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Learn how we are working towards evolving the 0x tech stack ...

Learn how we are working towards evolving the 0x tech stack to scale decentralized exchange for a tokenized world!… https://t.co/KaMlL3lyGg

2 days ago

Bitcoin Recovers to $4,000: Why Industry Execs See Big Crypto Rally Ahead

In the last 24 hours, the bitcoin price has slightly recovered to $4,046, recording a minor 0.7 percent increase against the U.S. dollar. The positive upside movement of bitcoin led alternative cryptocurrencies to record gains in the range of 5 to 33 percent against both bitcoin and USD, as the valuation of the crypto market rebounded to $140 billion. ERC20 tokens in the likes of ICON, Wanchain, AION, and 0x demonstrated solid 3 to 5 percent gains on the day. Sentiment in Bitcoin and Crypto Market is Changing Despite the stability in the price of bitcoin in the past several The post Bitcoin Recovers to $4,000: Why Industry Execs See Big Crypto Rally Ahead appeared first on CCN

3 days ago

New ERC-20 Stablecoin Generates up to 45% Profit to Crypto Investors

A new decentralized stablecoin from USDDex Japanese company will be available for purchase by crypto investors 1 month before its launch on cryptocurrency exchanges in a limited number with 45% bonus. A new era in blockchain evolution Most analysts and experts at cryptocurrency market with certainty declare 2019 the year of stablecoins. The monthly traded value of only first five stablecoins exceeds $100 billion and continues to grow. The rapid industry growth is influenced by inflows of new technological players. One of them is USDDex, a Japanese company. Its founder, Hitoshi Shibata, who has been worked for 15 years at Mizuho Financial Group and is a member of Working Group on Japanese banking industry and blockchain integration, emphasized core advantages which allow USDDex Stablecoin to take one of the leading positions on the market. - Fixed rate (1 USDDex = 1 USD) - Ethereum ERC-20 Standard - Absolute decentralization - Certified security audit - Open source code - Adaptable to centralized exchanges - Adaptable to decentralized exchanges - Supported by all largest Ethereum wallets The model of decentralized stablecoins has already attracted attention and hundreds of millions of dollars financing from the largest venture companies, such as Google Ventures, Andreessen Horowitz, Digital Currency Group, MetaStable Capital, Pantera Capital, Bain Capital Ventures. USDDex development team has extensive experience in blockchain industry and in such projects as OpenVZ and Debian. The highest priority is set at cooperation with behemoths like 0x Relayers and leading cryptocurrency exchanges. USDDex complies with all highest requirements of the largest exchanges and is ready to launch in mid-April 2019. Why USDDex Company? USDDex professional team represents the world a breakthrough technology and a chance to develop the most independent, transparent and potentially greater stable monetary policy than ever before. USDDex is directly pegged to US Dollar and 1 USDDex is equal to 1 USD. Each USDDex is always collateralized in excess, so you never have to worry about its price fluctuations and its stability is guaranteed regardless the market behavior. The highest reliability rating is secured by open source code, multiple and thorough security audit and the possibility for any participant to look information on the locked collateral of each USDDex. According to forecasts, USDDex will eventually surpass the largest players and become the dominant and most useful stablecoin on the market. USDDex is technologically superb token which offers significant value, relevance and transparency. First large investors and several thousand active members of the community in industry have commended USDDex for its unique approach to so-called digital asset able to protect its value against volatility. How a crypto investor can reach up to 45% profit with USDDex? One month prior to the stablecoin official offering, USDDex team made a strategic decision to launch from March 19th an additional stage of sale with 45% bonus. Its main goal is open and active participation of crypto community in the life of the project. This approach affords opportunity to invest and gain profit to all willing crypto investors. The main closed round of investment had been conducted in December 2018 exclusively for investment funds and exceeded all expectations, having been successfully over in just several hours. Additional sale starts from March 19 on the official USDDex site. * The number of submitted applications and increased interest in the project from potential investors lead to the suggestion that the additional stage of sale will be completed for first hours. Disclosure: This is a sponsored article and does not necessarily reflect the opinions or views held by any employees of NullTX. This is not investment, trading, or gambling advice. Always conduct your own independent research. The post New ERC-20 Stablecoin Generates up to 45% Profit to Crypto Investors appeared first on NullTX.

3 days ago

@pirosb3 The 0x Core Team is passionate about accelerating t...

@pirosb3 The 0x Core Team is passionate about accelerating the adoption of decentralized technology and believe in… https://t.co/mxMnPAPZkJ

5 days ago

We are excited to announce the addition of Daniel Pyrathon t...

We are excited to announce the addition of Daniel Pyrathon to the 0x Core Team! Please join us in giving @pirosb3 a… https://t.co/QtLtreqClu

5 days ago

Dai is now integrated with 0x Instant, making it ridiculousl...

Dai is now integrated with 0x Instant, making it ridiculously easy to access #Dai on platforms. With just a few lin… https://t.co/pm4PFlqsG0

5 days ago

The new Relayer Report is out! 🚨 💱@Ethfinex's migration to ...

The new Relayer Report is out! 🚨 💱@Ethfinex's migration to 0x v2 ⚖New legal resources for the ecosystem 😺The Multi… https://t.co/mdmLeoBpQ6

10 days ago

ZEIP-23 is live on mainnet 🚀 you can now trade arbitrary bun...

ZEIP-23 is live on mainnet 🚀 you can now trade arbitrary bundles of ERC20 and ERC721 tokens via 0x protocol v2.1!… https://t.co/SPnWNCESqt

11 days ago

Blockfolio Integrates with Slack to Allow the Teams Behind Major Cryptos to Connect with Users

The popular cryptocurrency focused mobile app Blockfolio has announced a new Slack integration for Blockfolio Signal which allows the teams behind the top cryptocurrencies to connect with their communities. There are currently over 350 team leaders actively broadcast on Signal with representation from most of the top 200 projects including Monero, Dash, NEO, NEM, Ethereum Classic, 0x, and Ontology. With this integration, project teams, traders, and enthusiasts can remain informed and the most recent developments through the convenience of a Slack channel. (JF)

11 days ago

Investors Target Emerging Startups at Blockshow Asia 2019

A Fresh Start for Crypto Startups at Blockshow Asia 2019 There have been many sectors in which startups have battled to the top but finance is not one of them. A large number are capturing some fractional market share but there is no hope for any to see the equivalent success the likes of Amazon or Uber have seen in logistics or transportation. Many of these “Emerging Disruptors”, as Deloitte termed them, have instead chosen a more subversive tactic - building their business in a digital economy. Conquering a Crypto Niche Considering the cryptocurrency market of 2018, there seems to be a casual stoicism from the teams behind blockchain startups. Where one fails, another rises, and the waves continue, steadily maturing in response to their peers’ experience. It then becomes a new fight to get noticed. It’s for this reason that massive conferences such as Blockshow have focused on giving these startups the chance to shine. Skipping to the present, this steady rise to maturity has come to be reflected in the slowly rising sentiment that, while crypto winter may be more like that of the Seven Kingdoms, there’s starting to be hope for spring, at least for some. While Zhao Dong’s vision for 2020 is not to be taken for granted, there are many people who feel that the startups at the core of blockchain technologies have begun to emerge stronger, for having survived the last 14 months of winter. Far from hibernation, there has undoubtedly been a lot of work going on behind the scenes, especially away from the trading spotlight. While the world of acronyms has repeatedly brought up the possibility, or in some cases, certainty, of Bitcoin becoming an ETF (Exchange Traded Fund), the world of investment would be wiser to turn to the beating heart of blockchain; the applied blockchain environment that is embodied by startups. In a Sea of Potential As traders start to weigh up their chances in the options or derivatives markets, the number of attendees at blockchain conferences continue to grow. Investors are on the hunt. Not only for a new breed of startups, but for all the information, skepticism, debate and digression which comes to rise in such places. This year’s Blockshow Asia alone, taking place in Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands Expo from the 14th-15th November, will see speakers from a range of backgrounds reflect on what the blockchain has done, what it has promised, and how it has changed their perception. With a programme including Justin Chow, Head of Business Development, Asia for Cumberland, the cryptoasset arm of DRW; Ted Lin, Chief Growth Officer at Binance; Jehan Chu, Co-Founder & Managing Partner at Kenetic, Co-Founder Social Alpha Foundation (SAF); Antony Lewis, Director of Research at R3, Author of “The Basics of Bitcoins and Blockchains”; Remington Ong, Partner at Fenbushi Capital, who managed investments into 40+ leading global startups ; Llew Claasen, Executive Director at Bitcoin Foundation, Managing Partner at Newtown Partners; David Lee, Professor at Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS), Director at LeftCoast, Co-Founder at BlockAsset Ventures; Eddy Travia, Co-founder & CEO of Coinsilium, ‘Most Influential Investors of the Year’ at Blockchain Awards 2014; Mike Kayamori, Co-Founder and CEO of QUOINE; Czhang Lin, Partner at JRR Crypto, Advisor for Asian Israel Blockchain Association; Joseph Young, Financial analyst & Investor, contributor to Forbes, CCN, Cointelegraph; Kenrick Drijkoningen; Nydia Zhang; Sinhae Lee; Cris Duy Tran; Matthew Tan; Jane Lippencott, and more, Blockshow offers an opportunity to engage with industries or government bodies that are otherwise very difficult to engage in discussion, be it about blockchain or related technologies. It is a conference offering a rare convergence of worlds. What’s more, it sets a competitive tone which leads participating startups to bring out their Most Viable Product - what you see on the floor may be the culmination of everything the team’s work has lead towards and the true unicorns will really make the opportunity count. Experience has made it clear that investor interest is still present and, if anything, more eager. While many have taken a conservative stance following the unfolding bear market, it is not a benign position. Having seen startups battle it out at last year’s Blockshow, each pitching directly to investors in front of a live audience, it is clear that investors have the final say - but it’s up to the team to show their full potential. From Ethereum to 0x to Bitcoin itself, investors have observed the latent potential of cryptocurrency markets, waiting for something with staying power. A unicorn to outstay all unicorns, one to finally take a chunk of the conventional market. Behind the Whitepaper In the blockchain community, there is equal promise as there is skepticism. Investors, however eager, depend on a degree of security before any offer even begins to formulate. This leads to an ever-growing number taking to even

