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EMC2 FORK Update: ...

EMC2 FORK Update: https://t.co/350xgpei0p … Full EMC2 FORK 'Blue Paper' and Timelines to be released on March 14th,… https://t.co/e4bCHeY03N

21 hours ago

#BCEX #EMC2 TRADING COMPETITION Jan 18th 23:00 - Jan 27th 2...

#BCEX #EMC2 TRADING COMPETITION Jan 18th 23:00 - Jan 27th 23:00 (PST) 1st: 6,666 EMC2 2nd: 4,666 EMC2 3rd: 2,… https://t.co/tgl67Ia9ok

a month ago

The Einsteinium Foundation #EMC2 is proud to announce the fi...

The Einsteinium Foundation #EMC2 is proud to announce the finalists for the first annual Einsteinium Awards… https://t.co/gTAWRU5kru

a month ago

1/2 WeeeeCash, fun, social platform is running latest EMC2 w...

1/2 WeeeeCash, fun, social platform is running latest EMC2 wallet - Lightsaber! Deposits/withdrawals and new users… https://t.co/O4tvyU2djT

4 months ago

Please read this: ...

Please read this: https://t.co/PaLcQqi17z Please update EMC2 Wallet ASAP, you are running on wrong chain. We need… https://t.co/bTU9hl2Mtk

4 months ago

IMPORTANT: EMC2 wallets are upgrading across the network. Pl...

IMPORTANT: EMC2 wallets are upgrading across the network. Please do not make transactions until the process is fina… https://t.co/n4P1eVPm40

4 months ago

Einsteinium Thwarts 51% Attack By Renting Extra Hashrate

Ethical Hacker Geocold51 announced early last week that he would perform 51% attack on Einsteinium and livestream it to demonstrate how easy it is to take control over low cap coins. Einsteinium has a market cap of just $20.3 Million. However, when the time came, Einsteinium borrowed a significant amount of extra hashrate to prevent the attack, and Geocold51eventually hacked Bitcoin Private. Though the hack was prevented, an actual hacker would not announce it, giving the development team enough time to rent extra hashrate. Einsteinium (EMC2) is priced at $0.09337, gaining 3.74% in the last 24 hours. (VS)

4 months ago

Einsteinium Staves off Impending 51% Attack by Renting Extra Hashrate

It is always troublesome when cryptocurrencies deal with a looming network attack. Small-cap coins are often targeted in 51% attacks, and Einsteinium could have easily been next. After all, this attack was announced a few days ago, which seemingly gave the EMC2 team plenty of time to prepare. The EMC2 Crisis has Been Averted It was a big surprise when Geocold51, an individual specializing in demonstrating 51% attacks against cryptocurrencies, decided to focus on Einsteinium instead. Rather than performing such an attack anonymously, he decided to effectively announce this intent well in advance. The venture also got a lot of attention because it would be live streamed on Twitch. As is usually the case when someone “claims” to attack a network, one never really knows if that is exactly what will happen. For all intents and purposes, it seems Einsteinium hasn’t seen any big problems in this regard, although there is a very interesting reason for this particular development. Contrary to what one might expect, there isn’t much developers can do to thwart an impending 51% attack. It all comes down to the network hashrate, which - in the case of Einsteinium - has never been too impressive. Even so, it has always been sufficient to ensure the network operates smoothly, but that is only to be expected. With this impending attack, the only viable option was to introduce more hashrate in the future. It would appear the team has done exactly that. Deploying more hardware on one’s own accord is never a viable choice, thus it appears the team rented some hashrate and pointed it at their own network. Where the hashrate comes from exactly, and how much was paid to ensure it kept the network safe, is unclear at this time. Nor does anyone know if the community made this decision of the developers themselves. So Einsteinium suddenly tripled(approx) their hash rate & pointed it at their network to stop an attack from @geocold51. That means they bought a whole bunch of hashing power for their own network to prevent an attack that never happened.#Einsteinium #emc2 #cryptocurrency pic.twitter.com/ItD2SycwYl — Suprateek Bose (@SupraBo_) October 14, 2018 The chart above clearly shows there has been a pretty big spike in Einsteinium’s network hashrate. Considering how the 51% attack never occurred, the only logical conclusion is how additional mining power was “borrowed” temporarily. It is a pretty interesting defensive strategy, as the result is what one would expect. At the same time, one has to wonder if this effort was even necessary in the first place. It is very difficult for small-cap currencies with a low hashrate to prevent 51% attacks from happening. This method, while somewhat questionable, is a “clean” way of dealing with potential problems. Simply because the crisis has been averted this time, does not mean someone with more nefarious intentions won’t try to impact the Einsteinium network in the future. Finding a long-term solution seems warranted, albeit that is much easier said than done. The post Einsteinium Staves off Impending 51% Attack by Renting Extra Hashrate appeared first on NullTX.

