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Centrality, along with @mysinglesource and @sylo are now pro...

Centrality, along with @mysinglesource and @sylo are now proud members of @digitalidnz. We're looking forward to wo… https://t.co/EtQKHESaSN

7 days ago

Cryptocurrency Market Update: Binance Coin (BNB) Climbing as EOS Gets Crushed

FOMO Moments Markets recouping daily losses, Binance Coin and Nem are in the green, EOS is getting hammered. The downward motion on crypto markets has continued today as digital currencies slid further back before making a recovery. Monday’s declines have carried on into Tuesday during the Asian trading session but total market capitalization has managed to recoup to similar levels below $130 billion a couple of hours ago. Bitcoin bulls have failed to keep the digital currency above $4,000 causing it to drop into dangerous territory. A 5% dump saw BTC fall to an intraday low of $3,840 a couple of hours ago before it managed to bounce back. At the time of writing Bitcoin had pulled back to just above $4k again. Ethereum has fallen back to $112 and does not look like making any discernible recovery anytime soon. Altcoins are all still red at the moment with some getting more punishment than others. In the top ten EOS is getting pounded with a 10% dive to $2.55 as more centralization woes plague the project. As has been the case for a few weeks now Bitcoin Cash is collapsing, it was the worst performing crypto in November and has lost another 6% today. There is only one winner in the top twenty at the moment and that is Binance Coin climbing 9% on the day. BNB has reached $5.60 as it partners with Decentraland with a MANA competition and crypto Airbnb platform Tripio. Nem and Dogecoin are also gaining a little but the rest are falling, Ethereum Classic and Bitcoin Gold by the most at 6%. Pump of the day goes to Factom again adding 27%, ODEM and Pundi X are also performing strongly at the moment with double figure gains. As predicted, yesterday’s fomo altcoins are dumping today, namely Centrality, Mithril and MobileGo, all dropping double digits along with EOS. Total crypto market capitalization has managed to bounce back to yesterday’s levels after hitting a low of $124 billion a couple of hours ago. At the time of writing it is around $129 billion which is no gain over Monday. Since last Tuesday markets have gained 4% but since the same time last month they have been smashed 38%. FOMO Moments is a section that takes a daily look at the top 20 altcoins during the current trading session and analyses the best performing ones, looking for trends and possible fundamentals. The post Cryptocurrency Market Update: Binance Coin (BNB) Climbing as EOS Gets Crushed appeared first on NewsBTC.

8 days ago

Cryptocurrency Market Update: 17% Recovery Since Last Sunday’s 2018 Low

FOMO Moments Crypto markets are bouncing back again, Bitcoin SV, Cardano, Tron and Maker recovering well. There has been a marginal recovery from yesterday’s market dump this Sunday and things did not fall off the cliff again as we have seen in recent weeks. Total market capitalization has recovered to climb back to around $135 billion at the time of writing. Bitcoin hovered just below $4,000 on Saturday which served as support as it managed to rally back to over $4,200 adding 5% on the day. Since the middle of last week BTC seems to have started consolidating between these levels. Ethereum has also recovered 4% since yesterday and is back to $118 again. ETH has really struggled to get off the floor since its big November dump. Altcoins are mostly green this Sunday as Bitcoin SV seems to be making the most progress in the top ten at the moment adding over 9% on the day taking it back to $100. Cardano has also recovered well with a 7% gain and the rest are putting 3 - 5 percent back on today. In the top twenty Tron has just inched above Monero to take eleventh spot with a gain of almost 7% on the day. Iota, Neo and Ethereum Classic are all adding 6% to their prices during today’s Asian trading session. The rest have made around 4 percent aside from Zcash which hasn’t really moved today. Just outside the top twenty Maker is post a decent gain of 13%. Having a big fomo induced pump right now is a new entry to the top one hundred - Free Coin. A minor exchange listing seems to have initiated what will surely be another p&d with a 55% surge on the day. Also pumping at the moment is Centrality up 33% right now. Getting beat up at the red end of things is Theta Token predictably as it has been pumping for a few days. There are no double digit losers at the time of writing as nearly all of the altcoins are recovering this Sunday. Crypto markets have made about 4.5% since the same time yesterday bringing total market cap to $135 billion. Trade volume has stabilized at around $15 billion and markets have made over 17% since their lows last weekend. Last Sunday was the lowest point of 2018 when total market cap dropped to $115 billion. November in general has been the month from hell as markets collapsed by a third. FOMO Moments is a section that takes a daily look at the top 20 altcoins during the current trading session and analyses the best performing ones, looking for trends and possible fundamentals. The post Cryptocurrency Market Update: 17% Recovery Since Last Sunday’s 2018 Low appeared first on NewsBTC.

