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Trust Wallet Adds Support For Digix

Trust Wallet, which was recently acquired by cryptocurrency exchange Binance has announced support for Digix. Trust Wallet is a popular Ethereum wallet that also supports ERC20 and ERC721 tokens. The wallet will soon integrate Digix’s DApp to allow users to swap ERC20 tokens for Digix Gold Token (DGX). DGX is pegged to physical gold and is governed by DigixDAO (DGD) tokens. Digix Gold Token (DGX) is priced at $40.86, losing 7.91% in the last 24 hours. (VS)

10 days ago

In our latest Medium post we update you on the progress of o...

In our latest Medium post we update you on the progress of our DigixDAO audit, Anthony’s time at German #Blockchain… https://t.co/GJlS3XDxn6

21 days ago

Cryptocurrency Market Update: Has NEM Awoken

FOMO Moments Monday markets are immobile; Nem is rising, Ravencoin is flying, the rest are sleeping. After a slow weekend crypto markets have retreated a little this Monday but are still largely inactive. Total market capitalization has dropped back a fraction but is still holding around the $210 billion level. There has been no movement in the Bitcoin camp which is still stuck at $6,500. BTC has been stuck in this consolidating range and the path of least resistance still seems to be on the downside. Ethereum is also flat with no movement since yesterday leaving it trading at $205. The altcoins are all red during Asian trading today however losses are all very minimal. Stellar and Litecoin are the only two coins in the top ten with a loss over one percent. The rest have hardly moved over the past 24 hours. There is nothing much to write about in the top twenty either aside from Nem which is showing gains of over 6% at the moment. This has taken XEM back to $0.10 as trade volume jumps to $10 million. The Nem Foundation has been busy launching new blockchain hubs in Melbourne and Vietnam as it expands in the region. Recent news that an immersive entertainment experience opening next year on the Las Vegas Strip called Kind Heaven has selected NEM as its blockchain partner would also be adding to momentum. Tezos has also made 2% on the day but most of the other altcoins are in the red with small losses. VeChain is leading them with a dip of 2% on the day and Iota is not far behind. Today’s big fomo pump is Ravencoin surging over 60% at the moment as it climbs the top one hundred. Veritaseum, BAT and Nexo are also doing well today with gains of over 15%. At the messy end is CyberMiles which continues to fall back shedding another 8% on the day. Elastos and DigixDAO are also both losing 6% at the moment. Total crypto market capitalization is still at $210 billion, the same level as yesterday. Markets have not done anything since last Monday’s 15 billon dollar spike. Since this time last month though they are down 6% as the sideways inactivity continues. FOMO Moments is a section that takes a daily look at the top 20 altcoins during the current trading session and analyses the best performing ones, looking for trends and possible fundamentals. The post Cryptocurrency Market Update: Has NEM Awoken appeared first on NewsBTC.

24 days ago

Cryptocurrency Trading Update: Crypto Market Pullback From Big Bounce

FOMO Moments Markets have receded a little from the spike; Tezos, Bytecoin and Icon still climbing. Yesterday’s big bounce has been sustained today and markets are holding their gains at the moment. The rally added over $20 billion into crypto markets initially however a pullback has seen levels drop a little. Total market capitalization is currently over $210 billion. Bitcoin has retreated a little from its daily high of almost $7,000 and is currently trading at $6,650 - the level it remained at for so long previously. BTC trade volume which exceeded $7 billion on the day has pulled back to $5.8 billion which is still almost double the $3 billion it was at 48 hours ago. Ethereum has dropped back 2% to trade at just over $210, showing a similar pattern to Bitcoin. Altcoins are a mixed bunch this morning with some pulling back and others continuing to gain. In the top ten XRP and Stellar are in the green by a percent or two, the rest have declined by a similar amount. Following a day of Tether being the only coin in the red USDT is clawing back its peg as it approaches a dollar again. It is currently trading at $0.975 according to Coinmarketcap. In the top twenty Tezos is out in front adding a further 6% on the day as XTZ gets listed on Kraken. The rest have dropped back between 0-2 percent from Monday’s big pump. Dogecoin is falling further with a 3.5% loss on the day. Today’s fomo jump in the top one hundred is Aurora climbing 15% at the moment, closely followed by DigixDAO up a similar amount. Bytecoin and Icon are also doing well today rising 8-9 percent. Taking the hit is Digitex Futures which has been pumping for a couple of days, DGTX is down 12% on the day. Eternal Token is also dropping 10% at the moment. Total crypto market capitalization is currently at $213 billion. This is up 6.5% in 48 hours but down 3.5% from yesterday’s spike which took it to $221 billion. Trade volume doubled in 24 hours but has pulled back to around $16 billion at the time of writing. Markets have held this level for the past day which could signal further upsides as the week goes on. FOMO Moments is a section that takes a daily look at the top 20 altcoins during the current trading session and analyses the best performing ones, looking for trends and possible fundamentals The post Cryptocurrency Trading Update: Crypto Market Pullback From Big Bounce appeared first on NewsBTC.