4 months ago

Hacker Livestreams 51% Attack on Bitcoin Private

On Oct. 13, ethical hacker “Geocold” followed through on his promise to 51 percent attack an altcoin. He eventually settled on Bitcoin Private (BTCP), and quickly gained majority hashrate control, but the spectacle was fraught with setbacks, including censorship from two streaming services that pulled the plug. Also read: Mischief-Maker Promises to Livestream a 51% Altcoin Attack Censorship, Denial of Service and Revenge Attacks - and That Was Just for Starters Geocold promised he would 51 percent attack an altcoin to prove how easy it was, and he did, but the attempt did not run as smoothly as he might have hoped. Over 750 viewers were tuned in, and the likes of Jackson Palmer live-tweeting the spectacle, when Twitch suddenly pulled the plug. Cam-whores and other performance artists can broadcast their ‘art’ to the masses, it would appear, but 51-percenting altcoins is a step too far. Geocold shows off his BTCP hashpower One of the unexpected lessons derived from Geocold’s session was on the dangers of censorship on an internet when a ‘Report’ button is never more than a few pixels away. Despite the ethical hacker having no intention of attempting to double spend coins, such as by depositing them into an exchange wallet and swapping them for BTC, the streaming provider pulled the plug, presumably in response to members of the Bitcoin Private community reporting his channel. “Anyone own/work for a streaming platform and can ensure report spamming doesn’t work for my stream?” he asked Twitter. “If I find such a solution I’ll stream again. If not I might do a surprise stream. If not I’ll just post a video.” I have to say, it is very interesting to be sitting around on a Saturday afternoon watching someone demo-ing a 51% attack while other people attack his IP addresses. Very crypto and 2018. — Jackson Palmer (@ummjackson) October 13, 2018 When Geocold returned on Stream.me half an hour later, he lasted a little over 15 minutes before the same thing happened. Thankfully, by this time he had done enough to demonstrate his attack in action. When the second stream died, Geocold had majority hashrate and was merrily mining BTCP blocks. Geocold, shortly before Twitch banned him A Mischief-Maker on a Mission Geocold, who incorporated the “mischief-maker” epithet into his Twitter name in response to last week’s post from news.Bitcoin.com, had intended to 51 percent attack Einsteinium (EMC2). When the time came to perform the feat on Saturday, Oct. 13, however, he discovered that its hashrate had soared 15-fold to 1.4 TH/s. Given a week’s notice, the EMC2 community had thwarted the attack by acquiring huge amounts of hashpower. Geocold had anticipated this, and swiftly moved on to one of the alternative alts he had lined up as part of his contingency plan. Einsteinium‘s hashrate had soared in advance of the attack Bitcoin Private was selected and the benign hacker connected to a BTCP mining pool, using a couple of hundred dollars’ worth of rented hashpower he’d purchased from Nicehash with BTC. Shortly after finding his first block, however, Geocold came unstuck as members of the Bitcoin Private community fought back, possibly after he’d accidentally leaked his IP address while live-streaming. An http flood to the web UI of Geocold’s mining pool knocked him offline, prompting a reboot plus a move to a different streamer once Twitch swung the banhammer. At the second attempt, Geocold dominated BTCP’s hashrate, producing a steady 10 MSol/s versus the rest of the network’s 6 MSol/s. He soon began to create the longest chain of blocks, and, had he persisted, could have forked the BTCP chain. In the event, the second stream died, and Geocold elected to wind things down and save some tricks for next time. The evening started as an exercise on the ease of controlling low hashrate PoW coins and ended as a demonstration of the need for censorship-resistant platforms. Update on the stream. Got banned from two streaming platforms fairly quickly. I'm going to try to find a platform where I can be assured report spamming won't work. If not I'll just post a video on youtube. But attack wise: We got ~70% of BTCP's network and I was about to fork it — GeoCold "Mischief-Maker" (@geocold51) October 13, 2018 Do you think 51 percent attacking altcoins is a good spectator sport? Let us know in the comments section below. Images courtesy of Shutterstock, Twitch, Coinwarz.com, and Twitter. Need to calculate your bitcoin holdings? Check our tools section. The post Hacker Livestreams 51% Attack on Bitcoin Private appeared first on Bitcoin News.

4 months ago

Twitch to Livestream a 51% Attack for Educational Purposes

Team-periwinkle, a Reddit user, is planning to show a live stream of a possible 51% attack. This follows a recent poll on Twitter conducted by Team-periwinkle to determine the interest of crypto users in a 51% attack. The stream will reportedly occur via Twitch and it will go live today at 3:00 CDT. In an interview with BTC Manager, the Reddit user said the live stream would be used for educational purposes. The attacker intends to hack an EMC2 coin and has stated that the attacker will not have any collateral damages on the exchange from a tech standpoint. (KE)

4 months ago

Einsteinium (EMC2) is proud to join the @blockfolio Signal b...

