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"Content Neutrality Network is an innovative content ecosystem that creates a more open, efficient and trustworthy content era with a change in content communities, revolutionizes revenue share, and decentralizes user acquisition and incentive programs." (CoinCodex)

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CNN (Content Neutrality Network) is an innovative content ecosystem based on blockchain technology. It breaks the barrier between content communities, revolutionizes revenue share, and decentralizes user acquisition and incentive program, creating a more open, efficient and trustworthy content era.


The market size of global digital content industry has reached 224.8 billion USD in 2017 and it’s still growing very rapidly. India, as one of the countries with the largest population, has huge potential in its digital content market. It is estimated that India’s online content consumers will reach 500 million within the next five years. Our principle is that All Contents Are Created Equal, so the foundation propose a protocol named Content Neutrality Network (CNN Platform) and corresponding ERC20-compliant tokens [1, 2]for the content industry based on the innovative blockchain technology. Our proposal is applicable for all of the content communities who are willing to adopt the CNN Platform protocol. CNN Platform brings a revolution to India’s and global digital content market. To address various issues of internet content communities, CNN Platform introduces several mechanisms/protocols related to content creation, distribution, circulation and revenue share. For example, CNN Platform combines personalized recommendation with the community votes to distribute the most relevant content to each user. CCM (Content Circulation Mechanism) is designed to stimulate seamless circulation of content among different communities. In addition, a neutral and efficient revenue share mechanism is made feasible in the ecosystem of CNN Platform with CBRS (Contribution Based Revenue Share) mechanism. Under CBRS, users who have seldom enjoyed the commercial earnings of content platform will participate in the ads revenue share for their contribution of attention. CNN Platform has formed a strategic partnership with NewsDog, India’s No.1 content platform. NewsDog has more than 40 million users, and supports 10 languages in India. As the first application on CNN Platform, NewsDog will fully utilize the CNN Platform’s protocol to build an open, neutral and efficient content community. NewsDog will invite all of its users to hold CNN and enjoy the benefits of CNN protocol. The foundation believes NewsDog will soon become one of the largest content communities on blockchain. The goal of CNN Platform is to grow to the most popular protocol for content communities globally. The foundation believes CNN Platform can promote more efficient content distribution as well as motivate the community members to create better content and engage more on the platform, which would in return bring better benefits to all participants in the ecosystem.

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