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AVINOC project purpose and description

AVINOC clarity of purpose

AVINOC purpose and aspects

Our vision of AVINOC is to create a unified, permissionless data base layer with an integrated pay-ment system for general aviation and in particular for BizAv to make sustainable development pos-sible. In doing so, we place particular emphasis on optimizing processes by fully automatizing themtoreducecommunicationflowtimestonearzeroand,atthesametime,allowpaymentforservicesat the same speed. The means of our choice here is the Blockchain, which we specifically upgradefor the purpose. We believe in BizAv as a motor for innovation and progress, and we believe inparticular that it will have far more potential in the future than may currently be imaginable in manyplaces. For us, AVINOC means a genuine and honest disruption in order to lay the foundation forthe future of BizAv and, as a result,enable autonomous flying for operational businesses on a globalbasis

AVINOC additional differentiation against competition

Tomakeourvisionareality,wewillstartbytransformingBizAv’sexistingprocessesandmakethemlesscomplexandlesstime-consuming. Inthefirstinstance, weaddresscommunicationandissuesthat currently lead to high financial overhead and include the key challenges of the BizAv renewalprocess. Here, we focus on the two problem areas represented by intermediaries (brokers) andemptyflights. Inthecourseofourfurtheractivity, wewilltrytoreconcileprocesseswithinfrastruc-ture and all stakeholders involved and (re-) define suitable interfaces. In demand management (oroperational research) and in later development, we view all problem areas from the perspectiveof systems science with the help of System Dynamics16. We see ourselves as a project designedthrough and through for an open-source community and at the same time implementing all princi-ples and methods of project and quality management in order to comply with aviation safety and tomake it sustainable.

Short description

AVINOC (Aviation Network Operation Chain) is a consistent, integrated and permissionless base data layer for decentralized, transparent and worldwide coordination of business flights within the general aviation, to achieve optimal utilization and reduce costs significantly. The AVINOC token is the resource, the "fuel" of the blockchain solution, and ensures the integrity of the data. AVINOC tokens are used to publish flight offers and for bookings in the system.


he Aviation Network Operation Centers, which have been in existence since 2008, is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) software and business cloud application for BizAv, which has been further developed to this day. Inspired by the wide range of possibilities offered by Blockchain technology today, the development team decided in 2017 to transform existing knowledge from the ERP solution into a completely new system, the Aviation Network Operation Chain AVINOC as a Blockchain solution provides a transparent, integrated, permissionless and decentralized base data layer for the exchange of relevant information for the GA. The main focus here is on BizAv. The aim of AVINOC is flight coordination, order management and infrastructural issues

Link to Roadmap: https://www.avinoc.com/#roadMap
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