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Cricket South Africa Twitter Account Compromised, Sells Bitcoin Lottery

The South African cricket board official Twitter account (OfficialCSA) was reportedly hacked last night leading to several tweets trying to sell Bitcoin lotteries. The tweets alleged that OfficialCSA was collaborating with lunomoney to bring the first Bitcoin lottery in South Africa. Additionally, it urged users to send 0.01 BTC to a specific Bitcoin address to enter a Bitcoin lottery of 20 Bitcoins which would end on 15 January at 10 PM. The Twitter account was hacked at 4:20 AM IST and the tweets have continued till 9 AM Indian time zone. The International Cricket Council (ICC), the world cricket body has acknowledged this and urged users not to use the Twitter handle until it has been fixed. This comes at a time when South African cricket team will be playing against Pakistan in Johannesburg on Monday. (KE)

10 minutes ago

CoinShares CSO: The SEC May Not Approve a Bitcoin ETF, Cryptocurrency Concerns Remain

CoinShares CSO Meltem Demirors was recently in CNBC'S Crypto Trader to talk about the crypto industry. When asked about her thoughts on Bitcoin ETFs, she noted that CBOE, SolidX, and VanEck ETF proposals would “absolutely not” be approved this year. She noted that underlying concerns about BTC ETFs like few proper security measures, manipulation risks, and lack of market surveillance remain. Arjun Balaji, who was part of the interview, differed with her opinion. Balaji believes a single asset ETF (probably Bitcoin) will go live. However, he is doubtful of a multi-asset ETF since the SEC still needs to rule on several leading cryptos. (KE)

2 hours ago

Report: Dormant Bitcoin Whales Set to Become Active in the Market

According to expert researchers from Flipside Crypto, a research and analytics firm, there has been an increased number of dormant Bitcoin wallets that are becoming active. Per the researchers, hodlers that had gone for a period of six months up to two and a half years without touching coins in their wallets have been emerging from a hibernation state since October. This pattern is gaining momentum as 60% of all mined coins are in active wallets. Per Bitcoin history, such wallet activity leads to significant growth in the crypto market as seen in 2015 and late 2017. (KE)

2 hours ago

Report: Latin American P2P Crypto Markets Went Against the Global Trend by Setting New Records in 2018

According to data from Localbitcoins, Latin American P2P cryptocurrency markets experienced significant surges as we transitioned into 2019. Per the data, November and December saw the Colombian crypto market register new records for weekly trade activity consecutively. The volume increased towards the end of December to set a new record at 759 BTC (approximately $2.66 million). Since then, the amount has plunged to 346 BTC (roughly $1.35 million). Peruvian, Mexican, Venezuelan, Dominican, and Argentinian markets have experienced the same pattern, where the volume increased in late-2018 before plummeting in 2019. (KE)

3 hours ago

Anthony Pompliano Says BTC Will Bottom Out Soon, but a Bull Rally Will Not Occur

Anthony Pompliano, the founder of Morgan Creek Digital Assets recently told CNBC that BTC is almost reaching its bottom. This comment comes after he spoke on BlockTV claiming that BTC could retest the $3,150 lows before plunging further. In the interview with CNBC, Anthony stated that while BTC is almost bottoming out, there is a slim chance that it and other cryptocurrencies will enter a bull rally. According to him, BTC may begin range trading between $2,500 and $4,500 instead of surging. Anthony’s sentiments resemble those of Fred Wilson, a pro-crypto venture capitalist. (KE)

3 hours ago

@BTCTN While it won't break Bitcoin today, it shows the real...

