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Dragonchain Developer, Taban Cosmos, will be a featured spea...

Dragonchain Developer, Taban Cosmos, will be a featured speaker at the @codefellows campus tomorrow! His presentati… https://t.co/6N9PyE0IuO

4 days ago

The Dragonchain team is heading to Singapore next week for @...

The Dragonchain team is heading to Singapore next week for @money2020! Join our mailing list to get exclusive updat… https://t.co/02Fxp37Wdj

5 days ago

Dragonchain is proud to sponsor #DCBlockchain Summit where @...

Dragonchain is proud to sponsor #DCBlockchain Summit where @DigitalChamber presented on their “National Action Plan… https://t.co/QebA40waE5

11 days ago

Dragonchain is now live on Delta Direct! All the latest Drag...

Dragonchain is now live on Delta Direct! All the latest Dragonchain updates will now be directly available on… https://t.co/D0RfP1M6K4

21 days ago

Dragonchain is partnering with MetroEDGE to combine the powe...

Dragonchain is partnering with MetroEDGE to combine the power of #edge #computing and the scalability of… https://t.co/RZoHHhKGso

a month ago

Beaxy, an Upcoming Crypto Exchange Announces its First 25 Listings

Beaxy, a soon-to-launch crypto exchange that will be Saint Kitts and Nevis-based has announced its first round of listings. Per the announcement, the organization will list BTC, ETH, BXY, LTC, ETC, XMR, ZEC, NEO, XRP, EOS, WAVES, DASH, USDC, NPSX, ICX, OMG, POLY, ZIL, OCN, DRGN, BAT, AION, MTL, and BOXX. Like other exchanges, Beaxy will incentivize its customers through the Beaxy (BXY) Token, whereby using the token would cut trading fees by 50%. Users would also have the option of earning 25% for staking their BXY through a lockup program on the exchange. (VK)

2 months ago

Dragonchain Partners With Hurify To Bring Blockchain To IoT Development

Blockchain technology firm Dragonchain has announced a partnership with Hurify Digital Markets to decentralize IoT development. Hurify uses blockchain-based smart contracts for the development and deployment of IoT projects. Dragon will provide its technical expertise and Dragonchain Smart Contracts platform for developers worldwide to connect and collaborate on projects. Hurify believes a blockchain-enabled platform can truly scale the current IoT marketplace. Dragonchain operates in four business segments: enterprise, entertainment, education, and incubation. (VS)

2 months ago

IoT and the Blockchain Merge Through Dragonchain's Collaboration With Hurify

US-based blockchain firm Dragonchain has announced its collaboration with Hurify to transform decentralized IoT and blockchain creation. IoT program development platform Hurify will use the smart contracts of Dragonchain in providing a secure blockchain-powered global database of IoT developers. Since these developers can connect via the blockchain, they can establish and maintain a vibrant global ecosystem. Dragonchain's VP of Business Development Filip Hantson has referred to this collaboration as the merging of two innovative technologies. Hurify Digital Markets CEO Mouli Srini believes this collaboration will provide blockchain-based solutions for IoT barriers such as scalability, access control, and data security. (KE)

2 months ago

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Here's the first installment of the Dragonc...

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Here's the first installment of the Dragonchain 2019 Roadmap... We'll be giving quarterly goals f… https://t.co/kryyKDBMhn

3 months ago

Dragonchain Wyrm Holes give you the ability to transfer toke...

Dragonchain Wyrm Holes give you the ability to transfer tokens from one blockchain network to another. Learn more:… https://t.co/fGVZdGiKzf

3 months ago

Dragonchain (DRGN) Academy Signs M.O.U. with the Government of Vietnam

The team behind the Dragonchain Academy, an arm of the Dragonchain (DRGN) platform that is focusing on education and blockchain developer training, recently posted the following announcement on their Twitter feed: “We’re excited to announce we will be working with DNES and the municipal government of Da Nang, Vietnam, as the first of our many collaborations! We will help entrepreneurs and students immerse themselves in #blockchain, beginning with our initial course roll-out available now.” (JF)

4 months ago

Dragonchain makes Proof of Time possible. In preparation for...

