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Cortex project purpose and description

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Cortex purpose and aspects

Cortex is an Ethereum-based decentralized AI autonomous system with a self-made VM. The Cortex VM allows smart contracts run to on full node with complex inference computation. The model conversion between different framework is done by the team. CTXC is an ERC20 token powering the Cortex system.

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Short description

Cortex is a decentralized AI autonomous system. The Cortex blockchain makes AI consensus available for decentralized smart contract applications.


In the current blockchain world, the chain of built-in Turing Complete smart contracts is widely used, attracting a large number of application developers. However, due to the high cost of over-idealized World Computer concept, smart contracts limit their capabilities at design stage and do not fully exploit Turing Complete immense computational potential. As a result, developers are limited to write short programs and access only a very small amount of resources. While the proliferation of common smart contracts depends on the performance gains of new technologies, some extremely useful routines can be introduced ahead of time and can be applied with reasonable optimization and hardware support. This article describes a new public chain, Cortex. By revising and extending the instruction set, Cortex adds AI algorithms support for smart contracts so that anyone can add AI to their smart contracts. At the same time, Cortex has proposed an incentive mechanism for collective collaboration that allows anyone to submit and optimize models in Cortex, and the contributors to the models can be rewarded. Just as what’s happening in some areas, thanks to Cortex’s openness and sharing features, Cortex is set to create many models that transcend human capabilities. At the same time, as a social experiment, we also look forward to the Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) being born on the Cortex.

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