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Congratulations on the launch of Kucoin 2.0! @kucoincom Fol...

Congratulations on the launch of Kucoin 2.0! @kucoincom Follow CPChain website https://t.co/PPIOSXry8n for more re… https://t.co/mYbCm46udH

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# CPChain in 2018 # We sincerely appreciate the support from...

# CPChain in 2018 # We sincerely appreciate the support from our friends and partners, and our community. @bibox… https://t.co/uU7y8qABDB

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CPChain Pre-Mainnet Reward Program Season 2 is now open for ...

CPChain Pre-Mainnet Reward Program Season 2 is now open for application at: https://t.co/vERYGGksZW You can also ch… https://t.co/KdYkr4UVeZ

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CPChain Announces Partnership with Aligning Research & I...

CPChain Announces Partnership with Aligning Research & Innovation for Connected and Automated Driving in Europe (AR… https://t.co/dfYRZL773t

2 months ago

State of Asia Cryptocurrency and Blockchain: Exchanges- Part 2

As you may have read in the last few weeks, we are rolling out a new post series for our Premium readers. It will feature recurring updates on the state of Asia Cryptocurrency and Blockchain. We have come up with 4 high-level topics, and every week we will be writing about one of these topics, and rotating through them in the following order. China (with commentary on recent regulatory trends, media sentiment, and touching on exchanges and company developments)Asia Countries ex-China (with commentary on regulations, media sentiments, crypto projects, exchanges, and company developments)Exchanges And Mining (Binance, Huobi, Upbit, Bitmain, Canaan, etc)Crypto Projects and Funding Trends Check out our previous pieces on China, Japan, Korea, Singapore, etc. This week, we are discussing Exchanges, specifically the Asian exchanges - Binance, OKEx, Huobi along with those that made headlines in Korea and Japan in the recent months. So many things have happened in the exchange world this past month. Since this is the first of our first monthly series on the topic, we are providing a deep-dive into Exchanges first, and will do another one on Mining in the next monthly series. We also recently saw great reception with our Quick Guide to Asia Market Entry - China, Korea, Japan, Singapore post, and we’ve shared a spreadsheet detailing the data here. Check it out and let us know if it’s helpful for you. Thank you for reading. This is part 2 of 2 of the series this week-we discussed Binance in part 1 of 2. In this second post of this week’s series, we’ll be discussing OKEx and Huobi and the exchanges in Korea and Japan. OKEx and Huobi Quick Take OKEx and Huobi’s recent housecleaning, and their US and international strategies What’s been happening: Despite being ranked the top 3 exchanges by volume, Binance, OKEx, and Huobi seem to have very different strategies and are approaching the exchange space from alternate angles. While Binance is doubling down in Singapore, OKEx looks to focus more on the US market, and Huobi in Asia. OKex has been doing some housecleaning. It has delisted a second swathe of trading pairs due to “weak liquidity”, removing a further 49 trading pairs from its order book. The company has also made progress in geographical expansion and product front. It has expanded in several regions in the last month including the Latin American market, with a trading platform that’s set to let users trade top cryptocurrencies against local fiat currencies. It has also built out a presence in Europe although have yet been given the green light to trade fiat. On the product front, the company announced a brand-new derivative product, Perpetual Swap, a peer-to-peer, virtual derivative developed by OKEx to enable traders to speculate the direction of the price of digital assets such as Bitcoin. OKEx’s new Piggybank product also enables customers to lend their fund as margin loans to margin traders. Meanwhile, the company also had to deal with an ongoing PR crisis. the firm was forced to push back against allegations made by Hong-Kong based trading firm Amber AI over its early settlement of bitcoin cash futures contracts last week, right before the BCH hard fork. As for Huobi, the exchange has also built out their presence around the world albeit with some operational hiccups along the way. For one, it has recently dismissed 60% of its workforce in Brazil, a country it entered a few months ago. Additionally, it has opened an office in Moscow, the first major crypto trading platform to have a physical presence in the country, notably with a Russian-language call center. In addition to the call center, this site provides back office support for OTC trading and listing, and personal managers for big clients. Despite such success, Huobi wasn’t able to get permission to setup fiat to crypto operation in Russia, similar to its US office. According to Coindesk, “They consulted with us a lot, and in the end, I think, we made them feel disappointed,” Vladimir Demin, head of the Center of Digital Transformations at the Russian government-owned development bank Vnesheconombank (VEB), told CoinDesk. “They were interested in providing fiat operations, but we told them it’s impossible.” In the meanwhile, the company created a new committee to work with China’s communist party, asserting that “it was necessary to implement” Communist Party principles and policies into private companies and maintain its foothold in China.” What this means: Despite being a relatively new entrant and underdog, Binance has outperformed the other 2 exchanges from an execution and branding perspective. OKEx has been constantly battling with image and operational issues such its trade execution hiccups, lack of transparency, and some even say integrity, at least from the surface. In both Chinese and US press, it’s frequently read that OKEx customers would bombard their China and Hong Kong offices and demand a response to their money loss or an e

