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IOST Achieves a More Decentralized Consensus than DPoS Systems

IOST achieves greater decentralization with its proof-of-believability consensus mechanism versus DPoS systems. IOST Co-Founder Jimmy Zhong pointed out the differences, saying that “IOST does not use EOS-style DPoS and we do not have super nodes.” Instead, IOST will have hundreds of nodes, the elections for which are currently unfolding on Even with greater decentralization, IOST is able to maintain scalability and censorship resistance. “We will have hundreds of nodes and they do need your support... to meet the 2.1M IOST bar and continuously do even after the main net launch,” said Zhong, adding that investors get heavily rewarded for staking their tokens. (GT)

6 days ago

It came to our attention, that a group of people spreads mis...

It came to our attention, that a group of people spreads misinformation about GVT airdrop with malicious intent. Th…

2 months ago

Genesis Vision building the future of asset management with blockchain

Lack of trust is one of the main problems the traditional asset management system is currently facing. Investors have practically no control over where their funds go, and often no guarantee that they will receive profit or even get the initial deposit back. Сonfronted with lack of transparency and inefficiency of the system, fewer holders of new capital are willing to enter the market. Genesis Vision, the first blockchain-based platform for private trust management, was designed as a modern, efficient system with transparency at its core. The idea of the project appeared during one of Hackathons in 2017. Since then, it went all the way through a successful ICO to the recent launch of GV Funds. The Vision Genesis Vision unites exchanges, brokers, traders, and investors into an open and honest network for mutual benefit, handing power and control back to the investors. The platform offers: an opportunity to trade in different markets a large selection of available assets handy tools to determine risks and pick the optimal strategy full transparency of the market activity easy market entrance for non-accredited investors Genesis Vision helps novice investors manage their assets effectively while giving more seasoned ones many convenient tools and ways to diversify their portfolio. GV investors choose skilled asset managers to trade for them on the servers of partner brokers. Before making a choice, they can double-check the integrity of managers and see the full list of programs created by them, as well as their trading history. Much has been said on the importance of portfolio diversification. In a diverse portfolio, the capital is spread amongst many assets, thus minimizing the overall risks. Genesis Vision managers trade both conventional and crypto assets, including but not limited to cryptocurrencies, fiat instruments, oil, securities, metals and many more. As for the available currencies, at the moment the platform works with GVT, BTC and ETH. The transparency is achieved by using distributed ledger technology. Every action and transaction is stored forever in the blockchain, which makes the system fraud-proof and secure. Genesis Vision for investors and managers Genesis Vision users access to the platform via the web interface; there is also an investor mobile app for Android and IOS. The platform has two modules - for the managers and for the investors. Genesis Vision gives managers an opportunity to monetize their skills without additional marketing: the professionals are ranked by performance, so their skills speak for themselves. With many tools at hand, they create investment programs and GV funds to help investors gain profit and truly diversify their portfolio. GV investors choose the manager who best fits their aims. Genesis Vision offers a plethora of tools to measure risks and make the optimal investment choice. For example, Sharpe ratio shows how much excess return you receive for holding a riskier asset. Sortino ratio - if smart investments or excessive risks are the reason behind the manager’s success. And Calmar ratio measures the performance of an investment program in relation to its risk. To use the features offered by the platform, users need GVT tokens. GVT is the universal currency both for investments and profit distribution. At the time of this writing, 1 GVT trades at 7.12 USD. The minimum deposit is 1 GVT. Entering the system is easy: both investors and managers can try out trading on the platform right upon registration. However, to start attracting or investing considerable sums both will have to undergo a KYC procedure. Investment programs and GV funds Genesis Vision offers two forms of investment: investment programs and GV funds. Starting an investing program, the manager chooses the currency and the length of the reporting period. Upon the investment request, GVT tokens are withdrawn from the investor’s balance and converted into the program’s currency. At the end of the reporting period, all the trades are automatically closed and the profit is converted back into GVT. The investors cannot deposit or withdraw funds during the reporting period. If the reinvestment trigger is on, the profit gets automatically reinvested in the same program. GV investment programs have an entry fee and a success fee [charged from the profit], also set by the manager. GV funds are portfolios of different assets assembled by a GV manager. The manager chooses the assets and decides on the total weight of each of them. The deposits and withdrawals are not attached to the reporting periods: the investor can step in or out a fund at any point. At the moment only crypto assets are available, the rest will be added later. There are also two fees - an entry fee and the exit fee. Though Genesis Vision profits from platform commission [0.5% from every investment] only, the team decided not to charge it until January 2019. It will give them some time to test the platform and ensure that it provides t

3 months ago

Genesis Vision - TL;DR - 2018/19

**Genesis Vision - TL;DR - 2018/19** **TL;DR version of Genesis Vision - If I have missed anything let me know & I will update!** **Current stats:** * GVT Total Supply - ONLY 4,436,644 tokens * GVT Market Cap - $42 mil * CMC rank - #124 **Best places to stay up to date:** * * * ---------------------------------------------------- **What we've been treated to so far in 2018:** * Genesis Vision Alpha Version * IPFS Integration * Numerous trading competitions * Launch of Genesis Markets * Launch of the iOS & Android Genesis Vision apps * Live Platform Launch** ~ 30th October * Completely overhauled UI/UX for iOS, Android, Investors & Manager portals * Fresh website for GV & GM **What's left to come in 2018:** * Finance Magnates London Summit ~ See here -> * Genesis Vision Funds ~ November 15th * Forex trading & brokers coming to the platform WITHIN DAYS ~ Source = GVT AMA - * Level 3 & above GV managers * Trading via OKEx for GVT fund managers * Trading via Huobi for GVT fund managers * Genesis Vision Market Maker in November for increased liquidity * GV Marketing campaign (we have only seen a little) * Campaign to attract managers & brokers ---------------------------------------------------- **2019 (no official ETA's):** * Chinese promotion** - The platform and all of the reading materials will be translated into Chinese * Integration with decentralized exchanges Idex and Forkdelta: * Genesis Vision DEX * Genesis Vision Network * Fiat Gateway * Bank & Stocks Integration * Potential compliance with SEC for US investors? * Further platform development for GV & Genesis Markets * Further development of all versions of the platform, ie iOS & Android ---------------------------------------------------- **Speculative:** * This is purely speculation. Im confident we will see GVT listed on another exchange in the near future, why? The team will be looking to increase the liquidity of the token and have already built relationships with top exchanges, ie Okex & Huobi. * Highly likely we will see more brokers and big names coming to the platform ---------------------------------------------------- **Current Partnerships:** * Tools4Brokers ~ * LMAX Digital ~ * Just2Trade ~ * Larson&Holz ~ * Monarch ~ * RoboForex ~ * Exante ~ ---------------------------------------------------- **Other info:** * All the managers account balances total to 26,364 $GVT as of 11/11/2018. 0.594% of the total coins. * * ^ This are the stats for a platform that has launched a little over a week ago, and is already utilizing 0.594% of all of its tokens on the platform. This is WITHOUT Forex implemented, level 3 managers and the numerous brokers which are currently being integrated into the platform. * See my previous post on why GV will be successful based on them becoming a self sufficient platform by creating revenue: * GVT has started get some attention from some of the bigger Crypto Twitter accounts. The word about GVT is slowly spreading. ---------------------------------------------------- **Bullish on GVT. You want reasons why im bullish? Re-read this post**

3 months ago

@CryptoRozay @EdgarB_Friendly @CryptoDanielson Hello! The me...

@CryptoRozay @EdgarB_Friendly @CryptoDanielson Hello! The mechanism of GVT is quite similar to BNB, but it has a lo…

5 months ago

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