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Google Adds Six More Cryptocurrencies to Its Blockchain Analysis Suite

After the advent of data sets, crypto-coders developed that perform a range of activities including analyzing wealth distribution and predicting prices. The launch of Google's suite of blockchain analysis tools helped in boosting these activities. The toolset went live last week, and it comes with datasets of six new cryptocurrencies. They are BCH, DASH, DOGE, ETC, LTC, and ZEC. These altcoins will join BTC and ETH in Google's cloud list. Traders can analyze the datasets with Google's analytics platform dubbed 'BigQuery,' which conducts searches on transaction histories to find out what happens in the blockchains of the listed cryptocurrencies. (VK)

2 hours ago

Dash Text 1 of 3 charities that are helping Venezuelans buy ...

Dash Text 1 of 3 charities that are helping Venezuelans buy food with crypto. https://t.co/OxgCyaNqYw … #Venezuela… https://t.co/9LpmtLUD3Q

10 hours ago

The Tor Project Now Accepts Donations in 9 Different Cryptos

The digital anonymity-focused nonprofit Tor Project recently announced that it is now accepting donations via cryptocurrencies directly, currently supporting ten of the top cryptos. The project has been accepting Bitcoin donations for several years, but a switch from BitPay to a partnership with Kraken has enabled an expansion of the accepted cryptos. The donation page for the Tor Project now lists Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Monero, Stellar Lumens, Zcash, and Augur’s REP tokens. (JF)

11 hours ago

Dash Core CEO: “I Don’t Think Bitcoin Will Survive Long Term,” Adds: “Lightning Network Isn’t a Solution”

In an interview published by BreakerMag, Dash Core CEO Ryan Taylor discussed the Dash (DASH) cryptocurrency project and explained…

2 days ago

Vitalik Buterin: “Inevitable” That Ethereum Loses Some of its Lead in Crypto

Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin admitted that Ethereum is losing its lead in the cryptocurrency market. Speaking on the Unchained podcast, Buterin said that losing a chunk of market share was “inevitable and unavoidable” for both the crypto projects. The 25-year old developer referred to new blockchain projects that were taking different approaches to reach the same goal as that of Ethereum, thereby taking away some part of its community. He told host Laura Shin that: “It [Ethereum] has lost some of its lead to some extent. It’s kind of inevitable and unavoidable. Ethereum really was the first general purpose smart contract thing. Bitcoin was, for example, the first cryptocurrency and originally, it had 100 percent of the market share. Then, it went to 90 and now it’s at 55.” How is Crypto Market Share Calculated? Market share refers to the percentage of one asset’s market capitalization against the total valuation of the asset’s industry. The first cryptocurrency bitcoin gained a natural lead over other crypto projects. It continues to hold the first rank of biggest cryptocurrency by market cap. Nevertheless, the rise of competing projects, starting with Litecoin, Dash, and followed by Dogecoin, XRP, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, amongst many others kept sneaking away little portions off bitcoin’s once-100% market share. .@laurashin asks @VitalikButerin, "Would you be upset if another blockchain took the lead [ahead of ethereum]?" Buterin jokingly responded, "It depends which blockchain ... If #TRON takes over ethereum, I'll have lost a certain amount of hope for humanity, not nearly all." — Christine Kim (@christine_dkim) March 21, 2019 However, losing market share does not mean that bitcoin is shrinking. The cryptocurrency market capitalization, on a whole, was just $1.59 billion on April 23, 2013. And now, its valuation is well above $141 billion. Similarly, Bitcoin’s market capitalization on April 28, 2013, was $1.50 billion. And now, it has surged to $71.95 billion. Of course, bitcoin’s market share is now 48-percent less than what it used to be in 2013. But it does not mean its individual valuation has gone down. As a standalone project, bitcoin is ballooning as it was all those years. Is Bitcoin Losing Market Lead? From an investor’s point of view, the market now has more crypto projects than ever. Traders have more options to spread their portfolio and distribute their risks across multiple crypto-assets. It might have to do with an asset’s long-term potential, but it can also be about hedging near-term - to make profits from intraday price volatility. But the crypto market is not just a few traders anymore. According to a study published by the University of Cambridge last December, the number of cryptocurrency users almost doubled in the first three fiscal quarters of 2018. Excerpts from the report: “Combining public data and survey findings, we estimate that the total number of user accounts at service providers amounts to at least 139 million in late 2018. Using a combination of verified user data and the average share of ID-verified accounts described above, we also estimate there are currently at least 35 million ID-verified users globally.” Source: University of Cambridge An increase in user-base means that more fiat assets flew into the crypto market, benefitting bitcoin as well as rest of the cryptocurrency market. The only difference remained that investors now had more assets to invest other than bitcoin, which is why the leading crypto asset lost some part of its market share. Again, it doesn’t mean that it lost the lead. Buterin rightly said that it was a win-win situation for everybody and no one blockchain plan was competing with the other. “I want to see an environment where different approaches to things can thrive and prosper. Ethereum can win and other projects that do interesting things can win too.” [Disclaimer: The author is holding long positions in Bitcoin and Ethereum markets.] The post Vitalik Buterin: “Inevitable” That Ethereum Loses Some of its Lead in Crypto appeared first on NewsBTC.

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Diar: PoS Cryptocurrencies Staked $4 billion with EOS Topping the List

On March 18, Diar, a crypto industry newsletter, published a report focusing on Proof-of-stake (PoS) networks. Cryptocurrencies running on PoS algorithms include EOS, DASH, and NEM among others. Per the report, EOS has the most value staked with 47% of the supply worth $1.8 billion. Diar also mentioned Cosmos, a crypto project that launched recently to connect different blockchains through its Intercommunication Blockchain Protocol (IBC). Despite being relatively new in the crypto-verse, Cosmos became the third project regarding funds staked and its value stands at $300 million. DASH was second with a value of $431 million. (VK)

2 days ago

Diar Research Reports Over $300 Million was Staked on Cosmos 1 Week After Launching

2019 is proving to the year when many proof-of-work blockchain networks shift to proof-of-stake protocol. According to data from Diar Research, blockchain interoperability platform, Cosmos, now has $300 million staked on its blockchain platform. Diar researchers also said that it expects several proof-of-stake cryptocurrency platforms to launch this year and the fact that Cosmo raised such a significant amount one week after launching serves as proof. Currently, only Dash and EOS have higher staked amounts and the researchers also noted that Cosmos only raised $16 million during its ICO. The platform also already has 40% of its native token (Atoms) bonded to 82 of the 100 possible validators. Diar estimates that there are more than 70 blockchain-based projects that utilize proof-of-stake-based consensus to manage their networks and the firm estimates that there is nearly $4 billion being staked by all PoS networks. (RS)

