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Revolut CEO: Wall Street Doesn’t Want Cryptocurrency Yet, But I’m Bullish For 2019

“There’s No Interest From Big Institutional Investors [For Cryptocurrency] So Far” The arrival of institutions has long been seen as the cryptocurrency industry’s holy grail, so to speak, with investors clamoring for household names to allocate capital, time, and manpower to this nascent asset class. However, the hopes of many were quashed, as one of this industry’s own explained that Wall Street is hesitant to make substantial investments into cryptocurrency-related startups, products, and platforms. The biggest roadblock to Wall Street behemoths rolling out cryptocurrency businesses may come from their own clients — Bloomberg Crypto (@crypto) November 8, 2018 Speaking at Libson’s recent Web Summit 2018, Nikolay Storonsky, managing director of Revolut, explained that interest from “big institutional investors” has waned. Although his comments may have been cast aside by crypto optimists, many have expressed that his insider knowledge holds credence, especially considering the fact that his startup is worth upwards of $1 billion. Storonsky is the entrepreneur behind Revolut, a London, United Kingdom-based startup aimed at offering a one-stop shop for clients looking for financial services. As it stands, Revolut, presumably short for revolution (of the financial industry), offers peer-to-peer payments (similar to Paypal), a speculative (no depositing or withdrawing) crypto exchange, a pre-paid debit service, and a foreign currency exchange platform. Discussing his take on the matter on stage, Storonsky reportedly noted: Unless these big institutional investors and hedge funds move heavily into the crypto world I just don’t think banks will move because they simply try to make money from their clients. The Revolut executive, likely referencing his insider sources, added that “there is no interest from big institutional investors so far,” in spite of the impending launches of Bakkt, Fidelity Digital Asset Services, and ErisX, all of which were likely created in a bid to attract institutional clients and their capital. Moreover, Revolut’s managing director somewhat bearish statements come amid preliminary reports that Morgan Stanley is revving its motors to eventually offer Bitcoin (BTC) derivative products, while Goldman Sachs and Citigroup have also apparently expressed interest in similar crypto-centric ventures. However, it is important to note that it isn’t all doom and gloom, so to speak, as Storonsky explained that the crypto market’s prospects will improve as 2019 arrives. But, staying in line with his previous comments, concluded his comments on the matter by noting that fintech will drive the cryptocurrency space, not Wall Street... or at least for the foreseeable future anyway. Dogecoin Founder Palmer Isn’t Convinced Either Storonsky’s claims come just days after Jackson Palmer, the creator of the Dogecoin (DOGE) project, issued an insightful op-ed and video regarding “Why ‘the institutionalization of cryptocurrency’ is a paradox.” In the anti-institutionalization piece, posted on Diar and his Youtube page, Palmer, an Adobe developer, explained that the establishment of Bakkt, FDAS, a Bitcoin ETF, and similar ventures may undermine the decentralized, anti-governmental, and anti-censorship features that exist on a variety of today’s foremost crypto asset-bearing blockchains. However, the claims from these two pundits come amid reports that institutions are still throwing wheelbarrows full of capital at this industry. Just recently, Alex Kruger, a well-known cryptocurrency analyst, revealed that approximately $5.9 billion had entered this market this year from the pockets of institutional bigwigs. Title Image Courtesy of Chris Li on Unsplash The post Revolut CEO: Wall Street Doesn’t Want Cryptocurrency Yet, But I’m Bullish For 2019 appeared first on Ethereum World News.

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Dogecoin Price can Push Through to $0.004 Fairly Soon

All cryptocurrency markets remain subdued on this Saturday morning. Although that is not necessarily all that surprising given the current circumstances, some people expected some big reversals. Dogecoin shows some potential promise in this regard, as its push to $0.004 is still in play despite the recent dip. Dogecoin Price Momentum Has Potential It has become apparent a lot of people have high hopes for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies moving forward. In the case of Dogecoin, there is still some positive momentum left in the tank, despite the market not showing it at present. The altcoin is successfully recouping some of the losses sustained earlier this week, which seemingly pave the way for a push to $0.004. Over the past 24 hours, Dogecoin has regained some of the lost momentum. That doesn’t mean all net losses are wiped out automatically. There’s still a 27% deficit in USD value and a 2.55% loss over Bitcoin. Those deficits can be overcome with relative ease in the coming days and weeks. The trading volume of DOGE is still somewhat promising, considering how it is a weekend. Speculators and traders also monitor the Dogecoin price situation closely. That is only normal, as this market has shown nearly the most upward potential throughout the second half of 2018. While there have also been numerous deficits ever since, it is still an intriguing altcoin for many different reasons. #Blockchain #Crypto $DOGE: Painted a better bullish hammer on daily, RSI oversold, double bottom established, & MACD about to cross. Now we just need volume. If #dogecoin does not break EMA resistance at 0.0040, then the next stop is 0.0032.#bitcoin #ethereum $BTC $ETH # — Annelin Ytrade (@AnnelinYtrade) November 10, 2018 Holders and enthusiasts who favor Dogecoin acknowledge this current momentum seems somewhat promising. Although Dogecoin has not been revitalized by any means, it would appear most markets are preparing for some upward momentum in the near future. On more than one occasion, Dogecoin has led the charge in this regard, and this time around may not necessarily be different. Doge wake up #DogeCoin — bredo (@SlickProgress) November 9, 2018 There are those who still hope more wallets will enable Dogecoin support in the future. Exodus is currently working on implementing DOGE support, although the feature is still in beta testing at this time. There is no official timeline for a finalized implementation, but Jason Nelson points out some helpful alternatives in this regard. Having multiple options is never a bad thing. Hi Luca, until @exodus_io puts #dogecoin in the main wallet (blue) I’d recommend using Jaxx Wallet for your Doge. Coinpot is a micro wallet true but it’s a website where @exodus_io and Jaxx are downloaded to your computer, much more secure. — Jason Nelson (@dragonwolftech) November 9, 2018 For the time being, cryptocurrency enthusiasts will need to bide their time when it comes to market uptrends. There have been promising signs in the past two weeks, albeit nothing has been turned into permanent changes just yet. Dogecoin’s price, while still down a bit, is looking prime for a new uptrend. Reaching $0.004 would certainly breathe some new life into all altcoin markets. Disclaimer: This is not trading or investment advice. The above article is for entertainment and education purposes only. Please do your own research before purchasing or investing into any cryptocurrency. The post Dogecoin Price can Push Through to $0.004 Fairly Soon appeared first on NullTX.

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Crypto Arbitrage Today: XLM, DOGE, EOS, TRX, ETC, DASH

Cryptocurrency arbitrage is often considered to be a viable way of scoring profits during volatile market trends. All top markets are currently going through a medium-sized dip, which means prices between exchanges will be very different. The following six options let users score some easy profits throughout today. Ethereum Classic (Koineks / Binance / YoBit) Buying Etheruem Classic on any exchange that is not YoBit will effectively result in some decent profits today. Its value on YoBIt is roughly 1.5% higher compared to the likes of, Binance, KuCoin, and Poloniex. Koineks also has a lower price, although the arbitrage gap is slightly smaller. XLM (Kraken / CEX / Binance) It does not happen all that often prices for altcoins are higher on Binance compared to some other exchanges. As of today, buying XLM on Kraken, CEX, VeBitcoin, or Koineks, and selling them on either Binance or KuCoin can result in a profit of roughly 0.75%. Not the most lucrative option, but still one worth exploring due to its overall liquidity. TRON (Bitfinex / Binance / YoBit) The TRON arbitrage opportunity today is very similar to Ethereum Classic above, as it revolves around selling on YoBit for easy profits. Prices for TRX across OKEx, Gate, Koineks, Bitfinex, Binance, and HitBTC are all lower compared to YoBit. Exploring these options will result in gains of up to 1%. A small profit, but still better than nothing. DASH (Kraken / Koinim / YoBit) There are many different opportunities when it comes to arbitrage trading DASH today. Buying the altcoin on Koinim and selling it on YoBit, Gate, or Sistemkoin can result in profits of up to 2%. Buying on CEX, Kraken, HitBTC, or Gate and selling on YoBit offers gains of up to 1.5%. Plenty of trading options for quick and easy profits. DOGE (Livecoin / HitBTC / Poloniex) Most cryptocurrency users have a soft spot for Dogecoin, albeit often for very different reasons. In the case of arbitrage trading, DOGE can be a viable tool. Buying on Gate, HitBTC, or Poloniex and selling on Livecoin can yield a profit of up to 2.1%. Buying on the same exchanges and selling on YoBit can yield profits of up to 3.3%. EOS (YoBit / Bitifnex / Binance) EOS Is not a currency often associated with arbitrage trading, even though it has no liquidity issues across different platforms whatsoever. Today, there are many different opportunities where this altcoin is concerned. Buying low on HitBTC, Poloniex, Gate, Paribu, Bitfinex, Binance, or KuCoin and selling on YoBit will net easy profits. Traders can make up to 1.5% from exploring these various options. Information is provided by Arbing Tool Disclaimer: This is not trading or investment advice. The above article is for entertainment and education purposes only. Please do your own research before purchasing or investing into any cryptocurrency. The post Crypto Arbitrage Today: XLM, DOGE, EOS, TRX, ETC, DASH appeared first on NullTX.

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Dogecoin Price Spike to $0.0058 Remains a Likely Scenario Despite Current Dip

Even though things were looking relatively smooth for Dogecoin, its imminent uptrend has not materialized by any means. Similar to most other altcoins, DOGE is bleeding value in both USD and BTC. This trend should reverse course soon, as the altcoin is massively oversold according to some analysts. Dogecoin Price Still Looks Promising Even though it may not necessarily look like it, Dogecoin is still far better off than most people assume. The current net loss may not be too impressive to look at, but this altcoin has been one of the more resilient offerings in all of cryptocurrency. As such, it is not unlikely Dogecoin will be the first to signal a major price boost after this correction is over. In the past 24 hours, the value of Dogecoin has dropped by 6% in USD value and 5.5% against Bitcoin. That latter part is somewhat worrisome, especially because Bitcoin’s USD value is going down a slippery slope. For the time being, this trend may not necessarily reverse course, although there are some indicators which tell a different story. Looking at social media activity pertaining to Dogecoin, there is still a strong focus on the value transacted over the network. This altcoin surpassed $1bn, ensuring it stays in second place behind Bitcoin itself. That is quite a telling sign, although these statistics are often overlooked by cryptocurrency enthusiasts for some reason. #Dogecoin's "sent last 24hr" volume @ 1B USD, Bitcoin @ 5 billion USD. No one else is even close. — mj (@silkmarketindex) November 8, 2018 For a more technical view on things, it seems Dogecoin has hit the “low” speculators have been looking for. If this support level holds - which it seems to be doing - there is a big change the value will spike to $0.0058 in the coming weeks. That would be a significant increase, although a drop to $0.0022 is not out of the question either. $DOGE: 0.0032 target reached. This is a major support on the weekly. If it falls through, then next stop is 0.0022. If it climbs, then 0.0058. There are several cryptos that show room for a very fast & significant spike coming up.#bitcoin $BTC #dogecoin #altcoin #ethereum — Linus Harbington (@harbington) November 8, 2018 MattisCrypto confirms Dogecoin appears to be well in the oversold territory at this stage. If that is indeed the case, there is a very good chance Dogecoin will rebound in the coming hours. As such, this rise to $0.0058 is not as difficult or unlikely as some may think. Making it come true is something else entirely, though. I'm keeping my eyes on #dogecoin as its way oversold right now. Could get a nice rebound on it. $doge — MattisCrypto (@Cryptoagogo) November 8, 2018 As is usually the case when cryptocurrency markets face some resistance, it remains pertinent to look at the bigger picture. In the case of Dogecoin, things look incredibly promising despite this most recent setback. While that is not necessarily something that will happen overnight, there is a very real chance the best has yet to come for Dogecoin in 2018. Disclaimer: This is not trading or investment advice. The above article is for entertainment and education purposes only. Please do your own research before purchasing or investing into any cryptocurrency. The post Dogecoin Price Spike to $0.0058 Remains a Likely Scenario Despite Current Dip appeared first on NullTX.

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XRP, Bitcoin Cash, & Dogecoin Down the Most among Top Altcoins & The Glorious Victory of BAT

With Bitcoin, Ethereum, Stellar and others in red, a majority of the cryptocurrencies are in correction Dogecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and XRP are down the most among the top altcoins With over 110% rise in a month, BAT price is costly on a surge Cryptocurrencies in Correction The majority of the cryptocurrencies are retracing after enjoying gains for the past couple of days. The leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin is currently down by 0.46 percent at $6,499 maintaining its stability around $6,500 level. As for the top altcoins, This has the BTC dominance reach 52 percent. As the crypto market goes red, the total market cap goes loses about $5 billion of the value. Among the top altcoins, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is down the most by 4.20 percent at $601. Recently, BCH saw a surge of 40 percent on the back of the news of its upcoming hard fork on November 15. XRP is another cryptocurrency which is down by the most i.e. by 3.61 percent at $0.5136 among top cryptos. Just a few days back, XRP has been the largest gainer with over 12 percent 24-hours gains as XRP becomes a base currency on exchanges and Ripple shares its plans to open Dubai office. At 25th position, Dogecoin (DOGE) is another altcoin which is down by 5.54 percent at $0.0034. Aeternity (AE) is bearing the highest losses by 12.78 percent at $1.18 while Eternal Token (XET) is today’s biggest gainer with 47 percent greens while having the daily trading volume of less than $900k. BAT- The Winner with over 110% Surge in a Month For over a month now, Basic Attention Token (BAT) is almost constantly on an upward movement as shown in the chart below. From $0.155, in October, BAT has risen over 110%. At the time of writing, BAT has been trading at $0.3713 while being up by 13.52 percent. Currently, at 26th position, the listing by Coinbase played an integral role in giving a swift kick to BAT price. With a $371 million market cap, this cryptocurrency is managing the daily trading volume of more than $34 million. Additionally, “Basic Attention Token radically improves the efficiency of digital advertising by creating a new token that can be exchanged between publishers, advertisers, and users,” the core idea of the cryptocurrency is keeping the investors interested and prices surging. The post XRP, Bitcoin Cash, & Dogecoin Down the Most among Top Altcoins & The Glorious Victory of BAT appeared first on Coingape.

