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Cardano [ADA] Founder shares his thoughts on collaboration with Hyperledger

Charles Hoskinson, the Founder and CEO of the technology science and engineering firm, InputOutput [IOHK] conducted an AMA [Ask Me Anything] session on 17th October from Toronto. Here, the IOHK leader was asked several questions ranging from the recent IOHK split with the Cardano Foundation to the ADA markets. Here, Hoskinson spoke about IOHK’s relationship with Hyperledger and its projects that Cardano can contribute to. According to him, Hyperledger has a great collection of projects, namely, Sawtooth and Fabric. He stated that the Cardano team is well-acquainted with the team at Fabric when compared to Sawtooth. Regarding the Head of the Fabric project, Hoskinson said: “They’re led by Christian Cash and he’s also the head of the IACR and he’s a good guy to have dinner with and he’s one of the world’s top experts in distributed systems. In fact, if you ever take a course on the topic you’re probably either gonna read his book or Nancy Lynch’s book. Nancy’s at MIT.” Hoskinson also appreciated the project and stated that it is well-constructed, well-thought and cogent for permission ledgers. More so, the team at Hyperledger is quite interested in working with Cardano on some level. Regarding several ideas possed by the Cardano team, in case of a collaboration with Hyperledger are - an Enterprise version of Ouroboros called Ouroboros BFT, another version of Ouroboros with probabilistic finality and more. Under the upcoming developments of the Cardano ecosystem, the Founder previously stated that the team is going to release several videos on the Shelley project. He also informed the community that Cardano 1.4 update is ahead of the schedule and will soon be entering the QA testing stage. Recently, IOHK also announced the release of Cardano 1.3.1 and Daedalus 0.11.1. CarnageAsada, a YouTube user and cryptocurrency space follower mentioned: “I will live to see ADA take over the world, thank God.” Another user called Zenarchist, who is a blockchain space follower stated: “You are a champion for being so open Charles. It’s inspirational, keep up the great work IOHK!” The post Cardano [ADA] Founder shares his thoughts on collaboration with Hyperledger appeared first on AMBCrypto.

2 days ago

Tron’s Technical Manager says TRX is more decentralized than BTC, ETH or EOS. New projects revealed

Tron is one of the blockchains with the best documentation and promotion of its work. Its community has been able to remain united thanks to a kind of perfect mixture between excellent technical development and a unique Public Relations campaign. Combining both aspects, a few days ago Marcus Zhao, the Technical Manager for the Tron project, had the opportunity to talk with Taras Podgorodetskyi from the Youtube channel Crypto News Nakamoto Jedi about the current state of Tron, its evolution and perspectives. Mr. Zhao does not hide his enthusiasm and commitment to Tron. According to his opinions, Tron is perhaps the best cryptocurrency that ordinary users could accept as it is cheaper and faster and allows for better integration and software development. When Taras then asked him why Ethereum is still a clearly superior currency, Marcus replied that Tron still has a long way to go and that “definitely” in the near future there will be an “explosion of Dapps” running on the TRON Blockchain: “ETH has been in the game for four years, whereas TRON just started two months ago. The TRON Virtual Machine (TVM) was launched less than 30 days ago, and in 10 days, the main chain will officially activate the TVM. That is why we have only a few Dapps [but] we will definitely see an explosion of Dapps after the official launch.” Tron Super Representatives Are More Decentralized than Bitcoin Nodes or EOS Supernodes In one of the questions, Taras referred to the fact that Justin Sun, the creator of TRON was practically instantly elected as a Super Representative whereas other candidates had to wait for a long time. Although this could generate a negative image for the project, Zhao believes the opposite. For Mr. Zhao, the inclusion of a person of importance like Justin Sun in the list of Tron’s Super Representatives is a sign of transparency and the trust that users have in the founder of this popular blockchain. In addition to defending Sun, he commented that the way TRON is designed makes Super Representatives a more decentralized consensus mechanism than BTC nodes or EOS Block Producers: “Justin has many followers and community supporters. Justin could be elected so quickly Because they trust in him and his ability to run the code well. Currently, all 27 Srs have been elected, distributed in Africa, Europe, America China, and other countries The 27 Srs are competent enough to manage the whole network. Also, the 27 SRs of TRON are far more decentralized than the nodes on Bitcoin and the 21 Supernodes on EOS.” New Projects Revealed Another important announcement was that of a series of projects that have been maintained with some confidenciality since their inception: “We will continue to improve the features and usability of the public chain. Additionally, we will develop more advanced features such as Anonymous Transactions, Multisignature and BFT Consensus mechanisms.” Full intereview available below: The post Tron’s Technical Manager says TRX is more decentralized than BTC, ETH or EOS. New projects revealed appeared first on Ethereum World News.