2 days ago

Dash Elects Trust Protectors For Greater Oversight

An upcoming election could give the Dash community greater control over its developers. Dash Core Group, the company responsible for developing and promoting the cryptocurrency, will soon be governed by ‘Trust Protectors’ elected directly by the community. A DCG board member has said this “radical” shift will give power back to the Masternode network. The first election for Dash’s Trust Protectors will conclude at the end of March. As explained in a blog post, the Protectors will give the community final say in the project’s direction. The position is open to any individual, as long as they are of legal age and not a citizen of Iran, Cuba or North Korea. Six candidates will be elected by the network’s 5,000 masternodes to become the directors of the new Dash DAO Irrevocable Trust. The New Zealand-based Trust owns 100% of Dash Core shares, effectively making them the overseers of the company. This gives the Trust Protectors the power to replace the board, or even dissolve the entire Dash Core organization. Fernando Gutierrez, the company’s Chief Marketing Officer, likens it to shareholders in a public company. “Protectors represent the beneficiaries,” he explained to Crypto Briefing, “The Trust owns DCG [Dash Core Group] therefore making them [the Protectors] its ultimate owners.” Elected for a year-long term, the position is not a day-to-day commitment. Instead, Protectors will only be called to make a decision in an emergency situation, such as one in which a group representing the network’s beneficiaries can resolve a dispute. Masternodes play an important part in the Dash ecosystem. They provide advanced services to users, such as sending private or instant transactions. Although they have voting rights in the Dash DAO, until now, they have only been able to exercise indirect power through treasury allocations. A Dash masternode needs to hold at least 1,000 DASH tokens - worth roughly $90,000 at the current market rate. This incentivizes them to act in the best interests of the network, fostering better decision-making and preventing rogue actors from causing too much harm. The incumbent Trust Protectors are representatives of Dash Core. Gutierrez said this was simply a temporary measure until they could properly set up the elections. To prevent conflict of interest, current DCG members will not be able to stand for election. Could Trust Protectors become a threat? In crypto, trusts and foundations are intended to provide communities with a say in the project’s direction. They are supposed to compliment the lead developers, but in the past year, some have become antagonistic. Last year saw a very public feud between IOHK and the Cardano Foundation, and the Tezos Foundation had a year-long boardroom dispute with the project’s founders. Crypto Briefing asked Gutierrez whether there was any concern that something similar might happen between the Dash Core board and the Trust Protectors. After all, Protectors could defund or dissolve Dash Core at any given time. Gutierrez admitted that it would be a big and expensive “inconvenience.” But he believes the ‘skin in the game’ factor will ensure Trust Protectors act in the best interests of the community. Masternodes are unlikely to elect anyone who could put the network in jeopardy, he says, as they will be the ones who will lose out the most. Furthermore, Trust Protectors don’t have any power as individuals, only when they vote as a group. “Even if a Protector does go rogue, it won’t be the end of the world, as decisions are taken by a majority,” Gutierrez says. “Convincing another three Protectors to vote with them would be a hard feat indeed.” The author is invested in digital assets, but none mentioned in this article. Join the conversation on Telegram and Twitter! The post Dash Elects Trust Protectors For Greater Oversight appeared first on Crypto Briefing.

3 days ago

Qual criptomoeda de privacidade é a preferida dos investidores?

Quando o assunto são criptomoedas de privacidade, Monero, Zcash e Dash são a resposta. Essas altcoins oferecem total ou parcialmente transações em que os dados são completamente sigilosos. Isso significa que as transações jamais podem ser rastreadas. Com um crescimento por esse tipo de transação envolvendo criptomoedas, uma pesquisa revelou qual das três é a preferida entre os investidores. Transações com privacidade total dos dados é um assunto controverso no mercado de criptomoedas. Embora muitos apontem que é necessário que existam tais transações, redes e criptomoedas voltadas para o anonimato nem sempre revelam boas intenções. Monero (XMR) é a criptomoeda com transações anônimas preferida pelo público A pesquisa ouviu mil entrevistados que utilizam criptomoedas de privacidade. Segundo o resultado, a Monero foi o escolhida entre os entrevistados. Desse modo, 54% decidiram pela (XMR). Enquanto isso, 27% dos usuários decidiram pela Zcash como sua altcoin preferida quando o assunto é privacidade. Já em terceiro lugar ficou a (DASH), que conseguiu apenas 19% dos votos dos usuários que participaram da entrevista. Contudo, o resultado reflete uma situação um pouco diferente no ranking das maiores criptomoedas do mercado. Enquanto a Monero (XMR) está em 13º lugar entre as maiores do mercado em capitalização, a DASH vem logo atrás, na 14ª posição. A Zcash (ZEC) fica em último neste caso, na 21ª posição respectivamente. Com tecnologias diferentes, cada uma dessas altcoins procura trazer privacidade a suas transações ao seu modo. No caso da Monero (XMR), por exemplo, a criptomoeda consegue essa privacidade através de um mecanismo de prova de trabalho. Nesse caso, existe um registro das transações, não legível, porém público. O diferencial do sistema está em que pessoas não autorizadas não podem fornecer e ou acessar informações sobre as transações ali armazenadas. Saiba mais em Qual criptomoeda de privacidade é a preferida dos investidores?

3 days ago

New Poll Shows Monero (XMR) As The Preferred Privacy Coin Over Zcash And Dash

Monero (XMR) may have been portrayed as the leading privacy-centered cryptocurrency for a while now. Weiss Ratings Twitter poll, however, has proven this significantly as most respondents in the poll (54%) chose Monero as their preferred privacy coin, The poll which involved three privacy coins Monero (XMR), Zcash (ZEC) and DASH showed that 27% of the over 1000 respondents chose Zcash as their preferred coin while DASH had 19% of the respondents going for it. #Monero is making encouraging price moves, which #privacycoin do you favor? Pick one, or add yours in the comment section below!#Zcash #Dash #ZEC #XMR — Weiss Ratings (@WeissRatings) March 18, 2019 Privacy coins have not been very much talked about in the cryptocurrency space. However, their roles as cryptocurrencies that can be used to carry out confidential transactions are very crucial considering the fact that cryptocurrency transactions are basically open and anyone with a node can trace the transactions from start to finish. Some governments though consider privacy coins a threat as they cannot trace transactions made using these assets. Recently a ban on privacy coins was recommended in France mostly because they supposedly encourage criminal activities when transactions cannot be traced. The category of digital assets are getting more popular and may soon become the lead all the same. They however all operate differently to bring differing privacy features. For instance, Monero uses a Proof-of-Work mechanism to verify transaction on an obfuscated public ledger where anyone can initiate transactions but no third party can tell the origin, amount or destination to which the funds are sent. The result of the poll shows some resemblance with the market ranking of the cryptocurrencies. Monero is currently the 13th largest cryptocurrency followed by Dash at the 14th spot and then Zcash which is at the 21st spot. Although they basically all offer private transactions, users may have certain preferences that are unique to each coin, thus the differences in number of votes. Monero has been making a price move in the last 24 hours gaining 3.49%, similar to Zcash which is at a gain of 3.80% while DASH has a marginal gain of 0.04%. The market generally looks bullish and may be up to a bigger move in the short term if the trend continues. The post New Poll Shows Monero (XMR) As The Preferred Privacy Coin Over Zcash And Dash appeared first on ZyCrypto.

3 days ago

Dash Ranks Higher After Boosting Internet Free Charity Model for Venezuela

For the first time, Dash cryptocurrency is moving beyond crypto ecosystem. The SMS based Dash Wallet or Text Wallet has launched a new charity system which is completely automatic and helps the needy immediately. Following the launch, trading volume of Dash cryptocurrency is picking up the positive figures. Dash Took New Move At press time, the value of one DASH coin against the US dollar is trading at $94.31, surging with 3.13 percent over the past 24 hours. Per the average market cap, Dash is sitting comfortably at 15th spot with a little difference by IOTA which has lost 1.53 percent during the past 24hours. Internet Fee Blockchain Charity System Dash Text Wallet’s distributed charity model is one of the recent strong pointers that likely influenced the total volume of DASH cryptocurrency. As claimed officially, it is one of the ‘world’s first distributed charity model’ - which is an automated, irrespective of the place where a doner resides. This is powered by DASH coin and works simply without an internet connection. The doner can send DASH cryptocurrency to a specific donation address using SMS-based Dash Wallet. All such Donations will then be evenly and instantly distributed among the people who really need it. At the same time, recipients will also have Dash Text wallets which let them send/receive SMS using its official wallet and access to the funds in need. 📣 @dash_text has launched a new pilot #cryptocurrency service which might be the world’s first distributed #charity model at a school in Caracas, #Venezuela! 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦❤️🙏 Children have used #Dash donations to buy over 1,000 lunches & 900 beverages.Learn more: https://t.co/nFGz4IWjPI pic.twitter.com/ApdqLj4fuY — Mark Mason (@StayDashy) March 18, 2019 However, such donations will help beneficiaries buy food, medicines and other essential items along with enabling them to learn how to use cryptocurrencies. At the moment, the charity program is in a pilot phase, majorly focusing on helping poor students at the School in Caracas, Venezuela. The pilot project was considering 50 students who reportedly used donations to buy 1000+ lunches and 900 beverages. This was possible with donations of at least 60 transactions made every day. A donation initiative by DASH text wallet contributes a major boost for the Venezuelans, especially for those who are battling with poor economic and infrastructure within the country. Following the success of inception and ongoing effort of this program, Lorenzo Rey, the Dash Text Wallet Co-founder says; “Whenever someone makes a donation through our system, the money gets immediately and equally distributed amongst the people you’re donating to, this is completely transparent and traceable on the blockchain, the money is never touched by a human third party inside our system, it is all automated and happens in just a few seconds. Recipients receive a confirmation SMS which might include the name and country of the person who donated. There is no system like this in the world today, all charity donations, including crypto charities, right now require some sort of human intermediation,” Beside this, DASH has also partnered with Bitrefill which is a mobile top-up and a gift card service provider. The partnership would help DASH’s donation campaign in terms of reducing the top up cost of mobile phones. So readers, what do you think about DASH helping Venezuelans? share your opinion with us. The post Dash Ranks Higher After Boosting Internet Free Charity Model for Venezuela appeared first on Coingape.

