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@nic__carter @derose @SMKainkaryam @cyber_hokie Not sure wha...

@nic__carter @derose @SMKainkaryam @cyber_hokie Not sure what this was about but Dash was hardly a fair launch 'tec… https://t.co/WQMieK9VdL

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We are pleased to announce the release of Dash Core v 0.13! ...

We are pleased to announce the release of Dash Core v 0.13! -Automatic InstantSend -Deterministic Masternode List… https://t.co/thyI5T99z5

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Venezuelan BCH Advocates Promote Crypto Applications and Adoption

Venezuelan BCH proponents have been educating other citizens about the perks of using permissionless blockchains as their country continues facing an economic depression and devaluation. Lizbeth Alviarez, the coordinator of the Venezuela BCH meetup recently told BitDeer that the group of 349 is working tirelessly to accelerate crypto adoption in the country. Lizbeth stated that the high crypto trading volumes do not indicate increasing adoption as merchants are trading the assets in exchanges speculatively to make quick profits. She added that the Dash community members are also doing a ‘good job’ at pushing for the adoption of cryptocurrencies in Venezuela. (KE)

18 hours ago

Daily Berminal Brief: China To Regulate Blockchain Firms And US Congressman Recommends Light Touch Crypto Regulations

The State of The Market - January 11, 2019 BTC: $3,685.32 (-3.53%) XRP: $0.332450 (-3.85%) ETH: $125.80 (-5.94%) The crypto market experienced its biggest single-day loss since November after more than $16 Billion was wiped off. It was led by Bitcoin, which failed to hold on to its support at $4,000 and $3,800. Also, XRP has once again overtaken Ethereum to become the second largest cryptocurrency and the difference in their market caps has widened to $500 Million as Ethereum continues to fall below $150. Most major coins are down by 3–6% and there are no signs of a bounce-back yet. In other news, Charles Hoskinson, the creator of Cardano revealed that IOHK is leaving Hong Kong for Wyoming. IOHK is a for-profit company to build on Cardano ecosystem. Wyoming's new governor Mark Gordon is a fan of Blockchain technology and Cardano's move to Wyoming is a huge win for him. Just this week, Wyoming passed a bill that allows banks to keep books on the blockchain. Also, Bitrefill hopes to simplify lightning network with its new service called Thor. Users can buy channel openings and download a compatible wallet to get started with Lightning payments. Bitrefill takes care of running the node and keeping it live. 1) On Thursday the Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) released a new set of regulations aimed at monitoring China-based blockchain service providers. The "Regulation for Managing Blockchain Information Services" framework defines service providers as "entities or nodes" that provide information services to the public by using blockchain technology. The rules officially go into effect on February 15 and will require blockchain service providers to register with the CAC within 10 business days of when they begin offering services to the public. The CAC also requires all companies to register their names, service type, the sector of operation and server address. Any startups failing to comply with the new rules will be issued a warning and further violations will result in a fine ranging from $737 to $4,422. 2) Darren Soto, a US congressman from the 9th District of Florida, recently stated that he believes cryptos should be overseen by the Commodities and Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) and Federal Trade Commission (FTC) rather than by the heavy-handed Securities Exchange Commission (SEC). According to Soto, applying securities laws to cryptos "can be very intense and hurt the market unless it is truly a security." He further advocated for "saving the SEC for true securities," and emphasized that the CFTC and FTC's lighter touch are more appropriate for the majority of cryptocurrency transactions. 3) Dash is one of the largest cryptocurrency platforms but its size does not completely shield it from being the target of a 51% attack. In fact, NiceHash, a Slovenia-based cloud mining platform, currently maintains 1,000 Terahashes TH/s across its network of more than 25,000 miners. A detailed analysis conducted by Reddit user /taipalag found that three of the top four Dash addresses are in the control of a single entity. /taipalag wrote, "These three alone gather 53% and more. You can also see this started 6 months ago / around September last year." /taipalag also suggested that the fourth top address could also possibly belong to the same entity and just separated on the blockchain. /taipalag then provided the addresses belonging to this entity and the redditor concluded that these addresses mined more than 26,665 Dash ($2.126 million). Businesses that rent hashpower could pose a threat to cryptocurrency platforms as a customer could theoretically rent enough hashpower to launch a 51% attack against vulnerable networks. (VS)

4 days ago

After reports of Nicehash controlling around 70% of DASH Nethashrate, the 51% attack is once again a real Threat

Nicehash owns about 70% of DASH mining network according to a Reddit user (Jan 10), and the news is already causing a wave of concerns within the community Investigation It looks like someone currently controls over 51% of DASHs hashrate over Nicehash mining pools; a recent Reddit post accusing Nicehash of being a threat to Proof of Work (PoW) cryptocurrencies...Read More. The post by Nuno...

4 days ago

It would be awesome if users are able to bid with CMTs. 😁 N...

It would be awesome if users are able to bid with CMTs. 😁 Note: 5miles dash is currently only available for users… https://t.co/1b7axXWeAp

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Alerta: Criptomoeda Dash está sob potencial ameaça de ataque 51%

Por: Livecoins Uma das criptomoedas mais populares do mercado, Dash, está sob risco de sofrer um ataque 51%, de acordo com um relatório publicado no Reddit. O Relatório mostra que mais de 51% do hashrate ou poder de mineração da Dash atualmente é controlado pela NiceHash. No momento da redação deste artigo, o hashrate da rede Dash é 1790 TH / s, com a NiceHash controlando cerca de 1390 TH / s (70%). O usuário do Reddit Flenst que fez o alerta afirma que aproximadamente 560 TH / s dos 1790 TH / s estão sob o controle de uma pool de mineração desconhecida. Flenst descobriu que o dono do poder de mineração de 560 TH / s recebe uma recompensa pela mineração Dash em 3 carteiras: XbUutDsgJbf7Sjjq4omhusNtkT8ih1d7oQ XkNPrBSJtrHZUvUqb3JF4g5rMB3uzaJfEL XeMPcKeVDN9bkECGDC7ggtf9QsX5thgKAx De acordo com Flenst, mineradores desconhecidos controlam 53% do hashtate da Dash e podem atacar a criptomoeda a qualquer momento, então ele aconselha que os detentores de Dash monitorem de perto a rede para medida de precauções urgentes. Ele também descobriu que as mineradoras desconhecidas começaram a aumentar o poder de computação em setembro de 2018. Até esse ponto, a NiceHash não representava mais do que 20% da rede da Dash, mas esse número cresceu para 70% agora. De acordo com a CCN está claro que alguém investiu uma quantia enorme de dinheiro na mineração da Dash com dispositivos ASICs. Portanto, é possível que alguém tente executar um ataque 51% na DASH em breve. O responsável poderia começar imediatamente. Qualquer pessoa ou empresa que ofereça um serviço com a DASH deve ficar atento. Em novembro de 2018 os desenvolvedores da Dash anunciaram um trabalho de melhoria do protocolo de consenso para evitar ataques 51% na blockchain da moeda. A equipe de desenvolvimento anunciou desenvolvimento de uma tecnologia chamada “Chainlocks”. O novo recurso visa combater ataques 51%. O artigo Alerta: Criptomoeda Dash está sob potencial ameaça de ataque 51% apareceu primeiro em Livecoins.

4 days ago

Altcoin Arbitrage Today: Big Profits With XMR, ZEC, XLM, ETH, XRP, Dash

In the quest to make money online with cryptocurrencies, just buying and holding is quickly becoming a less favorable approach. Given the sheer volatile nature of all markets, it is often better to look for alternative solutions to make money. Arbitrage opportunities will play an increasing role of importance in this regard. The following six currencies all have intra-exchange price gaps waiting to be taken advantage of. Monero (Bittrex / Bitfinex) Although the Monero arbitrage opportunity is visible every single day, it would appear the price gap is closing rather quickly. Whereas this trading opportunity usually yields a profit of nearly 3%, the price difference has shrunk to 2.38% as of today. That still makes it a more than worthwhile opportunity to check out under the current market circumstances. After all, any profit is better than no profit at all. ZCash (Bittrex / Bitfinex) The spitting image of the Monero arbitrage opportunity above comes in the form of ZCash. It involves the exact same exchanges and yields a profit that is nearly identical, albeit slightly higher. Users who buy ZEC on Bittrex and sell it on Bitfinex will pocket 2.42% in profit per trade, which is more than acceptable. It is also a good coin to combine with the XMR opportunity, as it involves the same trading platforms. Stellar Lumens (Kraken / KuCoin / EXMO) There are quite a few interesting XLM-related arbitrage opportunities on the market today. The XLM price on EXMO is higher than HitBTC, Gate, Kraken, KuCoin, Bitexen, Binance, Gobaba, and Cex. It is also possible to sell XLM on Bitexen or Sistmekoin by buying cheaper coins on Kraken, Binance, or KuCoin. The average profit per trade is roughly 4%, although exploring options on EXMO will yield higher potential profits compared to Bitexen. Ethereum (HitBTC / OKEx / EXMO) There are numerous Ethereum arbitrage options today, although only the more lucrative ones will be listed here. Buying ETH on HitBTC, OKEx, Poloniex, Gate, Binance, Kraken, KuCoin or Bittrex and selling the funds on EXMO will yield a minimum profit of 4.87%. Some trades will even offer gains of up to 5.73%, which makes ETH one of the more lucrative market assets to flip right now. XRP (Bitexen / Poloniex / EXMO) No one will be surprised most of the top currencies, tokens, and altcoins will benefit from the odd pricing structure maintained by the EXMO exchange. XRP Is no exception in this regard. Good money can be made from buying this asset on Bitexen, Gate, HitBTC, OKEx, Poloniex, Binance, Sistemkoin, Kraken, KuCoin, or Bittrex and flipping it on EXMO for profits of 5% and more. Combining several arbitrage opportunities involving the same exchanges is always a good way to make a fair bit of money with minimal effort. Dash (Gobaba / Bittrex / Vebitcoin) Two separate yet appealing Dash arbitrage opportunities present themselves in the early hours of January 10th. The price per Dash on Gobaba is 1.62% lower compared to Vebitcoin, which makes for a rather straightforward trade. There is also the option to buy Dash on Bittrex and sell it on Sistmekoin for a 0.92% profit. Either option is worth considering at this time, especially now that all markets have turned increasingly volatile once again. Information provided by Arbing Tool Disclaimer: This is not trading or investment advice. The above article is for entertainment and education purposes only. Please do your own research before purchasing or investing into any cryptocurrency. Image(s): Shutterstock.com The post Altcoin Arbitrage Today: Big Profits With XMR, ZEC, XLM, ETH, XRP, Dash appeared first on NullTX.