2 months ago

CPChain New York Meet-up is coming this Saturday! For our co...

CPChain New York Meet-up is coming this Saturday! For our community in East Coast, don't miss the chance to talk to… https://t.co/dQD03bL173

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CPChain MeetUp in New York is now on Edge. It will not be ve...

CPChain MeetUp in New York is now on Edge. It will not be very For those who are willing to meet Shi in person on 1… https://t.co/5WJbKDIWzZ

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A good day for CPChain to open source another part of PDASH ...

A good day for CPChain to open source another part of PDASH and chain! We will have a detailed technology article +… https://t.co/FsGSy7vAi2

4 months ago

CPChain's Fourth AMA (Mainnet Announcement AMA) is now onlin...

CPChain's Fourth AMA (Mainnet Announcement AMA) is now online. Please raise your questions in CPChain Reddit Commun… https://t.co/NObyORVM90

4 months ago

YoBit.net scammers and incompetence

Yobit.net has recently raised a significant amount of controversy and potential unethicality surrounding their broken platform and recent institutional pump. Well, today I am examining their community, which seems to be fraught with the foul stench of Yobit.net scammers. These scammers pose as official YoBit.net support or staff, pretending to offer assistance. They are obviously not part of YoBit.net support, though they mimic the broken English found on the official support chat. This broken English on part of the scammers is used either to increase believability and consistency, or by happenstance. I reached out for comment and was refuted by them (I guess a scammer doesn’t want to talk to the press, ha!) The YoBit scammers I have come across are your typical fraudsters, we’re dealing with fairly high-level con-artists. These scammers are people posing as official YoBit.net support staff and are well trained and prepared to take your bitcoin. One group even has the ability to send emails that seem to come directly from YoBit.net’s own official account. If you aren’t careful you too may fall victim to this scam involving users of the already misleading and unscrupulous YoBit.net crypto-exchange. YoBit.net scammer anatomy Scamming unsuspecting people is easy when the scammer has a plan. Points of a scam Scammers seem legitimate They live far away They use impressive claims to support their scam They give short deadlines Use of unusual payment vehicles They send little information after payment They can be undone by simple homework Scammers abuse trust The scammers in the YoBit community seem to use the behaviors presented in points 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 (but usual for the crypto space), 7, and 8. I never paid any of them so I can’t say for sure if 6 applies, but we can assume it does. Scammers seem legitimate YoBit.net scammers do seem legitimate. They use names that reflect that they are part of the company team, even going as far as using names of the support staff. They even control a very large official-looking Facebook account named YoBit.net. with over 30k likes, which seems legitimate - but it is not. A Facebook account completely controlled by Scammers, taking advantage of the YoBit.net brand. Once you reach out to this page, they have you communicate with an unaffiliated email address by the domain extension “YoBit.help” which is not official. They then ask you to send them some arbitrary amount of bitcoin or other cryptos for support. Once the BTC is sent they are never heard from again. This specific instance was about the deactivation without warning of a coin called Capricoin (CPC). CPC has an active community, updated source code, live support, and reasonable 24hr volume. This is what you can expect to get from one of these scammers. DO NOT fall for it, they are not affiliated with YoBit.net and will be unable to fix your issue even after payment. A conversation within the official YoBit.net Twitter thread. The YoBit.net scammers even use the threads of the official YoBit.net Twitter to claim themselves as support employees. Without any in-line replies from the official YoBit.net handle - so it may seem reasonable that support is in their official thread. It is not, these are scammer accounts attempting to use the official YoBit handle’s thread to get new marks. Communication with a scammer posing as “Robert Reese” on Telegram. The scammer above was able to send emails to my personal address, and they looked like they came from the official email of YoBit.net “Mailer@YoBit.net”! Email from Yobit.net that looks official but is unverified The email above looks to be legitimate with but one major key difference. The question mark icon to the left of the sender’s information. If you hover over that question mark it says “Mail couldn’t verify that yobit.net actually sent this message (and is not a spammer)”. Most people would not consider checking into a communication this far unless they already suspected this to be a scam. An unverified Yobit.net email address. This email is “unverified” which means it was signed by another SMTP (Simple Mail Protocol Protocol) server. This means that the scammer can send emails that on the surface look like they are directly from YoBit.net themselves but are not. We took this information and asked YoBit.net support on the official ticket submission page of their site. Just asking if they knew about this, and just to make extra sure that it was an unaffiliated group. After explaining that we had received a message from their official email address support replied with “Scammers don’t pay on scammers Telegram or Twitter?”. The medium of communication was not shared, this was direct email correspondence. This shows that YoBit.net knows they are being used as a method for scammers to take money from unsuspecting individuals and does little to stop it. The scammers live far away This is true for the YoBit.net exchange location and probably for the locations of the s

