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24h Volume $ 25.713 K
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Considering only the total volume of top 10 cryptocurrencies of 377.176.960.776 USD in one month we can easily estimate the total income of the exchanges. Considering the average fee of 0.05% the income of the exchanges was over 180$ milions / month only from transactions fee. Here we will sum up also the deposit and withdraw fees which are much higher than previous one. Birake White Label Solution will come up with an exchange platform, ready to go live from day one for anyone who will pay a small monthly fee. All the exchanges running on BIRAKE network will have orders openly shared. This means if a customer aquire one exchange platform, this will have plenty of orders from day 1.

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The mission of BIRAKE is to provide both website owners and users of BIRAKE exchanges network, the biggest database of orders / users and achieve the biggest trading volume from cryptocurrency area. BIR coin is used as main payment for fees.


Cryptocurrency is the future, people need tools to exchange and use these cryptos. We want to build the largest exchange network. Moreover, we want to allow crypto communities, companies, and everyone from this industry to create their own trading platform with few clicks. We are experienced in traiding starting with the forex industry and ending with the crypto industry for over 5 years. We have implemented automated trading systems, exchange platforms, and lately we've been focusing more on the crypto area. As traders and investors, we have struck the situation of overloading trading platforms in the crypto area. Especially in 2017, there were times when more than 50% of the large crypto trading platforms were overloaded/closed/inoperable for long periods of time. For this reason we believe that the Birake platform will come with a solution for enduser but also for companies that aim for a business/exchange in this area.

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