4 days ago

A Single Entity Controls 51% of Dash's Hashrate

Dash is one of the largest cryptocurrency platforms but its size does not completely shield it from being the target of a 51% attack. In fact, NiceHash, a Slovenia-based cloud mining platform, currently maintains 1,000 Terahashes TH/s across its network of more than 25,000 miners. A detailed analysis conducted by Reddit user /taipalag found that three of the top four Dash addresses are in the control of a single entity. /taipalag wrote, “These three alone gather 53% and more. You can also see this started 6 months ago / around September last year.” /taipalag also suggested that the fourth top address could also possibly belong to the same entity and just separated on the blockchain. /taipalag then provided the addresses belonging to this entity and the redditor concluded that these addresses mined more than 26,665 Dash ($2.126 million). Businesses that rent hashpower could pose a threat to cryptocurrency platforms as a customer could theoretically rent enough hashpower to launch a 51% attack against vulnerable networks. (RS)

4 days ago

Altcoin Arbitrage Today: ZEC, BTG, TRX, XRP, Dash, EOS

Not a day goes by without healthy arbitrage opportunities popping up in the cryptocurrency and digital asset world. While most of the price differences may seem minimal, all of these small profits will eventually add up to some extra money. The following six opportunities all let users make easy money with very little effort involved. ZCash (Cex / Bittrex / Bitfinex) Over the past few days, it has become apparent there is some good money to be made from cryptocurrency arbitrage involving the Bitfinex exchange. In the case of ZCash, it is somewhat profitable to buy ZEC on Cex or Bittrex and flip the coins on Bitfinex. The average profit sits near the 1.35% mark, although Bittrex maintains the lowest ZEC price and yields the bigger profit potential. Bitcoin Gold (Koineks / Bitfinex) Even though Bitcoin Gold is not necessarily the most successful fork of Bitcoin to date, it is still a viable altcoin for arbitrage opportunities. Buying BTG on the Koineks platform and selling it on Bitfinex will result in a profit of 2.17%. Considering how Bitcoin Gold usually has low trading volume, timing one’s trades correctly will be crucial. Tron (Koineks / Bitfinex) It is shaping up to be a good day for flipping altcoins and tokens on the Bitfinex exchange, by the look of things. The platform also has a higher price for Tron compared to Koineks, which makes for a rather interesting opportunity to look into. With an expected profit of 1.53% per trade, there is some good money to be made by flipping one of the more popular altcoins on the market. Dash (Bittrex / Sistemkoin) As has been the case for some time now, there is at least one pair of privacy coins subjected to arbitrage opportunities every single day. Alongside ZCash, Dash is another option worth looking into right now. Its value on Bittrex is 1.57% lower compared to Sistmekoin, which makes for a rather straightforward trade. Another good money-making opportunity to keep a close eye on. EOS (Paribu / Bitfinex) For those altcoin traders who seemingly can’t get enough of making money through Bitfinex, it seems EOS is another altcoin worth bringing to this platform. One can easily source liquidity from Paribu, which also results in a bigger profit margin. Successfully completing this trade yields a profit of just over 2% per trade. EOS Hardly ever has liquidity problems, although Paribu is still a relatively small exchange first and foremost. XRP (Bitstamp / Bittrex / Bitfinex) The final arbitrage opportunity on this list involves selling XRP on the Bitfinex platform. Users can purchase XRP from Vebitcoin, Cex, Bittrex, Bitstamp, Paribu, BtcTurk, or Koineks and can expect an average profit of 2.7% per trade. Considering how popular Ripple’s native asset is, there is a lot of potential money to be made by exploiting these price gaps. Information provided by Arbing Tool Disclaimer: This is not trading or investment advice. The above article is for entertainment and education purposes only. Please do your own research before purchasing or investing into any cryptocurrency. Image(s): Shutterstock.com The post Altcoin Arbitrage Today: ZEC, BTG, TRX, XRP, Dash, EOS appeared first on NullTX.

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Crypto Market Wrap: NEO Jumps Two Places With 13% Gain

Market Wrap Crypto markets recovering again; NEO on a Roll, Tron and Binance Coin gaining momentum. Another small bounce has taken crypto markets back to Monday’s levels indicating that things are still sideways for the time being. Total market capitalization is back over $135 billion but has failed to go any higher over the past week. Bitcoin pushed back over $4,000 and is currently up a percent or so on the day trading at $4,050 at the time of writing. BTC jumped to an intraday high of $4,100 but the bears came rushing out preventing it from breaking that wall of resistance it faces at this level. On the week Bitcoin is showing a 6.5% gain but it seems to be consolidating here along with the entire market. Ethereum is back over $150 with a 2% rise over the past 24 hours. It too does not seem to have the momentum to make further gains and pulled back twice after hitting $153. The top ten is mostly green during the Asian trading session today, only Bitcoin SV is showing a loss as it slides down the charts. Tron has made the biggest gain of over 6% on the day as it extends its lead over BSV and chases down Tether and that $2 billion market cap. The rest have made between 1 and 2 percent on the day at the time of writing. The top twenty is also mostly green and NEO is running away with it gaining 13.5% on the day. Rumors of ties between the project and the Russian government, and top global blockchain rankings from China’s Center for Information and Industry Development has boosted momentum for NEO. It has now flipped both Ethereum Classic and NEM and risen to 16th spot by market cap which is currently $620 million. Trade volume has doubled in a day from $100 to over $200 million as NEO wakes up. Binance Coin is also performing strongly with an 8% gain and Cardano has made 4.6% on the day. The rest are up 1 to 3 percent aside from Dash and NEM which have not moved. Today’s dose of fomo goes to Holo which has pumped 48% on the back of a positive Nasdaq article. Pundi X has also had a good day with gains approaching 20% at the time of writing. There are no big losers today but those topping the red end of the top one hundred are MaidSafeCoin and Dentacoin dumping 7% each. Total crypto market capitalization has crept back up to $137 billion 1.5% back up since yesterday’s pullback. The daily volume chart shows an unnatural step from $15 to $25 billion two hours ago some more moves could be imminent. On the week crypto markets are 6% higher but they still cannot break out of their range bound channel. FOMO Moments is a section that takes a daily look at the top 20 cryptocurrencies during the current trading session and analyses the best-performing ones, looking for trends and possible fundamentals. The post Crypto Market Wrap: NEO Jumps Two Places With 13% Gain appeared first on NewsBTC.

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New Bitcoin [BTC], Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash trading pairs announced on CoinField

CoinField, a popular Canadian cryptocurrency exchange, has added another feather in its cap with the latest announcement stating that 18 new fiat trading pairs will be added on the platform on January 11. The roster includes trading pairs pegged to popular fiat currencies such as the United States dollar [USD], Canadian dollar [CAD], British Pound [GBP], the Euro [EUR] and the Japanese Yen [JPY]. The cryptocurrencies that will be included as part of the trading pairs are Bitcoin [BTC], Ethereum [ETH], Stellar Lumens [XLM], Bitcoin Cash [BCH], Litecoin [LTC], Digibyte [DGB], Basic Attention Token [BAT], ZCash [ZEC] and 0x [ZRX]. The exchange also gave its word on the deposit holds by stating that a user can whitelist their account by uploading a proof of address and making at least 3 deposit history with the alternative of a wire transfer that has no hold. The allocation of the trading pairs are as follows: USD: DGB, ZRX, BCH, DASH, ZEC & BAT CAD: DGB, ZRX, BCH, DASH & ZEC GBP: BTC, ETH, XLM, LTC & DGB EUR: DGB JPY: BTC Post the announcement, users flocked to CoinField’s twitter handles to voice their opinion. One Twitter user, Pucksterpete had said: “How about enabling or finding a bank to accept your EUR SEPA option. Still not active, very disappointing L” To this CoinField replied: “Hi , SEPA is going to be activated in this month. In the meanwhile you may use our bank wire transfer option which is fairly quick. 1-3 days max. - Thank you!” CoinField had also made the news recently when XRP based trading pairs were confirmed on the platform. This also included an XRP based Stellar Lumens trading pair XLM/XRP. The XLM/XRP trading pair was stated to be available alongside six other direct fiat pairings. The news had excited users of the cryptocurrencies as expressed by Lapinette, a Twitter user had stated: “Really good Job ! I’m not Canadian but I’m an XRP holder so I’m so proud of you ! I really hope than other as @binance @BittrexExchange @Bitstamp @eToro ... will follow your exemple !” TinCryp, a Reddit user also voiced his opinion by saying: ” This sort of development is what the crypto space needs right now. Shoutout to CoinField for making this happen, some real progress this.” The post New Bitcoin [BTC], Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash trading pairs announced on CoinField appeared first on AMBCrypto.

6 days ago

Altcoin Arbitrage Today: XRP, EOS, XLM, LTC, Dash, XMR

Every day is a new opportunity to make good money in the cryptocurrency industry. Although most people might not feel comfortable with buying and holding currencies, arbitrage trading them involves a bit less risk. It is also subject to a lot of healthy profits at any given time, depending on which currency one flips on specific exchanges. Today offers some good opportunities to make quick money as well. Monero (Bittrex / Bitfinex) Slowly but surely, it becomes more apparent virtually no one is taking advantage of the Monero price gap present between Bittrex and Bitfinex. Every single day, this same opportunity pops up with nearly identical profits waiting to be taken. Buying XMR on Bittrex and selling it on Bitfinex wills till yield a near 3% profit for virtually no effort involved. It is one of the easiest ways to make with cryptocurrency at this time, even though Monero doesn’t always generate a lot of liquidity either. Dash (Koineks / Cex / Sistemkoin) As has become somewhat of the new normal in the cryptocurrency arbitrage world, privacy-oriented altcoins usually have exploitable price gaps between exchanges on the same day. In today’s edition, Dash makes a surprising return in the arbitrage list. Its price on Cex, Koineks, and Bittrex is lower compared to Sistemkoin. Potential profits range anywhere from 0.84% all the way up to 2.89%. EOS (Paribu / Bitfinex) Being able to flip cryptocurrencies on bigger exchanges for a profit is always a favorable option. For users who are interested in exploring the EOS price gap between Paribu and Bitfinex, there is some good money to be made in the coming hours. This price gap can yield an average profit of 1.6% per trade, which is a more than respectable figure at this time. XLM (Paribu / Binance / EXMO) A few interesting XLM-related arbitrage opportunities have become apparent in the past few hours. More specifically, there is a lower price on Paribu compared to Cex, resulting in a potential 0.78% profit. There is also a lower price on Binance and KuCoin compared to EXMO, which can yield a 1.05% profit in the process. All of these options offer an appealing option, especially when considering how most markets remain bearish. Litecoin (Koineks / VeBitcoin / Bitfinex) Selling Litecoin on Bitfinex appears to be more lucrative compared to most other exchanges as of right now. The LTC price on Bitfinex is much higher compared to Koineks, Vebitcoin, Bittrex, Bitstamp, Paribu, Koinim, or BtcTurk. Users can expect an average profit of nearly 1.9%. This is a pretty interesting opportunity to take advantage of, as Litecoin has recently shown some very bullish signs. As such, the demand is potentially higher compared to other days. XRP (Binance / OKEx / EXMO) When trying to flip XRP for a profit, there are plenty of options to choose from as of today. Prices on both EXMO and Bitfinex are significantly higher compared to Binance, KuCoin, HitBTC, OKEx, Cex, Bittrex, Bitstamp, Paribu, and BtcTurk. As such, sourcing liquidity from any of the latter exchanges should yield a profit when selling on either Bitfinex or EXMO. The current average profit is roughly 1.7%, although that figure is bound to fluctuate throughout the day. Information provided by Arbing Tool Disclaimer: This is not trading or investment advice. The above article is for entertainment and education purposes only. Please do your own research before purchasing or investing into any cryptocurrency. Image(s): Shutterstock The post Altcoin Arbitrage Today: XRP, EOS, XLM, LTC, Dash, XMR appeared first on NullTX.

