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Atomicpay Launches Private Beta of Digital Currency Payment Gateway

Startup announced the beta launch of its cryptocurrency payment gateway on Dec. 3, with support for six different digital assets. The payment processor eliminates third parties and allows merchants to accept cryptocurrencies in a noncustodial fashion. Also read: US Law Enforcement Wants Blockchain Surveillance Tools for Privacy Coins Developers Launch Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway The private beta version of Atomicpay will be available to a limited group of testers, but anyone who is interested can register to try it, the developers said. The founders of Atomicpay claim that the new software is a “decentralized” cryptocurrency payment processor that allows merchants to accept cryptocurrencies directly from customers in a “trustless environment.” “We process payments but we do not hold any funds and no more middlemen. Money goes directly to your wallet. You have immediate ownership and full control of your money,” the team explained during the beta launch announcement. Atomicpay supports 156 fiat currencies and offers full support for BTC’s Segregated Witness (Segwit) protocol as well. The application can be used to create a payment URL and payment buttons, while providing traditional Point-of-Sale (PoS) services. The gateway also comes with an application program interface (API) and e-commerce plugins for website developers. At the time of publication, the Atomicpay platform supported bitcoin cash (BCH), bitcoin core (BTC), bitcoin gold (BTG), litecoin (LTC), dash (DASH) and dogecoin (DOGE). In the first quarter of 2019, the developers plan to add ether (ETH) and various ERC20 tokens, alongside stellar (XLM). Atomicpay to Compete Against Free Payment Processors The payment gateway generates a new payment address for each invoice by using Hierarchical Deterministic (HD) wallet support. The service also offers a business plan for individuals and organizations that want to comply with know-your-customer requirements. In addition, the startup is offering an optional feature for cryptocurrency-to-fiat payments that automates transfers directly to local exchanges through the CCXT protocol. “The API will allow merchants to set an interval where funds will be automatically sent to the exchange, create an order from crypto to fiat and lastly request a withdrawal back to their bank,” the Atomicpay developers explained. Atomicpay does have a number of competitors, including the reigning leader of cryptocurrency payment gateways, Bitpay. However, unlike Atomicpay, the Atlanta-based company only accepts two digital currencies. The Atomicpay service is actually more similar to open-source payment processor Btcpay, as well as the Coinbase Commerce platform and Anypay Global, which produces cryptocurrency invoices that can be paid for by text message (SMS) using the Cointext application. But the main thing distinguishing Atomicpay from Btcpay, Coinbase Commerce and Anypay is that the new startup charges a fee for its services. Normal users will pay a flat rate of 1 percent to use the Atomicpay platform, while business users will pay 0.9 percent. Monthly invoice fees will be billed to users, rather than being taken from each transaction. However most payment gateways provide their services for free, which may deter some people from using the Atomicpay application. What do you think about the Atomicpay cryptocurrency payment gateway platform? Let us know in the comments section below. Disclaimer: does not endorse nor support any of these mentioned products/services. Readers should do their own due diligence before taking any actions related to the mentioned company or any of its affiliates or services. is not responsible, directly or indirectly, for any damage or loss caused or alleged to be caused by or in connection with the use of or reliance on any content, goods, applications, protocols or services mentioned in this article. Images via Shutterstock, Atomicpay, and Pixabay. Want to create your own secure cold storage paper wallet? Check our tools section. The post Atomicpay Launches Private Beta of Digital Currency Payment Gateway appeared first on Bitcoin News.

4 days ago

Vertcoin (VTC) 51% Attacked, $100,000 Lost via Double Spend

The Vertcoin (VTC) network was successfully 51% attacked, and a large reorg happened that cost them more than $100,000. We have already seen weaker blockchain platforms like Bitcoin Gold (BTG), Verge (XVG), and ZenCash being hit with 51% attacks in the recent months. Vertcoin (VTC) 51% Attacked And now, we have the Vertcoin going through the same fate again. Moreover, an interesting part is that San Francisco-based crypto exchange, Coinbase has given an official statement on this attack, claiming that the Bitcoin-like networks (or forks of BTC) are weaker and less secure. This may be why Coinbase did not list Vertcoin, whereas, competing exchanges including Binance and Bittrex have listed it. Vertcoin 51% Attacked A 51% attack was performed on the Vertcoin blockchain on 2nd of December, and double spending happened, costing the network to lose more than $100,000. It was reported that a large amount of ASIC hash was rented to orchestrate this attack. Successive reorg on the blockchain was performed. Vertcoin went through repeated reorg going as deep as 307 blocks. Vertcoin Against ASICs Proving to Be Insecure The Vertcoin algorithm is designed to be ASIC-resistant - in order to make the mining more decentralized. So anyone with a graphics card can easily mine Vertcoin. The drawback of this, however, is that such a network can be attacked by anyone having a standard graphicss card, unlike other ASIC coins such as bitcoin (BTC) - which require ASIC mining equipment to perform 51% attacks successfully (even they it may be practically impossible to do so on the BTC blockchain). Coinbase Making Use of this Opportunity Coinbase came out with a detailed article about this attack in an official blog post, criticizing the Bitcoin-like Networks that are clearly vulnerable to attacks. Coinbase was targeting its competitors who have listed Vertcoin. The US-exchange may have taken advantage of the situation to inform people about other exchanges that have listed insecure coins. Advice to Investors Experts have always advised investors to be cautious and keep away from low cap coins, as they are vulnerable to 51% attacks. But investors go after those coins for making quick money. These coins, if invested in without prior research, can lead to a loss of funds. Therefore, it is better to invest in a more secure and reliable blockchain network like Bitcoin (BTC) - which is the most secure network in the entire blockchain ecosystem. Millions of dollars and electricity are required to attack the Bitcoin network, and it is also logistically highly infeasible. The post Vertcoin (VTC) 51% Attacked, $100,000 Lost via Double Spend appeared first on Crypto Core Media.

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Crypto Arbitrage Today: XLM, ZEC, BTG, BCH, TRX, DOGE

In the world of cryptocurrency, making money is most people’s primary objective. There is nothing wrong with that approach, as this innovative industry lets anyone in the world make a living. Arbitrage opportunities can easily serve as an additional source of income, even though there are also those who want to rely on this concept as a way to make a living full-time. The following six options show how easy it is to make money, although there is some work involved. Monero (Bittrex / Bitfinex / HitBTC) There are quite a few interesting Monero arbitrage opportunities to take note of today. Unlike most previous options, the Kraken exchange only provides one opportunity. Instead, the attention is shifting toward Bittrex and Bitfinex, as both platforms - alongside Kraken - have a lower XMR price compared to HitBTC. Exploring this particular price gap can yield traders an easy 2% profit, although the gains can be as high 4% depending on which platform one buys from. ZCash (CEX / Bittrex / HitBTC) The arbitrage opportunities involving ZCash are somewhat similar to Monero, as it involves selling the coins on HitBTC for a big profit. Buying ZEC on Cex, Bittrex, and Bitfinex lets users earn a healthy profit of roughly 2.5% on average. As such, ZEC is one of the bigger options to explore in this regard, although the gap may not necessarily remain in place for much longer. After all, prices on HitBTC will usually recover pretty quickly. Bitcoin Gold (CEX / Bitfinex / HitBTC) It is quite interesting to see so many different arbitrage opportunities involve the HitBTC exchange right now. Considering how this exchange has usually a lot of volume, it seems to be a matter of time until all of these gaps are closed off. Until then, buying Bitcoin Gold on CEX or Bitfinex will let users score a 3% profit when selling it on HitBTC. A very interesting opportunity to look into. Tron (Koineks / Binance / HitBTC) A lot of exciting opportunities are available when it comes to Tron. The TRX value on HitBTC is significantly higher compared to other exchanges. Platforms to watch right now include Koineks, Bitfinex, Binance, and KuCoin. Buying TRX there and selling it on HitBTC can yield profits of 1.8% all the way up to 3%. A juicy opportunity, all things considered. BCHABC (Vebitcoin / Binance) It has been relatively quiet on the BCHABC / BCH front over the past few days. Considering how the network upgrade disrupted so many things, it will be interesting to see what the future holds in the price department. Right now, there is an arbitrage gap between VeBitcoin and Binance, which can yield traders a quick profit of 1%. It is not the biggest gap by any means, but one has to keep in mind all opportunities need to be taken into account. Dogecoin (Koinim / Koineks / HitBTC) It is always good to see a Dogecoin arbitrage opportunity present itself. Not just because Dogecoin has been one of the more stable currencies on the market today, but also because it has plenty of trading volume across all exchanges. Buying DOGE on KKoinek or Koineks and selling it on HitBTC will result in a profit of 1.6% up to 3$. A pretty interesting gap to explore, although these percentages will not necessarily remain in place that much longer. Information provided by Arbing Tool. Disclaimer: This is not trading or investment advice. The above article is for entertainment and education purposes only. Please do your own research before purchasing or investing into any cryptocurrency. The post Crypto Arbitrage Today: XLM, ZEC, BTG, BCH, TRX, DOGE appeared first on NullTX.

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Great news! BTG is now available for trading at NOVA exchang...