3 days ago

Venezuelan Claims Bitcoin Better Than Banks - Despite Blackout BTC Was Up

As Bitcoin hovers over $4000, crypto enthusiasts across the world staring at the new bull market. While BTC starting to pick the long-awaited figure, one cannot forget the energy it consumes during mining- however, the case of Bitcoin transaction in terms of electricity is quite different. As such Venezuelan claims that the recent massive power outages didn’t affect the BTC network. Bitcoin Better Than Centralized Banks Frances Coppola, financial author, and famously known Bitcoin critics took to Twitter on March 16 and claimed that ‘Bitcoin needs electricity’. She quoted a tweet of Professor Steve Hanke who discussed the use of Bitcoin in Venezuela that had suddenly dropped 40% due to blackout according to some reports. Quoting the tweet of Steve Hanke, Coppola said; Since the “blackout” began in #Venezuela, the use of #bitcoin has dropped 40%, heightening the country’s money problems: a lot of inflation, but no money. #Socialism has returned VNZ to the days of barter. https://t.co/ObbeneVHzg — Prof. Steve Hanke (@steve_hanke) March 16, 2019 But behind the scene, the claim is proved wrong. On March 18, 2019, a redditor from Venezuela who seems to be a bitcoin enthusiast - published a post taking Coppola’s statement from Twitter. Redditor strongly claimed that ‘My whole country didn’t have electricity, all banks were down. Bitcoin was still up.’ The post was quickly explaining the blackout does affect Banks, Debit and Credit cards but doesn’t affect Bitcoin network. My whole country didn’t had electricity, all banks were down. Bitcoin was still up. from Bitcoin Coppola has long been critics when it comes to Bitcoin and often Anthony Pompliano, founder of Morgan Creek used to respond her, explaining how her sentiment seems wrong in his view. As such, this time too, he took Twitter and commented on Coppola’s claim. He said, “Bitcoin is simply superior money’, The power in Venezuela was down. People had no access to their $$. The ATMs weren’t working. The banks were down. But Bitcoin was running. It is always running. Bitcoin is simply superior money.https://t.co/TLKn8ccsQi — Pomp 🌪 (@APompliano) March 19, 2019 Although electricity was down in Venezuela, the scene of Bitcoin interest among Venezuelans is opposite - while responding to a question, Reddit user said that Cryptocurrency interest in Venezuela is growing every day and more people are interested. Similar to the increasing interest, Bitcoin’s value is also taking a leap with almost 0.30 percent over the past 24 hours. At present, the value of Bitcoin sits at $4028 against US dollar. Since Venezuela often appeared with the poor economy and infrastructure issues, Dash Text Wallet is reportedly addressing a part of such issues. As coingape reported, an SMS wallet from Dash helped 50 students via its new charitable donation model. To note, the model is internet free, means that anyone/doner can send a donation to the specific Bitcoin address without internet and beneficiary receive the same without having to connect the device with the internet. As such, it marks Venezuelans to access cryptocurrency such as Dash without internet. Moroever, the recent claim of a Redditor clearly indicate bitcoin doesn’t need electricity for the transaction. However, the case is different when it comes to mining Bitcoin. What do you think readers? Share your thoughts with us. The post Venezuelan Claims Bitcoin Better Than Banks - Despite Blackout BTC Was Up appeared first on Coingape.

3 days ago

Monero [XMR] Records 5% Higher With Tor Project Preferred Donation in XMR

Monero is on a quick race to record new volume - at the moment, Monero or XMR token surged 5% higher within 24 hours. The increasing volume can directly connect to its latest adoption by a non-profit organization called Tor Project. Monero (XMR) Available for Donation As per the reports, XMR cryptocurrency is added to the Tor project to accept the donation in the form of XMR token. Being a non-profit organization, the Tor project develops technologies for open-source privacy and anonymity. Per the reports, the project is already supporting other cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), ZCash (ZEC), Augur (REP), Dash (DASH), Stellar Lumens (XLM), Litecoin (LTC). Upon XMR listing, the Tor project now supports nine cryptocurrencies in total. You can now donate various cryptocurrencies to support @torproject! #bitcoin #litecoin #DASH #Ethereum #augur #Zcash #xmr #StellarLumens https://t.co/AQn7choEIt — Sarah Stevenson (@elkakai) March 18, 2019 Since XMR is famously known as privacy coin, its demand across the industry that requires discretion is booming. As such a redditor stated that; “If you are going to donate to privacy oriented projects then you should do it with Monero unless you want to end up on yet another list.” Reports further shared Tor Project’s insights of leaving Bitpay, a crypto payment platform and launching their own private wallets. Parting from Bitpay for its donation process, the firm is reportedly reviewing lightning network as well. Now that we have the direct wallets, we’ll phase out Bitpay if people aren’t using it. — Sarah Stevenson (@elkakai) March 18, 2019 XMR Records 5% Gain Following the move, XMR has quickly jumped to $56 value against the US dollar and sits comfortably on the 13th spot. Consequently, it holds a gain of 5.03% within a couple of hours and enjoys the average market cap of $949,582,938. Founded in the year 2014, Monero is often considered as a privacy-centric project. In similar regards, Weiss rating’s recent poll revealed Monero is the preferred privacy coin in comparison to Zcash and Dash. On March 18, Weiss ratings’ poll result revealed Monero grabbed first preference as privacy coin with 54% votes, Zcash with 27% and Dash with 19%. #Monero is making encouraging price moves, which #privacycoin do you favor?Pick one, or add yours in the comment section below!#Zcash #Dash #ZEC #XMR — Weiss Ratings (@WeissRatings) March 18, 2019 So-called, PrivacyCoin is hugely used among confidential transactions - subsequently, Monero’s increased awareness can be spotted in the Porn industry as a means of payment. This is due to the fact that privacy Coin’s transactions cannot be traced and as a result of increased demand, many porn websites have started accepting XMR as a payment to many subscribers on their sites. What do you think about XMR’s increasing adoption? share your thoughts with us. The post Monero [XMR] Records 5% Higher With Tor Project Preferred Donation in XMR appeared first on Coingape.

3 days ago

Litecoin [LTC] & Dash Technical Analysis - Is Litecoin Set for a Reversal With a Triple Bearish Divergence?