4 months ago

Bringing Smart Contracts To The Digital Advertising Industry- SaTT ICO Evaluation

The following is an objective review of the SaTT ICO. The review is based on certain criteria, which we think are important for an ICO project to succeed. We measure a successful ICO by short term and long-term ROI estimation. The following is not financial advice. 1. Background SaTT which stands for “Smart Advertisement Transition Token” is a project that aims to govern online adverting, mediating between advertisers and publishers using smart contracts on top of the Ethereum blockchain. The SaTT solution wants to use the decentralized blockchain capabilities to vastly improve the way the online advertising industry operates today, and automating transactions with smart contracts in a distributed blockchain ledger could reduce costs, speed up transactions, prevent fraud, and enable better and more accurate monitoring of campaigns. The company behind the SaTT innovation is ATAYEN, based in the US, France and Tunisia. ATAYEN, Inc. was founded in 2014 by Gautier Bros and Stephanie Clement, Facebook applications developers. Today, the company’s main business is Iframe-apps offering customizable apps that enhance and add capabilities to Facebook marketing pages. The company states that its apps are installed in over 4 million Facebook pages worldwide. The SaTT token presale successfully ended last April and the crowd sale started on the 1St of May and will go on until March 31, 2019 or until the Hard-Cap is reached. Let’s start with our evaluation! 2. Introduction 2.1 The need The online advertising market is constantly growing and changing rapidly, analysts predict that by 2020 half of all global adverting cost will be spent on online advertising, in the past year alone the digital advertising revenue was 247.87 Billion USD. 2.2 The Problem Advertisers use different ways to monitor the effectiveness of their campaigns. The most common ones are CPC (cost per click) and CPM (cost per thousand impressions) yet none are completely accurate, and all could be fraudulent. Advertisers can misinform publishers diminishing the success of the campaign, publishers can use fake accounts or bots to maximize their monetization, and advertising agencies can use their power to cheat their partners. In this vast global market advertising agencies find themselves in charge of paying commissions to many affiliates around the world, as a result commissions get delayed, fees grow, and time and energy are wasted, furthermore finding the right publisher that is suitable for an advertiser’s need is no easy task. 3. The Solution - SaTT Smart contracts SaTT smart contracts rely on three types of participants: Advertisers, Publishers, and Oracles: 3.1 Advertisers To create a campaign advertisers need to obtain SaTT tokens which they can either purchase on markets or offer products and services in exchange for them. The advertisers input the essential details for the campaign such as the content, the model of remuneration and define the criteria’s for publishers, then they lock their tokens within the smart contract and set an expiry date for the contract, the campaign\contract is then broadcast to the blockchain and activated. After activation it is automatically checked by the Oracle for publisher reward-worthy actions. 3.2 Publishers Publishers can be individual accounts on social media networks, sites or applications, in order to get the opportunity to take part in a campaign and fulfil the target specified in the smart contract, they have to meet certain conditions specified in the smart contract, for instance the requirement might be for individuals that have more than X number of followers on a specific social media platform, or for a media outlet that does not host any illegal streaming content. Profiles of publishers are analyzed and segmented so publishers can receive proposals that suit their profile. Once the Oracle validates that the publisher executed their part in the contract the payment is released to the publisher according to its actions, the publisher is rewarded with SaTT tokens which can be redeemed for cash on exchanges or used to buy products offered by the advertiser. 3.3 Oracles 3.3.1 What are Oracles? Oracles are basically API’s (Application programming interface) that will integrate with the SaTT smart contracts. The interface will integrate with different data sources, for instance Google Analytics, Twitter, Facebook, and get information from their API’s determining whether the actions required in the contract were executed, i.e. number of clicks or page views or a certain amount of likes that were received on a Facebook post. SaTT will enable multiple Oracles to be involved in confirming the same smart contract transaction. 3.3.2 How will Oracles work? Oracles are privileged account addresses within the smart contract, initially Oracles will be developed and validated manually by ATAYEN, Inc. and at a later stage could be developed through the SaTT API by third-party developers who will be rewarded wit

