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Ambrosus (AMB) Project Featured in the December Newsletter of the UN's One Planet Network

The blockchain project Ambrosus, which combines blockchain and IoT to assure data integrity for products, was recently featured in the official December newsletter of the UN's One Planet Network. The article discussed the projects most recent partnership with Nongshim Data Systems (NDS) and Korean Supermarket Chain Mega Mart that will see the Ambrosus blockchain-based food traceability solution applied to high-quality beef products for the supermarket chain. Ambrosus seeks to promote a new, more sustainable model for beef consumption that focuses on the consumer. (JF)

7 hours ago

Tech Giant Amazon Sharpens Position to Compete in Blockchain and Crypto Space

One of the most prolific companies in the world is taking steps to further integrate blockchain technology into its suite of offerings. Amazon Web Services (AWS), a subsidiary of Amazon, has just released two blockchain related services: Amazon Managed Blockchain (AMB) and Quantum Ledger Database (QLDB). According to the AMB website, “This is a fully […]

9 days ago

VanEck Crypto Head Confirms Nasdaq Bitcoin (BTC) Futures

Gabor Gubacs Confirms Nasdaq Bitcoin Futures Rumor Information reaching Ethereum World News earlier today alluded to the rumor that Nasdaq, one of the world’s largest financial markets, has begun work on an in-house Bitcoin (BTC) futures contract. Although this is arguably a bullish development, at the time of the breaking Bloomberg report, the information was divulged by two supposedly familiar with the matter. To clear the air, Gabor Gubacs, a digital asset strategist/head at VanEck (the firm behind the leading Bitcoin ETF proposal), took to the stage of CoinDesk’s Consensus Invest, issuing a comment on the news. Big announcement on-stage at #ConsensusInvest: @gaborgurbacs reveals that VanEck is partnering with Nasdaq to "bring a regulated crypto 2.0 futures-type contract" to the market. — CoinDesk (@coindesk) November 27, 2018 Per CoinDesk’s Twitter channel, on-stage, in front of a crowd of hundreds, Gurbacs revealed that VanEck is partnering with New York-based Nasdaq to “bring a regulated crypto 2.0 futures-type contract” to market. However, like Bloomberg’s original statement on the matter, not many details were divulged regarding VanEck and Nasdaq’s collaborative efforts, potentially indicating that there could be ground-breaking features kept under lock and key. And to the apparent secrecy, many quickly resorted to speculation, with some questioning if Nasdaq’s instrument would make use of ‘physical’ BTC in custody, unlike CBOE and CME’s futures, but like Bakkt’s vehicle slated to launch in late-January. Then again, it isn’t clear if Nasdaq has plans to implement such a program, which complicates Bitcoin futures contracts, but seeing that the exchange is relatively blockchain- and crypto-friendly, physical backing, classified as a positive Bitcoin price catalyst, isn’t out of the realm of possibility. Bloomberg noted that the America-centric platform is planning to embark on its first notable crypto foray by Q1 of 2019, pending a green light from the U.S. CFTC. Despite Crypto Bear Market, Institutions Push Ahead Interestingly, this strong institutional foray comes amid bearish market conditions, which has seen the aggregate value of crypto assets collapse by $100 billion (40%) in the past two and a half weeks. This doesn’t only indicate that there’s still room for crypto assets to grow, but there are likely investors waiting on the sidelines for the right vehicle, product, platform, or service. Ambrosus CEO, Angel Versetti, recently spoke with the Independent U.K. on this subject, as reported by Ethereum World News previously. Versetti noted that he “doesn’t believe [that] we are, or were, anywhere close to a bubble with cryptocurrency.” The CEO of the blockchain upstart then added that the arrival of hotshot institutional players, who he dubbed “bankers” and “financiers,” indicates that the industry’s first bonafide bubble is on the horizon, and could even be in the making as he made his statement. This worldview wasn’t confined to just one industry savant, as others, including Bitpay’s Sonny Singh, also touched on the importance of institutional forays into this nascent industry. Speaking with Bloomberg, Singh explained that products like a regulated U.S.-based ETF, Bakkt’s fully-fledged platform, and other promising ventures will push bitcoin over $15,000 and possibly $20,000 during the fiscal year of 2019. Title Image Courtesy of Colton Duke on Unsplash The post VanEck Crypto Head Confirms Nasdaq Bitcoin (BTC) Futures appeared first on Ethereum World News.

11 days ago

Ambrosus @AmbrosusAMB Global CEO @angelversetti was intervie...