@BTCTN While it won't break Bitcoin today, it shows the reality that is quantum computing. You know things are seri…

7 hours ago

Daily Berminal Brief: Total Crypto Market Cap Loses Another $5 Billion

The overall crypto market took another leg down as the total market cap decreased by $5 billion from around $122 billion to its current value near $117 billion. Over the past 24-hours, Bitcoin has seen its price decrease by 2.84% to $3,556, while XRP is down 3.08% to $0.3183 and Ethereum is down 7.02% to $116.97. Out of the top 100 coins, Chainlink (LINK) has performed the best over the past 24-hours, currently up 7.05% and trading at $0.4396. (JF)

7 hours ago

Max Keiser Call Bitcoin "The Currency of Global Revolution"

In a recent interview with Bitcoin Core developer Jimmy Song, long time Bitcoin advocate and Keiser Report host Max Keiser discussed his thoughts on how Bitcoin could play in larger movements like what is happening in France right now. “When you talk about users (consumers) winning out over the monoliths, the corporations and plutocrats, I think that Bitcoin is the currency of resistance. Keiser pointed out the Yellow Vest (GIlet Jaune) movement, encouraging activists to rally around BTC as a mode of unification and way to take their funds out of banking systems control. (JF)

8 hours ago

St. Louis Federal Reserve says the Issuance of Crypto Assets will Push Bitcoin's Price Lower

A recent report from researchers at the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis suggests that the issuance of crypto assets could push Bitcoin prices lower. The report titled “Whither The Price of Bitcoin?” proposes the idea that the existence of altcoins could pose a permanent threat to Bitcoin’s fiat value. The fact that new crypto assets are continuously minted means that the overall value of all cryptocurrency becomes diluted and the researchers believe that Bitcoin could diminish in value “relative to where it would have otherwise been.” The researchers pointed to Bitcoin’s market dominance collapse in recent years and while they believe Bitcoin is unlikely to capitulate to $0, altcoins could exert “significant downward pressure” on the purchasing power of all cryptocurrency. (RS)

9 hours ago

Japan's Top Financial Regulator Denies Report that it is Considering the Approval of a Bitcoin ETF

A representative from Japan’s Financial Services Agency (FSA) has refuted recent Bloomberg reporting that Japan is considering the approval of a Bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF). The representative said, “There is no such fact that we are considering approving ETFs which track crypto-assets at present. We are not currently considering approving them.” The representative further explained, “there is no need for trading crypto-assets derivatives at financial instruments exchanges where many market participants are able to trade.” Since 2018, ten ETF applications have been rejected by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) over concerns of manipulation, custody and investor protection. The possibility of Japan approving a Bitcoin ETF had raised hopes amongst U.S. investors but well known crypto-asset attorney Jake Chervinsky said that an overseas ETF approval would have minimal impact on the SEC’s decision to approve or deny an ETF. (RS)

9 hours ago

Crypto Stealing Malware Found in Movie Torrent File

Security website, recently reported that a suite of complex exploits was discovered in a copy of a torrented movie. The exploit was discovered in a phony copy of The Girl in the Spider's Web and it falsifies search results and has the capacity to redirect crypto payments. It appears to only target the Windows operating system and it hijacks Chrome and Firefox browsers. Bleepingcomputer also found that the exploit targets Wikipedia with a fake donation box that requests Bitcoin and Ethereum to be sent to various addresses. The exploit can also scan websites for crypto addresses and replace them with the attacker's own address and those making crypto payments could mistakenly paste the wrong address into the transaction field. Users are advised to double check all transaction data before initiating crypto payments. (RS)

10 hours ago

Crypto Market Sharply Corrects as Bitcoin Drops Below $3,500

On Sunday Bitcoin dropped below $3,500 and $5 billion was liquidated from the crypto market. Ethereum and a handful of the top-10 cryptocurrencies also posted double-digit losses and Bitcoin is on the verge or revisiting 2019 lows. Prior to the Sunday’s downside move, a growing number of analysts pointed out that Bitcoin was showing weakness and a popular analyst named “Hsaka” suggested that “the first wick below the range low led to a tap of the range high. The second one has failed to reach that high as of now.” Consistently low volume has plagued the crypto market over the past 24-hours and some analysts are now suggesting that if there is not an uptick in purchasing volume, Bitcoin could drop below $3,000. At the time of writing, Bitcoin is down 3.20% and the price is $3,552. (RS)

