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Market Cap $ 20.669 MM (#212)
24h Volume $ 746.755 K
Chg. 24h: -1.09%
Algo. score 2.9/5  (#562)
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Truly anonymous, instant encrypted messages, blockchain deposits, blockchain analysis resistant

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PrivacyDigital currencyAnonymityMessaging

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DigitalNote XDN is a cryptocurrency, a kind of decentralized digital money, like Bitcoin. It is based on CryptoNote anonymous technology and updated with unique untraceable encrypted messaging system and blockchain based deposits. Nobody owns or controls DigitalNote, it uses peer-to-peer technology and fair ASIC-resistant, PoW mining process to operate with no central authority.


In this whitepaper we present DigitalNote XDN a brand new technology for securely transferring money and messages between anonymous peers. The new version of the XDN protocol also provides deposits with interest rate. Our solution is based on the CryptoNote code base and keys/addresses system including multi-signatures outputs and ring signatures. DigitalNote XDN was launched and announced as the duckNote cryptocurrency on May 30, 2014. It’s aim was to spread the hashrate and information about the anonymous CryptoNote based XDN among ordinary users and the cryptocurrency community. Libertarian economy with an original supply curve, proved fair decentralization with CPU-efficient ASIC-resistant mining process, brilliantly scaled network specifications, user friendly cross platform GUI wallet and lots of network improvements was brought by XDN in its duckNote appearance.

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