have to get a securities license as well. The news sent shivers across the lower market cap coins, each registering huge daily losses on the top of what they had already lost amidst the Bitcoin Cash fork. Loopring, for instance, dropped 19.11% against the U.S. Dollar on Monday, followed by Maker, Self, and ICON that also noted steep drops in their value. SOURCE: CoinMarketCap Related Reading: Ethereum Plunges 12%: Will ICOs Continue to Drag ETH Down? DEX, ICO Industry in Trouble The SEC decision has led the crypto community to believe that the regulator would target more exchanges in the future. It has been warning about the potentially unlawful trading platforms for trading crypto assets already. The EtherDelta case particularly has validated that even exchanges without a central authority in place could land their developers in trouble. Zachary Coburn, the creator of EtherDelta, became a test study after he agreed to settle and pay a total of $388,000 in penalties, disgorgement, and interest. The impact of the SEC’s crackdown can affect developers in the longer term, especially those who are U.S. residents. While it is true that the regulator cannot stop a DEX from running online, they are still able to hold someone liable for beginning the trading platform at fault. Therefore, the only way a DEX developer can avoid punishment or a fine is by moving to locations with no U.S.-treaties. It sounds good on paper but, in reality, it would not be feasible. The only option these developers are left with is to go anonymous. But that doesn’t always work. As far as the ICO industry is concerned, the backers of the now-listed assets have two options: either get a security license or unpin the U.S. from their crypto market map. In the near-term it could disallow U.S. residents to trade the unlicensed digital assets that the SEC deems as securities, provoking them to sell-off. “I read this as the SEC laying the groundwork to prosecute ICOs directly for failure to register under the Securities Act, which they still haven’t done so far (except for blatant Ponzi & scams),” said Jake Chervinsky, a lawyer at U.S.-based Kobre & Kim agency. “If you launched an ICO after the DAO Report, you might be in the line of fire.” Featured image from Shutterstock. The post Tokens Plummet 15-20% Following SEC’s Crackdown on ICOs, Dark Days Ahead appeared first on NewsBTC.

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Bitcoin e Altcoins começam a semana em queda: Por que e o que esperar?

Por: Livecoins Na semana passada vimos fortes quedas no bitcoin que chegou a ser negociado abaixo de US $ 5.500. Nesta segunda (19) o preço da moeda digital continua em baixa e começou com tendência negativa. O preço quebrou recentemente o suporte de US $ 5.500 e passou a ser negociado pelo menor valor de 2018. Da mesma forma, XRP e Ethereum estão sob muita pressão de venda, acumulando perdas de 4% e 10% respectivamente. O atual sentimento do mercado é claramente pessimista e parece que o bitcoin poderia continuar caindo para US $ 5.000 nos próximos dias: Sentimento de mercado: Imagem: Alternative.me Preço do Bitcoin Houve forte movimento de baixa ​​abaixo do suporte de US $ 5.600 chegando a ser negociado agora a US $ 5.284. O próximo nível de suporte é de US $ 5.000, abaixo dele existe um espaço vago até US $ 4.400. Olhando pelo lado positivo, existe resistência em US $ 5.500, acima da qual o preço poderia se recuperar em direção ao nível de US $ 5.750. A maior resistência é de US $ 6.000. Parece que o preço pode continuar a cair no curto prazo. Preço do Ethereum O preço do Ethereum caiu durante as últimas horas abaixo dos níveis de suporte de US $ 170 e US $ 160. O Ethereum está em queda de cerca de 13% sendo negociado por US $ 155. Existe um suporte de US $ 150, abaixo do qual o preço poderia cair para o nível de US $ 130. Pelo lado positivo, existe resistência de US $ 170, acima da qual o preço poderia subir para US $ 180. Bitcoin Cash ABC vs Bitcoin Cash SV Ambas as duas moedas derivadas do Bitcoin Cash perderam valor significativamente. O BCHABC (apoiada por Roger Ver) caiu cerca de 15% e passou a ser negociada abaixo de US $ 250. O BCHSV (apoiada por FakeToshi) entrou em colapso e caiu cerca de 30% para US $ 90. Outras altcoins XRP, a segunda maior criptomoeda do mercado em capitalização seguiu o caminho do bitcoin e perdeu 5% de valor. Atualmente está sendo negociada por US $ 0,475. Muitas altcoins perderam bastante valor e registraram perdas entre -15% -20%, incluindo LRC, ICX, WAN, AION, ELF, SRN, VET, IOST e MKR. Destas, o LRC caiu 18% e o ICX caiu 17%. Resumindo, o bitcoin e outras altcoins avançaram em direção ao núcleo da terra. O bitcoin talvez continue a cair para US $ 5.000 e, se os traders não conseguirem defender mais perdas, o preço poderá cair. Da mesma forma, o Ethereum deve ficar acima do nível de US $ 150 para evitar uma queda em direção a níveis de US $ 130 um futuro próximo. O que está acontecendo com o preço do Bitcoin? O preço do bitcoin caiu drasticamente na quarta-feira (14) à noite e na manhã de quinta-feira (15), quebrando o padrão de baixa volatilidade visto nas últimas semanas e meses. Dados do Coinmarketcap revelam que a capitalização de mercado do bitcoin caiu abaixo de US $ 100 bilhões pela primeira vez desde outubro de 2017, enquanto o valor de todo o mercado de criptomoedas caiu de quase US $ 210 bilhões, para US $ 167 bilhões. Ainda é cedo para dizer com certeza absoluta a razão por trás da recente queda, mas alguns especulam que a principal razão da volatilidade é o controverso hardfork do Bitcoin Cash. O que os especialistas do setor estão dizendo Mati Greenspan, Analista de Mercado Sênior da eToro, uma das maiores plataformas de negociação: “Três fatores estão contribuindo para a queda no preço do Bitcoin. Primeiro, o hard fork do Bitcoin Cash está se transformando em uma corrida armamentista entre os mineradores de bitcoin. Pode não ter impacto direto no preço, mas é algo que as pessoas estão preocupadas - há um temor de que os mineradores possam estar desviando o poder de mineração do bitcoin para o Bitcoin Cash. No entanto, o bitcoin tem uma taxa de hash mais que suficiente para manter sua taxa de transação. Outro fator que contribui é o selloff em ações de tecnologia, que pode estar tendo um efeito em cascata no mercado de criptomoedas. Finalmente, do ponto de vista da análise técnica, como o preço do bitcoin caiu abaixo de US $ 6.000, estamos vendo uma liquidação: as ordens de stop loss sendo executadas automaticamente e / ou pessoas tentando evitar mais perdas.” Marshall Hayner, fundador da Metal Pay, uma empresa de pagamentos e recompensas baseada em blockchain: “Para deixar claro, a queda provavelmente indica o fato de que os mais recentes especuladores de criptomoedas estão pulando fora das expectativas de curto prazo que dizem que haveria uma corrida de touros até o final do ano, muitos estão tirando suas fichas da mesa. Uma das principais conclusões desse declínio mais recente é a necessidade contínua de liquidez, que provavelmente será encontrada no futuro amadurecimento da indústria, esperançosamente na forma de adoção pelos consumidores de varejo em suas atividades cotidianas.” Donald Bullers, representante norte-americano da Elastos, desenvolvedora de um sistema operacional: “É seguro dizer que a divisão do Bitcoin Cash está provocando incerteza entre os investidores cripto, e os preversores dos mercados tradicionais e cripto previram um prolongado

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Daily Cryptocurrency News - 15th November 2018