Ambrosus @AmbrosusAMB Global CEO @angelversetti was interviewed by the @Independent today about #crypto. He said: "…

16 days ago

@QuintonCarlin @EITeu @startuptickerCH for the foreseeable f...

@QuintonCarlin @EITeu @startuptickerCH for the foreseeable future we envision having a two-way bridge betwen AMB(ER…

17 days ago

Meet Ambrosus at Web Summit. 7 AMBlets and 70'000 guests wil...

Meet Ambrosus at Web Summit. 7 AMBlets and 70'000 guests will be there. Also, don't miss our meetup in Lisbon on 9…

a month ago

Mastercard Could Support a Crypto Credit Card Network and Coinbase May Announce IPO Plans Today

The State of The Market — October 26, 2018 BTC: $6,466.32 (-0.14%) ETH: $202.68 (-0.03%) XRP: $0.4585 (+0.40%) Bitcoin dipped below $6,500 but still shows an uncharacteristic lack of volatility as it hovers around $6,400 to $6,500. Ethereum continues to hold slightly above $200 on the majority of cryptocurrency exchanges. Today the majority of the top 100 cryptocurrencies are posting mild 1 to 3 percent losses and the total market cap is currently at $208.7 billion. In other news, Mastercard filed for a ‘fractional reserve management of blockchain assets’ patent. The patent essentially describes a cryptocurrency credit card network and system that simultaneously tracks crypto assets as well as fiat assets. Also, cryptocurrencies have shown little correlation to equities as the stock market rout continues. In recent days, the stock market lost all of its gains for 2018. Meanwhile, the broader cryptocurrency market is holding steady. As a result, there does not appear to be any correlation between stocks and cryptocurrencies. 1) CNBC Crypto Trader host, Ran NeuNer says that Coinbase cryptocurrency exchange will announce their IPO on Friday, October 26. NeuNer went as far as stating that the IPO announcement will take place live on his show. In his tweet, NeuNer also reviewed Coinbase’s user statistics which show that 80 percent of the exchange’s revenue came from consumers and 15 percent was sourced from institutional accounts. The remaining 5 percent was simply labeled as “other”. The data also shows that Coinbase expects to earn $450 million in Q4 of 2018. In 2017, Coinbase president Asiff Hirji suggested that an IPO could occur in late 2017. Hirji is on records as saying “It is certainly in the interest of our investors…and the most obvious path of Coinbase is to go public at some point.” 2) Potential investors in Bitmain’s IPO were provided with fabricated information about the company’s financial backing. Investigative reporting conducted by CoinDesk found that investors received documents suggesting that Bitmain had secured financial backing from Digital Sky Technologies Global and GIC Private Limited. One of the pitch documents explicitly stated that Bitmain “recently completed a $400 million Series B round of financing from Sequoia Capital, DST and GIC, with a pre-investment valuation of $12 billion.” Another version made similar claims and both versions were forwarded to public social media discussions, private email lists, and crypto-media. An inside source told CoinDesk that “Bitmain created the pitch deck without offering proof.” Financial regulatory laws in Hong Kong criminalize the issuance of false statements “for the purpose of inducing another person into an agreement” and if these assertions are found to be true, Bitmain management could be penalized with up to 7 years in prison and hefty fines. 3) According to a story published in BREAKER, not all of the coin journals in the crypto space have the same journalistic integrity as others. Corin Faife, a BREAKER contributor, recently set up a fake email account and contacted 28 different journals to inquire about advertising rates, and if he received a reply he followed up by asking how much it would cost for an article “to not be marked as ‘sponsored.’” 12 out of 28 outlets said they would publish the content without identifying it as sponsored, including NewsBTC, Bitcoinist, Cryptovest, AMB Crypto, and Blokt. (RS)

a month ago

Inquiry Shows Some Coin Journals Will Publish Sponsored Content Without Identifying It

According to a story published in BREAKER, not all of the coin journals in the crypto space have the same journalistic integrity as others. Corin Faife, a BREAKER contributor, recently set up a fake email account and contacted 28 different journals to inquire about advertising rates, and if he received a reply he followed up by asking how much it would cost for an article "to not be marked as 'sponsored.’” 12 out of 28 outlets said they would publish the content without identifying it as sponsored, including NewsBTC, Bitcoinist, Cryptovest, AMB Crypto, and Blokt. (JF)