a month ago

How Much Money do we have to Lose Before we change our Economy?

Today current inflationary monetary policy constantly devalues our money. For people who don’t trade stocks or have enough money to buy real estate, there’s no other way to counter inflation than to hold money in banks and savings accounts, only to cover the loss from inflation. But many countries currently have a negative interest rate to promote spending instead of saving, which provides a supposed boost to the economy, but at the same time it means that you lose your funds even when you store them in the bank. If a family with an average annual US salary of $52,000 starts to save money for college upon the birth of a child, they should save at least $13,500 per year to save the amount of $270,000 for, let’s say, four years at Harvard. But the inflation from the past 20 years would make it lose half of its value! Thus, in reality, they would have to save $20,600 over 20 years to keep up with inflation - nearly half of the average annual salary! How did we come to this kind of monetary world and how can the blockchain help change it? We would like to thank the team at Kinesis for their contributions to the design and implementation of the research and to the analysis of the result. The abandonment of the gold standard The current monetary system is a new invention. For centuries, every currency issued by any government was backed by gold and/or silver, mostly gold. This is called the gold standard. Any country had exactly as much money in circulation as they had precious metals in its reserve funds. But this all changed after the Great Depression. This worldwide crisis was so severe that all countries were forced to abandon the gold standard - they simply didn’t have resources to recover their economies after the great market crash of 1929, which was caused by many factors, but mostly by banks losing their funds in an overheated stock market. In this situation, printing money out of thin air to pay for all expenses seemed like a good idea. First the UK and then the US, and many other countries, switched to fiat currencies and this helped to recover the world economy. For many people, money is just money; they don’t understand the economy, and governments can print enough to cover any needs, because they don’t follow the gold standard anymore. Since then, the monetary policy has taken the form that we’re most accustomed to: the issuance of currencies is controlled by central banks, and since they have control over the supply, it gives them the power to manage economic variables such as credit supply, liquidity, interest rates, and money velocity by injecting or removing money from the system. However, as it’s not backed by a commodity such as gold, it only has value because everyone agrees it does. This approach creates many problems because the value of every national currency heavily depends on the actions of its government. The recent example of the Turkish lira highlights just this. After a quarrel over tariffs with the US, the lira plunged more than 25%, entering a downward spiral when many debt holders began getting rid of their holdings. The government, instead of making any statements to calm down investors, worsened the situation by staying quiet. Only a week later had they released a statement about raising the rate, which barely managed to ease tensions. At the same time, the conditions of Turkish economy stayed the same; the downfall was caused by the change of sentiment. The same situation happened in 2014 with the Russian rouble, when a set of sanctions coupled with falling oil prices, that Russia is heavily dependent on, halved the rouble’s value. Currently, the situation in the country’s economy is a lot better than it was four years ago, but the currency is still 50% cheaper, meaning that its purchasing power has been halved, and all imported goods, including household electronics and gadgets now cost twice as much. The rouble stays undervalued due to imposed sanctions and the political risk of new possible sanctions. We can add a lot more countries to this list, but you get the idea. The most unpleasant moment from all this: many governments can’t stop printing money, because they spend more than they earn by collecting taxes. To raise money, they issue government bonds, and pay a fixed interest to all debt holders. To pay off the interest, they print more money, thereby increasing inflation. Our monetary system is debt-based. The problem is that some countries, like the US, can’t stop borrowing from other countries, and they have an astronomical debt of $21.6 trillion. Other countries place their resources in US treasuries, because the payouts are stable, and the US dollar is the global reserve currency. As long as their economy grows, it’s sustainable. But what happens when this growth ends? Nobody knows it yet, but at the same time it’s obvious: they borrow all the time, and the whole world, including me and you, pays for it from our own pockets. Alternative monetary system: bl