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Weekly Discussion & Important Links/Threads - October 01, 2018

#[Loopring Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)](https://redd.it/7pdr7m) --- ### Another AMA with Daniel Wang is coming up! Ask your questions by August 3 [here](https://www.reddit.com/r/loopringorg/comments/906fxl/loopring_founder_daniel_wang_ama_on_aug_3rd_2018/)! --- ## June 28 AMA has concluded! See the thread [here](https://www.reddit.com/r/loopringorg/comments/8qv0hs/loopring_founder_daniel_wang_ama_on_june_28th/)! --- *If anyone feels that a certain announcement, article, or any other kind of these sorts should be listed below, please add your suggestions in the comments below.* ####**Links/Threads of Interest**: **Recent Articles by the Loopring Foundation** * 7/29/2018 - [Loopring Learning Series, Part 4: The Cost of Illiquidity](https://medium.com/loopring-protocol/loopring-learning-series-part-4-the-cost-of-illiquidity-7ae48f305be7) * 7/28/2018 - [Loopring’s Mid-Term Incentive Program Concluded](https://medium.com/loopring-protocol/looprings-mid-term-incentive-program-concluded-1bcb8bb0711) * 7/27/2018 - [Loopring DEX Listed Ten More ERC20 Tokens (Batch#2)](https://medium.com/loopring-protocol/loopring-dex-listed-ten-more-erc20-tokens-batch-2-90533fe00477) * 7/25/2018 - [12 Projects That Are Integrating The Loopring Protocol](https://medium.com/loopring-protocol/12-projects-that-are-integrating-the-loopring-protocol-5522aec2dfd9) * 7/25/2018 - [“The Best Functioning Token Exchange Mechanism in the World” — Exclusive Interview With Loopring’s Matthew Finestone](https://medium.com/loopring-protocol/the-best-functioning-token-exchange-mechanism-in-the-world-exclusive-interview-with-looprings-8d4be611977e) * 7/24/2018 - [Medium Translation Program Update](https://medium.com/loopring-protocol/medium-translation-program-update-aedee793fb3) * 7/22/2018 - [Loopring Bi-Weekly Update](https://medium.com/loopring-protocol/loopring-bi-weekly-update-07-22-2018-398357ab6c94) * 7/20/2018 - [Loopring DEX Listed Ten ERC20 Tokens (Batch#1)](https://medium.com/loopring-protocol/loopring-dex-listed-ten-erc20-tokens-5a1b59f7cd52) * 7/18/2018 - [Loopring Partnered with SECBIT Labs in Smart Contract Auditing and Formal Verification](https://medium.com/loopring-protocol/loopring-partnered-with-secbit-labs-in-smart-contract-auditing-and-formal-verification-3440e2fe744a) * 7/7/2018 - [Announcing World’s First DEX Alliance Initiative](https://medium.com/loopring-protocol/announcing-worlds-first-dex-alliance-initiative-79e0f3b2226d) * 7/3/2018 - [Wallets Must Make Money, Too](https://medium.com/loopring-protocol/wallets-must-make-money-too-c91b508172ac) * 7/1/2018 - [The First LRN Airdrop Block Height](https://medium.com/loopring-protocol/the-first-lrn-airdrop-block-height-9d8ca4589047) --- **Operation and Marketing** * 7/20/2018 - We listed ten ERC20 tokens as the first batch in “New Listing” section. These ten tokens are AION, BKBT, BNB, CPC, DET, GTO, HT, PNT, TEN, and