Litecoin USD Weekly Chart - Source: Tradingview.com The odds of a significant reversal in Litecoin are increasing as a rarely seen triple bearish divergence forms between price and RSI. A bearish divergence is a bearish trend reversal pattern that forms when price forms higher highs while the RSI forms lower highs. This pattern shows price continuing to increase despite falling buying pressure. The triple divergence formed after the price created a series of higher highs while the RSI formed a series of lower highs. Litecoin versus bitcoin weekly Chart - Source: Tradingview.com Litecoin has been leading the strong performance seen recently in cryptocurrencies versus the USD. Litecoin has been outperforming most major altcoins and has been outperforming the market leader Bitcoin. Adding further strength to the argument that Litecoin could be due a reversal is the level that Litecoin is approaching on the Litecoin versus Bitcoin chart. Litecoin is approaching 0.0156 Bitcoin which was an area of significant support during price drops taking place in the first half of 2018. Litecon versus bitcoin 4-hour Chart - Source: Tradingview.com Price has already tested this point as resistance and has failed to retest. It seems unlikely that price will break above this level with less buying pressure being recorded on the 4-hour chart by both the MACD and the RSI. Litecoin USD 4-hour Chart - Source: Tradingview.com The price of Litecoin in USD has fallen back to the level where it broke down in October at $57.49. Price had met resistance at this level last week but managed to overcome it after numerous tests given the high amounts of buying pressure. However, with lower amounts of buying pressure, the price is likely to test this level as support. Dash USD Daily Chart - Source: Tradingview.com Dash had a strong start to last week but failed to overcome a former level at $95 which has acted as both support and resistance. Price tested the level during yesterdays price action but has since started to retrace. Dash 4-Hour Chart - Source: Tradingview.com Below price lies a level at $88 which has also acted as both support and resistance in prior price action. A bearish divergence formed between price and RSI on the 4-hour chart before the price began falling from yesterdays high. Key takeaways: Litecoin likely to reverse after forming a triple bearish divergence on the USD chart and reaching a key level on the Litecoin versus Bitcoin chart. Dash recorded a strong performance at the start of last week and now trades between support at $88 and resistance at $95. A bearish divergence from on the Dash 4-hour chart preceded its price drop from yesterdays high. Latest Litecoin & Dash News: Litecoin [LTC] & Dash Price Action: Double Divergence Setting Litecoin up for a Drop? Litecoin Price Prediction: Did LTC Make a Top? DISCLAIMER: Investing or trading in digital assets, such as those featured here, is extremely speculative and carries substantial risk. This analysis should not be considered investment advice, use it for informational purposes only. Historical performance of the assets discussed is not indicative of future performance. Statements, analysis, and information on blokt and associated or linked sites do not necessarily match the opinion of blokt. This analysis should not be interpreted as advice to buy, sell or hold and should not be taken as an endorsement or recommendation of a particular asset. Litecoin [LTC] & Dash Technical Analysis - Is Litecoin Set for a Reversal With a Triple Bearish Divergence? was originally found on Cryptocurrency News | Blockchain News | Bitcoin News | blokt.com.

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Brian Wilson Meets Rodrigo Ambrissi At Anarchapulco 2019

Crypto Daily’s Brian Wilson was lucky enough to attend the 2019 Anarchapulco conference in Acapulco, Mexico last month. The conference brought together a bunch of like minded libertarians in order to allow for open, honest and transparent debate within topics surrounding anarchy. Of course, cryptocurrency falls into this - a decentralised form of value not owned or facilitated by banks or central governments, in it’s full essence, crypto is an anarchists dream which is why Anarchapulco hosted it’s very own crypto stage, featuring prolific individuals drafted in to discuss the beauty of crypto and blockchain technology. We had the opportunity to meet some of these speakers, namely Rodrigo Ambrissi from the Brazilian branch of privacy focused cryptocurrency, Dash. Dash has seen a huge level of adoption in Brazil and continues to be one of the most popular cryptocurrencies across South America, thanks to it’s heavy focus on privacy and decentralisation. According to Dash News: “Dash has been growing rapidly throughout Venezuela due to their terrible economic policies and inflation. Dash has capitalized on the desires of Venezuelans for an alternative currency by having key outreach events to educate consumers and merchants on the benefits of Dash and how to get started. Additionally, they have hosted Dash Cities to connect Dash consumers and Dash merchants with each other and demonstrated the commerce power of Dash.” Take a look at the video to find out more about Rodrigo and Brian’s experience at the event and gain some wonderful insight into Rodrigo and his great work.

3 days ago

[UPDATE: Possible Scam] - Endothermic Mining Rigs Unveiled By Luxembourg Startup

UPDATE: After receiving some feedback from our readers, we found significant evidence that the OnMiners company is likely a scam. We will have more details shortly. Read more: here. OnMiners S.A. is launching a new generation of endothermic cryptocurrency mining rigs that promise high power but low energy consumption while reducing heat and noise generation. Lowering Mining Costs with Endothermic Chips New companies and new technologies are entering the crypto mining space with the aim of lowering costs and energy consumption. OnMiners is one such company based in Luxembourg that was founded by a group of financiers that have invested in the creation of a new generation of Endothermic Multi-Algorithm CHIP. Endothermic refers to a chemical reaction that absorbs energy from its surroundings and lowers the temperature. On March 18, 2019, OnMiners announced the official launch of three mining rigs namely, On2U, On4U, and OnTower. These rigs can mine an array of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum (ETH), Monero (XMR), Dash (DASH), and Zcash (ZEC). OnMiners specifies the hash rates that each rig delivers, as follows: • On2U: 140 TH/s for Bitcoin, 38 GH/s for Litecoin, 5 GH/s for Ethereum, 230 KH/s for Monero, 1.3 TH/s for Dash, and 1.1 MH/s • On4U: 270 TH/s for Bitcoin, 75 GH/s for Litecoin, 9 GH/s for Ethereum, 450 KH/s for Monero, 2.5 TH/s for Dash, and 2.1 MH/s • OnTower: 1620 TH/s for Bitcoin, 450 GH/s for Litecoin, 54 GH/s for Ethereum, 2700 KH/s for Monero, 15 TH/s for Dash, and 12.6 MH/s At the launch of these mining rigs, Hisao Saito, the CEO of OnMiners said, With hash-power rates like never before, we are extremely confident that our mining rigs will have a game-changing impact on the market. Crypto Miners Arms-Race For the last several months, adverse market conditions and high energy costs have significantly lowered cryptocurrency mining profitability. As a result, to survive, crypto miners are being forced to try new technologies that take advantage of cheaper and alternative sources of energy. For example, some miners are now turning to solar power to cut mining costs. The advent of this generation of the Endothermic Multi-Algorithm CHIP now offers miners another option to lower costs. As Hisao Saito put it, The global market has seen lots of mining farms closing down their operations in the recent months. With the release of our new products, investors now have a great opportunity to get back in business with higher profitability than ever before. What do you think about running Bitcoin mining operations on endothermic chip technology? Let us know in the comments below! Images courtesy of OnMiners, Shutterstock The post [UPDATE: Possible Scam] - Endothermic Mining Rigs Unveiled By Luxembourg Startup appeared first on Bitcoinist.com.

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Bakkt’s Parent Intercontinental Exchange Lists 58 New Crypto Tokens to Its Data Feed

Coinspeaker Bakkt’s Parent Intercontinental Exchange Lists 58 New Crypto Tokens to Its Data FeedIntercontinental Exchange (ICE), the parent company of Bakkt and NYSE, announced adding a host of digital currencies to its cryptocurrency data feed. ICE created the “Cryptocurrency Data Feed” in partnership with Blockstream to provide real-time and historical data of digital currency prices from all across the globe. Last week, ICE Data Services tweeted the complete list of the newly included cryptocurrencies.Full list of cryptocurrencies included in our Cryptocurrency Data Feed(this is going to take a few tweets):• Aelf• Ardor• Augur• Cardano• Basic Attention• Bitcoin• Bitcoin Cash ABC• Bitcoin Cash SV• Bitcoin Gold• BitShares• Bytom• CyberMiles— ICE Data Services (@ICEDataServices) March 14, 2019As per the list provided, ICE’s Data Services will track and research a total of 58 cryptocurrency projects along with 19 fiat currencies.List Includes Majority of the Top Twenty CryptocurrenciesIn all, there are a total of 2000 cryptocurrency projects in the market. Out of these ICE has selected less than 3% cryptocurrencies for research and tracking. The complete list of 58 tokens is available on the official website of ICE.The list includes 17 of the top-twenty most-valued digital currencies as per their market cap. This includes Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), XRP, Litecoin (LTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), EOS, Tron (TRX), IOTA (MIOTA). Ontology (ONT), Dash (DASH), Ethereum Classic (ETC), Cardano (ADA), Monero (XMR), NEM (NEM), Bitcoin SV (BSV).In addition to this, ICE has selected another 41 crypto projects which it considers valuable. The 41 projects include a mix of medium-cap coins and some less popular small-cap coins.Also, ICE’s list includes some of the most popular stablecoins. Four of these include Tether (USDT), Gemini Dollar (GUSD), USD Coin (USDC), and TUSD. Furthermore, all of these stablecoins are the most widely used in the crypto market with their value tied to the U.S. Dollar.ICE’s list also includes a few exchange-related tokens like the Huobi Token (HT). However, it doesn’t include the recently launched and ultra-popular cryptocurrency Binance Coin (BNC).ICE’s Launch of BakktThe inclusion of new 58 digital assets to ICE’s Crypto Data Feed services will certainly encourage institutional players to participate in the crypto market. With financial giants like ICE showing its interest in crypto assets, institutional players have a bigger incentive here.Not to forget, ICE is also planning for the launch of Bakkt digital assets, a crypto trading platform for institutional investors. Bakkt is assumed to be the catalyst to drive the next bull run of the crypto market. To ensure institutional participation, Bakkt also plans to launch Bitcoin Futures contracts ahead this year.Furthermore, Bakkt has also partnered with giants like Microsoft and Starbucks to support crypto adoption. The latter received a significant portion of equity in Bakkt in return for allowing customers to pay with digital assets. This comes as kind of surprise, as just recently Starbucks claimed that you won’t be able to buy Frappuccino using Bitcoin.Bakkt’s Parent Intercontinental Exchange Lists 58 New Crypto Tokens to Its Data Feed