Einsteinium (EMC2) is proud to join the @blockfolio Signal beta to deliver the latest and greatest directly from th… https://t.co/qCBqSltyiS

4 months ago

Bitcoin Goes Above $6,600 As BitMEX Experiences Downtime And Ukraine Plans To Tax Bitcoin

The State Of The Market — October 9, 2018 BTC: $6,620.50 (-0.41%) ETH: $226.91 (-0.90%) XRP: $0.474 (-3.67%) While Bitcoin made small gains, the Crypto winter continues. Bitcoin went from $6,570 to a peak of $6,670, as BitMEX experienced technical difficulties. The downtime was due to a WebSocket error that the exchange has been facing for the past 2 days. Users were clearly not happy with BitMEX having frequent downtimes, as it has a significant effect on the market. In other news, a reddit user going by the name ‘Team-periwinkle’ has announced that they will perform 51% attack on Einsteinium next week and livestream it to Twitch. Einsteinium has a market cap of just $17.5 Million, and the user will demonstrate how easy it is to attack coins with a low market cap. 1) Ukraine’s Finance Ministry is planning to tax cryptocurrencies. They’ve launched a working group for the task, which will look to harness the existing financial legislation as the basis for crypto tax regulation. They’re also willing to develop new regulations for the budding industry. There are a couple of crypto-related bills that are already being considered. For instance, individuals transacting in crypto could see a 5% tax. Businesses could see a tax of 18% for crypto-fueled revenue in the coming years to bolster the economy. 2) Binance Labs, the incubator wing of Binance exchange has announced a multi-million dollar investment in Blockchain Auditing Platform CertiK. The firm works with blockchain startups to help secure their platform and smart contracts. Founded by Yale professor Zhong Shao last year, CertiK applies mathematical proofs to networks to ensure there are no bugs. Binance has also announced an investment in blockchain incubator Oasis Labs, along with a16z Crypto, Binance, Accel, Pantera Capital and Polychain Capital. 3) Thailand’s Ministry of Commerce has launched two studies on blockchain use cases. One will focus on using blockchain in trade finance, while the other will explore using blockchain to register intellectual property. Both studies are expected to be completed in February 2019. Pimchanok Vonkorpon, the director of Thailand’s Trade Policy and Strategy Office (TPSO) said Blockchain would enhance transparency and reduce the cost of doing business. Vonkorpon also added that TPSO would test out blockchain projects on a small scale.

4 months ago

Mischief-Maker Promises to Livestream a 51% Altcoin Attack

“On Oct 13, 3:00 CDT I will be doing a 51% attack against the cryptocurrency Einsteinium,” began the call-to-arms. As promises go, this one was as bold as it was brazen. The anonymous attacker has promised to assume majority hashrate control of an altcoin to demonstrate how easy the process is. As proof, they’ve not ...

4 months ago

51% Attack Against Einsteinium (EMC2) To Be Live Streamed On Twitch

Most cryptocurrencies with low market caps face the risk of 51% attacks. A reddit user going by the name 'Team-periwinkle' has announced that they will perform 51% attack on Einsteinium next week and live stream it to Twitch. The user seems to have randomly chosen the coin, as it has a market cap of just $17.5 Million. The user has also expressed the desire to go after other coins and has claimed donations from users to fund these attacks. Einsteinium (EMC2) is currently priced at $0.08046, gaining 10.54% in the last 24 hours. (VS)

4 months ago

Reddit User Will Livestream 51% Attack Against Einsteinium on Twitch

In the world of cryptocurrencies, there is a major threat known as the 51% attack. Numerous currencies have suffered from such attacks, and the year 2018 has been no different in this regard. It now seems one particular user is intent on attacking Einsteinium next week. The event will be broadcasted on Twitch, which raises The post Reddit User Will Livestream 51% Attack Against Einsteinium on Twitch appeared first on NullTX....

4 months ago

Please do not deposit EMC2 coins on Poloniex anymore. As far...

Please do not deposit EMC2 coins on Poloniex anymore. As far as we know, they increased number of confirmations so… https://t.co/Viheecl4go

5 months ago

Eight Coins to be Delisted from Poloniex on September 25th

The team over at Poloniex released the following statement in regards to come upcoming actions by the cryptocurrency exchange: “As part of the Poloniex team’s continuous effort to improve the performance of the exchange and to better serve our customers, we are announcing that on September 25th at 12:00 ET we will be delisting eight assets: BTCD, BTM (Bitmark), EMC2, GRC, NEOS, POT, VRC, XBC.” Customers have until October 25th to close out any trades and withdraw any funds from their wallets. After October 25th the assets will no longer be supported. (JF)

5 months ago

1/2 Lightning network payments are now available on Einstein...

1/2 Lightning network payments are now available on Einsteinium main net! Einsteinium official Lightning nodes are… https://t.co/D7Yr2uPuUj

5 months ago

Source code for EMC2 #LightningNetwork is available on GitH...

Source code for EMC2 #LightningNetwork is available on GitHub https://t.co/EyqUEHBPTz . Please check it out. Relea… https://t.co/7cir4k9OHm

6 months ago

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