10 hours ago

Bitcoin Puzzle Hidden In Paris Street Mural Has Already Been Solved

On January 7th, a street artist named Pascal Boyart painted a mural in celebration of the 10th birthday of Bitcoin Genesis block. Within the painting, he had hidden $1,000 worth Bitcoin that can be claimed by solving a puzzle. In less than one week, someone has managed to solve the puzzle to claim 0.28 BTC. Boyart tweeted about it and asked the person who solved the puzzle to reach out to him and share their story. Shortly, a Twitter user by the name 'Antoine Giver of Etherium' said he was the one to solve the puzzle with some help and they'll post the details in the coming days. He added that the painting exposes the fight of French citizens during history to triumph over bankers lies. The painting supports the yellow vest movement, which started in November 2018 in France after the government decided to raise fuel prices. Thousands of people marched the streets wearing large yellow vests. Bitcoin (BTC) is priced at $3,565.50, losing 2.71% in the last 24 hours. (VS)

13 hours ago

New Scaling Technology Could Enable Full Bitcoin Nodes On Mobile Phones

A new scaling solution called “utrexxo” by Tadge Dryja, a cryptocurrency research scientist at the MIT Digital Currency Initiative could streamline and scale Bitcoin to a great extent. Currently, Bitcoin nodes must download the entire transaction history, which is heavy on storage. With utrexxo, users can verify transactions using a cryptographic proof instead of having to download the entire history. It minimizes the storage requirement to an extent that it would be possible to run a full Bitcoin on mobile phones. Ethereum researchers are investigating if Dryja's idea could be used on other scaling solutions such as plasma. (VS)

15 hours ago

Bitmain's Troubles Could Further Destabilize The Crypto Market

It is no secret that Bitmain is facing a tough time right now. With the shrinking market for miners and the expensive Bitcoin Cash war, Bitmain is estimated to have lost over $700 Million in Q4, 2018. There are even rumors that its founders and CEOs will be replaced. Bitmain is integrated within the crypto ecosystem, that its failure could have a significant effect on the market and this is coming at the worst time possible. The company has already fired a large amount of its workforce and put a halt to multiple projects globally. Bitmain holds about 8,500 BTC, which could be dumped in the market to fund its existence. Also, Bitmain controls a large portion of the mining industry which could collapse without them. Bitcoin (BTC) is priced at $3,671.40, gaining 0.21% in the last 24 hours. (VS)

16 hours ago

YouTuber Receives 63 BTC In Just 5 Days After Leaving Patreon

Clinical psychologist Jordan Peterson, who is also a popular Youtuber received 63 BTC (approx. $227,000) as donations in just five days. He is leaving Patreon on January 15th, which was his primary source of revenue. While Patreon enables small creators to do what they love, Peterson is against the centralization and censorship that the company has engaged in. Patreon has the ability to remove content that it does not like. Peterson believes Bitcoin could play an important role in avoiding censorship by large corporations and enable free speech. Bitcoin (BTC) is priced at $3,665.85, gaining 0.11% in the last 24 hours. (VS)

17 hours ago

Analysts Are Increasingly Using The "Bart Pattern" To Predict Bitcoin

As Bitcoin is unlike any other asset the world has seen before, the traditional ways of technical analysis was not enough. Last year, Bitcoin traders started adding a new analysis technique called the "Bart Pattern." The Bart pattern appears when the market is quiet, bringing some action with it. The name comes from a popular Simsons character because the chart resembles the shape of his head. It has been a part of the market since 2018 because the market is over-leveraged. However, it is just another tool for traders to speculate in the unpredictable crypto market. Bitcoin (BTC) is priced at $3,666.60, gaining 0.12% in the last 24 hours. (VS)

18 hours ago

Tim Draper Is Bullish On Bitcoin As His Initial Investment Is Now Worth A Lot

American investor Tim Draper was one of the first investors in Bitcoin, and he stands by it. Back in 2011, he bought 30,000 BTC for $18.74 Million at an auction. Even after the recent market crash, that is worth around $107 Million right now. However, Draper expects Bitcoin to be bigger than the internet, and he has predicted that each Bitcoin would be worth $250,000. He said Bitcoin could become a decentralized global store of value. While he did not give a timeline for his prediction, Draper added that Bitcoin would eventually win because Blockchain is honest, incorruptible, secure, and fair. (VS)

20 hours ago

- The Bitcoin Gold Network - GROWING - STABLE - SECURE - LOW...