Here are the most important cryptocurrency news of 15th November 2018: Cryptocurrency Markets Falls Down - The Possible Reasons Behind the $25 Billion Decline Yesterday, was a rough day for most of the cryptocurrency hodlers. The market decreased with over $25 Billion in less than 4 hours. The market capitalization reached a minimum of $174.9 billions yesterday at 17:00 UTC+2, according to Coinmarketcap. A lot of people ask themselves though - what caused this instant movement? What was the reason behind it? Most of the people think this had something to do with the future Bitcoin Cash hard fork - as right now, there’s the battle of billionaires - each fighting for power. The Bitcoin cash hard fork will split Bitcoin Cash into two separate cryptocurrencies :Bitcoin ABC - core Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin SV - Bitcoin Satoshi’s Vision. While this fight is not over yet - this is a sign that the selloff could continue as the two billionaires will fight for supremacy. And why would they crash the Bitcoin? What’s in it for them? Hashing Power. They probably sold their BTC for USD in order to pay for more hashing power so their chain will be recognized as the true ‘Bitcoin Cash’. The bad news is, this had an effect over the entire cryptocurrency market - making people sell their cryptocurrencies and going safe on USDT. But the safety in USDT is not how it looks like. USDT which was supposed to be $1 now sits at a $0.98 value. This market wasn’t bad for Bitmex short traders, as some of them made a small fortune yesterday. Will the selloff continue after the fork? Probably. Bitcoin Cash was created on 1st August 2017. At that moment, it didn’t had a negative impact over Bitcoin’s price. But 2017 was a bull year, when assets went up 100% or more. 2018 is not like that, unfortunately. So after the Bitcoin cash hard fork - we could probably see another drop in price as people will sell their Bitcoin ABC and Bitcoin SV for Bitcoin or USD. Bitcoin’s future - Opinion Tim Draper is one of the persons that the cryptocurrency is familiar with. He claimed that in the next 15 years, crypto market cap will reach the amazing amount of $80 Trillion. This can turn out to be true, or not. There are still a lot of issues in the cryptocurrency space that needs to be resolved. His opinion is based on the fact that crypto will change all the trillion dollar markets : finance, healthcare, insurance, banking and even governments. In addition, cryptocurrencies is probably the highest volatile market that ever was. We saw people became millionaires last year and people losing big amounts of cash this one. Not to mention the $1 billion hacks of 2018. Other people likes to think about good old times. Last year, on 12th November 2017 - the bull run was starting. Bitcoin went from $5,922 to over $19,000 in less than 60 days. While last year on this time people were talking about buying Bitcoin cheap - now people pray to see it above $10,000 again. Could the history repeat and see a Bitcoin bull run until the end of 2018? Most probably. But don’t expect a huge one. We’re not in 2017 when there was no Bitmex or other services offering shorting opportunities. While Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies had a rough year, its important to understand that the market is fairly new and the volatility can affect your investments. Invest at your own risk, as much as you can afford to lose. Binance Exchange Will Support USDC Deposits Starting November 16th While Tether cannot be trusted as a stable coin anymore, people are relying on other stable cryptocurrencies - such as USDC. Binance decided to offer support for Circle’s own stable cryptocurrency USDC. The cryptocurrency was launched recently, and its already supported by Coinbase, Poloniex, Binance and 9 other cryptocurrency exchanges alongside with 7 cryptocurrency wallets. Binance will support USDC and will start with two trading pairs for it: USDC/BTC and USDC/BNB. The USDC is indeed a fully collateralized USD-backed cryptocurrency, as Tether was supposed to be. The difference is,USDC is a transparent and compliant token backed by USD in a 1:1 ratio. Moreover, Circle claims that they took a lot of measures and precautions to ensure that USDC will not be used for illegal activities. Circle reserves the right to “blacklist” certain USDC addresses and freeze associated USDC (temporarily or permanently) that it determines, in its sole discretion, are associated with illegal activity or activity that otherwise violates the terms of this User Agreement (“Blacklisted Addresses”). In the event that you send USDC to a Blacklisted Address, or receive USDC from a Blacklisted Address, Circle may freeze such USDC and take steps to terminate your USDC Account. The Binance listing will surely affect the volume of USDC - which now have a market cap of $146 million. In addition, people could keep their funds safe by converting them into USD way easier - now that they have two stable coins to chose from. NEO ONE Is Lau

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ICON Foundation Addresses the Community in New Blog, Highlights Efforts in Communication

The ICON Foundation recently reached out to its community, detailing all the efforts it has taken to include community feedback and address user concerns. It also talked about the ways in which it is improving communication at the organization. The Foundation also talked about its new hire Ricky Dodds and a new portal designed to work on community concerns in the future. Growing Focus on Institutional Markets and Contributor Relations The Foundation hired Ricky Dodds as Head of Institutional Markets and Contributor Relations. Dodds will be working to connect with the global audience of the foundation and find new markets for ICON. His experience in investment banking and equity research and his interest in creating open financial systems will be helpful for the organization in achieving their goals. Dodds’ most recent role was as a Vice President in Equity Research at Deutsche Bank where he worked extensively with investment professionals, giving them insights and recommendations into the industry and company trends. He also worked with investor relation teams to better company perception and presentation to investor communities. For his new role, Dodds said that ICON is one of the few projects that have actual enterprise relationships. He noted: “I know how hard it is to be vetted by these types of companies, particularly as a ‘start-up.’ The barrier to entry is quite high. These types of relationships will allow ICON to prove out the value of the project with real-world use and move closer to the goal of hyper-connecting the world and I’m very excited to be a part of the journey.” Addressing Community Concerns ICON also noted that many community members do not voice their opinions because of the threatening language and profanities used by others. Comments and posts that promote such hostility will be cleaned from the official and unofficial social media channels to help in building a “healthier community.” The Foundation will be working with the admins to manage these issues. They are also designing an FAQ portal for the community to handle the most important community questions in a timely manner. The portal will work as a curated AMA for the community and will be released in the upcoming weeks. ICON Foundation Addresses the Community in New Blog, Highlights Efforts in Communication was originally found on [blokt] - Blockchain, Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News.

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ICON VC Posts Clarification as Dissent from ICX Investors Grows Over Token Increase

The ICX investors woke up one morning and found the total circulating supply of their coin increased by 18 percent. Things didn’t go well after that. Many investors took Reddit to complain about the overnight ICX token supply pump. They argued that the team behind the blockchain startup neither published any explanation nor they consulted the community before taking the major decision. The arguments metamorphosed as they highlighted other pressing matters related to ICON’s $5 million ICX buyback program, development delays, and yellow paper update. A clarification from Marcus, the project’s venture capitalist and partner accelerator, surfaced on Tuesday. He promised that communications would be improved hereon. He also said that ICON team would post a full clarification on the pressing matters, but provided his take on why the project development was slowing down as of late. Excerpts: “They were a massive drain on ICON resources that required full-time positions which pushed back specific initiatives. For example, ICON’s former technical director, Hongkyu Lee, currently leads the joint venture of ICON & LINE as its CEO.” ICX Supply Pump Marcus didn’t mention the increased token supply in his clarification. There is, however, an independent investigative report that provided some insights into the matter. The ICONist on November 2 published an article revealing that ICON was freeing up some tokens to distribute them among community groups and strategic partners. The project’s whitepaper speaks about such an allocation - indicating that these new contractual groups are accepting ICX tokens as payments. Source: ICON Whitepaper Accepting a part of payments in native tokens has been a common practice across the ICO industry. It allows the team to participate in project development as stakeholders. It appears the ICON team followed the method but just ignored to update its ICO participants about it. Many of the respondents to Marcus’ letter said that they would appreciate a clear and specific communication. They welcomed the ICON team for all the recent developments, including a partnership with Samsung over their identity management project and collaboration with their local Seoul government on multiple blockchain initiatives. “I am a firm believer that every investor should know the risks they take when investing in crypto. These projects aren’t regulated like publicly traded companies and aren’t forced to adhere to the strict rules and regulations that govern them. That said, if ICON (and other projects) hope to be taken seriously and attract institutional capital (which we all know is critical for this project to take off), ICON needs to take itself seriously,” - wrote Redditor maverick216. The ICX/USD trading pair posted fresh daily highs after Marcus published his clarification. The pair is now inside a bearish correction, trading 2.5% down on the day at $0.532. Image from Shutterstock The post ICON VC Posts Clarification as Dissent from ICX Investors Grows Over Token Increase appeared first on NewsBTC.

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$12.50 to $0.54. Hang in there guys.