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Nasdaq Powered DX.Exchange Goes Live Today, January 7th

Crypto traders and enthusiasts have waited since May last year for the Nasdaq powered DX.Exchange to go live. News of the exchanges first hit the crypto-verse during last years Consensus event in New York. DX.Exchange was initially meant to feature trading of the top six coins of Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), XRP , Bitcoin Cash (BCH), EOS (EOS) and Litecoin (LTC). DX.Exchange to offer Digital Versions of Top U.S Stocks However, a January 3rd report by Bloomberg informed the crypto and investor communities that DX.Exchange will also allow users to trade shares belonging to companies such as Apple, Facebook, Tesla, Microsoft, Amazon, Netflix, Descartes Systems Group, Baidu, Intel and Nvidia. Each unit of the digital security token will be backed by regular shares of the company on a one to one ration. Such an arrangement will be similar to buying stocks through other large traditional platforms such as TD Ameritrade. The difference this time round will be that the stocks will be represented by tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. DX.Exchange to launch Today, Janaury 7th It is with this background that the team at DX.Exchange announced via twitter that the exchange will be going live today, January 7th 2019. The tweet that did not give an exact time for the launch can be found below. Less than 24 hours to go until you can #exchangeyourway with https://t.co/gavrewTi9F! We can’t wait! See you tomorrow! pic.twitter.com/5kEMSY62V2 — DX.Exchange (@DXdotExchange) January 6, 2019 More Digital Assets and Fiat Pairs The new exchange that holds operating licenses with the Estonian Financial Intelligence Unit, will pair all the aforementioned six major cryptocurrencies with the United States Dollar (USD), the Euro (EURO) and Japanese Yen (JPY). Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) will also be the base currencies paired with LTC, XRP, Enigma (ENG), OmiseGo (OMG), Cardano (ADA), DASH, ShareToken (SHR) and Digibyte (DGB). The availability of these pairs will be from the first day the exchange goes live. Zero Trading Fees But a Monthly Membership Fee DX.Exchange has a monthly membership fee rather than charging fees on each trade. For $20 per month, traders can trade a monthly trade volume worth $50,000. The $20 is reduced to $10 when paid with the native currency of the exchange: DXCash. Any trade volume above the $50,000 monthly limit, will be discounted if DXCash is used to pay for trading fees and according to the following tiers. Monthly Volume Standard Account DXCash $50,000 0 0 $100,000 0.25% 0.20% $500,000 0.20% 0.15% $1,000,000 0.15% 0.10% $1,000,000 + 0.10% 0.05% What are your thoughts on the Nasdaq powered DX.Exchange? Will it revolutionize crypto trading and the tokenization of regular stocks and assets? Please let us know in the comment section below. Disclaimer: This article is not meant to give financial advice. Any additional opinion herein is purely the author’s and does not represent the opinion of Ethereum World News or any of its other writers. Please carry out your own research before investing in any of the numerous cryptocurrencies available. Thank you. The post Nasdaq Powered DX.Exchange Goes Live Today, January 7th appeared first on Ethereum World News.

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Chatter Report: Zhao Says Blocking Customers ‘Not up to Us’, Lee Introduces the Term ‘Bitcoin Extremist’

In today’s chatter report, we delve into the Bitcoin Cash community’s responses to Cheapair.com re-enabling BCH payments for their travel services. Also, Changpeng Zhao explains Binance’s decision to block users. Finally, Crypto Twitter fires back at Charlie Lee’s new term ‘Bitcoin Extremist’. Also read: Cheapair.com Considers Bitpay as Coinbase Terminates Merchant Processing Solutions Bitcoin Cash Re-enabled on Cheapair.com Bitcoin Cash was recently re-enabled as a form of payment on travel booking website Cheapair.com and the r/btc subreddit rejoiced. While BCH payments have been re-enabled, commentator u/today_in_reddit noted that the travel site appears to have currently disabled Litecoin and Dash payments. The same reddit user also pointed out that prices on Cheapair.com were about about 8% more expensive than booking.com, with about 75% of the hotel selection. Bitcoin Cash is back up on Cheapair.com!! from btc Other community members like BTC_StKN marveled at the crypto community’s ability to live on crypto through the combined use of Cheapair.com, crypto ATM’s and crypto debit cards. Changpeng Zhao Responds to District Restriction Queries Binance exchange CEO Changpeng Zhao was recently asked by crypto community member Crypto Leprechaun whether U.S. citizens would ever be able to access Binance Launchpad, the token sale arm of Binance. I feel the sadness, sadly, it's not up to us. We want to be available to everyone in the world. Many (novice/naive) people mistakenly think it's our decision to implement blocks, and blame us. They need to figure out how the world works and find the right place(s) to vent. — CZ Binance (@cz_binance) January 6, 2019 Zhao expressed deep regret, as the decision to block users from certain countries was not up to the Binance team. Ideally, Zhao would prefer to Binance’s services to be available to everyone worldwide. Charlie Lee Polls Followers on Bitcoin Extremism Recently, Litecoin founder Charlie Lee introduced the term “Bitcoin Extremists” on social media. Lee took to Twitter to distinguish Bitcoin Maximalists as people that believe Bitcoin will hold it’s place as the dominant cryptocurrency, and Bitcoin Extremists as those who believe that all altcoins are worthless scams. Lee then polled his followers to see if they were Bitcoin Extremists, Bitcoin Maximalists, Altcoin Maximalists, or Nocoiners. Some self-proclaimed Bitcoin Maximalists are actually Bitcoin Extremists. They think all other coins are scams and will go to zero. Maximalists think Bitcoin is and will remain the dominant cryptocurrency but there is room for altcoins to exist and even do well. What are you? — Charlie Lee [LTC] (@SatoshiLite) January 6, 2019 Most of the responses to Lee were negative, with CTO of Casahodl Jameson Lopp sarcastically replying that he preferred the term “Bitcoin Supremacist” over Bitcoin Extremist. Trader Tone Vays also did not like Lee’s new term. The former accused Lee Orwellian-like control over the narrative to demonize the Bitcoin maximalist community. AND IT BEGGINS, #shitcoin(ers) will NOW change the language narative to calling people who speak sense about #Crypto, #tech, #money & #Economics as #Bitcoin EXTREMISTS because the word #Maximalist is just NOT Visceral Enough to Demonize! https://t.co/yICRX1uCH9 — Tone Vays [@Bitcoin] (@ToneVays) January 6, 2019 What do you think of the new term Bitcoin Extremist? Let us know in the comments below. Images courtesy of Shutterstock. Play with confidence! We guarantee that every Video Poker game you play at Bitcoin Games is completely fair. You will be dealt a completely random deck of cards every game, and we can provably demonstrate that we have in no way manipulated the shuffle. The post Chatter Report: Zhao Says Blocking Customers ‘Not up to Us’, Lee Introduces the Term ‘Bitcoin Extremist’ appeared first on Bitcoin News.

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Crypto Theses for 2019

The following piece originally appeared on Medium. It was written by The Block technical advisor Arjun Balaji and is republished here in its entirety with Arjun’s permission. If you would like to receive regular updates directly from Arjun, you can subscribe to his e-mail newsletter here. As another year wraps up, I started writing an email to close friends and investors on the “state of crypto” and my forecasts. As it got longer, it turned into this sprawling post. A few notes: This write up contains wide-ranging theses and obvious biases (my own) and is by no means authoritative. Please don’t nitpick. Where I make predictions, I try to be as specific as possible (inspired by SlateStarCodex’s format). Not all predictions are quantifiable. Some will be off and many will likely be directionally incorrect. That’s OK. Unless otherwise specified, my criteria for a liquid, actively-traded project “dying” is either (1) < $100k volume/$20m market cap or (2) primary development abandoned, whichever comes first. None of these predictions are normative; in many cases I see momentum in products or approaches I consider fundamentally flawed. C’est la vie—this is an attempt at a descriptive 2019 outlook. Index Bitcoin Ethereum Other Tokens Private Projects Stablecoins Crypto-funds Product Potpourri Crypto Companies Regulation Closing thoughts on prices and adoption Bitcoin 1) After a strong launch in 2018, I see Lightning Network growth continuing into 2019. I predict the number of Lightning nodes with channels will be ≥ 10,000 from ~2,100 now (60% confidence) due to the proliferation of node hardware and hosted solutions (e.g. Nodl.it, Casa’s node) and easy-to-deploy GUIs like Pierre Rochard’s node launcher. I predict network capacity will increase even more from ~$2m notional to ≥ $25m+ notional (75% confidence) due to the lifting of maximum channel limits, dual-funded channels, etc. 2) At least one major exchange will launch a Lightning Network hub for their users as confidence in the stability and security of the network grows over 2019 (50% confidence). If this occurs, my money is on Binance given their iteration speed and product chops or Coinbase, due to increased focus on adoption and “usage” of cryptocurrencies. I’m particularly excited about Cash App’s potential here given 1) they’re a business that understands Bitcoin 2) Jack sees Bitcoin as a path to “financial inclusion” and 3) Jack’s investment in Lightning Labs’ 2018 seed round. 3) A working implementation of Schnorr signatures, for which Pieter Wuille released a draft BIP in July, will make its way into Bitcoin via soft fork by the end of 2019 with ≥ 5% node adoption (75% confidence). 4) Low volatility and lower prices always attracts concern trolls and people who believe they can “change” Bitcoin for the better. The last two years have seen a lot of forks where the codebase is changed but the UTXO set is kept intact. In 2019, I expect to see the opposite: forks with technology kept intact (to merge future upstream changes) where the monetary policy or UTXO set is modified; an example being the Zclassic team forking Zcash to remove the Founder’s Reward). I predict 2019 will see a major fork proposal from Bitcoin OGs “fixing” post-block reward fee market sustainability either by re-appropriating Satoshi’s Bitcoin (e.g. my tongue-in-cheek tweet-proposal for “Bitcoin Freedom”) or by adding predictable, low inflation in favor of the fee-market (50% confidence). 5) 2018 was a big year for Bitcoin privacy and fungibility R&D, with proposals for Taproot and Graftroot from Gregory Maxwell in Q1, a draft BIP for theDandelion protocol in May, and an emergent path for a soft fork upgrade to Schnorr-based signatures. By the end of 2019, there will be a clear roadmap for “good enough” fungibility and privacy on Bitcoin’s base layer across a meaningful set of trade-offs (e.g., speed, confidence level, etc.) (50% confidence). 6) 2018 saw plenty of promising experiments building products around, with, and on top of Lightning. I anticipate 2019 will see significantly improved UX for developers who want to build with Bitcoin, including web3/Truffle-likeJavascript wrappers, hosted node services, better docs, tutorials, etc. which makes me very excited about the potential for new products. Ethereum 7) 2018 was a big year for proof of stake research with June’s deprecation of EIP 1011 (Hybrid Casper FFG), scrapping the hybrid PoW/PoS step in favor of moving to pure PoS. The next phase for Ethereum—first termed Shasper(Casper + Sharding), now called Serenity (Ethereum 2.0)—has six distinct phases, which stretch over several years. There are 8+ dev teams working on independent implementations including: ChainSafe Systems, building a JS implementation called Lodestar 50-person ConsenSys-backed PegaSys, building an enterprise-grade implementation in Java An independent group called Harmony, building a Java implementationbased on the original EthereumJ

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Davincij15 (Predictor of the Bitcoin Revolution Back in 2011) Presents a New Cryptocurrency Ranking System