Dragonchain makes Proof of Time possible. In preparation for its November release, we are excited to announce that… https://t.co/ihbt3njdSD

4 months ago

Open enrollment for Dragonchain Academy starts this Friday. ...

Open enrollment for Dragonchain Academy starts this Friday. Follow @DragonchainAca to stay up to date on upcoming c… https://t.co/sqVmeHla7m

4 months ago

Dragonchain (DRGN) Awarded Patent for Its Interchain Technology

The team at Dragonchain (DRGN) recently posted the following message on their Twitter feed announcing the validation they recently received for all their hard work: “Dragonchain has been awarded a patent for #Interchain, making us the de-facto leader in connecting #blockchain technology. The new internet begins today - see this breakthrough innovation in action.” Interchain enables users to conduct processing across blockchains, helping to simplify business processes will utilizing the added security and utility provided by the blockchain. DRGN is currently trading at $0.106 (JF)

4 months ago

Dragonchain has been awarded a patent for #Interchain, makin...

Dragonchain has been awarded a patent for #Interchain, making us the de-facto leader in connecting #blockchain tech… https://t.co/idnpz07iCB

4 months ago

Level 1 of Dragonchain is now unlocked for users with a Drag...

Level 1 of Dragonchain is now unlocked for users with a Dragon Days of Slumber Score of 1 million. Start building t… https://t.co/8xrMmy5Lqn

4 months ago

Dragonchain has settled in to its new Seattle HQ, equipped w...

Dragonchain has settled in to its new Seattle HQ, equipped with 16k sq. ft. of office space & meeting areas to conn… https://t.co/n5XNI3x2MX

4 months ago

We're celebrating many things today: #Halloween, Satoshi's 1...

We're celebrating many things today: #Halloween, Satoshi's 10th Anniversary, & Dragonchain reaching another roadmap… https://t.co/q3IVf4JDPd

5 months ago

Shark Tank Crypto Investment Is More Important Than You Think

Now in its tenth season, “Shark Tank” is a juggernaut for network ABC and its parent company Disney. Over the course of 200 episodes and counting, over $100 million has been invested in up-and-coming startups, small businesses, and entrepreneurs. The sharks (who include QVC queen Lori Greiner, FUBU founder Daymond John, and occasional celebrity shark guests like Ashton Kutcher and Richard Branson) are touted as business experts who are now savvy investors. Every week since 2009, an average of 5 million people (like yours truly - check out my hands-on experience with a variety of “Shark Tank” products here and here) tune in to see a variety of wacky, innovative, and downright stupid ideas pitched to angel investors. So why are we talking about “Shark Tank” at Crypto Briefing? This week’s episode featured a pitch from Dmitri Love for Bundil, a spare change investment platform for cryptocurrency. Not only did Disney allow a crypto company on its airwaves (advertising isn’t easy for crypto projects), but Kevin O’Leary invested $100,000 to take a 50/50 stake. O’Leary, a staunch conservative and one of the best reasons to watch both “Shark Tank” and “Dragon’s Den Canada.” He’s a savvy Canadian investor and makes regular appearances on business TV shows. Let’s dive into some of five important details of this transaction to truly admire how brilliant Love is and why this is a win for the entire cryptocurrency industry. “Shark Tank” Negotiations and Investments Are Real... Yes - “Shark Tank,” like any other reality show, uses the term “reality” loosely. We’ll get into that in a moment. What’s important to understand, however, is that these are real negotiations happening with real investors investing their real money. The reason everyone agrees to do it on TV in front of five million people is because only one percent of those people need to convert to create 50,000 sales over the period of one weekend. What business or brand wouldn’t want that? And obviously the sharks want their investments to perform well, so they love this boost. They’ve been doing it for ten years now, and discussion about the “Shark Tank” effect is now regularly featured on the program. So, when you see Love stumbling through his presentation, fielding hard questions from the investors, and eventually sealing a deal for a much larger percentage of his company than he came in hoping to give up, you’re actually seeing this happen to him. But there are caveats. ...But They’re Still Staged by Disney Calling the negotiations real is a bit of a stretch. Actually, they’re 10- to 20-minute snippets of hour-long negotiations. Like any reality show, they’re edited for drama. Also, the sharks don’t know who’s coming into the tank, but the producers certainly vet the people first. During this process, they know what’s coming, and they are in the ears of the sharks feeding them information. Also, sometimes the deal falls apart after the cameras are turned off, something they’ve aired several times, with Plated being one example. Cuban made the deal on the show, it fell apart, and O’Leary invested in in the company before it struck a deal with Safeway. The Sharks Have an Interesting Tech Investment Record The sharks involved in this episode were Mark Cuban, Greiner, John, O’Leary, and Matt Higgins. Of these sharks, Cuban and O’Leary are there because they created and sold tech companies for billions of dollars. But ABC only airs the half of the story that relates to the men, not their companies. They’re responsible for two of the biggest flops from the dotcom bubble burst. After selling The Learning Company to Mattel for $4.2 billion, Mattel’s sales and earnings dropped. Over $3 billion in shareholder value was lost the next year, and Mattel even sued O’Leary over the matter, which ended with Mattel paying $122 million to settle. The deal is widely known as one of the most disastrous in history. Cuban didn’t fare much better - remember broadcast.com? Neither does anybody else, and if you type the address into your browser, you’ll be taken to the homepage for Yahoo, the company that bought the company from Cuban in 1999 for $5.7 billion in Yahoo stock. Cuban unloaded that stock at a record-setting pace (he literally held the Guinness Book record for “largest single e-commerce transaction.”). It was Yahoo’s largest acquisition and shut down three years later in 2002. “Shark Tank” Just Solidified Cryptocurrency as Mainstream So, with all this being said, Love’s appearance on “Shark Tank” is important for several reasons. First off, cryptocurrency marketing is a rough path, and Love just found his way onto TV, not in a commercial, but within the actual TV show. Anyone working in marketing or PR knows that’s a win. On top of this, O’Leary, one of the country’s most prominent investors, is now involved in cryptocurrency. O’Leary has what he calls his “Mr. Wonderful Platform” of businesses and is a social media machine with over 700,000 followers on Tw