We have a project that is working on business development. Not nurturing the token price. That means this is a long term play. I invested in the Ethereum ICO back in 2014. After a year and a half of **zero** product, it was being called a vaporware Scam by everyone. I had 33,000 ETH and listened to the weak hands. I sold it all at $2.00. And missed out on over $30 million as a result. It wasn’t until 2 more years had passed, that it ever went to $1500. For the first three solid years it struggled below $5. And this is Ethereum. I’m not saying ICON is Ethereum. but the best possible advice I can give you guys after doing crypto for 7 years: Give the project a chance to fulfill its goals before you bail. If you don’t have balls of steel, go buy some Bitcoin instead. It’s a “sure thing” but the multiplies won’t come close to ICON during the next bull run. Before you bail, just do me one favor. Follow the @helloicon twitter and enable tweet alerts. Your phone will blow up multiple times a week with the incredible amount of activity going on with this project. It may give you some confidence back.

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Markus from Deblock. Sharing my thoughts on ICON: Delays and Improvements in Communication

Markus from Deblock here. Sharing my thoughts on ICON delays and improvements in communication. I think it’s important to point out that there can only be differences in outlook/decisions between certain types of investors and the team. If you’re an investor with a timeframe of say 3 months, or even a year, then of course whatever happens/doesn’t happen in the 3~12 months would determine your outlook of the project. Whatever happened within that timeframe would ultimately be your basis of performance. And that’s fine, and absolutely understandable because not every token holder can be long term investors. But from the team’s point of view, it can and should be different. The ICON team isn’t looking at ICON via 3 month timeframe, they are looking at long term prospects of years. This means from the team’s perspective when making decisions, they have to make decisions that are best for ICON in the long term even if it may change their initial plans. Things like Samsung Pass, ICON being selected as the blockchain operator of the Seoul government, or even the joint venture between the public blockchain ICON and LINE, were not in the whitepaper (and yes, it should be clarified how these projects will ultimately contribute to the growth of ICON’s public chain, that’s part of improved communications, and they will be very soon.) They were a heavy drain on ICON resources that required full time positions which pushed back certain initiatives. For example, ICON’s former technical director, Hongkyu Lee, currently leads the joint venture of ICON & LINE as its CEO. That’s not to say that roadmap delays are fine. Ideally ICON would have had both roadmap adherence and these significant projects/partnerships or at least better communication with regards to delays, and this is something the team is aware of and is working on. However, when ultimately considering long term value, a joint venture with LINE, a leading social messenger service in Asia, seems to me, indefinitely more useful to ICON’s mass adoption and legitimacy than a DEX being released 3 months earlier, especially since ICON’s former technical director is the CEO of this particular joint venture. I think better communication and explanation of rationale can alleviate many of the concerns of the community and there will be clarification in an official capacity by the ICON team on the questions that have been raised by the community very soon.

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A reason why this community is divided

The reason is simple: **The reason why we many of us are frustrated is because it feels like they manipulated people in an effort to get us to continue holding the coin.** How? : **By stating what their releases are in an effort to make the project very attractive to people to buy the coin and hold it knowing full well that they were intending to divert resources elsewhere or releases would take longer than it seems.** **The result**: Sentiment is at its lowest. Crypto retail investors outside this sub have low perception and stay away from this project. South Koreans stay away. What this means is that no one will actually come in to buy the coin. What this means is a slow bleed unless some massive catalyst occurs, but we don't get that info. I mean, if LINE was going to use ICX and hundreds of millions are using it, then that is the biggest catalyst we have seen. But it looks like that is not the case, otherwise it would have been stated. **Even worse:** The token unlock is even worse because while we are holding it and being mislead, advisors got to take their profits. ​ This doesn't reflect enterprise, as government involvement and enterprise in South Korea is rising for the project. They are doing excellent work in South Korea and moving forward as a company. I am not knocking that. I am talking purely of retail investors, the actual people using their money to hold the coins in the public network. Search around outside this sub and you will see ICX is always shitted on. ​ Yes the bear market is part of it. Yes it has happened across the board - but not to all projects. [https://athcoinindex.com/](https://athcoinindex.com/) Icon is #7 out of the top 100 in terms of worst performance. Many have held relatively well. This is because expectations were realistically established and people knew what to expect. ​ **Ask yourself this simple question:** If ICON came out back in December and said the main net, dApps, DEX, Staking will be ready in 2019, would you have invested at all in December 2017 or 2018. The answer is no. Maybe to ride the pump, but what use would it be to actually hold the coin? The answer is none. You would have waited until things are ready to go to invest. Clearly the project has good fundamentals, and they are making progress and can certainly be at the forefront many years from now. ​ This is the source for all of our frustration. This very 20 second moment captured on video starting at 5:55. Here is a video where Min basically lied saying what would be available right away: [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CZ0VCl7QIOs](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CZ0VCl7QIOs) >Chico: "One last question, the main net you talked about, do you guys have a date you are looking at? > >Min: So we have announced we are going to be doing this 4th quarter of this year. The main net will be live this time soon. That is a much shorter time frame than a lot of the other projects you see out there because as I mentioned, we have been building our product for about 2 years. So we just have to fine tune the thing. Our main net is launching very quickly. And then our ICX token will be available right away. Our DEX will be available right away. ​ This is what spawned all the chatter on social media and made people buy in. That moment right there. That moment is what created our high expectations, and has caused all of this dissonance and frustration because the reality is not meeting these expectations. ​ This was a straight up LIE. End of story. And we're pissed because this lie is what is making people still cling on to their bags out of hope. Sorry but if that indeed was a mistake (As Min stated in Telegram back in July/August), then you need to be more prepared if you are going to be the face of the project. That "mistake" has eroded the confidence of millions of dollars of investment money. But good thing they are in Switzerland, so they don't have to worry about what they say being considered market manipulation. ​ **Anticipated points** ​ **Building software takes time. You are an impatient moon boy. This is a new area of development and problems come up** Well, then why raise funds in an ICO if you're building your private business relations anyway? Hashgraph, Hyperledger and others focused on enterprise blockchains but didn't raise money for a public ICO. Was it just a cash grab? Why raise $45 million, if that $45 million is not going to focus on development of the public chain? Min even stated they had to divert resources to building the loop (now ICONLOOP), while we twiddled our thumbs because in 3-5 years it will all connect together. ​ So that tells me that the raising of public funds was a selling point for the ICONLOOP business to land more private business deals, and that the public's interest will be dealt with later. That makes sense to me and why a lot of

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TEMCO & LogisticsX Form Global Supply Chain and Logistics Alliance (GSLA)

Singapore, 7 November 2018 - Bitcoin-based (RSK) supply chain platform “TEMCO” and decentralised last mile logistics platform LogisticsX are proud to announce the signing of a strategic partnership on 7 November 2018, kickstarting the Global Supply Chain & Logistics Alliance (GSLA). The alliance is led by TEMCO with LogisticsX the pioneer member in this alliance. GSLA seeks to solve supply chain management problems across the globe by bringing together supply chain and logistics blockchain projects as well as industry experts. While there are many innovations introduced in this space, there are still many hurdles and questions to be solved because of the differences in regulations, culture, language, and business ecosystem. GSLA can improve the awareness of the problem and share ideas to create a better solution. Among the many issues the GSLA seeks to solve is one of localization when companies expand overseas. No single blockchain project can navigate every detail of the business ecosystem in every country alone. Therefore, through expertise gained from operating in each country’s ecosystem, GSLA partners will seek out a joint solution that will allow for the best practices of each local partner to be shared. Scott Jaeseob Yoon, CEO of TEMCO, shared, “the formation of GSLA is a much-needed step towards solving the global supply chain and logistics problem through blockchain. We are very excited about this partnership and the future of GSLA with companies that will be coming onboard.” TEMCO is a blockchain-based startup that aims to connect isolated supply chains, developing unique services for the benefit of businesses in the industry. The firm also offers companies with Business Intelligent tool to help them access interconnected data efficiently on the blockchain. TEMCO recently secured institutional investment from “Korea Investment Partners” (KIP), the foremost leading venture capital of Korea. KIP has been investing in growing billion-dollar companies such as: Naver, Kakao, Korbit, DoubleU Games, Bithumb and now TEMCO. Erik Cheong, COO of LogisticsX, added, “We are excited to be working with TEMCO and building the GSLA alliance together with them. Each project has strong business partnerships that are looking to expand overseas and we can help each other to understand and navigate the intricacies of regulations and business environments in each country. We are confident there will be many synergies from working together.” LogisticsX is a decentralized platform that aims to transform the last mile delivery ecosystem by enforcing global logistics standards using smart contracts to increase traceability, transparency, and reducing friction between all logistics stakeholders and consumers. They recently secured US$3 million in a private round of funding from ICON Foundation, De-Block & Bluewhale Foundation, Gilga Venture Capital, Inchain Capital & CRC Capital. -END- About TEMCO TEMCO is the world’s first supply chain management platform on the Bitcoin (RSK) network. TEMCO provides companies with the Business Intelligence (BI) tool, an analytical tool that helps companies to efficiently access the interconnected data on the blockchain. From the consumer side, TEMCO is developing applications where consumers can transparently view the distribution process from the beginning to the end. Through transparency of blockchain, TEMCO helps to ensures credibility and traceability. For more information, please visit temco.io. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TEMCOLABS/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/TEMCOLABS Medium: https://medium.com/temcolabs Telegram: https://t.me/TEMCOLABS About LogisticsX LogisticsX aims to utilise blockchain technology to create a decentralised platform that will transform last-mile logistics. LogisticsX envisions to set forth a global standard for communications between logistics stakeholders to increase efficiency, transparency, and security in the global parcel delivery network. Telegram: https://t.me/LogisticsX Medium: https://medium.com/logisticsx Twitter: https://twitter.com/LogsXOfficial The post TEMCO & LogisticsX Form Global Supply Chain and Logistics Alliance (GSLA) appeared first on Ethereum World News.