14 days ago

Congrats to @Ethfinex for migrating to 0x v2.0! 🙌 "Key issu...

Congrats to @Ethfinex for migrating to 0x v2.0! 🙌 "Key issues arise with users needing to trust these [centralized… https://t.co/eYKK0H4ulL

15 days ago

Ethfinex Announces Planned Migration to 0x V2

The ERC-20 trading ecosystem Ethfinex recently announced that next week it plans to migrate over to V2 of the 0x protocol, which will bring with it a variety of upgrades and new features. The updates will help to add to the decentralized exchange portion of the ecosystem Ethfinex Trustless, and will also add increased reliability and speed with streamlined order-data formatting. Once the migration begins, all open orders on the platform will be cancelled and users will need to place them again after the migration completed on March 13th. (JF)

16 days ago

ERC20 exchange ecosystem Ethfinex migrates to 0x V2

CryptoNinjas Coming up next week, Ethfinex, the ERC20 trading ecosystem, announced it will migrate over to V2 of the 0x protocol, bringing a broad array of improvements and a multitude of impressive new possibilities to the decentralized exchange portion of the ecosystem Ethfinex Trustless.... ERC20 exchange ecosystem Ethfinex migrates to 0x V2

16 days ago

0x is sponsoring @ETHParis this week! 👩‍💻👨‍💻 We'll be award...

0x is sponsoring @ETHParis this week! 👩‍💻👨‍💻 We'll be awarding 2 prizes ($1,500 and $1,000 in ZRX) to the teams th… https://t.co/uycT83THTj

16 days ago

Distributed Digest: Thursday, March 7, 2019

The Weenus Token Faucet debuts, the Linkdrop Protocol is introduced, and 0x announces a meetup program.

16 days ago

Augur / BTC Technical Analysis: Waning Enthusiasm

Augur has turned bearish against Bitcoin over the short-term with the price falling below the pair’s key 200-period moving average on the four-hour time frame The REP / BTC pair’s medium-term outlook is bullish with multiple inverted head and shoulders patterns seen on the daily time frame The daily time frame also shows near-term price action trapped inside a descending triangle pattern Augur / BTC Short-term price analysis Augur has turned bearish against Bitcoin in the short-term, with the REP / BTC pair trading below its 200-period moving average on the four-hour time frame. The cryptocurrency has gradually been drifting lower, following a bearish downside breakout from a symmetrical triangle pattern on the four-hour time frame. Technical indicators on the mentioned time frame are currently neutral, suggesting that overall selling momentum remains fairly weak at present. REP / BTC H4 Chart (Source: TradingView) Pattern Watch Traders should note that the four-hour time frame is currently showing a bearish double-top pattern formation. Relative Strength Index The Relative Strength Index on the four-hour time frame is currently flatlined and trades close to neutral. MACD Indicator The MACD indicator is also neutral on the four-hour time frame and currently provides no clear trading signal. Fundamental Analysis In January, Augur was on the move after the announcement of Veil, which is build on top of Augur and allows users to buy leveraged long or short positions in BTC / USD, REP / USD, and ZRX / USD. However, after a massive price increase, Augur has been trending down. Investors have been fixing profits and cooling down their expectations. Although Veil is a new step for Augur, the project still faces the same problems as before, such as low adoption and limited scalability, which hinder its growth. Augur / BTC Medium-term price analysis Augur is bullish against Bitcoin in the medium-term, with the REP / BTC pair trading above its trend defining 200-day moving average. Multiple bullish inverted head and shoulders are also present across the daily time frame, adding to the overall medium-term bullish bias surrounding the REP / BTC pair. Price is currently trapped within a bearish descending triangle pattern; further bearish signs are also emerging with the daily time frame also showing a bearish triple top pattern formation. REP / BTC Daily Chart (Source: TradingView) Pattern Watch Traders should note that descending triangle patterns are typically bearish and start to take shape at the end of an uptrend, which could indicate weakness ahead of the REP / BTC pair. MACD Indicator The MACD indicator on the daily time frame is slightly bearish, although the MACD histogram is attempting to correct higher. Relative Strength Index The RSI indicator is bearish on the daily time frame and is signaling that pressure remains to the downside. Fundamental Analysis On a fundamental level, Augur is built and dependent on Ethereum, so until Ethereum resolves its scalability issues, Augur will remain highly susceptible to speculation-driven moves. Conclusion The REP / BTC pair is likely to remain under pressure in the short-term until buyers start to take control of the cryptocurrency above its 200-period moving average on the four-hour time frame. The daily time frame shows tremendous bullish potential, with the REP / USD showing multiple inverted head and shoulders pattern. The bearish triple top and descending triangle pattern on the daily time frame suggests that sellers may soon force a test of the cryptocurrencies trend defining 200-day moving average. For a quick overview of the project, head over to our Coin Guide for Augur here. [{"date":1520373845000,"value":43.7656,"volume":1915310},{"date":1520460246000,"value":39.213,"volume":2413860},{"date":1520546645000,"value":38.1901,"volume":2967660},{"date":1520633045000,"value":35.8865,"volume":3421330},{"date":1520719446000,"value":33.3401,"volume":2522010},{"date":1520805846000,"value":36.1961,"volume":3491660},{"date":1520892245000,"value":34.7731,"volume":2110320},{"date":1520978645000,"value":37.456,"volume":2627000},{"date":1521065045000,"value":30.5614,"volume":5626650},{"date":1521151445000,"value":31.9517,"volume":3470340},{"date":1521237845000,"value":33.6877,"volume":2836850},{"date":1521324245000,"value":30.7219,"volume":2146220},{"date":1521410646000,"value":29.8757,"volume":3306200},{"date":1521497046000,"value":32.2761,"volume":6307410},{"date":1521583145000,"value":36.0185,"volume":3042460},{"date":1521669545000,"value":36.029,"volume":1962230},{"date":1521755945000,"value":35.0839,"volume":2113140},{"date":1521842645000,"value":34.5855,"volume":1804200},{"date":1521929045000,"value":35.3193,"volume":1792100},{"date":1522015445000,"value":34.9009,"volume":1367700},{"date":1522101245000,"value":33.6375,"volume

16 days ago

CoinList Build Hackathon 2 with NuCypher launches on March 11th

CryptoNinjas CoinList, a trusted platform for running compliant token sales, today announced that as a follow up to its successful hackathon with 0x, the team has now announced CoinList Build Hackathon #2: NuCypher. NuCypher builds privacy infrastructure for the decentralized web. They have a long track record... CoinList Build Hackathon 2 with NuCypher launches on March 11th

16 days ago

0x engineer @Steveklbnf is hosting San Diego's first #DeFi m...

