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ABBC Coin project purpose and description

ABBC Coin clarity of purpose

ABBC Coin purpose and aspects

The ABBC platform will allow users to send and receive funds, make online purchases using their own ABBC wallet, exchange ABBC coins at profitable rates, as well as trade and manage funds.

Short description

ABBC is a technology optimized for distribution, finance, shopping, security, using blockchain technology.


The market of crypto-currencies is rapidly growing, and many government organizations are anxious if the crypto currency is able to displace traditional money from the market. Of course, it is impossible now due to the lack of a full-fledged infrastructure, but in the nearest future, the embodiment of this theory will become real, and we will probably become not only witnesses, but also the participants of this process. Cryptocurrencies become full-fledged money (a means of exchange of values). We believe that the creation of services focused on working with cryptocurrencies today is a successful business. ABBC Project is an open platform that works on distributed ledger technology, which makes it open and transparent to all participants. It is designed to develop digital crypto-currency markets and objects for various purposes with their subsequent launch and integration into a unique ecosystem. ABBC Foundation will create an e-commerce platform (online shopping platform) while providing a payment solution for user’s convenience. Basically, it is a platform whereby consumers can pay using ABBC Coins and buy other major online shopping mall products through our online shopping mall. This will allow users to avoid exchange rates or transaction fees which occur when they use credit card or PayPal if consumers are from different countries other than the currency the shopping mall supports. Rather than signing up in different online shopping malls, if you are an ABBC holder, you can simply visit ABBC online shopping mall and buy products through our platform. Online Shopping platform will receive reward points according to the total spending on their purchases. These reward points can be accumulate to exchange for selected products on our platform. These days the issue that users face is that their points are separately accounted for as they made purchases on different online shopping platform. However, with our reward point system it solves the inflexibility that allow user to accumulate their rewards points in one platform. ABBC Foundation gives the world a new solution, thanks to which the use and storage of crypto-currency will become safe. ABBC solution acts as a P2P platform connecting different businesses and consumers by integrating with our blockchain.

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