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24h Volume $ 21.135 K
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Data: These Six Coins Lose Market Cap Positions

According to a report published by Nulltx, the market capitalizations of six top cryptocurrencies have been declining in the recent past. Veritaseum which currently has a market cap of $36.07 million has been the hardest hit token, losing 68 positions in market cap rankings to settle outside the top 100. SALT has lost 55 market cap positions in the past six months. DigixDAO and Factom have not been spared in the decline. The two have lost 55 and 52 market cap positions respectively. SysCoin, whose market cap stands at $47.34 million has dropped 41 positions. (SK)

25 days ago

Bitmain's $50M 'Permissionless Ventures' Launching its First BCH Hackathon

Bitmain, the crypto mining giant, announced its first project sponsored by Permissionless Ventures. It is reported that Hilton San Francisco Union Square will be the venue to host the first BCH Dev Con, a Bitcoin Cash hackathon series, from October 10th to 11th. Besides, 5,000 visitors and attendees are expected to attend the series. So far, Coinbase, Factom, and Money Button have been confirmed to be among the hackathon judges. (RL)

a month ago

Factom/Sphereon Milestone: "First Million Tx Customer Live on Mainnet"

Factom (FCT), which has a market cap of $59 million, reached a milestone today. Sphereon announced on social media the “first 1 million-plus transactions customer live on [the] Factom blockchain.” The new customer is delivering an anticipated volume of 1 million transactions yearly. Reddit members cheered the development, suggesting that FCT is “the most underrated cryptocurrency.” FCT has gained more than 8% in the last 24-hour period on trading volume of $229,000. (GT)

a month ago

The Second Patent for Factom's Blockchain Secured Data

According to CCN, Factom at the beginning of this month filed a patent in a bid to enable validation of document on its blockchain. This is because it would serve as an integral feature of the platform's future operations to companies, governments, and nonprofits organization. Yesterday saw USPTO publish another of Fantom's patent that seeks to distribute secured data across several distributed data in scrambled parts. (VK)

2 months ago

Factom (FCT) Seeks Patent for Secret Data Sharing on a Blockchain

Factom (FCT), a blockchain platform built for auditing and securing millions of real-time records, recently filed a blockchain patent application for technology that would allow for, “Confidential, secret data” to be shared via one or more blockchains. The system is basically designed to secure sensitive information which is protected by a hashing algorithm, then split the information up into different ‘shares’ or packets of information, and store it on different blockchain data vaults, adding an extra layer of security if properly implemented. (JF)

2 months ago

Fighting off the Slump: Factom (FCT) up 9% Over 24-Hours

The cryptocurrency market is seeing some red today, as recent gains now seem to be consolidating. But in an ever-expanding market, there are always a few projects that buck the downward trend. One such project is Factom (FCT) currently up 9% on the day and trading at $6.08. Factom has been one of the more well known and positively discussed projects over the previous year, and after the recent bear market conditions that saw the FCT price get as low as $4.07, down from a bull market high over $75, the price was due for a rebound. (JF)

2 months ago

Factom Pursues Blockchain-Fueled Multi-Sig Document Patent

Not to be outdone by incumbents, blockchain startup Factom has filed an application for a blockchain-fueled U.S. patent. More specifically, the patent, which is dated Aug. 2, 2018, surrounds the authentication of multi-sig documents “incorporated into the blockchain,” as per the patent application. Factom says “any peer receiving the blockchain” can prove the document’s integrity via a single or multi-signatures on the blockchain. Other companies that are similarly pursuing blockchain patents include IBM and Mastercard, as CCN pointed out. FCT has shed more than 2% in the last 24-hour period. (GT)

2 months ago

Factom Jumps 11%; CEO Paul Snow Says Blockchain Making Businesses Better

Factom (FCT) coin is advancing 11% in an otherwise flat market. Austin, Texas-based Factom, which uses the blockchain for securing millions of real-time records, has received positive press of late spotlighting a recent $192,000 capital injection via a Silicon Valley Innovation Program for securing IoT-fueled data. Factom's CEO Paul Snow was recently featured in a podcast about how the blockchain is "making businesses better." (GT)

3 months ago

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