0x engineer @Steveklbnf is hosting San Diego's first #DeFi meetup next Wednesday! RSVP here: https://t.co/EZ0ATzgZ5v https://t.co/T60iZwMYiy

16 days ago

We are excited to launch our new global meetup program! 🌍 A...

We are excited to launch our new global meetup program! 🌍 Anyone in the world can organize a 0x meetup. If a meetu… https://t.co/nj1WeMdme0

17 days ago

Samsung Galaxy S10 Arrives Sans Bitcoin, Only Ethereum is Supported

The internet was set ablaze when rumors began circulating that Samsung’s flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S10, may potentially support cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum via a Blockchain Keystore application. Samsung’s reveal event confirmed the existence of the Blockchain Keystore app that serves as a crypto wallet for top cryptocurrencies, however, the most important cryptocurrency of all won’t be supported at launch, according to initial reports from unboxing videos from around the web. Samsung Blockchain Keystore Neglects Bitcoin, Ethereum Support Ready at Launch The Samsung Galaxy S10 doesn’t officially drop for two more days on March 8, 2019, but some lucky smartphone enthusiasts have already gotten their hands on the final retail version of Samsung’s latest flagship smartphone. Those with early access to the Galaxy S10 have uploaded unboxing videos to demonstrate the phone’s key features - one of which is a new crypto wallet called Blockchain Keystore. Related Reading | Samsung Galaxy S10 Could Expose Crypto to Millions of Tech Savvy Users One particular video demonstration reveals that the Samsung Galaxy S10 will launch without supporting Bitcoin, the leading cryptocurrency by market cap and undoubtedly the most important asset in the crypto space. The app, however, does support Ethereum out of the box. Samsung Galaxy S10 crypto wallet appears to have left out Bitcoin at launch. For now it looks like it's Ethereum-only! https://t.co/j0eFmTphJY — CRN (@crn_maximizer) March 4, 2019 It’s not known at this time if ERC-20 tokens are further supported using the Ethereum wallet address. Many other crypto wallets prioritize Ethereum due to the same wallet address being used to receive Ether (ETH) in addition to a variety of ERC-20 tokens such as Basic Attention Token (BAT), 0x (ZRX), Maker (MKR), and hundreds more. However, the absence of Bitcoin is a glaring omission, as Bitcoin has the highest market cap out of any cryptocurrencies, has the most regulatory support, and the highest transaction volume. It’s also the face of cryptocurrency in the public’s eye. Bitcoin may eventually make its way onto the Samsung Galaxy S10’s Blockchain Keystore app via updates, and it may happen sooner than later. It’s not uncommon for smartphone manufacturers to debut their products on the same day a major software update is released. However, given the limited interest in cryptocurrencies by the general public, Samsung may not view further developing the app as a priority. Are Blockchain And Crypto Wallets The Next Big Trend in Smartphones? Blockchain-based smartphones that come equipped with a built-in cryptocurrency wallet is a growing trend in the space, as smartphone manufacturers seek to find a differentiating selling point amongst the sea of similarly functioning smartphones. Related Reading | Crypto Firm Pundi X Introduces Blockchain-Powered XPhone In addition to the Samsung flagship, the HTC Exodus has blockchain-based features that are separated from the Android operating system, while the newcomer Sirin Labs has recently released the blockchain-based FINNY smartphone, and Pundi X is preparing the XPhone for a Q2 2019 launch. It’s expected that as cryptocurrency adoption grows, other companies will follow suit, including Apple who has dominated the smartphone market since its inception. Featured Image from Shutterstock The post Samsung Galaxy S10 Arrives Sans Bitcoin, Only Ethereum is Supported appeared first on NewsBTC.

17 days ago

0x is excited to be a technical mentor for the Alchemist Blo...

0x is excited to be a technical mentor for the Alchemist Blockchain @Techstars Accelerator program! @HendoVentures… https://t.co/QWyl8JbqgT

17 days ago

Cryptopia Goes Live with Pre-Hack User Balances Held

Troubled New Zealand exchange Cryptopia has relaunched its website, albeit in a read-only format, and has also restored user balances to the pre-hacked state. The initial relaunch date was announced last week on 4 March, but Cryptopia had to delay the relaunch for technical reasons. Update: The read-only site is now live. The holding balance from the 14th Jan is pre hack and we will be using these holdings as a baseline for calculating rebates moving forwards. — Cryptopia Exchange (@Cryptopia_NZ) March 5, 2019 Reeling from the USD 16 million hack back in mid-January, crypto exchange Cryptopia has been closed for all visitors and in maintenance mode for nearly two months. The New Zealand Police department reported that the cryptocurrency exchange was ready to resume operations on 13 February. However, soon after that, Cryptopia admitted that it was not prepared to resume trading until they can fully assess their losses, investigate the hack, and ensure that necessary steps are taken to avoid any mishaps in the future. In another series of Tweets, Cryptopia confirmed that they would be using the customer balance state as of 14 January to further calculate the rebates. Although only minimal details are currently available, the exchange reported that they would be finalizing a rebate and compensation process for the users affected by the fiasco. For now, all Cryptopia users have been advised to reset their passwords and employ two-factor authentication credentials. According to reports by New York-headquartered boutique firm Elementus on the severity of the attack, over USD 16 million worth of Ether and ERC20 tokens were stolen by the hackers. That included USD 2.446 million in Dentacoin, USD 3.57 million in ETH, USD 1.948 million in Oyster Pearl, and other prominent tokens such as Sirin Labs, ZRX, TrueUSD, OmiseGO, and Augur’s REP. The initial reports of the hack emerged in the middle of January but investigations revealed that hackers were still siphoning out crypto from the exchange even two weeks later. The company didn’t announce the date when it would completely reopen its services, but did report that about 24% of all wallets had been moved to new secure servers. Follow BitcoinNews.com on Twitter: @bitcoinnewscom Telegram Alerts from BitcoinNews.com: https://t.me/bconews Want to advertise or get published on BitcoinNews.com? - View our Media Kit PDF here. Image Courtesy: pixabay.com The post Cryptopia Goes Live with Pre-Hack User Balances Held appeared first on BitcoinNews.com.