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Daily Arbitrage Trading: TRX, DOGE, BCH, LTC, ETH, ZEC

Finding the right arbitrage opportunities to take advantage of can be a big challenge. There are numerous opportunities available every single day, yet most of them rely on individual exchange liquidity. YoBit continues to play a role of importance in this regard, primarily because its prices are higher for most altcoins compared to other exchanges. #6 TRON (KuCoin / Binance / YoBit) It would appear there is an arbitrage opportunity for TRX every other day, especially where the YoBit exchange is concerned. Its price is nearly 2% higher compared to KuCoin, Bitfinex, Binance, and HitBTC, which makes for many different arbitrage opportunities. Buying TRX on any of those exchanges should not be a problem, but YoBit is not the most liquid market for TRX at this time. #5 Dogecoin (HitBTC / Poloniex / Livecoin) For those looking for a potential Dogecoin arbitrage opportunity, different options are available at this time. Users can buy low on HitBTC or Poloniex and sell on Livecoin or YoBit. Both of those latter platforms have a price gap of 2% or slightly more, depending on which platform DOGE is bought at. #4 Bitcoin Cash (Bitfinex / LiveCoin / YoBit) One would not necessarily expect there to be any major Bitcoin Cash arbitrage opportunities across the exchanges. In most cases, that would be correct, but here is a clear gap between the BCH price at Bitfinex and selling it on Livecoin or YoBit. The latter option will yield more potential profit, assuming the liquidity pool is deep enough to explore this option. #3 Ethereum (Livecoin / YoBit) It is quite interesting to see how there can be a minor arbitrage opportunity for Ethereum two smaller exchanges. In the case of Livecoin, its price is lower compared to YoBit, which allows traders to explore a 1.1% arbitrage gap. A small opportunity, but one that can provide some profit regardless. #2 Litecoin (OKEx / Binance / Livecoin) Another top cryptocurrency is subject to small arbitrage profits when exploring the right exchanges. Buying Litecoin on OKEx and selling it on either Livecoin or YoBit can yield a pretty big profit. There is also an option to buy LTC on Binance or Poloniex and sell it on YoBit, depending on overall market liquidity at the time of trading. #1 ZCash (Bitfinex / Poloniex / YoBit) Traders of either Poloniex or Bitfinex can take advantage of a ZEC arbitrage opportunity involving Yobit. The price of ZCash on Bitfinex and Poloniex is 1% lower compared to YoBit, which makes for an easy arbitrage trade and associated profits. Similar gaps apply for buying on Sistemkoin, CEX, HitBTC, or Bittrex, and selling on YoBit. Information is provided by Arbing Tool. Disclaimer: This is not trading or investment advice. The above article is for entertainment and education purposes only. Please do your own research before purchasing or investing into any cryptocurrency. The post Daily Arbitrage Trading: TRX, DOGE, BCH, LTC, ETH, ZEC appeared first on NullTX.

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RT @RudyBouwman: Big thanks to @crytrexcom for supporting US...

RT @RudyBouwman: Big thanks to @crytrexcom for supporting USDT, CRYT, DOGE and now also EUR pairs for #DigiByte!

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The Daily Dogecoin Analysis - Doge Drops Despite Altcoins Outperforming

Prior to the recent bullish movements seen across the cryptocurrency market, the market had been undergoing an unusually long spell of consolidation and low activity trading. While this was taking place, Dogecoin was one of the coins which were not moving with the market. Doge mostly continued its decline which had started in early September but also had some spikes. The recent price action for Doge also is not following the movements of the market. The general movements over the past few days have been altcoin outperforming the market leader Bitcoin with some recording double-digit gains. However, Doge has returned to declining. As last week approached its end, we analyzed how Dogecoin looked as if it was forming a higher low and could be setting up for a return to bullish movements. This has not taken place as the price has started decreasing. The most recent spike for Doge met resistance at the 200 EMA so another spike for Doge would likely meet resistance again at this point. With the majority of altcoins increasing over the past few days and Doge decreasing, it gives a more bearish outlook for Doge from here. The spike which occurred in early September for the price of Dogecoin saw it increase from strong support at $0.0022 to highs near $0.007. If this decline picks up momentum, Doge could be set to continue to this support level. Doge Daily Chart - Source: Key Takeaways: Doge declined over the past few days while many altcoins outperformed. The last spike for Doge saw it meet resistance at the 200 EMA. While Doge continues on its downward spiral, it could be set to return to key support near $0.0022 where it was prior to its spike in early September. DISCLAIMER: Investing or trading in digital assets, such as those featured here, is extremely speculative and carries substantial risk. This analysis should not be considered investment advice, use it for informational purposes only. Historical performance of the assets discussed is not indicative of future performance. Statements, analysis, and information on blokt and associated or linked sites do not necessarily match the opinion of blokt. This analysis should not be interpreted as advice to buy, sell or hold and should not be taken as an endorsement or recommendation of a particular asset. The Daily Dogecoin Analysis - Doge Drops Despite Altcoins Outperforming was originally found on [blokt] - Blockchain, Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News.

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Dogecoin Price Could Double in Value Based on Market Indicators

Even though the value of Dogecoin does not get too many people excited right now, it is evident things can vastly improve without too many problems. This current price stability is something which has become somewhat synonymous with Dogecoin, although the bullish trend is not that far away either. Dogecoin Price Bullrun Seems Imminent While most cryptocurrencies are showing plenty of signs of volatility, Dogecoin is not budging at all. In most cases, that would be considered a problem, although things are never as black-and-white in the crypto world. This current trend has allowed the DOGE value to remain relatively stable at $0.0036, which is something to keep in mind at all times. Over the past 24 hours, not much has changed for Dogecoin either. Its USD and BTC value have dipped slightly, but there are no changes to be overly concerned about either. Speculators are wondering if and when this momentum will improve, especially because all altcoins appear to be going through a major uptrend right now. Dogecoin is a bit late to the party, but there is still plenty of time. As Ahmad Kalthoum explains, the current Dogecoin price situation is far from troublesome. There is a very good chance this altcoin will generate some fireworks, as that is how things usually go with this particular currency. A doubling in value may be a stretch too far, although reaching $0.005 is certainly within the realms of possibilities. While #Dogecoin may be in a very precarious situation at the moment, it should not take long before a revival starts. The popular crypto news outlet, CoinDesk believes that #Dogecoin could spike to up to 100% in the coming days after hitting its recent lows — Ahmad Kalthoum (@AhmadKalthoum86) November 6, 2018 This same user is also confident Dogecoin is on its way to being added to the Coinbase trading platform. Not a week goes by without a currency allegedly being added to Coinbase soon, even though the company has not officially issued any comments regarding the matter. Until there is some confirmation, Dogecoin will not come to Coinbase, thus speculating on that happening serves no real purpose. I expect #Dogecoin to be added to coinbase very soon after their announcement to add other cryptocurrencies. “Writing in the announcement, Hirji said that Coinbase, which recently outlined a new crypto token listing framework, plans to “quickly” list more cryptocurrencies” — Ahmad Kalthoum (@AhmadKalthoum86) November 6, 2018 Looking at the Dogecoin technical analysis, it seems interesting things are happening. Several key indicators have been hit or surpassed in the past few hours, which usually leads to bullish momentum. That does not mean the value per DOGE will suddenly double by any means, but it seems to indicate a lengthy accumulation phase is finally coming to an end. $DOGE: MACD finally crossed on daily & we're seeing bullish reaction! Hopefully it's sustainable. Targets still valid. RSI has LOTS of room to move up!! #bitcoin #ethereum #litecoin #dogecoin #altcoin #altcoins $BTC $ETH $LTC #crypto #cryptocurrency #cryprotrading #blockchain — Linus Harbington (@harbington) November 6, 2018 On the surface, Dogecoin appears to be in a pretty good place right now. There is plenty of trading volume, the value remains stable, and no new controversies have been created. Although the altcoin had a $700m market cap not that long ago, it seems to be a matter of time until the figure climbs to $500m again. Disclaimer: This is not trading or investment advice. The above article is for entertainment and education purposes only. Please do your own research before purchasing or investing into any cryptocurrency. The post Dogecoin Price Could Double in Value Based on Market Indicators appeared first on NullTX.

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Dogecoin Creator: Banks Will Kill Decentralization

Institutional investors have been one of the key goals for the cryptocurrency sector. You’d think it was the Second Coming, the amount people talk about it. But what are the ramifications? According to Jackson Palmer, one of the main developers behind Dogecoin (DOGE), the time of the institutional investors won’t be one of adoption, but of invasion. It could attack the fundamental tenets of the space. Palmer argues that most of the enthusiasm for the traditional financial services entering the space is misguided. In an opinion piece published today for Diar, a digital asset newsletter, he argues that institutions will take cryptocurrency away from its ideological roots. They will directly challenge and overturn many of the sector’s efforts to decentralize. What’s wrong with the crypto institutional investor? Palmer notices a “concerning trend,” in which institutions - like Coinbase - are starting to become the de facto gatekeepers of blockchains. This not only puts them in a position of power, as Coinbase can suspend or remove users accounts on an in-house decision - it also presents a vulnerability. If key exchanges were attacked, there would be repercussions across the entire sector. “If is hijacked or taken offline, a user relying on that provider essentially loses their access to the decentralized Bitcoin network,” Palmer wrote. Convenience and usability stand at the heart of what Palmer sees as the institutional takeover of crypto. Transaction volumes are increasing, but instead of taking place ‘on-chain’, many are now taking place on private servers or through OTC desks. Although this keeps prices steady, there’s also the concern that transactions are no longer verifiable. Similarly, Palmer points out that many are already beginning to offer ‘secure’ custodial services, for users to store their cryptocurrency holdings. Coinbase, Bakkt and Fidelity all offer some sort of storage service. Many don’t give users access to their private keys, meaning that the service provider can arbitrarily withhold funds. “In offering custodial services, these companies seek to centrally control and manage the wallets,” Palmer said. “Obscuring away the notion of private keys in the name of convenience.” Is Jackson Palmer right? It’s been too easy to look at the short-term effects of greater institutional involvement. If the big boys are using it, then it acts as a vindication. Despite the naysayers, the reasoning goes, it proves that there is inherent value in cryptocurrency. But what Palmer says is interesting. It can be slow and expensive to send Bitcoin (BTC) transactions; no one would say it was the easiest of payment methods. That said, sacrificing decentralization for convenience could have a long-term negative effect on the sector. Crypto takes the power of money issuance out of the hands of government and into the hands of the private individual. It’s only a short conceptual step for companies to also issue their own currency. Palmer fears current trends - like the creation of centralized stablecoins - could create a dangerous situation where for-profit companies control the money used in everyday life. Despite its promising beginnings to liberate the individual, it could actually tighten the screws. This, he says, could be “scarier than government-issued fiat.” The internet was vaunted as the catalyst for greater freedom of expression, on a medium outside of the government’s reach. That is no longer true. The internet, and the ensuing technology, has allowed countries like China to enhance its surveillance technology dramatically. In America, Facebook knows us better than our best friends, our family... even ourselves. Palmer does suggest there is hope. Privacy coins like Zcash (ZEC) stand against the institutional encroachment on blockchain. His fear is whether the community will prioritize morals over wealth. Centuries ago, the Scottish wit Robert Burns wrote a poem bemoaning his country’s unification with England. Caledonia had lost out, and its proud spirit was crushed because its lord had been enamored of the potential private returns. “We’re bought and sold for English gold - Such a parcel of rogues in a nation!” Scotland is still waiting for independence, 227 years later. The author is invested in BTC, which is mentioned in this article. The post Dogecoin Creator: Banks Will Kill Decentralization appeared first on Crypto Briefing.

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The Daily Dogecoin [Doge] Analysis - Another Day without a Drop

Another day without a drop is making the scenario for Dogecoin more bullish. Yesterday, we discussed how price action and RSI were forming a higher low for Dogecoin. Each day without a drop which nullifies the higher low makes it more likely that the prolonged decline for Dogecoin has come to an end. Dogecoin has been on a prolonged decline since early September after price spiked from strong support at $0.002 to a high near $0.007. The price spike resulted in a bearish divergence forming where the price went on to form a higher high despite RSI forming a lower high. The price has been in a decline since and currently trades around $0.38. Price has been trading relatively flat for the past four days. The MACD also seems to be starting to converge to the centerline, a sign of seller momentum shifting back to the buyers. The MACD had been moving downward since the decline started and recently started to trade flat. If the MACD starts to converge, it will cross its signal line to the upside which is typically considered a bullish signal. The recent volume in Dogecoin has been low, another sign of the strength being lost from the decline. While most altcoins have been mirroring Bitcoin, Doge has been following its own trajectory meaning it’s not as important for traders in Doge to monitor the movements of market leader Bitcoin. While a significant bearish or bullish move in Bitcoin may have some crossover to Doge, it would not be mirrored to the same magnitude as other altcoins. The key thing for traders in Doge to currently monitor is any downward movement. A downward movement would likely result in a lower low being formed instead of a higher low. this scenario would indicate a continuation in the decline which has been taking place since early September in Doge. In this scenario, price action moving towards support near $0.002 is a possibility. Doge Daily Chart - Source: Key Takeaways: Another day of sideways trading for Doge which makes a bullish scenario more likely as a higher low seems to be forming. Dogecoin has been declining since early September after a bearish divergence formed but a number of factors indicate that this decline may be coming towards its end. The key factor to monitor in Dogecoin is the next significant movement. A significant movement to the upside confirms the higher low whereas a significant move to the downside may set Doge on a trajectory towards support at $0.002. The Daily Dogecoin [Doge] Analysis - Another Day without a Drop was originally found on [blokt] - Blockchain, Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News.