5 months ago

Centricity is collaborating with Dragonchain on Dragon Facto...

Centricity is collaborating with Dragonchain on Dragon Factor identity to provide users with GDPR-compliant decentr… https://t.co/WXNXJt1ZQ0

5 months ago

Last week, members of @BlockchainSeatt were among the first...

Last week, members of @BlockchainSeatt were among the first to learn about Dragonchain Academy, our tokenized trai... https://t.co/vXRXtsZADz...

5 months ago

Dragonchain #Marketplace is positioned to be the one stop sh...

Dragonchain #Marketplace is positioned to be the one stop shop for developing #blockchain projects. Apply to be a M... https://t.co/mWVbKcCvO1...

5 months ago

Analysis: 11 coins with sizzling sentiment as BTC wobbles

This has got to be the worst time to be trading crypto. At least a few months ago, it was pretty clear we were in a downtrend. Now, every move of Bitcoin is micro-analyzed, even as those moves become more microscopic, with everyone hoping to find signs that we might finally be turning around. But as of right now, looking at sentiment analysis, most signs still point down (this morning’s spike and $USDT craziness notwithstanding). Let’s look at the market charts to see what I’m talking about. Disclaimer: I write these things late Sunday night, generally. So if something big happens between then and publication, ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. For the last few months, Bitcoin just can’t get any sustained sentiment going. We had a peak again last week, leading up to our big drop on the 10th. And that’s the been the pattern for the last few months. We get some sustained bullish action, we reach a peak, people get excited that it’s going to continue and then, bam, the bottom falls out. Sentiment rebounded pretty quick, as did the price of Bitcoin, and we remain in the narrowing price channel we’ve been in so far this fall. That’s not terrible news for Alts, who have been able to ride Bitcoin’s stability to some nice gains. Sentiment has fallen recently with less certainty surrounding Bitcoin, but as long as we don’t see another major drop, people may continue to test the waters and throw some money into other currencies. A couple of things worth noting in the Alts market. You can expect some continued buzz around $ADA, $BAT, $XLM and $ZEC as the world awaits which coin will next be added to Coinbase. As you likely know, $ZRX began trading on Coinbase Pro last week and saw a healthy bump. $BAT has been in my weekly picks for a few weeks now and continues to be the highest rated of the “Coinbase 5”, by sentiment. Another thing worth noting is $BNB. Binance’s native currency has been in the weekly picks for the last two weeks. Generally speaking, $BNB does best in bear markets