17 days ago

What Is Bancor Network Token? Introduction to BNT Token

What Is Bancor Network? The Bancor Network is a cross-chain cryptocurrency conversion platform that lets you convert between Ethereum and EOS tokens (others are in the works) without the need of a middleman or other third party. Bancor Network Token (BNT) is the intermediary token used by Bancor to initiate exchanges. It’s both an ERC-20 token and EOS token. This helps keep exchange costs down, as it often takes multiple exchanges to move investments around. Of course, decentralized exchanges have reduced costs over popular options like Binance and Coinbase, but that’s not the real secret sauce in Bancor’s network. It also reduces the time it takes to perform an exchange. In most exchange platforms (even decentralized, P2P platforms like Kyber and 0x), a trade order needs another party to accept the buy/sell/exchange for it to occur. This takes time, and there are a lot of factors involved, both technical and financial. At the heart of the network is the Bancor Protocol, which is inspired by a currency balancing system conceived all the way back in 1944 by John Maynard Keynes and E.F. Schumacher. The Bancor Foundation, headed by self-proclaimed cryptocurrency expert President Bernard Lietaer, is dedicated to leveraging this protocol through blockchain technology. And it’s continuing to build - both a decentralized-application (dApp) marketplace and further cross-chain capability is in the immediate development roadmap. Let’s start better understanding Bancor by examining the performance of Bancor Network Token (BNT) on the cryptocurrency market. BNT Cryptocurrency Summary The circulating supply of Bancor Network Token is 61,580,171 out of a total supply of 73,605,657 BNT, as of February 25, 2019. The peak price of BNT so far was $10.08 on January 13, 2018. The Bancor ICO token sale raised over $153 million worth of ETH on June 12, 2017 by selling approximately 40,000,000 BNT at an exchange rate of $3.92. BNT can not be mined - instead it’s created as needed to initiate token exchanges. Essentially it represents the value of currencies held in the smart contract, and used as the medium for token-to-token trades. It’s then easy to convert any supported tokens into ETH or EOS, which can be sold for fiat cash on an exchange like Coinbase. BNT currently exists as an ERC-20 token, but a mirror-image EOS-based token is created to mimic the ERC-20 token. It’s not necessary to convert anything into BNT; it can be bought on its own and converted into any supported tokens. It takes ETH to purchase BNT. Approximately $2,000,000 worth of BNT is traded on a daily basis, most of which occurs within the platform itself. Other cryptocurrency trading platforms that accept BNT include LATOKEN, Binance, CoinBene, and HitBTC. Trading pairs include ETH, EOS, BTC, and USDT (along with ETH and EOS tokens). As an ERC-20 token, BNT can be stored in any ERC20-compatible cryptocurrency wallet, such as MyEtherWallet, Trust Wallet, and hardware wallets from Trezor, Archos, and Ledger. Inside the Belly of the Bancor I know what you’re thinking - does the world really need another exchange or liquidity platform for cryptocurrencies? The short answer is yes, and the reason is because Israel-based Bancor provides a much-needed service for cross-platform and inter-platform currency exchanges. Instead of exchanging tokens with another trader, you are only trading with a program. If you think about it, this isn’t even something you can do with fiat cash. If I wanted to exchange a US Dollar for Euros, I need someone with Euros to accept the exchange. Otherwise I might as well be standing on the Las Vegas strip handing out pamphlets. While it sounds complicated, the inner workings of the Bancor Network are pretty simple. Liquidity is provided by creating a smart contract that tracks balances of different tokens to ensure they’re fully balanced at all times. The total will always equal the BNT balance represented by the smart contract. This skeletal structure removes the need for an exchange as an intermediary third-party for the other end. You can continuously perform on-chain conversions within your Ethereum- or EOS-compatible web3 wallet without the need (right now) of even registering. Think of an hourglass - no matter which direction you pour the sand, the object itself will always contain the same amount of sand. In this scenario, the hourglass itself is the smart contract, and each grain of sand represents the tokens you’re trading between. And the development team isn’t just resting on its laurels. It’s also encouraging an open development marketplace for dApps that could make use of this balance system and the platform’s cross-chain capability. Now finishing its second year of active development since funding, 2019 should be a solid year if the team can stay on track. Summary Bancor Network is based on the Bancor Protocol, a currency exchange concept from the 1940s. It uses Ethereum and EOS smart contracts to enable token exchange

18 days ago

Get up to speed on all the February developments from the 0x...

Get up to speed on all the February developments from the 0x Core Team! 🚨 ⚒ New extension contracts 📖 Recent updat… https://t.co/JY06OehGG8

18 days ago

Hacked Crypto Startup Cryptopia To Open Its Doors Again, First Through “Read Only” Site

Cryptopia To Launch “Read Only” Site The day has finally arrived. At long, long last, Cryptopia, an altcoin-centric exchange has revealed that it will be reopening its doors. Or in some capacity (not full), at least. The New Zealand-headquartered exchange, hacked approximately six weeks ago for reported millions in an array of crypto assets, took to Twitter to give information on this subject matter just recently. According to the recent update from the firm, who has presumably got clearance from Christchurch authorities and other officials to restart its platform, a “read-only” version of the site will go live sometime today. This site, which will have trading, deposits, and withdrawals disabled, will show balances dated to January 14th, 2019, days before the hack. The read only site will be live today, it will show balances as at 14th Jan 2019. Please use this site to reset passwords and 2FA credentials. We are finalising a rebate process for affected users, more details to follow. Thank you for your support during the last few weeks. — Cryptopia Exchange (@Cryptopia_NZ) March 4, 2019 Cryptopia intends this version of its site to allow users to reset passwords and their two-factor authentication credentials/details. Interestingly, the company didn’t divulge when it would totally reopen its services, but it did note that 24% of all wallets under its custody have been transitioned to new secure servers. How Much Crypto Was Lost, And What’s Next? That’s the question that remains on the minds of all Cryptopia users, now creditors to the exchange. Well, as reported by Ethereum World News previously, the company divulged that a “worst case 9.4%” of its holdings were stolen in the hack, meaning that a majority of the cold wallets were left untouched in this imbroglio. But interestingly, the exact dollar value of the crypto funds was not divulged. However, blockchain analytics group Elementus picked up where the hacked platform was slacking. Per previous reports, Elementus, a New York-headquartered boutique, compiled an in-depth report on the matter that outlined the severity of the attack. The firm’s researchers concluded that over $16 million U.S. dollars worth of Ethereum and ERC20 tokens were stolen by the attackers. $3.57 million of the sum was in ETH, $2.446 million in Dentacoin, $1.948 million in Oyster Pearl, and the list goes on. Other prominent tokens, including TrueUSD, OmiseGO, Sirin Labs, ZRX, and Augur’s REP, were also snatched. Just days after Elementus released its report, the New Zealand-headquartered exchange was hit again. According to a follow-up from Max Galka, the chief executive of the research boutique, 17,000 Cryptopia wallets saw 1,675 Ether leave their care. As to what’s next for unfortunate victims to this debacle, Cryptopia claims that it is currently finalizing a “rebate process for affected users,” adding that details will follow. Will those affected by this fracas get reimbursed? Photo by Mahesh Ranaweera on Unsplash The post Hacked Crypto Startup Cryptopia To Open Its Doors Again, First Through “Read Only” Site appeared first on Ethereum World News.

18 days ago

Distributed Digest: Thursday, February 28, 2019

Golem ditches Medium in favor of Ghost, the 0x Extensions feature enables different exchange types, and Set Protocol introduces Strategy Enabled Tokens.

19 days ago

Coinhako, a Tim Draper-backed Crypto Exchange Announces Support for XRP

Yesterday, Singapore based Coinhako crypto exchange, which is Tim Draper backed announced that it had added support for XRP. This news comes after the exchange announced that it was the first platform in the world to offer 100 fiat-crypto pairings on January 8, 2019. At the start of 2018, Coihako only had trading pairs for BTC and ETH. It then announced support for BCH, LTC, XRP, OMG, ZIL, and ZRX among other coins. However, technical difficulties made it impossible to add XRP at that time. Yesterday saw the exchange list XRP officially. (VK)

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0x Token Holders Approve First Improvement Proposal in Governance Shift

0x recently held its first Improvement Proposal (IP) vote, demonstrating a shift in the governance structure. The maiden IP, which is dubbed ZEIP 23, has been approved by holders of the 0x token. “ZEIP-23 will add the MultiAssetProxy (MAP) contract, which extends the 0x protocol to support trading of arbitrary bundles of assets. Historically, only a single asset could be traded per each side of a trade. By integrating MultiAssetProxy, users will be able to trade multiple ERC-721 assets, or even a mix ERC-721 and ERC-20 tokens, within a single order,” according to the announcement. The 0x price is currently down fractionally to $0.24. (GT)

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We are excited to announce that ZEIP-23 has been approved! T...

We are excited to announce that ZEIP-23 has been approved! Thanks to all who participated in the first 0x Improveme… https://t.co/hPS1mxDi7E

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0x Holds Gains After Leading Crypto Exchange Adds ZRX/BNB and ZRX/USDT Pairs

0x (ZRX) has added 4.5% in the last 24-hour period after leading crypto exchange Binance added more trading pairs. Binance announced it will launch trading in the ZRX/BNB and ZRX/USDT pairs on Feb. 28. Trading volume in ZRX is currently hovering at approximately $34 million, more than $10 million of which is unfolding on Binance in the ZRX/BTC pair. Separately, 0x also announced that its 0x Instant open-source technology has been integrated into Etherscan. “With just a few lines of code, you can now add crypto purchasing to any app or website. Instant is fully configurable and allows hosts to earn affiliate fees on every transaction,” according to the announcement. (GT)

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We recently built 3 new extension contracts to extend how or...

We recently built 3 new extension contracts to extend how orders are filled via the 0x protocol!🛠 ⏩Forwarder Contr… https://t.co/VnhlNEpO1r

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We recently built 3 new extensions contracts to extend how o...

We recently built 3 new extensions contracts to extend how orders are filled via the 0x protocol!🛠 ⏩Forwarder Cont… https://t.co/SImtOBo6yd

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0x Instant is now integrated into @Etherscan! ⚡ ...