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Bitcoin Bulls Win Battle at $6,400 Resistance, Resume Range Trading

Bitcoin shed some of the gains made earlier in the day, erasing $40 from its daily high at $6,500. The BTC/USD pair trades at $6,460 in a ranging market with support at $6,300. A significant bearish trend line may have been thwarted as the market moves above the $6,400 line. Bitcoin Trades Above Significant Bearish Trend Line at $6,400 A somewhat uneventful BTC/USD trading day saw bulls and bears dispute the price in early Monday. Bulls won the battle as the $6,365, $6,375 and $6,400 resistance levels were suppressed in an upside push towards the $6,500 high, according to data from The market was able to break above “a major contracting triangle with resistance at $6,350 on the hourly chart of the BTC/USD pair,” according to NewsBTC analyst Aayush Jindal. “Later, the price started a downside correction and declined below $6,440”, he added. The BTC/USD pair has a nearby support at the $6,380 level, followed by $6,398-6,400, $6,375, and the 61.8% Fib retracement level of the recent wave from the $6,323 low to $6,472 high, according to the analyst. Looking at a wider timeframe, the Bitcoin market has become quite still, when compared to the volatile days of late 2017 and early 2018. No wonder Thejas Nalval and Kevin Lu, portfolio director and director of quantitative research at Element Digital Asset Management, said in October that trading has almost become boring. “We think the market has quite simply just run out of juice for now. It’s almost become boring. Seems like everyone is waiting on the sidelines for someone else to make the first move in what could be an extremely long game of chicken.” They argued that the decreased volatility may be due to the adoption of Bitcoin as a store of value. Although still premature, the theory may turn out to be true. Bitcoin has a market cap of $111 billion, which is about a third of what it achieved on December 17, 2018. Another theory presented by the analysts from Element is that “Bitcoin price discovery is becoming more efficient due to more natural demand and natural supply.” The cryptocurrency market had a mixed trading day. Ethereum (-0.23%), Bitcoin Cash (-1.10%), Litecoin (-0.66%), and Monero (-0.46%) eased slightly during the day, while Ripple (+4.65%), EOS (+0.21%), Stellar (+1.30%), Cardano (+1.17%), and Tether (+3.86%) moved higher in the last 24 hours. The overall performance during the last seven days has been positive for most digital currencies in the top by market cap. Dogecoin, rank number 24 with a market cap of $424 million, had a difficult week as its price moved lower from $0.0039 to $0.0036, an eight percent drop in a week. In the last 30 days, DOGE has lost over 37% of its value. Having reached a market cap of $793 million on September 11, 2018, the digital currency’s market is now worth little more than half. Featured image from Shutterstock. The post Bitcoin Bulls Win Battle at $6,400 Resistance, Resume Range Trading appeared first on NewsBTC.

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Crypto Arbitrage Today: ETH, ZEC, ETC, EOS, DOGE, BCH

A new day dawns upon the cryptocurrency markets, which also means there are new arbitrage opportunities waiting to be explored. As is usually the case, YoBit will play an integral part in these trades, as it remains the “outlier” for altcoin prices. The following six opportunities can result in some decent profits in exchange for very little effort. Ethereum Classic (Koineks / Binance / KuCoin) A lot of altcoin trading platforms have a lower price for Ethereum Classic when compared to YoBit. That list includes Koineks, Binance, KuCoin, Poloniex, and Depending on where one buys ETC from and the overall liquidity on YoBit, profits can be as high as 2% for exploiting price gaps. ZCash (CEX / Bitfinex / HitBTC) A similar opportunity has arisen for ZCash, primarily because there are some interesting price gaps where the same exchanges are concerned. For ZEC, buying on Sistemkoin, CEX, Poloniex, and will yield the highest profits after selling on YoBit. Bitfinex and HitBTC are also suitable for buying, albeit their prices are slightly higher. EOS (Poloniex / Bitfinex / Binance) For those who seek arbitrage trading profits involving EOS, there are numerous platforms to buy from. Poloniex,, Bitfinex, Binance, KuCoin, and HitBTC all have much lower prices compared to YoBit. Profits will range from 1% to 1.25%. It is not the biggest market opportunity whatsoever, but any profit is better than a loss. Dogecoin (Koineks / Poloniex / Livecoin) Unlike the previous currencies, Dogecoin is subject to arbitrage trading on a platform besides YoBit as well. Its price on Livecoin is higher when buying DOGE on either or HitBTC, with profits going as high as 1.25%. Buying on either exchange and selling on YoBit will result in a 2.5% profit, which could make for the better option. Bitcoin Cash (Kraken / VeBitcoin / Bitstamp) The most recent price surge of Bitcoin Cash has shaken up all markets in a significant manner. It also means prices are not exactly the same across all platforms whatsoever. Kraken has a lower price than OKEx,, and YoBit, with profits going as high as 1.9%. Bitstamp, Vebitcoin, CEX, and Bitfinex all have lower prices than YoBit as well. Ethereum (Livecoin / Kucoin / Poloniex) Selling Ethereum on YoBit will lead to easy profits when buying on virtually every platform. Livecoin, Kraken, OKEx, Koineks, Bittrex, and many others all have a far lower ETH price as of right now. Some pairs will offer arbitrage gains of up to 2.5%, although the average sits closer to the 1.6% mark. All information is provided courtesy of Arbing Tool. Disclaimer: This is not trading or investment advice. The above article is for entertainment and education purposes only. Please do your own research before purchasing or investing into any cryptocurrency. The post Crypto Arbitrage Today: ETH, ZEC, ETC, EOS, DOGE, BCH appeared first on NullTX.

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Previous Crypto Darling Dogecoin (DOGE) Sheds 36% in October

Dogecoin, which is a coin that started as a joke and evolved into a crypto sensation, suffered massive declines in the month of October, shedding more than one-third of its value last month in what proved to be a punishing period for most leading cryptocurrencies. DOGE’s losses are dramatic because they come on the heels of massive gains prior to October. For instance, between the end of August and September, the DOGE price increased by 160% to its best level in six months at $0.0068, according to Coindesk, which points out that the coin is no stranger to “boom and bust cycles.” DOGE wasn’t the only coin to suffer in October, however, with nearly all of the top 25 cryptocurrencies shedding ground in the month. DOGE is currently trading fractionally higher at $0.0037. (GT)

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DogePal Interview: Bringing Dogecoin Payments to the Farmer’s Market and Mom and Pop Businesses (Exclusive)

Dogecoin is known for their strong community presence. But did you know that the community even gets involved with start-ups centered around the cryptocurrency that was developed in homage to the Shiba Inu dog? DogePal, a system to help people pay each other in Doge, has been contributed to by many in the Dogecoin community. We […] DogePal Interview: Bringing Dogecoin Payments to the...

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Daily Dogecoin [Doge] Analysis, Higher Low Forming?

Dogecoin has been depreciating since a bearish divergence between price and RSI took place in early September. Both price and RSI are now setting up to form a higher low. There would need to be a rise from here to confirm it is a higher low but since yesterdays drop came to a halt, there is an increased likelihood that this is a higher low. The MACD also is beginning to trade flat after diverging to the downside with the strong seller momentum which has been taking place since early September. If the MACD begins to converge to the upside, it will likely cross over its signal line to the upside which is a bullish signal. With the strong seller momentum since early September, it is far from confirmed whether the price drop is over yet, but signs are starting to look more bullish. Doge Daily Chart - Source: In early September price spiked from support at $0.002 to a high of $0.007 in a short space of time. This proved to quick an increase for price action to sustain. Another sharp increase of this magnitude would likely result in the same prolonged decrease as we have seen this time. A continued fall from these levels would likely meet strong support near $0.002. A steady increase in the form of a series of higher highs and higher lows would be the most healthy scenario for the price action of Dogecoin right now. Key Takeaways: Signs are starting to look more bullish for Doge as a higher low appears to be forming in price action and RSI. Higher low is not confirmed until price action increases from here A sharp increase of the same magnitude as the one early September would likely result in another prolonged depreciation. A sharp drop would likely meet strong support near $0.002. DISCLAIMER: Investing or trading in digital assets, such as those featured here, is extremely speculative and carries substantial risk. This analysis should not be considered investment advice, use it for informational purposes only. Historical performance of the assets discussed is not indicative of future performance. Statements, analysis, and information on blokt and associated or linked sites do not necessarily match the opinion of blokt. This analysis should not be interpreted as advice to buy, sell or hold and should not be taken as an endorsement or recommendation of a particular asset. Daily Dogecoin [Doge] Analysis, Higher Low Forming? was originally found on [blokt] - Blockchain, Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News.

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Dogecoin [Doge] Continues Decline Despite Brief Respite Yesterday

The price action of the cryptocurrency with the Shiba Inu dog mascot looked as if it was pricing in a higher low yesterday. Today, Doge continues its decline underperforming the market leader Bitcoin as it looks set to form a lower low. Doges MACD continues to diverge to the downside showing momentum currently being on the side of the sellers. The current downtrend that Doge is on was sparked by a bearish divergence which took place in early September between price action and the RSI. Price went on to form higher highs while RSI formed a lower high. Monitoring of the RSI may be useful in anticipating when this drop is nearing an end. Although the price seems set to form a lower low, RSI could form a higher low creating a bullish divergence. However, seeing this as a definite sign of a reversal would be incorrect as the momentum is currently strongly on the side of sellers. Dogecoin Daily Chart - Source: Doge is one of the few altcoins which has been on its own trajectory recently. With Bitcoins percentage of the cryptocurrency market rising to over 54%, many altcoins have mirroring Bitcoin in their price movements. However, Doge appears to be undergoing a prolonged correction from the price spike in September. Bitcoin Daily Chart - Source: Key Takeaways: Dogecoin continues the decline which was sparked by a bearish divergence between price and RSI in early September. Price action in Dogecoin looked to be forming a higher low yesterday but today’s decline looks set to form a lower low. Dogecoin is one of the few coins which has been on its own trajectory with much of the rest of the market following market leader Bitcoin. Dogecoin [Doge] Continues Decline Despite Brief Respite Yesterday was originally found on [blokt] - Blockchain, Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News.

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Daily Arbitrage Options: Dash, DOGE, XMR, XLM, USDT, LSK

Arbitrage is an excellent way of generating revenue from cryptocurrencies during an extended bear market. The year 2018 has offered a rather lengthy bearish market trend, yet the arbitrage opportunities have been rather appealing as well. The following six currencies can yield some healthy profits throughout the day, depending on exchange liquidity. #6 Lisk (Poloniex / Livecoin / YoBit) No one will be surprised to note YoBit remains an integral part of arbitrage opportunities these days. Every single day, this exchange has higher prices for some coins, whereas values for other currencies are lower compared to other platforms. In today’s case, the Lisk price on this exchange is 2-3% higher compared to both Poloniex and Livecoin. #5 Monero (Poloniex / HitBTC) It is not all that common to see a Monero arbitrage opportunity on the market, albeit it remains to be seen how this can be exploited in terms of liquidity. For the time being, buying XMR on Kraken and selling on HitBTC can yield a nice profit. Especially now that HitBTC has lowered XMR withdrawal fees, a bit more profit can be made in quick succession. #4 Stellar (Kraken / KuCoin / HitBTC) For users who prefer to dabble with Stellar, there is a small arbitrage gap waiting to be explored at this time. Buying XLM on Kraken will wallow for a sale of Stellar on either KuCoin and HitBTC for a minor profit. Although it is a less than 1% profit, one has to embrace every opportunity with open arms these days. #3 USDT (Bittrex / KuCoin) It is somewhat disconcerting to see how USDT still hasn’t fully recovered from its price debacle earlier this month. Even in late October, there is an arbitrage opportunity involving this stablecoin, something which shouldn’t be possible. Buying USDT on Bittrex and selling it on KuCoin can lead to a 1.35% gain. #2 Dash (Kraken / HitBTC) For those who want to explore the safer side of this arbitrage, it is evident buying Dash on Kraken and selling it on HitBTC will yield the better results. There is also an option to buy on Kraken or Poloniex and selling Dash on YoBit for a gain of up to 3%. #1 Dogecoin (Livecoin / Poloniex / YoBit) Many things can be said about Dogecoin these days, but it is also subject to arbitrage trading across different exchanges. Its value on YoBit is surprisingly high compared to Livecoin, HitBTC, and Poloniex. Buying on either of those exchanges and selling on YoBit will usually yield a gain of 2.5% or more. The post Daily Arbitrage Options: Dash, DOGE, XMR, XLM, USDT, LSK appeared first on NullTX.

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Is the Decline Over for Dogecoin [Doge]?