as the strongest exchange-based coin. If things turn south, it may be worth watching. Stay vigilant though. Eventually, Bitcoin is going to have to pick a direction and it’ll probably be more dramatic than we’ve seen when it does. The Top Alts These coins/tokens had the highest power rating in my analysis this week. The power rating is a weighted calculation taking into account sentiment, volume and the number of unique users who mentioned a coin. Generally, I eliminate any coins mentioned by less than 3 individual people as I don’t feel it would be representative of a trend. One important note: Pay close attention to the previous week’s price action. High sentiment can indicate both a possible move or a possible peak in price, however temporary. I’ll be adding signals soon to indicate this, but be wary of any coin with a major price shift in the last week. 11. 10. 9. 8. 7. 6. 5. 4. 3. 2. 1. The Data Coin Sentiment (of 100) Volume Influencers Power Rating ABT 0 1 1 0 ACED 93 1 1 46.5 ADA 40 25 15 68.25 ADX 64 1 1 32 AE 11 4 2 36.75 AGDN 90 1 1 45 AGG 48 1 1 24 AGI 81 6 1 60.75 AION 39 19 8 66.75 ALQO 58 6 4 69.5 AMB 64 1 1 32 AMGN 3 1 1 1.5 ANON 78 5 2 71.75 ANS 85 1 1 42.5 APOT 2 1 1 1 ARK 59 4 4 67 ARN 36 5 4 57 ARO 5 4 4 40 AURA 81 4 1 57.75 BAT 64 19 11 79.75 BAX 64 1 1 32 BAY 20 1 1 10 BBK 48 3 3 56.5 BBP 64 1 1 32 BCC 93 1 1 46.5 BCH 45 10 8 68 BCN 39 9 9 65 BCO 0 1 1 0 BDG 20 1 1 10 BIS 85 1 1 42.5 BIX 20 1 1 10 BLOCK 20 3 1 24 BLZ 20 1 1 10 BNB 62 16 7 77.25 BOX 85 1 1 42.5 BQX 64 1 1 32 BTC 41 437 87 70.5 BTS 20 1 1 10 BVO 99 1 1 49.5 BWK 74 17 5 81.75 BXY 74 3 3 69.5 BYC 0 1 1 0 BZX 74 3 1 51 CATO 64 3 3 64.5 CHF 5 2 1 13.25 CLO 93 1 1 46.5 CLQ 81 1 1 40.5 CMT 78 8 4 80.75 COLX 16 5 1 26.75 CRM 90 1 1 45 CTK 3 1 1 1.5 CV 93 3 2 74.5 CYFM 81 1 1 40.5 DACC 85 2 2 67.25 DAI 64 2 1 42.75 DALA 99 1 1 49.5 DAX 16 5 5 48.25 DAXT 48 1 1 24 DBIX 59 5 2 62.25 DCR 20 6 3 48.75 DERO 60 13 3 71 DEV 48 3 2 52 DGB 43 5 5 61.75 DGTX 7 1 1 3.5 DIG 11 1 1 5.5 DIS 0 1 1 0 DJI 15 7 5 49.75 DLT 99 1 1 49.5 DNT 3 2 2 26.25 DOGE 61 3 3 63 DOT 18 3 1 23 DOW 5 2 2 27.25 DP 90 1 1 45 DRGN 11 2 2 30.25 DTB 48 1 1 24 DXY 20 1 1 10 DYN 48 3 1 38 ECC 85 2 2 67.25 EDG 40 2 1 30.75 EGEM 85 1 1 42.5 ELA 64 1 1 32 ELF 44 3 1 36 ENG 36 5 2 50.75 EOS 35 18 13 65.25 EQLI 20 1 1 10 ESE 48 1 1 24 ETC 15 14 12 54.25 ETH 19 50 28 58.75 ETN 64 3 2 60 EVI 95 1 1 47.5 EVX 61 3 2 58.5 FLASH 97 1 1 48.5 FOTA 46 13 2 59.5 FTC 64 1 1 32 FUEL 44 3 1 36 GAS 48 1 1 24 GAX 20 1 1 10 GE 20 1 1 10 GEO 97 1 1 48.5 GFY 5 4 3 38.25 GIN 64 4 3 67.75 GMT 7 1 1 3.5 GP 20 1 1 10 GRS 81 1 1 40.5 GVT 76 2 1 48.75 HEXX 20 1 1 10 HKN 7 5 4 42.5 HOT 48 10 6 68.5 HT 11 4 2 36.75 HXRO 20 2 2 34.75 ICX 42 29 12 69.25 INS 10 3 2 33 IPSX 64 4 1 49.25 KEY 80 5 2 72.75 KLKS 61 2