Great news! BTG is now available for trading at NOVA exchange offering the following pairs: -BTG/BTC -BTG/DOGE Tha…

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Cryptos Worst Performers Of 2018

2018 was expected to be a bright year for cryptocurrencies but has turned out to be a year to forget. New and exciting projects were unveiled, in addition to the biggest and popular coins. The only certainty in the crypto market this year has been uncertainty. A market pullback in the crypto world isn’t something new but this year has been worse. The usual saviors are even dangling on a cliff, not to talk about the subordinates. The market which started as a pool of investment for crypto investors has now crumbled into bits, and it’s now fighting to get up on its feet. Many coins have seen their value plummet, their market cap and available supply all going down the drain. Despite the crypto market, in general, taking a deep hit by the high volatility, some coins have suffered pretty badly, and this piece highlights three of the worst cryptocurrencies this year. Qtum Despite its recent price increase to $2, Qtum has been terrible this year, and I wouldn’t want to be in the shoes of any investor with this digital coin in his or her portfolio. After the coin was revealed to be part of a selected number of cryptos to headline Binance’s ‘Gold Label’ crypto project, it showed some signs of life after all but that shouldn’t cover up the fact that the coin lost over 93% of its worth or value in the third quarter of this year. The coin has now lost 98% of its total value since its all-time high $100.224, in January this year. NEM (XEM) NEM is the second coin on this list and is giving Qtum a real chase for the worst performer of this year. After a 16% surge in a day in the early stages of March, whiles over 90% of the top 100 coins were falling; the cryptocurrency hasn’t done much since. NEM which started the year as the 11th largest cryptocurrency with a then market cap of almost $4 billion, has now lost over 91% of its value and this has shrunk its market cap to USD 714,149,100. What started as a bright year has now turned sour. Bitcoin Gold (BTG) Last on the list is Bitcoin Gold. With the Bitcoin tag hanging over its head, the cryptocurrency was expected to perform well this year. The Bitcoin had fork was expected to be on the rise anytime, its ‘God’ coin Bitcoin, was to rise and here lies the case, the biggest cryptocurrency has also been terrible this year. The coin has seen a decline of over 89% this year and certainly don’t look like bouncing back any time soon. The post Cryptos Worst Performers Of 2018 appeared first on ZyCrypto.

5 days ago

Crypto Arbitrage Today: XLM, EOS, TRX, XMR, BTG, Dash

As is usually the case in the cryptocurrency world, making money is most people’s main objective. Given how bearish 2018 has turned out to be in this regard, it seems unlikely there will be many big opportunities to do so. Arbitrage, on the other hand, lets speculators pocket small profits in quick succession. It seems to be the safer way of making money under any market circumstance. Monero (Kraken / HitBTC / Poloniex) Every single week, there is at least one arbitrage opportunity involving Monero. This is not necessarily all that surprising, as it is one of the less liquid markets in the crypto market cap top 15 right now. Even so, the price gap between Kraken, HitBTC, and Poloniex continues to exist. Buying on Kraken and selling on those two other exchanges can result in profits of up to 2.7%, which is more than respectable. Bitcoin Gold (Bitfinex / HitBTC) It has been a while since a new Bitcoin Gold arbitrage opportunity presented itself. Gone are the price gaps of 30% or more, unfortunately, but it seems there is still a near 1% price difference between Bitfinex and HitbTC. Given the overall liquidity of both exchanges, exploiting this price gap over and over again is a very likely possibility first and foremost. Tron (Binance / KuCoin / HitBTC) It is always interesting to see how the price of TRX can fluctuate in between different trading platforms. In the case of Tron, there is a lower price on both Binance and KuCoin. Purchasing TRX from either platform and selling it on HitBTC will result in a profit of up to 1.23%. It is not the biggest price gap by any means, but having multiple options at one’s disposal is always a good thing. Dash (Kraken / Bittrex / Poloniex) A fair few different Dash arbitrage opportunities present themselves right now. Buying on Bittrex and selling on HitBTC results in a quick 0.8% profit. Buying on Kraken and selling on HitBTC, Poloniex, or Gate will yield a net gain of 0.9% all the way up to 2.8%. All of these options are pretty interesting to consider, assuming the prices on Bittrex and Kraken remain this low for a while. EOS (Bitfinex / Binance / HitBTC) It appears today is a good day to sell any altcoin on HitBTC for a profit. In the case of EOS, the price on Bitfinex, Binance, and KuCoin seems to be nearly identical. Interestingly enough, all three platforms can be purchased to buy cheaper EOS and sell it on HitBTC for profits of roughly 1.4%. Some good money can be made from exploring these opportunities, as EOS continues to struggle in the price department right now. Stellar Lumens (Kraken / Gate / HitBTC) The final somewhat appealing altcoin arbitrage opportunity for today revolves around Stellar Lumens, or XLM. Its value on Kraken is 0.8% lower compared to, which makes for a rather interesting trading opportunity. There is also a price discrepancy between KuCoin and HitbTC, which can yield a gain of 1.1%. Two very exciting opportunities, especially once one learns to value the smaller profits over the bigger gains. Information provided by Arbing Tool. Disclaimer: This is not trading or investment advice. The above article is for entertainment and education purposes only. Please do your own research before purchasing or investing into any cryptocurrency. The post Crypto Arbitrage Today: XLM, EOS, TRX, XMR, BTG, Dash appeared first on NullTX.

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Crypto Arbitrage Today: XRP, LTC, ETH, BTG, XLM, ONT

Making money in the cryptocurrency world can be done in many different ways. Holding currencies and selling them for profits is certainly one way to go about things. Arbitrage trading is another viable approach, as it allows for somewhat less riskier profits to be secured. The following six currencies allow for an interesting profit to be scored, depending on overall platform liquidity. Ontology (Binance / KuCoin) It is somewhat refreshing to see some new currencies pop up in the list of arbitrage opportunities today. Ontology, or ONT, isn’t often subjected to a price spread. Today, however, the value between Binance and KuCoin is slightly different, allowing for a 0.78% profit to be scored. It is not the most appealing gain by any means, but it is better than seeing one’s portfolio value dwindle as more time progresses. Stellar Lumens (Kraken / HitBTC) As is usually the case when it comes to arbitrage opportunities, there is at least one pair on Kraken which can be used to score some quick profits. Buying XLM on this exchange and selling it on HitBTC allows for a net 1% profit. Both platforms usually have decent trading volume for XLM, thus there are some options waiting to be explored throughout the day. Ethereum (Bitstamp / Bitfinex / HitBTC) A lot of similar arbitrage opportunities exist for top cryptocurrencies today. Buying Ethereum on Bitstamp lets users sell ETH on Bitfinex or HitBTC for a profit of 0.8% up to 1.2%. Buying on Kraken and selling on either KuCoin and HitBTC will yield very similar profits. Having multiple options to explore is always a good sign, assuming these gaps remain in place for a while. Litecoin (Kraken / Bitstamp / Koineks) The same arbitrage opportunity associated with Ethereum can also be used for Litecoin trading, for the most part. Buying on Bitstamp and selling on Bitfinex, HitBTC, or Koineks can yield a 1% profit. Buying LTC on Kraken and selling on HitBTC is slightly more lucrative, as it yields a 1.1% profit. No major spreads are to be found today, but that is only to be expected during this new bearish trend. XRP (Bitstamp / Kraken / HitBTC) No one will be surprised to learn any arbitrage opportunity affecting Ethereum and Litecoin will also apply for XRP. Using the same exchanges across the board, there is some good money to be made from buying and flipping XRP. The profits are slightly higher as well, as traders can expect to pocket a profit of up to 1.3%. A pretty decent arbitrage gap given the overall market trend. Bitcoin Gold (Koineks / Bitfienx / HitBTC) Even though it seemed as if the Bitcoin Gold arbitrage opportunities had all but dried up in the past few days, the opposite has come true. As of today, buying BTG on Koineks and selling it on either HitBTC or Bitfinex can reward users with a profit of up to 1.19%. Again, a very small price gap, but one cannot look a gift horse in the mouth. Especially not in the cryptocurrency industry, as the year 2018 hasn’t offered too many money making opportunities so far. Information provided by Arbing Tool. Disclaimer: This is not trading or investment advice. The above article is for entertainment and education purposes only. Please do your own research before purchasing or investing into any cryptocurrency. The post Crypto Arbitrage Today: XRP, LTC, ETH, BTG, XLM, ONT appeared first on NullTX.

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Have any question about BTG mining? Come and visit our Disco...