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Ascending Triangle Bullish for Tron [TRX]?

Tron launched its mainnet at the end of May this year. There was significant anticipation behind the mainnet launch which resulted in price significantly appreciating in the build-up. However, in line with the rest of the cryptocurrency market, Tron has depreciated considerably since. Tron traded around $0.063 around the time of its mainnet launch and now trades at $0.022. However, the project has been forming a series of higher lows since mid-August along with other similar projects such as Icon and EOS. An ascending triangle pattern is a bullish continuation pattern and would result in a breakout to the upside if it plays out as expected. EOS and Icon are forming symmetrical triangle patterns on their charts giving them a more equal chance of either a bullish or bearish breakout. The ascending triangle which is forming in Tron gives it a more bullish disposition and could be set up to outperform during the next market rise. Tron Daily Chart - Source: TradingView.com The price action for Tron is trading close to the trend line of the triangle. A downward movement across the market would risk the price of Tron falling out of the pattern and losing its set up. It is likely that Bitcoin will have a big factor to play in how the triangle pattern plays out. The market leader Bitcoin currently represents over 53% of the entire cryptocurrency market cap and has also been forming a triangle pattern. A bearish breakout from Bitcoin here would likely result in Tron moving below the ascending triangle it has been forming. Bitcoin Daily Chart - Source: TradingView.com Key Takeaways: Tron forming a bullish ascending triangle pattern since mid-August. The ascending triangle pattern is a bullish continuation pattern and would be anticipated to result in a break out to the upside. Tron may be setting up to outperform during the next market rise. How the pattern plays out likely depends significantly on Bitcoin. With the market leader representing over 53% of the cryptocurrency market cap and also forming a triangle pattern, its movements will likely be mirrored by Tron. Ascending Triangle Bullish for Tron [TRX]? was originally found on [blokt] - Blockchain, Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News.

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NEO Global Development Monthly Report of October: A Month of Achievements

NEO Global Development team published on November 1st a summary report of activities the company progressed forward during the last month. October 2018, has been a remarkable one for NEO, during which the Chinese platform reached many milestones and took part in several global events. In fact, October 2018 marked the 2-years anniversary of NEO’s mainnet release. The NEO monthly report of October 2018 praised the stability, security, and reliability of operations since the official mainnet launch on October 17, 2016, and to date. The project went further by ensuring developers that it spent the last two years improving its Blockchain core technology, expanding its ecosystem, and involving its developer’s community through the NEO Enhancement Proposal Program. Decentralization Progress NEO, a blockchain project that aims to establish the largest platform for decentralized applications has been carrying out a lot of efforts on decentralization since the official launch of its mainnet. However, until July 2018, the seven mainnet consensus nodes of the NEO Blockchain were all hosted by NEO foundation. This willingness to commit to decentralization was followed by concrete actions on July 4th, 2018, when the City of Zion, a global independent community of open source developers formed by NEO became the first elected entity to host a consensus node on NEO mainnet. A little over three months later, on October 20, KPN became the second elected consensus node running on the NEO mainnet, bringing the total number of nodes still held by the NEO foundation down to five, and making a special emphasis on the decentralization spirit NEO has adopted. It is worth mentioning that KPN is one of the largest telecommunication companies and internet services providers in the Netherlands, with over 33 million mobile subscribers and 2 million internet access customer across Western Europe. NEO Creative Design Competition The report indicated that over 100 designers coming from over 30 countries worldwide participated in the first NEO design competition, held from late September to late October 2018. The competition has reportedly contributed in expanding the designing team among the NEO community and awarded prizes to winners for their creative website and icon designs. Community Expansion The monthly report drew attention to the steady-paced expansion NEO’s various social media platforms have been enjoying over the last month. So far, NEO’s official twitter remains its highest followed platform with over 317,000 followers. Reddit (98,000) comes second, followed by Facebook (over 30,000), Discord (around 23,000), WeChat (around 17,000), Weibo (over 8,000), YouTube (over 3,000), and Medium (over 2,000). Events Where NGD Participated The last month of October saw the participation of NEO Global Development team in several meetups, Hackathons Workshops, and Conferences. Those business development efforts helped funnel down a large number of developers into the ever-expanding NEO community. The report listed as much as three workshops held in Russia, and one in Germany where NEO took part, aside from funding a prize pool for a hackathon in Colombia, organizing a hackathon in partnership with Delft University of Technology in Rotterdam, hosting a NEO hackathon around building non fungible tokens in Berlin, and a fourth one in Seoul around NEO Blockchain and AI. NGD also took part of many Tech Conferences in October 2018, including the “HEL Tech Conference” in Helsinki, and the Delta Blockchain Summit in Malta among others, in addition to delivering keynote speeches and participating in several meetups and roundtables in Moscow, St Petersburg, and Berlin. NEO Global Development Monthly Report of October: A Month of Achievements was originally found on [blokt] - Blockchain, Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News.

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How to Use a VPN Within Your Browser to Protect Your Privacy

Major internet browsers now offer access to VPN services via a number of third-party extensions and in some cases through built-in features. These provide an easy and affordable means to protect your privacy and enjoy a censorship-free browsing experience. Also read: Arbitrators to Resolve Disputes in the Russian Cryptocurrency Industry Chrome VPN Extensions You Can Buy With Cryptocurrency Using a virtual private network (VPN) to surf the internet has become almost a necessity these days on account of the growing need to preserve your online privacy or circumvent restrictions that may apply to a specific location or jurisdiction you are visiting. A number of providers offer VPN services, and many of them accept cryptocurrency. Browser extensions and integrated features are making it even easier to obtain uncensored and largely untraceable access to the web. There are many options available for Google Chrome users, and crypto enthusiasts should be interested in some of them. VPN Mentor suggests several extensions, the providers of which are happy to be paid with cryptocurrencies. Private Internet Access is one of them; it can be downloaded directly from the Chrome Web Store. Once you install it and sign up, you’ll be able to choose a subscription plan. Fees start at $2.91 per month for a two-year subscription and cryptocurrency is accepted. Express VPN is another popular choice. However, in order to take advantage of the Chrome extension, users need to install a desktop application first. Subscribers are required to register with an email on the VPN’s website, pick a plan ­- they start at a little over $8 per month - and choose a payment method. BTC is among the available options. Nord VPN is a simpler alternative, a proxy extension that hides your IP address but does not use the same tunneling/encryption technologies employed by VPNs. It can also be downloaded from the Chrome Web Store. A three-year plan costs $2.99 per month. In most cases, when you install a VPN extension you’ll see its icon to the right of the address bar of your browser. Use the dropdown menu to change the settings and choose a preferred location. Some VPNs support additional security features, ensuring protection against malware and unwanted ads which can be activated there as well. Mozilla Testing VPN Subscription Service The aforementioned VPN services are also available as add-ons for Firefox, the internet browser that supports a variety of useful and often free extensions. However, the software company that develops Firefox is currently testing a new feature that will allow users to boost their privacy with better encryption for around $10 a month. Mozilla has recently teamed up with the Swiss company Proton VPN to integrate the paid subscription-based service which provides a higher level of security. In addition, the servers of Proton VPN are located in Switzerland, Sweden and Iceland where local laws prevent authorities from accessing the stored information. The company also claims it does not log any data about the usage of their service. In a blog post, Mozilla revealed that it will offer the experimental feature to a group of Firefox users in the U.S. over the next few months, starting on Oct. 24. The service is compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android systems. The company noted that the launch is part of its efforts to explore additional sources of revenue. Opera Offers Free VPN Feature Opera, another popular browser, has gone a step further by integrating a free VPN service. The feature is activated with a dedicated button that’s on the left side of the address bar and can be customized in the Settings tab. It comes with unlimited data transfer and enables users to switch between virtual locations. Several options are available, including Europe, the Americas, Asia, and an automated “Optimal location” setting. When active, it does slow down connection speeds a little, although there’s an option to bypass the VPN for default search engines. Nevertheless, the Opera VPN is a useful built-in feature that will not cost you anything and does not require a subscription. What is your opinion about VPN browser extensions? Share your thoughts on the subject in the comments section. Images courtesy of Shutterstock. At Bitcoin.com there’s a bunch of free helpful services. For instance, have you seen our Tools page? You can even lookup the exchange rate for a transaction in the past. Or calculate the value of your current holdings. Or create a paper wallet. And much more. The post How to Use a VPN Within Your Browser to Protect Your Privacy appeared first on Bitcoin News.

