Boolberry BBR

Market Cap $ 9.022 MM (#276)
24h Volume $ 7.516 K
Chg. 24h: -19.10%
Algo. score 2.6/5  (#977)
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Boolberry project purpose and description

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Boolberry purpose and aspects

Fast, private transactions are the main offerings of the Boolberry crypto. It also uses Cryptonote technology

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Digital currencyPrivacy

Short description

Boolberry is a new cryptocurrency based on CryptoNote technology. Boolberry's major benefit is to provide much stronger privacy to both the senders and receivers of transactions. It does so by ensuring that receivers are anonymous (the destination of a transaction can only be determined by its real recipient and Transactions cannot be linked to a single sender; instead, each transaction could have many equally possible senders, and an attacker cannot determine which one it was.


Boolberry is an unparalleled and immediate opportunity offering substantial market cap and exchange rate appreciation, investment returns by any other word. Boolberry is currently undervalued because it lacks utility and scarcity and any semblance of future growth, and its utility decreases every passing day. The problems and circumstances that have led to Boolberry’s disrepair can all be fixed very easily, restoring Boolberry’s utility and scarcity, while simultaneously advancing the cryptonote protocol to greater heights. Boolberry is a contender for being one of the most valuable cryptocurrencies on the market, and this report will detail the roadmap for achieving that value. Boolberry is a cryptocurrency based on the cryptonote protocol. When cryptonote was created,most other alternate cryptocurrencies were copies of bitcoin with a few parameters changed. Cryptonote was developed from the ground up and experiences parallel evolution from bitcoin style cryptocurrencies.

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