a month ago

Cryptocurrency Trading Update: Tron Moving Monday Markets

FOMO Moments Motionless Monday on crypto markets; Tron and 0x climbing well, DigixDAO dropping back. A very predictable decline saw markets fall back again over the weekend but only by a little. During Asian trading this Monday morning they have made small gains but nothing significant as total market capitalization is still below $220 billion....

a month ago

Binance Crypto Traders Pump DigixDAO (DGD) Price by 25%

According to a report published by Nulltx, the price of DigixDAO (DGD) surged by 25% in the past 24 hours to trade at $48.6. The increase was noted across the USD, ETH and BTC markets. Data show that about 82% of the trades originated from the Binance cryptocurrency exchange. The coin, which is ranked #70 on CoinMarketCap, was listed as the top gainer on Binance. (SK)

a month ago

Data: These Six Coins Lose Market Cap Positions

According to a report published by Nulltx, the market capitalizations of six top cryptocurrencies have been declining in the recent past. Veritaseum which currently has a market cap of $36.07 million has been the hardest hit token, losing 68 positions in market cap rankings to settle outside the top 100. SALT has lost 55 market cap positions in the past six months. DigixDAO and Factom have not been spared in the decline. The two have lost 55 and 52 market cap positions respectively. SysCoin, whose market cap stands at $47.34 million has dropped 41 positions. (SK)

2 months ago

ICO Projects Have 'Spent' More than 500,000 ETH Over the Last Month

Ethereum based ICO’s and crypto-startups have ‘spent’ nearly $100 million (500,000 ETH) over the past month according to blockchain data. When combined with buy and sell orders from Ethereum whales, a clearer picture of why ETH prices have plummeted over the past month. Data from Santiment, a company which tracks ICO wallets, DigixDAO is the leader in ETH spending as more than 210,000 ETH ($41.6 million) were spent over the last month. DigixDAO is followed by Etheroll, who transferred more than 89,000 ETH ($17.6 million) from it’s wallet. ICOs and crypto-startups could be cashing out ETH to preserve capital as the cryptocurrency bear market deepens and takes cryptocurrencies to new lows not seen since early 2017.

2 months ago

Blockchain Startup Digix Global Moves $134 Million Worth ETH to Gemini

Digix Global, which has a massive pile of Ethereum raised during its ICO phase is planning to liquidate some of it now. DGD token holders have voted for Digix to liquidate $20 Million. However, Digix Global has transferred 465,134 ETH to Gemini, worth approximately $134 Million. Digix now has about 395,000 ETH remaining in its wallet. DigixDAO (DGD) is currently priced at $52.59 USD, gaining 2.49% in the last 24 hours. (VS)

2 months ago

DigixDAO Updates Their Governance Model

DigixDAO has announced that it has updated its governance model. One of the changes includes the introduction of the Moderator Quarter Points. The firm will also give bonus points to participants who participate above the required threshold. However, participating less than the required threshold will lead to moderator’s being penalized. DigixDAO has also updated the governance model to support a flexible timeline for proposal milestones. (VK)

3 months ago

Bitcoin Stable As Market Goes Down By $6 Billion

Over the last 24 hours, the total crypto market cap has dropped by $6 Billion, from $218 Billion to $212 Billion. However, Bitcoin still remains stable. In fact, Bitcoin saw 0.5% gain in the last 24 hours. Bitcoin dominance has also gone up from 51.5% to 52%. Some tokens like Aion, DigixDAO, OmiseGO, BAT, and 0x dropped by more than 6%. The trade-volume for Bitcoin also remains stable at $3.5 Billion. (VS)