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EOS & Icon [ICX] Showing Similar Price Patterns, Setting Up to Outperform?

Ethereum competitors EOS and Icon have been both forming a series of higher lows since mid-August. Both platforms have undergone severe depreciation this year as investors showed reduced confidence in blockchain platforms developed for business. EOS has depreciated around 65% since its mainnet launch in June while Icon has depreciated around 77% from its June price. With both now forming a series of higher lows, are these platforms setting up for a comeback to outperform? It is questionable as bitcoin is also showing similar price patterns and much of the future price action of these coins is likely to depend on the price action of Bitcoin. EOS (left) & Icon (right) both form a series of higher lows. EOS & ICON Daily Chart - Source: Tradingview.com The key market movement of this year has been Bitcoin keeping its value better than those of altcoins. this makes sense as altcoins will be the first investors will lose confidence in during downturns. Their networks are the most recently launched, and their value propositions are the least well established. In comparison, Bitcoin’s network has been operating since January 2009 and is secured by a huge amount of computing power. The decrease in altcoin value in comparison to Bitcoin has resulted in Bitcoin’s share of the cryptocurrency market cap being 54%. With Bitcoin approaching the end of a triangle pattern, whatever way it breaks out of this is likely to have a corresponding impact on blockchain platforms such as EOS and Icon. Bitcoin Daily Chart - Source: Tradingview.com Key Takeaways: EOS and Icon are both exhibiting a series of higher lows which would be bullish alone but is actually the same price pattern which is being exhibited by Bitcoin. Both EOS and Icon have undergone severe depreciation this year. With Bitcoin approaching the end of a triangle pattern and representing 54% of the total market cap, whatever way it breaks out is likely to have a corresponding impact on EOS and Icon. DISCLAIMER: Investing or trading in digital assets, such as those featured here, is extremely speculative and carries substantial risk. This analysis should not be considered investment advice, use it for informational purposes only. Historical performance of the assets discussed is not indicative of future performance. Statements, analysis, and information on blokt and associated or linked sites do not necessarily match the opinion of blokt. This analysis should not be interpreted as advice to buy, sell or hold and should not be taken as an endorsement or recommendation of a particular asset. EOS & Icon [ICX] Showing Similar Price Patterns, Setting Up to Outperform? was originally found on [blokt] - Blockchain, Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News.

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ICON Collaborates With the Seoul Government On 3 Blockchain Apps

The South Korean blockchain project ICON gains momentum with new projects involving the Seoul Metropolitan Government. This week at…

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ICON Demos Three Blockchain Projects in a Seoul-based Blockchain Festival

Earlier this week, during a Seoul-based Blockchain International Digital Festival, ICON demonstrated three blockchain projects which are focused on easing the lives of the residents of Seoul. These blockchain-based projects were a Voting System, an ID Card, and S-Coin Payment. These projects were as a result of collaborations between ICONLOOP and the Korean government entities like the National Information Society Agency and the National Election Commission. ICON is currently working with the South Korean government to develop crypto regulations. (KE)

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ICON Showcases 3 Joint Blockchain Apps With Seoul Government

ICON’s initiatives to connect South Korea in its blockchain-powered ecosystem are gaining momentum. Recently, at the Blockchain International Digital Festival, which was hosted by the Seoul Metropolitan Government, ICON demonstrated the three main components of its blockchain ecosystem for the residents of Seoul - ICON Blockchain Identification Card, ICON Blockchain Vote, and ICON Blockchain S-Coin Payments. What is in store for the residents of Seoul with ICON’s blockchain products? The aim of ICON’s blockchain products is to create a more reliable, democratic, and prosperous society. Blockchain Citizen ID Card: The Blockchain Identification Card is easy to set up. Users have to fill out their basic details, and then take their photo on their laptop via webcam. Next, the users click a photo of the QR generated, which transfers the ICON ID Card to their mobile phone. Blockchain Vote: The creation of the Blockchain ID Card would enable the user to access ICON’s voting system. The voting system has been created as a part of ICONLOOP’s collaboration with the Korea National Information Society Agency and the Korea National Election Commission. ICON has been acting as a blockchain technology consultant to the two bodies to build the “Next Generation Election System based on Intelligence Information Technology”. The users who use ICON’s voting system to vote would be rewarded in S-Coin, which had a pegging for 1 S-Coin = 1 Korean Won in the demonstration. ICON Blockchain S-Coin Payments: This blockchain product will enable users to transact cash-free and quickly. The users will be required to scan a QR code of the product which will transfer all the details of the product on to the app. The payment for the scanned product can then be done automatically, cash-free with S-Coins. Other Developments and Future Plans ICON launched its mainnet in April this year and got off the Ethereum network onto their own blockchain network. Since then, ICON has seen a series of developments which include getting selected by the metropolitan government of Seoul as an operator of Seoul’s standard blockchain platform for ‘Seoul Blockchain Demonstration Project’. In May this year, ICON partnered with TRIVE to create an educational ecosystem with a focus on blockchain technology. As a part of the collaboration, both entities will work on co-developing blockchain courses which will be included in TRIVE’s programming schools. In June, Binance had announced that it would be swapping ICON’s ICX ERC-20 tokens for the mainnet ICX, five months after the release of the mainnet. ICON recently revealed that the official token swap for the ERC20 ICX Token had closed. The other exchanges which supported the token swap were OKEx, Upbit, Bithumb, Huobi, DragonEx, Bitrue, Gate.io, and WazirX. ICON has also been discussing the possibilities of making Jeju the blockchain hub of Korea with the Jeju Governer. Earlier in October, Park Won-soon, the mayor of Seoul, announced a five-year plan to invest $108 million and develop the city as a blockchain-powered smart city. The mayor also suggested the use of the S-Coin within administrations of the Seoul Metropolitan Government. The post ICON Showcases 3 Joint Blockchain Apps With Seoul Government appeared first on NewsBTC.

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Trying out the Brave browser for the first time - overall love it

I work in another blockchain start up, so I've been watching the BAT project for a while now. HR just gave us new laptops. I was using a Chromebook before, so I had no choice but to use Chrome, but now that I have a proper laptop I finally decided to try out Brave! So far, it's really cool and easy to use. It's basically the same as any other browser, which is exactly how it should be. I love how the little lion icon gives you real-time stats on how many ads and trackers were blocked. Gives me an irrational sense of satisfaction. The only thing I'd say is that the browser lags a bit trying to open and process things like Gmail and Facebook. Haven't tried many other sites yet, but I'm going to stick with Brave on this computer and play around with the tokens (I got 25 BAT! LOL) Thanks for making such an amazing and truly disruptive project, Brave & BAT Team!