5 months ago

Dragonchain Academy changes the face of #blockchain educatio...

Dragonchain Academy changes the face of #blockchain education with extensive certifications & tokenized rewards for... https://t.co/KYm2lQfM28...

5 months ago

Dragonchain Celebrates Second Anniversary; The Good And The Bad

On October 3, Dragonchain celebrated the day it declared itself open-source two years ago. Since then the project has come a long way. The team has continued to develop the network and... Continue reading "Dragonchain Celebrates Second Anniversary; The Good And The Bad" The post Dragonchain Celebrates Second Anniversary; The Good And The Bad appeared first on UseTheBitcoin....

5 months ago

Dragonchain (DRGN) Announces That They are Accepting Marketplace Partners

The Dragonchain Platform, the enterprise-grade blockchain as a service (BaaS) platform that has recently made strides on the interoperability front, made the following announcement on Twitter: “#Reimagine resourcing with us. We're now accepting applications for #Marketplace partners!” Dragonchain Marketplace allows interested parties to list their product or service on the Dragonchain Marketplace along with gaining access to their library of pre-built smart contracts, qualified vendors, specialized experts, and incubated projects. DRGN is currently trading at $0.233. (JF)

5 months ago

Two years ago today, Dragonchain declared itself open-source...

Two years ago today, Dragonchain declared itself open-source. On our #IndependenceDay, we celebrate both unity and... https://t.co/OyoC5jiaA5...

6 months ago

@Michael75271581 @popularstashXRP @hodlDRGN Dragonchain has ...

@Michael75271581 @popularstashXRP @hodlDRGN Dragonchain has never sold any of its Dragons (tokenized micro-licenses... https://t.co/TXguGqsXqN...

6 months ago

Chief Technology Officer Paul Sonier understands the importa...

Chief Technology Officer Paul Sonier understands the importance of consistently improving the Dragonchain platform... https://t.co/KxubTeVcBP...

6 months ago

"The intent of the Dragonchain #Marketplace is to make onboa...

"The intent of the Dragonchain #Marketplace is to make onboarding #blockchain easier by providing all the resources... https://t.co/Yf7RLbMWIx...

6 months ago

DragonChain Announces 7 New Projects As It Turns 1

DragonChain a blockchain startup belonging to Disney is turning 1 on August 1st. DragonChain offers Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) platform using its hybrid public and private architecture for businesses. To celebrate its milestone, DragonChain has announced seven new projects on its platform: Takara, DragonNet, DragonDen, DragonFactor, Marketplace, Dragonscale, and DDSS. DragonChain (DRGN) is currently priced at $0.23683, losing 7.93% in the last 24 hours. (VS)

6 months ago

Excited to announce @bloqinc as the newest member of the Dra...

Excited to announce @bloqinc as the newest member of the Dragonchain #Marketplace! With Bloq Explorer, your... https://t.co/9SB1DW5AZu...