Dogecoin has been declining since its spike in early September. A recent bounce which took place late last week was followed up by Doge continuing its decline. But the decline continuation was stopped short, and today Doge is back to rising. This prices in a higher low in both price action and RSI. If Doge can now price in a higher high, this would be a very bullish sign for near-term price action. The daily MACD is also beginning to converge again and close to crossing over its signal line to the downside. This would be another bullish signal and might bring some respite from the declines in price which have been occurring since early September. The price declines in Doge were catalyzed by a bearish divergence which took place between price and RSI. This took place when price formed a higher high despite RSI forming a lower high. Any traders who took a short position at this point would have capitalized on the following drop. Doge Daily Chart - Source: Although price action has been mostly been moving downward in Doge, it has been one of the only coins that have not been consolidating along with the market leader Bitcoin for the past two weeks. Most altcoins have been following the market leader with Bitcoin representing over 54% of the total cryptocurrency market cap. Doge appears to be an altcoin which plays by its own rules and the future direction of Bitcoin will likely not have as much of an impact on its price compared to the impact Bitcoins movements will have on other altcoins. It is still important to monitor the market leader to assess the overall health of the cryptocurrency market, and with Bitcoin approaching the end of a triangle pattern which has been forming since March, a significant move could be close. Bitcoin Daily Chart - Source: Key Takeaways: Doges decline may be coming to an end with a higher low being priced in today. Doge has been declining since a bearish divergence formed between price and RSI in early September. Doge has not been following Bitcoins movements as closely as other altcoins, but it is still important to monitor the market leader as it represents over 54% of the total market cap. DISCLAIMER: Investing or trading in digital assets, such as those featured here, is extremely speculative and carries substantial risk. This analysis should not be considered investment advice, use it for informational purposes only. Historical performance of the assets discussed is not indicative of future performance. Statements, analysis, and information on blokt and associated or linked sites do not necessarily match the opinion of blokt. This analysis should not be interpreted as advice to buy, sell or hold and should not be taken as an endorsement or recommendation of a particular asset. Is the Decline Over for Dogecoin [Doge]? was originally found on [blokt] - Blockchain, Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News.

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Dogecoin [DOGE] Continues to Decline After Poor October Performance

While the rest of the market was consolidating over the past two weeks, Doge was declining. This was part of the prolonged correction which has taken place since Doge spiked at the start of September. The spike at the start of September saw Dogecoin’s price increase from support at $0.0022 to a high of $0.007. […] Dogecoin [DOGE] Continues to Decline After Poor October Performance was...

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Dogecoin (Doge) Beats HODLers Expectations with a 10% Increase

Dogecoin (DOGE), an infamous meme coin, has hiked today beating the expectations of its HOLDers. The recent growth increased the coin’s price by 10% making it a gainer in the market. Over the past one week, Dogecoin has undergone a period of constant downswing. DOGE began the week at $0.0044 and then declined for two days to the $0.0041 mark on 23rd October. The coin then saw an upward movement the same day to the 0.0042 mark. It, however, dropped below the 0.0040 resistance on October 24, crashing to a price of 0.0038. Despite seeing a correction to the 0.0040 mark the same day, the coin reached its weekly low of 0.0036 on October 25. The coin then experienced an increase for the next two days and settled at $0.0038. It then showed a surprise hike and pushed the price to the 0.042 mark where it is currently trading. (VK)

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Dogecoin [DOGE] beats the bear with a 10% growth as Bitcoin [BTC] continues to move sideways

The infamous meme coin known as Dogecoin [DOGE] has once again beat the expectations of its HODLers, as it recovered from its decline earlier this week. The latest hike raised the price by 10%, marking its space as a gainer in the market where even Bitcoin [BTC], the market leader, has exhibited sideways movement. DOGE has experienced a period of steady decline over the past seven days, leading many to believe that the price will gain, despite the downwards movement. While the coin started off the week at around $0.0044, it saw a drop for two days, slinking down to the $0.0041 mark until October 23. Dogecoin seven-day price graph | Source: CoinMarketCap It then saw a spike to the $0.0042 mark on the same day, providing a much-needed correction from the downwards movement. However, the next day saw the coin drop below the $0.0040 resistance, plummeting to a price of $0.0038. While it saw a correction to $0.0040 on the same day, a decline on October 25 saw the coin reach its weekly low of $0.0036. The token seemed to have momentum left in its run, as it regained its price of $0.0038 over the next two days. A surprise hike then occurred, pushing the price well over $0.0040 to reach the $0.0042 mark once again. This has left the coin currently trading at $0.0042. The post Dogecoin [DOGE] beats the bear with a 10% growth as Bitcoin [BTC] continues to move sideways appeared first on AMBCrypto.

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BitGo, Crypto Startups To Put Bitcoin (BTC) On Ethereum Blockchain

Meet Wrapped Bitcoin, BTC On The Ethereum Blockchain Although it is clear that the creation of Bitcoin indirectly parented the Ethereum project, arguably the second-most successful blockchain, moves have recently been made to develop BTC-backed, Ethereum-based tokens, which is an abstract concept in and of itself. To bring clarity to this venture, Kyber Network, an integral part in this push to launch these tokens, dubbed Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC), issued an extensive piece outlining the project. Per the post, Kyber will be joining hands with Palo Alto-based BitGo, Andreessen Horowitz-backed MakerDao, AirSwap, Blockfolio, IDEX, and almost a dozen other crypto-focused firms to make WBTC a reality. Kyber, who has been “working very hard” with BitGo and Repbublic Protocol over recent months, revealed that first off, WBTC will be an ERC20 token fully collateralized by physical BTC, which will reportedly be held through qualified, regulated custodians. The project, which is the first of its kind, essentially aims to bridge the gap between the two independent decentralized networks, which aren’t similar/near-identical by any means. You may be wondering — how is WBTC going to work? Well, as explained by the Kyber Network, WBTC will be backed by BTC reserves at a 1:1 ratio, with the former token being issued when BTC is deposited into the system proposed by the aforementioned partners. Then, when WBTC holders want to redeem their tokens for Bitcoin, the ERC20 tokens are burned. The issuance and burning process will be obviously put on the Ethereum blockchain, allowing consumers from across the globe to access information pertaining to WBTC. Also, Kyber noted that WBTC/Bitcoin transactions are atomic, meaning that users’ funds are always kept safe when acquiring WBTC tokens. To further ensure that all of WBTC’s Bitcoin reserves are accounted for, a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) “comprised of reputable projects in the blockchain space” will actively audit the smart contracts associated with this project to ensure that integrity is upheld. The Block has revealed that the ERC20 token could launch in 2019, but didn’t give any further specifics on the matter. WBTC May Be Legit... But Why? Due to the relative absurdity of this project, some were quick to question WBTC’s existence. Responding to BitGo’s announcement tweet regarding the matter, Andreas Antonopoulos, a prominent Bitcoin-centric proponent that hasn’t been afraid to advocate for Ethereum, simply asked — why? Why? — Andreas M. Antonopoulos (@aantonop) October 26, 2018 Andreas wasn’t the only one to question and comment on the project, as Jackson Palmer, the founder of Dogecoin (DOGE) and an Adobe developer, jokingly noted that WBTC is essentially putting a blockchain on another blockchain, which is evidently a confusing concept. Blockchains on blockchains on blockchains. — Jackson Palmer (@ummjackson) October 27, 2018 Seeing that many were confused, WBTC’s partner firms were quick to issue comments and clarify why the project is a viable token. New York-based AirSwap, a peer-to-peer (decentralized) cryptocurrency trading network, took to Twitter to explain what is so appealing about the BTC-on-Ethereum project. $BTC is now a part of the AirSwap trading experience. We’re excited to support the community initiative to bring $WBTC to the Ethereum ecosystem. — AirSwap (@airswap) October 26, 2018 In an image, AirSwap highlighted the three “key values of” the WBTC project, which are the fact that it is transparent (as aforementioned), community-led, and accessible for participation from all players in the nascent cryptocurrency market. While this is all well and good, some were still left asking — what can WBTC be used for. Through the aforementioned values, WBTC on Ethereum will allow developers to take advantage of Bitcoin’s liquidity pool to apply BTC to Ethereum’s decentralized application and smart contract landscape. There aren’t any defined use cases for this up and coming asset just yet, but with a bit of time and elbow grease, developers in this industry will likely be able to create services, platforms, and systems that benefit from the use of WBTC. Title Image Courtesy of Thought Catalog via Unsplash The post BitGo, Crypto Startups To Put Bitcoin (BTC) On Ethereum Blockchain appeared first on Ethereum World News.

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Cryptocurrency Market Update: Dogecoin Making a Comeback

FOMO Moments Another weekend of inactivity in crypto land; Dogecoin and Electroneum moving, Revain diving. More of the same is about the only thing that can be said about crypto markets as we enter the weekend. Another week with virtually no movement means that total market capitalization is still around $210 billion where is has been for the past fortnight. Bitcoin remains in a consolidating channel just below $6,500. It has not moved out of this range since the October 15 spike to $6,700 which saw a rapid bounce off strong resistance. The crypto sphere is still waiting for something to happen in the Bitcoin camp. Until then everything remains flat including Ethereum which is still stuck at around $205. The altcoins are mixed today about half and half and as has been the case all week, gains or losses are marginal for most of them. Nothing has moved more than a percent in either direction over the past 24 hours in the top ten. A little more movement has come further down the chart in the top twenty with Tron showing the biggest gain in this group. TRX is up 2.7% on the day to reach $0.0236. Zcash and VeChain have dropped back 2% each but nothing else notable is happening. Just outside the top twenty is Dogecoin making a run today with a 12% pump. DOGE spiked a couple of hours ago and is now at 65 satoshis ($0.0042). There is not much on the Dogecoin twitter feed aside from the usual bunch of doggie memes indicating that a dump is likely to follow for this clown of crypto. Today’s big pump is coming from Electroneum which has surged 27% during the Asian trading session this morning. A partnership with Turkey’s top crypto exchange which will provide fiat pairs for ETN has driven momentum. At the messy end of the table is Revain getting trounced 14% and leading the losers in the top one hundred. There has still been no change in total crypto market capitalization which remains at $209 billion. It has ranged between $212 and $207 billion this week and has not been out of this channel since mid-October when markets jumped from $200 billion. Bitcoin dominance has also not moved and remains at 53.7%. FOMO Moments is a section that takes a daily look at the top 20 altcoins during the current trading session and analyses the best performing ones, looking for trends and possible fundamentals. The post Cryptocurrency Market Update: Dogecoin Making a Comeback appeared first on NewsBTC.

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Dogecoin (DOGE) Battling to Bottom-Out and Recover: Latest News to Read

Since its end-of-August stellar performance in the cryptocurrency market, Dogecoin has been left on the hands of sellers which have taken the wheel and tanked its value heavily downward. Source: coinmarketcap Continuing its violent-sell off since September 11 when the pair DOGE/USD hit the $0.0068 mark, the coin has broken below its declining trend opening gates for possibly even more plunging in the upcoming days. There is a high chance that the correction will continue until the value returns at\ the level of its speedy hoist at $0.0030 against the US Dollar, when more details were revealed about the popular Doge-Ethereum bridge. Read: Dogecoin DOGE/USD Only Double Digit Gainer: Above 20% as Doge-Ethereum is Announced Per time of writing, the once started as a joke crypto Dogecoin is the only with a gain of 4.55% in the last 24-hours as all coins are on a slow train of balancing bears and bulls. It is leading the BTC market with 4.55% in the green. - SALT - a popular crypto-loan provider has announced that it will be adding the 24th largest coin by market capitalization under cryptocurrencies which are accepted as collateral for fiat loans. Despite not ranking high on the list, DOGE does have high liquidity. Its daily trading volume often exceeds $11 million, which showcases its popularity. According to SALT announcement, DOGE will be one of several cryptocurrencies that can be used as collateral for GBP, JPY, and the USD. The move was announced via a Medium post. Such Wow. — SALT (@SALTLending) October 19, 2018 Additionally, SALT accepts Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and Dogecoin as Collateral [which can be seen in the pic below]. - The developers of Doge Racer have shown a few new screenshots about their upcoming indie game. It is a racing game which features Dogecoin, which can bring a lot more exposure to this altcoin in its own right. Much Fast! So Multiplayer!#madewithunity #dogecoin #DogeRacer — Doge Racer (@RacerDoge) October 25, 2018 The post Dogecoin (DOGE) Battling to Bottom-Out and Recover: Latest News to Read appeared first on Ethereum World News.

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Dogecoin Price Trend can Reclaim $0.004 Before the Weekend

Things are still looking rather troubled where the top 20 cryptocurrencies are concerned. It is evident all markets struggle to recover right now, primarily because Bitcoin seemingly doesn’t know which way is up. One former top 20 currency is making some moves, as Dogecoin is the first “major” altcoin to note a solid gain today. Dogecoin Price Rebound is Coming After suffering from an ongoing decline for nearly two full weeks, it appears, the Dogecoin price might be preparing for a brief rebound over the weekend. It was a matter of time until a gain was noted again, albeit no one expected it to happen today of all days. Even so, one cannot deny the uptrend appears to be shaping up, especially as the trading volume begins picking up. Over the past 24 hours, the value per DOGE has risen by 1% in both USD and BTC value. That is a welcome development, primarily because the value had dipped below $0.004 earlier this week. Reclaiming that price level will not be all too difficult, by the look of things, although it is still a bit early to draw any real conclusions. The current trading volume looks healthy enough to support a big push. Technical analysis often plays an integral role in the world of predicting cryptocurrency price momentum. Dogecoin News is making an interesting observation, although one that might not necessarily be entirely correct. The “drawn dog” on the RH 1-year chart is certainly there to see, but that should not necessarily be interpreted as a bullish signal whatsoever. The pattern is rather uncanny, though. Whales drew another dog today on the RH 1-year chart! #CrazyButTrue #Doge #DogeCoinNews #DogeCoin #Ethereum #ElonMusk #DogeKennel — DogeCoin News (@news_dogecoin) October 26, 2018 One particular development still attracting a lot of attention comes in the form of the Dogethereum bridge. This solution will pave the way for easy conversions between DOGE and ERC20 tokens, making it a worthwhile project to keep an eye on moving forward. It is only normal projects like these get people excited during these interesting times in the cryptocurrency industry. #doge #ethereum #dogethereum @Truebitprotocol @Stanford — ____nevv (@____nevv) October 26, 2018 Last but not least, everyone likes a gif of a smiling dog. Since dogs play such an integral part in the Dogecoin ecosystem, it is only normal images like these are of great value to the community as a whole. This smiling dog will make many people’s day a lot brighter, even though it is also a potential smirk when looking at the current Dogecoin price momentum. #dogecoin — J-Flo (@gx110) October 26, 2018 All things considered, it seems Dogecoin will have to lead all altcoins into the green over the weekend. While the current momentum is still a bit shaky, no one can deny things are getting very interesting as of right now. If the $0.004 level is retaken later today, there is a good chance DOGE’s value will continue to move up in the next few days. The post Dogecoin Price Trend can Reclaim $0.004 Before the Weekend appeared first on NullTX.