Davincij15, an investor and trader with experience in the cryptocurrency and metals market, published yesterday a document providing guidelines for the creation of a cryptocurrency rating system to be used in fundamental analysis. This entrepreneur became popular in the crypto-verse after the viralization of a video published by him in 2011, talking about the characteristics of Bitcoin, its advantages as a means of storing value and electronic money as well as the accelerated growth that this technology (practically unknown at the time) would experience in the coming years. It is important to note that by the time davincij15 published the video, Bitcoin was worth $9.57. In 2011 BTC started with a value of 0.3$, ending with a price of 3.06$ with a peak of 15.4$ reached in July. The document has three sections: The first part establishes a general classification of cryptos in groups of 4 Tiers. The second part explains a system to give a score to each cryptocurrency, adding or subtracting points according to their characteristics. The third part provides tips for successful crypto trading. The Tiers system sets specific characteristics that allow the analyst to determine the chances for a crypto to be successful in the future. Here is the explanation for each Tier: 1st Tier Coins of The Cryptocurrency Ranking System The cryptocurrency must be in the top 25 in market capitalization excluding stable coins. The cryptocurrency must not be centralized meaning there are no limits to the number of nodes that can exist on the network or the number of nodes increases in some fashion over time and/or based on usage. Also, it must have solid marketing and promotion behind it. In this group he placed crypto currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, DASH, Litecoin amongst others 2nd Tier Coins of The Crypto Rank System These cryptocurrencies are up and coming they have a strong community and developer support but are lacking in other areas. The project is interesting and different enough from bitcoin to stand on its own. These coins must be listed on 5 or more exchanges and working end user wallets. According to their analysis, “Most of 2nd tier coins are copies of bitcoin” However, other crypto currencies such as EOS could fall into this category. 3rd Tier Coins of The Rank These cryptocurrencies may have a developer community even if they are doing nothing at the moment and have little or no roadmap. Alts that fall below $10 million in market cap but are listed on at least 3 exchanges. Davincij15 placed Dogecoin in this category. 4th Tier Coins of The Cryptocurrency Ranking System Are dead, broken chains, or dying coins with no development team working on it, little community support and no significant changes to the code base over a year. Also if the cryptocurrency project with a market capitalization value of less than $1 million. The odds of a turn around are slim to none. However, if the coin is traded on more than one exchange pump and dumpers will attempt to run this coin value up and at that point, profit can be made As an example of a 4th Tier Coin he pointed to MaxCoin The document is not yet finished, and Davincij15 pointed out that it will undergo several modifications along the way. He called on the community to analyze the text and send suggestions to improve this system every day, benefiting the whole community. Document available here: Full video with an in-depth explanation of the document is available in the link below: The post Davincij15 (Predictor of the Bitcoin Revolution Back in 2011) Presents a New Cryptocurrency Ranking System appeared first on Ethereum World News.

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Block #1M

We're just about a day away from passing the millionth DASH block being found. No significance of course, but still a milestone.

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300+ Merchants Adopt Dash (DASH) In Colombia As Dollar Effec...

300+ Merchants Adopt Dash (DASH) In Colombia As Dollar Effect Weakens Around The World #Dash #Crypto #Payments… https://t.co/UVuArSxSwu

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What Is Electroneum? Introduction to ETN Token

What Is Electroneum? Electroneum is a blockchain-based payment platform designed specifically for use on mobile devices like smartphones. It’s claimed to be the first Know-Your-Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money-Laundering (AML) compliant cryptocurrency. ETN, Electroneum’s native crypto, is virtually mined using mobile devices. The cryptocurrency has a massively loyal and committed following - its marketing strategy has tended toward virality, which has gained it over 2.7 million registered users (January 2019). As well as an impressive 129k Twitter followers, the project has attracted 143k Facebook users - interesting because FB is not a platform not known for crypto projects. Many don’t even have a Facebook page. This could illustrate that there is a strong following beyond crypto devotees - which would, of course, be exactly what the team would want to see. Of course, 2.7 million registered users does not measure active use, just as Bitcoin’s 22 million wallets doesn’t suggest that 22 million people are using Bitcoin today. But it’s a remarkably strong performance - and proves the power of integrating with major players like Google’s Play Store. The core development team of 12 is headed by SiteWizard co-founder Richard Ells. Its initial goal during its 2017 inception was to replace in-game currencies for mobile games. Gambling platforms were a natural evolution, as were mobile payments. Based in the U.K., the project is also still focused on emerging economies with large unbanked and underbanked populations. It was initially a soft fork of the Monero code but hard forked on May 30, 2018 at block 307500 to its own code. Part of the reason was to streamline code, and the other was to welcome ASIC rigs to the network, as Monero forked to resist GPU-based ASIC mining. Now the project is focused on mobile payments and has partnerships including telecommunications payment behemoth XIUS, e-commerce company BMedia, and more. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t still true to its gaming roots - its partnership with Mobile Streams PLC’s gaming platform exposes it to the service’s 750,000-strong subscriber base in Latin America. Is Electroneum the next big chain on the block, or is it all just a great white hype? We’ll start our research by examining the market performance of ETN, Electroneum’s proprietary cryptocurrency token. ETN Cryptocurrency Summary The peak price of ETN so far was $0.185470 on January 6, 2018. As of January 2nd, 2019, the circulating supply is 8,660,074,174, out of a total supply of 21,000,000,000 ETN. The team chose 21 billion over Bitcoin’s 21 million cap to encourage user adoption and satisfaction of earning a full coin instead of a minute fraction of one. The Electroneum ICO crowdsale occurred from September 14 through October 23, 2017. Twenty-nine percent of the total supply was made available to the public during the ICO, raising $40 million worth of ETH. [{"date":1514999055000,"value":0.0891296,"volume":6323970},{"date":1515085457000,"value":0.0828712,"volume":7804990},{"date":1515171856000,"value":0.114219,"volume":14173100},{"date":1515258256000,"value":0.218755,"volume":50984700},{"date":1515344656000,"value":0.174513,"volume":30050600},{"date":1515431056000,"value":0.158732,"volume":14915000},{"date":1515517457000,"value":0.168621,"volume":10399700},{"date":1515603856000,"value":0.158775,"volume":8450510},{"date":1515690256000,"value":0.152799,"volume":7719450},{"date":1515776656000,"value":0.149177,"volume":6340560},{"date":1515863056000,"value":0.179587,"volume":15773400},{"date":1515949456000,"value":0.160841,"volume":7974030},{"date":1516035856000,"value":0.161677,"volume":6816240},{"date":1516122261000,"value":0.125843,"volume":8670150},{"date":1516208661000,"value":0.0932108,"volume":7685810},{"date":1516295061000,"value":0.125274,"volume":7136780},{"date":1516381461000,"value":0.120053,"volume":4580090},{"date":1516467863000,"value":0.152585,"volume":14954300},{"date":1516554262000,"value":0.127335,"volume":6070170},{"date":1516640662000,"value":0.119012,"volume":4916250},{"date":1516727062000,"value":0.129039,"volume":4885680},{"date":1516813463000,"value":0.122591,"volume":3768580},{"date":1516899862000,"value":0.120301,"volume":3823250},{"date":1516986262000,"value":0.115058,"volume":4287090},{"date":1517072662000,"value":0.112921,"volume":3777030},{"date":1517159062000,"value":0.104875,"volume":3827660},{"date":1517245462000,"value":0.0964721,"volume":7026650},{"date":1517331863000,"value":0.0816634,"volume":3902110},{"date":1517418262000,"value":0.0797021,"volume":3763750},{"date":1517504663000,"value":0.0615434,"volume":3171850},{"date":1517591063000,"value":0.0764358,"volume":7705450},{"date":1517677463000,"value":0.0743658,"volume":4554000},{"date":1517763863000,"value":0.0640516,"volume":2495870},{"date":1517850263000,"value":0.0514354,"volume":2923990},{"date":1517938463000,"value":0.0497075,"volume":4955980},{"date":1518024863000,"value":0.0725776,"volume":663590

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BitcoinNews.com Daily Market Analysis 3rd January 2019: Crypto Market Declines Despite Stock Market Crash

The cryptocurrency markets are in the red today, with Bitcoin regressing from the USD 3,900 level to USD 3,780 as of this writing on the evening of 3 January 2019. In the 2 January market analysis, it was explained that USD 3,900 is a critical level since that is possibly the level where Bitcoin futures traders on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) took out short positions. It is an ominous sign that Bitcoin was not able to break through that level despite a crash on the stock market today, and possibly confirms that CME traders have collectively shorted Bitcoin from the USD 3,900 level. The Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) crashed 660 points today, and every major stock index on the planet is in the red. This was spurred by Apple announcing that iPhone sales in China are far below expectations. Further, global manufacturing saw its sharpest decline in December 2018 since the Great Recession. The USD weakened as well according to the dollar index. With both stocks and the USD declining, this creates a perfect storm for investors to seek safe-haven assets. Indeed, silver is approaching USD 16 and gold is nearing USD 1,300, after a long period of time during 2018 where silver and gold were at USD 15 and USD 1,200 respectively. It is theorized that investors will take their money out of stocks and put them into Bitcoin during a stock crash as Bitcoin is independent of the stock market and can be considered a safe haven asset like gold. However, the tight grip of the CME Bitcoin futures on the price of Bitcoin may be overwhelming that effect. It has been observed that if CME Bitcoin futures traders take out shorts at the beginning of the month then Bitcoin generally declines all month, and gets beat back from increasing beyond the level where short positions were taken. That may be what is happening during these first days of January, strong upward pressure from a bad stock market may be getting suppressed by CME Bitcoin futures traders. All things considered, Bitcoin may retest lows around USD 3,100 that were witnessed during mid-December, since apparently even on extremely bad stock market days Bitcoin cannot get past USD 3,900. If Bitcoin goes lower generally the other cryptocurrencies head downwards as well, and that is exactly what has happened today. The total cryptocurrency market cap has declined from USD 133 billion to less than USD 131 billion. Ethereum, Ripple, Stellar, Litecoin, Monero, Dash and Bitcoin Cash are down 4%. Ethereum is still in 2nd place in terms of market cap, with a USD 900 million lead over Ripple. EOS is down a more severe 7%; it is common for EOS to decline more than other major cryptocurrencies on down days. Dogecoin is only down 1.3%, and it seems Dogecoin has been far more stable than other cryptocurrencies in recent months. In summary, despite a bad stock market crash which should have led to upward pressure in the cryptocurrency markets, all major cryptocurrencies have seen significant declines on 3 January. Follow BitcoinNews.com on Twitter: @BitcoinNewsCom Telegram Alerts from BitcoinNews.com: https://t.me/bconews Want to advertise or get published on BitcoinNews.com? - View our Media Kit PDF here. Image Courtesy: Pixabay The post BitcoinNews.com Daily Market Analysis 3rd January 2019: Crypto Market Declines Despite Stock Market Crash appeared first on BitcoinNews.com.