- The Bitcoin Gold Network - GROWING - STABLE - SECURE - LOW FEES - SCALABLE We want to thanks to our community for…

20 hours ago

Pompliano Says Ethereum's Significant Factor is its Application

Morgan Creek Digital founder Anthony Pompliano was recently in CNBC Crypto Trader to talk about what is in store for Ethereum in 2019. He stated that the significant factor surrounding Ethereum is its applications since several projects are based on it. He noted that several projects built on top of Ethereum raised a lot of funds in 2017 to develop big projects, but so far the projects have not come to fruition. Additionally, he stated that if these projects could release products which will be adopted by a hundred thousand users, then it will prove Ethereum's potential for the future. He concluded that chain developers would built dApps on either Ethereum or Bitcoin based on which is the most secure. (KE)

21 hours ago

The Winklevoss Brothers Are Still Committed to BTC

On Monday, Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss initiated an ‘Ask Me Anything’ session on Reddit where they talked about Bitcoin and how they are working to make a Bitcoin ETF a reality. Tyler stated that they believe in the long-term use of BTC as a mainstream currency. The brothers are bullish that BTC will surge to surpass the $7 trillion market cap of gold in the future. Cameron said that they are addressing issues such as price manipulation and lack of transparency in crypto markets as they strive to push for the approval of a Bitcoin ETF. (KE)

a day ago

Twitch Streamer Gets a Donation of 20 BTC While Playing Runescape

Yesterday, a full-time Twitch Streamer going by moniker ‘Sick Nerd’ got a 20 BTC (approximately $73,000) donation while playing Old School Runescape. The contribution began when Sick Nerd got a 4 BTC gift followed by another one that saw the amount reach 11 BTC. By the end of the day, he had received 20 BTC, and he went on Twitter to thank the anonymous benefactor. Streamlabs, which recently incorporated support for Coinbase, facilitated the BTC donation. (KE)

a day ago

Kidnapped American Businessman Still Missing Despite a $1 Million Bitcoin Ransom Being Paid

The police in Spain and Costa Rica are still looking for a missing American businessman who was kidnapped on 24th November 2018 despite a Bitcoin ransom being paid. The businessman called William Sean Creighton Kopko was based in Costa Rica. Per the police, William's family has paid a Bitcoin ransom worth NZ$1,391,611.38, but he is still missing. Currently, the police have arrested three people assumed to be ringleaders in Zaragoza, Spain. The alleged ringleaders are said to have fled Costa Rica after being paid the Bitcoin ransom. They spent time in Cuba before traveling to Spain. Costa Rican police have also arrested nine other individuals who are believed to have been involved in the kidnapping. (KE)

a day ago

Bitcoin’s (BTC) Trading Volume Surges Significantly in Colombia, Venezuela, and Peru

According to data from Coin Dance, Venezuela’s BTC adoption over the past year increased significantly as compared to the past. The data shows that Bitcoin’s trading volume in Venezuela in the last week of 2018 was 252 BTC. In Colombia, the volume surged from 135 BTC to 759 BTC, while in Peru, the weekly amount went from 17 BTC in January 2017 to 190 BTC in January 2019. The increasing volumes and adoption are a result of inflation and government policies that have led to the rejection of national currencies in the above countries. (KE)

a day ago

@dowlieswag @FJasonSeibert @adam3us If you are using LN than...