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Dogecoin [Doge] Bounces After Steep Decline

Doge has bounced today after being in a downward spiral for the past week. Doge is one of the few coins which is making significant movements today while the rest of the market is stagnating. The decline it has recently been experiencing seems to be a correction after the sharp spike in price which took […] Dogecoin [Doge] Bounces After Steep Decline was originally found on [blokt] -...

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Meet ‘Doge Racer’, the Multiplayer Indie Racing Game Inspired by Dogecoin

Dogecoin (DOGE) is no stranger to high-octane racing. Back in 2014, the Dogecoin community threw together $55k (over 60 million DOGE at that time) and sponsored NASCAR driver Josh Wise at Talladega. Now, meet the next chapter in the storied history of Dogecoin Racing: Doge Racer, a little-known indie game that features online multiplayer, story mode, vehicle customization and

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Dogecoin [Doge] Downward Spiral Continues as Seller Momentum Continues

The spike which occurred in Dogecoin in early September is quickly reversing itself as Doge records its fifth consecutive loss. This is a bad sign for holders in Doge as the price continues to depreciate despite the rest of the market trading steadily sideways. The momentum is strongly on the side of sellers with the MACD diverging to the downside and the RSI forming lower lows and lower highs. The RSI has entered oversold territory, but with momentum being strongly bearish, it is unlikely that this will have any impact. Price was briefly held by the daily 200 EMA, but on a second test, price action broke through and now trades significantly below. Any movement back up would likely meet resistance at this point. Dogecoin Daily Chart - Source: While most of the market tends to follow the market leader Bitcoin, Doge is on a path of its right now as analysis looks like its sure for further declines. It is questionable whether this decline will result in price returning to support near $0.002 where it traded before the early September spike. The hourly chart shows the steady decline with recent downward movements occurring on significant volume as the momentum of the downward move increases. The majority of sellers are likely to be looking to profit from the September spike as they lose hopes of further increases. Other traders may also be short selling on some exchanges such as Poloniex which offer this service. This involves borrowing funds from other traders on the exchange to speculate on Dogecoin declining versus Bitcoin. The current price is around $0.0037 and against USD and 58 Satoshi against Bitcoin (0.00000058 Bitcoin). Dogecoin Hourly Chart - Source: Key Takeaways: Doge continues downward spiral as it records its fifth consecutive daily decline. Selling momentum increases with RSI forming lower lows and lower highs and MACD diverging to the downside. Recent hourly declines have been on significant declines. Difficult to assess where the downward movement will stop with momentum being strongly with the sellers. Dogecoin traded at support near $0.002 prior to September spike. Dogecoin [Doge] Downward Spiral Continues as Seller Momentum Continues was originally found on [blokt] - Blockchain, Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News.

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Tom Lee Expects Bitcoin (BTC) to Be “One of The Most Profitable Cryptocurrencies” of 2019

Tom Lee, CEO of Fundstrat, and one of the most popular analysts in the community of crypto users and traders is having a heavy media presence this week due to his strong bullish position on Bitcoin (BTC) despite its current price behavior. A few days ago, in an interview with The Crypto Chick, Mr. Lee stated that Bitcoin has a very good chance of overcoming the 20k barrier by 2019. According to his analysis, Bitcoin has had a price increase in 80% of the scenarios with characteristics similar to the current situation. Also, Lee mentioned that Ether (ETH) also has high probabilities of reaching close to 2k USD given its high adoption level. Also, Mr. Lee commented that even for those who do not believe in Ethereum, the chances of profit are very high in case of buying tokens at the current price. In addition to his YouTube interview, Tom Lee was invited to give a lecture at Asia Blockchain Week, an event organized by Blockshow which will be hosted in Singapore from Nov. 27 until Dec. 1, 2018. On the occasion of this invitation, Lee gave a pre-interview, discussing his vision on the current and future panorama of cryptos and blockchain technologies. Tom Lee Foresees a Nice 2019 for Bitcoin (BTC) ... and Stablecoins Tom Lee considers that at current levels, Bitcoin (BTC) prices are very close to the overall average of mining costs, making it possible to foresee a sharp price increase in the near future. Lee also mentioned that he expects Bitcoin to be one of the most profitable cryptocurrencies in 2019: “Bitcoin is preparing to break out. It has found support around the $6,000 level, which equals the breakeven for mining costs ... In the past year, we saw the best performing cryptocurrencies have had the best growth in active users (e.g., EOS, XLM, BTC, and DOGE). I at least expect Bitcoin to be one of the most profitable cryptocurrencies next year.” Also, when asked about the controversy surrounding USDT, Tom Lee mentioned that he trusts the team behind Tether and feels comfortable handling the stable coin: “I am comfortable that USDT is backed by USD and I have confidence in the Tether team. Stablecoins are a novel idea, and I hope they work.” Mr. Lee will participate on a panel during the main stage of BlockShow Asia 2018, November 28 at 2:30pm, discussing the topic: “The Next Miracle: Can Blockchain Bring The ‘Asian Tigers’ Back?”. He will later give an exclusive speech at 5:50 PM The post Tom Lee Expects Bitcoin (BTC) to Be “One of The Most Profitable Cryptocurrencies” of 2019 appeared first on Ethereum World News.

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Dogecoin Price Slump Continues Despite Indie Gaming Push

Even though the current price momentum might not show it, there are plenty of interesting things happening for Dogecoin. Especially in the indie gaming department, Dogecoin is getting a fair bit of attention right now. All of these developments will ensure the legacy of the meme coin carries on, regardless of short-term DOGE price changes. Dogecoin Price Woes Continue This past week has not been overly pleasant for DOGE holders by any means. Even though things were still looking rather promising at the beginning of the week, the Dogecoin price has decreased significantly ever since. An ongoing downtrend has begun taking shape, and it seems there is no reversal in sight as of yet. Over the past 24 hours, the Dogecoin price has lost another 3% in both USD and BTC value. It is the first time in a while one DOGE is valued at $0.0038, but that level may not act as a new support level just yet. Instead, a dip to $0.0035 seems to be shaping up, despite some very interesting developments behind the scenes. More DOGE exposure can lift the altcoin back in the green with relative ease. Two interesting video game-related developments are taking place right now. First of all, the developers of Doge Racer have shown a few new screenshots about their upcoming indie game. It is a racing game which features Dogecoin, which can bring a lot more exposure to this altcoin in its own right. Although there’s still plenty of work to be done, the project appears to be advancing rather nicely. Much Fast! So Multiplayer!#madewithunity #dogecoin #DogeRacer — Doge Racer (@RacerDoge) October 25, 2018 In more video gaming news, it seems the Dogecoin Doge will be making its way to Kawaii Crypto Kingdom. This up-and-coming mobile game is currently in development and features many characters tied to cryptocurrency. VeChain, Monero, Bitcoin, and others are also represented. The Dogecoin Doge is a welcome addition to this list, and it is another example of how Dogecoin will not drop off the radar anytime soon. "Here's Kawaii Crypto #Dogecoin Doge! #kawaiicrypto #crypto @dogecoin @brucefenton @MSingularity. Will be putting him into the game and working on his section next week!" - Kawaii Crypto on ... - #Reddit — Crypto News (@MuchCryptoNews) October 25, 2018 Last but not least, community members actively explain why Dogecoin is such a successful project right now. Its quick transaction time and high amount of value transacted over the network on a near daily basis make it the second-most valuable network to date. That is something a lot of onlookers tend to ignore, albeit Dogecoin is only second to Bitcoin in this department. 1. Fiat is ponzi 2. If you don't HOLD it you don't OWN it3. buzz buzz smart contract blockchain4. #dogecoin does it 3 times faster on a bad day Buy #BTC Store #BTC — TakijA (@VodeniZeko) October 25, 2018 With all of these changes taking place in the Dogecoin ecosystem, it appears to be a matter of time until DOGE’s value goes through an uptrend again. In terms of marketing and exposure, Dogecoin is setting the tone for all other cryptocurrencies to follow. Now that more indie game developers are incorporating this project in their own way, the future looks rather bright for this alternative cryptocurrency. The post Dogecoin Price Slump Continues Despite Indie Gaming Push appeared first on NullTX.

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Ravencoin [RVN] shoots up by a massive 69% and Dogecoin [DOGE] falls by 16%; not all altcoins visited by bull

The cryptocurrency market today opened to most of the popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin [BTC] and Ethereum [ETH] struggling to get out of the bear’s grasp while at the same time, altcoins like Ravencoin [RVN] seeing a monumental shoot up. At the time of writing, Ravencoin [RVN] was rocketing past market expectations by growing at a seven-day rate of 69%. The cryptocurrency was trading for $0.051, with a total market cap of $108.679 million. RVN held a 24-hour market volume of $96.092 million, with most of the trade occurring on platforms like Binance, Bittrex, and Upbit. Ravencoin seven-day chart | Source: CoinMarketCap The lion’s share of Ravencoin trade was held by Binance, where a mammoth 90% of the total trade amounting to $87.051 million occurred. Binance’s closest competition was Bittrex, whose trade volume of $4.414 million was miles behind than that of CZ’s exchange. Ravencoin had also made news a few days back when cryptocurrency charts revealed that the coin had risen by an astronomical 61,929% on a weekly graph. Not all altcoins were surging on the bull wave though, with the Jackson Palmer founded Dogecoin [DOGE] seeing a drastic drop of 16.08% over the past week. At press time, Dogecoin was trading for $0.003842 with a total market cap of $448.341 million. The cryptocurrency held a 24-hour market volume of $15,440 million, which was held by exchanges like and Dogecoin seven-day chart | Source: CoinMarketCap The majority of Dogecoin trade was occurring on the with a trade volume of $4.565 million. was closely followed by with a volume of $2.539 million. Dogecoins drop has stirred the community because of the stark difference in market scenario between now and the time when DOGE had shot up by 121%. During that massive bullish run, Dogecoin had entered the top 20 cryptocurrency club on the back of the coin rising from $0.0025 to $0.0053. RyanHODLER, a Dogecoin enthusiast, stated on Twitter: “This is so terrible. I will still wait for much wow moon. I believe in doge.” The post Ravencoin [RVN] shoots up by a massive 69% and Dogecoin [DOGE] falls by 16%; not all altcoins visited by bull appeared first on AMBCrypto.

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Dogecoin [DOGE] Declines 33% While Rest of Cryptocurrency Market Consolidates

The famous meme-based digital currency Dogecoin has been on a downward spiral this month which has seen the coin decline from $0.006 to $0.004. The cryptocurrency which is commonly used as a tipping coin had a large spike at the start of September where it appreciated from support at $0.0022 to a high around $0.007. A bearish divergence occurred at this point where price formed a higher high, but the RSI formed a lower high. This showed price continuing to increase despite buying pressure falling off. Momentum is currently strongly on the side of sellers. The MACD diverges to the downside, and RSI is forming lower lows and lower highs along with price action. Price action closed below the 200 EMA yesterday which acted as some support. It continues its decline today below the 200 EMA, and this indicator is likely to act as resistance if the price were to appreciate from here. Doge Daily Chart - Source: What is the reason for this decline? Price spiked rapidly in early September, and this seemed to be due to a correction. Dogecoin also issues about 5 Billion new coins into existence every year which makes it difficult for the coin to hold its value. It has a huge supply on top of this of over 116 Billion circulating. The shorter-term hourly chart shows a similar picture to the daily. A continuing decline with any rises to be short-lived. Price action is trading below the hourly 50 EMA, and this may act as resistance in the event of a rise. The declines have been on larger volume than the corresponding rises. While the rest of the market mainly has a neutral outlook, Doge is looking more bearish and seems to be setting up for further downward movements. Doge Hourly Chart - Source: Key Takeaways: Doge spiked at the start of September increasing from $0.0022 to $0.007. Doge has since sharply declined losing 33% so far this month. A bearish divergence between price and RSI preceded the decline. Doge looks set for further declines after moving below the daily 200 EMA yesterday. Momentum is currently with the sellers as the MACD diverges to the downside and price and RSI form lower lows and lower highs. Doges supply and issuance model make it difficult for the cryptocurrency to hold value. DISCLAIMER: Investing or trading in digital assets, such as those featured here, is extremely speculative and carries substantial risk. This analysis should not be considered investment advice, use it for informational purposes only. Historical performance of the assets discussed is not indicative of future performance. Statements, analysis, and information on blokt and associated or linked sites do not necessarily match the opinion of blokt. This analysis should not be interpreted as advice to buy, sell or hold and should not be taken as an endorsement or recommendation of a particular asset. Dogecoin [DOGE] Declines 33% While Rest of Cryptocurrency Market Consolidates was originally found on [blokt] - Blockchain, Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News.

