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There is a fake Bitcore page reaching out to members claimin...

There is a fake Bitcore page reaching out to members claiming they have won 1000 BTX. Please beware this is not fro…

7 days ago

Happy to announce that Bitcore is live on Delta Direct! All ...

Happy to announce that Bitcore is live on Delta Direct! All the latest BTX  updates will now be directly available…

12 days ago

Bitcoin Public Full Node Count Surpasses 10,000

New data released by Coin Dance this week shows that the number of bitcoin public nodes made a significant jump. The reported 10,094 public nodes places the total number back over 10,000 for the first time since March. Hard Core Around 95 percent of the nodes are running Bitcoin Core, a proportion which has remained steady since early 2018. The Bitcore software follows not-so-closely behind, commanding just 2 percent of the nodes — 198 to Core’s 9648. Then there are 56 nodes still running Bitcoin UASF, which was developed to counter miners’ reluctance to adopt SegWit back in August 2017. As Bitcoinist reported last month, many in the industry consider that movement as an emphatic victory for users over corporate interests. After peaking at 1.35k nodes at the time of the proposed fork, UASF nodes quickly dropped off after the success of their mission. The past year has seen numbers falling more steadily to their current level. The movement and consequent hard fork of BTC 00 and BCH, did however spur an impressive increase in node uptake. Most software iterations are currently losing nodes to Bitcoin Core. One exception to this trend is Bitcoin Knots, which has seen 10 new nodes in the last week. Lightning Bolt Meanwhile Lightning Network continues to go from strength to strength, racking up 4000 nodes earlier this month. This caused the main net capacity to reach an all-time high of 118 BTC. Why Node? Any user can set up a bitcoin full node, and there are several reasons why you might want to. Apart from the warm and fuzzy feeling you’ll get from knowing you are helping the bitcoin network, that is. Running a node gives users increased security and privacy, as there is no need to rely on third party service providers. It also gives users a choice in how the network develops, through the software implementation you decide to run. And it isn’t as difficult or expensive as you may think. What are your thoughts on the jump in Bitcoin nodes? Let us know in the comments below! Images courtesy of Shutterstock. The post Bitcoin Public Full Node Count Surpasses 10,000 appeared first on

22 days ago

Bitcore $BTX #Sponsors of the #CRYPTOROCKSTARS #BLOCKCHAIN #...

Bitcore $BTX #Sponsors of the #CRYPTOROCKSTARS #BLOCKCHAIN #CONFERENCE 2018: 3 Days, +30 Speakers, Nov26-28, 2018…

a month ago

Bitcore BTX @BlockchainHotel Meetup in Essen, Germany, It wa...

Bitcore BTX @BlockchainHotel Meetup in Essen, Germany, It was a great mixture in which participants and speakers me…

a month ago

Dear community... we are pleased to present our Bitcore BTX ...

Dear community... we are pleased to present our Bitcore BTX Q3-2018 Newsletter. In which you can see all the succes…

2 months ago

A simple solution to save your BTX... we present TSBW: The S...

A simple solution to save your BTX... we present TSBW: The Simplest Bitcore Wallet... read the article here:…

2 months ago

T-Rex New Update for Windows and Linux is Available

T-Rex Nvidia GPU miner v0.6.10 new update has been released. The update reportedly gives an optimum performance to several supported algorithms and comes with new features, bug fixes, and several useful cosmetic changes. T-Rex 0.6,10, the latest update has its hashrate increased to 1-2% in Bitcore, BCD, C11, X17, X16s, X16r algorithms compared to T-Rex v0.6.6. The new features include the miner uptime which now gets displayed as apart of stats reported by the miner. Its a closed source miner for Linux and Windows. (VK)

2 months ago

Bitcore Releases Bitcore Core Containing Security Fix for DoS Bug

The Bitcore Core team has announced the release of a new update, Bitcore Core The team has since called on the Bitcore BTX community and all users to carry out the upgrade immediately. The Bitcore Core Wallet version contains a security patch for the recently discovered DoS vulnerability, CVE-2018-17144!. The bug was discovered on Bitcoin Core. The firm also included a link through which the users could access the upgrade. (VK)

3 months ago

New T-Rex Nvidia GPU Miner for Linux and Windows Released

An update for the T-Rex Nvidia GPU miner for Windows and Linux has been released. The new miner supports a new algorithm-bcd and has been improved slightly for the with the aim of improving the performance of the supported algorithms. The update (T-Rex 0.6.5) is 2-3% faster in (Bitcore, X16r and X17s, HMQ1725 and Renesis than the previous version T-Rex 0.6.4.). Speed improvements of 1-3% are also available for the algorithms that are supported by X17, Sonoa and C11. (SK)

3 months ago

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