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South America: Crypto and Blockchain News Roundup, 19th to 25th October 2018

South America Welcome to our weekly roundup of all important blockchain and cryptocurrency news from around the world. Follow the latest developments in the cryptocurrency space continent by continent, country by country. Brazil SMS cryptocurrency trading service opens in Brazil: Brazilians can now trade in cryptocurrencies without an internet connection as SMS-based service CoinText has started in the country. The new service doesn’t require WiFi or cellular data and users can use it with simple offline SMS commands. The platform also automatically generates a wallet for each user once he/she receives funds. While Brazil is increasing its footprint on the cryptocurrency world, offline services mean that people can now trade and manage cryptocurrencies with extremely limited connectivity on the go. Venezuela Government lists 6 crypto exchanges for Petro trading: The Venezuelan authorities have listed six cryptocurrency exchanges for trading Petro, the state cryptocurrency of Venezuela. While the move was announced amid huge government hype, the number is much fewer than the initial 16 announced by President Nicolas Maduro. The exchanges - Cave, Blockchain, Bancar, Antwerp, Afx trade and Criptolago - are relatively unknown, further affecting the credibility of the announcement. It is reported that initially, many exchanges were willing to list Petro but pulled out after the US government sanctioned the cryptocurrency. Petro itself is still in infancy as it was deemed untransferable recently despite an overbearing attitude of the government to adopt it. It was also rejected by oil importing India as a means of payment for crude oil. While the government is continuing to push forward the cryptocurrency in full force, even requiring passport applicants to pay in Petro, it remains to be seen whether these efforts will be fruitful for the government. Colombia Crypto trading reaching new heights: Cryptocurrency trading is reaching new heights in Colombia as it breaks into the local market amid developments in commerce, education and overseas investment. Trading volume on popular P2P Bitcoin buying and selling platform Localbitcoins.com has now reached a record BTC 350 despite Bitcoin’s price stagnation in recent times. Apart from Bitcoin, Dash is eagerly trying to set up shop in the country as well as other parts of the continent. While the Colombian government is still working on setting up new laws for crypto regulation amid some blowback from the banking circles, the newly-elected president Ivan Duque is reportedly favorable towards the cause of cryptocurrencies in the country. Even football icon James Rodriguez has entered the industry and is reportedly looking to launch his own coin. President petitioned to create favorable atmosphere for crypto: Newly-elected president Ivan Duque has been petitioned by a top cryptocurrency exchange to help restart its trading activities after it was forced to close operations earlier this year. Buda exchange, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the region, had its accounts frozen by financial authorities in June and has pushed many traders to use P2P trading platforms like Localbitcoins instead. While Buda’s loss has been Localbitcoins’s gain, the exchange is still considered an easier way to purchase cryptocurrencies. President Duque himself is being seen as a pro-cryptocurrency figure in the country and has promised tax exemption to the tech sector as well. It remains to be seen, however, what he is going to do regarding the operations of cryptocurrency exchanges in the country but many are hopeful it will be the dawn of a new era for cryptocurrencies in Colombia. Follow BitcoinNews.com on Twitter: @bitcoinnewscom Telegram Alerts from BitcoinNews.com: https://t.me/bconews Want to advertise or get published on BitcoinNews.com? - View our Media Kit PDF here. Image Courtesy: Bitcoin News The post South America: Crypto and Blockchain News Roundup, 19th to 25th October 2018 appeared first on BitcoinNews.com.

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Daily Cryptocurrency News - 19th October 2018

Welcome to our Daily News article. Here are the most important news of October 19th: Omise Receives Support from Capital Firm for its Blockchain PayPal Alternative The Japanese venture capital firm Global Brains announced a new significant investment. The capital firm invested on Omise Holdings; this also includes investors 31VENTURES and SMDV. Furthermore, the investment aims towards financing Omise’s expansion plans in Japan. It is also intended to support the development of Omise’s financial infrastructure. An infrastructure that has a PayPal-like service and an Ethereum-powered decentralized exchange. Moreover, the firm said that there is a need to develop an infrastructure for border-less payments. This infrastructure with innovative tools will be OmiseGo’s priority as it expands globally. According to OmiseGo, global expansion is a key growth driver for businesses around the world. They said that current financial transactions on platforms are built on infrastructures that are not geared to support global commerce needs. They also noted that as global commerce grows, conducting payments anywhere becomes a necessity. Omise will seek adoption in Southeast Asia as part of their strategy, starting with Japan. The company will leverage on it OMG Network, eWallet Suite, and OMG DEX financial tools. This will enable local businesses and users to conduct daily finance operations from the comfort of their mobile phones. It will be interesting to see the progress that will come from this investment. Monero Launches the Revolutionary Bulletproof Update Source: CoinBureau Monero, the cryptocurrency network with a focus on privacy and efficiency has launched their new update. Monero’s latest network upgrade is a significant protocol change. Besides bug fixes and reduced transaction sizes, the most important new features are the bulletproof and the updated PoW algorithm. The scheduled protocol upgraded went successfully and Monero compatible Bulletproofs are thus live on mainnet! 🎉 — Monero || #xmr (@monero) October 18, 2018 Bulletproofs will increase the level of security to the platform. They can reduce transaction size up to an 80%, (which translates to 80% reduction of fees.) Also, the speed required to verify a bulletproof is lower than the traditional range proofs. According to Monero, now a fee for a normal Monero transaction is about $0.005 to $0.01. The developers said that users must upgrade their wallets and nodes as using the old version can cause to lose transactions. With a new implementation in the world of Monero, the platform will undoubtedly rise in popularity. Even though Monero hasn’t gone through the good news this year, this update puts a big step on Monero becoming incredibly popular. Better privacy, efficiency, and ease of use with the update will be very significant for the users. At the time of writing, Monero is $103 and has the potential to rise due to this big update. ICON (ICX) Reveals Relationship With South Korean Government Source: CryptoSlate In a recent post, the Head of Research at Deblock and the VC and accelerator partner at ICON, Markus announced a close relationship with the South Korean Government. Moreover, he emphasized how vital is government decision in the cryptocurrency industry. According to him, this is the primary reason that the country hosts some of the most successful cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. About ICON ICthe ON is the top platform in South Korea when it comes to serving corporations using blockchain technology. According to a Medium post, the business partnerships with Line, Samsung, SK Planet, and Smiligate. All of them being very predominant in their respective industries. The platform has been partnering with many core government initiatives, such as: Educational services Healthcare services Customer services Insurance services Moreover, this July, the South Korean Government chose ICONLOOP to support the election development. According to sources, ICONLOOP took the position as blockchain technology consultant for ‘Building the Next Generation Election System based on Intelligence Information Technology’, launched by the Korea National Information Society Agency and supervised by Korea National Election Commission (NEC). However, things have not been fortunate for ICON. ICX, their native token has dropped way down the market cap chart and is currently ranked at 32th with $271 million. Its current price is USD 0.69 which is its lowest level for a year, and this means about 94% down from its all-time highest of over $12. It is interesting the point by Markus, and the relationship of ICON with South Korea could indeed make the native token price skyrocket. The token has a higher potential now with the new connections. Binance is Looking to Add New Stablecoins Binance, the world’s largest crypto exchange is looking to list new stablecoins to the platform. Besides the three stablecoins already added (which include USDT) Binance wants to keep

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Tesla icon Elon Musk shakes Twitter with cryptic cryptocurrency tweet

Elon Musk has taken to Twitter once more to mention blockchain related currencies. This time, the Tesla founder has tweeted with an air of mystery regarding Bitcoin. On Monday evening, Musk uploaded the cryptic Tweet which included an anime character representing Bitcoin: Wanna buy some Bitcoin? 😉😉 pic.twitter.com/9ZbBJ5fuVq — Elon Musk (@elonmusk) October 22, 2018 The anime Bitcoin girl comes as the courtesy of the website Cryptocurrency Girls, which has drawn anime representations in different colors to symbolize the different characteristics of the leading cryptocurrency tokens. The post received an inordinate amount of attention, with cryptocurrency users showing their excitement at the possible suggestion that Musk is now advocating cryptocurrency. pic.twitter.com/txik4nXVkk — Peter McCormack #FreeRoss (@PeterMcCormack) October 23, 2018 The tweet caused such a stir that Twitter thought that the tech icon might have been hacked and suspended his account as a result, according to Musk: Twitter thought I got hacked & locked my account haha — Elon Musk (@elonmusk) October 23, 2018 At the beginning of this year, Musk confirmed that he was holding very little Bitcoin. He revealed that he owned “zero cryptocurrency, apart from .25 BTC” after a number of fake Twitter accounts posing as recognized entrepreneurial tech and business figures, including Musk and US president Donald Trump, in attempts to scam users out of their cryptocurrency. At the time. At the time of writing, his Bitcoin holdings had made up $2351.25 USD; a sliver of his $21,4 billion USD net worth. Musk had also not revealed any plans to make that sliver any bigger. If Musk is, in fact, looking to invest into Bitcoin, as well as promote the cryptocurrency concept, then a shift might be on its way to shake the bear run and head for the bull. The post Tesla icon Elon Musk shakes Twitter with cryptic cryptocurrency tweet appeared first on Coin Insider.