0x Instant is now integrated into @Etherscan! ⚡ https://t.co/a1iUUsrGMq With just a few lines of code, you can no… https://t.co/yAw9veT9v5

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All ZRX holders may vote on ZEIP-23. If you need ZRX, you ca...

All ZRX holders may vote on ZEIP-23. If you need ZRX, you can quickly purchase tokens at the bottom of the voting p… https://t.co/LfAcKLY3HS

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Daily Berminal Brief: IOST Successfully Launches Its MainNet, And Crypto Market Experiences A Massive Dump

The State of The Market - February 25, 2019 BTC: $3,835.30 (-4.22%) ETH: $138.76 (-9.05%) XRP: $0.304182 (-4.81%) After a week of continuous gains, Bitcoin pushed past $4,000 on Friday and went on to test its resistance at $4,200. Once again, it failed to cross that point, and there was a massive dump towards the end of the weekend. More than $10 Billion was wiped out in just 30 minutes. The total crypto market cap lost about $12.5 Billion in the last 24 hours. While Bitcoin is holding on to its support at $3,800, it is expected to fall down further. The dump was a result of 10-month high trade volumes, not seen since April 2018. In other news, according to an official tweet by the Huobi Global Canopy yesterday, the organization will subsume its Australian subsidiary. Today, Huobi Australia unveiled via Facebook that the reason behind this development is the crypto market plunge and staff layoffs. Per the announcement, these changes will be effective starting tomorrow. The exchange also revealed that it would forego its plans to incorporate a fiat currency on-ramp. Also, John Carvalho, Bitrefill's CCO, and a renowned BTC advocate recently attacked Coinbase Exchange, accusing it of 'polluting Bitcoin.' He stated that if Coinbase began batching BTC's transactions correctly and supported the Lightning Network, he would give up his desire for smaller blocks. After Coinbase recently announced that the general public could convert BTC to ETH, ETC, LTC, ZRX, or BCH, John asserted that Bitcoin supporters should not support other cryptocurrencies. He replied by stating that Bitcoin lovers should not use Coinbase. 1) IOST announced that its mainnet for IOST cryptocurrency-Olympus V1.0 is officially online today. Starting on Mar.10th, major exchanges such as Binance, Huobi, Bithumb, Upbit, and more will be gradually supporting the $IOST token swap. IOST CEO Jimmy Zhong said, "IOST will be the fourth most usable public chain platform after Ethereum, EOS, and Tron. By virtue of our PoB mechanism, IOST will also become the most scalable and decentralized public blockchain available for users and developers." Also, multiple decentralized dapps, including decentralized exchanges(DEXs), wallets, games and more will be gradually launched in March. Recently, IOST unveiled its first set of decentralized games, including Team Joy, Liar Game, IOST Game, White Matrix, Endless Game, and Eversystems. IOST aims to achieve a user base of 100 Million in 2019. 2) Youbit, the operator behind Coinbin cryptocurrency exchange, has filed for bankruptcy after details of an employee's embezzlement scheme emerged. The South Korea-based exchange is currently posting a $26 million loss and according to reports by Business Korea, Coinbin CEO Park Chan-kyu said all cryptocurrency and future cash settlements will be handled as part of the bankruptcy process. Park also explained that the Coinbin employee responsible for managing cryptocurrency balances at the exchange was negligent in his duties and embezzled Coinbin funds. Park further explained that the employee purposefully acquired the key to an Ethereum wallet containing more than 100 Ethereum and then claimed that the key had been lost. Previously, Coinbin was called Youbit and the exchange was also hacked for $35 million in December 2017. A growing number if industry insiders believe Youbit was involved in orchestrating its own hack and the exchange later reopened as Coinbin. 3) Speaking at the International Agriculture Fair in Paris, French President Emmanuel Macron has asked farmers to use blockchain for tracking food in supply chains. In his biggest speech since the yellow vest protests, Macron called for all European farmers to work together to counter competition from China, Russia, and America. Last year, his administration set aside $700 million to overhaul the French bureaucracy using blockchain, artificial intelligence, and data mining. Meanwhile, Macron is still grappling with yellow vest protests, which is showing no signs of slowing down. (VS)

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Bitrefill's CCO Attacks Coinbase; Purports the Exchange is Polluting BTC

John Carvalho, Bitrefill's CCO, and a renowned BTC advocate recently attacked Coinbase Exchange, accusing it of 'polluting Bitcoin.' He stated that if Coinbase began batching BTC's transactions correctly and supported the Lightning Network, he would give up his desire for smaller blocks. After Coinbase recently announced that the general public could convert BTC to ETH, ETC, LTC, ZRX, or BCH, John asserted that Bitcoin supporters should not support other cryptocurrencies. He replied by stating that Bitcoin lovers should not use Coinbase. John concluded by saying his followers should ensure Brian Armstrong gets his tweets, as he had blocked him. (KE)

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Bitcoin [BTC]: Bitrefill’s John Carvalho says users who love BTC don’t use Coinbase

The debate around Bitcoin [BTC] and altcoins has excited the market since the first altcoin emerged in 2011. Proponents of the top coin advocate a one-stop-shop cryptocurrency that can be a store of value and a medium of exchange, branding all other coins in the market as “sh*tcoins.” One among those loyal to the BTC camp is John Carvalho, better known in the virtual currency community as BitcoinErrorLog, who scathingly replied to a conversion update by the American cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase. Carvalho is also serving as CCO at Bitrefill. Coinbase put out a tweet on February 20, informing their clients that Bitcoin can be directly converted to a host of different cryptocurrencies. Among the coins on the conversion list were top coins like Ethereum [ETH], Ethereum Classic [ETC], Litecoin [LTC], Ox [ZRX], and Bitcoin Cash [BCH]. The tweet read, “Did you know you can directly convert Bitcoin to another crypto on Coinbase? Conversions are available between Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH), Ethereum Classic (ETC), Litecoin (LTC), Ox (ZRX), or Bitcoin Cash (BCH).” John Carvalho replied: “If you love Bitcoin, you don’t use Coinbase.” BitcoinErrorLog was clearly not happy about the conversion options which make it easier to pull money out of Bitcoin and into coins which many, including him, consider irrelevant. Carvalho wasn’t done yet, however. He also responded to a user who said that Coinbase was a friend to BTC not long ago. He replied, “Fu*k Coinbase. They aren’t any easier than other exchanges, they are just louder... And more evil.” When accused of his tweet being based on emotions rather than facts, Carvalho stood by what he tweeted, saying, “There are lots of reasons, do some research. If you love Bitcoin, at least.” Recently, Carvalho caused quite a stir among the developer community by agreeing with Luke Dashjr’s proposal to push the Bitcoin block size to 300KB given the performance of the Lightning Network. To the proposal, BitcoinErrorLog commented that he would run the soft fork for the same. Several proponents were unhappy and lashed out at both Dashjr and Carvalho for their proposition. Cobra, the co-owner of Bitcoin.org and Bitcointalk.org replied to Carvalho, referring to the aforementioned fork as a “contentions hardfork.” He added, “This will split off from the established consensus, cause massive drama, and damage trust in Bitcoin.” Another significant reaction to the same proposition came from the Bitcoin.com CEO, Roger Ver who stated that if this does materialize i.e. if the block size dropped to 300KB, he would sell all the BTCs he holds. In an episode on his YouTube channel, he said: “I really really hope that Luke Jr. and all these other guys lower the BTC block size to 300 kilobytes if they do I will sell even more of my BTC. A lot more. Maybe, I would even sell all of it at that point. Absolute Insanity.” The post Bitcoin [BTC]: Bitrefill’s John Carvalho says users who love BTC don’t use Coinbase appeared first on AMBCrypto.