a month ago

3 Cryptocurrencies Well-Positioned to Beat BTC Price in Q4 (AMB, BCH, ADA)

This week’s cryptocurrencies market analysis will concentrate on technological advancements in the blockchain space in quarter 4. The analysis will focus on major technological upgrades occurring in quarter four along with Ambrosus (AMB) being a top contender to produce returns well in excess of 100% in the immediate short term. 3 Cryptocurrencies We Predicted Would Rally Last Week’s Piece, which highlighted the cryptocurrency GOChain 00, resulted in GO increasing more than 50% in value in the 48 hours that followed. This is similar to TRIG, VIBE, and EVX, which all had rallies in excess of 50-250% following analyzing their short-term developments. It may be a ‘bear’ market but clearly, but it is showing bullish signs and AMB is likely to be next. Each cryptocurrency on this list has its own specific reasons from unique conferences to increasing their coin’s utility for their bullish short-term tendencies. This week will focus on AMB, BCH, and ADA, with AMB likely to lead the charge as a cryptocurrency likely to gain in excess of 50% in the short-term. Ambrosus (AMB) This week AMB 00 is highlighted as likely to have major bullish tendencies in the short term as they release their upgraded Mainnet 2.0. AMB developers are clearly remaining committed to their project even amid the bear market. Currently, AMB’s market cap is barely over $20 million. In other words, if it approaches a $100 million market cap, the value of the underlying AMB increases 500% (5x). With multiple other cryptocurrencies having mainnet updates in the prior months there can be a common occurrence gleamed from watching the cryptos price movements in the days leading up to launch. The coins have a tendency to trend North in anticipation of mainnet release. As more individuals check the crypto calendar and see ‘news’ they start FOMOing and rush in. The goal is to beat those FOMOing individuals into the alts with upcoming major developments. This week’s piece does not focus on conference developments, or utility developments, but instead on tech developments. AMB with their Mainnet Version 2.0 being released before the end of quarter four should provide an unexpected surprise announcement (that you’d have to go all the way to December on the crypto calendar to view or be following the project to know). These types of tech upgrades, especially with exact dates unannounced provide a major opportunity for bullish price movement. AMB has their Mainnet 2.0 being released this quarter but also has developments occurring behind the scenes and major partnerships in the works. A market capitalization of only 20 million, coupled with tech advancements, partnerships, and listings on the biggest exchanges, is why AMB is an attractive acquisition target. Individuals familiar with AMB’s team have mentioned numerous times how partnerships are planning on being announced by the EOY in either the pharmaceutical supply chain or food supply chain monitoring. AMB is also onboarding many of their core community for internal product testing and development. Major developments are happening within AMB and quarter 4 coupled with Mainnet 2.0 should push AMB even higher. AMB is a blockchain-powered IoT network, enabling secure and frictionless dialogue between sensors, distributed ledgers, and data to assure product quality. This niche (supply chain monitoring) is one where blockchain will continue to exploit as their transparent nature, ability to track frictionlessly and provide live updates will revolutionize the supply chain and IoT technologies. With quarter four’s Mainnet Version 2.0 on the horizon it is likely we see a major Northern price trend produced due to upcoming tech advances and partnerships. Q4 price target prediction: $ 0.60-$0.72 in the short term, approximately 6,000 Sats. Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Bitcoin Cash (BCH) 00 has had a rough summer and the upcoming Bitmain IPO, which was supposed to boost BCH’s price, but has suffered due to swirling rumors about false claims of investors and quarterly sales numbers. However, when the market is ‘doubting’ a coin this is the time to believe in it. “Be fearful when others are greedy, be greedy when others are fearful,” said Warren Buffet. Right now the market is fearful regarding BCH, which is why it is time to be greedy. Regarding BCH’s quarter 4 and technological advancements they have an upcoming hard fork and are participating in Amsterdam’s DevCon October 27, 2018. This hard fork has investors both worried and curious. The worry and fearfulness are overpowering the curiosity resulting in BCH falling more than 50% against BTC since the beginning of summer. The Bitcoin Cash fork is occurring because two of the biggest mining groups (by hash power) have split thoughts on the future of BCH. One group wishes to introduce atomic swaps intending to make BCH the most scalable, extensive, and utilizable blockchain, while slowly moving BCH away from a currency used like ‘cash.’ The other group wants BCH to rem

2 months ago

@JohnOfOh @rusaurara @sspp444 @yashilou Apollo = 250,000 AMB...