8 days ago

Tron’s Marcus Zhao Reveals Foundation is Working on Anonymous Transaction Feature for TRX

In A Recent Interview with NakamotoJedi , Tron’s top Tech Manager, Marcus Zhao gave insights on what’s going on in the Tron Community and New Incoming updates and features on the TRX Blockchain. Zhao said the Tron’s tech team is working on More Advanced features to keep the project ahead of other competitors, features like the Multi-signature, BFT Consensus Mechanism and Anonymous Transactions should soon be expected on the Public chain. Tron has one of the most active and many community supporters which has seen the cryptocurrency rise to the top 20 Cryptocurrencies in the World in just a few months of its launch. On The Aspect of Tron’s Advantages Over Ethereum ,Zhao said Tron is much cheaper and faster than ethereum and also more developer friendly than ETH. When Asked On if Tron claims to be more developer friendly why is there just 18 dApps On Tron and Over 2000 On Ethereum he said, “ETH has been in the game for 4 years, whereas Tron just started 2 Months Ago.” He Strongly Believes that after the successful launch of Tron Virtual Machine main chain, the TRX Blockchain will receive an influx of dApps that will put it above the current figure of Ethereum as they’ve made the TVM Compatible with more virtual machines such as the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). Citing Possible Error Occurrences with the Ethereum Blockchain which its Founder Vitalik Buterin once admitted to, Zhao said “As far as I know, Tron is the only public chain without any post-launch problems. I don’t know why he said there are many vulnerabilities in Tron. In comparison, ETH, BTS and EOS had block generation problems when they were first launched.” Earlier this year Tron was widely accused of plagiarising its whitepaper from other projects which justin sun claimed was as a result of translation issues between Chinese and English. On This He Said, “The Whitepaper was released when Tron was still in early stages of development, there might have been some overlaps of concepts, but after all, they are just concepts. Later On Its development, tron has gone beyond the white paper, and we have redefined the vision of Tron.” The post Tron’s Marcus Zhao Reveals Foundation is Working on Anonymous Transaction Feature for TRX appeared first on ZyCrypto.

9 days ago

Tron [TRX] SRs are more decentralized than Bitcoin [BTC], claims an official

In a recent video carrying the interview of Marcus Zhao, the Technical Manager for the Tron project, made several claims involving Tron’s competency over Ethereum [ETH], Bitcoin [BTC] and EOS. He also spoke about the allegations shot at Tron by several parties earlier this year, where the project was reported to practice plagiarism. Regarding this, Zhao made a statement that said: “As far as I know, Tron is the only public chain without any post-launch problems. I don’t know why he said there are many vulnerabilities in Tron. In comparison, ETH, BTS and EOS had block generation problems when they were first launched.” Furthermore, he continued to tout the cryptocurrency project by stating that Tron’s codes are reliable, precisely because it has not faced any problems on the chain. According to Zhao, Tron never used the Ethereum protocol. More so, he said that in order to attract the Ethereum developers, the Tron team made the Tron Virtual Machine [TVM] compatible with the Etheruem Virtual Machine [EVM]. Additionally, he stated: “However, the management and consumption of resources are created by us independently. Moving on, TVM will be made compatible with more virtual machines.” Under the umbrella of future developments in Tron, Zhao revealed that the team will develop more advanced features, such as Anonymous Transactions, Multi-signature, BFT Consensus Mechanism and more. Until then, the techie stated that Tron will continue to improve the current features and usability of the public chain. Next, the topic of Tron Super Representatives and the election day came up wherein Zhao was asked about Justin Sun’s quick win via votes. Here, he mentioned that Sun received a large number of votes in a short while as he has many followers and community supporters. Furthermore, he stated that the community trusts Justin Sun and his ability to run the node well. In his words: “Currently, all 27 SRs have been elected, distributed in Africa, Europe, America, China and other parts of the world. The 27 SRs are competent enough to manage the whole network.” He then made a huge claim stating that the SR group is far more decentralized than the nodes on Bitcoin and the 21 supernodes on EOS. The post Tron [TRX] SRs are more decentralized than Bitcoin [BTC], claims an official appeared first on AMBCrypto.

