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Enabling cross-exchange trading, improving trading efficiency, performance, liquidity and best price offers.

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Exchange Union is a open source project, developing the XU node software. XU nodes are operated by independent digital asset exchanges, which form the decentralized Exchange Union Network. The technology enables instant, secure and trustless trades of different digital assets between exchanges.


Exchange Union connects digital asset exchanges around the world by forming a decentralized meta-exchange, which enables instant and trustless trades between digital asset exchanges. Exchanges benefit from access to a larger user base, increased earnings and a robust decentralized trading infrastructure. Users benefit from increased liquidity through combined orderbooks, access to the best price and virtually all trading pairs; all through the same familiar exchange platform. We will support building the ecosystem, the branding of Exchange Union and support the development of Exchange Union's technology. Exchange Union will continue to provide support for its network, team and XUC holders.

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