10 days ago

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas...unless you smash the...

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas...unless you smash the Security Jam Hackathon at @AWSreInvent! Centrality was… https://t.co/XBAtr9EqCg

12 days ago

⚠️ Scam Alert ⚠️ There is a scammer pretending to be Central...

⚠️ Scam Alert ⚠️ There is a scammer pretending to be Centrality and giving away BTC as part of a false partnership… https://t.co/nTzGVkQI8d

12 days ago

Cryptocurrency Market Update: Stellar (XLM) Climbs to Fourth Spot

FOMO Moments Crypto markets have held their gains, Stellar and Zcash leading the way. Cryptocurrency markets have held on to their gains following two days of recovery from extremely low levels. Things are not great mind you and markets are still at very depressed levels for the year, but the good news is that they haven’t dumped any further over the past 24 hours and total market capitalization is still just below the $140 billion level. Bitcoin has stayed above the $4,200 resistance turned support level but has not moved and remains at just above $4,200 at the time of writing. BTC actually made it to $4,400 over the past day but could not get above it. Ethereum has remained flat just below $118, and falling back again its lowest level for 18 months. XRP in second hasn’t moved much either but remains firmly above ETH. Altcoins are generally on the up at the moment with some outperforming others. The top ten’s clear winner over the past day is Stellar which has made another 3% to take it above Bitcoin Cash and into fourth spot. XLM is currently trading at $0.167 with $100 million more in market cap than BCH which has fallen back slightly. EOS is also dropping while BSV and ADA fall another couple of percent each. Zcash is making moves in the top twenty as it gets listed on Coinbase Pro. ZEC made a further 10% on the day but fell back in the last hour as it hovers just above $80. The rest of the altcoins in this section have lost a percent or two during today’s Asian trading session aside from Tezos which is sliding 7%. Today’s big pump is Theta Token on 100% and Centrality with 8%. Getting dumped on is Sirin Labs Token which has been up and down like a yoyo in recent days. Today SRN is down 27%, Verge and Zilliqa also losing double digits in the top one hundred. Total market capitalization lower than it was this time yesterday, $136 billion, with a 3% slide. Trade volume has dropped back to $17 billion and things seem to be calming down as we round out another week. Bitcoin dominance is just under 54% maintaining its ratio over the altcoins which, as usual, suffer greater losses during market dumps. FOMO Moments is a section that takes a daily look at the top 20 altcoins during the current trading session and analyses the best performing ones, looking for trends and possible fundamentals. The post Cryptocurrency Market Update: Stellar (XLM) Climbs to Fourth Spot appeared first on NewsBTC.

12 days ago

We are UNbelievable, UNexpected, UNconventional. Today Centr...

We are UNbelievable, UNexpected, UNconventional. Today Centrality is embarking on an exciting new chapter - say hel… https://t.co/upkNkrXVir

16 days ago

💙 Centrality fam 💙 ...

💙 Centrality fam 💙 https://t.co/gkPP26xtpn

a month ago

It’s a wrap! Singapore Fintech Festival has been a blast. Th...

It’s a wrap! Singapore Fintech Festival has been a blast. Thanks for coming out and getting to know Centrality,… https://t.co/wFzKXBwQfo

a month ago

💪 Go teams go 💪 It’s Day 1 of #bootcamp for the Centrality A...

