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Bitmain Crypto Index Launches For Crypto Investors

CoinSpeaker Bitmain Crypto Index Launches For Crypto Investors The company said that the new Bitmain Crypto Index tracks the performance of some of the “largest and most liquid” cryptocurrencies, and is denominated in U.S. dollars. The index publishes two types of prices, a real-time spot price that is updated every second, and a daily reference price that is published once a day around 10:00 a.m. Hong Kong time. It further lists spot prices on 17 top cryptocurrencies by market capitalization, as well as a combined Bitmain Big 10 Index (BLC10) based on 10 large-cap cryptos. The Big 10 is weighted by market cap and its member cryptos represent more than 90 percent of the wider market’s value. In a methodology overview, Bitmain said the product was “developed to provide institutional and retail investors with a transparent, timely, methodology-based, and investable benchmark of the most active cryptocurrencies traded globally,” explaining: “The Index is solely owned by Bitmaintech Pte. Ltd. and is administered by Bitmain Index Operating Committee (‘BIOC’) which will conduct regular review and engagement with external stakeholders for feedbacks to keep the Index methodology as updated and representative as possible.” BCI forms the latest branching out for Bitmain as the company undergoes a significant period in its history. Regarding hard forks, the BCI will treat fresh forks of cryptocurrencies covered using a ten-day grace period. The overview states: “For the purpose of Index calculation and dissemination, a hard forked new token will be measured against a set of criteria on its 10th-day post-fork to determine whether it is a ‘significant’ one.” Other requirements include the coin “trading on at least 2 constituent exchanges” with “at least 200 daily trades in the new token vs. USD or equivalent pairs on all constituent exchanges.” Bitmain is sourcing its pricing data - that’ll cover the top 17 currencies - from a collection of exchanges. Latest on Bitmain Earlier this year, there were reports that the Crypto mining giant was planning for an IPO, but doubts still persist whether such an event will take place in the near future. The leading crypto mining giant has not been without its own share of controversies. Just for a reminder, a lawsuit was filed, earlier this month, against Bitmain in the U.S. district court of Northern California. Gor Gevorkyan, the lead plaintiff in this case, used an Antminer S9 manufactured by Bitmain. Now he claims that the device mined Bitcoin for the benefit of the crypto mining giant and not the intended user and he is claiming nearly $5 million in damage. During the August this year, Bitmain, as one of the leaders of the mining industry, announced that its mining pool is expanding its offerings and will include Ethereum and Ethereum classic mining pools in the nearest future. was already widely known for its relative dominance over the Bitcoin network. It was then said that this Bitmain-backed pool mined 21 % of all Bitcoin blocks the previous year. In September Bitmain has finally decided to go public by filing an IPO on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. After being already embroiled in several controversies in the past, they said they were opening their books. A sneak-peek into the company’s books shows a massive growth of the company in the last few years. Bitmain Technologies has been mulling for huge fundraising in the past. However, the application is currently under by HKEX and it remains unclear about the valuations at the time of listing. Let’s take a look into the costs and revenue structure and other details of the company, as provided. Bitmain Revenues and Profits No doubt that Bitmain is the market leading for crypto-mining equipment grabbing a whopping 75% of the total market share. Bitmain’s revenues and profits surged at an unprecedented rate during the crypto-mania of the last year. In 2015, Bitmain revenues stood at $137.3 million which shot to $2.5 billion by 2017 end. This seems like a blistering annual compounded growth rate of 328% over the last two years. Additionally, by June 30, 2018, this year’s revenue has already past of the last entire year, standing at $2.8 billion. Bitmain Crypto Index Launches For Crypto Investors

3 months ago

Mining Pool Threatens To Kill Bitcoin Gold, Bitcoin Diamond, and Bitcoin Private

Prominent Bitcoin Cash startup CashPay Solutions has launched SharkPool with the goal of killing other cryptocurrencies. It tweeted that it will attack altcoins that it believes does not fulfill Satoshi Nakamoto’s original vision. SharkPool will mine empty blocks on Bitcoin Diamond (BCD), Bitcoin Gold (BTG), Bitcoin Private (BTCP), and Bitcoin Interest (BCI). The pool added that all forks and splits are acts of war. Further, it would dump the mining profits for BCH to create selling pressure in the market. (VS)

3 months ago

16th The Blockchainer Asia Tour

CoinSpeaker 16th The Blockchainer Asia Tour It was great experience to understand and learn from different blockchain startups all over the world and some of them were so promising with huge potential! Special thanks to MLG, CycleBit, H2-Industries, MovieCoin, Platio, Givit, BaaS. Business, BrikBit, Mobu. You all did a great job! How Active are the Investors in Asia? Compare with the investment market in Shanghai and Beijing, is there any different in South China and South Korea? We together with 4 startups from US, Canada, Sweden and Germany, visited not only crypto funds, but some traditional funds which are still investing in blockchain startups actively in Shenzhen. Thanks supports and sharing from QF Capital, ZB Capital, MBlock Capital, HIMALAYA Capital and Zhizhen Tianlong Investment. Sure thing that more collaboration will be established after the private meetings. We found most of the crypto funds are a little bit quiet and down after several investment tours in Shanghai and Beijing because of the bear market. So that we involved some traditional equity investors as blockchain investment is popular among old moneys in China and South Korea after been beaten a long shot by crypto funds during 2017-2018. And most of them believe blockchain can help them for a breakthrough. Hongkong, China HK is a free port for cryptos and the securities regulator issued some positive policies on Nov. 1,2018, saying it could move to formally regulate exchanges. We together with our partner, Higgs Capital, convened a middle-size roadshow in Hongkong during the tour. We got warm welcome from HK blockchain ppl and special thanks to Mai Capital, BlackHourse Capital, ANX, and DNA Capital, etc. It’s a smart move that Hong Kong has chosen to regulate and let’s grow together with this rising-up market. Seoul, Korea South Korea is now one of the major cryptocurrency markets and ambitious to be the global center of blockchain. It was announced recently that the South Korean government will plans to invest $880 million in blockchain technology systems next year. Investment atmosphere here is active and we got some really good feedback from our capital partners. Special thanks to BlockWater Capital, Nexus One Capital, BCI, BlockchainI, Quantum Ventures Korea, Broad One Capital, InterVest and Quest Capital etc. Korean investors used to prefer exchanges projects, but now they are also showing interests in STO, stable coins, users base projects and so on. Let’s Meet Again in the Popular Crypto City - Seoul After several Asia investment tours, we feel more investment opportunities in Seoul Korea and even some of our Korean partners from traditional equity investment firms told us their new investment plans in blockchain. Bear market, good price and timing for them to start the new business. Don’t miss the great opportunities in early Dec. 2018! We will organize another Seoul Investment Tour and Roadshow in Korea from Dec.2-4th. Let’s explore the capital network in Seoul together! In Blockchain, We Trust! Last but not the least, sincerely appreciate our tour media partners’ great support! Thank you! 16th The Blockchainer Asia Tour

3 months ago

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