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RT @JimmiSit06: add GNX @GenaroNetwork ...

RT @JimmiSit06: add GNX @GenaroNetwork

2 months ago

OKEx Delists 30 Altcoin Trading Pairs

OKEx, the fifth-largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world, has delisted 30 altcoin trading pairs. Cryptocurrency fever may have abated a bit from the massive Bitcoin bull run of late 2017, but that doesn’t mean that crypto isn’t finding ways to become a part of our daily lives. However, crypto fever led to a massive explosion in the number of coins, and there are now over 2,000 different cryptocurrencies, according to CoinMarketCap. The reality is that this means there are lots of coins that have little to no trading volume, which leads to exchanges having to prune their listings from time to time. OKEx Cutting Some Dead Weight Hong Kong-based OKEx recently announced that they were delisting 30 altcoin trading pairs from the exchange. The announcement states: “To create a robust trading environment and offer the best trading experience to our users, we will delist several TRADING PAIRS with weak liquidity and trading volume according to the OKEx Token Delisting / Hiding Guideline.” DELISTING OF TRADING PAIRS: We will delist several TRADING PAIRS with weak liquidity and trading volume according to the OKEx Token Delisting / Hiding Guideline. #OKExAnnouncement — OKEx (@OKEx) November 27, 2018 The altcoin trading pairs getting the ax are: FirstBlood (1ST) / USDT Micromoney (AMM) / USDT ATLANT (ATL) / ETH Aventus (AVT) / BTC Bread (BRD) / ETH Change (CAG) / USDT CommerceBlock (CBT) / BTC Carinet (CIT) / BTC, ETH, OKB Datum (DAT) / BTC, ETH, USDT DENT (DENT) / BTC, ETH, USDT EncrypGen (DNA) / USDT district0x (DNT) / USDT Everex (EVX) / ETH Genaro Network (GNX) / USDT Iconomi (ICN) / USDT Selfkey (KEY) / USDT LAToken (LA) / ETH Leverj (LEV) / BTC, ETH, USDT Maggie (MAG) / USDT Metal (MTL) / BTC, ETH Merculet (MVP) / BTC NAGA (NGC) / BTC OAX (OAX) / USDT Simple Token (OST) / BTC Qvolta (QVT) / USDT Raiden Network Token (RDN) / BTC Republic Protocol (REN) / ETH, USDT Request Network (REQ) / ETH OneRoot Network (RNT) / BTC Santiment Network Token (SAN) / USDT Show (SHOW) / BTC SingularDTV (SNGLS) / BTC, ETH Sportyco (SPF) / USDT SubStratum (SUB) / BTC Travel (TRA) / USDT Unikoin Gold (UKG) / ETH BLOCKv (VEE) / ETH Worldcore (WRC) / USDT In addition, the following altcoins have been fully purged from the exchange: VEE, LEV, AVT, CBT, WRC, QVT, MTL, DNA, DNT, OAX, 1ST, CAG, UKG, BRD, SAN, ICN, ATL, SUB, REQ, NGC, AMM, LA, DENT, CIT, DAT, and MAG. Lots of Activity There’s been a fair amount of activity associated with the exchange recently. Back in October, the exchange added four new stablecoin pairings for users to take advantage of. This was followed by 50 altcoin pairings being delisted. Early in November, OKEx won the Crypto Exchange of the Year award at the Malta Blockchain Awards. However, not everything was turning up roses for the exchange. The recent changes made to the terms associated with derivatives caused many traders to sustain substantial losses, leading to a massive uproar. Did you hodl any of the altcoins delisted by OKEx? Let us know in the comments below. Images courtesy of Shutterstock and Twitter/@OKEx. The post OKEx Delists 30 Altcoin Trading Pairs appeared first on Live Bitcoin News.

3 months ago

RT @John_C_Daily: Nice window to buy GNX at this such low pr...

RT @John_C_Daily: Nice window to buy GNX at this such low price, a undervalued project afak.

4 months ago

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