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Dogecoin Price Dips Below $0.004 as Negative Pressure Intensifies

The past week has not been too impressive for Dogecoin price speculators. A hefty net loss has been recorded over the past seven days, and the current daily chart will not offer much hope either. There is no real social media activity taking place either, which might indicate DOGE will continue to lose value in the coming weeks. Dogecoin Price Continuers to Dip Lower These past seven days have not been overly pleasant for DOGE price watchers. Although that is not entirely unexpected whatsoever, it has become apparent there is still a lot of negative momentum waiting to materialize. This ongoing downtrend has resulted in a net 19% loss for DOGE, pushing its value back down to $0.0039. A very different price point compared to the $0.005 of just a few weeks ago. Things have not improved much over the past 24 hours either. Another net loss of 8% in both USD and BTC departments shows there is a lot of negative pressure on Dogecoin right now, and things might not turn around anytime soon either. That is always incredibly worrisome first and foremost, albeit there is little one can do about this current momentum. One positive aspect which deserves highlighting is how Dogecoin remains the second-most valuable cryptocurrency network in terms of transaction value broadcasted during the past 24 hours. Bitcoin leads the charge with $7bn, whereas Dogecoin comes in second place with $729.13m. It is also worth noting this DOGE transaction value represents nearly 160% of the project’s market cap. Traders and speculators are not too convinced things will remain this negative for much longer. WarmaneTrade is confident DOGE will go through an uptrend fairly soon, although there will be a further dip first and foremost. How high the price will rise in the future, is difficult to predict, albeit it is certainly possible a healthy bounce will materialize sooner or later. That will require a hefty push, though, which isn’t materializing as of yet. #Dogecoin #Dogeusd #hitbtc #cryptocurrency #trading #trader #dogecurrency #cryptotrading Dogecoin USD H4 Tradingview HITBTC — WarmaneTrade (@WarmaneT) October 23, 2018 Not a day goes by without an interesting Dogecoin meme being shared on Twitter. J-Flo helps out in this regard, as their Dogecoin meme is pretty interesting in its own way. Although it seems unlikely a dog will ever conduct a news broadcast, something like this is certainly possible in Asia. Memes like these make Dogecoin so successful, and it is evident they will keep cryptocurrency enthusiasts amused for some time. #dogecoin — J-Flo (@gx110) October 23, 2018 For the time being, it remains to be seen what the future holds for Dogecoin. At this stage, things are not looking good, even though the network itself remains one of the more successful projects in all of cryptocurrency. Whether or not things can improve moving forward, remains anybody’s guess at this time. The post Dogecoin Price Dips Below $0.004 as Negative Pressure Intensifies appeared first on NullTX.

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Huobi Reveals New Stablecoin & Crypto Loans Launch

There has been news on stablecoins scattered around the space recently and maybe the best way to start the week was to go in a different direction but the news from Huobi is too tasty to not give attention too. Stablecoins are getting more and more popular by the minute and is now starting to get meta. The second largest exchange in the world, Huobi has revealed the launch of HUSD but this isn’t technically a stablecoin. Instead, it is an integrated solution which, in itself contains several stablecoins. The aim is to save traders from having to choose between several ‘pegged’ coins. Multiple exchanges now list stablecoins which are often paired against each other - this includes Huobi. According to, the Singapore based firm went on to explain: “When you deposit any kind of stablecoins, they will be shown as HUSD in your account. You may withdraw any kind of stablecoin... For example, when you deposit 1 PAX, it will show as 1 HUSD in your account, and you can withdraw 1 TUSD.” Given that stablecoins can usually be relied on to adhere to the US dollar, the solution should save time for Huobi and their clients. “We look forward to more stablecoins being involved in the HUSD system. Concurrently, we will evaluate the existing stablecoins in the HUSD system on a real-time basis, if the stablecoin doesn’t meet the corresponding risk control standard, we will remove it,” stated Huobi. The Huobi Token is currently in the red down 1.83% and is priced around $1.61 at the time of writing. To find out about the four new coins that are available on Huobi, check out our recent video on our YouTube channel! Crypto loans The number of digital currencies that be used as collateral is always growing. Salt used “Very lending, much liquidity” as their tagline used to introduce their latest altcoin lending option. Crypto users can now deploy DOGE as collateral as well as Litecoin, Ethereum and Bitcoin. Crypto-fiat loans can be obtained for up to 36 months with an APR which begins at around 6%. What are your thoughts? Let us know what you think down in the comments below! googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display('div-gpt-ad-1538128067916-0'); }); The post Huobi Reveals New Stablecoin & Crypto Loans Launch appeared first on Crypto Daily™.

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Malicious Scammer Targets 10,000 Dogecoin Users, Russian Cybersecurity Firm Reports

A cybercriminal has reportedly been targeting Dogecoin (DOGE) users by using credential-stealing malware, according to a recent post by cybersecurity firm Dr. Web.

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Dogecoin Price Heads Back to $0.005 After Brief Dip

The interesting and peculiar trend affected all cryptocurrencies continues unabated. Even though there has been a lot of sideways trading momentum over the weekend, it seems things will continue for some time to come. Dogecoin is making a small comeback as well, after losing its relative stability at $0.005. Dogecoin Price is on the Rise It doesn’t happen all that often people start to consider Dogecoin a stable cryptocurrency. Especially because this project appears to be so niche, its value has not fluctuated in any wild manner. Instead, it appears the DOGE value would remain stable at $0.005 for some time to come. That streak was broken earlier this week, albeit the rebound is already taking shape. More specifically, there is a small uptrend over the past few hours which slowly pushes the Dogecoin price back toward $0.005. A minor increase in both USD and BTC value has shown Dogecoin is anything but dead at this point, even though its massive price gain of earlier this year might not be repeated anytime soon. Despite the lack of volatility, Dogecoin remains one of the more attractive cryptocurrency markets at all times. Community members are also quite happy with this most recent development. Cooz Komei Tokita is confident Dogecoin will come back every single time a setback occurs. So far, that is exactly what tends to happen in the cryptocurrency world, How often history will repeat itself, is a different matter altogether. The beauty of this is undescribable. Dogecoin never ceases to make me happy. That joke that never died and making a comeback. #doge — Cooz Komei Tokita (English) (@CoozKTokitaEN) October 21, 2018 As is always the case, traders and speculators can still leverage the price gap between different exchanges to make a profit. A lot of arbitrage opportunities exist for Dogecoin right now, resulting in gains between 2% and 4% for arbitrage traders. This is a very interesting opportunity, although all of the eligible exchanges appear to generate low DOGE trading volume at this time. #DOGEBuy at #Koineks and sell at #YoBit. Ratio: 3.51%Buy at #Sistemkoin and sell at #YoBit. Ratio: 4.40%Buy at #HitBTC and sell at #YoBit. Ratio: 2.25%Buy at #Poloniex and sell at #YoBit. Ratio: 2.56%#bitcoin #arbitrage #arbitraj #arbingtool — Arbing Tool (@ArbingTool) October 21, 2018 Last but not least, Dogecoin wouldn’t be the popular community without some good memes. Dogecoin Memes is a vital Twitter account to follow in this regard. Their recent meme pertains to visualizing the Dogecoin blockchain with stuffed doges. It is a very unique chaingang, and it will undoubtedly bring a lot of chuckles to cryptocurrency enthusiasts globally. #Dogecoin #memes #crypto #cryptocurrency #doge #tothemoon #wow #moonsoon #dogechain #irl #meirl #2real4me #cute — Dogecoin Memes (@DogecoinMemes) October 21, 2018 All of the market conditions appear to indicate Dogecoin’s value might continue to rise for a few more hours to come. No spectacular changes should be expected in this regard, as all markets remain subdued for the time being. Small gains are still equally viable in the cryptocurrency world, and Dogecoin enthusiasts will be quite happy with the way things are going as of right now. The post Dogecoin Price Heads Back to $0.005 After Brief Dip appeared first on NullTX.

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SALT Adds Dogecoin (DOGE), “Very Lending, Much Liquidity”

Salt Lending Adds Dogecoin, Shibes Rejoice Shibes rejoice! As of today, October 20th, 2018, users of the popular Salt Lending platform will be able to put up their Dogecoin (DOGE) as collateral for loans. Elaborating on this exciting subject matter, Salt Lending, or SALT for short, issued a Medium post to highlight what this move entails. Such Wow. — SALT (@SALTLending) October 19, 2018 Per the post, DOGE will now be a collateral option alongside Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Litecoin (LTC). By putting up any of the four aforementioned crypto assets, qualified users of the platform can “leverage their digital assets” to gain access to U.S. dollar loans. It is important to note that SALT allows users of its platform to put up a combination of the four assets as collateral, which allows for a solid range of flexibility. Seeing that SALT is the foremost retail-focused crypto-loan platform, with a reported jaw-dropping $50 million in loans issued, the adoption of Dogecoin might’ve been something that the crypto community was waiting for. But why Dogecoin? You may be asking. Well, the five-year-old cryptocurrency that was based on the fittingly named “Doge” meme has continued to gain backing, even in spite of its reputation as a joke crypto asset. Moreover, unlike a majority of altcoins today, its use case is established, making it one of the most used blockchains in terms of transaction throughput and collective transaction values. As reported by Ethereum World News previously, as spotted by cryptocurrency researcher and analyst Kevin Rooke, Dogecoin’s daily transaction throughput beat Bitcoin Cash by 3x, Litecoin by 8x, Dash by 13x, Decred by 35x, and Bitcoin Gold by 41x. Keeping these surprising stats in mind, Rooke called Dogecoin “the envy of the crypto world.” Also taking into account that DOGE is a pure cryptocurrency, through and through, it is logical why SALT decided to add this specific crypto asset. The firm itself acknowledged the aforementioned benefits of the meme currency, writing: Dogecoin has a rich history and incredible support from its community, is widely traded, offers high liquidity, and is built using the Bitcoin code base — all factors that make it not only a viable asset to loan against, but an obvious collateral choice for SALT. At the time of writing, DOGE is worth $0.004514 a piece and is up 1.12% in the past day, establishing itself as the 21st crypto asset in terms of market capitalization. SALT Continues Unbridled Growth Efforts This news follows SALT’s move to add Litecoin (LTC) just two weeks back, likely indicating that the popular fintech startup is looking to rapidly expand its horizons. Coupled with its Litecoin announcement, the firm also announced a series of changes that may only better the user experience. More specifically, SALT decreased interest rates for its USD loans (under $75,000) to 5.99%, while also removing the maximum cap on loan amounts. The startup also recently expanded operations into 15 additional U.S. jurisdictions, such as Texas and Washington, while also offering its service for the first time in Brazil, Hong Kong, along with five other nations. With these developments, it can be assumed that SALT seems to be aiming to gain the business of a wider user base. The post SALT Adds Dogecoin (DOGE), “Very Lending, Much Liquidity” appeared first on Ethereum World News.

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SALT Adds Dogecoin (DOGE) as a Loan Collateral Option

SALT (SALT), an issuer of cryptocurrency-backed loans, announced this week that it now accepts Dogecoin (DOGE), the cryptocurrency named after the popular meme, as a collateral option. According to the announcement, SALT users can now leverage their DOGE holdings to secure a USD loan. SALT already supports Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin as collateral options on its platform.

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SALT Makes Its Way into the Top 100 Cryptocurrencies by Market Cap with 30% Gains

The broader cryptocurrency market is trading in the green today, and one of the top gainers is SALT Lending (SALT). The SALT coin is up more than 30% to $0.80 and market cap has increased to approximately $65 million. The startup, which issues cryptocurrency-backed loans, added support for Dogecoin (DOGE) yesterday, which could be fueling the continued gains. SALT has made its way into the top 95 coins based on market cap after ranking at higher than 100 just a day ago. Much of today’s trading volume is unfolding on Binance and Bithumb in the SALT/BTC and SALT/KRW trading pairs, respectively. (GT)

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SALT Lending Expands with the Addition of “Internet Sensation” Dogecoin for Collateralized Loans

SALT Lending, which issues crypto-backed loans in USD, is now accepting Dogecoin (DOGE) as collateral for loans. While most of SALT’s loans are backed by Bitcoin, SALT is capitalizing on the fact that Dogecoin is an “internet sensation.” In total, SALT has extended more than $50 million in crypto-backed loans, giving borrowers the ability to use their crypto holdings as collateral for USD loans. SALT Lending also launched a voting feature so the community can decide which cryptocurrency will be added next. SALT currently accepts four cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and most recently Dogecoin. DOGE has advanced 4% in the last 24 hours to $0.0045. (GT)

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Privacy Coin Zcash Muscles Dogecoin Out of the No. 20 Spot on CoinMarketCap

Privacy coin Zcash (ZEC) has surpassed recent crypto darling Dogecoin (DOGE) on CoinMarketCap. Zcash now has the No. 20 spot with a market cap of $597 million compared to Dogecoin’s $509 million. In recent days, the value of Dogecoin was above $600 million but it has since consolidated a bit. Meanwhile, momentum is building in ZEC ahead of the project’s upgrade dubbed Sapling, which is scheduled for Oct. 28. The upgrade is designed to introduce improvements to “shielded transactions.” (GT)

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The Daily: Robinhood Reaches 25th State, Fake Adobe Crypto Malware