9 days ago

MetaHash Code Review: Blockchain 4.0 Cryptocurrency

This MetaHash code review wouldn’t be complete without noting that marketers can do and say what they want, but I still don’t know what Blockchain 4.0 is or when it replaced Blockchain 3.0. I guess incremental gains in TPS is it. Anyway, here we are, “the fastest and most secure blockchain” which (if “pick two from speed, security, and scalability” is correct) means that it can’t scale. But apparently it can, and all the while be more decentralized than the competition. Lots of big claims. Perhaps that’s why it was rated an All-Star Project by Ian Balina... stop laughing. Also, I hate a website that starts like this. Call to action is buying the tokens. That is not a good focus. Still, they’ve changed it now, let’s move on. I will note that the team was super friendly and helpful though. “validation rate under 3 seconds. Performance is over 50,000 TPS” “protected by 5 different consensus algorithms” “anyone can add transaction nodes” That last statement is interesting, not nodes, but transaction nodes. “information in Blockchain with 4k crypto protection and multi-signature” But wait, there’s more, for this limited time only you can get “up to 3 seconds to approve inside the network and outside”, wait, outside? “all digital assets in the wallet use the ERC20 token in all exchange services”, what am I reading? “here is what you want to know about ” “What is our market cap?” Ok, so this is “clearly” a very “tech” focused team... Also, I refuse to do the # garbage. They are forking Ethereum and Bitcoin. How do you fork two chains? You can fork one, and then give balances of the other, that’s not forking though. Although I have a lot to say about this forking website. What is forging? Literally, I go to the FAQ that is suppose to explain forging, and instead it explains to me how much MHC I’m going to earn by having arbitrary numbers of MHC. Is this just a crypto economic project? From what I can understand, using MetaGate (the wallet?) and having tokens, give you more tokens. So standard dilution models. This is the classic, buy tokens so you can earn more tokens model (but totally ignore that people are dumping the token and your overall value is actually decreasing). Far too much focus on the token here. Another whole page on marketcap. Another whole page on ICO economics. Oh, finally, Multi-PoS “a new consensus type called multi-PoS” “decentralized AI builds the optimum network synchronization map based on test and actual network operations” ... ... ... So, BFT with a gossip knowledge graph on top. Cool. So Tendermint. This is an infrastructure project, not a blockchain project. “Decentralized” Ok, whatever, let’s see if the code is good. Repo spam. The strategy to try and make it look really busy with some randomly named repo’s that sound vaguely crypto. Let’s start crypt_example_c I’m shocked, are you shocked? I’m shocked. It’s empty. I was not expecting that. netmap_py signnode-php Ignoring the php part for a second, there is actually something here, let’s have a look. Import crypto, create address out of ECDSA15, send transaction via CURL as JSON RPC. php... Generating icons for addresses. I actually thought this was kind of cool, but no worries, it was just copied from Blockies (Without credit of course) Another php library, so we can actually expect code again. Grabs server stats and draws network topology. Very basic code. Was getting bored, so had a quick look at the token contract if msg.sender == ownerContract, addrSender = ownerContract, else addrSender = msg.sender So.... msg.sender = msg.sender? But with an additional 6 steps? So, the owner can change the address of the contract owner, but it doesn’t update the owner and instead changes another variable so that the original owner is the only one that can ever update the change in owners... Infinite minting for the owner, because, why not? Let’s get back to the real code. Ok, so the public code is really just for show at this point. But my review has been quite mean, so instead, let’s give the private code a chance. I don’t really know what I’m looking at, let’s jump into main. Definitely better than the public repo at least. Standard priv/pub key stuff. Let’s move on. No real new code here, mostly from other libraries. All given attribution though. So good on them. Not a lot going on in core, but let’s see blockchain and transactions at least. Interesting. Using time, normally a no no in decentralized world. block is just a file that gets written out. Updating balances is a bit loose. Not seeing any checks and balances. Lot of code here, but it’s not very good. Well, the code is good, well written, but it doesn’t feel like the writers know too much about blockchain. Think my previous statements might have been a bit premature. meta-node-torrent looks like the real meat. I think the rest are just tests and tools. Let’s dive into this g

9 days ago

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