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Market Cap: A Flawed Ranking System for Valuing Crypto

Market cap is often used as a metric of importance in the crypto industry. Communities will react jubilantly as their preferred coin moves up the rankings. People will often invest in the top X coins based solely on their market cap as they think it is representative of a diversified portfolio. However, is market cap the right metric to focus on? Also read: Coinbase Acquires Cryptocurrency Surveillance Company Neutrino In this post I will explore the fallacy of market capitalization. I will look at the methods with which market cap is often determined and why it could be considered flawed for a number of reasons. I will also touch on other potential metrics which could be more representative of “value.” But first, let’s start with some basics... Recap on Market Cap Market capitalization is a concept that has been borrowed from the traditional equity markets. In the context of a publicly traded company, it is supposed to give a measure of how much the outstanding free float of shares are worth on the market. It is merely calculated by taking the price of the shares and multiplying it by the outstanding free float of shares. Capitalization is often used as a metric of size, value and importance in the equity markets because all the shareholder information can be publicly verified and the shares are often traded on one exchange. There is no disagreement as to the market cap of Coca Cola because analysts can easily replicate it themselves. They can pull the shareholder records from their databases and grab the latest price from the NYSE ticker information. However, the same cannot really be said for the cryptocurrency markets. Market Cap in Crypto When cryptocurrencies first started gaining the public’s attention a few years ago, numerous websites wanted to find a quick and easy way to compare all of the different coins on the market. They needed a simple ranking number that people could use as a rough benchmark. Market cap was one of the most applicable metrics that they could use. It was also relatively easy to understand for those who were new to the cryptocurrency markets. It was understood to imply the total value of all coins in circulation. A problem that is unique to cryptocurrencies though is the fact that this “circulating supply” is often defined subjectively by the coin ranking websites. For example, if we were to take a look at the definition of “circulating supply” on Coinmarketcap (CMC) it states the following. How circulating supply is calculated on CMC. Image via Coinmarketcap. While this seems like a pretty thorough examination of the circulating supply of a project, a great deal of it will come down to the judgement of the folks at CMC. You will have to trust their assessment of what is freely circulating based on information that is provided to them by project teams. As many Bitcoin proponents know, “Don’t trust, verify.” Potential Manipulation of Numbers Something specific that CMC does is exclude the pre-mined coins from the circulating supply of a particular project. While the intentions behind this may be right, there are some negative externalities that come with this. For example, when a project has pre-mined a large proportion of their coins, every time they release these funds, their circulating supply will go up. If these coins are not sold immediately (which impacts price) then the market cap of the coins is also likely to increase. There have been many projects that have been accused of this tactic. While some of them may not have been intentionally seeking to impact price, it is disconcerting that such an important metric can move at the whim of the developers. This is of course only the circulating supply number that we are talking about. We are well aware of how crypto whales are able to impact price in relatively illiquid markets. Through wash trading and limited external demand, nefarious actors can pump the price and hence impact market cap. What Can Be Done? In a sense, the coin ranking websites are in a bind when it comes to market capitalization. They are using it precisely because it is well known, easy to understand, comparable and seemingly applicable. They are trying to provide an objective view of the coin’s total value and the more they try to tweak the formula, the more they can be accused of being subjective. Another coin ranking site, Coingecko, has taken a slightly more transparent and innovative approach to their rankings. For example, when it comes to listing their circulating supply they do not exclude pre-mined coins. They do this more for consistency because technically tokens issued on smart contract platforms are all pre-mined. Similarly, pre-mined coins could potentially already be traded on exchanges because they are not locked. They also give the user more information on how circulated supply is calculated for each coin that they have listed. For example, in the below image you can see the supply numbers for the 0x (ZRX) project. Circulating supply br

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All ZRX voters will receive a non-fungible token (NFT) in th...

All ZRX voters will receive a non-fungible token (NFT) in their Ethereum address as a “token” of our appreciation f… https://t.co/3iI0ZX1N2e

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If you want to participate and need ZRX, you can purchase to...

If you want to participate and need ZRX, you can purchase tokens through 0x Instant at the bottom of the voting por… https://t.co/kAJVWBWo08

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Starting today through February 25th, ZRX token holders can ...

Starting today through February 25th, ZRX token holders can vote on ZEIP-23, a proposal that adds the ability to tr… https://t.co/TQVheKhnYb

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Pixura NFT Collectibles Platform Launches on the Ethereum MainNet

The Pixura project, a non-technical toolkit for building and selling crypto-collectibles via a personalized marketplace, recently announced its launch onto the Ethereum MainNet. The new platform allows users to easily create a unique ERC-721 non-fungible token in just a few clicks. After the NFT is generated, a public-facing marketplace is automatically generated, allowing users to customize their brand and organize the sale and distribution of the tokens. Pixura leverages the 0x (ZRX) protocol for marketplace transactions, allowing for greater access to liquidity. (JF)

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Berminal - The Blockchain Terminal

As the name suggests, Berminal is a mix of Blockchain and a Terminal, which ideally suits the platform. It is a Blockchain and Cryptocurrency platform which is organised into a terminal which provides sufficient information for Crypto enthusiasts. It challenges the very notion of Twitter’s countless promotional content, with trolls even bringing down coins which have high value to the world. A Crypto enthusiast or an active Crypto trader needs accurate news and not falsified news that is portrayed through the various social media platforms. Thus Berminal has created a justified system where real and original news that is efficient is shared. Berminal is available through a web browser, and even a mobile application whether it be Android or iOs. Berminal’s Efficient News Aggregator It is designed perfectly with brief information that is easy on the eyes. It is the ideal application to open when waking up to know what the latest and most important news is, to browsing on it while you are having lunch. It can also be browsed on your mobile when travelling through its mobile application. Best of all the articles are redirected to the original source. Berminal allows the community to decide whether it is important news or not, by a voting system embedded. You too have the privilege to vote on whether or not the article is newsworthy or just a bunch of information which won’t make a difference. For the Hardcore Crypto Enthusiasts It’s has a mesmerizing portal of airdrops which makes it very convenient for bounty hunters, who if not for Berminal would be browsing every nook and corner of Telegram’s channels and groups. If you love telegram no problem, you can hop on to the Berminal telegram community and chat away with like-minded Crypto lovers! Crypto Charts At Your Finger Tips Once you’re on Berminal, you will notice a Crypto ticker on the top flowing continuosly displaying the percentage changes. Thus it allows you to pick up interesting Cryptocurrencies which are on the move upwards shown in green while browsing through the important Blockchain and Crypto news. Clicking any of the Cryptocurrency signs will lead you to the trading chart on the right side signifying essential details such as the price, and analysis. You can view charts with various indicators and historical statistics, which is pretty much a simplified version of TradingView. Click ‘Reseach’ for an interesting insight thanks to the affiliation with Coincheckup. Don’t forget to utilise the alerts by switching the price alerts button on. Given the volatility of Cryptocurrencies it is vital you get to buy the Cryptocurrency you want to hold when things are looking positive while selling if the coin is facing drastic price falls. That’s not all; you can connect your Meta Mask or Ledger to buy six tokens through Berminal’s trade option. These tokens include ZRX, IOST, MCO, GTO, XMX, and HOT. It’s an application a Cryptocurrency trader can only dream about! Reward Yourself with BERM BERM is the native token of Berminal! That’s right; you can earn 1 BERM for tasks such as voting ten times each day and even win a lump sump of BERM through the daily pool by predicting the BTC price for that day. There’s also a quiz under the very short and helpful ‘Daily Berminal Brief’ which rewards you BERM tokens if you answer it right. The BERM coin is fixed at $0.05. Extra Features That’s not all, a beginner, intermediate or Crypto advanced enthusiast can dig in deeper into several Cryptocurrencies by clicking on the ‘About’ button. It includes details such as circulation, total supply, active investors and a summary of the coin in a nutshell. It also contains links to the websites, whitepapers and various social media channels. If you are not very fluent with English, it does not matter. There are currently 11 available languages available on it, which include Indonesian and even Spanish. Overall Berminal utilities Crypto economics to use incentivised BERM tokens for relevant information to be circulated among its community. Berminal is all about its community similar to how Blockchain and Cryptocurrency have developed through the years -through the community! The decentralised cryptocurrency and impartial Blockchain and Crypto information platform called Berminal has grown to become a fan favourite. Image Source - ICO Ranker The post Berminal - The Blockchain Terminal appeared first on Zerocrypted - Your Daily Cryptocurrency News, Guides And More.

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Distributed Digest: Tuesday, February 12, 2019

0x community governance, ProgPoW signaling, and Constantinople FUD.