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Bitcoin [BTC] to be used for paying business taxes; US based company makes a first

In a major step for cryptocurrency adoption, Overstock, a US-based company, announced that the organization will pay its taxes using Bitcoin [BTC], the world’s largest cryptocurrency. The company stated that it will be paying a part of its business taxes to the state of Ohio in the form of virtual assets using the state’s dedicated cryptocurrency payment website, Ohiocrypto.com. Patrick Byrne, the Chief Executive Officer [CEO] of Overstock had said: “[Overstock] is proud to partner with forward-thinking governments and officials like Ohio and Treasurer Mandel to help usher in an era of trust through technology for our nation’s essential financial systems.” Byrne has always been a strong proponent of cryptocurrencies with a stance that the usage of cryptocurrencies will make transactions much simpler and faster. After Overstock’s latest reveal, the CEO further added: “We have long thought that thoughtful governmental adoption of emerging technologies such as cryptocurrencies is the best way to ensure the U.S. does not lose our place at the forefront of the ever-advancing global economy.” The move makes Overstock one of the few companies in the United States who have embraced digital assets after 2018 laid the foundation for the entry of cryptocurrencies into public forums. Just a few months back Dash, another major cryptocurrency was accepted by AutoFair, a car dealership in New Hampshire. Derrick J Freeman, an official from AutoFair had then said: “Most businesses that started accepting cryptocurrency were smaller, more marginal businesses, and we see that larger and larger businesses are accepting crypto. What normally happens is a business will accept digital cash often knowing that they can convert it to bank money. Yet almost always they learn about the benefits and decide to keep the digital cash themselves.” Ohio’s foray into the cryptocurrency industry had made headlines a few weeks back when the state government announced that it will accept Bitcoin for 23 types of taxes. This rule made Ohio the first state in the US to accept cryptocurrencies as well as led to the creation of Ohiocrypto.com. The website asks users to follow three important steps: register on the website, enter the required amount of tax to be paid including the tax period dates and finally use “the compatible cryptocurrency wallet to pay the invoice using Bitcoin”. The post Bitcoin [BTC] to be used for paying business taxes; US based company makes a first appeared first on AMBCrypto.

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Adoption Continues to Grow in Colombia as 300 Merchants Now Accept Dash (DASH)

The Dash community continues its push for growth and adoption on a global scale as at least 300 merchants have signed up to accept and transact the cryptocurrency along with a 25% growth in active wallets. Dash is so prevalent in the region that many people that are familiar with cryptocurrencies only know Dash and have never heard of Bitcoin. Many of the new businesses and merchants are in the restaurant and technology sectors, which are more accustomed to a rapidly evolving industry. DASH is currently trading at $80.85. (JF)

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@DxnvxrW At the beginning we will be focused on the most pop...

@DxnvxrW At the beginning we will be focused on the most popular ones like BTC, ETH, XRP, LTC, Dash, XEM, NEO, MIOT… https://t.co/Xq7DDM5GRm

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It's Day 4 of the #12DaysOfCrypto! Today we're featuring $DA...

It's Day 4 of the #12DaysOfCrypto! Today we're featuring $DASH. Dash is an open source crypto that permits fast, p… https://t.co/n9kmAdYTxu

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Twitter Poll Reveals XRP as the Most Accepted Christmas “Crypto Gift”

Recently, a Twitter poll of 14618 Twitter users was conducted to find out the best Christmas "Crypto Gift." From the poll, XRP was the most preferred gift by 50% of these Twitter users. In the second place was Bitcoin with 37% followed by Monero in the third position with 9%. The fourth option gave the Twitter users the choice of a cryptocurrency outside the three, and this got a 4% acceptance. The most prefered cryptocurrencies in this last option were Dash, Tron, and Ethereum. (KE)

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‘Human ATM’: Flash Cryptocurrency Introduces a P2P Feature for Mobile

Flash, a Scrypt-based crypto has released its mobile app with a unique feature known as a "human ATM." This P2P functionality enables users to load up the people who offer in-person trades. Thereafter, trades may be settled in person, but the funds will be released via the app, which makes one look like a walking ATM. The mobile app supports coins such as BTC, LTC, Dash, and Flash. It focuses on retailer and P2P user adoption in places where other methods are inaccessible. The app is gaining traction in Venezuela and Africa, and the company's marketing manager James Hinton expects merchant adoption to increase to 800 in Africa in the next few months. (KE)

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Monero: No plans to go ‘legit’

Whereas 2018 has seen both ZCash and Dash make moves towards ‘legitimacy’ and away from their foundational ‘anonymous cryptocurrency’ use case, Monero... has not.

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How to Buy Dash on Binance

Short for “Digital Cash”, Dash is one of the longest-running mid-high market cap coins today. From being one of the biggest altcoins several years ago, it now maintains […]

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Electroneum Thais One On With Mobile Phone Operator

Electroneum’s (ETN) new partnership with a Thai-based mobile phone operator will rapidly enable the network to expand into the country, the project’s CEO hopes. Last night, Electroneum announced a new agreement with Thailand’s One Development, which provides the network service infrastructure and coverage for mobile phones. The partnership will explore options for Electroneum to be used as an end-to-end cryptocurrency solution. This might even include using ETN tokens to pay for data usage. Electroneum is a payments system that can be accessed from an app. Users can send and receive crypto transactions, lowering the barrier to entry in the developing world where mobile devices are already used as payments tools. It introduced new KYC requirements earlier this year, which it claimed made it a trustworthy method to buy age-restricted items, like alcohol, without needing to show other proofs of identity. Electroneum isn’t the only one implementing cryptocurrency payments into mobile devices. Crypto Briefing reported earlier this week that a company selling phones pre-loaded with Dash (DASH) was doing extremely well in the Latin American market, and in Venezuela particularly. Electroneum partnership One Development is one of Thailand’s leading mobile virtual network enablers (MVNE) as well as its first mobile virtual network aggregator (MVNA). It provides the foundational network infrastructure and data services to companies which can then sell it on under their own brands, such as phone companies. Richard Ells, Electroneum’s CEO and founder, believes the new partnership will be a “major step” in providing more crypto-based services to Thailand. He has previously highlighted that Electroneum’s success depended on partnerships with network operators who can encourage greater ETN adoption. Ells said: Our developing partnership with One Development is an important example of how the ETN model drives self-funding, financial inclusion and inclusivity; a powerful connection between the unbanked and industrialized worlds that enable populations to work out of poverty. Allan Rasmussen, the CEO of One Development, added that ETN would provide significant benefits across the spectrum in a legal and secure manner. “With Electroneum, we firmly believe we found a partner that ticks the right boxes when it comes to benefiting all stakeholders in our ecosystem,” he said. “With ETN’s introduction of Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti Money Laundering (AML), the regulatory compliance box has also been ticked, providing a trusted environment, and we now look forward to working with Electroneum on the promotion of ETN.” The author is invested in digital assets, but none mentioned in this article. Join the conversation on Telegram and Twitter! The post Electroneum Thais One On With Mobile Phone Operator appeared first on Crypto Briefing.

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Dash users if you're near Shanghai on Jan 9th @IDAX11 is hol...

Dash users if you're near Shanghai on Jan 9th @IDAX11 is holding their Seminar of #Crypto Future. More details on t… https://t.co/1ZKAzQQa6m

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Dash dethrones Binance Coin (BNB) after skyrocketing to $90

Dash, the 14th most valued cryptocurrency has gone up by 16.79% against the USD. While the gains have been pouring in all through the bull run, Dash achieved its significant milestone in the last 24hrs, and this was made possible by dethroning the Binance Coin BNB. Yesterday, Dash had begun its race to the top at a very steady pace. With an opening price of $74.23, Dash had taken full advantage of the intensity of the bull run shortly after and bounced up to $99.23. One would expect that Dash would’ve started slowly by accumulating gains in small percentages, but when Dash hit $99, it became clear that a breakout was lurking around the corners. Halfway through this achievement, the market began to experience a slight bearish tide, at this time, Dash took staggering steps backward and landed at $73.96, just a little below its opening price. But it didn’t end there, once the market began to attain a little bit of stability, Dash aroused by more than 5% and went back to $99.23. All through this time, Dash was still trading below the Binance coin, whose trading volume of $27.97 million was only able to move the coin slightly higher than its opening price of $5.47. While BNB closed at $5.79, Dash heightened its propulsion through its trading volume which was previously an estimated $184.63 million and made the momentous climb that has now landed its market cap at $805.19 million, above BNB’s market cap of $755.73 million. The Korean traders have to be credited for this new milestone, as their trading pairs of Dash against the Korean won had made the rounds as the highest trading volume with a total of $45.19 million since the last 24hrs. Meanwhile, BNB has been one of the few victims of the bearish trends surfacing. With losses of 1.32% against the USD, and a fluctuating trading price of $5.78, the coin might have a harder time making a comeback. While the sustained losses are not much, each time the coin drops in volume, it makes way for its newest rival Dash to make sizeable growth in its market capitalization. The post Dash dethrones Binance Coin (BNB) after skyrocketing to $90 appeared first on ZyCrypto.

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Cryptocurrency Market Update: Bitcoin Cash Doubles in Three Days

FOMO Moments A rare green Friday for crypto markets; Bitcoin Cash and SV are on a charge, Tron and Iota following. It makes a change to see markets in the green on a Friday. The crypto rally that started on Monday has continued throughout the week and it has ended on a high. Total capitalization is over $130 billion, its highest level for almost three weeks. Bitcoin has made over 25% since its low point of the year last weekend. Today it is up another 4% to just over $4,000. BTC made two bounces off resistance at $4,200 a few hours ago and has pulled back a little. The trend is currently bullish in what many are describing as a ‘Santa rally’. Ethereum is having a rare good day with gains over 8% taking it close to $115. It is still $3 billion behind XRP in terms of market cap however, despite the Ripple token not having made much movement today. The top ten is all green at the time of writing and shooting to the moon for the third day is Bitcoin Cash which has made over 40% in the past 24 hours. In this epic revival BCH has over doubled in value in just three days. On Tuesday it was still below $100 and today it has broken $200. Even Bitcoin SV is having a rare revival with a 35% gain on the day to take it to $125. Tron is still making solid progress with 13% more added today. In the top twenty Dash is leading the pack with a rise of 18% to $90. Cardano and Iota are also performing well during the Asian trading session with gains of 14%. The only altcoin getting a beating in the top forty is Waves dumping 10%. Aside from the two Bitcoin Cash variants, Bitcoin Diamond and Bitcoin Gold are also getting a dose of fomo today with pumps of 25 and 20 percent respectively. Entering the top one hundred with a surge of over 33% is Crypto.com Chain, CRO. Getting bashed is DEX dumping over 30%, Qash, Waves and Stratis are also in pain losing double digits at the time of writing. Total crypto market capitalization is up over 7% on the day as it reaches $133 billion. Daily trade volume has also surged to $28 billion, its highest level for almost 8 months. Since the same time last Friday crypto markets have recovered by 25% however they are still down slightly on the month. FOMO Moments is a section that takes a daily look at the top 20 altcoins during the current trading session and analyses the best-performing ones, looking for trends and possible fundamentals. The post Cryptocurrency Market Update: Bitcoin Cash Doubles in Three Days appeared first on NewsBTC.