@dowlieswag @FJasonSeibert @adam3us If you are using LN than you might as well use bitcoin satoshis. LTC adds nothi…

a day ago

CNBC Trader Thinks Bitcoin Will Test the $3,000 Level and Cause a Panic Among Holders

Recently on CNBC’s “Future Now,” guest and futures trader Anthony Grisanti posited a bearish outlook for Bitcoin noting that as investors continue to liquidate their holdings, whether it be through the spot or futures market, BTC could fall to retest $3,000. In his opinion, a move to this level would represent a real weakness in the space and could potentially cause panic selling, which would further push the price lower. On the flip side, CNBC’s tweets about Bitcoin have been shown to have a 95% accuracy as a contrarian indicator, so a possible move higher may be in order. (JF)

a day ago

Tim Draper's Original $18 Million Investment in Bitcoin is Now Worth $108.5 Million

Tim Draper, the well know Bitcoin proponent, recently spoke about his entrance into cryptocurrencies and like many, lost a lot of money at first. His original BTC purchase actually took place on the now-defunct Mt. Gox platform, in which he purchased $250,000 BTC and left it stored on the exchange. He never actually received possession of those BTC. His next opportunity came when the U.S. Marshall's office auctioned 29,656 coins which Draper bought at $632 apiece for a total of $18.74 million. At the time of writing that investment is worth $108.5 million. (JF)

a day ago

@adam3us @FJasonSeibert Bitcoin is A utility token but not T...

@adam3us @FJasonSeibert Bitcoin is A utility token but not THE if market prefers more. There is nothing that can be…

a day ago

Daily Berminal Brief: Crypto Market Cap Hovers Around $122 Billion Level

The overall cryptocurrency market has traded sideways for the past few days with the total market cap hovering in the $122-123 billion range. At the time of writing, Bitcoin is down 0.73% on the 24-hour chart and trading at $3,661, while XRP is down 1.44% to $0.3288 and Ethereum is down 1.08% and priced at $125.92. One project out of the top 100 that has performed exceedingly well over the past 24-hours is HyperCash (HC), currently up 49.77% and trading at $1.61. (JF)

a day ago

More Than 200 Blockchain Firms Await Regulatory Approval in Japan

Following the recent announcement by the Japanese Financial Services Authority (FSA) that the cryptocurrency exchange Coincheck had been granted a license to operate, a closer look shows that more than 200 crypto related firms await approval from the regulatory body. This shows that industry demand in the country is high and the potential for an explosion of bitcoin and blockchain growth is likely in the coming months and years. Some big-name firms awaiting approval are MUFJ Bank, the messaging app Line, and Coinbase. (JF)

a day ago

County in Washington to Build 'Blockchain Innovation Campus' Following Crypto Mining Downturn

Officials in Douglas County, Washington, reportedly intend to build a blockchain innovation campus as its previously rapidly growing crypto mining industry went bust as the price of Bitcoin has continued to fall. As a result, many of the mining operations have closed shop, leaving behind abundant high-speed computing and crypto expertise. These facts, combined with cheap hydro-electricity, offer the opportunity to develop out the technology. The Douglas County Department of Commerce plans to contribute $50,000 in the form of a grant to the creation of the blockchain innovation campus. (JF)

a day ago

The Bitcoin Gold Ambassador program is about spreading the w...

The Bitcoin Gold Ambassador program is about spreading the word, promote and educate local communities in their own…

a day ago

Africa and the Middle East: Crypto and Blockchain News Roundup 5th to 11th January 2019

Africa and the Middle East Welcome to another weekly blockchain news roundup from around the world. Here, we present to you all the latest Bitcoin news, continent by continent and country by country. South Africa South Africa Deliberating Tax with the Crypto Task Force: The South African government has set the wheels into motion to create …

