GlobalToken GLT

Market Cap $ 76.237 K (#1640)
24h Volume $ 24.415 K
Chg. 24h: -21.74%
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GlobalToken purpose and aspects

Globaltoken is a PoW SHA256 Algo Coin The idea behind GLT is to provide fast online Cryptocurrency with a fast Blockchain Confirmation and lowest fee as possible A new Coin which has been created in the begin of December, 2016

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Digital currencyMicro payments

Short description

GlobalToken is a PoW SHA256 Algo Coin. GlobalToken was created to provide quick online transactions with a fast blockchain confirmation time and the lowest fees possible.


GlobalToken’s Main Purpose is to ensure Fast Worldwide Online Payments. As the GlobalToken Blockchain is faster than Bitcoin, it’s the ideal Setting for a successful Chain. Faster Blocktime means, Faster Transaction Confirmation, which means automatically lower fee, because there is no Transaction Stuck! GlobalToken is with that Setting ideal for Merchants, as in Webshops or in Local Stores. Payments with GlobalToken should be easy, fast and secure. The Total Supply of 168,000,000 GLT ensures a Safety P2P Network, with more Coins than Bitcoin. It is more safety because Bitcoin surely lost lots of Coin in the chain as there were hardware failures, lost wallets, and so on.

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