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Crypto Arbitrage Today: Up to 20% Profit With AE, ZEC, ETC, LTC, EOS, Dash

Bullish cryptocurrency prices can make for appealing trading opportunities, just like their bearish counterparts would do. In the altcoin arbitrage world, there are always specific price gaps waiting to be exploited by those who have the funds to do so. In some cases, rather spectacular profits can be scored, although most averages remain modest. Any money is better than no money in this industry, though. Aeternity (Sistemkoin / Gate) It is the second this week a massive price gap opens up where Aeternity is concerned. This altcoin, while not generating a ton of trading volume, is listed on a few different exchanges. As of today, the price difference between Sistemkoin and Gate is nearly 20%. For those willing to explore this price gap, good money can be made in the process. Such a gap usually does not remain in place for long, which is only normal. ZCash (HitBTC / BTCBIT / Poloniex) It is the first time the BTCBIT exchange shows up in arbitrage opportunities, but the more the merrier. As new trading platforms try to make a name for itself, there will always be some value discrepancies pertaining to the assets listed on that exchange. Buying ZCash on HitBTC, Poloniex, or Gate and selling it on BTCBIT will yield an average profit of 8.8%. A very appealing price gap, although liquidity may be a bit of a concern. Ethereum Classic (Poloniex / Gobaba / BTCBIT) It seems the BTCBIT platform may quickly become the go-to place for cryptocurrency arbitrage opportunities, as its prices are very high compared to the rest of the market In the case of Ethereum Classic, the price on BTCBIT is higher compared to Poloniex, Gate, Gobaba, Koineks, Binance, and Ku Coin The average profit is roughly 8.5%, which is a more than respectable figure. Dash (Livecoin / BTCBIT) Things always get very interesting when two exchanges with lower liquidity are involved in one and the same arbitrage opportunity. Buying Dash on Livecoin and selling it on BTCBIT can earn traders a profit of 8.16%. There is also an option to buy Dash from Kraken, HitBTC, Poloniex, Gate, Bittrex, or Sistemkoin for a similar profit. Flipping Dash between Bittrex or Kraken and HitBTC can also yield a 1.1% profit. EOS (Gobaba / Binance / Bitfinex) A few interesting price discrepancies involving EOS have become apparent this morning. There is a 1.02% difference between Gobaba and Bitfinex, which makes for an appealing option. Users can also buy EOS on either Binance or KuCoin and sell it on HitBTC for a 1.79% profit. All of these options are pretty significant, especially when all markets go into a major bull run as they have lately. Litecoin (BTCBIT / Kraken / KuCoin) On any given day, there is room for arbitrage opportunities involving HitBTC. Today is such a day, although in a slightly different manner than people would expect. The LTC price on Binance, HitBTC, KuCoin and Bittrex is 9.5% lower compared to BTCBIT. As such, easy profits can be pocketed from moving funds from exchange A to exchange B. Buying on Kraken, Kucoin, or Binance and selling on HitBTC also works, albeit the average profit for doing so is just 1%. Information provided by Arbing Tool. Disclaimer: This is not trading or investment advice. The above article is for entertainment and education purposes only. Please do your own research before purchasing or investing into any cryptocurrency. The post Crypto Arbitrage Today: Up to 20% Profit With AE, ZEC, ETC, LTC, EOS, Dash appeared first on NullTX.

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Pan-African Bitcoin Exchange Kubitx Goes Live, Launches OTC Wallet

Kubitx, a pan-African digital asset exchange, went live on Dec. 20 after completing its beta test. The Malta-registered trading platform has also released what it calls a “hybrid over-the-counter (OTC) wallet” allowing users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies including BTC and BCH as well as to pay bills. Also read: U.K. Investors to Pay Capital Gains and Income Tax on Bitcoin Investments Kubitx Lists 22 Digital Assets Eric Annan, chief executive officer of Kubitx, has said 22 digital assets will initially be listed on the exchange across four markets: BTC, ETH, USDT and KBX, an in-house digital coin. Some of the tokens that will be available for trade at launch include ripple, dash, zcash, and doge. Users intending to make withdrawals of $10,000 or more will be expected to complete full know-your-customer requirements, said Annan. So far, 100 people have signed up. Starting with Nigeria, Africa’s biggest bitcoin market, traders will be able to exchange their cryptocurrencies for the naira, the local fiat unit, and withdraw directly into their bank accounts. The service is to be rolled out to other countries on the continent in future. “The registration on the exchange is designed to be very easy and user-friendly as we have made the exchange simple for everyday people,” Annan explained in an online statement. He claimed that Kubitx has achieved speeds of “10m+ transactions per second and implemented several tools using machine learning such as anti-market manipulation and trade surveillance to ensure that the exchange is regulatory compliant.” Founded in 2017, Kubitx describes itself as a “hybrid digital asset exchange” that leverages distributed ledger technology to facilitate payments throughout Africa and abroad. It also offers trade financing while handling remittances and over-the-counter trades. In addition, the exchange is registered as a legal entity in Nigeria and Zimbabwe. Hybrid OTC Wallet In October, Kubitx announced the beta launch of its cryptocurrency exchange. About 150 users tried out the exchange’s trading, deposit and withdrawal interface, among other features, using a demo token. Annan told news.Bitcoin.com that the beta test went well, adding that “bugs (were) detected and corrected.” Meanwhile, the pan-African exchange has released what it calls a “hybrid OTC wallet.” It says the wallet is being “launched for starters as a mobile application on Android.” With it, investors will be able to trade, send and receive virtual currencies. They can also pay bills in crypto or using acceptable debit or credit cards. Cross-border payments and remittances for specific offshore payments like school fees and selected merchants are supported also. “This step [OTC wallet] is intended to facilitate financial inclusion in Africa using blockchain technology,” explained Kubitx, which has recently reached an agreement with Interswitch International, a major payment switching company for 99 percent of Nigerian banks, with an additional presence in Kenya and Uganda. It will operate its fiat-to-crypto payments and remittance business in those markets. The exchange also hopes to open new trading platforms in Zimbabwe, Angola, Ghana, South Africa and elsewhere after it completes its planned $12.5 million initial coin offering. Annan said “we will continue to list other assets incrementally as we progress in operation, monitor and have good and satisfactory feedback on the exchange.” What do you think about the development of the cryptocurrency industry in Africa? Let us know in the comments section below. Images courtesy of Shutterstock and Kubitx Need to calculate your bitcoin holdings? Check our tools section. The post Pan-African Bitcoin Exchange Kubitx Goes Live, Launches OTC Wallet appeared first on Bitcoin News.

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Bitcoin Hits $4100 as Analysts Warn That the 2017 Rally Is Behind Us

Bitcoin’s price recovery has continued, with the currency gaining 7.2 percent in the past 24 hours. Bitcoin was trading at $4,104 at press time, having struck a two-week high of $4,186 just hours earlier. The last time Bitcoin was above $4,100 was December 3 and since then, it has dropped to its lowest level for the year below $3,200. This week has seen the currency gain 26 percent and looks set to continue its good run. But if you’re expecting a repeat of the 2017 bull run, you might get disappointed. According to Charlie Morris, a fund manager at Atlantic House Ltd., the streak was great but it has been broken. Investors should be prepared for lower rates of return going forward, Morris warned. The Comeback Continues Just a few weeks ago, Bitcoin dropped from $6,000 and in a month, its value had almost halved. Several skeptics had already called this the predicted death of Bitcoin. Even a teenage millionaire, whose sole rise to fame and fortune was Bitcoin, recently stated that Bitcoin is dead. However, the currency proved that it had plenty of bite in it by bouncing back and reclaiming the $4,000 level this week. Bitcoin opened the week at $3,250 after a lackluster performance at the weekend. It has since then gained over $900, adding $17 billion in the process in market cap. At press time, the currency was trading at $4,102, up 7.2 percent in the past 24 hours. As has been the trend, Bitfinex and HitBTC posted higher prices at $4,188 and $4,195 respectively. Its market cap is up to $71.6 billion, up from $53 billion posted on Monday. The trading volume has also experienced an incredible hike, up 170 percent from Monday. In the past 24 hours, it stood at $8.5 billion, up from $3.6 billion posted on Monday. Of this, $4.1 billion was by Hong Kong-based crypto trading and derivative platform BitMEX. The exchange accounted for 31.2 percent of the trading volume, miles ahead of the second-placed Binance which accounted for $391 million. The rest of the market was in an upward trend as well, with Bitcoin Cash being the biggest gainer. The currency is now up 145 percent, having opened the week at $81. Its rival, Bitcoin SV, is up 18 percent to trade at $110. IOTA, Monero and Dash are all up double digits as well. The 2017 Bitcoin Bull Run Is Behind Us In light of the recent price hikes, it’s easy to get carried away and foresee the $20,000 level being possible soon. However, one trader, analyst and fund manager believes that such a run is behind us now. Charles Morris stated that this year’s 80 percent decline hinders another bull run as investors are more skeptical. Morris is a fund manager at Atlantic House Ltd., a London-based firm with over $1 billion in assets under management. In a note to investors seen by Bloomberg, he stated: That trend has been a great ride, but it is broken. The long-term chart tells you to prepare for lower rates of return His sentiments are supported by Paul Day, a technical analyst and head of futures at Market Securities Dubai Ltd. According to Day, last year’s bull run drew some parallels from the end of the dot-com bubble. The Nasdaq Composite Index at the time plunged 80 percent as many companies crushed. It has taken almost 15 years to recover, and even then, many of the heavyweights never recovered. He stated: If, and it’s a big if, crypto survives and the winners become viable mediums of exchange in the years ahead, there is nothing to say the winners have even been created yet, The post Bitcoin Hits $4100 as Analysts Warn That the 2017 Rally Is Behind Us appeared first on NullTX.

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Western Union Gets Crypto Ready While eToro’s Crypto Arm Gets Regulated in Gibraltar

Note: “This analysis is an adaptation from the work of Mati Greenspan, Senior Market Analyst at eToro Key Highlights: Western Union ready to support cryptocurrencies XRP may gain as Western Union has an existing partnership eToro’s crypto arm gets Gibraltar’s Blockchain License Western Union all set to support cryptocurrencies Well, when it comes to making cross-border remittances, Western Union has been the first choice of many. Being in existence for such a long time the company has near pioneered the art of global remittances and commands a good market share. But now with changing times, the traditional global remittance giant is getting ready to adopt the new age technology for transferring money globally. Yes, you heard it right, Western Union has made an announcement that it is all set to support cryptocurrencies. The company took on Twitter to announce the same. There's a lot of hype around cryptocurrencies. Good thing we've been transferring money digitally for nearly two decades. Bring on the #blockchain: https://t.co/Z1fzoH2ujV #WUFintech pic.twitter.com/DFUVYq9vOi — Western Union (@WesternUnion) December 17, 2018 In the video put up on company’s official Twitter account, President Odilon Almeida stated “we already operate with 130 currencies” and went on to say that if they feel like adopting crypto then “technology-wise, it’s just another currency.” The post from WU did not go unnoticed by the community and crypto enthusiasts who were only too happy to point out that the entire point of cryptocurrencies was that they can be sent without the need of a third party. While the news is getting a mixed reaction from people around the world, One thing that might be helpful here is that Western Union is still in partnership with Ripple Labs and are conducting an ongoing pilot to see how XRP can streamline things for them. While all eyes would be on Ripple’s and XRP’s role in getting WU crypto ready, Dash too released a video explaining how useful Dash can be used to transfer money globally in a secure manner and at a very low cost. eToro gets licensed by Gibraltar regulator While a lot of focus now coming back to regulation, eToro is now the first multi-asset broker that carries stocks, commodities, currencies, ETFs, and crypto in a fully licensed and regulated offering. The fact that the platform is ever so simple to use is just an added bonus. The ramifications of this announcement are nothing short of mind-blowing as it carries significant implications for the entire crypto industry. This means there is a clear path to regulation for all crypto assets. The post Western Union Gets Crypto Ready While eToro’s Crypto Arm Gets Regulated in Gibraltar appeared first on Coingape.