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Developers Launch Bitcoin Cash Social Media App ‘Hivr’

On Monday, Oct. 22, a new Bitcoin Cash-powered social media application called Hivr launched in beta form. The platform, available for Android devices, features a wallet, native tipping, posting to a social news feed, instant messaging and more. Also Read: Samsung Begins 7nm Chip Production Hivr: A Bitcoin Cash Social Media Wallet Over the past few months, numerous developers have been building forums and social media platforms on top of the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) blockchain. Now a new project is attempting to test the social media waters with a splash of BCH on the side. Hivr is a social media application for Android devices that allows users to post, tip and chat with one another using a native instant messaging system. The Hivr creators explained during the launch announcement that they understand there’s already a variety of platforms that allow media uploads on top of the BCH chain. However, most of them, like Memo.cash and Blockpress, support only a few features simultaneously like posting and tipping, and don’t offer services such as instant messaging. Additionally, most of the other media platforms also require a small fraction of BCH to create a post, but the Hivr model allows free posting. “Basically, we created Hivr because we wanted to combine all these amazing ideas within the Bitcoin Cash community into one well integrated, easy to use application,” explain the Hivr creators. “With Hivr, you can post any content you want for free, tip the posts you like, create group chats, and send each other tips right within the chat, all within one application.” Creating a Profile and Testing a Few Posts News.Bitcoin.com decided to test the beta platform after reading about Hivr on the blogging platform Yours.org. Hivr can be found on the Google Play store for Android devices and the developers have detailed an iOS version will be built when the Android release comes out of beta. So far, according to statistics, around 50 people have downloaded the Hivr application, which is 53MB in size. When you open the Hivr platform, you’re greeted with a login screen where you can use existing login credentials or register a new name and password. Following the registration, the application asks you to pick a few tags of subjects that you’re interested in like bitcoin cash, news, and other topics. After that, the account is given a BCH wallet with a twelve-word mnemonic phrase so the user can backup the native Hivr wallet. Registering only requires a username and password. Following the registration, users choose what types of interests they are into and are given a non-custodial bitcoin cash wallet. The application is pretty easy to navigate and I quickly created a profile called ‘Posternut’ which took roughly two minutes. Much like the other BCH-based social media apps, Hivr does not have a ton of people posting yet but some people are definitely testing the application’s features. At the bottom of the screen, there is a small pencil icon that allows users to post content to their profiles and to the public feed similarly to Facebook. After pressing the pencil, the user can post text, URLs, GIFs, videos, music or photos on the Hivr public feed. While testing out a text and URL-style post, it took a few minutes as the linked post started making the application glitchy, enough to force quit the application. The second URL post attempt was successful and, just like Twitter and Facebook, the article’s title and the cover photo is shown with the link. Creating a profile for ‘Posternut’ and posting a text and URL-linked post on the Hivr application. An All-in-One Social Media App - but Like All New Platforms Hivr Needs Users Similar to other social media applications that offer instant messaging, the Hivr app has a messenger feature that allows you to connect with other Hivr users and also to create a group chat. Under each user’s post, there’s a small gift box that allows people to tip content and it also gives quick BCH tipping options in increments of $0.25, $0.50, $1.00, and $5.00. Hivr users can also ‘like’ posts, repost (similar to retweet), and comment each thread posted. The application definitely could use some more participants because compared to Memo.cash and Blockpress, which has lesser action, Hivr is a ghost town. However, people should take into consideration that the platform is still in beta and it’s only been out for a day. The two aforementioned BCH apps also had issues with gathering participants earlier on. As far as traditional social media platform features, Hivr has managed to pack types of services into one application and not having to spend BCH for every post may entice people who are new to the cryptocurrency ecosystem. What do you think about the Hivr social media wallet available for Android devices? Let us know what you think about this project in the comments section below. Images via Hivr, and Jamie Redman. At Bitcoin.com there’s a bunch of free helpful services. For instance

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CryptoCurve Announces Integration with ICON, AION and Wanchain Blockchain Platforms

The CryptoCurve ecosystem recently announced plans to expand its integration at the protocol level to the Aion and ICON blockchain platforms, fully integrating with all member platforms of the Blockchain Interoperability Alliance, which also includes the Wanchain (WAN). Through the integration, users of the CryptoCurve platform will be able to benefit from the scalability and interconnectivity that the other alliance members provide. The goal of the Blockchain Interoperability Alliance is to promote interconnectivity between isolated blockchain networks. (JF)

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Blockchain ecosystem CryptoCurve integrates with Aion and ICON ahead of ICO

CryptoNinjas CryptoCurve today announced it will be expanding integration at the protocol level to all members of the Blockchain Interoperability Alliance, connecting the CryptoCurve ecosystem with Aion and ICON in addition to existing integration with Wanchain. This integration will... Blockchain ecosystem CryptoCurve integrates with Aion and ICON ahead of ICO

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CryptoCurve To Fully Integrate With Aion And ICON

A project with ambitions to become the world’s leading tools provider for front-end blockchain designers will fully integrate with the ICON (ICX) and Aion (AION) blockchains. Blockchain product and service provider, CryptoCurve, announced on Tuesday that it had expanded its protocol to both the ICON and AION ecosystems. The project hopes to be fully compatible with Aion by the end of the month, with development set to begin soon on ICON integration. The CryptoCurve platform is looking to offer multiple products and services that it hopes will encourage more people to use Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT). A spokesman from the project said CryptoCurve’s products are designed to help bring down barriers to entry: “Our goal is to make it convenient for everyday people to interact with their digital assets regardless of the platform they are hosted on”, she said. Today’s news means Curve wallet users will one day have access to the ICON and Aion platforms. The wallet is it’s flagship project. As well as allowing users to store their virtual currency, it can also be used to trade different assets as well as manage their portfolio. “Wallet applications will be an essential part of increasing adoption of blockchain, and CryptoCurve is bringing new, innovative technology to the space”, said Matt Spoke, Founder of Aion Network. Both ICON and Aion are blockchain networks dedicated to greater interoperability between different blockchains. Based in Korea, ICON is designed to connect different sidechains together to foster greater cooperability. Aion is a platform for different unconnected platforms to transfer value and data to one another; its mainnet launched at the end of April. Straight outta Wanchain. CryptoCurve is still in the development phase, having only released its Curve wallet into beta. It is also building its own sidechain development kit (SDK), giving developers access to standardized tools. The project will at some point launch its own blockchain startup accelerator, Curve Labs. The project was one of the first to come out of Wanchain’s (WAN) blockchain startup accelerator, the WanLabs Initiative. The two companies are now in partnership. CryptoCurve services are designed to be fully interoperable with the WAN network. Investors interested in the CURV token (CryptoCurve’s utility token) public sale will need WAN to participate. “Interoperability is in our DNA as a company,” explained CryptoCurve Founder and CEO Joshua Halferty. “Our longstanding partnership with Wanchain has helped us build our applications to be natively interoperable, and this new integration with Aion and ICON will open a lot of new doors for us in terms of scaling and expanding our ecosystem for our users.” CryptoCurve Is Now Fully Integrated With The Blockchain Interoperability Alliance Wanchain, ICON, and Aion are all members of the Blockchain Interoperability Alliance, an association that promotes increased interconnectivity between otherwise separate networks. Today’s news will mean CryptoCurve applications will be fully compatible with each of the member projects. “This new integration makes the CryptoCurve ecosystem the common denominator among the members of Blockchain Interoperability Alliance,” said Halferty. Tribalism once proliferated in the space, especially during the extended bull run last year. This has died off as the prices have sunk. Many projects are now looking at ways to collaborate and complement one another. CryptoCurve’s wallet integration with ICON and AION, as well as already with Wanchain, will encourage front-end designers to create products compatible with all three networks. “CryptoCurve is a key entry point to the Wanchain ecosystem,” explained Jack Lu, founder of Wanchain. “From the internet world, we know how important front-end applications are for mass adoption, and the same thing is true for blockchain.” A CryptoCurve ball indeed... Disclaimer: The author is not invested in any cryptocurrency or token mentioned in this article, but holds investments in other digital assets. Decentral Media’s CEO is an advisor to Wanchain, and was not involved in the creation of this article. The post CryptoCurve To Fully Integrate With Aion And ICON appeared first on Crypto Briefing.

