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Cartesi project purpose and description

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Cartesi is an Operating System for DApps that provides a Linux runtime environment for DApps, enabling complex and intensive computations to run outside blockchains without compromising decentralization. Cartesi brings mainstream productivity to developers and seamless experience for users.

Short description

Cartesi: A Linux Infrastructure for Scalable DApps.


Cartesi is a layer-2 platform for the development and deployment ofscalable decentralized applications. Cartesi DApps are composed ofboth blockchain and off-chain components. Off-chain componentsrun insideCartesi Nodesthat represent the interests of each DAppuser. Cartesi Nodes provide DApp developers with reproducibleCartesi Machines, where large scale verifiable computations canbe run. These verifiable computations are easily integrated intosmart contracts by powerful primitives that provide strong conflict-resolution guarantees. More precisely, any dispute arising over theresult of computations run inside Cartesi Machines can be fairlyadjudicated at negligible cost on the blockchain. Cartesi Nodes alsoallow DApp developers to run native code. Native computations canleverage the node’s full processing power, including any availableGPUs. Whether performed natively by the node or inside CartesiMachines, off-chain components run under a complete Linux oper-ating system that provides the full ecosystem required by complexcomputations. Cartesi enables DApp developers to use all the pro-gramming languages, tools, libraries, software, and services theyare already familiar with. By moving most of the complex logic oftheir DApps to portable off-chain components, developers are freedfrom the limitations and idiosyncrasies imposed by blockchains. Inthis way, Cartesi empowers developers to select the best run-timeenvironment in which to host each part of their DApps.

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