2 days ago

Bitcoin Plunges to Trade at the $3,650 Level; Leading Cryptocurrencies Plummet

Today, most of the top 20 cryptocurrencies have registered moderate price swings, while some have recorded double-digit gains. As at the time of writing, 5:52 PM UTC, BTC its trading at $3,668. The weekly chart shows that the current price is below $3,878, which was BTC’s price one week ago and also below $4,108, which was BTC’s mid-week high on Tuesday. XRP has shed 2.08% on the day and is trading at $0.3296, and ETH has lost 1.29% to trade at $126.67. The most significant gainers are BSV, BCH, and ETC with over 12%, 2%, and 1% gains respectively. (KE)

2 days ago

Finder Report: Stellar Lumens Price to Increase by 260% This Year

According to a Finder report, Stellar Lumens will post stellar performance in January and throughout the year. According to the report, XLM will surge by 84% in January to $0.21 and will record a 260% increase by the year-end to $0.41. Additionally, Cardano is expected to gain 43% before the start of February. Ethereum and EOS are also expected to gain 55% and 77% this year. The report shows bearish predictions for Tron, Litecoin, and Dogecoin. Based on the predictions, TRX, LTC, and DOGE would plunge by 52%, 35%, and 47% respectively. XRP will post a 44% increase by the year-end but will lose 10% this month, per the forecast. Six individuals from the crypto sector including Bitcoin developer Jimmy Song prepared the Finder report. (KE)

2 days ago

Man Narrates How He Lost $1 million to a Bitcoin Investment

Peter McCormick, a businessman, and a crypto enthusiast recently narrated to The Guardian how he lost $1,000,000 to a Bitcoin investment. He explained how he first invested 5,000 pounds in Bitcoin in 2016. After realizing how fast he could make money, he bought 23,000 pounds worth of BTC. By mid-2017 his money had tripled to reach $300,000. The end of 2017 saw the investment reach $1.2 million. He then details how the arrival of the 2018 bears and failure to sell early saw him lose the entire investment. Nonetheless, Peter still believes cryptocurrencies will stabilize the volatility in the world. (KE)

2 days ago

Banks in India: Don’t Touch Bitcoin Or Your Accounts Will Be Closed

Reports on social media indicate that banks in India are threatening customers that deal in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies with the closure of their accounts. This move is the latest salvo from the banking industry in a country where cryptos seem all but banned. Upping the Ante On Friday (Jan. 11, 2019), Morgan Creek founder and partner, Anthony Pompliano published a tweet culled from...

2 days ago

Digital Currency Trading Platform Bitrex is Expanding Cold Storage

Bitrex, the U.S. based virtual currency trading platform, has confirmed that is expanding its cold storage. According to the firm, the process leads to the transfer of funds between cold wallets. The exchange assured its customers, who recently noticed 130,000 BTC being moved in a single transaction, that all is well. Bitrex also announced to its customers that they can now trade Paxos Standard (PAX) with traditional money. PAX was recently added of USD to Bitrex’s USD market. The firm also announced that it will launch a US dollar (USD) market for Digibyte (DGB) on January 17. (VK)

2 days ago

Veteran Futures Trader: Bitcoin Price to Drop Below $3, 000

In an interview with CNBC, Veteran Futures trader Anthony Grisanti said he expects the cryptocurrency market to continue slumping. Grisanti, the man who founded GRZ Energy and boasts over 30 years of experience, is known for his frequent appearance as an expert analyst on CNBC. During a recent interview with CNBC, he pointed out that several investors are quick to liquidate their position at each slight drop in the crypto market. This, he said, will contribute to an eventual drop of Bitcoin to less than $3000 mark. (VK)

2 days ago

Crypto Market Update: BSV Becomes the Biggest Gainer After Surging 11%; TRX Continues Plunging

The past few days have seen the crypto market resume its bearish trend with most digital currencies registering significant drops. However, Bitcoin SV (BSV) has managed to make a comeback from the downward trend and has been recording gains for the past few hours. As at the time of writing, 1:07 PM UTC, BSV is trading at $81.99, a 10.42% increase on the day. On the other hand, TRX, the ninth most significant cryptocurrency regarding market valuation is currently trading at $0.024 after shedding 4.82% of its value. (VK)

2 days ago

Bitcoin Holds on to $3,650 Mark as BTC Whales Start Resurfacing

Bitcoin, the flagship cryptocurrency, has been holding on to the $3,650 mark after enduring two sell-offs that saw its price drop from about $4,050 to $3,850, and then to its current mark, as whales have reportedly started resurfacing.