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Dash (DASH) Gets Prime Time Coverage on Japan's NHK News Broadcast Network

Dash (DASH) recently received some positive prime time news coverage on the Japanese broadcasting network NHK as it covered the developing story in Venezuela. As the news piece was discussing the hyperinflation that is taking place there and the difficulty they are experiencing maintaining their traditional payment systems, the broadcast played some footage of stores displaying signs that read “Dash accepted here.” While the cryptocurrency was not specificially named during the broadcast, the fact that any such footage made it past censors speaks to the growing adoption of cryptocurrencies. (JF)

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Game Changing' Endothermic Mining Rigs Unveiled by Luxembourg Startup

OnMiners S.A. is in the process of launching what it calls a ‘new generation’ of endothermic cryptocurrency mining rights that provide high power without generating a lot of heat and noise. The Luxembourg-based startup was founded by a group of financiers and their Endothermic Multi-Algorithm CHIP benefits from a chemical reaction that absorbs energy from its surroundings and lowers the temperature. The rigs can mine BTC, LTC, ETH, XMR, DASH, ZEC and a range of other cryptocurrencies.OnMiners CEO Hisao Saito said the mining rigs will have a “game-changing impact on the market” and Saito said the long-lasting crypto winter has forced the remaining miners to experiment with new technologies that capitalize on cheaper and alternative energy sources. (RS)

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Bithumb Announces Plans to Layoff Up to 50% of Staff

Bithumb, South Korea’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, has announced plans to lay off up to 50 percent of its staff. The reduction would reduce the total number of employees to 150 and an official spokesperson said the departing employees will be those “who already want to leave the company”. The official said, “voluntary retirement is part of our support program for former employees and [Bithumb] will provide assistance and training for job placement.” The official also said Bithumb’s trading volume had decreased and the company is searching for ways to improve these figures. The layoffs mirror those taking place throughout the industry and earlier this month Dash also announced that it would reduce staff as a cost-cutting measure. (RS)

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NUVO Shifts Its Crowdsale to Singularity Exchange

Earlier today, Global Blockchain Mining Corp. (FORK), announced that it had migrated the NUVO crowdsale from Paperstreet to the Singularity exchange. FORK stated that Paperstreet only supports payments in BTC and ETH and NUVO deemed it fit to increase the number of cryptocurrencies that the crowdsale's participants would use. By shifting to the Singularity exchange, NUVO would accept payments in BTC, BCH, BSV, DASH, DCR, DOGE, ETH, XRP, TRX and ZEC among other popular cryptocurrencies. The crowdsale commences today at noon and will end at 11:59 PM EDT on May 17. (KE)

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Dash (DASH) Launches Blockchain Charity System That Doesn't Need the Internet

The Dash (DASH) ecosystem has launched a new charity system that is powered by an SMS-based wallet, making this the worlds first distributed charity model that also operates free from the internet. The SMS-based Dash wallet service allows individuals interested in donating to do so directly to needy recipients through a specified donation address, which immediately distributes fund to a pool of end recipients. Operating without the internet has proven to be beneficial in the current situation in Venezuela which saw much of the country experience extended periods without power. (JF)

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#Dash Podcast 95 - Feat. Ernesto Contreras Dash Core Group B...

#Dash Podcast 95 - Feat. Ernesto Contreras Dash Core Group Business Development Manager LatAm ​#DigitalCash #Crypto… https://t.co/oi0Q0eXVBA

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@crypto_briefing releases Digital Asset Update Report for Da...

@crypto_briefing releases Digital Asset Update Report for Dash: The latest DARE report covers Dash and shares nume… https://t.co/v1w3pGW4E4

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Crypto Market Wrap: Will $3 Billion Recovery Lead Markets Higher?

Crypto markets recover from correction; Litecoin, BNB, Stellar and Dash going strong. Market Wrap Crypto markets have bounced back from the dip yesterday to the same level they traded at for the past few days. The minor dump dropped markets back to $130 billion but they have since recovered back to resistance levels again. Bitcoin...

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Dash (DASH) Partners with PolisPay to Enable Debit MasterCard Payments

The team behind Dash (DASH) recently formed a partnership with PolisPay, a blockchain payments service, that will see DASH integrated with their MasterCard-backed debit card. This means that members of the Dash community can now use their DASH via a prepaid debit card that is accepted anywhere MasterCard is. The Polis app now supports payments through Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum (ETH), Digibyte (DGB), Dash (DASH) and its own token, Polis (POLIS). Dash is currently trading at $91.66, an increase of 9.52% on the 24-hour chart. (JF)

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Blockfolio Integrates with Slack to Allow the Teams Behind Major Cryptos to Connect with Users

The popular cryptocurrency focused mobile app Blockfolio has announced a new Slack integration for Blockfolio Signal which allows the teams behind the top cryptocurrencies to connect with their communities. There are currently over 350 team leaders actively broadcast on Signal with representation from most of the top 200 projects including Monero, Dash, NEO, NEM, Ethereum Classic, 0x, and Ontology. With this integration, project teams, traders, and enthusiasts can remain informed and the most recent developments through the convenience of a Slack channel. (JF)

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We are thrilled to announce Blockchair has released a #Dash ...

We are thrilled to announce Blockchair has released a #Dash explorer! Find transactions, sort and filter the Dash b… https://t.co/L8hWIlI74D

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@PolisPay Debit Card Expands Consumer Options with Dash Inte...

@PolisPay Debit Card Expands Consumer Options with Dash Integration #FinTech #Cryptocurrency #Blockchain #Dash… https://t.co/AnIboto8Ww

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VegaWallet Adds Support for Dash Through BitGo

VegaWallet, a crypto wallet, and merchant recently announced that it had integrated Dash on its platform. Per the announcement, this partnership will make VegaWallet the first crypto wallet that leverages the multisignature Dash implementation that is layered by InstantSend, a transaction feature that BitGo offers. The platform would also facilitate the creation of real-world applications. The head of business development at Dash Core Group, Bradley Zastrow, said the organization shares VegaWallet's goal of developing a payment solution for underbanked businesses such as the legal cannabis sector. (KE)

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Dash Text in Venezuela Continues to Work Despite Wide Spread Blackouts

Dash Text, a DASH wallet available in Venezuela that uses SMS messages to trigger on-chain Dash transactions, is reported to still be operational despite major power outages affecting much of the country. The wallet does need a functioning mobile phone network to operate, which oftentimes operate on an emergency electrical grid in case of blackout, which is still available in many parts of Venezuela. Dash Text is currently only available in Venezuela, but this current real-world proof of use is likely to see the wallets reach expand significantly. (JF)

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Venezuela Blackout, How to live in this moment.