6 months ago

Dragonchain Introduces Takara with Goal of Accelerating Enterprise Blockchain Adoption

At the Blockchain Seattle event currently taking place, Dragonchain unveiled Takara, a direct marketplace smart contract for token holders that wish to sell their Tokenized Micro-Licenses (Dragons). Takara enables enterprises, developers and those wishing to use the DRGN platform the ability to purchase tokens directly from token holders, bypassing the secondary market. Dragons are required to access and use the DRGN platform services, and Takara offers a way for interested parties to purchase them within the ecosystem as well as purchase Dragons with fiat or a credit card on an as needed basis. (JF)

6 months ago

Dragonchain Rises 6% amid Blockchain Seattle Presence

Dragonchain (DRGN), which is among the top 100 cryptocurrencies based on market cap, has advanced more than 6% in the last 24-hour period on trading volume of nearly $1 million, which is nearly double where volume stood yesterday. Investors may be gearing up for what Dragonchain, a hybrid blockchain platform, is set to announce at Blockchain Seattle, which is unfolding today and tomorrow. The Dragonchain team on Twitter alluded to “lots of great news” that will be unveiled at the event. (GT)

6 months ago

DragonChain (DRGN) Prepares to Release Seven New Products

The enterprise blockchain ecosystem Dragonchain (DRGN) has plans to release seven new products in full at that Blockchain Seattle event on Sept. 10-11th. Each product is designed to overcome some issue currently facing the blockchain industry and will help increase widespread blockchain adoption around the globe. The new products provide solutions to problems with transparency, security and scalability in both permissioned and permissionless situations. The names of the products are Takara, DragonNet, DragonDen, DragonFactor, Marketplace, Dragonscale, and the Dragon Dates of Slumber Score (DDSS) program. (JF)

6 months ago

Dragonchain to Disrupt Blockchain Industry with Seven New Products

Dragonchain, an enterprise blockchain ecosystem, is set to release seven products expected to revolutionize the blockchain industry. The announcement was made recently at Blockchain Conference Seattle. The Dragonchain team said these products are aimed at solving the challenges facing the blockchain industry. A few weeks ago, the company announced the release of the alpha version of the Dragonchain’s Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) ecosystem. Some of these products and services include Takara, DragonNet and DragonDen (VK)

6 months ago

KuCoin Have Updated some of its Projects to KuCoin Plus Trading Area

The KuCoin team today announced their recent project adjustments. In their announcement, they mentioned the change is due to their dedication to providing their users with an exchange system that is healthy together with looking for projects that are of high quality and also to better utilize resources to serve their clients better. For this reason, they mentioned they would promote BTG, DOCK, OCN, OPEN, DADI, KICK, VET, XLM to KuCoin Plus Trading Area while those moved to the main market have been announced to be BTM, AGI, LOOM ONT, WAN, DRGN, TNC. (KE)

7 months ago

Dragonchain Version 1.0 Is Now Live

What began as an internal blockchain project by Disney, Dragonchain is trying to create a user-friendly smart contracts platform with a unique consensus model. Dragonchain has finally released version 1.0 of their commercial platform which takes it from an alpha phase to production phase. This version has an easy to use web interface to create chains and smart contracts. DragonChain (DRGN) is currently priced at $0.2027, losing 8.92% in the last 24 hours. (VS)

7 months ago

Dragonchain 1.0 Released

The Dragonchain Foundation recently launched Dragonchain 1.0. The commercial platform features community provisioned L2 nodes and a new user interface. Dragonchain is a hybrid blockchain launched in 2014 and features a consensus model which provides a spectrum of trust data consumers. The blockchain allows developers to create and store smart contracts in common programming languages easily. The hybrid blockchain allows users to keep their private data secure while at the same time allowing for the sharing of data with a public blockchain. (VK)

7 months ago

Blockchain Seattle 2018 to Feature Dragonchain, Bloq Among Other Speakers

Blockchain Seattle 2018, which is the premiere blockchain event in the Pacific Northwest, is drawing near. The event is scheduled for September 10-11 at the Hyatt Regency in Bellevue, Wash. This year’s conference theme is on building the blockchain community, and it will feature high-profile speakers from across the industry. Dragonchain Founder and CEO Joe Roets, Bloq Co-Founder Matthew Roszak and Chris Jones, a co-founder of Blockchain Seattle, are among the conference speakers. (GT)

8 months ago

Will DRGN Holders ever Benefit from Free Airdrops by Incubator Clients?