In today’s edition of The Daily we cover stories about Robinhood expanding to its 25th American state, recently discovered mining malware, Coinbase ditching its crypto index fund, and a new blockchain job for a former advisor to president Trump. Also Read: US Court Issues Emergency Order Halting a Planned Initial Coin Offering Robinhood Reaches 25th State Robinhood Markets, the stocks, options and crypto brokerage app, has reached its 25th U.S. state. This means its free trading app is now available across half of America. The Menlo Park-headquartered company announced this week that it has expanded its services to Ohio. With this latest expansion, Robinhood Crypto is now available in Ohio, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Arkansas, Alaska, Oklahoma, Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Iowa, Massachusetts, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, New Jersey, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, Texas, Utah, Virginia, and Wisconsin. The app features support for BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC, DOGE and ETC. Coinbase Ditches Crypto Index Fund Coinbase, the popular US exchange, is ditching its crypto index fund that was designed to attract big investors in the field. The Coinbase Index Fund is a private fund that seeks to track overall performance of the cryptocurrencies listed on Coinbase’s exchange, GDAX. The minimum investment amount for the fund is $250,000 and the maximum is $20 million, with an annual management fee of 2%. The San Francisco-based company first unveiled the fund on March 6 and the service was opened to investments on June 12, with Reuben Bramanathan, Product Lead of Coinbase Asset Management, claiming: “We’ve seen overwhelming interest from investors since we announced the fund earlier this year.” Now it appears that this overwhelming interest failed to materialize into actual clients, resulting in the service’s discontinuation. The company is said to be shifting its attention to a new retail offering, Coinbase Bundle, a recently launched basket of cryptocurrencies investors will be able to acquire for as little as $25, as we detailed briefly in yesterday’s episode of The Daily. Crypto Mining Adobe Flash Malware Hackers are using fake Adobe Flash updates to install malware on victims’ computers and hijack them to mine cryptocurrencies like monero (XMR), researchers from cyber security firm Palo Alto Networks Inc. have discovered. Organizations with decent web filtering and more educated users have a much lower risk of being infected by such fake updates, however, they note. “In most cases, fake Flash updates pushing malware are not very stealthy ... However, a recent type of fake Flash update has implemented additional deception. As early as August 2018, some samples impersonating Flash updates have borrowed pop-up notifications from the official Adobe installer. These fake Flash updates install unwanted programs like an XMRig cryptocurrency miner, but this malware can also update a victim’s Flash Player to the latest version,” the researchers explained. “Because of the legitimate Flash update, a potential victim may not notice anything out of the ordinary.” Gary Cohn’s New Blockchain Job Another top ex-Trump administration official has entered the crypto ecosystem, following Steve Bannon. Gary Cohn, former chief economic advisor to the President of the United States and former President and Chief Operating Officer of Goldman Sachs, has joined the Spring Labs Board of Advisors. Spring Labs is a startup developing a decentralized network for identity and credit. “I have been very interested in blockchain technology for a number of years, and Spring Labs is developing a network that could have profound implications for the financial services sector, among others,” said Cohn. “I am excited to actively support the Spring Labs team in the development of this important business and network.” What do you think about today’s news tidbits? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. Images courtesy of Shutterstock. Verify and track bitcoin cash transactions on our BCH Block Explorer, the best of its kind anywhere in the world. Also, keep up with your holdings, BCH and other coins, on our market charts at Satoshi’s Pulse, another original and free service from The post The Daily: Robinhood Reaches 25th State, Fake Adobe Crypto Malware appeared first on Bitcoin News.

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PR: Exosis Launches ICO to Create a Multi Utility Platform

This is a paid press release, which contains forward looking statements, and should be treated as advertising or promotional material. does not endorse nor support this product/service. is not responsible for or liable for any content, accuracy or quality within the press release. Exosis is a multi utility blockchain platform with five blockchain sites which include, a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange, a virtual masternode, a decentralized e-commerce site, e- wallet and an OTC platform. The cryptocurrency industry has been growing exponentially over the past couple of years. Currently, it is maintaining the market capitalization at $250-300 billion. This indicates that it is a market that has investment potential. The Exosis development team has realized that the best way to create a good cryptocurrency platform is by creating a multi-functional platform that has utility. Exosis is a realization of the dream. It features five different platforms in one. It has a decentralized exchange, a decentralized e-commerce site, an OTC platform, a Virtual Masternode, and a multiplatform e-wallet. These five different business models all rely on the Exosis coin. This Gives Exosis coin Utility, unlike most other cryptocurrency platforms. The only way to succeed in the cryptocurrency industry is by differentiating yourself from competitors. Most of the altcoins are Ethereum-based coins that only offer one of the highlighted Businesses. Unfortunately, this means that investors have to speculate a lot. Such coins are driven more by demand and supply trends making them volatile. Exosis hopes to be different by first relying on its own mainnet. This allows us to control the security and the scalability of the platform truly. Second, having five different Businesses on the same platform provides the Exosis coin with Utility. The coin will be used to pay transaction fees on these five different Sites creating a constant demand for the coin. This will enable the Exosis coin to appreciate. The coin will be less volatile and more lucrative over time making it the perfect coin for Holding. The passive income opportunities for these Businesses will also endear investors Who want-to make a consistent profit on Their investment with relatively low risk. Exosis ICO has already begun gathering massive attention from private investment groups, individuals and the media in general. Its decentralized exchange will be one of the core components of the Exosis ecosystem. Lately, there has been numerous challenges facing some of the established cryptocurrency exchanges as a result of increasing regulation, security issues and order processing speed. Exosis exchange is a decentralized exchange which means that it is a decentralized market that does not rely on a third party service so as to hold customer funds. The exchange will be completely anonymous and decentralized which means there will be no government involvement. Aware that not everyone has the hardware or internet connection to run a masternode. Exosis has offered this opportunity to others by creating virtual masternodes that users can run without the hardware. It offers our users a passive income opportunity. The requirements to run a virtual masternode will be only 100 coins. The rewards will be the same as running the core wallet, but the difference is that the duration of staking will be locked. We will offer flexible durations of 1, 3, 6 and 12 months. Exosis ICO main goal is to support the development of the entire blockchain together with the individual projects. The firm projects to start with an initial 21 million Exo. From this, 2 million coins will be pre-mined. The pre-mined coins will be used in preparation for the main ICO. There will be 10% used for referrals, 10% for bonuses, and 10% for the bounty while the rest will be distributed to the social media, other listings, and marketing. The rest of the ICO funds will be allocated to the following different functions. There will be 50% that will be reserved for market back up. 30% that will be used for promotion and advertisement, while the remaining 20% will be used for development. The Exosis ICO will sell EXO in exchange for BTC, BCH, DASH, ZEC, and DOGE as payment methods. The sale price of The ICO will be $5 with The Soft Cap at I million EXO while the Hard Cap will be at 2 million EXO. There shall be three bonuses stage with each stage receiving a specific bonus percentage amount. Prime shall be carried out After the end of ICO sale date. The ICO will start on 21st October 2018 and end on 19th November 2018. For complete information, please visit Contact Email Address Supporting Link This is a paid press release. Readers should do their own due diligence before taking any actions related to the promoted company or any of its affiliates or services. is not responsible, directly or indirectly, for any damage o

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What is Dogecoin?

Although Dogecoin initially started out as a meme currency, the project is over four years old. A lot of things have changed over the years, including some notorious events bringing DOGE to the mainstream. With the fifth birthday of this project fast approaching (December 8th), a recap of events to date seems in order. The Dogecoin Creation Back in December of 2013, Dogecoin was created by Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer. It was designed to become a joke currency used to reward meme creators, yet quickly turned into a household name within and outside of the financial sector. Dogecoin never tried to portray itself as a serious coin, yet various community members have had different ideas in this regard over the years. The Technical Nitty-gritty On the technical front, several factors about Dogecoin stand out. It is a cryptocurrency with no maximum supply, which makes it inflationary. This is very different from Bitcoin, which has a fixed supply cap of 21 million coins. At the time of writing, over 116 billion DOGE has been created, a number that will continue to increase until everyone stops mining this cryptocurrency. The 100 billionth Dogecoin was created on June 30th of 2015. The increasing supply rate has slowed down significantly ever since, primarily because of a reduction in block rewards. The latest change in this regard was introduced in February of 2018, when the reward per block was lowered to “just” 10,000 DOGE. Reward reductions are important in the cryptocurrency world, for obvious reasons. Noteworthy Events There are four key events which stand out in the history of Dogecoin. First up is the DogeWallet hack, which saw millions of coins being stolen in late 2013. Although this is a very troubling incident, it also allowed Dogecoin to become a trending hashtag on Twitter at that time. None of the coins stolen were ever recovered. However, the Dogecoin community pooled together enough funds to compensate affected users through the “SaveDogemas” event. Secondly, there is the Jamaican Bobsled team. For those unaware, the Jamaican Bobsled Team did not have sufficient funding to participate in the 2014 Winter Olympics organized in Sochi, Russia. With the help of the Dogecoin community, $50,000 was raised rather quickly to make it happen. It was an important milestone for the altcoin and its community. Following the success of the 2014 Winter Olympics campaign, a new fundraising event was organized under the Doge4Water banner. The goal was to collect donations for building a well in the Tana river basin in Kenya. This would be achieved with the help of Charity: Water, a nonprofit active in regions where fresh drinking water is difficult to come by. This campaign was a big success, as $30,000 was raised in just a few days. The final noteworthy event to date comes in the form of sponsor Josh Wise during his NASCAR career. By raising $55,000 worth of DOGE, the community gave this meme coin the biggest mainstream exposure to date. Wise raced with a Dogecoin/Reddit-themed car at various races. It also sparked an interesting debate among NASCAR commentators as to what Dogecoin really was and why it mattered. Although Wise never scored any successes with the car, it is still a memorable event for Dogecoin. The post What is Dogecoin? appeared first on NullTX.

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An In-Depth Look at the Keepkey Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallet

Keeping cryptocurrencies safe is a fundamental part of participating in the digital economy, and hardware wallets have become popular security solutions. These days there is a slew of devices on the market, each with its own options and features. One of these is the Keepkey wallet, a product that’s been well received by digital currency investors over the last three years. Also read: A Review of the Swiss-Made Digital Bitbox Hardware Wallet The Keepkey Hardware Wallet Earlier this week I took a look at the Keepkey hardware wallet, a device that allows users to store multiple cryptocurrencies in a secure fashion. Keepkey is sold for US$129 per device, which is more expensive than the Ledger Nano, Coolwallet S, and Trezor One. Nevertheless, the small rectangular device is more pleasing to hold and the screen looks very nice when the Keepkey is operating. The case the Keepkey comes in is packaged well and resembles an unopened Apple product. Keepkey, Coolwallet, and the Ledger all have well-packaged boxes compared to the Trezor One packaging. Keepkey’s PIN system is identical to the Trezor entry method. Numbers are displayed on the device and the user has to submit the order on the Keepkey client’s on-screen pin-pad. The black Keepkey box is sealed in plastic wrapping and when removed there’s also a piece of tamper-resistant tape holding the box closed. After inspecting the tape and making sure the box has not been opened previously, a knife is needed to cut the tape’s seal. Inside the box is a Keepkey, a 12-word seed card, a USB cord, and some warranty information. The Keepkey has a plastic anti-scratch film laid over the device’s screen and is encased in black foam. Keepkey’s large OLED screen is pleasing to look at and is probably one of the device’s best features. After opening the Keepkey, I headed over to the company’s Getting Started page and downloaded the Keepkey application for Google Chrome. Keepkey only works with Chrome, but it’s the same with most hardware wallets now. Connecting to Chrome and Initializing the Seed After installing the application to Chrome, the platform asks you to plug your Keepkey in to get started. Immediately after initiating the Keepkey it required a firmware update and would not start the process of initiating a seed until the firmware was downloaded into the device. Removing the USB cable from my Keepkey was an uncomfortable feeling and it took a bit of force to insert and remove the cord compared to other devices. Ledger Nano is probably the best as far as connecting the cord, with the Trezor One following behind because my Trezor device has always had a weird connection feeling as well. However, after using the USB connection a few times with the Keepkey, connecting was easier and got much more comfortable to insert over time. Overall the Keepkey user interface is fairly intuitive and easy to navigate. Moving on, the Keepkey begins by initiating a new device name, seed and PIN. The program makes you double check the PIN twice and then asks you to write down the seed phrase, which is located on the device itself. Unlike other hardware wallets, the Keepkey does not require you to double check the 12-word phrase. After this process, you are granted access to the first account which is dedicated to BTC. In order to add other cryptocurrencies, there is a dropdown menu that allows users to add BCH, DOGE, LTC, ETH, plus a range of ERC20 tokens. Transactions, Shapeshift, and Comparisons to Other Models Unlike other hardware wallets, Keepkey needs to be plugged in to view accounts and they can’t be seen when the device is disconnected. After the initial seed had been set up, I created a bitcoin cash (BCH) wallet to send myself some funds. Anytime I test a new wallet I always send a small fraction of crypto just to make sure the application is working properly. The wallet immediately saw the transaction; you can view confirmed and unconfirmed transactions in a separate window that’s tethered to a block explorer. Keepkey transactions can be viewed in a separate window and searched with the platform’s tethered block explorer. The Keepkey’s interface is fairly intuitive, and you can change things like the PIN or use the wallet’s in-client Shapeshift option within the settings section. Sending and receiving is simple and the actual device itself is used for signing verification, while also showing sending/receiving addresses on the screen as well. Keepkey shows account addresses on the device’s screen. Following the transaction, I decided to look at the client’s Shapeshift integration. Keepkey is owned by the firm Shapeshift AG and was one of the first hardware wallets to offer trading abilities within the wallet. Recently, however, Shapeshift has changed the platform’s business model to a membership exchange and all Keepkey users have to register using the client. Keepkey users can use Shapeshift in-wallet but have to register for the company’s membership program and verif

