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GXChain News

Today is the first day of 2019! With all the wonderful memor...

Today is the first day of 2019! With all the wonderful memories in 2018, GxChain kicks off 2019 by working harder f… https://t.co/EMXy2DXfCU

16 days ago

GXChain wishes you a happy new year. We thank you so much to...

GXChain wishes you a happy new year. We thank you so much to everyone who supported us trough 2018, We will keep pr… https://t.co/mEzgp7UzIf

17 days ago

EOS Remains at the Top of China’s Latest Crypto Rankings

Yesterday, China published its updated Global Public Blockchain Technology Assessment Index (GPBTAI). Per the study, EOS is still the best crypto with the highest score of 156.1 points followed by Ethereum in the second place with 136.4. The 3rd-10th positions were taken by GXChain, Komodo, Ontology, NULS, Nebulas, BitShares, NEO, and Steem respectively. Bitcoin is ranked 18th with a score of 96.1 whereas ETC is ranked 15th with 97.9. These rankings were based on innovation, applicability, and technology. (KE)

25 days ago

What a memorable day for #GXChain @gongxinbao !!! On Decemb...

What a memorable day for #GXChain @gongxinbao !!! On December 19, 2018, the GXChain core team removed the node pro… https://t.co/uK05njjg1h

a month ago

GXChain Statistics at Chainsage.com, New Cryptocurrency Market Data Site

Hi everyone, We've recently launched our cryptocurrency pricing site we have been working on for a few months! **Here's our page for GXChain which you can see the aggregate prices and trading volumes per exchange and per trading pair. You can paginate over 20 trading pairs of GXChain, filter and sort them!** # [https://chainsage.com/assets/gxs/](https://chainsage.com/tr/assets/gxs/) At Chainsage, you can track 2700+ cryptoassets traded on 230+ exchanges, filter and sort them based on various fields such as market cap and volume. [**https://chainsage.com**](https://chainsage.com/) We would love to get feedback from the community on how we can improve, as well as features you want to see on our site. Thank you!

a month ago

#GXChain Global Meet-Up Won the First Battle in South Korea ...

#GXChain Global Meet-Up Won the First Battle in South Korea On November 28, GXChain was invited to participate in… https://t.co/6aPIevhJNV

a month ago

@GenaroNetwork $GNX Team Announces Participation in the GXCh...

@GenaroNetwork $GNX Team Announces Participation in the GXChain @gongxinbao TrustNodes election, please support us… https://t.co/wD1t8wiA1E

a month ago

More Projects Receive the 'Gold Label' From the Binance Info Project

Binance has released a list of the first thirty projects included on its previously reported ‘Binance Info Gold Label Project. The projects currently included are Tron, Ontology, Aelf, Bluzelle, NULS, Gifto, Cybermiles, Skycoin, Qtum, QLC Chain, NEO, GXChain, H Cash, IOS Token, Nebulas, Quark Chain, Project Pai, Contentos, IoTeX, Wanchain, YOYOW, Digix Global, Nano, Aeron, OST, Enjin, Nexus, Genesis Vision, Verge and Zcoin. The goal of the project is to set standards while promoting transparency and reliable information on legitimate crypto projects. (JF)

2 months ago

Certik, a leading company in blockchain security, announced ...

Certik, a leading company in blockchain security, announced its official participation in the GXChain TrustNodes co… https://t.co/9M3DwupoAk

2 months ago

4. Announced to Swap GXS to GXC with a ratio of 1:1, GXC wil...

4. Announced to Swap GXS to GXC with a ratio of 1:1, GXC will be the core asset and act as the main token for utili... https://t.co/M4qokf3VNs...

3 months ago

3. Optimized technical and system structure of GXChain and t...

3. Optimized technical and system structure of GXChain and the addition of Smart Contracts 2.0, Cross Chain Technol... https://t.co/1HxFe706oy...

3 months ago

2. Introduced the #GXChain #TrustNodes #election, and #earni...

2. Introduced the #GXChain #TrustNodes #election, and #earnings. The election campaign will make GXChain more distr... https://t.co/OjC8qAExoP...

3 months ago

Altcoin GXChain (GXS) Rises 21% amid Broader Market Rally

GXChain (GXS), which is among the top 70 cryptocurrencies based on market cap, is rallying by double digits. GXS has added 21% to its value in the last 24 hours on trading volume of $4.7 million. The highest volume is unfolding on Binance in the GXS/BTC pair followed by Huobi. GXChain is in the midst of a “mini-app development competition” in which hundreds of developers are working on dozens of applications. The broader crypto market is also trading in the green, with bitcoin and altcoins similarly moving higher and the combined value of the market nearing $224 billion. (GT)

4 months ago

GXChain (GXS) Review: Building Data Economy Ecosystem

It’s really difficult to fathom that there’s a blockchain project that’s doing really well regardless of this year’s very volatile crypto market with lots of downturns and unexpected situations. However, such a project exists, and it goes by the name of GXChain. GXChain is an exciting blockchain project that was developed to support the storage The post GXChain (GXS) Review: Building Data Economy Ecosystem appeared first on Coindoo - Crypto News and Reviews....