​ Last Thursday at 4:30, there was a failure in Venezuela's electric system. ​ I am Edgar Caballero, I live in Valencia, a city in the center of Venezuela and I am the leader of the Dash Valencia community. ​ After 4 days without electricity today in the early morning I arrive, and I do not know how long it stays. ​ Like many Venezuelans, having no way to refrigerate food, and all my food is damaged. ​ The water depends on pumping and without electricity there was no. ​ At this time, some merchants have opened their doors, but due to the failures of connection with the banks, they only accept cash. Also many sells with surplus for the scarcity. ​ In my city there are several food merchants that accept dash, but I have not visited it. ​ ​

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Dash Embraced by Equicex’s Anonymous Plastic Cards, Increases Its Current 5,000 Merchant Range

Equicex Group, which works with debit cards and runs a crypto exchange, adds Dash, giving its users more spending options

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Dash (DASH) Network Update Will Make InstaSend Automatic

A recent update on the Dash network shows that the project continues to push forward with development following the addition of new features and improvements. More than 60% of masternodes have registered with the Deterministic Masternode List,meaning they can now start activating spork 15 and move toward the final milestone in spork 16 , which is automatic InstantSend. Following this update, over 90% of the transactions on the Dash network will be instant by default at no additional cost to users. This also paves the way for v0.14, which is currently being tested on the Dash devnet. (JF)

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Dash (DASH) Releases 'Trust Protector' Software to Improve Decentralization

Nathan Marley, Dash Core Deputy CTO, recently released the Dash Trust Protector election software he developed, a full voting system comprised of Vote Collector API, a front end website, and Vote Verification and Tally for gathering votes and electing Dash Trust Protectors. The new software was created as part of the Dash teams drive to implement complete decentralization in the Dash Autonomous Organization. The new software introduces a MasterNode collateral key for signing and verifying messages to provide voting access to each Master Node holder. (JF)

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Crypto Converter OnePageX Adds Support for Privacy Coin PIVX

Privacy coin PIVX (Private Instant Verified Transaction) has been added to crypto converter OnePageX. “Convert DASH, XMR, BTC, LTC, STEEM, and others to PIVX quickly,” stated OnePageX in a tweet. OnePageX supports more than 140 cryptocurrencies and does not require user registrations. Separately, crypto hardware security wallet Trezor announced that it has added support for PIVX in addition to other ERC20 tokens Komodo and NIX on its Trezor One device. The Trezor Model T device added support for XRP as a result of firmware update 2.1.0. (GT)

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Dash Trust Protector election software has been released! A ...

Dash Trust Protector election software has been released! A full voting system comprised of Vote Collector API, a f… https://t.co/uv113Fua6K

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França estuda proibir três criptomoedas em todo seu território

Vários países buscaram criar regulações para as criptomoedas em 2018. Alguns ainda estudam como será que o mercado criptográfico funcionará com uma lei própria, como é o caso da França, por exemplo. O Comitê de Finanças do país decidiu banir três criptomoedas antes que qualquer regulação seja aprovada. Sendo assim, alguns ativos digitais poderão encontrar sérios problemas para adentrar ao mercado francês de criptoativos. Uma regulação a nível mundial também deverá mapear como o mercado de criptomoedas se desenvolverá após uma legislação aprovada. Nesse caso, uma iniciativa poderia acontecer através do G-20, por exemplo. O grupo já apresentou discussões e um desejo por aprovar uma regulação para as criptomoedas a nível global. Porém, essa aprovação ainda não aconteceu e países buscam criar sua própria lei envolvendo o comércio de criptomoedas. Monero, Dash e ZCash podem ser proibidos na França No caso da França, o país declarou em recente relatório publicado que possui intenção de vetar alguns ativos digitais. Essa iniciativa deverá servir como base para a criação de uma lei futura no país para o mercado de ativos digitais. Prezando a transparência das transações envolvendo ativos digitais, a França acredita que criptomoedas com transações anônimas devem ser proibidas no país. Sendo assim, essa alegação recai diretamente sobre o ZCash (ZEC), o Dash (DASH) e o Monero (MRX). País alega que algumas criptomoedas oferecem riscos Essas três criptomoedas envolvem transações anônimas e essa modalidade parece não agradar ao Comitê de Finanças da Assembleia Nacional da França. No relatório publicado pela organização política, o ZCash, o Dash e o Monero podem contribuir com práticas criminosas. Nem todas criptomoedas possuem transparência em relação aos seus dados referentes as transações. Nesses casos, o anonimato dos usuários é mantido e não pode ser revelado. Para alguns, esse poderia ser um facilitador de crimes envolvendo a evasão de divisas fiscais e corrupção. Por outro lado, a tecnologia blockchain recebe o merecido destaque no relatório francês. Em relação as três criptomoedas que devem ser proibidas na França, o comitê não fez distinção de plataformas que operam parcialmente ou em completo anonimato. Para o presidente do comitê, seria apropriado que essas criptomoedas fossem proibidas no país. Saiba mais em França estuda proibir três criptomoedas em todo seu território

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Blockchain Minus Women Equals Fail: Celebrating A Diversity Of Ideas

Distributed ledger technology sits at the intersection of two stereotypes. Tech is a playground for nerdy college boys. And finance is a game for old men. Web meets Wall Street. And although blockchain is an innovation lauded for its potential - to bank the unbanked, democratize finance, eliminate the overreach of Big Data - the people who are creating this new utopian vision are, predominantly, men. Over the past year, the audience of Crypto Briefing has changed. Our readership in February of 2018 was 6.01% female. Now females account for 11.36% of our readers. Other analyses of the participation of women in blockchain have offered similar findings. While that represents a significant increase, the striking dichotomy between our industry’s self-professed desire for social impact, and the overwhelming imbalance in the gender makeup of the sector, surely raises a question: If nerdy college boys and old guys got us into this mess, are men really going to get us out of it? What’s The Issue With Women In Blockchain Anyway? I finally made the decision to write on International Women’s Day at the last minute. After all, I’m a man. What business do I have commenting on the issue? Is there even a problem? Numerous women have told me that the problem of sexism in the industry is over-hyped. Leigh Cuen recently celebrated a year as a journalist at CoinDesk, and she represents a view echoed by several other interviewees: “Since I’ve joined the space I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how inclusive it is compared to other sectors. In my reporting, I’ve had a much easier time finding women CEOs and community leaders than other business beats. Broader inequalities related to education, funding, and resources still apply in this space the way they apply in all tech sectors. However, I think that when it comes to crypto, people are aware of this problem and striving to rectify it.” While comments like Cuen’s are reassuring, they are perhaps reflective of the social contract between professionals within the industry. To the outside world, crypto is after-parties at strip clubs, and Laurie Penny’s exceptional, claustrophobic piece in Breaker about being stuck on a cruise with a crowd of Bitcoin bros. Greedy, sexist, porcine. Like many men in this industry, that disgusts me. But although I consider myself an advocate for inclusion, I also happen to be a middle-aged white male. How could I possibly understand what Penny had to endure? One quick search engine query made me realize - I don’t have to. ‘Women in blockchain statistics’ seemed a good kickoff point for my research, and it didn’t disappoint. Of the top ten results on Google, seven articles were written by women. An eighth was a list of resources, and the other two were written by men. One of those two - a well-meaning but oh-dear-god-no piece by Patrick Thompson for Cointelegraph - contained a reference to a gender study that prompted him to declare that “careers in banking and finance sometimes involve making risky decisions in situations that can induce stress,” and that “This could be a reason why there are fewer women than men involved in Blockchain and cryptocurrency.” That’s it, stress. That’s why women are underrepresented in the blockchain industry. The tenth, I am glad to say, was written for Dash News by Joël Valenzuela and was worth reading. These search results are why I’m writing this today. I don’t have to understand on a deep, experiential level why women are underrepresented in blockchain (and I can’t). I just have to talk about it, and show that men can - and must - be part of the discussion. At the risk of expressing the potential for androcentric bias that caused me to fear writing this article, men must be willing to talk about our roles in nurturing diversity. Even if the conclusions are vague. One website I visited, Women In Blockchain, contained a quote from Ruthe Farmer, the ex-White House Senior Policy Advisor for Tech Inclusion. “We don’t ask people who are hungry to solve hunger, so why are we asking underrepresented groups to solve their own problems?” Kristin Boggiano is the Chief Legal Officer of AlphaPoint, and Founder and CEO of WIND (Women In Derivatives), a global non-profit whose mission is to educate and develop female leaders. “I live-streamed Consensus last year, and panel after panel had little or no female representation,” she says. “The industry seemed factionalized into one gender group, and I found it hard to identify with that.” But like every other female who replied to my requests for interviews or commentary, she didn’t express anger or frustration - she simply decided to set about changing it. “Leadership is a self-fulfilling prophecy,” she explained. “If you set yourself up as a leader, people come to you to lead them.” Boggiano suggests that there are two reasons entities do not have equivalent numbers of men and women: “They are not funded/hired at equal rates and they are not promoted at equal rates. That is jus

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#Dash Podcast 94 - Feat. Fernando Gutierrez Dash Core Group ...