Have any question about BTG mining? Come and visit our Discord channel, our mining experts are always ready to help…

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Crypto Arbitrage Today: ADA, BTG, XMR, Dash, BTC, ETH

There are plenty of arbitrage opportunities in the cryptocurrency world. Some of these options will effectively yield better profits than others, although that is only to be expected during these rather volatile times. The following six options all have some appeal as of today, albeit it will mainly depend on how much volume the involved exchanges will generate. Cardano (Paribu / Binance / Kraken) For once, the Cardano arbitrage opportunity does not originate from the Kraken exchange. That is rather unusual, although the exchange is still involved in one of the options. Buying ADA on Paribu and selling it on Kraken, Gate, or Binance will yield a healthy 2.5% profit. That is a pretty interesting arbitrage opportunity to take advantage of, especially with all markets bouncing back a bit. Bitcoin Gold (Koineks / Bitfinex / HitBTC) After being absent for a few days, it would appear a new Bitcoin Gold arbitrage opportunity is presenting itself once again. Buying BTG on the Koineks exchange allows traders to flip it on either Bitfinex or HitBTC for an easy % profit. Although this is not necessarily the biggest gain in history, a quick $40 profit for doing little work should never be passed up on whatsoever. Monero (Kraken / HitBTC) Every single day, there is an arbitrage opportunity involving Monero and Kraken, for some particular reason. More specifically, the price on Kraken is 1.8% lower compared to HitBTC, which can make for an interesting opportunity to explore in this regard. One has to be a bit careful in terms of liquidity, as neither of these exchanges is known for extensive XMR trading. Dash (VeBitcoin / Kraken / Poloniex) A very interesting arbitrage opportunity involving Dash presents itself today. Buying on Kraken and selling on HitBTC, Poloniex, or Gate will yield profits of up to 2.1%. However, when buying on Vebitcoin and selling on HitBTC, there is another 1.2% profit to be netted. Having multiple options at one’s disposal is always favorable. Ethereum (Kraken / Vebitcoin / OKEx) There are a plethora of arbitrage opportunities involving Ethereum today. The price on Vebitcoin, Kraken, and Koineks is lower than HitBTC, Poloniex, Gate, OKex, and KuCoin. Profits of roughly 1.3% should be easily achievable, although some pairs may allow for up to 2% in profit. Ethereum is usually a pretty liquid market, thus good money can be made from exploring this option. Bitcoin (Kraken / OKEx / Poloniex) It does not happen all that often an arbitrage opportunity for Bitcoin itself becomes apparent. As of today, the value on Kraken and Vebitcoin is lower than OKEx, Poloniex, Gate, KuCoin, and HitBTC. Plenty of options to explore, especially as the gains can be as large as 2% for trading the most common cryptocurrency between exchanges. The value on Koineks is also relatively low, which is also worth keeping an eye on. Disclaimer: This is not trading or investment advice. The above article is for entertainment and education purposes only. Please do your own research before purchasing or investing into any cryptocurrency. The post Crypto Arbitrage Today: ADA, BTG, XMR, Dash, BTC, ETH appeared first on NullTX.

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This day In crypto

The sentiment on November 21, 2017 was pretty different from today’s tone. Today sees Bitcoin looking for a price bottom, lurking around $4500 according to Blockmodo at the time of this writing. The much anticipated Bakkt exchange has delayed its launch. The SEC has yet to approve a Bitcoin ETF, after rejecting proposal after proposal. Sentiment may be doubtful currently, as the public looks toward the end of a tough year for crypto. However, last year around this time was very much a different story. November 21, 2017 Last year on this date, Bitcoin was almost double its current price, at just over $8000, according to data. Crypto folks looked with optimism toward the release of CME and CBOE Bitcoin futures trading in December. The overall cryptocurrency market cap was just over $240 billion, compared to about $148 billion seen today.’s historical snapshot taken on Nov. 26, 2017 saw ETH priced at $460, BCH at $1587, and XRP at $0.25. Bitcoin Gold Fork Very surprisingly, Bitcoin Gold (BTG) ranked 5th in overall in market cap, at a price of $352. Bitcoin Gold was a result of a Bitcoin fork that took place last October. This Bitcoin fork last October led to significant price action for Bitcoin, as people bought the coin, received their free forked currency, and then sold their Bitcoin shortly after. Bitcoin SegWit2x Fork Forks filled the fall season last year. Bitcoin Cash in late summer, and then Bitcoin Gold in October. There was also one other highly anticipated fork, which was supposed to take place last fall close to November 16th. However, this fork was actually cancelled in what was seen as a controversial fork and decision. The fork was cancelled several days before the anticipated date. According to a Tech Crunch article from last November, “[t]he SegWit2x fork should have increased the block size to 2 megabytes”. The article talks about the block size controversy, mentioning that such a change could have potentially divided the Bitcoin community. Similar To Now? The SegWit2x controversy last year coincidently relates to what is happening in the Bitcoin Cash community right now. Last August, Bitcoin forked into two coins - BTC and BCH. This was due to a debate on Bitcoin’s ability to scale properly. Since that time, the Bitcoin Cash community has argued for Bitcoin scaling via larger block size. Bitcoin Cash even increased its block size to 32-megabyte blocks earlier this year in May. However, the Bitcoin Cash community (and coin) has even split in two recently, dividing into Bitcoin ABC and Bitcoin SV. The Bitcoin SV side sees 128-megabyte blocks as the answer (among other implemented aspects). It’s interesting to see this argument still in play over a year later, with regards to block size. A plethora of Bitcoin forks have entered the market over the past year, for one reason or another. One article by from May of this year, mentions -“Bitcoin alone has seen 44 forks of its blockchain since August last year, according to BitMEX Research”. The article goes on to explain that many of these forks may simply be a money grab utilizing the Bitcoin brand. The market is in a different place this year in regards to sentiment and price. But apparently the block size war still wages on in the Bitcoin Cash community, among other disagreements. *Crypto Insider is sponsored in part by Blockmodo. as part of our arrangement with them, Crypto Insider may occasionally link to, and quote, Blockmodo when appropriate. this is done at the discretion of our staff. Crypto Insider sponsors have no say in any of our editorial decisions. The post This day In crypto appeared first on Crypto Insider.

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A Bad Week for the Crypto Market so Far, Will the Weekend Bring Any Improvements?

The cryptocurrency markets are defining a new meaning of ‘bloodbath’ as the markets continued to fall on Friday. The prices are now testing the patience of the staunchest crypto bulls who are now questioning the state of the market. While the world celebrated Thanksgiving and retail rejoiced with Black Friday deals, cryptocurrency traders saw nothing but carnage as the week has been one of the worst ever for the markets this year. However, the weekend has now begun and so far its a mixed picture with some cryptocurrencies trading up, some down and some flat. Bears Continued Pulling Prices Down The rise of digital coins in 2017 was meteoric. However, their fall from grace has been equally dramatic. This week, Bitcoin fell far below the $5,000 mark and has refused to get back above. The premier cryptocurrency of the world, which had managed to maintain a market capitalization above $100 billion, has now lost it and slashed its valuation by another quarter. With a $75.5 billion market cap Bitcoin is still ahead of Ripple XRP which stands at $16.5 billion and Ethereum which stands at $12.8 billion. All the major cryptocurrencies fell along with BTC on Friday as well, making the Bloomberg Galaxy Crypto Index fall by 25 percent, marking the worst 5-day performance this year. The concerns regarding increased regulatory pressures and infighting (which led to the Bitcoin Cash hard fork and two competing chains) in crypto communities could be leading to losses, which are nearing $700 billion for the year. Bitcoin Could Fall to $2,500 in January Says Analyst Stephen Innes from Oanda Corp. suggests that the market is not showing respite yet, and there is still some pain left before Bitcoin bottoms out. He expects the digital currency to trade between $3500 to $6500 this year. He said: “There’s still a lot of people in this game. [If BTC] collapses, if we start to see a run down toward $3,000, this thing is going to be a monster. People will be running for the exits.” He said that Bitcoin has the potential to fall to $2,500 by January next year. When will the market bottoms out? Will the hopes of Bitcoin bulls see the light of day or will the cryptocurrency sector continue to be marred by regulations, bans, hacks, and falling prices? So far this weekend is a mixed picture with the top large-cap performers being Bitcoin Gold (BTG) up 4.6% and Monaco (MCO) up 2.6%, while the biggest losers are Bitcoin Cash (BCH) down 1.1% and Stellar (XLM) down 1%. Bitcoin is trading flat. A Bad Week for the Crypto Market so Far, Will the Weekend Bring Any Improvements? was originally found on [blokt] - Blockchain, Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News.