💪 Go teams go 💪 It’s Day 1 of #bootcamp for the Centrality Accelerator powered by @LightningLab. We’re helping grow… https://t.co/WS4jrNidIn

a month ago

The Big Blockchain Lie? Unpacking Dr Nouriel Roubini’s take on Bitcoin and blockchain

If crypto needed a kick in the teeth to wake up, Dr Nouriel Roubini delivered. While he might be more famous for predicting the financial collapse of 2008, Roubini has in recent weeks taken to the press to argue against the development of blockchain technology, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and even Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs). At the Congressional hearing on Capitol Hill in Washington DC on October 11th, Roubini testified to US senators that cryptocurrency was “the mother or father of all scams and bubbles” - echoing the likes of other figures such as Warren Buffet and George Soros. Additionally, high-profile interviews on CoinTelegraph, as well as writing published on Project Syndicate, have seen Roubini declare his positionality. Roubini’s views are supported by a number of claims surrounding the blockchain industry. While many of them do have substantial merit, it’s also worthwhile to consider that cryptocurrency - as an emerging asset class and currency system - exists in relative novelty. In the wake of some of Roubini’s most recent remarks, let’s take the opposing view, and explore arguments as to why cryptocurrency might yet succeed. Centrality “There’s a lot of talk about decentralization: Miners are centralized as an oligopoly, coders are centralized, exchanges are centralized — as 99 percent of all transactions occur on a centralized exchange — and there’s a massive concentration of wealth. This is worse than North Korea in terms of income and wealth inequality... The reality is just the opposite: It’s a totally centralized system.” Centrality is (arguably) not a binary concept between the state of being ‘decentralized’ as opposed to ‘centralized’ - as recent interviews from Tone Vays, Jimmy Song, and Simon de la Rouviere perhaps demonstrate best, centrality more akin to a sliding scale - with some maximalists heralding Bitcoin as the gold standard (if you’ll pardon the phrase), while others allege that many altcoin projects require more time and exposure to become sufficiently decentralized. In that view, we have to regard Bitcoin as the most successful (and most decentralized) monetary system we have developed yet, where a distributed web of processing power forming consensus is the network authority. Coders committing improvements to Bitcoin or a range of other altcoin projects exist all over the world, decentralized exchanges have steadily shown growth, and while Bitcoin itself might have a terrible Gini coefficient (as a measure of inequality), it has been argued by the likes of Coinbase CTO Balaji S. Srinivasan that a totally new form of expression is needed to quantify decentralization in cryptocurrency networks. In the same way that other currency networks have grown, it’s further argued that solutions such as layer 2 scaling mechanics (such as the Lightning Network) will promote a further distribution of wealth as Bitcoin (in particular) moves from being a store of value to a true means of exchange. Mobile money There is already a revolution: there’s going to be much more competition, there’ll be much more access. If you are a poor farmer in Kenya today, you are using M-Pesa. On your little smartphone, you can make transactions, you can borrow and lend, you can buy and sell your goods and services, you have a whole slew of financial services without the brick-and-mortar bank. And all these things are available to billions of poor people in Africa. What [do] they have to do with blockchain or crypto? Nothing, zero. So, there is a revolution and it has nothing to do with blockchain.” Writing from South Africa, Roubini is right to say that mobile money platforms such as M-Pesa have cultivated immense support and have offered millions of Africans with an easy platform to trade, barter, and exchange goods and services with. What Roubini discounts, however, is that mobile money networks are tethered to fiat money in some of the most volatile markets around the world. While the African cryptocurrency revolution might just be getting started, we have already seen Bitcoin surge to premium prices in volatile markets such as Zimbabwe, with nations such as South Africa, Senegal, and other territories explore means to not only establish meaningful regulation around cryptocurrencies, but further explore their use cases for cultivating local markets, international remittances, and much more. In fact, cryptocurrency might benefit from the development of mobile money as a lynchpin of sorts to develop a system that is capable of operating at scale, has an easy-to-use interface, and can (most importantly) win over customers. Initial Coin Offerings “An academic study suggests that 81 percent of all ICOs were a scam to begin with; 11 percent of them have failed or have died; and of the remaining eight percent that is traded on exchanges, the top 10 have lost on average, in the last year, 95 percent of their value — more than Bitcoin. So, there was a bubble — and everybody was riding the bubble, everybody was issuing

2 months ago

Centrality is the glue for the framework and is geared towar...

Centrality is the glue for the framework and is geared towards mass consumer apps - Aaron McDonald speaking at the... https://t.co/T65xGx5Cm0...

2 months ago

Should we care about blockchain? The Centrality team sure th...

Should we care about blockchain? The Centrality team sure thinks so! We’re here with David Corbett, who heads up to... https://t.co/pPEzMeyUII...

3 months ago

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