@JohnOfOh @rusaurara @sspp444 @yashilou Apollo = 250,000 AMB Stake. Hermes = 150,000 AMB Stake. Atlas Omega = 75,00…

2 months ago

Surprise Bull Run Pulls XRP Up Over 10%

After the market surged over the weekend, HODLers of XRP were slightly shocked as they were carrying the third biggest digital currency with them. When the surge peaked, the coin was reflecting a growth of over 10%, on par with the biggest gainer in the market, Ethereum. The coin is still up by over 10% in the past hour, at the time of writing, even when it began to track back to a more stable level. XRP is currently trading at $0.44 and is in the green with a 6% increase over the past day. Most cryptocurrencies are in the green today, showing a good sign for the week ahead. However, the recent hike saw it reach the level of $0.46, which is still a low from its weekly high of $0.52. Furthermore, this is coming off the back of a visit by the bears which made to price drop to $0.38, along with the whole market taking a bit of a beating by the bears (think Leonardo DiCaprio in The Revenant but not as bloody). Even after the bear period, XRP was one of the few coins which began a significant resurrection to take back its place in the $0.40 region. This marked its growth of 7.5% even as the rest of the market was having a difficult time finding momentum again. After coming back to life, the XRP price started to trade sideways, trading steadily around the $0.42 area. In the early hours of today, the price was pushed up out of the critical resistance, defined by the price movement over the past week. According to AMB Crypto: “The coin remains as one of the strongest growths in the past month, reflecting a whopping gain of 63% over that time period. As it were, the price movement over that time has established a few resistances for the price. These present themselves at $0.45, which has since been broken and at $0.54 and $0.58.” There are speculation of a coming bull run for the markets, if this speculation is accurate then could XRP see more gains soon? Let us know your thoughts and what you think down in the comments down below! googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display('div-gpt-ad-1538128067916-0'); }); The post Surprise Bull Run Pulls XRP Up Over 10% appeared first on Crypto Daily™.

2 months ago

Bitcoin ETF Mover Is A Crucial Advantage

The digital currency ETF is a big part of the debate in a recent Bloomberg interview which had JP Morgan’s Asset Management Head of International ETFs, Bryson Lake on the panel. The interview looked at how JP Morgan believes in the latest mover advantage in terms of the digital currency market and ETFs. In the interview, Lake said: “We certainly do not believe that we have missed the ETF boat by long shot. In our opinion, the last mover advantage is the best. Take the example of Netscape, they launched well before Google but look where they are right now.” The official from JP Morgan went onto say that the business has been planning out strategies to in order to differentiate the assets for a long-term viewpoint. The interview also informed users that JP Morgan was 19th in terms of digital currency assets and was 5th for market flow which summed up to over 8.5 billion USD. JP Morgan has recently been in the news after the company announced that over 70 banks had joined up with them to be part of the interbank blockchain project designed by the company, according to a recent report by the Financial Times. The platform was named ‘the interbank information network’ or IIN. According to AMB Crypto: “The IIN project was started by JPMorgan back in October 2017 to overcome the delays in cross-border payments in the existing systems. The banking giant initially partnered with two other banks, the Royal Bank of Canada and Australia and New Zealand banking group [ANZ], to trial run the project for 11 months.” Lake also said that with the product range and the development must be competitive in the cryptocurrency industry. He pointed this out since the market has settled investors have responded in a ‘very positive way’. Even institutional traders have taken a shine in the crypto world, according to Lake. The Bitcoin ETF was also talked about by the SEC (securities exchange commission) recently. After a proposed change in rules submitted by Cboe BZX Exchange Inc. at the start of the year. The change in rules was intended to enable the trading of GraniteShares Bitcoin ETF which was proposed this year but was declined by a regulatory body. In the report by the SEC: “On August 23, 2018, the Secretary of the Commission notified BZX that, pursuant to Commission Rule of Practice 431,10 the Commission would review the Division’s action pursuant to the delegated authority and that the Division’s action pursuant to delegated authority had been automatically stayed.” googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display('div-gpt-ad-1538128067916-0'); }); The post Bitcoin ETF Mover Is A Crucial Advantage appeared first on Crypto Daily™.