#Dash Podcast 94 - Feat. Fernando Gutierrez Dash Core Group CMO - Trustprotectors and the likes #DigitalCash… https://t.co/znIMv5H1Ew

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eToro ventures into the United States cryptocurrency market with new exchange platform

eToro, a social trading and multi-asset brokerage company, has launched its crypto-to-crypto exchange platform in the United States, according to a report by thenextweb. The exchange was launched in 32 states and territories in the US, however, the platform is yet to reveal any details on the same. The exchange will provide services to 13 crypto-assets and information regarding these assets will be announced by the platform later. The platform will also add more cryptocurrency assets in a few months. It will also launch a multi-signature cryptocurrency wallet for customers. The wallet will provide services in six crypto-assets. They are: Bitcoin [BTC], Litecoin [LTC], Ethereum [ETH], XRP, Bitcoin Cash [BCH], and Stellar [XLM]. According to the platform, buying and selling services for these coins will be enabled immediately. Yoni Assia, the Founder of eToro, said: “When I founded eToro, I envisioned a community where people could trade, invest and share their knowledge in a simple and transparent way. eToro also acts as a bridge between the old world of investing and a blockchain-powered future, helping our users navigate and benefit from the transition to crypto-assets for wealth building.” The Founder further stated: “People create the eToro experience and now Americans will play a major role in shaping our community and future” The main platform provides trading services in 14 leading cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin [BTC], Ethereum [ETH], Bitcoin Cash [BCH], XRP, Dash, Litecoin [LTC], Ethereum Classic [ETC], NEO, EOS, Stellar [XLM], Cardano [ADA], IOTA [MIOTA], Binance Coin [BNB], and ZCash [ZEC]. The initial announcement about the expansion of its trading services to the United States was made in May 2018. Apart from this, the platform has already set-up operations in over 140 countries, including the United Kingdom, Germany, and Australia. The post eToro ventures into the United States cryptocurrency market with new exchange platform appeared first on AMBCrypto.

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Craig Wright Claims He Can Put A Name To Anonymous Cryptos

Craig Wright, one of the notorious minds behind Bitcoin SV and, possibly one of the original creators of Bitcoin (or so he claims) has taken the media by storm again this week after making bold claims that he can trace and, put a name to anonymous crypto transactions, such as those you might find within Dash, Monero and Zcash for example. The reports come straight from Wright’s recent comments, leading many people to refer to him as the Donald Trump of the crypto space. Whilst this is probably meant to be an insult, I imagine he will accept it as a compliment. According to FXStreet, Wright has said: "Yes, I can make ZCash and Monero completely traceable... A means to start monitoring it all and attributing. And, responsible disclosure is not those teams. Have a nice life. Not my issue, you use an anon coin, a crime coin as this is all they are, and you are in many countries already committing a crime. So, I would rather teach the Feds how to stop this than help a bunch of losers help criminals.” In essence, Wright believes that he has created a tool that allows him to trace transactions on private networks, through this tool he can monitor the networks and reduce instances of crime. Wright believes that fundamentally, private coins like Dash and Monero have only been set up to facilitate criminal activities, he refers to private coins as crime coins and suggests that even interacting with such cryptocurrencies should be considered a crime, for some reason. This is a sentiment that is mirrored at a government level across the world. Whilst many authorities accept cryptocurrencies, they are worried about privacy based coins simply because they can indeed help criminals remain undetected, whilst still passing funds and money across accounts. If Wright’s claims are true, this could all change, using this tool he has built. Has he actually built a tool? We don’t know, and to be honest even if he has, it probably doesn’t work very well - privacy focused coins are built to be ultra private, even the most skilled and technical developers can’t access transaction data because the data was never really there in the first place. We think Wright is just flexing here, in order to get people to talk about him again, which is fine we guess.

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A Guide On How To Select The Best Cryptocurrency Trading Platform

A cryptocurrency exchange is a marketplace where you can trade cryptocurrencies for another digital asset or fiat currency. Basically, cryptocurrency exchanges assist investors to sell their coins swiftly in an effective manner. The market has different cryptocurrency exchanges and navigating and settling on the right platform can be hard. However, there are factors to consider before opening an account with any exchange. The exchange should meet your needs and requirements. What to Know Before Choosing an Exchange Fees: We have different types of fees charged by cryptocurrency exchanges. You should settle on an exchange that charges low deposit and withdrawal fees. Most reputable exchanges usually charge a fee that does not exceed 0.25%. Note that fees differ across various exchange platforms. Also, look out for exchanges with discounted fees. Reputation: Look at the reviews by other users to determine the strength of an exchange in the market. Reviews will give you a rough idea about the direction of an exchange. All reviews are important because they are based on factors like liquidity and security. Furthermore, look at the exchange’s online community. Monitor the type of conversation, the number of people in the community and any complaints being raised. Go for an exchange that has positive feedback from users. Liquidity: Liquidity simply means the degree to which a particular asset can be quickly bought or sold without altering the general stability of its price. Join an exchange with higher liquidity since it guarantees market stability of the exchange. Higher liquidity means that you will have access to quicker transaction times. Additionally, with high liquidity, every user will access fair prices. Note that liquidity is affected by factors like trading volume and regulations. Security: Your platform of choice should have solid security measures to protect your funds. Any exchange should have basic security features like two-factor authentication, username, password, and extra security keys. Measures such as e-mail encryption with OpenPGP or U2F is a bonus. Also, look at the history of the exchange for any notable security breaches. Other factors include user interface and supported cryptocurrencies.Its important to know what are the best cryptocurrency brokers to project yourself, your funds and make sure you’re investing your hard earned cash right. Here are some of the reputable exchanges you can choose from. Binance Binance is a leading crypto exchange offering competitive rates with a market cap of $133,856,269,432. The platform supports more than 100 coins. The exchange has a positive reputation in the market from its global pool of users. The platform’s users can choose between basic and advanced trading interfaces. The latter is quick and mostly meant for newcomers. The advanced trading interface is meant for experienced investors. It is more complex. Binance offers crypto-to-crypto trading. Recently, Binance launched new fiat to crypto exchange in Jersey. The exchange offers trading options in Bitcoin, Ether, BNB trading pairs. Notably, the exchange supports over 100 coins like Ripple and Bitcoin Cash. Binance offers a flat rate of 0.1% for traders who don’t need instant fiat liquidation. Additionally, BNB offers a 25% discount on trade fee when working with the coin. Deposits are free. Withdrawal fees are always updated on a regular basis. Binance only has limits on withdrawals. From the security aspect, Binance deploys the CCSS and ISO/ICO security protocols. We also have the Google Authenticator and 2FA to verify withdrawals and security modifications. Additionally, the exchange does not store user data. Despite, the large customer base, Binance customer service is very responsive. On the downside, the inconsistent withdrawal fees might turn off some people. Coinbase Pro Coinbase Pro is a product of Coinbase. The exchange has features meant for advanced traders. It comes with detailed charts, graph, and different trading options. Coinbase Pro was designed for individual traders but not institutions. Supported assets on Coinbase pro depend on regulations of different regions. Even though users can view the order book they can only exchange pairs allowed in their regions. Popular trading pairs include ETH/BTC, LTC/BTC, and BCH/BTC. US traders have access to BTC/USD, ETH/BTC, ETH/USD, LTC/BTC, LTC/USD, BCH/BTC, and BCH/USD. On fees, Coinbase Pro deploys the maker-taker model. Maker traders do not pay anything. However, taker orders are done at market price and filled at once. Note that an order can be divided into multiple orders that include a maker order and a taker order. For a pricing tier of up to $10 million, the taker fee is 0.3%. Put in mind that Coinbase Pro has an option of instantly transferring funds to Coinbase account. To guarantee the safety of assets, Coinbase stores 98 percent of customer funds offline. Furthermore Coinbase Pro distributes assets geographically around t

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Dash (DASH) Price Analysis : Observation and Analysis of Dash’s Neutralized Market Trend - CryptoNewsZ