12 days ago

Cryptocurrency Winter Special: Two to HODL and One to FODL

This week provides another opportunity for a cryptocurrency HODL vs. FODL analysis. With Black Friday having just passed this is the perfect opportunity to do some shopping. Cryptocurrency Winter is Here BTC 00 having fallen more than 30% in the prior week has brought many cryptocurrencies lower with it. However, with a lower BTC comes cheaper cryptocurrencies. This week two cryptocurrencies are highlighted as HODLs: DOCK and VET. With DOCK likely to have the most significant gains of those on this list in the short term. Unfortunately, Bitcoin Gold is highlighted as the FODL of the week. As the cryptocurrency market progresses through 2018 it is important to distinguish which cryptocurrencies are HODLs (acquisition targets) vs FODLs (possible sells). The prior months have seen niche market cryptocurrencies trading on major exchanges highlighted. This week 2 HODLS are highlighted: a small cap cryptocurrency and larger cap both in their own respective niche market. DOCK is one of the smallest market cap cryptocurrencies on Binance providing platform users with ownership of their data. VET is a Top 20 Cryptocurrency by market cap, which specializes in supply chain management. Both of these coins represent the HODLs of the week. DOCK with a market cap a fraction of VET is likely to post higher returns than VET. VET is the ‘safer’ play while DOCK is more ‘high risk, high reward.’ Bitcoin Gold represents the FODL of the week. BTG is a hardfork of Bitcoin, which allows GPU miners to ‘mine’ the BTG fork instead of the ASICs that are used to mine BTC. GPU mining capability is the predominant benefit of BTG, though that is not enough to keep it relevant in the crypto space. When analyzing cryptocurrencies, it is important to determine if they are acquisition targets (HODL) or if they are relatively irrelevant in the space (FODL). DOCK would be the cryptocurrency for those wanting a higher risk, very high reward potential coin. VET is a much lower risk given its substantial list of partnerships but is likely to return a lower percentage based on its market cap. BTG seems to be fading into irrelevancy as their sole purpose is GPU mining of a Bitcoin fork. DOCK DOCK 00 has landed on the HODL radar for a plethora of reasons. With a $5.5 million market cap, DOCK has one of the lowest market caps on Binance. DOCK was added to Binance at the end of July during the height of the bear market. It is almost as if the public did not even notice. When DOCK was added to Binance the price shot up to over $0.07. With the price currently hovering around $0.01 that is an 86% correction since July 30, 2018. Having corrected such an astronomical amount in just the last two months DOCK seems to be poised for a breakout. What makes DOCK qualify as a niche coin among many cryptocurrencies is what their platform stands for. DOCK gives individuals ownership of their data, specifically rewarding them in DOCK. This allows the user to connect multiple social media accounts through one portal while securely storing your personal data in the cloud. The information you wish to share from the cloud will be rewarded based on what it is. Currently, we provide free internet data to many corporations by just browsing. Why not be paid for that same data? The benefits of the DOCK platform are not just for the user. Yes, it is more simple to have all your social media accounts logged in via one platform. Yes, it saves time to be able to pick and choose which aspect of your data can be seen by the public wishing to pay for it. However, the benefits are far greater than one would imagine. Advertisers can tailor adverts to their consumers without wasting money on uninterested demographics. Users will not be bombarded with adverts unrelated to their lives. Time and money are saved by all parties with platform users receiving the most benefits. DOCK is an ERC-20 token that has found a way to pay users for the data they had previously shared anyways. It is essential to be able to protect your private information in the cloud, DOCK not only protects it, but it also allows you to profit from of it. If there was a high risk, high reward cryptocurrency to accumulate prior to the bull run, DOCK is one of the top contenders! This week’s market correction has forced DOCK down another 30% positioning it perfectly for a rebound and this week’s top cryptocurrency. VeChain (VET) VeChain (VET) 00 is one of the larger cap cryptocurrencies that has solidified itself as a ‘niche’ specialist. VET specializes in supply chain management and for the majority of 2018 had a market cap in excess of a billion. Unfortunately, VET has corrected with the rest of the cryptocurrency space and has fallen to the #20 spot on CMC with an impressive list of partnerships. Partnerships and platforms result in long-term relevancy. VET has an impressive platform, and a more impressive list of partners: DNV (specializing in audits), PriceWaterhouseCoopers (Big 4 Accounting Firm), National Rese

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Markets Update: Cryptocurrencies Shed Billions in Bloody Sell-Off

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts have been glued to the price charts over the last 48 hours as digital assets across the entire crypto-economy have plunged significantly. Since our last markets update two days ago, the digital currency ecosystem has lost over $30 billion and the overall market capitalization of all 2,000+ coins now sits at around $159 billion. Also read: Cryptocurrency ATM Growth Spikes Exponentially to 4,000 Machines Worldwide The Sell-Off and Shakeup Markets have been bloody over the last few days with nearly every digital asset reaching its lowest price point of the year. Traditionally, cryptocurrency prices are usually bullish during November, but this year has been the exact opposite. Even though prices are extremely low, cryptocurrency market volumes have more than doubled over the last 24 hours. This shows that traders are playing new positions and scooping up coins at much lower prices in hopes their value will rise again. Top 10 cryptocurrencies on Nov. 20, 2018. Right now the price of bitcoin core (BTC) is around $4,800, but during overnight trading sessions BTC stumbled down to $4,237 per coin. Ripple (XRP) markets have been doing better than most but had dipped to a low of $0.41 per XRP. The XRP token is down 6.6% today, and over 13.4% over the last seven days. XRP is now back up to $0.46 per token according to the most recent data. Ethereum (ETH) now commands the third position among the top 10 market capitalizations and is down 35% for the week. Currently, ETH is trading for $144 per coin and holds a $14.8 billion market valuation. Lastly, stellar (XLM) has been pushed back to fifth position and is trading for $0.21 this Tuesday. Stellar markets are down 23% for the week but briefly managed to take the fourth position among the top 10 market caps. Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Market Action Bitcoin cash (BCH) markets took a pretty hard hit this week and prices have dropped about 54% over the last seven days. However, prices have varied depending on which exchange is being observed due to some metrics splitting the price of BCH into two. For instance, the aggregated price for BCH on data sites like Coinmarketcap show $255 per BCH, but other trading platforms like Bitstamp show a spot price of $302. BCH daily chart. Further, bitcoin cash trade volume globally is super low compared to the rest of the crypto-economy, with only $134.9 million global trades over the last day. This is due to a lot of exchanges which are still not servicing BCH orders, five days after the network fork. Again this has made currency pairs much different than in weeks prior as ETH is the top pair traded with BCH today, capturing 34% of all BCH trades. This is followed by BTC (29%), USDT (17.7%), KRW (13.7), and JPY (3.1%). BCH/USD markets show only 0.55% of all BCH trades are currently using USD for swaps. Technical Indicators Looking at the charts on Bitstamp currently shows an average BCH/USD spot price of around $303. Relative Strength Index levels were screaming a low of -10, showing significant oversold conditions during the early morning trading sessions, but have bumped back up to around -36. The RSI and Stochastic still show conditions are oversold, but BCH prices are starting to kick back into a higher gear and these conditions may not last long. Bitstamp BCH/USD Nov. 20, 2018. The two Simple Moving Averages (SMA) show the short-term 100 SMA is above the longer term 200 SMA, indicating a possible trend reversal from bearish to bullish could be on the cards. Order books show a different story, however, as both sides have significantly sized buy and sell walls. On the upside, there will be some good pit stops around $360 and higher and on the backside foundational support from the current vantage point until $240. Bitstamp BCH/USD Nov. 20, 2018. The Verdict: Market Participants Still Confident in the Long Term It’s hard to gauge how the cryptocurrency community is dealing with the big drops in value as many still seem confident in the long-term future of digital assets and blockchain technology. However, most crypto markets saw a huge sell-off, recording their lowest figures since Oct. 2017. The five coins that have shed the most over the last 24 hours are centrality (CENNZ), maker (MKR), aeternity (AE), waves (WAVES), and bitcoin gold (BTG). Meanwhile, Bitcoin Cash proponents are waiting for more businesses to open up services as exchanges and wallets have slowly been coming back online over the last 24 hours. According to data collected from Coinmarketcap and Poloniex, the split coin BSV has been trading at between $40-60 over the last two hours. Where do you see the price of bitcoin cash and other coins headed from here? Let us know in the comments section below. Disclaimer: Price articles and markets updates are intended for informational purposes only and should not to be considered as trading advice. Neither nor the author is responsible for any losses or gains, as the ultimate decis

18 days ago

Crypto Arbitrage Today: BCH, DOGE, ETH, LTC, Dash, BTG

As all cryptocurrency markets are subject to a new wave of bearish pressure, price gaps will become all the more important to exploit. As is usually the case, there are some interesting arbitrage opportunities, although the potential profits will fluctuate severely based on how all currencies evolve in the price department moving forward. Bitcoin Cash (HitBTC / Gate / Livecoin) It is rather interesting to note how there are many different Bitcoin Cash arbitrage opportunities. This mainly involves platforms allowing users to trade BCH again after the recent protocol upgrade. In the case of BCH, it seems buying on HitBTC or Kraken and selling on Livecoin or OKEx might be worth looking into. Once Poloniex reopens deposits, it could be worth looking into as well. This is a bit of a risky market to exploit right now, although there are gains of up to 43%. Dogecoin (Koineks / Gate / HitBTC) For cryptocurrency traders who can access to Koineks platform, buying Dogecoin might be a good idea today. Despite its current bull trend in the DOGE/BTC ratio, not all platforms value this altcoin at the same price level. Selling on HitBTC, Gate, or Livecoin can yield a net 1% profit with ease. That is all one can ask for under the current circumstances. Ethereum (BTCTurk / Kraken / KuCoin) There are, once again, multiple arbitrage opportunities involving Ethereum today. Buying on BtcTurk lets users sell on Poloniex, Gate, Livecoin, or KuCoin for profits of up to 2%. Buying on Kraken and selling on either of those four exchanges will yield 1.1% profit on average. Buying on Bitstamp and selling on either of these exchanges, or even Bittrex, Binance, and Bitfinex, can yield a profit of 1.2%. Litecoin (Kraken / Koineks / OKEx) It would appear most of today’s arbitrage opportunities involving Litecoin involve the exact same exchange as Ethereum’s gaps. Buying on Kraken, Koineks, or Bitstamp is the main order of business. Selling those LTC on OKEx, Gate, Livecoin, HitBTC, or Bitfinex can yield profits of between 0.8% and 1.2%. Bitcoin Gold (HitbTC / Koineks / Gate) Similar to the previous days, the Bitcoin Gold arbitrage gap is still in place, albeit in less spectacular fashion. Users who buy on HitBTC, Sistemkoin, Koineks, CEX, or Bitfinex, can score profits of up to 7.5% by selling on A very interesting price trend, especially when considering how this arbitrage gap has been in place for several days now. Dash (Kraken / HitBTC / Livecoin) It would appear every day has a Dash arbitrage opportunity. This usually involves the exact same exchanges as well, which makes things even more peculiar. Buying on Kraken and selling on either HitBTC or Livecoin can yield a nice profit of 1%. It is not the biggest profit by any means, but given this bearish market pressure, one can’t ask for much more. Information provided by Arbing Tool. Disclaimer: This is not trading or investment advice. The above article is for entertainment and education purposes only. Please do your own research before purchasing or investing into any cryptocurrency. The post Crypto Arbitrage Today: BCH, DOGE, ETH, LTC, Dash, BTG appeared first on NullTX.