4 months ago

#GXChain launches developers reward/funding program, partici...

#GXChain launches developers reward/funding program, participants will be rewarded 100 GXS once they passed applica... https://t.co/6MkYa9VAZf...

4 months ago

#GXChain(GXS) is an economic ecosystem that uses cryptograph...

#GXChain(GXS) is an economic ecosystem that uses cryptography. #blockchain https://t.co/hOsZqZJMat...

4 months ago

Bitcoin in the Top 10 in China's Crypto Project Ranking

The Center for Information Industry Development of China, on Friday, released the fourth crypto project list. The projects are placed in either a category of technology, innovation or application. The new ranking has seen Bitcoin for the first time at #10 from the 16th place. EOS and Ethereum are at the top of the list. Initially, there were 28 projects before the addition of EOS, Nebulas, NULS, Tezos, and Gxchain. (KE)

5 months ago

Github Commits and Smart Contract Ranking in the Last Week

According to a report jointly published by TokenInsight and RatingToken, TRX tops the rank of Github commits, TRUE, RHOC, SHOW, and ZSC rank from the second to the fifth on the list. The ranking also takes into consideration the risk assessment of ERC20, with the highest score totaling 5 and the lower points, the higher the risks. The specific data as follows: TRX 143 submissions(Non- ERC20), no score for ERC20; TRUE 142, no score for ERC20; RHOC 128, 4.40 points; SHOW 107, 4.67 points; ZSC 88, 3.00 points; GXS 59, no points(Non- ERC20); RDN 50, 4.4 points; ZIL 45, 4.34 points; HPB 40, 4.28 points. EOS 37, no points (non- ERC20). Besides, EOS has surpassed ADA to be the only one rank within the top ten among the top ten blockchains by market cap. (RL)

5 months ago

GXChain Launches Innovative Solution for User Data Management and Monetization

GXChain has developed a solution which combines big data with the public blockchain with the aim of easing the management of user data. The company aims at streamlining the use of data collected from users and giving the users the opportunity to monetize this information. The innovative solution also seeks to consolidate data which is scattered across different platforms on the internet. GXChain hopes to bridge the gap between numerous data sources by facilitating cheap and efficient data trading and sharing. The decentralized network for data exchange was launched on July 17. (VK)

6 months ago

China: CCID Releases Third Ranking of Cryptocurrency Projects

The Chinese Ministry of Industry and Technology through the Center for Information Industry Development has released the third ranking of blockchain projects. CCID added three more projects to the list, bringing the total evaluated projects to 31. Gxchain, EOS, and Nebulas are the latest additions. EOS remained at the top while NEM sat at the bottom of the list. Ethereum occupied the second place while Gxchain was ranked fourth. Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash moved one and three positions up to sit at the 16th and 25th position respectively. (VK)

6 months ago

China Publishes July Cryptocurrency Rating Index, EOS Still On Top, Ethereum Ranked Second

The Chinese government released the third edition of its Cryptocurrency Rating Index, and EOS continues to hold the top spot. Ethereum came in at number 2, followed by Nebulas, GXChain, with NEO rounding out the top 5. The world's top-ranked cryptocurrency, bitcoin, was ranked 16th out of the 31 projects that were reviewed. The index breaks down each cryptocurrency project into three categories: technological capability, usefulness of application and innovation. Bitcoin has one of the highest innovation scores but has consistently been given low scores in technology and application. (JF)

6 months ago

Huobi lists GXChain, GXS Coin Advances 6%

Huobi, which is currently the No. 4 cryptocurrency exchange based on trading volume, has added support for another altcoin. Huobi has listed GXChain (GXS), deposits for which launched today. GXChain, which is a big data marketplace on the blockchain, is available in the following trading pairs: GXS/BTC and GXS/ETH beginning July 24. GXS is advancing 6% on CoinMarketCap on the development. (GT)

6 months ago

Summary Of LendChain's AMA On Telegram

LendChain is a blockchain project to build a digital asset financial services platform based on GXChain. It provides services like financing, investment, and insurance on Blockchain. Lending and Borrowing is done using cryptocurrencies and blockchain smart contracts. The LendChain team answered various answers raised by the community on QuarkChain's Telegram Group. Some of the questions asked were what currencies were supported, and when they intend to have their token sale. (VS)

6 months ago

GXChain Soars with 11.91% Boost

GXChain (GXS) benefited from a 11.91% 24hr price boost, now trading at $3.39. GXS's price has been steadily rising, as only 7 days ago it was trading at $2.49. GXS is ranked 59th on CoinMarketCap with a market cap of $203M. (CP)

6 months ago

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