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Civic Looks to Expand Adoption With App-to-App Developer Tool

If blockchain-based identity platform Civic is to go mainstream, then making it simple for as many businesses and consumers as possible to start using its app will be key.“Consumer adoption may take a while. Hopefully we have a hit that takes off,” Vinny Lingham, CEO and founder at Civic, said on stage at Money 20/20, in a fireside chat with Bruce Silcoff, CEO of blockchain-based ID company Shyft, and moderator James Mirfin, global head of digital identity at Refinitiv. To that end, the company is aiming to attract more partners with its latest solution, Civic Connect, an integration tool that will allow mobile app developers to integrate the Civic app directly into their own apps as a way to authenticate users. Civic made the announcement on October 21, 2018, during the Las Vegas event. Civic Connect includes two libraries: One is an Android library, the other, an iOS library. The library tools, both available on Github, allow a partner app to include a “Connect with Civic” icon in their own app with only a few lines of code. Tapping on that icon takes a user from the partner app over to the Civic App, where the user can approve the exchange of login credentials or personal information, and then back to the partner app again. “They are basically transitioning screens,” JP Bedoya, vice president of product and design at Civic, told Bitcoin Magazine.“If you were logging into Wikihow, for example, one of Civic’s partners, you would just use your Civic identity and with that you will login in a matter of seconds, create an account and whatnot,” he said. “So CivicConnect is an extension of that. Now you can use that Civic identity in a seamless way from any mobile application that works with Civic,” he said. The Civic app itself works like a digital wallet, but, instead of storing funds, it stores personally identifiable information, which you can use to log into another app without a username or password or to share know-your-customer (KYC) data, depending on what an app requires. The library tools allow developers to add two-factor authentication (2FA), anonymous private 2FA and onboard verified users in a customized flow to streamline the experience, Civic said. The way Bedoya sees it, “If you think of all of the millions of apps out there today and you have to create a username and password in all of them, now you can just use your Civic app.” Private ID Verification TransactionsCivic wants to allow consumers to regain control of their identity. As Lingham explained it, in talking to Bitcoin Magazine, imagine if you handed your driver’s license to a bartender to show you were of legal drinking age, but then the bartender memorized the information, or then the Department of Motor Vehicles, the agency that issues licenses, had a way of becoming aware of that (and every) transaction you made using your driver’s license? “It would just be freaky,” he said. “We think about it that way. How do you create a world where you have an ID without a record being tracked? And that is why the blockchain makes sense. Now the bartender can verify independently, and only you and he know the transaction occurred.” Civic stores attestations on the Bitcoin blockchain, while ID information is encrypted and stored on a user’s own device — not on Civic’s servers. Transactions, which occur when you show your ID to another app using Civic, are handled by smart contracts on the Ethereum platform. Eventually, the project plans to move to RSK, but it is not there yet. The Civic project has 1 billion CVC tokens, a third of which it sold in a 2017 token sale to raise $33 million to build out its platform. But while Civic has big plans for its future, competition in the space is stiff. Right now, Lingham explained, there are about 40 or 50 other blockchain-based identity services on the market — and “thousands” of companies trying to handle ID in a centralized fashion. “No good idea is born alone,” Lingham said. Nevertheless, he thinks Civic stands a good chance of coming out ahead. “The real question is how do they compete with us?” he said of his blockchain-based ID competitors. “We got here first. We have a lot of IP that has been developed and a string of patents, so we are first.” (Civic was originally founded in 2016.)Civic has also been adding new partners, companies and entrepreneurs that need its ID services. According to Lingham, Civic has 100 partners so far. Its best-known partner is Anheuser-Busch. Partners in the crypto space include Brave, ShapeShift and 0x, and it's been able to sign up several ICO projects that need to follow KYC before selling tokens. Lingham feels consumers will be drawn to Civic because of its security and privacy. “We don’t make money out of monetizing your personal information like the big guys do,” he said. “When you use Facebook, let’s be frank, they are tracking every time you use it to open an account in an app, so they can target ads at you, and Google as well.” Of course, Facebook an

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What is ICX (ICON) - A Short Description

The Korean-based ICON Foundation has a project they claim will “hyperconnect the world”. On the back of this promise, the cryptocurrency linked to the project soared to a total circulating... Continue reading "What is ICX (ICON) - A Short Description" The post What is ICX (ICON) - A Short Description appeared first on UseTheBitcoin.

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Why Are Altcoins No Longer Getting Good News Boosts

Last year news of a new partnership however small, or new software or wallet upgrades, or a hard fork, airdrop, the possibility of an exchange listing, or even a shill from a crypto pundit, would have a major effect on the price of a cryptocurrency. Daily pumps of altcoins were commonplace and the ecosystem was an exciting one to be in. 2018 however seems to have been the complete opposite with bears smashing the markets despite positive news coming from several directions. This week has been a prime example with a number of altcoins getting some good news but seeing no positive effects on prices. Those that do get a pump usually get dumped the following day or sooner anyway, the momentum is just not lasting. The Coinbase announcement of 0x listing should have sent ZRX to the moon as it did with previous cryptos. This did not happen and the news was marred with accusations of insider trading and criticism of the 0x protocol. The token did pump to over a dollar on Wednesday but has since lost over 17% and still looks very bearish. 0x is down over 52% in the past six months despite the developments. Then there is Tron which gets daily fomo inducing pumps from founder Justin Sun and the rest of the team. Most of these ‘partnership’ teasers are insignificant but the latest one regarding collaboration with Baidu should have had a bigger impact. Granted, there was no actual partnership but the fact that China’s largest internet company will be working with the Tron Foundation should have had some effect on TRX prices. It didn’t as TRX spiked a little on Monday but has lost almost 7% since then and is down over 70% in the past six months. Next up is Omise which received a large investment from a Japanese venture capitalist firm this week in order to target enterprise adoption in Southeast Asia as a part of its strategy. Last year this would have sent OMG skyrocketing but this week it hardly moved. There was a tiny 5% movement after the announcement this week but again the altcoin has fallen back from its weekly high and is a whopping 82% down on its prices six months ago. Qtum has faced similar disappointment. News this week that it would be partnering up with Amazon Web Services in China should have made a positive impact on token price. After a little spurt to over $4 QTUM as slid back 3.5% as the bears keep selling. Over the past six months Qtum has also lost over 80%. ICON is similar; having made major inroads with the South Korean government its token price is still on the floor. ICX is currently down 4% from its weekly high and has been smashed 85% in the past six months. The list goes on with Stellar, Monero, Neo, Ethereum Classic, Tezos, Maker, and BAT all getting good news and positive developments over the past couple of months but not seeing any beneficial price action. It seems that all those that have been burnt during the first half of the year are out of the market and are too afraid to get back in. Cryptocurrency levels now are back to mid-2017 prices and it will take a lot more than positive news to see them surging again. The post Why Are Altcoins No Longer Getting Good News Boosts appeared first on Ethereum World News.

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