18 days ago

Crypto Arbitrage Today: BCHABC, XMR, Dash, BTG, ETH, DOGE

Not a day goes by in the cryptocurrency world without going through some form of arbitrage opportunities. In the case of altcoins, there is a lot of decent money to be made, primarily because so many markets have wide spreads between the currencies themselves. It should be easy to score some profit when exploring these opportunities, assuming one can benefit from some decent liquidity. Monero (Kraken / HitBTC / Poloniex) As is usually the case where Monero arbitrage opportunities are concerned, the price on Kraken is significantly lower compared to all other platforms. For today, buying Kraken and selling XMR on HitBTC, Poloniex, or should yield profits of roughly 1.5%. A bit of easy money for doing virtually nothing, which is something everyone can get behind. Bitcoin Gold (HitBTC / Gate / Bitfinex) It would appear a Bitcoin Gold arbitrage opportunity has become apparent nearly every single day of the week. Why this market is fluctuating so badly all across exchanges is difficult to gauge, although it seems things will not necessarily change in this department. Buying BTG on Sistemkoin, HitBTC, Bitfinex, CEX, or Koineks and selling on Gate will yield profits of roughly 6%. DASH (Kraken / Poloniex / LiveCoin) For altcoins focusing on privacy and anonymity, it seems the arbitrage opportunities are piling up lately. Buying Dash on Kraken or HitBTC and selling on Poloniex, Gate, or Livecoin should yield easy profits. Buying on Vebitcoin, CEX, and Bittrex is also possible, albeit it will yield roughly half of the profit. Either option is still worth checking out under the current circumstances, though. Dogecoin (Koineks / Poloniex / Livecoin) Dogecoin is one of the more liquid altcoins on the market today. It has tremendous network activity, and its value is more than respectable. As such, it can be bought on Koineks, HitBTC, Poloniex, and Gate prior to selling it on LiveCoin for a quick 2.4% profit. Another easy arbitrage opportunity for speculators and traders who want to chase some quick profits. Ethereum (Kraken / KuCoin / Bitstamp) The ongoing battering of Ethereum’s price has created artificial gaps between different exchanges and platforms. In today’s arbitrage opportunity, buying on Kraken or Bitstamp and selling on Gate, Livecoin, KuCoin, OKEx, Poloniex, Binance, or HitBTC will yield a profit of nearly 1.5%. It makes for some positive news in an otherwise tremendously bleak year for Ethereum, at least in the price department. BCHABC (Vebitcoin / Binance / KuCoin) As was to be expected following Bitcoin Cash’s network upgrade, there will be arbitrage opportunities for the tokens involving in the process. Buying BCHABC on Vebitcoin and selling on either KuCoin or Binance will yield profits of roughly 2%. Binance has more liquidity compared to KuCoin, though, but it will also see the gap tighten quicker. Even so, an appealing venture for those who want to make some extra money. Information provided by Arbing Tool. Disclaimer: This is not trading or investment advice. The above article is for entertainment and education purposes only. Please do your own research before purchasing or investing into any cryptocurrency. The post Crypto Arbitrage Today: BCHABC, XMR, Dash, BTG, ETH, DOGE appeared first on NullTX.

19 days ago

Mining Pool Threatens To Kill Bitcoin Gold, Bitcoin Diamond, and Bitcoin Private

Prominent Bitcoin Cash startup CashPay Solutions has launched SharkPool with the goal of killing other cryptocurrencies. It tweeted that it will attack altcoins that it believes does not fulfill Satoshi Nakamoto’s original vision. SharkPool will mine empty blocks on Bitcoin Diamond (BCD), Bitcoin Gold (BTG), Bitcoin Private (BTCP), and Bitcoin Interest (BCI). The pool added that all forks and splits are acts of war. Further, it would dump the mining profits for BCH to create selling pressure in the market. (VS)

19 days ago

Have you tried the BTG dedicated wallet by Freewallet? Chec...

Have you tried the BTG dedicated wallet by Freewallet? Check it out! => #BTG…

20 days ago

Crypto Arbitrage Today: Easy Profits With QTUM, XMR, BTG, and ETH

As is usually the case in the cryptocurrency industry, arbitrage opportunities are not exactly difficult to come by. Today is no different in this regard, primarily because the spreads of certain altcoins across different exchanges are shaping up rather nicely. There’s a lot of good money to be made in this regard, albeit some trades may involve less liquidity compared to others. QTUM (Kraken - Poloniex - KuCoin) It is not entirely surprising to see a new QTUM arbitrage gap appear all of a sudden. More specifically, there has been an opportunity involving QTUM nearly every other day this week, as the price on Kraken remains significantly lower compared to Poloniex, KuCoin, and Gate. A very easy flip for up to 2% profit, as all of these platforms should provide sufficient liquidity to make something exciting happen. Monero (Kraken - Poloniex - HitBTC) A similar arbitrage opportunity still exists for Monero. Buying XMR on Kraken will let users sell on Livecoin, Gate, HitBTC, or Poloniex for up to 2.75% profit. It is not the first time XMR prices on Kraken remain very low for some time, and it seems things may not necessarily change as the week progresses. As such, arbitrage opportunities will remain visible where XMR is concerned. Bitcoin Gold (HitBTC Gate - Bitfinex) Over the past few weeks, there have been quite a few arbitrage opportunities involving Bitcoin Gold. Why that is the case, remains anybody’s guess. Even today, there is a good chance to net a quick 12% profit by simply flipping BTG between exchanges. Buying on HitBTC, Sistemkoin, Koineks, CEX, and Bitfinex to sell on Gate will always yield double-digit percentile profits. XLM (Kraken - HitbTC - KuCoin) For those who are looking to buy and sell Stellar Lumens for a quick profit, buying on Kraken seems to be a good idea first and foremost. By selling the funds on KuCoin, Bitexen, HitBTC, or Gate, one can next easy profits. Buying on Koineks and selling on these exchanges is also profitable. Arbitrage traders can easily pocket 1% profit for doing virtually nothing. Bitcoin Cash (Gate - Kraken - OKEx) When it comes to flipping Bitcoin Cash for a profit, numerous gaps have opened up. This is primarily due to deposits and withdrawals being frozen, although these gaps may persist once market activity resumes. For now, Buying on Gate, Kraken, HitBTC, or CEX seems like a good idea, assuming prices don’t change much. OKEx and Livecoin have a very high price for BCH right now. If this gap persists, traders can pocket a healthy 17% profit in quick succession. Ethereum (Kraken - Binance - LiveCoin) Even though Ethereum price discussions have taken a backseat for some time no, there are still plenty of arbitrage options to explore. Buying on HitBTC, Gate, OKEx, Kraken, KuCoin, or Binance will allow for quick and profitable flips on Livecoin. Buying on Kraken and selling on OKEx, Poloniex, KuCoin, or HitBTC can also yield similar profits of roughly 2%. Very appealing opportunities, especially when considering how few people actively look at Ethereum trading right now. Information provided by Arbing Tool. Disclaimer: This is not trading or investment advice. The above article is for entertainment and education purposes only. Please do your own research before purchasing or investing into any cryptocurrency. The post Crypto Arbitrage Today: Easy Profits With QTUM, XMR, BTG, and ETH appeared first on NullTX.

21 days ago

BTG will go to San Francisco! Only 10 days away from the FI...

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22 days ago

Hey guys! Today is the last day you can swap any crypto to B...

Hey guys! Today is the last day you can swap any crypto to BTG with ZERO fee thanks to @changelly_team. Go to…

24 days ago

Only 4 hours left to the BTG One Year Anniversary livestream...

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a month ago

Thanks, Martin for all the hard work done during this year. ...

Thanks, Martin for all the hard work done during this year. The BTG Organization is proud to have you as a Board m…

a month ago

To celebrate our One Year Anniversary, we will hold a live s...