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Investors Earn ZEC Coins for Learning About Zcash and Cryptography

Privacy coin Zcash (ZEC) has received its own Coinbase Earn page. This means that users can learn about Zcash by engaging in educational content and taking quizzes and be rewarded with ZEC. Only select users have received an invitation to earn up to $3 worth of ZEC, but anyone can participate in the lessons. Users should come away with a clearer understanding of Zcash’s cryptography and two types of addresses - transparent and shielded. A “good analogy for this distinction is HTTP (unencrypted) and HTTPS (encrypted),” according to the announcement. A waitlist is available for those who are interested in earning ZEC but have not been invited to do so. Coinbase previously released earn pages for Basic Attention Token (BAT) and 0x (ZRX). (GT)

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Tari Labs hides BTC bounty in Ms. Pac-Man game

Tari Labs, the company that works on digitizing assets on the blockchain and deveoping a Mimble Wimble sidechain for Monero (among many other interesting projects), has made an offer no bitcoiner can refuse: you play a game of Ms. Pac-Man (retitled Ms. Fluffy as a way of showing some Valentine’s Day love to Riccardo “Fluffy Pony” Spagni‘s wife), you pay close attention to the Easter eggs, and you may just unlock a wallet which contains 0.25 BTC (at press time, about $900). As part of a Valentine’s Day campaign, Tari has announced on their Twitter account that the unfortunate ones who don’t have a significant other can compensate their emotional void with a game of Ms. Fluffy. At first glance, there’s nothing much to this casual gaming experience: you click the pink heart on the bottom right side of the Tari webpage and then enjoy some ghost dodging and white pill eating. Happy Valentine's Day from the Tari community #msfluffy2019https://t.co/wWzLxWapNa pic.twitter.com/sRnU1EVXM9 — Tari (@tari) February 14, 2019 The 1980s arcade experience also contains some really witty references: Ms. Fluffy must run away from the four nasty ghosts named “Roger. Ver”, “Jihan. Wu”, “Craig. Wright”, and “Dan. Larimer”. Also, the regular in-game fruits that give you extra points are replaced with cryptocurrency logos: XRP (which actually takes away 100 points from your score), BTC, Grin, XMR, and the Tari logo. Another nice touch can be discovered when you eat the hearts and momentarily disable any of the four ghosts: they turn into a Lightning bolt until the moment they respawn in their central place. Tari Labs is always looking for talented contributors, but this week we’re raising the bar. We’re only reading resumes that include your Easter egg high score. Better start practicing.#msfluffy2019https://t.co/YLlBszjPt6 pic.twitter.com/er8ndMDW5J — Tari Labs (@tari_labs) February 14, 2019 There’s more to Ms. Fluffy than meets the eye For starters, a little Twitter stalking will help you discover that Tari Labs is really serious about this little game of Ms. Pac-Man. The company is currently hiring professionals to fill 11 positions, ranging from marketing to engineering and design. And in order for the candidates to be eligible for the jobs they apply for, they are asked to add to their resumes a screenshot of their Ms. Fluffy high score. It’s a mandatory criterion that must be fulfilled throughout the week. But aside from this organizational detail, the simplistic game includes some cheats and ultimately reveals a BTC bounty. The more you play, the more messages you discover - and when you figure something out and it looks a lot like a BTC public key, you will realize that there is a really nice bounty involved. Hello, @tari what's this? #msfluffy2019 https://t.co/AcCssm9ktQ pic.twitter.com/VDRtW3YYKw — Captain Snow (@caylesharrock) February 15, 2019 The secret can be found in one of the six different messages that get displayed on screen when you press the “B” key during the level. If you want to skip to the next stage to find another message or clue, you don’t have to eat all the pills - instead, you just press the “M” key and you’re all set for a cheating advancement. Given these requirements, it’s recommended that you play the game on your desktop computer or laptop (it’s also available on mobile, but you won’t be able to access these cheats). Furthermore, if you want to treat the game itself a little more unfairly and see where the ghosts are going, add “/#cheat_mspac” the the URL (which is https://www.tari.com/pacman/). It’s very useful if you want to make a new high score and brag to the other players on Twitter. CONTEST ALERT The highest score from today’s Valentine’s Day Easter egg wins a boating trip with @fluffypony. Bring your private keys, just in case.#msfluffy2019https://t.co/wWzLxWapNa pic.twitter.com/VPfIG3mltn — Tari (@tari) February 14, 2019 The Tari account has suggested that the highest score wins a boating trip with Riccardo “Fluffy Pony” Spagni. However, it’s more likely that the other detail about bringing your private keys is more relevant for revealing the true intentions of this game of Ms. Pac-Man: as you’re about to discover, in-game messages lead you to a wallet where 0.25 BTC are deposited as bounty. Get the 0.25 BTC! The following part of the article is the result of more than 10 hours of gameplay and cryptographic key experimentation. If you manage to outsmart me and find a way to access the bitcoins, then please be kind and send a portion of the 0.25 BTC bounty to 3AoyUxdUJ2KAqrL86D6T5GwcW8omwUdV38. Without the data provided in this article, it’s very unlikely that you would have found about this challenge anyway. There's a game to play, and a puzzle that has BTC in it, go go go! https://t.co/ypPIOErBu2 — Riccardo Spagni (@fluffypony) February 14, 2019 The funny, weird, and useful in-game Easter Eggs If you press the “B” key during level one, a chat window will be revealed to yo

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DUO Network launches public testnet for 0x-based token marketplace

DUO Network, a decentralized platform enabling issuance, trading, and settlement of tokenized digital derivatives, has launched its DUO DEX testnet to the public. It is the first 0x based, decentralized marketplace for trading a new class of tokenized derivative instruments — Collateralized Autonomous Token, or CAT for...

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Confira 3 criptomoedas que já começaram a surpreender em 2019

Por: Livecoins O mercado de criptomoedas carrega consigo o marasmo da queda sem precedentes vivida no final de 2018. Desde então, o preço do Bitcoin (BTC) caiu quase que pela metade e pouca surpresa aconteceu nos últimos meses. Com o mercado em baixa, 2019 começou com quedas e poucos sinais de uma real recuperação para as principais criptomoedas. Porém, em meio a grande estagnação dos preços, alguns altcoins chamaram a atenção dos investidores. Existem três altcoins que prometem surpreender o mercado em breve. Para quem acompanha diariamente a cotação do mercado, esses nomes podem não ser tão estranhos assim. Alguns deles já foram parar no topo dos melhores desempenhos entre as cem maiores criptomoedas recentemente. Isso prova que essas três criptomoedas têm um enorme potencial no mercado, confira: Factom (FCT) O Factom (FCT) não é um altcoin tão recente no mercado, já que a criptomoeda está em circulação desde 2014. Porém, em 2019 o Factom (FCT) demonstrou um bom desempenho, ao ver seu preço saltar em janeiro. Enquanto a maioria das criptomoedas acumulavam grandes perdas, o Factom (FCT) chegou a subir mais de 10% em algumas ocasiões. Além de um bom desempenho que começou a despontar no final de 2018, o Factom (FCT) representa também inovação tecnológica. Em maio do ano passado a empresa anunciou a descentralização total de seu blockchain, tornando a programação por trás do altcoin completamente aberta. Após esse importante passo, a criptomoeda fechou o ano com novas parcerias, como o Yooya. O aplicativo é popular China e funciona como uma rede de vídeos online. Com essas inovações, o Factom (FCT) pode crescer ainda mais em 2019. A criptomoeda chegou a atingir quase três vezes o seu valor atual há pouco mais de dois meses atrás, e, segundo analistas, pode voltar a subir em breve. 0x (ZRX) A crise que começou no último trimestre de 2018 no mercado fez o preço do 0x (ZRX) despencar, em um momento que a criptomoeda estava bem próxima de atingir US$ 1 novamente. Esse crescimento aconteceu após grandes exchanges passarem a comercializar o 0x (ZRX), no final do ano passado. Desse modo, esse altcoin ainda poderá surpreender os investidores com um crescimento inesperado para 2019. A grande aposta do 0x (ZRX) é na troca completamente descentralizada de ativos digitais. Isso significa que a criptomoeda planeja criar uma relação entre redes e blockchains e exchanges. Porém, por enquanto, o 0x (ZRX) suporta apenas tokens baseados na blockchain do Ethereum (ERC-20). Com a expansão do altcoin para outras redes, o 0x (ZRX) poderá ser considerado uma grande criptomoeda de forte tendência no mercado. Sendo assim, isso poderá refletir diretamente no preço do token no mercado, caso o token apresente novas soluções voltadas para a descentralização de trocas de criptomoedas. Jetcoin (JET) Com uma aposta para o mundo esportivo, o projeto da Jetcoin (JET) poderá ser um dos mais promissores do mercado. As criptomoedas já conquistaram diversos clubes e até mesmo alguns atletas já recebem seus salários em ativos digitais. Com essa ascensão, a proposta da Jetcoin (JET) poderá conquistar esse setor que começa a introduzir a tecnologia blockchain. Através da Jetcoin (JET) os usuários poderão investir diretamente em atletas e jogadores credenciados. Além disso, o rendimento do atleta poderá resultar em ganhos para os detentores da criptomoeda, como um sistema de recompensas. Com várias parcerias em 2018, este ano a Jetcoin (JET) poderá ser uma das grandes surpresas no mercado, já que o token é pouco conhecido entre os investidores. O artigo Confira 3 criptomoedas que já começaram a surpreender em 2019 foi publicado originalmente em Livecoins.