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Dogecoin Price Rebounds Slightly as Traders Diversify Holdings

Today is shaping up to be a very intriguing day for all cryptocurrencies. The overwhelming bearish pressure is still in full effect, albeit some currencies are showing some positive signs. Dogecoin, for example, is doing a lot of things right, as the currency is finally noting some gains once again. Dogecoin Price is on the Mend, for Now It has been a very peculiar trend throughout 2018. More often than not, a declining Bitcoin value tends to have a positive impact on the Dogecoin price. That in itself is always a bit controversial, even though there is no reason to think altcoins will continue to rely on Bitcoin’s momentum for the foreseeable future. Over the past 24 hours, the value of Dogecoin has noted a near 5% increase. This is in line with the gains in the DOGE/BTC ratio, as that has also shifted by roughly 5%. Because of these gains, the Dogecoin market cap has risen above $600m once again. A positive trend, especially when considering how things looked a lot bleaker just a few days ago. No one will deny Dogecoin has one of the biggest cryptocurrency communities to date. A new poll organized by AltcoinShops seeks to prove this sentiment once again, as they are having a “final tournament” to determine the strongest community. DOGE is fighting XRP, TRON, and Substratum in this rather unusual mix. FINALS! Which #crypto community is the absolute STRONGEST? The winner of this #poll will win a FREE article in Altcoin Magazine so make your vote, comment, like and retweet! In this final round we have @Ripple $XRP, @Tronfoundation $TRX, @SubstratumNet $SUB, and @dogecoin $DOGE! — Altcoin Magazine (@Alt__Magazine) October 11, 2018 Despite the current gains being noted, not everyone is confident things will continue to head in the right direction moving forward. Linus Harbington, for example, is confident there will still be a pullback to $0.0044. Afterward, a strong surge to $0.02 might occur. Interesting ideas, although the future can look very different. $DOGE #dogecoin in the process of completing its pullback, targeting $0.0044. After that, it's looking very bullish. Conservative target of $0.020 (ATH), but we may see it go as high as $0.033. I anticipate this to move in lock-step with $ETH #ethereum, pending any catalysts. — Linus Harbington (@harbington) October 12, 2018 As is usually the case, there are also those who convey the message of holding one’s coins at all times. ReZource Guy is confident now is the time to hold Dogecoin and Litecoin, even though the momentum earlier today looked anything but promising. So far, the advice is paying off, as the trend has effectively reversed for one of the two coins. Just keep HODLing. #LTC #DOGE #HODL — ReZource Guy (@ReZourceGuy) October 12, 2018 For the time being, traders still need to tread carefully where Dogecoin is concerned. It is a pretty solid market right now, yet the trading volume is anything but convincing. Additionally, there is a chance these small gains will trigger some profit-taking in quick succession, which can shake things up quite significantly. The post Dogecoin Price Rebounds Slightly as Traders Diversify Holdings appeared first on NullTX.

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Is Delta Direct Really Just A Blockfolio Signal Copycat?

With investors scattered all over the world, communication is essential in the cryptocurrency sector. Companies in the space want news about them to be accurate and fair. Teams update followers through a variety of different media, but these can become vulnerable to fake news. Now some have started using new channels to directly communicate updates to their investors and followers. For Nicolas Van Hoorde, the week has been a trial. He is the co-founder of the cryptocurrency portfolio application Delta, which successfully launched its news feed service earlier this week. Known as Delta Direct, the integrated feature allows projects to announce developments directly to followers and investors. Direct acts as a news aggregator; it pulls together posts from teams’ official Medium blog as well as their activity from Twitter and other social media platforms. Van Hoorde said in a statement at Direct’s launch that projects would be able to provide accurate updates, free of spin, and build bonds of trust between teams and their investors. “We believe that in this current state of [the] market, token teams need to be empowered to communicate with their stakeholders,” he said. “With Delta Direct we also want to counter misinformation about projects.” What’s the difference between Delta Direct and Blockfolio Signal? Delta isn’t the only platform around offering a news service. The Direct feature is very similar to the Signal service offered by the rival price-tracking application, Blockfolio. Launched back in May, the feature also enables investors to be updated by their token teams through notifications and a rolling news feed. Blockfolio created Signal because it wanted to improve trust in the community with a channel for teams to send ‘signals’ directly to their token holders. “Signals come straight from the token team leadership, free of the noise and toxicity that we so often see in the current communication channels used by the global crypto community,” Blockfolio CEO Ed Moncada, said at the time. Direct had been originally slated for release on Monday, but an unforeseen bug in the Android update pushed back the launch until Wednesday. Van Hoorde spoke to Crypto Briefing just after the successful launch. He said that despite strong similarities there were nonetheless differences between Delta Direct and Blockfolio Signal. Van Hoorde explained that Delta itself placed no restrictions on projects using their news aggregator. Whereas Blockfolio controls and edits the content posted on Signals, Direct doesn’t. This allows traders to access updates from any of the projects they follow. “It’s not our place to decide what the user should see”, he says over the phone. He admitted that not all of the projects using Delta would be legitimate; another Bitconnect could sign up and use the service tomorrow, he said. “We’re taking a different stance with Direct”, said Van Hoorde. “We don’t put restrictions; we’re more in line with decentralization”. “We’re not trying to act like an overarching god,” he added. Back at Blockfolio, where the team was busy celebrating a new $11M round led by Pantera on Thursday, Ed Moncada was circumspect about the different approaches the two teams have taken to arrive at similar solutions. “Bitcccccoooooooonnnnnnnnnneeeeeeeeeeeccct!!! ....... are the types of projects we hope NOT to see using Blockfolio Signal,” he told Crypto Briefing in an email. “We chose to roll out Blockfolio Signal in a responsible manner and in a way that builds trust within the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Just like a company culture is heavily defined by its early employees, we believe that a product culture is similarly shaped by its early participants. I want to be clear that the token teams on the Blockfolio platform ultimately control their own content and we are 100% committed to making it available to all token teams in the near future. Ultimately, we really want to be responsible about how we roll it out.” Crypto fake news Misinformation has long permeated the cryptocurrency space; it leads to sharp price swings. Dogecoin (DOGE) shot up amidst reports that the project would begin cross-chain development with the Ethereum platform, at the beginning of September. Whilst ‘Dogethereum’ later turned out to be false, the story was reported on by various media outlets. The ensuing hype led to a $400m surge in the total value of DOGE. Also in early September, unnamed sources told Business Insider the investment bank Goldman Sachs was scrapping its BTC trading desk. It was already too late by the time the bank’s Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Martin Chavez, claimed the rumours were unsubstantiated; approximately $50bn was wiped from the market’s total value in less than a week. Probably because it has been running for longer, there are more projects available with Blockfolio; although neither service can be used for updates on major projects such as Ethereum (ETH) or Bitcoin (BTC). The one key difference is Signal us

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Dogecoin Price Loses its Relative “Stability” as Value Slips Significantly

After several weeks of successfully maintaining a relatively stable value, it seems the Dogecoin fairy tale is coming to an end once again. Similar to all other altcoins, DOGE is getting battered and then some. Even though the currency is still trying to cling to the $0.005 level, it seems that will not hold for much longer. Dogecoin Price Run is Over It has been coming for some time now, but Dogecoin‘s value seems to be returning to far more normal levels. After successfully hitting a market cap of roughly $700m a few weeks ago, the value has now dropped to $584m and even lower. This is all part of the ongoing bearish trend affecting all cryptocurrencies as of today. With the current 10% decline in USD value and a net 5.2% loss against Bitcoin, it is evident who the top dog in cryptocurrency is. Once again all money is pouring from altcoins back into Bitcoin until the market conditions improve again. If and when such an improvement can be expected, is very difficult to predict at this time. Across social media, it has become apparent the belief in DOGE is far from over. Peter BD, for example, is confident Dogecoin will rise like a phoenix in due time. While that is not entirely impossible to achieve, it is evident this currency successfully bucked the negative association regarding this altcoin over the years. After the arbitrary delisting of coins from #binance, I think a move to #Dex would be the best. It's up 2 the people 2 decide what's worth their money and what's not. #doge was a joke for years and now it's moving forward. Let the people decide! #Cryptocurrency #Crypto #btc #eth — Peter BD, PhD (@pBouDib) October 11, 2018 To make thing seven more interesting, there are still a few people who believe Coinbase is bound to list Dogecoin in the near future. While nothing is impossible, it seems this is a misguided sentiment first and foremost. No one denies DOGE is still very popular, but Coinbase has bigger fish to fry at this time. Dogecoin (DOGE) in Full Pursue to Get Listed on Coinbase; As it Nears to be Part of Ethereum Ecosystem!#Dogecoin #DOGE #Coinbase #ethereum #EthereumEcosystem #digitalcurrency @dogecoin_devs @dogecoin @BotOfDogecoin @coinbase @dogethereum — Crypto Club (@AliHass55701888) October 11, 2018 Looking at the technical analysis charts, it seems plausible Dogecoin will see a form of uptrend again in the future. The bigger question is how low the value must go prior to ensuring this can happen. The chart by Coin Kivaluz shows there may be a lot more red prior to the bounce. #doge - #Dogecoin - #DOGEUSD Günlük Analiz TradingView — Coin Kılavuz (@coinkilavuz) October 11, 2018 For the Dogecoin price, the future momentum will primarily hinge on how Bitcoin’s value evolves. When Bitcoin thrives, so do all altcoins, albeit DOGE has always been an interesting exception in this regard It will be intriguing to see what the second half of the week brings, but for now, things are not looking overly appealing by any means. The post Dogecoin Price Loses its Relative “Stability” as Value Slips Significantly appeared first on NullTX.

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Crypto Volatility Returns: Bitcoin (BTC) Tumbles Under $6,300, Altcoins Tank By 10%

Bitcoin Falls Below $6,300, $5,800 Remains Key Support Following weeks of market stagnation and declining volatility levels, crypto assets finally saw a strong move on Wednesday, but not in the direction that Bitcoin bulls were waiting for. Per data compiled by TradingView, Bitcoin (BTC) tumbled from $6,650 to $6,300 on the back of an influx of sell-side pressure in a matter of one hour. As seen in the TradingView chart below, since falling to $6,300, BTC has remained relatively steady, finding a foothold at the $6,250-$6,300 level. While volume has largely subsided since the aforementioned bout of selling pressure, the market has still seen an increase in volume from a day-on-day standpoint, indicating that volatility may be ready to flood back into this market. While there is no guarantee that crypto assets will continue to post losses, 2018’s bear market has taught the crypto world that the $5,800 line of support for BTC is likely to be an area of continued interest. At the time of writing, BTC is currently down 4.25 percent on the day and sits at $6,280 a piece. Although BTC investors were left with their faces kicked in, metaphorically speaking, altcoin maximalists arguably had a worse day, as somehow, some way, a majority of the industry’s favorite tokens tumbled by upwards of 9%. Ethereum (ETH), for one, temporarily fell under the technical and psychological support at $200, which made many traders think back to ETH’s short stint under $175 that occurred in early-September. However, this time around, many believe that prospects for the second most popular crypto asset aren’t as bearish, as many industry leaders, like Galaxy Digital’s Novogratz, have claimed that the ETH-focused ICO sell-off has finally ended. Ripple’s XRP tumbled the furthest in the crypto top 20, which many pinned to the asset’s breathtaking run-up in late September that was catalyzed by a series of good news pertaining to the Ripple ecosystem. You know what they say, “the higher they climb the harder they fall.” There were some outliers though, with Dogecoin (DOGE) only seeing a 4.5 percent loss, further clarifying that the popular meme currency isn’t fully correlated with the day-to-day movements of its fellow altcoins. ZCash (ZEC), Tezos (XTZ), Binance C (BNB), and Ethereum Classic (ETC) also performed relatively well, with these four crypto assets only posting losses of 7 percent or less. Still, the strong altcoin sell-off saw Bitcoin dominance see a resurgence from 52 percent to 54 percent after weeks of non-action. This move evidently came as a surprise to a good portion of crypto investors worldwide, as the widely accepted sentiment was that the market would continue to trade within a tight range until 2018 tapers out. As such, some began to ask what factors catalyzed this drop, which saw the collective value of all crypto assets fall to just a tad over $200 billion. Although this isn’t a definitive answer, the widely accepted theory is that the rapidly dissipating volumes and declining volatility had something to do with this sharp move lower, as such indicators may signal that traders are beginning to lose interest. Others claimed that crypto moved in-line with the traditional stock market, as the Nasdaq and S&P 500 fell by over 4.5 percent and 3.4 percent respectively. However, many were quick to combat this theory, as crypto has been touted as a non-correlated asset by market analysts like Tom Lee. Last but not least, as normal, many explained that Bitcoin’s tumble could be tied to large sell orders issued by crypto whales. Per a Twitter ‘whale watching’ page, titled “Whale Alert,” over 15,220 BTC, valued at over $100 million USD, was recently moved between two wallets, potentially indicating a large sale of “digital gold” has occurred, 15,220 #BTC (100,317,283 USD) transferred from Unknown wallet to Unknown wallet Tx: — Whale Alert (@whale_alert) October 10, 2018 Again, while some of these theories have been corroborated, it isn’t clear if these potential catalysts hold credence. But still, many optimists haven’t given up hope, as there is still time for the crypto market to post a nice recovery as 2018 comes to a close. Photo by Andre Francois on Unsplash The post Crypto Volatility Returns: Bitcoin (BTC) Tumbles Under $6,300, Altcoins Tank By 10% appeared first on Ethereum World News.

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