To celebrate our One Year Anniversary, we will hold a live stream tomorrow with BTG Board members H4x, Martin & Edw…

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zelcore is a multi-asset encrypted wallet that allows users to have multiple accounts on the same computer. BTG sup…

a month ago

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a month ago

QuadrigaCX is a Canadian based crypto exchange platform that...

QuadrigaCX is a Canadian based crypto exchange platform that offers advanced features for BTG traders. Available p…

a month ago

Today’s Arbitrage Opportunities: XLM, Dash, XEM, XMR, LISK, BG

Arbitrage is a rather common occurrence in the cryptocurrency industry these days. With hundreds of trading platforms to choose from, it’s not uncommon for price discrepancies to occur now and then. Below are six examples of coins and exchanges to keep an eye on today, as it seems new opportunities might show up later today. #6 Lisk (Poloniex / YoBit) The Lisk currency has always been a rather interesting one. It tends to see significant price fluctuations with little trading volume, which also creates arbitrage opportunities down the line. Today, it seems trading LSK between Poloniex and YoBit can allow for some arbitrage opportunities. One has to keep in mind YoBIt doe snot have a lot of trading volume, thus trading millions worth of LSK back and forth will not happen. #5 Monero (Kraken / Bittrex / Poloniex) A lot of cryptocurrency enthusiasts tend to forget Monero can be actively traded on the Kraken exchange. Because of this slightly less liquid offering, its price seems to be lower compared to other exchanges. Buying XMR on Kraken today will - on a regular basis - be cheaper compared to using HitbTC, Bittrex, or Poloniex. As such, buying on Kraken and liquidating on any of those three exchanges can yield some arbitrage revenue. #4 Bitcoin Gold (Koineks / HitBTC) Even though very few people consider Bitcoin Gold a long-term project right now, money can be made by arbitrage in the BTG department. At this time, there is a relatively appealing gap between Koineks and HitBTC. Neither of these exchanges is known for their liquidity. Additionally, one has to keep in mind HitBTC has some hefty withdrawal fees, thus those costs will need to be taken into account as well. #3 XEM (Koineks / LiveCoin / YoBit) It becomes evident pretty quickly the smaller altcoin exchanges will offer a lot of opportunities moving forward. Especially in the arbitrage department, Koineks, LiveCoin, and YoBit all have their role to play in this regard, especially where XEM is concerned. This once prominent altcoin offers a nice spread across the exchanges, which can have an interesting impact on the market over the coming hours. #2 XLM (Kraken / KuCoin) Stellar’s XLM has always been a very interesting asset for arbitrage trading. Discrepancies between different trading platforms tend to show up on a regular basis, for some unknown reason. At this time, keeping an eye on Kraken for lower prices can lead to profits gained by selling XLM on KuCoin. HitBTC also maintains a higher price, but the high withdrawal fees will offset a long of potential gains. #1 Dash (Kraken / Bittrex / Poloniex / YoBit) It would seem Dash is the market to keep an eye on today for those looking to partake in arbitrage trading opportunities. Buying it as Kraken is very lucrative, as there is a pretty big gap compared to other trading platforms. Poloniex, YoBit, and Bittrex are all places to sell Dash for profit without having to await any real market momentum changes. The post Today’s Arbitrage Opportunities: XLM, Dash, XEM, XMR, LISK, BG appeared first on NullTX.

2 months ago

U.S. Jewelry Store Latest Retailer to Accept Cryptocurrency as Payment

A U.S.-based jewelry store is joining a growing and long list of retailers who are accepting cryptocurrency to pay for goods. If the crypto industry has been good to you and you’re in the market for something shiny, then you’re in luck. According to a press release, Marks Jewelers is the latest retailer to accept cryptocurrency as a payment. The US-based jewelry store’s wide range of beautiful diamonds and timepieces will most likely have you parting with your crypto in no time at all. Reaching More Customers Around the Globe By collaborating with Shopping Cart Elite, an e-commerce platform, Marks Jewelers will be able to accept Bitcoin Diamond (BCD), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Gold (BTG), Dash, Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC) and Zcoin (XZC). The Director of Marketing for the jewelers, Joshua Rubin, spoke about his excitement for this new venture and how it will impact the company: We’re very excited to begin accepting cryptocurrency payments from our customers around the world. This will allow us to make our fine jewelry available to the global market while paying lower fees and avoiding chargebacks. Marks has long been known for our meticulous craftsmanship and curated selection, and we are thrilled to open our store to the world. While convenience and customer-base expansion are obvious benefits for the company, their clients may also experience discounted rates. This is because the savings that Marks Jewelers will enjoy, such as lack of currency conversion fees and reduced transaction costs, could translate into more affordable product prices for their customers. Cryptocurrency Acceptance Continues to Grow While perhaps the latest, Marks Jewelers is by no means that only retailer that is accepting virtual currencies as payment. Overstock saw the crypto light back in 2014 when they began accepting Bitcoin and its brethren. Live Bitcoin News also reported on a Texas-based luxury vehicle dealership that began accepting crypto as well as another U.S.-based car dealership that recently sold a car completely paid for in Dash. However, if you really want to up the ante and buy your own yacht or even the ever-popular Bitcoin status symbol, a Lambo, then sites like the Dadiani Syndicate were made for you. With these platforms, bridging the divide between virtual wealth and tangible luxury assets is getting easier and easier. So, the moral of the story is that you don’t have to let your lack of fiat stop you from popping the big question or buying that priceless work of art. Just find a platform that can accept your crypto and treat yo’ self. What would be the first luxury item you’d buy if you had some crypto to spare? Let us know in the comments below! Images courtesy of Pixabay and Shutterstock. The post U.S. Jewelry Store Latest Retailer to Accept Cryptocurrency as Payment appeared first on Live Bitcoin News.

2 months ago

A big thank you to all our community members in BTG - India ...

A big thank you to all our community members in BTG - India for helping our group pass this milestone if you haven'...

2 months ago

Three Major Projects with Shockingly Little Activity

“Build it and they will come” has unfortunately proven to not translate well with the crypto space. In 2017, ambitious projects raised record setting amounts of money and today, many of these projects have utilized their warchest to bring their dreams to reality. While there are a handful of major projects that have already garnered activity in the magnitude of millions, many alternatives have, so far, failed to see any meaningful use. Here are three of largest projects that fit the bill: #3 Bitcoin Gold (BTG) For many, it likely doesn’t come as a huge surprise that the Bitcoin fork has failed to garner much meaningful adoption. While Bitcoin Gold has a couple of interesting features, mainly, a new mining algorithm that is ASIC resistant as well as replay protection, it also comes with a lot of baggage. There is evidence to suggest that the developers pre-mined and dumped 200,000 BTG at the all-time high price of US$500. They also promoted a scam wallet that stole close to US$3 million from unknowing victims. Overall, there is little merit behind the project, especially in comparison to Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. However, at a market cap of almost US$500 million, one would expect that something fruitful is taking place on the network. The reality couldn’t be further from the truth. With daily transactions averaging around 1,000, BTG transactions happen less than once per minute. As it is expected that a majority of the activity is trading related. #2 Augur (REP) By crypto standards, Augur is a project whose history dates back ages. While the predictions market protocol has been right around the corner for years, it was finally released in July of this year. Unfortunately for longtime supporters, eagerness for the project quickly diminished as activity on the platform was not as expected and has steadily drained since launch. At time of writing, there are close to 1,300 active predictions markets on Augur and almost US$1.2 million at stake. While not impressive for a project valued at $140 million, it’s not a terrible metric, at first glance. The reality is much more dire: only 96 of those markets are liquid (as in, there is any activity placed) and a majority of money at stake comes from just two of those markets. Liquidity remains a big issue as the most liquid market still maintains a margin of over 5%. To put the sheer lack of activity into statistics, less than 20 actions have been executed on the market in the past day. #1 0x Protocol (ZRX) There seems to be a lot of love for 0x almost universally throughout the crypto space. And this is not necessarily unfounded- the service provided by ZRX supplies much needed scalability and cost solutions to decentralized exchanges. With 0x, only the execution of trades in a dex setting require a transaction. As it currently stands, a transaction is needed for everything: sending money to exchange contract, placing orders, canceling orders, executing trades, and sending money out of the contract. Alas, 0x’s solution could likely play a major role in cryptocurrency trading in the near future. However, this is all currently speculation, as there is almost zero activity across all parties that have adopted the technology. All eight of 0x’s current users, called relayers, are transparently displayed on the trading portal of the 0x site. Accompanied by the list is the weekly activity. At time of writing, this amounts to US$2,552 worth of trades throughout the whole week. This is actually up significantly from last week, when the number was under $500. Regardless, it does not justify the project’s US$400 million market cap. Several major exchanges, such as Ethfinex, indicate they are working to incorporate 0x. But at this point in time, such adoption is wholly nonexistent. The post Three Major Projects with Shockingly Little Activity appeared first on NullTX.