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Most Promising Under $10 Cryptocurrencies In 2019

After a troublesome 2018, the cryptocurrency market is expected to mature in 2019. It is the hope of many that 2019 will see cryptocurrencies establish within the financial markets. For any cryptocurrency investor, the focus should be on digital assets that are future centered. At the moment, the crypto market has not yet recovered even though we have some projects ongoing. The industry is witnessing the emergence of many ICOs, scammy projects, volatility, and failure of many cryptocurrency startups. Despite these shortcomings, we’ve put up a list with 10 cryptocurrencies under $10 that might be profitable in 2019. You should note that this article is not investment advice - its just a list of promising cryptocurrencies based on the unbiased opinion of our writers. Please do your own research if you’d like to invest in these cryptocurrencies. Ripple (XRP) Ripple’s XRP is among the most promising cryptocurrencies of 2019. In terms of market capitalization, XRP is the second after Bitcoin. Ripple has managed to displace Ethereum. For starters, developers of XRP intended to use the platform to conduct cross border transactions between individuals and bank instantly at reduced costs. Despite a turbulent 2018, Ripple towered in the crypto market by entering strategic partnerships with leading global financial institutions like banks. This development spurred the mass adoption of the XRP. Ripple has a bright future based on its plan to shun away from ICOs. Without ICOs, Ripple is free from strict regulations by the SEC. At the moment, Ripple has a value of $0.3045 and we believe that until the end of 2019 Ripple may reach $0.5 - $0.6 easily. TRON (TRX) In 2018, Tron managed to survive the volatile cryptocurrency market. One of the factors that led to Tron’s excellent performance was the foundation’s move to enter different partnerships. Additionally, Tron achieved some development milestones last year. Tron is a decentralized marketplace that allows individuals to host, store, consume and share content based on their terms. The platform has no role for third parties. Developers seek to revolutionize the internet. Acquisition of BitTorrent and launch of Project Atlas are the latest development at Tron. At the moment, Tron is ahead of other cryptocurrencies in terms of processing power and speed. The Tron platform can run more than 2,000 payments within a second - at least they claim so . The TRX token has a value of $0.026833 at the time or writing. A decent price for 2019 that we feel confident about is a $0.07- $0.09 if the market conditions are favorable. This Tron price prediction is based mostly on the past evolution, the important news of 2019 and how their ecosystem is growing daily. Cardano (ADA) Among all blockchain projects, Cardano is the only platform that is guided by academic research alongside a scientific philosophy. The system allows development of dApps and deployment of smart contracts. This is an advantage compared to peers. With Cardano, smart contracts are initiated on differences places when payments take place. This feature is not available among other peers. This capability elevates Cardano to the list of best cryptos of 2019. By the time of writing, Cardano’s ADA token was retailing at $0.04124.We believe that 2019 will be a good year for Cardano, especially with their future roadmap. Even though Cardano was at one moment worth $1, we think the price there was a bit overvalued. A more possible price for 2019 for Cardano would be a $0.09 - $0.15. Again, this Cardano price prediction depends on the market evolution. IOTA (MIOTA) Its popularity is based on the Internet of Things phenomenon. IOTA is also a unique crypto project that uses “The Tangle” instead of the normal blockchain. Developers of IOTA put in place systems that will execute faster payments on the level of machine-to-machine. This model is enough for IOTA to be one of the promising cryptocurrencies in 2019. The MIOTA token current value stands at $0.276184. One factor that needs to be taken into consideration when we’re talking about the IOTA’s future is the fact that the tangle is already tested in partnership with Bosch. If the results there could be good, we can expect a IOTA price above $1 for 2019. Also, IOTA still have a big road ahead of it. They need to gain more partners and more usage for the cryptocurrency before regaining their top 10 place. Binance Coin (BNB) Binance is among the most successful cryptocurrency trading platforms despite joining the market in mid-2017. Apart from providing a trading platform, Binance also released its token dubbed BNB. By the time of writing, data from CoinMarketCap indicates that the token has managed to join the top 10 lists, sitting at the tenth position. BNB has a fixed supply, an indicator that the token demand is set to skyrocket as Binance trading platform grows. The BNB price is $8.63 at the time of writing - and had a significant growth in the past weeks

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Cryptocurrencies: 3 Rising Stars In 2019 and Beyond

Many cryptocurrencies giants such as Bitcoin saw a quick decline after the first half of 2018, though analysts are optimistic cryptocurrencies will keep rising in 2019. Generally, the possibility of cryptocurrency replacing the outmoded banking and financial system is still gaining traction as we are seeing many other cryptocurrencies projects emerging. The goal of most of these cryptocurrencies is to provide innovative technology that enhances the fast, reliable and consistent exchange of data among members. However, some new projects are expected to rise and keep inclining in the long term. Therefore, let’s take a look at three rising stars in 2019 and beyond. Factom (FCT) By identifying Bitcoin’s shortfalls of being a practical blockchain for Enterprise data solutions, blockchain innovations company, Factom, is aimed at becoming the industry’s top provider of blockchain data source solutions at all stages. The company reacted to the difficulty in synchronization and the challenge of protecting distributed records and data by developing the Factom blockchain as open source, achieving complete decentralization in May 2018. Factom in Q4 2018 announced important partnerships with one being China’s most prominent independent business-to-business online video networks, Yooya, which is set to power the Factom Harmony platform through Wancloud, Factom’s re-seller in China. Factom have announced other good partnership that will help integrate the Factom Harmony blockchain-as-a-service platform into their solution. Nonetheless, the price of Factom now is $6.07, and its current circulating supply is 8,745,102 FCT with a market cap of $53,057,143. There is a link with this adoption and the price rise of Factom, with analysts predicting a long term rise. Jetcoin (JET) Another amazing rising star is Jetcoin. Development mainly to support up and coming athletes and talents, Jetcoin gives fans a bit of future earning of various talents they follow, that is the more success the talent achieve, the more fans of that talent gains financially. Explicitly, Jetcoin is a means fans and investors to support various chosen talents enthusiastically. Jetcoin has many partnerships, with one being the Lagardère Sports Group partnership in 2018 to market the agency’s brands, like designer sneakers, during 13 English Premier League matches. Also, recently, Jetcoin Institute allied with an Irish company called Prime Sports Rights, to represent football stars such as Manchester City players Danilo Luiz and Fernandinho and Real Madrid player Marcelo Vieira, to monetize exclusive social media engagements. These and many other partnerships promise a great future for the cryptocurrency. Moreover, Jetcoin now has a price of $0.027 and its current circulating supply 6,822,895 JET with a market cap of $186,252. Jetcoin has the potential to transform the finance industry profoundly. It also has many positive predictions from analyst and should be a long term choose on your list. 0x (ZRX) 0x is one of the hottest and recently trending cryptocurrency. 0x was created to be used for “powering decentralized exchange.” For now, 0x only supports ERC20, but stories going around suggest that 0x might incorporate into other chains in the future. Many factors might drive the value of the 0x up from time to time, and independently, 0x might be turned into one of the most valuable coins in the crypto marketplace which is absolutely a plus for the cryptocurrency. Also, due to the strong links of 0x’s advisers to Coinbase, this links bought rumors occasionally that 0x will be added on Coinbase before becoming a reality as Coinbase now allows you buy and sell ZRX. To quickly say 0x protocol could be the future of cryptocurrency exchanges is not absurd as all indicators make the cryptocurrency a brighter star. In any case, 0x is now priced $0.237360, and its current circulating supply is 584,053,225 ZRX with a market cap of $138,631,058. The post Cryptocurrencies: 3 Rising Stars In 2019 and Beyond appeared first on ZyCrypto.

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