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Gnosis rewards users who accurately forecast events

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Fees are not paid in GNO tokens but with OWL tokens

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Prediction marketVoting

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Gnosis will be a disruptive force driving change in a number of systemically important globalmarkets, including finance, gambling, insurance, and information. Gnosis prediction markets willalso find applications in new forms of distributed, market-based governance protocols, and willprovide unique incentivization opportunities for both local and global economies.Gnosis is well-positioned as a medium for a long-term shift toward information arbitrageeconomies that will power the Internet of Things, as well as more advanced forms of artificialintelligence. We believe that we are on the cusp of a Cambrian explosion of machine intelligencethat will leverage a global liquidity pool of information for decision-making and will be deeplyinterwoven on a shared blockchain fabric such as Ethereum. Decentralized prediction markets seededon Gnosis will be the ideal medium of exchange for these intelligent agents


Gnosis seeks to establish a global, open prediction market platform with a single liquidity pool.This limitless resource enables the simple creation of custom prediction market applications andembodies a flexible marketplace for blockchain oracle servic

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