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VegaWallet Launches on Play Store With DASH Compatibility

&#x200B; [VegaWallet uses BitGO multi sig and advanced transaction technology for flawless DASH integration.](https://i.redd.it/j8pstr2sig521.png) Users can now download the VegaWallet Cryptocurrency Wallet on Google Play. [Click Here For Download](https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.vegawallet.in)

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Surge in Global ATMs Defies Crypto’s Downward Price Trends

With Bitcoin trading at under USD 3,800 at the time, it marks a year of significant downward movement over a period of 12 months. Yet the rise in the number of global ATMs being installed is continuing. Bitcoin’s recent slump hasn’t seemed to have affected the ATM industry with reports that it’s healthier than ever, given that at the beginning of 2017 there were only 1,000 machines worldwide. Bitcoin ATM startup BCB ATM saw its sales figures soar by 528% in just 11 months through 2017, and other companies are experiencing the same rise in sales in 2018. Rising Bitcoin prices over the past three years have accelerated the installation of machines with cryptocurrency’s wider adoption around the world. Bitcoin machines are readily found in the US and Europe but are in increasingly being installed in most parts of the globe. A recent count revealed the US supporting a total of 2,133 ATMs, followed by Canada’s 604, United Kingdom’s 167, Austria’s 148, and the Russian Federation’s 72. Most ATMs only support five cryptocurrencies, which include Bitcoin [BTC], Bitcoin Cash [BCH], Ethereum [ETH], Dash [DASH], and Litecoin [LTC]. The top 10 manufacturers include Genesis Coin (1,165), General Bytes (920), Lamassu (390), BitAccess (210), Coinsource (195), Covault (119), BitXatm (70), Coinme (66), Orderbob ATM (46) and RusBit (43). Traditional ATMs offer individuals and business owners the ability to withdraw or deposit fiat currency into or from their banking accounts or credit cards. Machines which allow customers to both buy and sell have increased by 35% as manufacturers have improved hardware. These machines have proved to be profitable for global operators as they charge fees for both buying and selling transactions, charging an average fee to the client of 8.77%. Customers can now purchase their Bitcoin through vouchers, gift cards, and web-money kiosks. Switzerland leads the way with Bitcoin now available as payment at 1,357 railway ticket kiosks around the alpine nation. Recent announcements that from January 1 2019, customers would be able to buy coupons - in values of EUR 50, 100 or 250 - from French tabacs has been viewed by many as a questionable decision and one that was not condoned by the French central bank. Follow BitcoinNews.com on Twitter: @bitcoinnewscom Telegram Alerts from BitcoinNews.com: https://t.me/bconews Want to advertise or get published on BitcoinNews.com? - View our Media Kit PDF here. Image Courtesy: Pixabay The post Surge in Global ATMs Defies Crypto’s Downward Price Trends appeared first on BitcoinNews.com.

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Thanks to @Exchange_Panda for the great holiday gift for 5 l...

Thanks to @Exchange_Panda for the great holiday gift for 5 lucky Dash users. Make a $5 trade before Dec 21st for th… https://t.co/KbEDxQYg1z

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Mati Greenspan says Privacy Coins like Monero are Perfect for Purchasing Cannabis in Canada

The Privacy Commissioner of Canada recently released a guidance document discussing concerns that cannabis users have expressed about the use of their private details when purchasing cannabis. While cannabis is legal throughout Canada, it is illegal in many places throughout the world and this raises a genuine privacy concern for some users as “some countries may deny entry to individuals if they know they have purchased cannabis, even lawfully.” To prevent such situations, Canada’s Privacy Commissioner advised cannabis users to use cash when purchasing marijuana. eToro senior market analyst Mati Greenspan believes this situation provides the perfect situation for privacy coin adoption and Greenspan said, ”this will almost certainly increase the usage of privacy coins, especially Dash and Monero in Canada.” (RS)

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Privacy Coins Like Monero Perfect For Buying Cannabis in Canada, Says Expert

Senior market analyst at eToro believes that privacy coin usage in Canada will “almost certainly” increase as the country has officially warned citizens to protect their personal information by buying cannabis with cash. ‘Consider Using Cash’ The Privacy Commissioner of Canada has released a guidance document which addresses some of the concerns marijuana users need to address in regard to their personal information Recreational cannabis became legal in Canada on October 17, 2018. However, as of yet, it’s still illegal in most jurisdictions elsewhere in the world. Hence, the personal information of cannabis users can be particularly sensitive. According to the document, “some countries may deny entry to individuals if they know they have purchased cannabis, even lawfully.” As such, the Privacy Commissioner of Canada has formally warned marijuana users not to provide any cannabis retailer with more personal information than necessary. What is more, users are encouraged to use cash if they are unsure of purchasing cannabis with their credit cards. The document states: If you are concerned about using your credit card, and the option is available, consider using cash to purchase cannabis. An Opening for Privacy Coins? According to Mati Greenspan, senior market analyst at eToro, “this will almost certainly increase the usage of privacy coins, especially Dash and Monero in Canada.” This will almost certainly increase the usage of privacy coins, especially Dash and Monero in Canada.https://t.co/C7yf4VBJSx — Mati Greenspan (@MatiGreenspan) December 19, 2018 Canada has historically shown openness to cryptocurrencies. Early in 2018 regulators decided not to reconfigure the country’s tax laws to target digital currencies. In addition, cryptocurrency ownership in the country has been increasing. Bitcoinist reported earlier this year that at least four different studies by institutional authorities indicate that between 3 and 5 percent of people in the country own Bitcoin. Do you think that the protection of personal information will trigger an increase in the usage of privacy coins in Canada? Don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments below! Images courtesy of Shutterstock The post Privacy Coins Like Monero Perfect For Buying Cannabis in Canada, Says Expert appeared first on Bitcoinist.com.

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Pirate Coin | The Monero Killer ?

Pirate Coin (a.k.a. Pirate Chain), The fact that Bitcoin was becoming popular among those who advocated a decentralized revolution was not enough to achieve its goals inspiring developers to innovate in the dark. In terms of transaction data protection, this innovation focused on currencies such as Dash (DASH), Monero (XMR), Zcash (ZEC) and the newest private coin Pirate (ARRR). You’ve heard of DASH, XMR, and ZEC, but what the fuck is ARRR Coin (Pirate Chain)? After all, this anonymous transaction blockchain tech is only two months old. But don’t mistake its youth for its lack of formidable privacy features. Pirate Coin ARRR possibly has the most private transaction technology of all privacy coins. Many of us believe that if the government can taint bitcoin it will. Pirate coin is a true pirates protection currency that takes financial privacy very seriously. Pirate chain is a 100% anonymous with no compromises. Pirate chain uses a blockchain privacy protocol that cannot be affected by the activities of other users in the network. Many similar currencies are interspersed with holes created by optional privacy. Pirate uses zk-snarks (Soon a Sapling only chain) to protect 100% of the p2p transactions in the blockchain, making it very anonymous and private. Pirate was designed as a property protection currency with Zcash parameters, with a unique base that all transactions are Z -Transactions. In addition, Pirate was created with its own unique asset chain of zk-snarks (Zero-Knowledge Succinct Non-Interactive Argument of Knowledge) for data protection and dPoW (delayed proof of work) for security. The main feature of Pirate crypto is that 100% of the send transactions (outbound) in the chain are Private transactions. The $ARRR cryptocurrency has no option to send a transparent (public viewable) transaction. Ultimately, Pirate will have a complete group of protected funds. In the simple case, without knowledge, there is no information that someone can analyze or find. Put this all in your blender and the makes #ARRR Coin 100% untraceable. Pirate could be considered the most anonymous, private and secure cryptocurrency blockchain created to date. The developers who created zcash, on which the pirate coin is based, believe that the best use of the protocol is a chain that only requires private sends only. Pirate coin is an anonymous currency that uses the zcash algo parameters (zk-snarks) to require private sends only in the blockchain as said earlier. There are no public send transactions on the chain. This makes Pirate coin, without a doubt, one of the most private cryptocurrencies (IMO — If not... speak up!!) — Join Pirate Discord https://pirate.black/discord/ In addition, Pirate ARRR is backed by the Komodo dPoW, which makes it one of the most unhackable cryptocurrencies, with 51% attack resistance and double-spend protection. Don’t believe me ? Do your Due Diligence and get involved. Pirate Coin’s Radio ARRR will bring the latest information for you to keep up with in the coming months. The post Pirate Coin | The Monero Killer ? appeared first on Crypto Core Media.

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Venezuela Buys Thousands Of DASH-Ready Smartphones

A cryptocurrency-enbaled smartphone that comes pre-loaded with Dash (DASH) has reported strong sales figures in its first quarter of operation. Kriptomobile has so far sold 66,000 KRIP phones to merchants in the Latin American market in the past two and a half months, 53,000 of them in Venezuela alone. Kriptomobile is in partnership with Dash and only unveiled its range of phones in August. The phones only entered the Venezuelan market in late September. Each Kriptomobile device comes already pre-loaded with apps to transact in cryptocurrency, including a wallet and exchange feature. Most also had a Bitrefill app, which allows users to top-up their phone credit with Dash. Some also came with a small amount of DASH - approximately $0.01 worth - for users to gain some firsthand experience with virtual currencies. Kriptomobile announced yesterday it would adding support to send and receive DASH through SMS on its non-smartphone model. Smartphone penetration is relatively high in Latin America, at approximately 41% in Venezuela. But the integration with Dash Text will reportedly expand coverage across the country’s remaining population. New phones will also come pre-loaded with DiscoverDash, a mobile directory feature that allows users to find merchants who accept Dash. Calling the results “exceptional,” Kriptomobile’s Marketing Manager for Venezuela, Andrea Coll, said the phones would encourage more people in Latin America to consider cryptocurrency as a viable means of payment. “These phones provide users around Latin America with an affordable way to acquire and use cryptocurrency for everyday transactions, like buying groceries or sharing money with family,” he said. “Dash’s InstantSend feature and low transaction costs makes using cryptocurrency easy and efficient for users, and will help build momentum for cryptocurrency as a viable and stable alternative method of payment.” Kriptomobile Dash has long focused on the emerging markets. More than 3,000 merchants, including Subway outlets and department stores, now accept DASH. This is mostly in Latin America but also in some African nations, as well as in the US state of New Hampshire. It is a highly scalable cryptocurrency; the network processed 3m transactions during a 24 hour stress tests in late November. Hyperinflation has crippled Venezuela over the past two years. Although the government has made attempts to stabilize the economy, the Venezuelan Bolivar inflation rate passed one million percent at the end of last week. When Goodyear decided to halt tire production in the country last week, the company issued severance packages to its employees by giving them four tires each, rather than paying them in the local currency. One of the main obstacles facing cryptocurrency adoption is the chicken and the egg problem. Users are less likely to use digital assets unless there are sufficient merchants to transact with. Similarly, merchants won’t start accepting cryptocurrencies until users begin transacting with it. The Global Head of Business Development at Dash Core Group, Bradley Zastrow, said its partnership with Kryptomobile had made it easier to build a strong enough ecosystem. “Our focus since the launch of our KRIP phones in August has been to make this incredible Dash ecosystem as complete and inclusive as possible,” he said. “That we have already sold and shipped over 66,000 phones in only two and a half months clearly shows we are achieving those goals.” Zastrow added: “Now, with Dash Text and the DiscoverDash.com app, we’re expanding our partnership and enhancing the user experience, making it easier than ever before for the Venezuela community to use and transact in Dash in their everyday lives.” The author is invested in digital assets, but none mentioned in this article. Join the conversation on Telegram and Twitter! The post Venezuela Buys Thousands Of DASH-Ready Smartphones appeared first on Crypto Briefing.

