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Civic News Open-sources 2 Libraries and 5 Smart Contracts

Earlier in July, Civic announced that it was building aimed at expanding access to ID verification services. was built around open standards to allow for maximum interoperability. Set to be launched before the end of 2018, Civic will open source two libraries; Credential Commons and Marketplace-tx Library. The libraries will enable people to use javascript to interact with the ecosystem of without the need to deal with difficulties of a new language. Civic will also open source five smart contracts which will regulate and guide users on how to interact within the ecosystem. (VK)

19 days ago

Brave Browser Announces Collaboration with Civic (CVC) for Secure KYC

Brave, a cryptocurrency-funded web browser powered by the Basic Attention Token (BAT), recently announced a partnership with the blockchain identity platform Civic, that will see the integration of the Civic identity verification services to publishers on the Brave platform. This will enable Brave-verified publishers to confirm their identity using Civic’s technology, allowing for the secure access to the Basic Attention Token (BAT) that they have earned via the Brave browser. The partnership will make use of the Civic Reusable KYC service to securely verify identity and ensure authenticity. (JF)

24 days ago

Civic to Launch ID Codes to Combat the Use of Fake Profiles on Social Media Platforms

Civic, a blockchain-based startup launched in 2017, is planning to launch ID Codes. ID Codes is a platform that will see people protecting their identities by combating fake profiles on social media platforms. ID Codes, which is powered by Civic technology, will be used in verification of relationships to ensure that they exist. Civic's ID Codes will curb crimes from fraudsters and scammers who have been taking advantage of investors by using fake profiles. (KE)

a month ago

Cryptocurrency Sales Tax is Confusing among Different States in the US

According to Bitcoin. com, a great majority of states across the US have zero guidance on cryptocurrency taxes. It is reported that New York, New Jersey, and California have entirely different ways of handling digital currency purchases and sales tax. In New Jersey, bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are to be treated as a CVC. The State of New York’s law towards bitcoin and sales tax is quite similar to New Jersey’s sales tax guideline. However, in California, instead of using the CVC value, the sales tax is only applied to the products sold. And other states including Vermont, Illinois, Arizona, Wyoming, and Georgia, tax laws for cryptocurrency are still being reviewed by the concerned parties. (RL)

a month ago

Civic to Spend $43 Million in Incentive Program to Boost Adoption of its Services

Blockchain-powered identity startup Civic is still struggling to establish its client base despite having completed setting up the platform. This has pushed the company to announce that it will be paying for all identity checks for business partners and individuals. The move is expected to boost the adoption of the innovative service. About $43 million worth of CVC tokens have been allocated to the initiative. The company’s services were recently utilized by Coindesk during the Consensus 2018 in New York City. (VK)

a month ago

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