Dash is a decentralized, open source and peer-to-peer blockchain based cryptocurrency. This coin was introduced into the market at XCoin; later it was renamed as Darkcoin in 2014. However, it was rebranded as Dash finally in 2015. Dash’s main features include InstantSend and PrivateSend. InstantSend payments are faster and are verified by the network’s master

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Dash enfrenta problemas com o Bear Market

A criptomoeda Dash é uma das opções que veio ao mundo para ser um Dinheiro Digital, mas com o período de preços em baixa de mercado alguns problemas têm surgido para a moeda. Recentemente a Dash estava com alto risco de receber na rede um ataque 51%, um fato que fez a comunidade de devs se movimentar para evitar que isso ocorresse. Além disso, outros problemas que pairaram sobre a Dash ainda no meio de 2018 eram a vontade de destituir o CEO e o enfrentamento do Japão às criptomoedas com transações privadas. Em agosto de 2018, a votação pela não destituição do CEO foi a vencedora, mantendo no cargo Ryan Taylor. Porém, os ventos agora mudaram O período de quedas dos preços das criptomoedas no mercado permaneceram, sendo a permanência de vários funcionários da empresa por trás da Dash não mais possível. A Dash Core Group (DCG) informou a comunidade através de um post em blog oficial, que a partir da data 07 de março cerca de 8% da empresa deixará os quadros, ao que foi chamado de redução planejada. Ficou claro que as demissões não estão ligadas a desempenho dos funcionários, mas sim devido ao período em baixa que tem prejudicado manter a operação de forma completa. Para manter o compromisso com o futuro da moeda, serão removidos todos os funcionários do RH, duas pessoas do setor de Estratégia e mais um do desenvolvimento de negócios. Comunidade entende decisão, mas critica Dash Core Pelos comentários no post oficial feito pela comunidade Dash, fica claro que a atitude das demissões foram entendidas, sendo todos de acordo com a causa em prol do bem maior no futuro da moeda. Apesar disso, muitos criticaram o Core pela pouca transparência dos gastos. e de por vezes, tomarem atitudes de forma arbitrária. Tendo se separado da Litecoin em 2014, a empresa Dash não levantou fundos por meio de uma ICO. Em vez disso, o DCG é financiado por 10% da recompensa extraída pelos masternodes (mineradores), sujeita à aprovação do Dash Network Treasury. Seu desenvolvimento é, portanto, inteiramente financiado em Dash e, embora possam convertê-lo em fiduciário, uma grande parte dos fundos do DCG permanece na criptomoeda, mesmo no pagamento dos salários aos funcionários. Com a novidade esperasse que o desenvolvimento possa continuar, mesmo sem algumas peças, em alto nível e a longo prazo. Saiba mais em Dash enfrenta problemas com o Bear Market

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Dash’s departing head of business explains today’s layoffs

Crypto winter claims another round of layoffs as Dash Core Group tightens its belt and restructures its staff. The company insists the impact will be limited. The post Dash’s departing head of business explains today’s layoffs appeared first on Decrypt Media.

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French Government Set To Ban Private Cryptos Like Monero & Dash

According to the latest reports, the Finance Committee of France’s National Assembly have suggested that they could look to ban privacy based cryptocurrencies, meaning cryptos like Monero, Dash and Bitcoin Private could soon be ruled out under French law. This isn’t the first time we have seen states try to outlaw private coins, it does seem that the global consensus for cryptocurrency is positive, until governments start to consider the real privacy focused projects, they obviously don’t want to hand over total control to the masses... In a report published by the committee, Éric Woerth, the Minister of Budget and Labour has said: “We must be aware of the problems that cryptocurrencies can pose in terms of fraud, tax evasion, money laundering or fraud, or energy consumption. It would also have been appropriate to propose a ban on the dissemination and trade in cryptocurrencies built to ensure complete anonymity by preventing any identification procedure by design...This is the case for a certain number of (Monero, PIVX, DeepOnion, Zcash...) whose purpose is to bypass any possibility of identifying the holders. To date, regulation has not gone that far.” Privacy focused coins work like traditional cryptocurrencies, though they pay special attention to ensuring that the privacy of users is always maintained. Cryptos like Bitcoin, though transactions are anonymous, can eventually be traced by looking at wallet movements and transactions on the block explorer. Privacy coins reduce the level of exposure within this to ensure total decentralisation, meaning that traders and investors using privacy tokens are virtually untraceable. Whilst this sounds great, it does propose other problems, such as increased exposure to hacks, ransomware and other criminal activities, this is why governments on an international level are concerned about cryptocurrencies. With regards to France, we don’t expect the government to issue a blanket ban on private-coins any time soon. Frankly it will be hard for the government to actually block private coins yet still allow for the trade and investment of other cryptocurrencies. The case is that if they want to stop private coins, they are going to need to block all cryptos in the first instance, surely, an economic power like France aren’t going to do that?

16 days ago

Dash for the exits: Departing head of business explains today’s layoffs

Crypto winter claims another round of layoffs as Dash Core Group tightens its belt and restructures its staff. The company insists the impact will be limited. The post Dash for the exits: Departing head of business explains today’s layoffs appeared first on Decrypt Media.

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Breaking: eToro Officially Touches Down On U.S. Soil

Today, social trading and multi-asset brokerage company eToro announced its long anticipated arrival to U.S. customers. Already operating in 140 countries with a base of over 10 million users, the platform will now open its doors to customers in 32 U.S. states and territories, who will now have access to eToro’s plethora of trading, asset management, collaborative and educational features including: CopyTrader: Which allows users to allocate funds for automated and proportional trades identical to trades of other users, allowing beginners to emulate strategies of more experienced traders. CopyPortfolios: Portfolios curated by eToro’s experienced analysts that bundle together crypto assets based on specific trading strategies. Three portfolios will be available at this feature’s launch, with plans for further updates. Support for 13 digital assets available for trading: Including; BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP, DASH, BCH, XLM, Ethereum Classic, NEO, EOS, ADA and Zcash. Multi-Signature crypto wallet: Providing secure storage for BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, XRP and XLM for easy token transfers and instant token conversions to improve inter-asset liquidity. eToro’s hallmark strength is its accessibility to traders of various financial backgrounds and differing degrees of expertise, allowing users to display their track records, portfolios, recent trades, and strategies thus facilitating the exchange of trading ideas and the optimization of user portfolios. eToro also offers bonus incentives for experienced traders who wish to share their strategies by compensating traders with a proven track record for their performance. Now, this unique blend of trading, educational and social elements is available to traders based in the U.S. eToro’s mission has always been to span the gap between traditional and digital finance, between the old and the new. In an official press release, eToro CEO Yoni Assia said: “For the first time, Americans can collaborate with other crypto traders when making buying and selling decisions. Users can adjust their trading strategies by watching and learning from others on the platform. eToro also acts as a bridge between the old world of investing and a blockchain-powered future.” Early investors also feel that in positioning itself as the binding element from the old to new financial worlds, eToro has secured a lucrative lucrative niche. Santo Politi, General Partner at Spark Capital said: “Since Spark Capital’s initial investment in 2012, we believed that eToro would lead the charge in disrupting the financial services market. eToro’s launch into the U.S. market marks a significant milestone for the company as it builds a leadership position in the online trading space.” Moving forward, global financial markets will almost certainly see a shakeup in trends. Millennials show a dismally low interest in stocks and bonds versus a markedly high enthusiasm for purchasing and using cryptocurrencies among the same group. The advent of the new digital asset class along with a general air of distrust towards wall street among younger generations could spell major changes in the way capital flows in the developing world economy. The author is invested in digital assets, but none were mentioned in this article. Join the conversation on Telegram and Twitter! The post Breaking: eToro Officially Touches Down On U.S. Soil appeared first on Crypto Briefing.

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Now Americans Can Copy Each Others’ Crypto Trades on eToro

Social trading platform eToro is launching today in the U.S., opening up its crypto trading and wallet capabilities to people across 30 states and two territories. Users in these states will be able to trade 13 different cryptocurrencies on the platform—bitcoin, ether, Bitcoin Cash, XRP, Dash, Litecoin, Ethereum Classic, Cardano, IOTA, XLM, EOS, NEO, and […]

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