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66,000 @KriptoMobile phones sold to retailers as Dash contin...

66,000 @KriptoMobile phones sold to retailers as Dash continues to dominate in LATAM. Expanding our partnership to… https://t.co/pSsh4ylWyU

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Travala.com Now Accepts Ripple (XRP) & Litecoin (LTC)

If you’re preparing for a trip, you’ll probably rush towards AirBnB, Booking or another famous website to rent apartments. But, there’s a blockchain startup that tries to change this. Travala is a Next-gen Online Travel Agency (NOTA) with over 82,311 destinations available and over 567,928 properties registered from 210 countries. The platform incentives the users with discounts & also - accepting crypto. Their ICO held between 31st March 2018 and 21st April 2018 raised $2,640,110 according to ICObench and had a value per token of $0.35 USD. Right now, AVA is trading at $0.138. Taking into consideration the bear market, the startup is doing pretty well in terms of value per token loss. Travala recently announced that you can book any of their 550,000+ accommodations using Litecoin (LTC) and Ripple (XRP) You can now book 550,000+ hotels in 210 countries using @Litecoin $LTC. Travel to 82,000+ destinations worldwide on https://t.co/CL8FxAXFXS the next-gen online travel agency@travalacom @SatoshiLite #LTC $AVA @coingatecom @LTCFoundation pic.twitter.com/xvfEh64hix — Travala.com ✈️ 🏨 (@travalacom) December 16, 2018 You can now book 550,000+ hotels in 210 countries using @ripple $XRP. Travel to 82,000+ destinations worldwide on https://t.co/CL8FxAXFXS the next-gen online travel agency@travalacom #crypto #UseXRP $AVA #travel #XRP pic.twitter.com/apjHSqWeE2 — Travala.com ✈️ 🏨 (@travalacom) December 14, 2018 Travala now accepts Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), EOS (EOS), Binance Coin (BNB), Stellar Lumens (XLM), TrueUSD (TUSD), Ripple (XRP), Dash (DASH), their native coin - AVA - and other 30 cryptocurrencies. The full list with the tokens accepted by Travala can be found here The price per AVA might be 63% lower than during its ICO - but the project have a lot of potential to improve the booking business by offering transparecy, discounts and most importantly - the ability to pay with cryptocurrency. These are great news for Litecoin and Ripple. Recently, Skrill announced the success of adding Ripple to its platform. Moreover, Omni - a rental service company - declared they will accept Ripple to provide a better liquidity to its customers. Their CEO, McLeod stated: “It became very clear that this could be a great tool for both providing vast, rapid liquidity for sort of cashing out the capital that you make through the rental side as well as in the future connecting individuals quickly with those assets.” The Omni partnership is extremely interesting, as its one of the easiest way for people to earn XRP without the involvement of a crypto exchange. People can find things to rent and they’ll be paid for it as they prefer - being USD or XRP. These are great news for Litecoin fans too - as they now have the ability to rent an apartment using LTC. This comes after in December 2018, Litecoin was accepted as a payment method for the HTC Exodus and after Litecoin surpassed for a few days Bitcoin Cash (BCH) - though right now BCH re-claimed its spot. Travala took the right decision here and we’re hoping that in the future more cryptocurrencies would be accepted by their platform. Image Source: Travala’s Twitter The post Travala.com Now Accepts Ripple (XRP) & Litecoin (LTC) appeared first on Zerocrypted - Your Daily Cryptocurrency News, Guides And More.

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Hey Dash Community! CoinFlip has placed 2 new ATMs in New Je...

Hey Dash Community! CoinFlip has placed 2 new ATMs in New Jersey and 7 new ATMs in Florida. Checkout @CoinATMRadar… https://t.co/avHcCuRdJc

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The dark milestone in the evolution of money

Mrs. Soto had endured three hours in the supermarket line when she got the second text message that left her scratching her head. Her back ached, but she had no choice but to keep standing: she needed to buy corn flour from a government store to prepare meals for next week. Her social security pension after decades of service, about ten dollars a month, wasn’t enough to consider shopping in the more efficient parallel market. The texts came from the Fatherland System. The first one informed her that her pension had just been deposited. She sighed. For five months now, the Venezuelan state has been paying out pensions in this new, government-made system instead of the more familiar and convenient banking system. Seniors with mostly low technology proficiency were compelled to figure out a clunky digital interface just to cash out their money. But then she got the second message, which informed her of something far more insidious. The state had decided, with no prior warning, to withdraw the money she’d gotten a few hours earlier and place it under a new account, stealthily created on her behalf. The message cheerfully said she was now participating in the “petro savings” program. Remember the petro? Supposedly the world’s first state-backed cryptocurrency, it was announced with much fanfare last year and, after some false starts, offered to speculators. To this date, however, petro buyers haven’t received tradeable tokens. The petro cryptocurrency remains an obscure proof of concept, now a Dash clone whose miners are in secret government locations. With no working wallets to speak of, nobody knows how to make transactions. There are no working exchanges to the hyperinflating local currency, the bolívar, or to any other currency, fiat or crypto. Nothing. The text, however, made a reference about actual money, money that people were counting on, being sent en masse to new petro accounts. But there was something odd: the level of activity in the petro’s block explorer, about three transactions per minute (with occasional hours-long hiccups between the blocks), is hard to reconcile with the number of forced participants - over 4.3 million by official count. Where were these petros then, if the heavily advertised blockchain wasn’t being used? As far as we can tell, they exist only in a central government database, the very same one that powers the Fatherland System. There is a name for such an architecture. Rather than cryptocurrency, these petros exist as “central bank digital currency,” or CBDC. A recent report by the International Monetary Fund defines CBDC as “a digital form of existing fiat money, issued by the central bank and intended as legal tender.” Both the bolívares and the petros that live in the Fatherland System are clearly digital, fit the definition of fiat (no, the petro isn’t really backed by a physical commodity), their emission is centrally-decided, opaque and arbitrary, and they have been decreed legal tender. IMF staff says CBDC “could be the next milestone in the evolution of money” - and these twin ledgers are the first working implementation. These are the world’s first CBDCs. Governments have in the past forced conversions of dollars into local currency and established bans on buying foreign currency. But the ability to move money from millions of individual accounts nominally owned by citizens, to ostensibly any other account? That’s unprecedented. It’s the economic fantasy of any dictator. And it’s made possible thanks to this especially sinister design: the money is managed by a central authority that has full access to the money. Even withdrawal. Alas, Mrs. Soto doesn’t have time to be outraged. She just needs to cash her money out in bolívares, a currency that halves in value every two weeks, but that her grocery store still takes - there’s no way to transact in petros from the Fatherland System. To undo the forced conversion, she had to interface with the system and endure a process so convoluted the government had to pause its celebration of petro “mass adoption” to publish a 13-step guide to quiet down thousands of complaints on Twitter. Five days after the text messages, only an estimated 3% had converted petros back to bolívares. After conversion, it can take eight days to cash out the CBDC-bolívares into conventional fiat manageable by the commercial banking system - eight days where the bolívar lost 23% of its dollar value. President of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro aka Papa Petro The Fatherland System has been a tight cooperation with the Chinese company ZTE, that also worked on China’s Social Credit System. Among other things, ZTE helped develop the centralized database and an (unlaunched) platform to process payments. It has been 10 years in the making, and now the system occupies the fourth place in Venezuela’s Alexa rankings. When cryptocurrency enthusiasts talk about the ills of centralization, we typically make references to inflation and unpopular bank bailouts, but th

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550,000+ Hotels in 210 Countries Can Now be Booked with XRP

CoinSpeaker 550,000+ Hotels in 210 Countries Can Now be Booked with XRP When it comes to planning holidays somewhere abroad, most of us turn to such popular services as Booking.com or AirBnB, which allow for booking accomodation of any type, from luxury hotels to separate rooms in rental flats or beds in youth hostels, in any country around the globe. Such services allow for online payments which are well-familiar for the majority of people since bank cards, which allow for instant conversion to any fiat currency available in the world, came into our lives. But what about those, who tries to keep up with the time and prefer to enjoy their holidays instead of losing significant sums on conversion, while booking accomodation? Travel website Travala.com, which is commonly reffered to as the AirBnB on the blockchain, is right here to offer such an option. As it was reported on the Travala.com official web-site on December 14, Ripple’s native XRP has also been successfully added to the platform: “You can now book 550,000+ hotels in 210 countries using @ripple $XRP. Travel to 82,000+ destinations worldwide on http://Travala.com the next-gen online travel agency@travalacom.” This announcement was followed by a similar announcement later the same day when the team at Travala.com mentioned the future intention to include DASH as another cryptocurrency payment method to be implemented into the website, so that to take the total number of crypto-currencies supported by the platform to ten. The travel website currently accepts Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum (ETH), EOS (EOS), Binance Coin (BNB), Stellar Lumens (XLM), True USD (TUSD), XRP (XRP), and its own native coin AVA. Despite the platform’s growing success, the AVA token has been unable to escape the general crypto bloodletting of 2018. It currently trades at $0.13, which is 63% lower in comparison to its initial price of of $0.35 in April this year. Concerning the recent months, which turned out to be difficult times for most crypto assets, it cannot but be mentioned that Ripple’s XRP was one that managed not only to survive, but also to succeed, establishing new significant partnerships and listings. At the beginning of December, the internet payment system Skrill has announced successful adding of XRP to its platform. And a few days later, it was reported that Omni, a rental service company, began active cooperation with Ripple for utilizing XRP to provide customers with better liquidity. According to Asheesh Birla, Senior Vice President of Product Management at Ripple, one of the reasons why XRP continues to grow in such difficult times is the Ripple team’s pragmatism that anti-fiat approach does not work right now: “We decided to work with financial institutions and I think that has paid off, but you also have to think about all the financial requirements and regulations. In 2013 there was that Bitcoin maxim of “we don’t need any of that. We don’t need government or banks or corporations anymore, just Bitcoin.” That approach doesn’t work. Working with financial institutions and regulators is a longer road, but it’s the right one.” To learn more about XRP coin, Ripple company and their innovative solutions, please check out our awesome guide. 550,000+ Hotels in 210 Countries Can Now be Booked with XRP

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Video: Dash Introduction And Technical Analysis

In today’s Video Briefing, Kiana takes a look at a cryptocurrency you either love or love to hate: Dash. This speedy little coin has become one of the public favorites, and is opening doors all over Latin America. But is Dash digital cash, or digital trash? Kiana takes a look at some of the unique features of the sixteenth-largest cryptocurrency, including a governance system that routes ten percent of all Dash coins into a treasury for developing and building the Dash ecosystem. The DAO and governance system have helped Dash make a lot of progress - but not without a few downsides, at least according to critics. Next, Kiana takes a look at Dash’s market outlook, which has seen better days. Dash took a beating in the last few drops, and significantly underperformed the market. Does that Dash is ready to take off, or is it just circling the drain? The post Video: Dash Introduction And Technical Analysis appeared first on Crypto Briefing.

a month ago

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