After reading @dragonchaingang Twitter post below: "Just signed @IagonOfficial on to the Dragonscale Incubator! Check out how they plan to revolutionize the cloud at their website at http://iagon.com . Token Presale Date / Final numbers: TBD (*No current giveaways or airdrops at this time)" This made me question... will there be Airdrops and Giveaways to DRGN holders in the future? Maybe dished out based on Slumber Scores? This would be a new marketing element that would really make the DRGN valuable....

a year ago

Dragonchain Fundamental Analysis

**DRAGONCHAIN FUNDAMENTAL ANALYSIS** **Team** Dragonchain began life internally at the Seattle office of Disney, as a private Blockchain for which a wide range of use cases were touted by Disney, from Ticketing, to Digital Rights Management, to Voting Systems and more. The tech was later released as open source software and the DragonChain Foundation was founded shortly afterwards to maintain and look after the code. The Dragonchain team has rolled over from the one working on the project at Disney, and has a strong history in Blockchain development. For example, Joe Roets, CEO and Chief Architect of DragonChain Inc, was a Senior Software and Principal Blockchain Architect on the Private Blockchain at Disney, as well as Principal Blockchain Architect at Bloq. He was also a technical advisor for overstock.com and boasts a really strong history of Blockchain Development. Likewise, Lead Developer Brandon Kite was a Senior Software Engineer at Dinsey who worked on the initial implementation of the Private Blockchain. The team have added employees with a strong background in their relevant fields to bolster a strong lineup, and alongside this there is a strong advisory board. It includes a VP of payments for Starbucks, a Co-founder of XBOX, and a few names from Bloq, including Jeff Garzik. As teams and advisory boards go, DragonChain boasts one of the strongest and this is a real plus for the project. **Technology/Use Cases** Dragonchain Inc aims to integrate business applications onto the blockchain, utilising the benefits blockchain technology offers whilst protecting business data. It is going about this goal in two ways - firstly by building a serverless architecture blockchain platform, and secondly by incubating projects that will operate on the blockchain. Consider it a little like a railway - Dragonchain will maintain the track, but also help support different services on the line via incubation. At its core, therefore, Dragonchain is a platform for smart contracts, in the same way that Ethereum, NEO, or LISK are. It can support initial coin offerings, and run Decentralised Apps in the same way these platforms can (or will). However, Dragonchain also recognises that true decentralisation is somewhat at odds with business use cases for Blockchain technology, where the company will need complete control over data visibility and information for risk management and data protection purposes. Dragonchain offers sidechains - essentially a personal, private blockchain running alongside Dragonchain. In the metaphor above, these sidechains are like private railways, so ABC Inc can operate a Private Railway within the Dragonchain system (to push the metaphor further, it is like a ‘local’ rail service that serves only this company). This chain might be private, but this can ultimately connect via Bridge to a public blockchain such as Bitcoin or Ethereum if required. Per the Whitepaper, this allows Dragonchain to provide: > a spectrum of trust for the consumer of blockchain data, where risk is accepted based upon a combination of real world contracts, reputation of nodes, and trustless system assertions. That is, one may trust one’s own data as valid, but require varying levels of consensus verification before accepting a partner or foreign node for use. The system will provide a human readable report as well as API access to this capability. Dragonchain will run on Amazon AWS. As well as scalability, one of the advantages Dragonchain has therefore, is that it will allow smart contract development in a number of programming languages, including Java, Python and C#. This may make it more accessible for smart contract and DAPP programmers than Ethereum. The sidechains don’t require the use of a currency, but can equally support multiple currencies if required and dependent on need. On top of all of the above, Dragonchain will also serve as a Marketplace, where clients can access pre-developed smart-contracts, or engage with programmers or other experts. It therefore offers a complete solution for onboarding businesses to engage in BlockChain technology, offering a mix of private and public blockchain services. To really milk the metaphor one last time, Dragonchain are building a railway system, that allows companies to operate connected private routes (with a route via Dragonchain to the Public ‘Main Lines’), whilst also selling them the carriages and trucks that will operate on that railway and drive their business, and simultaneously incubating businesses in setting up within this railway system. **Token Value** The Dragon Token has a number of uses within the DragonChain system. * Companies will need DRGN tokens to access the incubator (launch ICOs) * DRGN tokens will be used to pay for the products available within the marketplace (which could include ongoing or subscription based fees depending on the setup of the product) * DRGN tokens wi...

a year ago

This coin is flying WAY under everyones radar...

