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Development Platform To Build Smart, Experiential Assets For The Next Generation Digital Goods Economy The blockchain agnostic platform simplifies development on blockchains through the creation of programmable applications that drive new revenue systems and put power into the hands of value creators.

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BLOCKv, the shared protocol for the blockchain developer stack, represents the interface moment in the maturation of the blockchain sector. BLOCKv provides developers with the building blocks to design the experiential economy of the future and unlock new revenue generating opportunities for businesses within this growing ecosystem. The BLOCKv platform enables the creation of smart digital objects on blockchains unlocking the potential to rapidly engage end-users and traverse digital and real-world environments. These smart objects, called vAtoms (Virtual Atoms) combine code with multimedia elements and are dynamic, compelling digital goods that make a cryptocurrency come alive as an asset for developers, brands and end users.


Network communication is expanding from moving information to the transmission of value. For the first time, anyone can send scarce, authenticated and trusted value without intermediaries. This phenomenon is poised to affect every industry and government process and give birth to a new economy. However, the potential of blockchain to permeate society has been constrained by the complexity of the underlying technology at this nascent stage. Typically disruptive innovations are first relegated to early adopters and specialized industries or academia, and blockchain has been no exception. To become mainstream, a key milestone must be met –an advance that XPRIZE and Singularity University founder Peter Diamandis calls the “user interface moment”. Diamandis, recognized as among the world’s most prominent futurists and business innovators, describes user interface moments as when a platform or interface arrives that allows something formerly difficult to become easy to use and build upon, unlocking its revenue generating potential. Diamandis explains that the last most exciting user interface moment was the iPhone and Apple’s App Store. The App Store allowed anyone to bring ideas to life and access a massive global audience. Since 2008, 300,000 developers have written 2 million apps that have been downloaded 140 billion times. Prior to the App Store providing the interface moment to mobile, the potential to galvanize a creative army of developers and artists remained unrealized. The App Store opened the door to a staggering era of wealth creation and innovation, and changed the way humanity lives, works and plays. Another example is the advent of Mosaic, the world’s first web browser from technologist Mark Andresen. Mosaic, which eventually became commercially known as Netscape, was the interface moment for the internet. Once browsers allowed developers to rapidly build capabilities that could reach a vast audience with low friction, developers had an economic incentive to proliferate internet technology on an unprecedented scale. An interface moment is when something complicated is suddenly easy to use and can be practically applied to advance a personal or business economic interest.

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