2 months ago

Banking Giant Partnered With Ripple Goes Live With SWIFT Global Payments

The leading partner with Ripple, Santander has now teamed up with SWIFT to go live in four countries including, Poland, the UK, Spain and Argentina. The banking giant will be using SWIFT’s Global Payments Innovation GPI technology for cross-border payments. In the reveal it said: “With SWIFT gpi, Santander can now offer a rapid cross-border payments service - with real-time payments tracking and transparency on bank fees and foreign exchange rates.” The announcement also revealed that the banks aim is to go live in Mexico and Chile by the end of the year. On top of this, 80% of Santander cross-border transactions will be live on SWIFT GPI by the end of 2018. Moreover, they plan to extend to other countries by next year. Ever since the launch of SWIFT GPI last year, the banking giant and SWIFT have been working tightly in Global projects, looking massively on providing solutions for customers of Santander, suiting their location in the world. The GTB Head at Santander Espana, Eva Bueno Velayos spoke on the matter and said: “For us, SWIFT gpi represents a good opportunity to improve the experience provided to our clients in their international payments, making the process faster and more transparent while simultaneously making our internal processes more efficient. We are looking forward to advancing in the following phases in order to achieve the best possible service in our payments offering.” The Santander giant has been using Ripple’s payment solution for cross-border payments. In fact, earlier in the year, they released a RIpple powered application called, OnePayFX. In a recent interview, the Head of Innovation over at Santander, Ed Metzger stated that Ripple’s technology has improved their customer’s lives. According to AMB Crypto, Metzger spoke about OnePayFX and said: “We believe that financial services are moving to a world of open platforms where companies collaborate to deliver excellent customer service for their customers, and that’s at the core of what we’re doing with OnePay FX.” The team at Ripple will be part of the upcoming conference for SWIFT, Sibos, which will be held from 22nd October to 25th October and they will start showing off RippleNet. What are your thoughts? Let us know what you think down in the comments below! googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display('div-gpt-ad-1538128067916-0'); }); The post Banking Giant Partnered With Ripple Goes Live With SWIFT Global Payments appeared first on Crypto Daily™.

2 months ago

Bitfinex Stops USD Deposits To Their Exchange

The popular digital currency exchange, Bitfinex has reportedly stopped its USD deposits to their exchange. This news comes after last weeks, several rumours that the exchange was broke which made management forced to step up and deny the rumours that they were not bankrupt. The company has gone under inspection for the widespread use of the USD Tether stablecoin. However, there haven’t been any transparent audits which actually prove the stablecoin is backed by the US dollar. This is a serious situation for the market, with over $2.5 billion in the form of USDT. A digital currency news outlet, The Block has revealed that earlier today, the exchange has stopped all deposits of USD. At least, they have stopped them for now as they are expecting the situation to return to normal by next week. The same news outlet also reported that their new partnership with the popular bank HSBC, after reports emerged of their previous banking partner finding it hard to run. On their blog, Bitfinex said this on the matter: “Complications continue to exist for us in the domain of fiat transactions, as they do for most cryptocurrency-related organisations. However, we continue to do our utmost to minimise any waiting times associated with fiat deposits and withdrawals.” Their bank account is a private one under the name Global Trading Solutions and so it isn’t clear whether HSBC was aware that the exchange was banking with them. According to The Block who said: “Now it appears that the private account is no longer functional. Bitfinex currently has no active method of deposits as all USD, EUR, JPY and GBP deposits are paused.” Now, this is different from what was said by Bitfinex in their blog post explaining why they weren’t bankrupt or going bankrupt. They had said: “Verified Bitfinex users can freely withdraw Euros, Japanese Yen, Pounds Sterling and U.S. Dollars.” Twitter users are also reporting the issue, with USD withdrawals currently being temporarily stopped for many. There is speculation that the recent drop in the price of Bitcoin was due to the rumours of the withdrawals being stopped. If you decide to attempt to deposit USD anyway you will be met with this message: “USD Wire Deposits Temporarily Paused. We expect the situation to normalize within a week. We apologize for the inconveniences.” What are your thoughts? Let us know what you think down in the comments below! Reference: AMB Crypto googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display('div-gpt-ad-1538128067916-0'); }); The post Bitfinex Stops USD Deposits To Their Exchange appeared first on Crypto Daily™.

2 months ago

Ambrosus (AMB) Partners with Korean Food Producer to Track Beef

The globally decentralized blockchain and IoT platform Ambrosus (AMB) has announced a partnership with the subsidiary of the Korean food producer Nongshim to track beef sold by the food retailer Mega Mart. AMB plans to use the AMB-NET blockchain to create a tracking model that allows company partners and consumers of Mega Mart to access information about the history and transportation of each cut of beef. The overall goal is to create more transparency and quality assurance in the supply chain space that has historically been complex and difficult to track. (JF)

2 months ago

Ambrosus partners with Korean food producer and retailer to provide traceability for beef

CryptoNinjas Ambrosus, the globally decentralized blockchain, and IoT platform, has partnered with NDS, a subsidiary of Korean food producer Nongshim, to track and trace premium quality beef sold by food retailer Mega Mart. Using the AMB-NET blockchain, Ambrosus... Ambrosus partners with Korean food producer and retailer to provide traceability for beef...

2 months ago

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