Full disclosure - I work for a blockchain / crypto analyst company and have a background in wall street trading, etc. I have been studying crypto for about 14 months now. One coin that kept popping up but was never fully analysed by our team is DragonChain. The coin was ignored for a very long time and I was recently tasked with looking further into it. My team is responsible for finding high short term and medium term growth coins. Upon investigating and learning more about DragonChain I was astonished to see a relatively small Reddit community, a decent sized market cap, and a pretty incredible project. The involvement initially with Disney is extremely unique among crypto projects. It is my personal opinion that this is way off of peoples radar and eventually I predict that an "event" (which can be news, a partnership, major development, etc.) will occur and the price could suddenly propel the market cap into the 1+ billion range. Curious what people think that actually hold this coin, or that have been following it for longer than I have. I think the potential here is great. Rating: A- - Needs big event to boost awareness - Needs more exposure to push ICO launches through its platform - Great credibility established through link with Disney - Capable team of highly skilled individuals....

a year ago

For Newbs : what is dragonchain?

Dragonchain is a Platform for smart contracts like Ethereum or Cardano or EOS. So it is a platform to launch ICOs on and run DAPPs , whereas the scalabily of the Dragonchain is almost infinite because it works with sidechains. This means that every project or DAPP can have their own personalised blockchain structure running parallel to dragonchain. I would think of something like next or Ardor which are similar. So if you need a fast blockchain you can set it up with higher transactions or make it private , but it will be secured by the Dragonchain blockchain. Dragonchain runs on Amazon AWS, it is meant to be a semi private blockchain and the computing is done on AWS servers instead of public mining like in Ethereum. Dragonchain will also provide a marketplace for companies to buy plugins or other tech which they need in order to participate in the blockchain revolution. Dragonchain is also a ICO platform, which will have the requirements for US offerings. Because as you may know , many ICOs are not available for US citizens. To interact with dragonchain , buy the products from the marketplace , as well as geting discounts for new ICOs, you need Dragons. Right now Dragons are a ERC20 token, but after the infrastructure is up and running, it will probably be a native token. now you know why dragon Hodlers are so excited... The potential for this project is huuuuuge, because it helps non-blockchain private companies to get on the blockchain. All in compliance with US law. I myself see Dragonchain as the Bluechip Smart contract platform. Ethereum and EOS will become huge, but i see dragonchain at least having a third of the value of one of those if not more. Correct me please if I am wrong!...

a year ago

Let’s keep r/DRGN about DRGN

First of all, happy 2018 to all of my fellow slumberers! I know that we are all, by now, aware that DRGN has seen a sudden price surge. I wanted to write this post as a reminder to why we are here on r/DRGN. Posting market graphs and ‘mooning’ posts is ultimately not beneficial for the Dragonchain team *or* its token holders. We are pushing away opportunities for content that provides us with utility whilst simultaneously giving DRGN a poor reputation. Above all, we need to be a *community*—a place that welcomes DRGN aficionados and newcomers alike. If you are like me, then you believe whole-heartedly in the underlying technology behind DRGN and its ability to become a fantastic development platform in the future. The *future* is the key word here. Dragonchain’s success will not come overnight, and it surely will not come due to a buildup of ‘lambos on the moon’ posts. Sure, financial gains are greatly welcomed, but if that is the *only* reason you are here, then why have you become a Dragonchain token holder? We need to maintain a level of maturity, as we are likely to see many more of these so-called ‘micro-moons’ in the coming year and onwards. With each surge, there comes a new wave of token holders looking for a welcoming community. They will come bearing many questions about the utility and the underlying technology; imagine discovering r/DRGN two months from now and all you see is posts about how rich DRGN is making us or will make us. That’s not providing us with a very welcoming light for others to enter our community under. Please think before you post. We have had some excellent content in the past, and it would be a shame to have that be drowned out by unnecessary market reports and false future price estimates. Let’s continue to build r/DRGN into a home that the Dragonchain team is proud of—a place for us to all learn about the technology and the benefits that it will surely provide, rather than the financial gains to be made. Cheers, fellow slumberers....

a year ago

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