3 months ago

DigixGlobal Asks For $20 Million From Its ICO

DigixGlobal, the team behind DigixDAO (DGD) and Digix Gold Tokens (DGX) is asking to unlock $20 Million from the money it raised during its ICO. That would be 70,000 ETH of the total 470,000 ETH raised during its ICO in 2016. However, the proposal has garnered criticism because the proposal lacks details. The company claims that the money will be used to expand the team from 7 employees to 40. Other than that, they've not detailed how the money would be used and how long it would last them. Digix Gold Token (DGX) is priced at $42.75, gaining 6.56% in the last 24 hours, while DigixDAO (DGD) is priced at $60.02, gaining 13.8%. (VS)

3 months ago

Biggest Gainer: DigixDAO (DGD) - $64.93 - 18.36% Increase

Today's biggest gainer is DigixDAO (DGD), a blockchain startup which is looking to Gold to the blockchain. DGD went from $53.23 to $64.93, gaining 18.36% in the last 24 hours. The 24-hour volume increased by 400%, from $250,000 to $1 Million, and 81% of it is on Binance. Other big gainers for today are Nebulas (NAS) and Ontology (ONT) which gained 13.22% and 12.98% respectively. (VS)

3 months ago

Looking for a community feedback!✨

Hey, DigixDAO community! I’ll be happy if you can check my [analytical project](https://coinsocialstory.com/#utm_source=reddit&utm_campaign=digixdao%20checking), which I’ve been working on in my spare time the last few months.⚡️ Here I’m rating crypto-currencies and tokens by different criteria, such as price, social, development and network. Every cryptocurrency has it’s own page (for example, [here](https://coinsocialstory.com/digixdao) is yours) For if I want to put the history of each coin in it, I might need your help! If you can tell me something about the DigixDAO history, it would be very cool. You can write me here or on my email address[ coinsocialstory@gmail.com](https://www.reddit.com/). Besides that, I really want to hear some feedback from you about the project itself cause there is still a lot of work to do:) Your opinion is highly appreciated and I will be glad to see any advice and suggestions!...

4 months ago

Why does digixdao move so strange?

Sometimes when everything goes down, DGD goes up. Other times it follows with the market also going down. When the market recovers it seems to go down. From what I understand DGD gives voting rights for digix. How does this contribute to the price movements?...

7 months ago

Could you make a simple video explaining the concept?

I've just spent 20 minutes on tradingview in the cypto channel trying to explain to the chat the difference between DGD and DGX and what their respective roles will be. I know its simple, but apparently the website is not simple enough for the average ppl that are interested in crypto and trading (which suggests at least a basic understanding of blockchain) still don't get what you are trying to do after all these years... Video guys, video....

8 months ago

Potentiality of Digix gold token

It seems the Digix Global team think Digix gold tokens can be included in MakerDAO's collateral, can be used to make a market on Augur, can faciliate P2P lending.R But the use case of Digix gold token is far beyond this. Recent correlation of DGD token and BTC is negative, it is an indicator that DGD is viewed by the market as a hedge of BTC because Digix gold token is the real digital gold which could challenge the position of BTC. IMO Digix has more potentiality of just being a collateral or facilitating the market making, a stable, fungible, peer-to-peer transferable value medium is much needed and is the foundation of the boom of the entire blockchain digital economy. ...

8 months ago

The Perfect Storm

I'm not seeing much activity here, so I'll help spark the discussion. Anyone else think we are seeing the perfect storm for this coin? With DGD going up so much while the entire market is taking a dump, all eyes are on this project. Not only that, but with all the major Tether FUD recently, the market is looking for a new stable coin. Couple that with the fact that DGX should be launching next month, and it seems we have the perfect storm. I'm definitely looking at this project as a serious long term hold. I haven't had this same gut feeling about a project since Antshares, and that sure worked out well for me. Besides DGX, one of the major alluring factors to DGD is that holders will receive DGX rewards from transaction fees on a quarterly basis. That gives this project some serious value in regards to long term holding as opposed to trading. Finally, the DigixDAO is still holding over 450k+ Ethereum from the ICO. That's some serious underlying value to back this whole thing up. For more info on how DigixDAO will function, I recommend you check out this helpful Medium post. https://medium.com/@colbymort/digixdao-the-future-of-gold-a-solid-investment-cdcd68ff4735...

9 months ago

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