WTC. * 7/8/2018 - Loopring evangelists from more than 30 cities in China joined Loopring’s after-party to brainstorm ideas regarding community management, ecosystem strategy, and product marketing. We have set up a unique program to reward these evangelists which will also greatly benefit the adoption of Loopring’s DEX solutions. More information will be made available in September. * 7/7/2018 - Loopring hosted the 2018 Blockchain Economic Summit in Shenzhen, China. We invited blockchain visionaries and entrepreneurs to share their stories and visions. Some of the keynote speakers are Alex Gordon from Omega One, Feng Cao from PChain, Yu Guo from SECBIT Labs, Cindy Liu from MXBank, and William Gee, a senior partner from PwC Hong Kong. Our Founder, Daniel Wang, shared what Loopring has accomplished over the last 340 days since ICO and demoed our DEX solutions to the audience. * 7/7/2018 - Loopring announced the [DEX Alliance Initiative](https://medium.com/loopring-protocol/announcing-worlds-first-dex-alliance-initiative-79e0f3b2226d) * 7/5/2018 - Loopring airdropped the first tranche of LRN to LRC token holders. * 7/3/2018 - China Central Television (CCTV) broadcasted an interview with our founder Daniel Wang — Loopring Protocol: Powering a Better Crypto Trading Ecosystem. * 6/28/2018 - Loopring [partnered](https://medium.com/loopring-protocol/loopring-partnered-with-secbit-labs-in-smart-contract-auditing-and-formal-verification-3440e2fe744a) with SECBIT Labs in smart contract auditing and formal verification * 6/28/2018 - Loopring launched a [Developer Portal](http://loopring.org/developers) to provide more technical documentations for developers. * 6/24/2018 - We held an online salon with token holders from 30 cities in China. The Loopring team also showed the process of binding addresses to receive LRN airdrop. * 6/23/2018 - Daniel had a live broadcast to Huolian Blockchain community. * 6/15/2018 - COO Johnston delivered a keynote at the Disrupt & Breakthrough blockchain summit. * 6/15/2018 - Loopring and MyToken cohosted a meetup. * 6/15/20...

5 months ago

CPChain is glad to be chosen by this promising exchange with...

CPChain is glad to be chosen by this promising exchange with the help from our community. Cheers. "Hoard Announces… https://t.co/guchLX0Bql

5 months ago

"Vote to get CPC listed on Hoard! We are doing well on the v...

"Vote to get CPC listed on Hoard! We are doing well on the votes and are proud of our community, but we want to get… https://t.co/7sXuTx0SfI

5 months ago

CPChain is always confident in who we are and what we stand ...

CPChain is always confident in who we are and what we stand for. We are standing for the future of IoT and we are s… https://t.co/Gd2v6Uf4kC

6 months ago

CPChain will reveal the RNode Ecosystem Structure to our com...

CPChain will reveal the RNode Ecosystem Structure to our community on the final day of August. RNode will be a dece… https://t.co/L9X6JNw5dn

6 months ago

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