2 days ago

The Daily: Genesis Global Trading Volume Surges 50%

Genesis Global Trading, an over-the-counter cryptocurrency platform, recently revealed that its year-to-year trading volume had doubled despite bears controlling the crypto market. The firm also stated that it had given institutional clients crypto loans worth $1 billion through Genesis Capital, its lending arm. The organization started giving out loans in BTC, ETH, BCH, and XRP in March 2018. This news comes after the New York Department of Financial Services granted the firm a Bitlicense approval, which allows it to operate under a strict regulatory framework in the state. (VK)

2 days ago

Is Bitcoin Price Heading to Low $3,000? Traders Expect Short-Term Downtrend

On January 11, the crypto market experienced an intense sell-off as the Bitcoin price dropped below the $3,600 mark and major digital assets recorded drops in the range of 10 to 15 percent. Following a drop in the price of BTC from $4,036 to $3,503, traders expect the dominant cryptocurrency to fall below key support

2 days ago

St. Louis Federal Reserve Report: Increased Supply of Altcoins Will Decrease BTC’s Value

Downward pressure on the prices of all cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, is expected to be exerted by the ever-increasing number of altcoins, new research shows

2 days ago

I’m As Certain As Ever – Bitcoin’s Revolution Is Only Just Beginning

I’ve been through the ups and downs with bitcoin, and I am as certain as ever that the bitcoin revolution is coming, says Tim Draper.

2 days ago

Where to buy Bitcoin Gold? ShapeShift offers efficient servi...

Where to buy Bitcoin Gold? ShapeShift offers efficient services to buy & swap! Try it out =>…

2 days ago

BitPay CCO: Bitcoin’s 20X Price Rise in 2018 Was ‘A Pretty Big Anomaly’

On Thursday (January 10th), following the drop in Bitcoin's price below the $4,000 level, Bloomberg TV's "Bloomberg Technology" show featured a segment called "The Future of Bitcoin After a Sudden Tumble." During the discussion that took place in this segment between the host Emily Chang, Bloomberg Opinion columnist Stephen Gandel, and Bitpay Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) Sonny Singh,...

2 days ago

Financial Service Commission (FSC): Bitcoin Scammers Using Authority Names to Attract Cryptocurrency Investors

According to Financial Service Commission (FSC), a fraud Bitcoin venture dubbed ‘Barbados’ is posting fake messages to the public in a bid to lure opulent investors into the company. The firm is said to have posted an article on a media outlet claiming it had finalized an agreement with the Ministry of Finance to acquire $500 million with ‘The Bitcoin Wealth’, a position the ministry publicly denied. According to Kester Guy, the CEO of FSC, these scammers have reached several countries and urges investors to vigilant before committing to any investment. (VK)

2 days ago

New Analysis Finds That Less Than 1% of BTC Addresses Control Nearly 87% of BTC’s Supply

A deep analysis of Bitcoin (BTC) addresses conducted by China’s state-run financial news publication, National Business Daily (NBD), reveals…

2 days ago

Cryptocurrency Market Wrap: Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin SV recover as Tron Sheds recent Gains

Over the past two days, there has been no sign of the cryptocurrency market recovering from the recent dip with the total market cap still playing closer to $120 billion. Major virtual currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum dumped significant values with Bitcoin sitting at $3670 level and Ethereum, which has not reclaimed its second spot, is trading below $130. There is a notable mix on the top ten crypto list this Saturday with both Bitcoin Cash and SV gaining 1.84% and 8.69% respectively. However, Tron is rapidly scaling down and has shed up to 9.91% of its recent gains to trade at $0.0236

2 days ago

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