2 months ago

Brazilian Presidential Candidate Fernando Haddad Releases Future Plan on Blockchain

Brazil’s presidential candidate Fernando Haddad has announced that he has released his future plans for the government on blockchain. The move comes after his rival candidate Jair Bolsanaro announced his own plans for the blockchain industry a week ago. The two candidates are going to face each other in the final round of Brazilian presidential elections later this year. Haddad, belonging to the Workers’ Party has promised that blockchain record-keeping was the only way the campaign found to disassociate the candidate from the kind of false news being spread about Haddad’s proposals. Therefore, the campaign found a partnership with Brazilian company OriginalMy earlier this week and thus their request was subsequently registered on Decred’s blockchain. The move comes after fears that fake news attacks against politicians in the country were reaching the next levels as a recent survey by BTG Pactual pointed out. The survey reported that 47% of Brazilians used WhatsApp for political information and around 87% received fake news through it. The survey covered almost 2,000 random people in the country. Haddad believes that his far-right rival Jair Bolsanaro is using fake news to his advantage and getting an unfair advantage. Thus, he became the first candidate in history to register his future plans and statements on the immutable blockchain technology. Fake news is now being combatted around the world with the help of blockchain technology because of the latter’s incorruptible nature. Blockchain technology is becoming increasingly popular in Brazil as many leaders have come forward with their plans for blockchain adoption in the country. Former candidates Marina Silva and Joao Amoeda also announced their plans for the use of blockchain to register donations and creation of a digital government respectively before the first round of elections. Follow on Twitter: @BitcoinNewsCom Telegram Alerts from Want to advertise or get published on - View our Media Kit PDF here. Image Courtesy: The post Brazilian Presidential Candidate Fernando Haddad Releases Future Plan on Blockchain appeared first on

2 months ago

Bittrex to trade Metal (MTL) Again after Ten months of Delisting, Price Spikes Over 13%

Bittrex, a leading blockchain trading platform delisted many assets from its exchange earlier this year, one of which was Metal (MTL). It has also reinstated some, but the latest reinstatement is that of Metal. The exchange delisted MTL since January this year due to “potential regulatory implications”. The exchange however promised to bring Metal back as soon as the situation improved since the decision to remove it was not Bittrex’s pleasure. According to the CEO of Metal, “As the regulatory landscape in the United States around cryptocurrency changes, we are seeing new policies emerge. Today, Bittrex informed us that our token will be delisted from their exchange on Jan 12th. Metal is still available on multiple exchanges including Binance, and relisting on Bittrex post-Metal Pay launch is already on the table.” According to Bittrex, MTL is being relisted because of its change of status from a security to a utility token and its relisting will be acceptable with SEC due to the upgrade. The question is will the company also reinstate the several other assets it delisted? Bittrex is said to have the culture of delisting and reinstating of assets which seems to be confirmed by the recent delisting of Bitcoin Gold due to the hack of BTG which caused the loss of $18 million by BTG in May 2018. According to the BitcoinGold team, the company has suffered both 51% and double spend attacks used by a criminal “to defraud crypto exchange” by depositing funds in those exchanges and withdrawing to his wallet before the exchanges realise it. As a result of the attack, Bittrex blamed BTG for the attacks and requested over 12,000 BTG as compensation. In response, BTG team said it “is not responsible for security policy within private entities like Bittrex,” adding that the exchanges “must manage the related risks and are ultimately responsible for their own security.” Bitcoin Gold is a hard fork of Bitcoin which has been in existence since 2017. Its purpose according to the developers is to enable mining using regular GPUs instead of the high tech ASIC systems used in mining Bitcoin. Bittrex may consider reinstating BTG if the team pays the required compensation, which will continue the cycle of delisting and reinstatement that seems to be a pattern for exchanges. To prevent future attacks, Bitcoin Gold is said to have upgraded the security of the fork to see that no such incidence happens again as another attack had led to the loss of $3.3 million in 2017. The post Bittrex to trade Metal (MTL) Again after Ten months of Delisting, Price Spikes Over 13% appeared first on ZyCrypto.

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Bitcoiners Shoot Down Roubini’s US Senate Testimony

Noted Bitcoin critic Nouriel Roubini will deliver a speech on cryptocurrency and blockchain to the U.S. Senate today, and it is unlikely that the man known as “Dr. Doom” will mince his words. Nor will the economist concern himself too much with the truth, as his prepared testimony is filled with exaggerations and inaccuracies that the cryptocurrency community has already started to gleefully pull apart. Also read: 30 People Who Were Really Wrong About Bitcoin Dr. Doom Gets on His High Horse The phrase “don’t feed the trolls” applies to individuals who’ve made a career out of critiquing cryptocurrency. Roubini was once a respected, Harvard-educated economist, but for some reason he has elected to devote his dotage to crypto-bashing. Most people in the cryptocurrency space simply ignore him, but given that he is scheduled to testify before the U.S. Senate Committee on Banking, Housing and Community Affairs today (Oct. 11), bitcoiners have felt compelled to speak up. What Roubini chooses to share with his Twitter followers is his prerogative, such critics reason, but the falsehoods he disseminates to lawmakers could have more serious repercussions. “Crypto is the Mother of All Scams and (Now Busted) Bubbles While Blockchain Is The Most Over-Hyped Technology Ever, No Better than a Spreadsheet/Database” reads the excitable subheading of Roubini’s prepared Senate testimony ahead of his livestreamed appearance starting at 10 a.m. EST. The following 37 pages are riddled with hyperbole, strawman arguments, blatant fallacies and misunderstandings, interspersed with the occasional nugget of truth. While cryptocurrency enthusiasts should have no trouble distinguishing the facts from the FUD, lesser experts — such as the U.S. Senate Committee Roubini is addressing — may simply defer to the economist’s perceived wisdom. The undergrads I presented to yesterday at NYU Stern were more qualified to speak about crypto than @Nouriel. — Ryan Selkis (@twobitidiot) October 11, 2018 “This Nouriel fella seems pretty pissed at crypto right now. Feel like it’s a good opportunity to live tweet my reading of his testimony to the senate,” wrote one commenter, before proceeding to debunk the bulk of Roubini’s claims. A Litany of Errors and Half-Truths Roubini begins his testimony by shamelessly referencing his self-described “seminal treatise” on asset bubbles. He then proceeds, with no exaggeration whatsoever, to assert that “literally every human being I met between Thanksgiving and Christmas of 2017 asked me first if they should buy [cryptocurrency].” By the third page of his testimony, Roubini has moved on to dismissing blockchain as overhyped. While he is on firmer ground here, he has already lost all credibility at this point by prefacing these comments with tired canards about tulip mania. “Until now, Bitcoin’s only real use has been to facilitate illegal activities such as drug transactions, tax evasion, avoidance of capital controls, or money laundering,” continues Roubini, trotting out tropes that have been debunked on numerous occasions, including by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration. Other blatant falsehoods in Roubini’s testimony include the assertion that: Bitcoin’s supply isn’t actually fixed at 21 million coins because of forked coins such as BCH and BTG (a page later, he contradicts himself by speaking of “Bitcoin, whose supply is truly constrained by an arbitrary mathematical rule”) “Dozens” of successful 51% attacks have occurred recently (the true figure is a fraction of that) “Mining is highly concentrated in oligopolies in shady and nontransparent and unsecure jurisdictions — China, Russia, Belarus, Georgia, etc.” (the location of cryptocurrency mining has no bearing on security) “While Bitcoin has not been hacked yet ...” (Roubini has been trotting out this line since 2014) “Very few women or minorities are allowed in the blockchain space” “There are hundreds of stories of greedy crypto-criminals raising billions of dollars with scammy white papers” (actually, there is one such story — EOS) “The energy consumption of crypto is an environmental disaster” Roubini finishes his testimony by writing: “Bitcoin or any crypto-asset could go ‘To The Moon’ or crash to zero and I would not make a penny either way. The only thing that is at stake is my personal, intellectual and academic reputation.” On that point, at least, bitcoiners are in agreement. In their eyes, Roubini lost his reputation years ago. As previously observed, Dr. Doom has been wrong about bitcoin for years. Whether it goes to the gutter or the moon, Roubini will continue to beat the same old drum, as his obsession with price and volatility seemingly blinds him to the power that bitcoin affords to those who have been disenfranchised by the current financial system. Fiat is the scam, Nouriel. Some of us are tired of it, so we're building an alternative. You're under no obligation to use it. — Erik Voorhe

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Binance Delists Bytecoin, ChatCoin, Triggers, and Iconomi Cryptocurrencies

Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange (in market volume) has announced on Oct. 9 that it will delist Bytecoin (BCN), ChatCoin (CHAT), Iconomi (ICN), and Triggers (TRIG) from its platform. Binance’s Reasons for Delisting Digital Currencies According to the press release, Binance conducts comprehensive and periodic reviews to ensure that listed cryptocurrencies on its platform maintain a high standard of quality. In case a digital asset fails to meet the criteria, Binance performs additional review to potentially delist it. The company has outlined that the delisting of a cryptocurrency is decided by the following factors: “Commitment of team to project Quality and level of development activity Network/smart contract stability Level of public communication and activity Responsiveness to our periodic due diligence Evidence of unethical/fraudulent conduct Contribution to a healthy and sustainable crypto ecosystem.” Binance has set the day of delisting BCN, CHAT, ICN, and TRIG at 2018/10/12 10:00 AM (UTC) on all the available trading pairs. However, withdrawals will remain open until 2018/11/12 10:00 AM (UTC). The Bytecoin Pump and Dump Jonha Richman, PR & marketing advisor for Blockchain companies, told [blokt] that: “Binance only has the best interest of its users as coins and projects that do not necessarily have enough interest (as proven in form of volume) will no longer be included in its platform. By doing so, it will make way for more interesting and possibly more appealing coins for its users and investors to potentially invest in. Such practice is not exclusive for Binance and other exchanges such as Bittrex is also delisting a few coins including: Bitshares (BTS), Bitcoin Gold (BTG), and Bitcoin Private (BTCP)” Bytecoin, the most notable cryptocurrency of the ones to be delisted, saw a significant price increase (166%) in just a few hours after its listing on Binance last May. Experts then raised red flags about this listing, citing Monero, a cryptocurrency hard forked from BCN, whose team said that Bytecoin was highly centralized as 82 percent of its coins were premined and owned by its developers. Moreover, 693 million BCN coins were reportedly created out of thin air to compensate Binance for listing Bytecoin. The freezing of BCN on all platforms that followed raised a widespread belief that Bytecoin and Binance were involved in what was then called “the most sophisticated pump and dump ever.” Controversy Across the Community While Binance announced just yesterday that fees from future coin listings would be donated to charitable activities, today’s delisting announcement has raised skepticism across the crypto community about its credibility. Binance said that the disclosure of the coin delisting factors aims to ensure public transparency. A large part of the community embraced the decision of Binance as BCN, CHAT, ICN, and TRIG have not proved their value so far. However, numerous people said that the exchange should also demonstrate the same transparency prior to listing a new coin, a practice that Binance hasn’t followed up to date. Others said that because Binance’s delisting decision has the power to manipulate the market as people run to dump their coins, the exchange should conduct better due diligence before classifying a digital asset as worthless, like in the case of ChatCoin, which was added on Binance earlier this year. At the time of writing, Bytecoin is losing 20% of its value and is currently trading at $0.001781. ChatCoin plummets by 22% ($0.017494), Iconomi drops by 9% ($0.361727), while Triggers experiences losses of 39%, trading at $0.190701. Binance Delists Bytecoin, ChatCoin, Triggers, and Iconomi Cryptocurrencies was originally found on [blokt] - Blockchain, Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News.

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Belize-Based Financial Broker RoboForex Adds 16 Crypto Pairs to Trading Platform

International financial broker RoboForex has added support for 16 crypto trading pairs to its platform dubbed R Trader. RoboForex gives investors the opportunity to trade CFDs, which are contracts for difference, on coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum. The new trading pairs are in the BTC and USD markets and include the following coins: BCH, BTG, EOS, ETC, GNT, IOTA, NEO, OMG, QTUM and XMR. RoboForex reportedly offers leverage of up to 1.5x. (GT)

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Mahone's Wallpaper Shop Partners with Shopping Cart Elite to Accept Crypto Payments

Mahone's Wallpaper Shop has partnered with Shopping Cart Elite, an e-commerce platform, to accept crypto payments. Mahone's Wallpaper Shop will now take eight cryptos namely LTC, ETH, BTC, BCH, BCD, BTG, Dash, and Zcoin in the payments of its home decor products. With this offerings, the retailer is now paving the way for global customers for its Products. (KE)

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$BTG partner @Changehero_io is offering free exchange for BT...

$BTG partner @Changehero_io is offering free exchange for BTG this weekend - 0% commissions on exchanges! Check ou...

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At Bitcoin Gold, we believe that anyone can be a miner! ⛏️S...

At Bitcoin Gold, we believe that anyone can be a miner! ⛏️Start mining BTG today! ⛏️ Everything you need to know =...

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Trezor Announces Support For Trading Crypto Within The Wallet

Hardware wallet manufacturer Trezor has announced support for trading cryptocurrencies. Users will be able to swap between 11 different cryptocurrencies within its wallet interface which is in beta right now. Users will no longer have to move their funds to an exchange to trade them. Trezor has integrated multiple exchanges, including Changenow, Coinmama, Changelly, Paybis, and Coinswitch. The currencies supported right now are BCH, ZEC, XRP, LTC, BTG, XMR, DASH, DOGE, BTC, ETH, ETC, and XMR. However, the wallet manufacturer has cautioned that the third-party exchanges may enforce KYC in future. (VS)

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Easy & friendly - agile & efficient, the NEW BTG web...

Easy & friendly - agile & efficient, the NEW BTG website feels great to look and read. The BTG design team lead by...

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#BitcoinGold is attending CIBTC blockchain conference in And...

#BitcoinGold is attending CIBTC blockchain conference in Andorra, October 05-06. The BTG team's own Alejandro Regoj...

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Bitcoin Gold Faces Dropping Pressure; To be Delisted From Bittrex

Bitcoin Gold (BTG) has slumped 30% in the last month, and about 95% from its all-time high. The hard forked protocol Bitcoin Gold (BTG) recently faced a 51% attack which caused major exchange Bittrex to lose 12,372 BTG coins. It said other exchanges such as Binance, Bitfinex, Hitbtc, Bitinka, and Bithumb also lost funds. Bittrex has decided to delist the coin in mid-September. The lost volume and damage to its reputation could see BTG prices drop even further. (RL)

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Daily Berminal Brief (9/4/18): IBM Launches Cross-Border Payments With Stellar And Google Onboards Ethereum Blockchain To Analytics Platform

The State Of The Market: Most of the market is in green today, with Bitcoin going creeping past its resistance at $7,300. Bitcoin (BTC) is currently priced at $7,363.31, gaining 1.28% in the last 24 hours. Also, for the first time in 8 months, Bitcoin's MACD has gone above the zero line, indicating an upcoming Bull run. With the current trend, Bitcoin may reach $8,500 in the next few weeks. Ethereum, on the other hand, has not moved. It is still below $300 at $289.08, losing 0.22%. Also, with recent Bitcoin gains, Ethereum has gone below 0.04 BTC for the first time this year and is currently at 0.03919 BTC. The total market cap has gone from $235 Billion to $240 Billion, gaining $5 Billion in the last 24 hours. 1) After initially announcing a partnership with Stellar, IBM has quietly rolled out 'Blockchain World Wire' which will facilitate near real-time cross-border payments. In doing so, Stellar with IBM is directly competing with Ripple. IBM will partner with financial institutions and integrate Blockchain World Wire with their existing payment systems for seamless transactions. 2) Internet giant Google has taken a special interest in Ethereum by adding its blockchain to their big data analytics platform, BigQuery. The new feature synchronizes blockchain data every day and visualizes multiple aspects of it. BigQuery can also be used to observe smart contracts and Dapps on the Ethereum blockchain. Ethereum blockchain data is available for users to interact with right now. 3) After multiple hacks, Bittrex is the latest exchange to drop support for the forked cryptocurrency, Bitcoin Gold. Currently, BTG trades against BTC, ETH, and USDT on Bittrex. The exchange fell victim to a 51% attack and demanded that the Bitcoin Gold team cover up their loss. The BTG team refused to do so, which has resulted in Bittrex dropping support.

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Bittrex to Delist Bitcoin Gold on 14th September

Recently, the Bittrex exchange platform experienced a double spending attack on BTG chain. They were requested to pay 12,372,000 worth of BTG which they refused. As a result, Bitcoin Gold will cease existing from Bittrex platform. All bitcoin gold pairs like BTC/BTG, ETH/BTG, USDT/BTG will also be delisted. An official announcement was made by Bitcoin Gold about this said that: "We regret to inform our community that the crypto exchange Bittrex has decided to de-list BTG after we declined to pay them 12,372 BTG to remain listed." The attack reportedly which happened on Bittrex platform on May 19th saw hackers taking control of 51% of the hash power and stole 388,000 BTG. (VK)

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Bittrex To Delist Bitcoin Gold (BTG) On September 14

After multiple hacks, Bittrex is the latest exchange to drop support for the forked cryptocurrency, Bitcoin Gold. Currently, BTG trades against BTC, ETH, and USDT on Bittrex. The exchange fell victim to a 51% attack and demanded that the Bitcoin Gold team covers up their loss. The BTG team refused to do so, which has resulted in it being delisted from Bittrex. Bitcoin Gold (BTG) is currently priced at $21.45, gaining 0.6% in the last 24 hours. (VS)

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Indian Exchange Zebpay Lists Bitcoin Gold

Zebpay, India's largest Crypto exchange has announced support for Bitcoin Gold, 10 months after its fork. While Bitcoin Cash was credited much sooner, the Exchange said it took them time to gain confidence in Bitcoin Gold. Users will soon be able to gain Bitcoin Gold for Bitcoin held in Zebpay during the fork. Additionally, Zebpay is also listing Bitcoin Gold for users to trade against INR, TUSD, and BTC. Bitcoin Gold (BTG) is currently priced at $21.13, gaining 7.19% in the last 24 hours. (VS)

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